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3010 Mitchellville Rd, Bowie, MD 20720, United States

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REVIEWS OF Beltway Driving Academy IN Maryland

nyla jeffries

Teachers are very nice!

Alexia Johnson

I loved the TEACHER . I went to the Bowie location! She kept the class entertained and I loved her examples

Jesse Simons

it was pretty good since I live right down Mitchellville road..

Tracie Jackson

Jesse Sparks, III

This class was a great experience. Our instructor, Ms. Ragland, was very attentive to the entire class. Not only did she educate, she successfully entertained the students. She was able to keep everyone involved in the day's lesson. She allowed active conversation between classmates and used it to stimulate the learning process. She is an amazing instructor that is capable of handling virtually any situation.

Courtney G

Clay Peter

thought I knew everything but I learnt a lot of things here. Ms. Cassandra was amazing she truly knows what she is doing.

Allison Hogue

the school was great, shout out to Ms.Cassandra ! you all should really give her a raise. She makes the learning more fun when she can as well.

Chisom Ogbuehi

Wonderful experience. Nice instructor who is very understanding. !

Ariel Graham

Loved the staff. They made the learning experience fun and interesting.

Valente Ortiz

To whom it may concern, I am emailing this complaint because the level of service and instruction from Cassandra Raglin is substandard. She teaches at the Bowie office Beltway Driving Academy, 3012 Mitchellville Rd, Bowie, MD 20716. Here are the concerns outlying her inability to continue instructing: 1. She instructs at a pace that not suitable nor comprehended by 90% of the students. 2. She is very unprofessional in her mannerisms and attitude. 3. She brings her children into the classroom and occupies desktop chairs; leaving students to acquire additional chairs with no desktop. 4. Her rate of failures reflects her inability to instruct effectively. 5. She assigns proctored tests with no designated completion time, nor gives any status or visible means to identify when to be completed. 6. She rushes to teach within the 3 hours without any regards to the actual lesson objectives being met. 7. She makes unprofessional remarks stating "I have my license, yall need to pay attention!". 8. She contradicts herself by instructing to drive safe and don't "road rage", but she then gives personal experiences when she did not drive safe and constantly displays road rage. Recommendation: 1. Fire her immediately to save the future of the bussiness. 2. Conduct reviews in her classroom conduct to validate her effectiveness (hidden cameras). 3. reassign her to a position where she can benefit the company and not instruct until she gets recertified by corporate or a review board. This has been a perfect reflection of unprofessional behavior that goes without accountability. She should never have been in the position that she is allowed. She does not, nor will ever understand the threshold of learning and how to properly instruct. v/r Concerned Student

leane MB

Just finished my drive time with an instructor and I highly recommend this academy to anyone whether you’ve been driving for quite a while or just started. I would like to give a huge thanks to my instructor Mr. Jose Vega. He was incredibly patient and very informative. I’m normally a very anxious person when it comes to driving but Mr.Vega made everything very simple and straightforward and created the perfect learning environment. I’ve learned so much in a short period of time which lets me know that these instructors are very knowledgeable and considerate. This driving academy will not disappoint!

Heather Cragg

I had a really great experience here learning at the Beltway Driving Academy! At first I was nervous, but the environment and teacher showed me that it wasn't all that bad. The staff here are friendly and informational for all the questions and concerns you have. Mr. Darryl was my teacher, he made learning about Driver's Ed a lot of fun and quite enjoyable!

Harry Okonkwo

Great place to learn driving. I was extremely impressed. Love you guys

Netta Pro

The Best Driving School Ever! I would recommend this school to everybody!!

Avinash Singh

Paige Blake

Zunaira Khan

Loved this place!

My Own Muse

I absolutely loved attending Beltway Driving Academy. My instructor Ms.Ragland, was very attentive and I learned so much. She is a great instructor. She made my learning experience very memorable and fun. Going to Beltway academy was really they highlight of my busy day. The atmosphere was very nice. I am excited to move forward with my driving knowing that I got the best foundation. I am confident in saying that Beltway Driving Academy is the best out there and would Recommend it to anyone who is looking for a good driving school. You will love it!

True Noir Pictures

Ms. Cassandra was a cool teacher once we got to know her. Even though she real live went on me like twice, I knew she was joking. She's a good teacher, and she makes the lessons fun, JUST BE ON TIME. Thanks for everything, GIVE HER A RAISE!!!! hahaha....

Jorge luiz

My hope in this school was better than I could ever imagine. I was treated well from the first day. I want to congratulate the teacher Cassandra the care to make me interact with other students and to apply the tests in a language I can understand. Thank the teacher Cassandra and staff at the school. Thank you

charles bowers

Anais Assi

It was a good driving school. Ms Ragland thoroughly explained all the material and made sure we understood everything to be ready for our tests!

Emely Escobar

My experience at Beltway Driving Academy was phenomenal. I decided to attend this Driving school because of the great reviews it had and my sister, who went before me, encouraged it as well. Ms.Cassandra ensured that the entire class understood every specific topic before moving on. I'm very glad I chose to attend Beltway and will be recommending it to others.

beauty by mo

Wonderful driving school! Great driving instructors with a caring nature.

Dee Cashhh

Bryan May

Just finished the last day of class, and thanks to Ms. Ragland, an otherwise boring 36 hours was actually enjoyable

Basirat Green

I would recommend the school to anyone searching for driving school because the class instructor Ms Cassandra is good at what she does , the class was interactive, fun and made all the driving information easy to comprehend.

Lillian Smith

My experience with this Driving School was well. I learned a lot of new things that I had not known before and will help me with becoming a safe driver. I had learned about that people under the age of 21 with a BAC of .02 would be charged with a criminal misdemeanor. This was interesting to me because if I hadn't known and got pulled over and had taken cough syrup I would be charged. Also the teacher was nice enough to help us understand what we did not know. My teacher was Ragland, Cassandra.

Jeremiah Malbon

Ms.Ragland is the best teacher and I highly recommend her for anyone wanting to go through this driving school.

Emranul Haque


Yvette Ondouah

Ms. Cassandra was an excellent teacher, the classes were great, and I left the class confident in my knowledge of the rules of the road.

Ciara Morrow

Great place! Teacher is awesome , people are friendly! I recommend this to everybody!!!!

Mr. K

Truly an experience, with dedicated Instructors. Come & See for yourselves!

Masaio Suaray

Ms Cassandra was a great teacher! I honestly loved it, I learned a lot and everyone was kind, highly recommend!

Diamond Edmonds

Amazing Teachers

Marquel Jenifer

Great experience with my driving class, I had a phenomenal experience with my classmates & all the thanks must go to Ms.Cassandra, she made me want to learn about the road & now I know the needs to be a safe driver for myself, my passengers, pedestrians, & everyone else on the road. Thank you Ms.Cassandra, much LUV.

Natalia Timm

I had Ms. Ragland and it was a great learning environment. Not only did she teach us what we needed to know but explained it in a way that I would understand it and I am sure that's how everyone else felt in class. It was a great way to learn I would definitely recommend it to others to sign up because you wont regret it its money worth spent on learning how to drive.

Weeaboo Jones

The school did a very good job teaching me the in's and out's of beginners driving. I liked my teacher, Ms.Cassandra, because of her forward but considerate style of teaching. I learned a lot and passed the final exam with a 98%. 10/10 would do again.

Wayne Turner

The best decision I've ever made choosing Beltway Driving Academy Ms.Cassandra was the best.

Veronica Guevara

I had a great experience, I highly recommend Mr. Jose Vegas, he’s such a nice person and a great instructor. I learned a lot from him.

katie jordan

Best Driving School! My teacher name was Mrs.Cassandra Ragland, she did a great job explaining everything!

Tal Riley

Very caring and warm environment good information great staff

Moore James

Great school. I had Ms. Gina she gave good example's of the roads and sings.


Giving a one on this company is very hard, because they were good in teaching my daughter in the class room. However, the reason for the one rating is due to the fact that they have not scheduled the driving part with my child. We have called them several times from the month of May 2018 and now it is Feb 2019 and they still have not returned our phone call to finalize the driving part that I paid for. I paid the $425.00 and right now feel like they just took my money with little to no service. I don't know who is in the office now but they have not been a very good company for my daughter and me. I will be calling my lawyer to get my money back so we can go to another company. This has been one of the worst experiences yet.

Brian Jenkins

The classes are very informative and enjoyable


Imhotep Akinlana

My teacher was funny and very helpful. BOONK GANGGGGGGGGGG

Alyra Stump

Ms. Cassandra was amazing and the whole experience was delightful, I’m glad I went to this and I’d definitely recommend it to family and friends

seriol kumabong

Timira Thompson

I had a great experience with Beltway Driving Academy. Starting out I was really nervous to get on the road, but Mr Jose assured me that I would do fine and made me feel more comfortable. He is an amazing teacher, I learned a lot from him, and I’m really thankful that I got him as my teacher. I would highly recommended Beltway Driving Academy!!

Paige Harvey

Wonderful experience! It was fun, educational, and very informative. I highly recommend attending. Ms. Ragland was a great instructor and I feel better equipped to start driving having gone through the class.

Andrew Tran

Good driving school, the instructors are very nice and make lessons straightforward and clear. No problems at all, would gladly recommend to any friends or family.

Monique Agbro

I really enjoyed attending Beltway Driving Academy. I had a good, attentive class and we learned a lot. Our teacher, Ms. Cassandra was excellent and I'm glad I had her.

James Crosson

Destini Thompson

I would recommend this driving school to 10/10. The instructors make it fun to learn and are very easy going and will work with you. I loved it and my instructor Mrs.Lita was a big part of the experience.

Chevon Nwosu

This driving school was a great experience. My teacher, Ms. Cassandra, was given a brand new curriculum to teach and she taught it flawlessly. Within two weeks I was familiar with the comprehensive information that the MVA required us to learn. Although Ms. Cassandra had taught a multitude of classes (as she gets a new batch every two weeks) I sensed no apathy and my experience was truly unique. I recommend this school to anyone and I am sure they will get their money's worth.

Tiye Smith

This was the best driving school ever! I wish I can go back. Ms.Cassandra was so awesome and funny. I loved her. She taught me alot in 2 weeks . I see progress in my driving!. I want to consider beltway to everyone this is the place to go. You will love it!

Keuna Rhyns

Mika A. Rivera

Skylar Trivane

Everyone that works at beltway driving academy was really nice. They made the whole process easy and fun. Mrs. Lita was a great teacher and Caleb was a great driving instructor. Thank you both I really learned a lot and feel I have improved.

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