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REVIEWS OF Good Start Driving School IN Maryland

RobiXOXO Love

Amazing! I learned so much and they're cheaper than most of the other driving schools. They are patient and make you feel comfortable. I was nervous and afraid I couldn't learn how to drive but they work with you and teach you have to be best driver as possible

Moorthi Raja

Hi John,Betty just wanted to say thank you for everything, you gave me confidence in my driving which helped me pass. Thank you so much!!

Jahnavi Laheri

I take pleasure in writing a review for Good Start Driving School! Betty was my driving instructor and whoa what a wave of positive energy she is!! Before my first session with Betty I was so afraid to be behind the wheel and dreaded driving!! After the end of the first session, I realized how fun driving really is!! She has a well laid out approach to teaching and perfecting each skill like lane changing, following signals, making turns, etc. And you will be confident that you are going to be a safe and great driver! I highly recommend anyone to join Good Start and rest assured that you get your money's worth and pass your driving test in the first attempt! I wish all the best to Betty and her team!

Elen Le

Maia Robakidze

I would recommend Good Start Driving School to anyone, the people there are very nice. I took two classes, then rented a car for my driving test and passed it. Jonathan's lessons are excellent, he explained everything very clearly, all of the skills and maneuvers are taught very well, his style of teaching makes it fun to listen. I recommend choosing him as your instructor without reservation!

willer deugoue

Christine Norris

I highly recommend Good Start Driving School! The instructors do everything they can to help you grasp the info being taught so you can be the best driver you can be. During my course at the school, many new drivers were older drivers like myself- 30's and over. I love how they help everyone regardless of age in a judgment free environment. I also suggest that people come to Good Start for a refresher course because the driving laws have changed so much. If anyone is looking for a driving school, Good Start is the place to come too!

pink sidharth

Good start not just make you drive, they make you drive like an experienced driver. They take you to a point where you find yourself with the liscence in the first go. It’s been a great experience being a student of Goodstart Driving School.

Wayne Henry

Great staff, good information, and very professionally run. This is the place you want to go.

Jesus Cabezas

Everyone is so nice, good instructors! I learned a lot of things here you will enjoy going to school here!!

Lesly Umanzor

Andile Gova

I enjoy working with Good start staff from the beginning of the class until my last driving class. The stuff was friendly, easy to work with. Driving can be scary and frustrating at times but I was very comfortable in the presence of instructors. Their price is good and they make sure you understand even the little details that can make you fail your test. I recommend Good start to anyone who's in the process of getting his drivers license.

Ila Patel

I recently passed my driving test having done a 20 hour intensive course with Mrs. Betty. I cannot express my gratitude enough for the patience, guidance and help that she provided. In the course of the week she taught me invaluable tips and practice on how to become a competent and safe driver. I recommend her entirely whether you’re a beginner or a more experienced driver! Thank you Good start driving school:)

Beautiful 4C

I started your driving school February 19th 2018, and it is now April 02, 2018 I’ve been trying to schedule my in cars, so that I can take my road test to receive my drivers license before I leave town by the end of the month February 27th, 2018. I find it difficult not only to get in contact with my teacher but to get in contact with the school in general as well, to do so. I was led to believe driver school would be a total of 2weeks not 2 MONTHS. I really hope someone reaches out to me soon. I have made numerous phone calls and have left many voicemails. I am 100% left in the dark and have not seen or heard from the school/teacher since I passed my classes. If someone could MAIL or email an in car schedule so I can at least know what’s going on that would be great . I am eager to complete my schooling with Good Start preferably sooner then later. If your too busy that’s understandable you should at least let your students know though. If there’s another school i could complete my in cars at because you can’t provide them too me I’d do that as well.

David Annor


Although I took only 2 hr class with this school, Betty was very encouraging and helped me gain confidence to get through the test. Will highly recommend !!


Other than this one driving instructor who was very rude to me, the school itself is great. You learn a lot and the teachers are so nice! I am also sure that they got rid of that one obnoxious driving instructor.

Malika Abdur-Rahman

I really enjoyed going to this school!!!! I highly recommend it!

गाँउ घर टी.भि

Ab La

I just passed my driving skills test and I am totally satisfied with this Good start driving school!!! Especially I want to thank Mrs. Betty and John for their patience and understanding throughout my driving school lessons. John is very calm when teaching the first timers!!! I would say they can take you from 0 (zero) to a level where you are a confident driver....thats all I have to say..Good job GSDS and keep it blessed!!

Sergey Dushenko

Staff is very polite, patient and kind: it was a pleasure to practice driving with John and Betty. They teach you everything you need to know while keeping comfortable and relaxed atmosphere. They were also flexible with practice time, and were able to find time that fits my schedule.

David Bautista

Good Start is a spectacular name for the daycare that it is. As soon as you walk in the first thing you notice is the massive amounts of toys and overall clutter that covers the floor and shelves. The second thing you notice is the complete and disgusting lack of organization. Their filing is atrocious and seemingly nonexistent. I paced around for an hour as they search with minimal effort for a single document that were kept in a box. When they did finally obtained my form they threw the others back in the unlabeled box and stacked it right along side several other unlabeled boxes. My overall experience was very unsatisfying. WOULD NOT RECOMMEND FOR ANYONE


Everyone is so nice and they don't mind taking there time with you to actually teach you ! I had a wonderful experience!

Sindy Flores

This is a great driving school to go to. They are very affodable compared to others. The instructors are so patient and they answer all your questions....parallel parking is no biggy with their tricks on how to do it.

William Dika

It was funny and helpful. I have learn many many. John is a great teacher his explanations were very clear and deeper. Thank Jesus for Good start Driving school.

Nandanapu Ameer

Good Start driving school is really good special thanks to Jonathan,Stephanie and Joseph for giving me valuable suggestions and correcting me at the right time when i am making mistakes. thanks to betty.this is run very Professionaly and they are very friendly at the same time Trust me join this driving school you wont regret it .This is the best Jonathan is best he corrected me at each and every step like a friend specially while reverse parking .Joseph is awesome and super talented from Joseph you can learn different tricks of driving your way of teaching is superb Thank you all for the valuable suggestions

Malaika Nicole

Simply the best experience you can get over there its very friendly teachers and a fan class , I loved my experience . it was worth every penny . they will make sure you get your license GARANTE (they give it there all and there very pasionet with what they do)

Carla Saunders

My experience with Good Start Driving School was all around amazing. The staff is very professional, encouraging and supportive . I attended the drivers instructional program and paid for the hour of practice and using their car for the road test and it was more than worth it. Mrs. Betty who was my teacher and took me to the test is so awesome . I would definitely recommend Good Start Driving School for any of their services offered YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED!!!

Natalie Hunter

This driving school is awesome! My daughter and her two friends took the course. They all passed the road test at the MVA. My daughter passed with a perfect score, and the driving instructor complemented her skills. I know lots of kids who took more expensive courses and did not pass, including that really expensive school taught by former police officers. The classroom course was great, too. Thanks, Ms. Betty!!!

jesica benavidez

Best school ever! they are so nice I highly recommend anyone to attend this school!

X Greezel

Coming to Good Start Driving School was my 3rd attempt in 19 years to finish my classes and get my driver's license. Ms. Betty cares about her clients, and her son Jon put me at ease as I was in the car. I like to support small family-owned businesses and I would definitely recommend this place.

Gabriela Guzman

I didn't take any classes here but I rented a car for my Drivers Skills Test and my experience was the best!! They're all very kind and respectful as soon as you simply walk in. My instructor was Mrs. Betty who is an awesome kind, patient women who will walk you through any steps you need and will help you pass. I passed my drivers test the first time I took it and it was all thanks to her. If i had a great experience with only a couple hours with them, i can't imagine taking driving classes her. I highly recommend them!.

Terrance Moye

Excellent teachers helped me pass my test in one try

Mahikdeep Singh

Thanks John... You guys are doing great. Keep up.

Sarada Devi Jasti Currie

This is a kind family business that cares about their clients' success. They were very flexible in meeting our scheduling needs and Joseph is a super patient and knowledgeable instructor. I highly recommend using their services!!


First of all, driving schools are a rip-off. You don't learn anything of value in them - they're all a crock. My parents took drivers ed for free in school and they told me about the simulators. But most schools no longer do that and have farmed it out to the private sector, which is where we all get ripped off. That said, this one was more useless than others my friends told me about. The instructors would repeat themselves ad nauseum, and it was difficult to stay awake. 30 hours of instruction could be whittled down to 5 or 6 hours easily. Then when it finally came time to schedule in-car sessions, the only available times were early in the morning. Who wants to wake up at 6 a.m. to drive? And the instructors were late and would have us run errands. If you have to do this to get a license, which we do and that is THE problem, shop around. At least find one with accessible driving times.

Nanda Neri

I am very happy and satisfied with the instructors of Good Start Driving School. Even without me knowing how to speak English perfectly, I was very well attended and trained to get my Driver's License. Thank you very much Mrs Betty, Stephannie and John. Estou muito feliz e satisfeita com os instrutores da Good Start Driving School. Mesmo sem eu saber falar ingles perfeitamente, fui muito bem atendida e treinada para obter minha Driver's License. Muito obrigada a todos Mrs Betty, Stephannie e John.

Benjamin Green

Great place, friendly staff and instructors. Thanks to them I passed my driver's skills test on the first try!

Flloyd M

Saskia Moore

THE best driving school in moco! Highly recommend for all driving school needs, super friendly and patient! Great value for money. John was amazing when I was first learning to drive and I’m glad I didn’t go anywhere else!


Very good driving school!! I recommend them to everyone who want to learn quickly and efficiently!

Masha G

Worst driving school ever! I’m so disappointed with Good Start Driving School and their horrible lessons service, it’s been an absolute nightmare from the beginning! Woman instructor clapped me on the legs. Male instructor was acting like he hated me and everything he said seemed really sharp and nasty. He made me drive very fast and said that safe driving kills people on the road. He explained how me to park at high speed and to brake sharply in front of the next car. The teacher was late for classes in the classroom and it was normal for her. We studet tail of the educational material ourselves, since the teacher finished all lessons one and a half hours earlier. The teacher was late for lessons behind the wheel or did not come and did not answer the calls. I went home devoid of confidence after every lesson. Its unacceptable to treat people like that, especially as you are paying for his services. When the lessons I paid for were over, they told me that I should not study with a private instructor, but should only more pay them, otherwise I would not have access to MVA . I had to pay extra money!(300$!!!) They did not give any knowledge, but only wanted to do nothing and get money. I passed the MVA test the first time no mistakes, because I had a good private instructor. They killed my time, money & confidence. I would never recommend.

Bruno Bastin

We have been trying to reach the school to do the 6 hours drive but have been unsuccessful. We have left dozens of messages and never received any response. I have tried to called them again today and it's impossible to leave a message because their box is full! The first 2 hours on the road only last 1h30. Their office is a big mess!! It's full of toys, papers all over the place and disgusting. Poor customer service, I would NOT recommend them at all!!

Kevin Mensah

I had an infomative and swift class, and I was able to pass my driving test easily, with the support of my instructors.

nadine kabongo

Hello everyone my name is Florence, I highly recommend Good Start Driving School because good start driving school made a huge impact in my driving life. The first time I arrived to good start I couldn't be able to drive like I am driving today thanks to Mrs. Betty who helped me face the fear of driving. Good Start is the best!!!!!!!


Rachel Wynn

This i have to say is the best and most easy going driving school ever. It is a very loving and caring school that really engages you no matter your age. Great price and easy to work with. The teachers use their real life experiences to help butter understand the difficulties on the road. Definitely recommend this to anyone.

Nisha Cagle

Very great learning class

Nique Costa

Awesome place to learn how to drive! I passed my drivers test first try!

Jayne O.

Ms.Betty is very good. She's very loving and patient. I was so terrified of driving first but she took her time with me and made me a confident driver. At one point while on a 'on the road' class I almost hit a bridge as I didn't know how to steer in the direction of the curve, it could have ended up badly. Thank God for her cool demeanor, she took charge without raising her voice or showing signs of panic. I love her energy and positive approach towards everything. She is also a very loving mom and grandma to her kids. It was a blessing to meet her.

M6:33KL Corp.

Again thank you for your review yes we are a family-owned business so you will see toys around in our office. Also being connected to our ministry we are involved with our employees children. The second thing I want to address is the client came in last year for a driving improvement class for speeding he was told to keep his copy of the certificate, obviously he did not. When he returned back to the school it took 15 minutes for me to go into a box of files from last year that was clearly labeled 2016 D&A and Dip, and yes we do store away old files in boxes which small businesses do. it has nothing to do with clutter it has everything to do in which the attitude this young man spoke. In all we still received his paperwork within 15min. I'm sorry for your irresponsibility and pray that You you don't continue to believe you can can talk to people in that manner. To all future clients, we will always tell you to keep your documents for Dip class and take it to the MVA yourself. Though we will enter it, it is always best to take your copy to the MVA and keep it on hand until your court date. We do appreciate your business, and strongly believe in family because that's what we are. With love integrity and respect we want to see everybody off to a GoodStart.

Mechi M

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