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REVIEWS OF Elite Driving School IN Maryland

Luke Yeakel

I felt nervous at first before coming to the Elite Driving Shool Program. But after the first day, I became very comfortable with the course. Mr. B (The teacher) is a really good teacher to have when taking Elite Driving School. He very good with communicating things to others. I would highly recommend being tough the proper driving skills at Elite Driving School

Kiara Jones

The teacher I had was great! Her name was Courtney. The class was also nice and interactive. Then when it came to the behind the wheels my instructors were very critical which is a good thing, because at the end of the day I past my drivers test on my first try.

Emily Brodinsky

Justin Magaziner


The teacher ms t is very friendly and energetic. She makes sure you know the answers to everything.

Diane Young

My son enrolled in this school since it was being taught at his high school, Long Reach in howard county. First issue the instructor never had the kids look at a real car, second issue the instructor didn't have enough copies of the final exam, so he gave my son the exam with the answers (my son was happy-scored 100%, parents not so happy). Third issue, 95% of the drive times were 12-2 (school doesn't even end until 2:10) or 7-9pm. I asked why nothing from 2-7pm and was told no instructor was available; apparently the 12-2 were for any college students, but this was being taught at a high school. My son had to complete 2 driving sessions in the dark. The office staff isn't helpful. My older son did his program through StreetSmarts and not only was it cheaper by almost $100, it was a much better program with great instructors. Unfortunately that program wasn't offered at Long Reach HS and I thought other then the price it wouldn't be that different, I was soooooo wrong! This company is not worth the expense, pick another company. I am already petitioning to have this company removed from ALL Howard County Schools.

Rita Rozental

(Translated by Google) Very good

Delaney Bernhardt

This course taught all of us how to drive, the basics, and more in depth. Mr. B made driver’s ed a class that was fun, and incorporated games so learning all of the information isn’t so boring.

Aaron Rapaka

Class instruction was fine, but the customer service was absolutely awful!! I called to asked about my account running over one year shortly before it finished the one year so that I can avoid paying the one year fee. The lady on the phone said that I can take the class in a later month for free of charge. I said that sounded great, but when I called to schedule that class at a later month, they said that I still had to pay the late fee. Right off the bat, the lady on the phone had an attitude and spoke to me in a very angry tone.

lets talk world

Dulaney high school These classes have taught me a lot cuz i didnt know you werent sposed to do some of things i mom do Mr b bun stay in the way thoooo lmfao

Gavin Paul

Great experience learned a lot

Spongebob Kong

This was a terrific class. I had such a fun time with all of my classmates and learning with them was a great experience for me.

Evan Rabinowitz

The best driving school in the world

Legally Latin

Claire Gartner

Convenient location and easy to follow lessons! Mr B. was a competent and friendly teacher, I enjoyed learning from him. Downside is that Elite is more expensive then alternate driving schools

Guofeng Xie

They are very flexible. Overall an excellent experience!

Claire M

Dulaney high school- I found the info and techniques I got from the class have benefitted my driving. Videos and group activities were fun and made the class interesting and different. Mr. B was a cool teacher who answered all questions and made class fun. The power points were beneficial since it showed real situations/photos and went way more in depth than the book. I feel more confident in driving and overall enjoyed the class. If I had to take this class again, I would take it again here. I used to be very nervous behind the wheel, but now I’m more brave.

Lizzy Seltzer

The instructor was always making the activities fun and would include everyone in the class. He also showed us numerous videos which made the 3 hours go by a lot more quick. I would recommend Elite Driving School to someone else.

Sebastian Munoz

Mr.B is a great instructor and overall a good experience here at elite driving school

Nathan Ebacher- Rini

Shannon Francis

The class was interesting and mrs vicki is the best

Isabelle Segel-Landon

The powerpoints were very helpful. Now I know how to drive well, and the information I learned in the class really helped me out. Mr. B was a very good teacher and I learned a lot. It wasn’t boring and the people who work here are very nice.

Liam Duckworth

Dulaney high school The class, activities, instructor, and PowerPoint were beneficial and the class was exciting. It was good overall.

An Annoyed Customer

Courtney Ross was one of the best teachers I ever had. However, the manager and secretary (especially the manager), did a horrible job. The Owings Mills manager seems to look down on everyone else, and forced us to reschedule the class after arriving at 3:16:00 instead of 3:15:59, forcing us to reschedule our class a month later. This obnoxious lack of common sense and horrible service completely ruined the experience for me, to the point where I'm only giving 1 star. Courtney, you did great. Ms. Manager, not so much.

Sophia Johnson

Michael Gadbois has got to be my favorite driving instructor! So very helpful and such a funny guy. Thanks to him, i can park quite successfully. If you are scheduling a drive time, he is a great pick!

Madeline Kuehn

Micheal was my driving instructor and he helped a lot!

Gerald Jackson

The well put together PowerPoints was very helpful for me to retain the information i need to become a great drive. There’s is a stigma that drivers ed is often boring but, my instructor Mr.B ensured that my classes experience was everything but boring. I loved the activities he put us through which gave us an overarching lesson. I suggest you should sign up for Elite driving school for an instructor like Mr.B.

Malachi Gaines

It was a mostly fun and engaging but there were some inaccuracies in the vehicle information portions. Mr. B was a good instructor who made the class enjoyable to sit in for the extra 3 hours and some change we spent after school.

Melanie Heller

Bobby McDonald

It was pleasant right to point get in and get it done. (professionals)


Kindest staff ever. Made a monotonous endeavor bearable and—dare i say—fun.

Shay L

overall, i felt that the powerpoint was extremely useful and helped better retain information from the visual presentation. The weekend class was beneficial in that the time was easily fit into my schedule, and the classroom was a fun but knowledgeable place. I feel that Mr.Beverly was an amazing teacher. the group activities and outdoor activities helped enhance the fun and learning of driving skills. from being a part of the weekend class, i not only made new friends, but learned how to be a safe and careful driver. Elite Driving School itself is a very welcoming place.

Dessie V.

My instructor Phil was absoulely amazing, the office personal were crabby and rude. but I'd defiantly recommend Phil for your drive times if you have the chance!

Lizeth Cano


The customer service is horrendous !! They are super rude on the phone. Definitely need some lessons in how to conduct themselves professionally. I set up a private 2 hr lesson and although my instructor was very kind/polite, she didn’t have the experience to really offer any insightful instruction- she just knows how to drive-meaning she didn’t offer any technique- turns out she’s new and has only been on the job for a week! I wish I’d asked for an experienced instructor! My advice is to ask this question before you book a lesson. Definitely wasn’t worth the money.


Nya Stevenson

The PowerPoints had a lot of good information. The weekend class was very beneficial, it was very fun. The instructor, Mr.B really helped me learn new things about driving and everything i need to know in order to drive. He let us have breaks and overall he is really fun and he’s very funny. I recommend everyone to go to Elite Driving School.

Paige Meenan

Ms. T is the best drivers ed teacher Everrrrrr. She makes drivers ed really fun and makes it easy to learn the material. I’m considering just taking driver ed again just to have her as a teacher

NikajimaMan 745

Mrs. T gives useful information and tricks to not dying in crashes/explosions (mentally scared) . I think I will be able to drive safely and sound the class is long that's the only down part but over all she is good

David Choi

Instructor was very nice and thorough. Mr B made driving school an overall enjoyable experience.

Bam Johnson

My instructor was really helpful. He broke down information and was an overall fun teacher. The information really drove home with the key points about what can happen if you text or drink and drive. My experience was GREAT!!

Sophia K

Mrs. vicki tells the best jokes. easy to take the class after school.

Tiffini McDowell

I read a lot of the comments that were left and I will say I totally disagree!!! You are warned about being more than 15 minutes late and what can happen if you go over the year without completing the course. I just would like to inform the responsible people. This is a GREAT SCHOOL!! Class was fun and I didn't have to wait months or weeks to get a driving lesson in. They also give discounts they help my pockets a lot. I recommend them to everyone.

Amir Walker

Dulaney High School: My experience with Drivers Ed is was very beneficial. I learned a lot and it was pretty fun. We had many interactions and activities that helped you to visualize and better understand what I was learning. It helped me stay focused despite my ADHD. The instructor Mr. B was very helpful and a good teacher! He helped us better understand by doing activities and making sure it wasn’t boring by giving making us interaction and collaborate with each other. One of scale of 1-10, Mr. B did a very great job and gets a 10! The PowerPoints and videos are pretty helpful but had some stuff that was unnecessary and reportorial. Overall my experience was Amazing and I suggest taking driving’s school here!

C Santiago-Williams

I find it hilarious that people complain about children learning to drive on the dark. It’s real life experience!!! These helicopter parents are why we have so many teen drivers who can’t drive. When I learned several years ago it was during the blizzard. My instructor took me out after the roads were clear, he took me at night, he took me on hills & curvy roads. Real life! Now I am able to safely drive regardless of weather /road conditions and I requested that my child’s trainee does the same. I don’t want my child only learning during the day on flat straight roads. That’s not teaching anything. Thank you Elite for teaching during real life conditions.

Paige Riddick

My instructors were sensantional and made this a fun experience!

Teddy Kim

Dulaney High School: I felt it was very helpful because I was able understood all about the rules and requirements of a driver. The activities we did together were very enjoyable. The Dulaney high school driving instructor, Mr. B made the class very interesting with his stories. Also the PowerPoint is better in my opinion. On a scale of 1 to 10 I give it a 8 I liked the pizza

lauryn juliana

100% recommend!! :)

Crescenzo Scott

Great instructors and simple curriculum.

Jerome Waters

Alex Scott

Overall they are great. I had Phil as my driver and he's a great teacher and can really help you feel comfortable on the road. He's a great teacher and is completely amazing at what he does. He also is outstanding in aiding you to prep for the MVA test! The help are always very nice to me and sadly have to follow a tight regulation because of the govt. This gives them an overall bad reputation but if you're understanding of the regulations they go through it makes sense why they come across as negative. You can call them and set up appointments right away. It's very easy and they also feature an online website to schedule drives and classes that is also very user friendly! I've taken all my classes and 2 out of my 3 drives and can't wait to do my 3rd! Definetly use this service!

Nina Star


AM Simoes

The class was very informative and gave me a lot of information on driving. Mr B. was a good teacher and made the class more interesting than it would’ve been. One problem is that it was really long and sometimes felt really slow.

Giselle igihozo

Ethan Banks

Swaggy X

FaciNAETing _

Overall the the powerpoint presentations were helpful to me gaining new knowledge on driving skills and information. The weedkend classes provided to me were fun and informational. We didn’t just sit in the class room, we did outdoor activities too. My instructor Mr. Beverly defiantly helped us out a lot. He used real life experiences to explain a lot of the information that the MVA says we have to know. Also, he tried to put in a younger persons perspective into what he teaches.

Kenneth Yeung

The office was extremely rude and even on a good day the lady try to have an attitude when I asked with yes maam and thank you. Like what. And the instruction was great, but the drive time instructor was always late.

Ponce Pepa

My instructor has helped me learn a lot about drivers ed. I really enjoyed each class and each lesson. All of the lessons were entertaining and I retained a lot of the information. I feel I safe to start driving now! Cant wait! The class was also very calm, respectable, and listened well.

Michelle Vulih

Friendly environment, easy classes, and great instructors.

Tessa K

Great time

Dave Vacek

Emma Swensen

I learned all the rules of the road! So convenient!!!! Good times! Good laughs! Great experience!!!

Juno Callow

My first lesson was so bad that it has discouraged me from driving. The car of my first driving instructor was soiled, old, and disgusting. The car windows were yellow and he hadn't cared to wash it beforehand. I could barely see out the back window. There was a tattered neck pillow in the back and the car in general smelled. There was a giant torn hole in the space where my driving instructor's ankle is placed, which is the result of his foot digging into the surface of the carpeting. My driving instructor was dressed poorly and his attempts to make conversation made me uncomfortable, delving into topics that he didn't need to. He was extremely rude and condescending towards my driving skills. It wasn't even like he was giving me constructive criticism; he was using sarcasm when I didn't understand something which made him completely unprofessional. Glad to know he cares about his students :)

Turkasha Fauntleroy

My daughter loved Jeremy

Eric E

Marilyn Trout

Overall experience and information presented was very good and the instructor Ms. Tiffani was amazing, funny, and provided related stories that made it much more interesting and fun!!

Devon Healy

Ms T is a dope teacher 10/10 would drive again

Brooke G

The class overall was good. I felt the PowerPoint was good but the videos were much more helped. The information I learned was very useful. I felt like the group work and games really helped the class as a whole which made us more comfortable with eachother. I had Mr. Beverley who was funny and nice. I am more of a visual learner so it was difficult to follow but his teaching ways really helped me. Elite Driving School was really helpful.

Thomas Brothers

Dulaney High School- The information helped me with driving. When they told us how to set our mirrors it really helped me on the road. The activities showed us how hard it can be to focus without driving, so focusing during driving on many things would be dangerous. Driving instructor: Mr. B He helped us by explaining many things past just was on the slides. The PowerPoints were effective in showing each topic spread across many ideas. It wasn't that bad. Don't drink and drive.

Justin Carswell

Whitney Langlee

I learned all the rules of the road! So convinent! Right in my school! Great laughs!

Thomas Sheggrud

The teachers are very nice and they work with you to make sure you understand all of the material.


ms. tiffani was a super nice and informative teacher :-)

Holden Hackney

The overall experience was very good. The instructor, Mrs. Tiffani was very good and well educated. :))

Simon Spath

Our teacher is a beautiful , charismatic women who taught me how to drive to perfection elite driving school should Cherish her and her amazing work

Evie McKenny

I felt very comfortable in the class room setting, and I learned a lot. Mr. B made it fun and exciting, and has made me feel more comfortable prior to driving. He has given me the resources to feel prepared to be a safe driver. I hope to do my drive times with Mr. B, as I feel I would be not comfortable with him.

Dountaye Johnson

Mr Brian was a great instructor!!! Will definitely recommend elite driving school to others

Moradeun Oluwaseyi Okeowo

1. Very Bad customer service 2. I was billed $100 for not being able to make a drivers ed class even though I called 24 hours ahead of time. they claimed its non refundable and their website didn't state this! 3. The manager at the Owing Mills Office was sooo rude! very unprofessional. and some peter guy! they need proper customer care training!

Maggy Mcguigan

Mrs.Vicky is the best


James Xiong

Great teacher very professional. Super kind all of the time. Ms.T is the best!


Totally great loved it #notawasteofmoneyandtime

LeelaPriya Merugumala

Andrea Bank

Customer service absolutely terrible!!! Hold your teenager's course completion hostage while getting hundreds and hundreds of extra dollars out of you for extra driving lessons. Office customer service with Tiffany worst customer service and attitude you will ever encounter.

Flannery Supplee

I took my classes at Hereford high and finished them easily, but this company is seriously lacking in every aspect of a "well oiled machine." After a year since you've taken your drivers education class the money you paid for it expires so if you want to have a drive time you have to pay a fee. I went over a year and have to pay a fee. I understand this but here's the many catches. I had a drive time cancellation, where you sign up for a drive time online NEVER works so you have to call in, you have to wait for a schedule to come out even though you don't know when it comes out, and there's not enough people taking kids on drive times. In order for this company to actually do its job they need to really make some huge changes.

Allie Mercer

I had a good experience at elite driving school. I learned a lot from Mr. B and I now feel a lot more comfortable on the road

Ben Heck

I thought the power point was useful. I thought everything that was useful for everyone. The class is borint at time but it’s manageable. Mr. B was a good instructor and every activity that we did in class was useful and related to what we were learning in class. The only complaint I have is that on oriontation we were told there might be pizza and I never received any pizza. But. besides that the class is informal and helped me learn information that I didn’t know.

Matthew Raskin

Dulaney High School. The instruction was great and informative as far as coming to Elite I learned a lot as it showed a lot of important things to keep in mind on the road. I think the best was the oppurtunitirs to pay attention to quick directions. Mr. B was a great and fun instructor.

Sarah G

Mr. Herlehy really made the class fun and had an interesting yet effective way to help remember info. This class was fun


My daughter had Phil for her instruction classes and she had him for her first two hour drive time last night. She said he was very good - praised her on things she did right and pointed out things she did wrong or things she could do better. A great experience, thank you

Drea Greg

The school in general is good, very informative. I had Thomas Hardbold as a teacher and drive time instructor. He is amazing he really made the drive time as comfortable as possible and it went great. I had little to no corrections that needed to be made thanks to him. However I had Mr. Greenspun today and it did not go well. I have fairly good experience with driving but he just made it uncomfortable. He gave little to no direction and gave directions late. His demeanor was just off, seemed to not want to do the drive time. I know everyone has bad days but this was just unnecessary. He TOLD me what to do instead of TEACHING me what to do. I never leave reviews on anything but I had to for this. I have one more drive session that is a pass or fail and I will not be using Mr. Greenspun. The session today was just all around bad.

Rileigh Hartman

It was really informative and eye opening, while also having fun here and there, 10/10 would def. recommend


The teachers are very helpful and fun to have and have very fun and effective methods to teaching

Ari Frazier

Mr. Brian was an amazing teacher and in-car driving instructor! The class was very informative and he also made it interesting. The in-car lessons were great and without any stress. He's an excellent instructor!


Becca A.

Mr. BRIAN is simply awesome. You're the best. Everyone at Elite driving school is friendly and pleasant. Big shout out to Miss T.. Thanx for everything!

Kamilla Katsnelson

Great class! Very long though, students lose concentration by the end.

Jeremy Schultz

I had and amazing experience with the school. My instructor Mr Arnold always made me feel comfortable. I actually just passed my test today and I can honestly say it was thanks to him and this school.

Jordan Amanda

Wouldn't want to waste 3 hours after school anywhere else❤

Ryan Meadowcroft

I had a wonderful experience with elite driving school and my instructor taught me alot

Dashaun Fickling

Great Driving School !

Mindy Eskinv

The class was very informative. I actually learned a lot from driver’s ed. The instructor did a very good job of explaining the different concepts of driving.

Jonathan Roa

amazing #MsTisthebest

Personal Info

Avoid this driving school at all costs! David Resnick, the owner and manager, and his administrative staff are terrible. Absolutely no regard for customer service or having positive interaction with clients. Not helpful, impersonal, and downright hostile. All they do is give their customers attitude. Very offensive and negative organization. This is likely the most expensive driving school out there, because their concern is with making money. Their making money comes first, student safety and service comes in a distant second. Horrible organization. AVOID!!!!!

Sidney Caudle

Dulaney Highschool Learned a lot and made it very easy to pass my permit test!!

Ben Clement

Dulaney Highschool I feel very well prepared with the information that I learned from my Drivers Ed class. Strategies such as “S.E.E” and “blinker, mirror, shoulder check” have provided me with the skills necessary to stay safe and alert when navigating the road. Initially, I thought Drivers Ed would drag on and I was very hesitant (just like every other student probably was) to sit in a room for 3+ hours listening to “rules of the road” After the first class I was very surprised how fast it went and how much I learned through Mr.B’s instruction. His use of well-placed comedy and openness to students personal stories of being behind the wheel allowed for a fun and tolerable class experience. Mr.B is very well educated with road safety and it was good to see that he was teaching from experience and not reading straight from a textbook. The powerpoint and the videos provided were enjoyable and educational and brought awareness to lots of sensitive issues that young, influential drivers need to be aware of. Mr.B handled these issues with care and stressed the importance of safety precautions and being aware and alert behind the wheel. If I was to take one thing away from this class was that “Driving is a responsibility and a privledge” All time in this class was well spent from hands on activities to interactive story telling. I would highly advise others to partake in this class. If I had the option to retake Drivers Ed I would since Mr. B made it an enjoyable experience and implemented many useful learning strategies.

Brandon Low

Mrs. Vicki was a great teacher. Made the class enjoyable!

Hunter Patrick

Mrs. Vicki was an amazing teacher, I learned so much from the class and I feel more confident in my driving.

Paolo Dela Vina

Friendly environment! Great teaching and a fun teacher! Ms. T is the best.

Sarah Rozental

Very good

Grace Healy

Dulaney High School This class helped me pass my permit test. It was a lot more interactive than I expected and I had a lot of fun. Mr. B is a really helpful teacher and made it easy to pass the tests every class. The videos in the Power Point were really helpful as well. Compared to what my friends told me about driver's ed, the class was a lot more interesting than I expected. If I had to take this class again, I'd take it here. The pizza that we ordered was one of the best parts.

Malek DeBrabander

I liked attending class each day and Mr. B worked very hard to make the experience fun.

Benjamin Bilo

My experience was very good! I thought drivers ed was going to be boring, but this was not the case. I learned how be a safe driver and I feel very confident about my knowledge of responsible driving skills. The instructor was fun and made learning easy. I enjoyed having Mr. B as he kept the class interesting and was obviously a very experienced instructor and driver. I highly recommend Elite Driving!

Claire 10

Charlotte Messaris

Ms. Nicole is my favorite instructor! We learned how to parallel park, and because of her, it’s become easy! She is very calm, patient, and encouraging, so I really enjoy working with her.

Eli Golding

This class definitely provided a fun and beneficial learning environment to help me complete my 30 hours of required class time as well as prepare me to pass the required exams. The use of PowerPoint presentations was a clear and simple way of relaying the information. Mr. B was able to make learning the information fun, and I never found the class to be boring. Overall, the Elite Driving School expertly prepared me to be successful as a new driver.

Perry Daemonls

Nahed Khalil

The PowerPoints were very good . The class helpful. MR beverly was good teacher with us and help us alot . The best driving school

Musical Jerks

Dulaney High School - I feel like what I learned here was beneficial to my understanding of driving skills. I found that the videos shown and activities completed were both educational and enjoyable. Mr. B tried to involve all students in the program, and sincerely put his all in the material he was teaching. The PowerPoints used in the program were helpful and followed the workbook well. Many people accuse driver's ed as being a dreadful, time-consuming experience but I found that time flew by while I attended Elite Driving School and I had a good time through it all. I would give Elite Driving School a 9/10, and would recommend it to anyone looking for a good driving school.

lungani zondi

Athanasia Koutsoukos

Ms. Beth is the best instructor!!!!! She is very friendly and knowledgeable. My son enjoyed having her.

Kate M

I had a pleaseing experience at Elite although when i went to sign up for my Drivers Ed classes the lady at the front desk was absolutely RUDE ! But my teacher, Mr. Bell, was outstanding ! On a scale of 1-10 he was an 11... Sad to say he is no longer working with elite anymore :( im really going to miss him.. He was the heart and soul of! GREAT teacher !!!!!


You were the best drivers ed. teacher and helped a lot. Im excited to drive and now I feel more comfortable to driver now. Thank you!

Ryan Warrenfeltz

Ms Beth was an amazing drivers ed instructor and Behind the wheel instructor! I recently got my license because of the excellent instruction I received

Jack Marshall

Great class, I learned some things I didn't know about the teacher was nice, could have been a little shorter though.

Nathan Herbkersman

Great learning experience in a both fun, and serious environment.

Goergeann Loudermilk

brianna gobell

had a great time & loved mrs.vicki!!!

Brandon Truong

Recommend booking with Ms. Tiffini. Very informative and helpful with providing tips and advice.


I learned so much and the powerpoint was very informative and helpful. Mr. Beverly was a really good instructor because he made things interactive and we had fun! He was also really cool and was able to relate to us. I enjoyed this experience at Elite Driving School.

Collin Mutton

Juliana Orta-Vargas

I learned so much and I’m ready to get my permit test! Ms.T is the best btw!!!

Emily Schloer

Alex Boellner

The teacher really tried hard to make the material easy-to-understand and relatable

Christine Patterson

Beth did a wonderful job teaching my daughter to drive! Highly recommend Elite & Miss Beth!

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