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REVIEWS OF Begin New Driving School IN Maryland

Madelin Ramirez

Took my driving lessons at this location in January. Learned a lot of important information and quickly got my 6 hours done in order to take my drivers test before the 3 months I had left til my permit expires. Overall great environment, instructor was very helpful and informative with my struggle in reverse parking. Great location for all new drivers!

Renee Mwangachuchu

My experience was pleasant. The teachers are nice. Class is standard : clips and quiz. The on-the-road experience is the best half. She's great at teaching you how to parallel park and how to back into a parking space. She goes over the route for the local DMV so the road test is not the 1st time you'll see the course. She really prepares you for the test. I recommend it. Time went by quick :)

Adair Hernandez

Great school , Great teacher, makes you feel right at home

Xiaochen Ma

Very good instructor! Very nice and patient, and helped me pass my road test at the first time. Highly recommend!

Biju Varghese

Demetrius Berry

A! I

The experience was excellent. Ms Rani was professional, patient and considerate. Took me on the road the first day of behind-the-wheel training and was very encouraging. I was also picked up at my house which was close by for each BTW training. I enrolled in the school based on the very positive reviews I saw here and it's refreshing to know the reviews are all right. I would highly recommend this school to new drivers and experienced drivers.


John Hauchhum

Highly recommend driving school for new drivers. Good instructions and instructors.

Ashna Mahmud

Khidr Gowing

Very good school. If your a new driver and not sure where to start this a great place to attend. Ms.Nathan is a good teacher and is always willing to work with her students.

denzel green

Best school taught me so much. SAFETY IS IMPORTANT ON THE ROAD

yenifer aguilar

Such a great experience here, highly recommend driving school!!!

Paul Andorful

kaumil patel

Great place to learn! Really helpful instructor. Administration is good as well. Look no further while choosing a driving school!

Jacquire Everett

Cindy Alvarado

Begin new driving school went by excellent. They're very generous, patient,sweet, and genuine was all on a very good price as well compared to other driving schools.Rani Nathan was my driving instructor and she was one of the sweetest person's you could meet and I learned so much from her from stop signs to the beltway. The classes were also very helpful in which helped me pass!!

dishank upadhyay

I did the 30 hr Driver Education Program and 6 hr Behind the Wheel Session with Begin New Driving School followed by 10 hrs of personal driving lessons before taking the road skills test at the WhiteOaks MVA. After that I took the road test and passed it in the first attempt. My experience with the driving instructor has been fantastic. Especially, considering the fact that I never drove a car before. Ms. Rani Nathan, my driving instructor taught me well the procedures of operating the car and driving in different conditions and prepared me well for the test. She is supportive, patient and has excellent knowledge about all MVA rules and policies which helped me take the test with confidence. The classroom sessions prepared me well for the challenge of driving on the road and the driving lessons got me up to speed so that I can now drive with more confidence. Also, the driving school conducts the Behind the Wheel sessions within a month of the 30 hr driver education program which helps to complete the program quickly. Begin New Driving School is very highly recommended!

Franz Quijano

A great driving school! The instructors know what they are doing, and they really care about the individual's improvement. Lessons thought in class goes in line with what is to be expected on the road. The six hours behind the wheel was very helpful, and covers a wide range of situations you would expect while driving. I would recommend this driving school to anyone.

Ashley Sorto

Great experience, patient and helpful instructors. 100% recommend.

Anne Lorraine Santos

Great Instructor. Taught lessons well. Gave good advice for driving.

orellana leyda

They really cared about your knowledge in driving and it all worked around ones time .

Cristy Ho

The instructors at Begin New driving school are clear, informative, and adept. I am very satisfied with my experience here.

Cecilia Volterra

Ms. Rani is a great instructor. The lessons were never boring! I was done with my driving classes very quickly. She is very patient, fun and calm. She gave me the confidence I needed, and I learned so much by listening to her. I recommend this school to any new driver! It was a wonderful experience!


Good teachers good school would recommend

Neeko Scurlock

I have taken many lessons away from this school, I came into school being weary about my driving and I am leaving school a confident driver.

leslie rozon

great service lovely teacher i loved it!

Cesar Mayo

It was great, the experience was great as well. The teachers were very nice and helpful and is definitely recommended.

Ezekiel Aguilar

Very nice and caring instructor. Would reccomend this school to anyone.

Cillisha Knights

I had a very good experience. 5 stars!

Urenna Okoye

Dwayne Phipps

I had a great experience at this school. The teacher is very kind, the environment is clean and comfortable, and you will be well prepared to test for your license by the end of the course.

Lil Brix N' ALLAT


This school was a great experience. Ms. Rani was an excellent instructor. She had a very thorough procedure of teaching and broke every thing down in easy steps to remember. She is very cool calm and collective so I was never nervous to ask questions or on the road. I strongly recommend this driving school to anyone looking to successfully obtain their drivers license

Bryan Rajkumar

Ms. Rani was very informative and helped me improve my driving. I 100% recommend enrolling in BNDS

orven cruz

kika Adriana

I feel relaxed with every drive time i have. It’s calming when someone is there talking to you calmly about what we should and should not do on the road.

patrick alfredo

Absolutely amazing! Would highly recommend this school!

Kavya Gehlot

Begin New Driving School is right place for beginners to start their driving.. they clear ur basic concepts very well and are so helpful to pass MVA exam..Miss Rani is very experienced in this field.. thanks to her for giving right guidance...

Kela S

Ms. Rani is so sweet, great instructor.


Shaunise Scott

Great driving school I recommend it to anyone looking for one. Ms.Rani was a awesome instructor she taught directly from the book no short cuts to will educate her students and I thank her. The first time I went to take the driver skilled test I passed. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND BEGIN NEW DRIVING SCHOOL

Kavitha Ramesh

I went to Begin New Driving School and all my teachers and driving instructors were very patient, knowledgable and helpful. I had comfortable Schedules and she helped me out of her way to give a ride to classes. I got my certificate from them. I would highly reccommend all the learners to take class from her. I would to thank her for all the support and encouragement she gave during her driving session.God bless your service

Kimberly Montana

The classes are very informative. They make sure that you know how to be safe on the road and the teachers are excellent. I would highly recommend!!

Laël Ngangmeni

The teacher is very patient and kind hearted. The teacher will listen to what you have to say, answer questions thoroughly, and give really helpful tips about how to improve... And price is super cheap compared to most other places. Quality service for low pricing? Yes please!

Krishna Patel

Great driving school! The classes are very thorough and make sure that you remember the important details. The teacher is also very nice and patient, and goes over in detail and gives helpful tips on how to improve your driving. She actually makes sure you understand and are improving your driving skills so that you can become a safe and better drive. Would highly recommend this place to those wanting to learn to drive in a friendly environment.

Nathan Velez

Ms. Rani Nathan was a very helpful and skilled teacher. She made me feel very comfortable and relaxed when driving. Would highly recommend!


Good and very information driving school. Definiitely the behind the wheel hours helped a lot and the small things they show you is very useful for the driving test. They take you through the entire test multiple times and are very flexible with you. Overall great school.

John Samuel

Rosine Ndome

I usually rely on online reviews about products and services. This time again, the reviews were right. Ms. Rani is really all what the students said she is, great teacher, kind and patient, fair and just. The class is two weeks, a lot to cover and Ms. Rani makes it fun and interactive. The AAA videos are the best! I have to say, I had been postponing driving forever, I was so afraid. On my first driving practice, Ms. Rani took me on the road! Baltimore Ave on a busy day!!! On my third lesson, she took me on 495!!! And I did not freeze, or bump into another car. She trusted me and gave me confidence. Begin New Driving School is really a good place to start driving by learning good skills and safety habits. I will totally recommend this school to anyone who needs real teaching and no shortcuts.

Samantha Hernandez

My experience with Being New Driving School was excellent!☺️ I really liked how the teacher Ms.Rani was on task with everyone and everything. She explains everything very clear and it's understandable.

Fei He

Silvia Ortiz

It is a very good Driving School! Very nice environment and the teachers are very nice and easy going. I learned so much in little time. I recommend this driving school :)


10/10 would recommend

Michale Reyes

Zakura Dunno

Amazing school. Slow paced. Very well described. Also gives you your six hours on the road. It's a wonderful school.

Wendyam Ginyard

Professor Rani is the best instructor ever. She has your best interest at heart and will be with you all steps of the way. I recommend this school to anyone who's serious about driving.

Jada Wilson

Ms rani was an amazing teacher highly recommend this school to anyone nervous she's someone strives to make you feel comfortable and remain safe on the road. Also they are registered with Mva so it makes the process easier. The quizzes are simple but informing. Recommended this school to your son's or daughters.

Elva Rivera

Great school. Very nice and patient teacher, everything was easygoing.

Adin & Franklin Osayande

They do not pick students up for 6 hours of driving instructions.

Ming Gault

Great driving school!

Marcus Kittlesen

Great instructor who is very helpful and sees to it that you understand everything you need to know as a new driver. Highly recommend this driving school.

k.preme b

Great teaching. Gives good advice.


Very informative classes, I learned a lot by coming to this driving school. Begin new taught me how to drive safe on the road and it was very helpful

Tionna Veney

The instructor was amazing, Best service Ever

Kevin Prem

The teacher was very informative and helpful. The six hours practice was very helpful in getting the foundation for driving practices and parking.

Jenevieve Lettsome

I had been putting off driver’s ed due to that fact that my busy schedule did not let me off the hook! But when Summer came, a friend referred me to Begin New Driving School and it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made! The teachers/instructors are wonderful and very thorough. Miss. Rani takes you through the whole course with up-to-date and easy to learn information. They make sure that you actually have all of the driving hours you need for Maryland and they do not skimp on them as they take driving very seriously. They take you through and make sure that you’re ready for the test and are always on time for every class, and the on the road lessons. As an added bonus, they will also pick you up for your lesson. After the course, not only am I ready for the skills test, but I have become a better driver with a faster reaction time who has avoided many accidents that could have taken place. This driving school is outstanding and worth every dime I spent on it.

Anthony Calderon

This is a great driving school, great instructor, good experience, you learn alot in the class and on the road. I highly recommend begin new driving school.

Mya' Sanders

Gina Clifford

Wonderful experience from beginning to end! Ms. Rani is intuitive and happy to help students learn, taking each day to instill the information needed. The time taken to help myself and other students learn is incredible and time well spent.

Savanna Khoury

Very good experience with this driving school. The two weeks passed by very quickly and were very informative. All the instructors are very kind and patient!!

Matthew Masangcay

Excellent teachers that make your 36 hours worth the learning.

Alexa Cottman-Robinson

Begin New Driving School is a great place to start for any new driver. Ms.Rani is an excellent instructor and very patient. If you're nervous about your first time on the road, after your sessions with her you'll gain a lot of confidence.

Kendall Gilbert

The driving instructor is very patient when working with you. Very good driving school teacher as well. Getting your hours in for driving school and driving practice is a smooth process. They are flexible when working around your availability.

Frvnk ツ

This driving school is amazing they have amazing teacher who teach you step by step on any problem you could be driving & they'll know how to fix it , I enjoyed my time here , I improved my driving & also my character , beautiful environment to be around & the roads you practice on Get you real ready for the drivers test ! I would come back here anytime if that was possible

Cesar Herrera

Very good driving school. Highly recommend if your looking for a driving school.

Sheila Fanwar

I really enjoyed learning to drive at this school. It was easy to register. I felt comfortable with the teacher. They had the excellent service.

Space Jamz

Its a fun learning experience and everything is taught in easy step by step processes. I was nervous at first but as long as you practice and focuss on the work, this will be fine for you. I enjoyed it alot and will tell people about it.

vijai arun

The driving instructor is very patient. She is flexible and working around your availability.

Lerato Seheri

Very informative and relaxing.

Jonathan Rodriguez

I recommend this school for new drivers, the classes were taught very good and the driving lessons were taught safely and thoroughly

Eric and Wendy Pavlat

We've had 3 kids go though this school and all had an excellent experience and all three got their license on their first try! Excellent, supportive, and patient, as everyone already said. I'd like to add flexible and timely to that list. Our first kid went through a different school, and they were ok, right up until time to schedule the 6 hours of driving time. That school took 2 months to get those hours, while Begin New reliably scheduled them as soon as we were ready. I have 2 more kids to go, and we'll definitely be using Begin New for both of them!

Eni Hauchhum

Perfect driving school for beginners.The teacher is so kind.

Mỹ Hiền Lê Thúy

The teacher is totally nice and dedicated. I appreciate her. Thank you so much!!! ❤️

Shayla Stringfield

Very nice teachers, learned a lot. Not a very long period for the six hours.

iris chavez

Begin New Driving School was an excellent school. It was a great course and I would recommend it to anyone who is looking for a great driving school. The teacher Ms. Rani really cares about the students and watching them succeed.

dealecious hena

The teachers are very helpful and nice.


Very professional driving school. I highly recommend this school for all new drivers.It does cost a bit more but its worth every penny. You get a full service of 2 weeks of classroom time and 6 hours with the teacher on the road.If I can give it 10 stars i would.

Imani Petty

I suggest this school then any other because they really focus on the students and want them to pass. It might be a little bit of to much money for the course but it is completely worth it for a 2 week class.

Khalil Edwards

Great service, instructor is polite and attentive.

San San

It is a really good driving school. They are really patient to student. I would recommend for my brother and cousin to join this school.

Asheley Thomas

Best Driving School I could’ve asked for! The teachers are amazing, very helpful, kind, and take their time with you. Thanks to them I understood everything I needed to know and passed my Driving Skills test with the most perfect score you could get. If your looking to go to Driving School, I would highly recommend this one!

Gabby Peal

I liked how thorough the teaching and instructing sessions were. Everything is taken very seriously and in accordance with MVA standards. Wonderful learning experience!

Una V5

If I could I would give this school 7 stars! The teacher is VERY nice and knowledgeable. You will not have any chance to regret to chose this school. Highly recommend it.

Gerson Machado

Very good and loving environment. Felt like I was actually learning. Plus the teachers are very understanding and work with you every step of the way!!! Would totally recommend

Yue Chen

The teacher and the coach are very responsible! And the class is also good.

Emily Sowers

Great driving school! They made parallel parking and backing into spots super easy!

Jonell Malone

Helped me pass the test and the best instructor for the job in the business! They are very relaxed and understanding!

Kitan Ladipo

Awesome!! I was greatly enlightened. The instructor was super nice, patient, understanding and supportive. I recommend. Let them be a part of your beginner driving experience. Reasonable price too. Have fun learning!!!

Jasmine Woolbright

Begin new driving school is an excellent driving school, that offers great customer service an a instructor who is willing to work with you who is very patient and makes you feel very comfortable behind the wheel .

Jameela Rogers

At begin new I successfully completed my hours in class and on the road with not only a general knowledge of how to drive to pass the test, but also to be able to problem solve and quickly think in situations on the road that may occur after the test.

Ana Romero

2 weeks went by fast and the instructor made sure I got all of my practices out of the way, fairly quick. Definitely would recommend.

Kyle Grant

Patient teachers who truly help the student understand the vehicle behind the wheel and driving environment.

Yuchen Zhang

Very good driving school, I successfully complete my 36 hours here. For many driving school, after you complete the 30 hours lessons in the classroom, you need to wait for a long time until you they help you to complete the other 6 hours behind the wheel. But in here, all the 36 hours can be completed in one month. I really like it.

Daneroo RIA

Great Service

Myles J.

This is a great school. The teachers are very kind, they explain things clearly and thoroughly, and it is an overall pleasant experience. I'd highly recommend it for anyone learning how to drive!

Helena Khoury

Wonderful experience. The instuctor was very nice and did a very good job explaining each concept to the class. When it came to the sic hours, the instructor gave many points that I can use to park and drive easier

Nitin Suresh

I highly recommend the Begin New Driving School for anyone looking to learn driving from scratch, or to brush up on their driving skills. I was a student at the school for my Maryland Driver Education course. The normally dry 30-hr course was taught very well in an engaging manner by Ms. Rani. I still remember most of the anecdotes used in class! During each section, Ms. Rani would give us tips to follow while driving, related to the section, which have proved to be very useful. My first driving session was also the first time I was driving on the road. The school has excellent cars that are specially equipped for driver training, with front passenger seat brakes, multiple mirrors etc. Ms. Rani was patient and gave me the confidence to overcome the initial hurdles of a first-time driver. Learning how to handle a car in the parking lot is important, but driving (carefully) on the road really sharpens your skills! Ms. Rani's experience in teaching how to drive really shows during the sessions, and I was able to understand the minor yet important details that have to be considered. The course is also very reasonably priced, with great value!

Karen Nguyen

Ms. Rani Nathan is the best instructor. She explain things very clearly and specifically of what you should do on the road and she gives you lots of confident. I definitely recommend to anyone who are trying to find a really good instructor. Ms. Rani Nathan id the best!

Siril Pattammady

Great experience! Learned a lot of material, and thought they provided extraordinarily well service. I loved the way the driver instructor taught me, and how he would point out the errors I make as we go along driving. I loved their service, and want to point out that they focus on passing the actual driving exam, rather than working just for the money!

Vickssama B

The place is very nice, my teacher was very nice i passed every test. The teaching was easy and I learned everything fast! Great place :)

Gabriela Hernandez

Extremely helpful and polite service. I learned a lot!

jethro ballitoc

Someone Out There

Great school! Helped a lot! It was a wonderful experience with amazing schedules to match my work schedule! It was a great experience! Deffinately recommend it!

Mariama Chaika

I have excellent experience with new driving school. The instructor Ms Rani was very nice teacher and very patient when she takes you on the road. She helps me pass my road test at the first time. Highly recommend

ivan castillo

Great experience! The driving instructor is so kind. The course was taken care of, and my driving sessions were done in about 2 weeks! The entire thing only took about a month to complete! Plus there is a mini mart, Arbey's, and Wawa conveniently located across the street!

Sarah Jeyy

Tiffany Washington

Begin New Driving School is the best. My instructor Ms. Rani was very nice and helpful. I really learned a lot from her. She gives you the helpful skills you need to become a great driver. I would recommend anyone to this drivi ng school.

Kayli Burch

Teacher was very friendly and informative and will accomodate your 6 hours based on your road test date.

Jessica Savoy

Inaya Andrews

My experience at this driving school was great. Unlike other driving schools I've heard of Begin New instructors teach the material very well and break it down so your best understanding. Also, on the road the driving instructor pays full attention as you drive and makes sure to correct your every mistake. Overall, I really liked this driving school and I recommend it to anyone looking for a good driving school to attend.

Phillip Blocker

This is a great driving school to go to. The instructors do a very good job of making sure that you understand the material and are ready to take driving test. I signed up with my friend and we had a great time.

Nyeka Ariwaodo

Everyone’s Review is so spot on! Ms. Rani is such a sweetheart. She really cares about the students and making sure they pass this class. I’m so glad I went with the reviews & chose this school. She was also kind enough to give me a ride home after two of our driving practices. You will get your money’s worth, I promise you that!

Antonio Guevara

Calm and soothing environment when in class. The Instructors are very nice and even elaborate on major points that is taught. The instructor also provides real world situations that we as students must be aware of. Driving with the Instructor is amazing, tons of feedback and overall great!

Bryant Nguh

Such an amazing teacher that will make sure you are ready for all tasks and skills you need. At a much affordable price than most driving schools in Maryland.

Monica Cruzrodriguez

Kid Kaos

I had an awesome and friendly experience. The teachers were kind and made the curriculum easy to comprehend. Class was never stressful. The practical driving instruction was calm and unnerving. A plus work.

Katherine Chacon

Blank kbk

Very well taught class, instructors are kind

Kayla Argente

Teacher gave very helpful advice. Nice environnent.

Jahid Ali

I learned a lot from the teachers here and loved the experience. Even if you think you know how to drive, you will always leave with something new.

Jessica Perez

Beginning new driving school is great! They are really helpful and dedicated to teaching their students until you get it right. I would highly recommend this driving school to anyone, it is also affordable.

Sangeetha Noble

It's a great place to start driving! Teacher is very thorough and gives notes on what to improve on when driving. The material was well taught.

Joel Martinez

A great school to tech you how to drive and learn a lot of tips on the road very important details and you'll progress.

shahi reynolds

Malik Morton

The workers were wonderful, they were very quick to schedule driving dates for the people who needed it most. Also a very good learning environment at a great cost

Johny Castillo

Great School, instructor was patient and gave good tips for becoming a better driver.

Kunal Paul

The teacher was great. She was helpful and answered all of my questions well. Upon completing the in-class course, the instructor was a helpful part of me passing the practical driving test. I was given some hours of practice in various driving situations, parallel and reverse parking. I was also picked up from my home and dropped off after the lessons which made it convenient.

Serge Selenou

Begin New Driving School is a great driving school to go to especially if you are a new driver. They are very patient with you and are very willing to teach you. I learned so much just from the on the road instructions. They really made me a better driver.

Matthew Torres

I was taught everything I needed to know for the driving test and all of the rules of the road. The instructor is very informative and helps whenever you may make a mistake. I would recommend any one in need of a driving school to use this service.

Van Vui Le

Such a very good driving class!!!

Zili Yang

This is a very good driving school. The teacher Rani and my coach Thomas are really kind, patient, skillful and nice. They will teach you a lot of practical driving tips which are really useful during the daily driving. When taking the road training, they picked me up from my house. I am satisfied with their classes and highly recommend this driving school. It is great.

Ebere Okoye

Jordan Bailey

Very helpful, understanding and experienced.

Mark Waldo

Great driving school. Very nice and helpful staff with thorough lessons. Would highly recommend for anyone who's new to driving and want to become an excellent driver

jimin's jams are useful

I went There This is a Great School the Teacher is Very patient with students if you are looking for a Great Driving school Go Here!! I learned a lot of things I didn't know !!

Krystal Khoury

cindy morales

Great driving school. Super helpful and helped me improve my skills. Recommend them to anyone looking for a driving school.

Leo Elias

Very good teachers. They are very helpful in any questions that you may have to be more safer on the road.

Nicole Montoya

They are patient and accommodating to your schedule when you need to take the road lessons. I recommend taking classes during the spring as the classes are more personalized compared to summer but all in all i had a great experience with this school. Would recommend to a friend.

Gerald San Gabriel

Very good driving school. Excellent driving instructor and nice staff

sneha gomes

Great driving school. Very nice environment, Ms Rani s a great teacher, she really cares about her student. I highly recommend this place!

Adib Ahmed

Instructor was helpful and accommodating

Damon Winfrey

The classes were very easy . The teacher(pending on who you get of course) was very thorough and made sure you understood what was being taught. They have flexible hours for working people as well. The driving course was completed with ease but you do wait at certain times of thebyear based on how packed it gets. All in all a great school teaching wise (especially Ms.Rani) and the price is affordable

Aytabi Woldemariam

Got my paperwork and driving hours done fast .

J Cheng

The coaches are very friendly and helpful to get me prepared for the traffic rules, and walk me trough all the difficulties towards a successful road test. They do pick up students for the behind-the-wheel sessions, I'm a UMCP student and we had the driving lessons on campus. Good experience, instructive, full of fun.

betsy K

The instructor was patient and very nice

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