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REVIEWS OF B&A Brothers Driving Academy IN Maryland

Allison Guevara

Mr. Allan is a great teacher and the classes were less than boring. You will receive a good drivers education at an affordable price.

v7 beasley

At a very low price and very good instructors highly recommend


lowest price i’ve seen & great service! always a fun and educational time in class

Princess Merritt

I loved going to driving school here. It was not only informative but I had a lot of fun and am thankful that I chose B&A.

Rhian Coates

My experience here was so so amazing and it went by fast. I’m lowkey upset to leave but I think i’m prepared for the road after being here

Shirley Williams

Highly recommended...Great service Great price. Enjoyed the classes, great instructors.

Ryan H

Staff is great and I had a wonderful time in each class. Amazing quality for an amazing price; I highly recommend!

Ashlyn McCormick

I had a great experience, learned so much, Mr. Allen was great, VERY affordable

Breanna Valley

Overall, the classes were amazing and the instructor Mr.Allen made the topic very intriguing.

Stephen Davis

The classes were interactive and available across the week to work with my own schedule.


For my first time being in a class and learning all about the rules of the road , B and A brothers was by far the best experience I’ve had.

Kayla Moultrie

Really glad I picked this school ! It was very affordable and so much fun, Mr Allen made sitting in class for 3 hours something to look forward too.

Devon Pawlicki

Great experience, teaching keeps you awake and involved, teacher always is organized and ready, he will make you laugh to which is a bonus, overall good time

Beti Fish

B&A Driving academy is very Affordable and the location is very Convenient. The classes are Interesting and Engaging which made the overall experience Enjoyable. It is very Organized, Professional, and also a very Comfortable environment.

Faith J

It was a good experience they did a good job of teaching me and I got my permit while I was in the class learning the information. Price is good and I REALLY recommend this driving school !

dareica brown

Very affordable enjoyed the class and instructors make classes fun and interesting flexible class schedules to fit around work and home

Hermine Ngo Ngoa

Affordable price and good environment

Krystle Kogami

Mr. Allan is a great instructor. Classes were engaging and fun! If you need to take a class then look no further. Your money is well spent here.

Jaden Derry

Its the cheapest in ANNE ARUNDEL COUNTY & the instructors really help you learn more about being a safe driver in any motor vehicle

Erwin Magnaye

I am always excited to go to B&A Driving Academy for my driving instruction. Every staff is very courteous, pleasant and welcoming. The instructors, Ms. Celeste, Mr. Allan and Mr. Brian are all knowledgeable, generous in sharing their expertise and very professional. They care for every single student. My classmates, though young are fun to be with and not intimidating. Ms. Mary and Ms. Angel are very organized. Way to go!

Lillian Hyre

The class was thorough and the instructors were helpful when teaching the information. It was a great class and was an affordable price. Thanks.

Zack Johnson

Wow! there are so many good aspects of this driving school I don't even know where to start! I will say that it is one of the most affordable and well done driving schools in the area. I would definitly recommend the instructor Mr. Allan he makes the class fun and teaches you the information without even realizing you're learning! -Zack

Maya Washington

Mr. Allen’s evening time class was the best! He doesn’t just read off of a slide and test right after. He interacts with you and really makes you think by making the class relatable. The three hour classes that should have felt like they dragged on, especially at night, sped by without you even realizing it. Great, driving school, great teachers who actually care and a great price.

Gehan Boteju

teachers were cool and they did a good job teaching the information

screaming kate

Entertaining class, low prices, was told to write a review as homework.

Michael Tucker

I was a wonderful and joyful experience. The instructors are chill and laid back. Location is great and price is great.

James Smitty

This place is great. The instructors were cool and funny made sure everyone got the information down. Also very affordable. Would recommend anybody to go here.

leonidas castro

I was very pleased with the classes, they are very affordable and a weekend schedule, Ms. Allan is amazing instructor, he made everyone engaged in the classes and the time goes fast thank you Mr. Allan for believed on us and always push us to de better. The best part of B&A Academy is they don’t have any deferences between, ages, gender, nationality or religion. I highly recommend B&A brothers driving academy.

Big daddy

affordable and worth it!! i enjoyed every part of it. very clean environment and friendly staff. Mr. Allen makes learning exciting and fun. I forgot the other guys name but he’s cool too.

Ashley White

All around great place to learn! Warm, welcoming environment from start to finish! Great, knowledgeable instructors. Will be recommending to everyone i know!


Best place to come if you want to learn how to drive Excellent environment and people who make me feel like im at home

Autumn Mitchell

The school is great, and so are the instructors, class was always interactive and made things I need to know stick in my head and I’m super happy I picked BandA. I recommend to all this driving school is the best!

Abdoualye Barry

This is the best school I ever went to. They push you to be your best. It’s a tough course but Mr. Allen makes it fun learning experience at an affordable price.

Ceaon Johnson

All the teachers are great and it’s 10 times better then all the other driving schools keeps you interacting with the materials

supreme gaming 79

Great class, teachers are super nice. I would recommend this place to anyone

Jin Marie

Very very fun and informative!!!! This class was the best. I recommend it for anybody! Me. Allan u the bomb!!!!!!

Saa Banaci Jr

Great driving school, the class was not only informative but enjoyable. Mr. Allan and Ms.Celeste are amazing.

gregory pritchett

My experience was very eye opening because I am an older student who didn’t know about all the new changes. I believe my new knowledge will help me become a better and safer driver

Miq Moore

very good drivers ed, inexpensive & everyone there was very friendly & it was an overall great experience. HIGHLY recommend!

Jayda Clow

I have an hard time paying attention however Mr.Allen definitely kept me on track in these 2 weeks I have learned everything I needed to know about Safe driving. His format was very appealing to all students. He has an amazing personality and makes a wonderful teacher you would be silly to not attend his driving school

Em G

Despite what everyone says about driving school , it was really fun and we became like a little family. Mr. Allen creates the best environment for everyone !

phylicia owens

B & a is a good driving school for kids to learn while having fun

Michael Kummer

Great price and great teachers. It's a lot cheaper than other local driving schools showing the same curriculum and my instructor made the classes interesting and enjoyable while teaching it.

Ben H

I finished driver's ed with a limited amount of time to complete my driving test. Mr. Allan was able to completely accommodate to my needs and I was able to complete driver's ed, drive times and my driver's test getting my license under a crunched timeline. Mr. Allan and B&A Brothers Driving Academy are willing and able to serve the student's needs and make for an effective learning experience.

Jamari Williams

Mr. Alan made the class very enjoyable and entertaining despite how boring the material is. Very understanding if you’re late to any class. Affordable. No complaints.

Dorian Matthews

The class was educational, teachers were entertaining.

Christian Kelly

B&A Brothers Is a excellent Drivers Academy. He breaks down what you need to know and helps you goes over what you don’t understand. Plus there Cheap

Oli Clark

Mr. Allen is exactly who you want to learn such an important task from. Besides being a great person, easy to get along with, communicates with his students... his teaching techniques really stick with you. I'm so glad I chose this school.

Aniyah Boyd

This was the best drivers school experience I’ve had. Everyone was extremely accommodating with my schedule when things came up. It was extremely affordable for me and I would recommend that anyone that wants to attend drivers school come to B&A Brothers

Mikayla G.

Mr. Allen is extremely helpful! This is the most flexible and affordable driving school by far. So thankful for all the help and tips they have provided to me, as well as keeping class fun and interesting.

mani cole

Mr. allen is fun teacher unlike most driving schools he didn’t just lecture us the whole time he made sure to include fun and interesting stories to help us get through the lesson as well current events in your hometown. He also had fun interactive videos as well as PowerPoints. Definitely recommend to any new drivers. Location is great as well right near a bus line

David Kang

They were really friendly, and the information that was taught in class was useful. I could tell that they were concerned about our safety on the road and emphasized on many safety precautions. They were really clear on what we needed to do to pass the class and get the license, and made the whole learning experience fun and meaningful.

Briana Banks

Class wasn't complicated, all the materials were pretty clear in what was being taught and very organized. The teachers are nice and lively enough to maintain engagement.

Char Moss

They are very friendly and teach well. Mr. Allen is amazing!

Keegon Copper

Very affordable pricing yet amazing quality. The instructor ACTUALLY wants you to advance in your driving skills. Not just trynna cash a check(Also great vibes here)

Exclusive Chey

I recommend this particular driving school because it’s very affordable, you learn a lot and Mr. Allen teaches good and keeps us very education by giving us real life lessons!

Jerante Perkins-el

I really learned and he actually uses good sources like YouTube and other good stuff it’s worth it for only 280$

Ken Smooch

I had an amazing experience here Mr. Allan is a great teacher!! prices are great and times are too. I highly recommend attending this driving school

Ebony Afrocentric

I highly, HIGHLY recommend Samuel Young (who prefers to be called “Sam” or “Mr. Sam”) as your driving instructor at B&A Brothers Driving Academy. He is patient, understanding, consistent, knowledgeable and will dedicate and invest in his time in getting you ready and comfortable for the road test or for any of your driving needs. I also appreciate his brutal honesty but it’s all because he wants you to succeed in your driving endeavors. Because of all of this, I’ve finally PASSED MY ROAD TEST (after taking it 4 times with other driving instructors) ALL THANKS TO HIM. Very proud and rewarding moment for the both of us. And B&A Brothers is AFFORDABLE...not CHEAP, lol...more of a reason to go.

Kobi Owens

This driving school was amazing and a great experience. They offer weekend classes and very flexible. Definitely recommend this place

Robert Jackson

It was fun it was always something to look forward to.

navy auto

Ms.Celeste was a great teacher making every class fun and interesting. The classes we also cheap and schedule had workable times.

Elise Bowers

I think that the instructors are amazing and the service was exceptional!

Alexis Mallory

I had such a wonderful experience here! Mr. Allen is an amazing instructor and cares a lot about the class. I’ve learned so much and became a lot more confident with the concept of driving. I’m glad I picked this driving school, it can’t get any better than this!!!

Jay Jones

Great experience. Very enjoyable and well taught classes at a great price!

Delmy Guzman

Very flexible with times and very affordable. Staff are very nice and very helpful. Highly recommend!

JustinD.G Games

The instructor (Mr. Alan) made each lesson easy to understand and engaging. Everyone in class got along great! While my friends would complain about their driving school being boring, I would tell them about how mine wasn't bad at all. Besides, compare prices with other schools and you'll realize that this is the place to go

Ayana T

I loved taking this class! Mr. Allan makes this course very enjoyable and makes it interesting to learn. This school is very affordable and has a payment plan that makes it even more affordable. I recommend this school to anyone!!

Jerrell Lee

Mr Allen always on point great people thanks b and a academy

Kivon Channer

Great class keeps you up for the entire class fastest 2 weeks ever I recommend it for everybody

Sion Gil

Friendly environment, very affordable, would recommend to those who need to take drivers ed for sure.

Mattie Perkins

enjoyable and i learned a lot, can’t wait to get my license!

han v’webb

it can’t get any better than B&A driving academy, my instructor was by far the best and made everything very easygoing and understanding. All because of him i can take on the rules of the road. (not to mention it’s the cheapest place in glen burnie)

Robby Tressler

Location is convenient, price is cheap, and the classes were fun and easy to understand and enjoy

Lana Jones

This class is the best. And the environment is great . Having mr.allan as a teacher makes the experience that much better to the point you won’t even want to fall asleep . And you learn everything you need to know

Jalen Nelson

Great experience. Very enjoyable and well taught classes at a great price!

Taylor 2602

Mr. Allan was a great instructor who made class time enjoyable. While teaching us with the normal curriculum, he also included personal, fun stories about himself that related to the lessons and made sure to interact with us as much as possible so we could get every benefit out of the course. Sometimes he helped the class create and begin lengthy discussions, which were amusing and educational. Great instructors, low(er) price, would highly recommend to any upcoming driver!


B&A Brothers Driving Academy is a great teaching experience. Mr Allan and Mr. Sam has taught me a lot of things I needed to learn about the rules of the road. They really make sure to get you prepared for the road. Current Status Update: So I waited for almost 2 years before my permit expires. B&A Brothers Driving Academy miraculously help sent my driving certification to the MVA which allowed me to take the driving test appointment the day before my permit expires. I was able to pass the Test. I don’t believe any other driving school would’ve been able to help me in this situation. I’m very thankful to Mr. Allan and the driving instructors.

Monica Parker

Great driving school . Went to the weekend classes they started on time and ended on time went over all Material In a great way . The price was awesome and The school is very flexible .Mr Allan was a great instructor as well As Mr.Sam they both made sure we knew everything we needed to know . This is a great place for anyone who needs to go to driving school ! 5 stars across the board ...

Lauren Ashley

Reasonably price! Great evening class!!! Mr.Allen knows what he’s doing and makes it relatable to his students more! Highly recommend!

Jenna Hood

Great experience. Mr. Allen makes class fun & entertaining. If you are looking for a great driving school at a reasonable price I highly recommended this place.

Fedra Castro

I loved being in this class! It made my mornings better!

Jalicia Jones

My experience at B and A Brothers Driving Academy went very well. They really emphasized the safety of driving and just the safety of everyone’s wellbeing. The staff was very friendly and welcoming and made sure that each student felt comfortable in the learning environment. Also just knowing that you’re not alone with all the rules about driving makes the experience worth wild.

Hannah Baker

Ms. Celeste and Mr. Allan are great instructors. They were both very knowledgeable and kept the class content captivating. Along with that, all the pricing was reasonable and hard to find anywhere else!

Nicole Ashley Cecilia

Mr Sam and Mr Allan are amazing, overall a great driving school and a great experience

Ashlynn Taylor

The first thing that got me interested was the location and price. A 5 minute max walk & only $280 for EVERYTHING, literally!! As soon as i got to class i knew i was gonna have fun but also learn MORE then we should’ve been taught, Mr. Allan not only taught what we needed to know but what he also thinks we should know to become good drivers. which is good for young OR old. It was also pretty cool because he taught my fiancé as well. I’m very pleased with this school and will definitely be referring it to everyone around.

Gabrielle Diggs

The teachers were fun and entertaining! Never a boring class , the classroom was always neat and clean and I learned a lot.

Tireni Odubiyi

B&A driving academy is affordable. Mr. Allan loves what he does and he makes every class enjoyable. He works with you to be a better driver. The 2 weeks is totally worth it. I would recommend this driving academy to my friends .

Dj Raman Noodle Hair

It was EPIC af. More fun than Disneyland and Chucky cheese combined.

James Flanagan

Good price, informational, helpful, and very good staff, Would 100% recommend to a friend

natyah colbert

I enjoyed the people and instructors teaching styles and personalities and they provided a fun and comfortable learning environment

Izzy Wicks

This driving academy was recommended to me by a friend. It’s way cheaper than your regular driving school ($275) !!! If you’re in a struggle but you’re getting you’re life together then you this is the place to come and pay $275! Great instructor!

Brianna Royster

Great school, mr Allan is a great teacher

elaine davidson

The price was very affordable. Mr. Allen expresses a high degree of knowledge in the subject matter.

keon wedington

Great instructions from the teacher, helps you understand the questions if u dont get them.very helpful place, $280 for drivers ed who can beat that! Minds well spread the word

Mason Krideler

A wonderful experience for a more than reasonable price. Mr.Allen did an outstanding job maintaining not only my attention but the attention of the entire class consistently. The class is well paced and easily digestable for anyone learning how to drive.

Emily Reiner

Mr. Allan is a wonderful instructor and very caring person. The two weeks flew by fast because he kept the class interesting and kept you wanting to learn more about driving. He made sure everybody participated in the discussion. The class has prepared me to be a better driver. I highly recommended B&A Brothers driving Academy.

Shankia Davis

Mr.Allan is awesome he is very understandable and is willing to work with you. I had and amazing experience with this class he definitely keeps you interested, he’s very interjected. Don’t expect silence and no participation, you can’t help but to participate with Mr.Allan. I would recommend this class to anyone and it’s very affordable when he says $250 that’s for everything “No secret FEES”. GO TO B&A BROTHERS

Marc Alan

Mr. Allan and Ms Celeste make the class fun while Still being informative.

Carlton McClain

I’m the type of learner who needs to undergo real life examples accompanied by humor. Mr. Allen and staff provide just that.

Cecelia Burley

This is an excellent driving school. Mr. Allan is a very engaging instructor and the class time really flies by. The price is reasonable and the hours are convenient. I highly recommend this school.

Tuan Mang

I loved the energy and the people every time I went to drivers ed. The price is great and the times are convenient too. Great driving school. High recommend it.

Michael Shryock Jr

I just finished education here and it was great. Mr Griffin is a great instructor/teacher and so is Mr. Young but no offense to Mr Young, he is less interesting than Mr Griffin and kinda boring. That’s the only complaint I have and it was a great experience and I am confident that I’ll earn my provisional license and be a safer driver.

Katelynn Breeden

You wont regret coming here, Mr.Allan is a great teacher

Jornayra Commodore

Mr. Allan and the staff was great and very affordable. Love the way he teaches the class and he actually cares about his students well being. Great service would recommend ANYBODY AND EVERYONE TO COME HERE!!!!!

Allison Kratzer

Mr. Allen taught the curriculum in a insightful and hilarious way. Very much worth the $280!

Ezra Mang

It was a good experience and I learned a lot more then I thought I would do. I recommend this to other people because it is affordable and it is a very good deal.

Bailey Musser

I took this class and I’m thoroughly impressed

Briona Mcleod

Very productive , educating , and clean environment. Great teachers. Great price . Great experience!!!

Maggie Crawford

Great driving school and Mr. Allan makes the class fun but making sure you are learning. The timing of when class started was confusing but other than that the class and school is good.

dinah gill

B&A is an amazing driving school. They are not only affordable, they make the curriculum fun and engaging. It was a great experience.

Danny Fife

Great place great guy. If you don’t go here you’re messing up

Khiyon Washington Jr

It’s a great school and it won’t cost you as much as other school would. Mr Allan is a great instructor!!!

Nlcy Yt

I had a very great experience I learned a lot and had fun at the same time~Kevin

Maya Cowling

This driving school is amazing!! The instructors were great and made the material fun and interesting!

Savanna Knight

Great upbeat class with affordable prices. Staff was very nice and always answered every question. Thank you!

Nana A.

the driving school provides a lot for such an affordable price. the teaching style of mr. allen is very relatable and it allowed me to easily absorb the information i needed. great class!!

eman williams

Mr. Allan was an amazing instructor. He made a 3 hour long class fly by while making the content so entertaining. I loved my experience. This school is the best driving academy in the area. It’s the most affordable, the location is convenient, and I feel more than prepared to take on the rules of the road.

Tasha Skinner

I’ve learned a lot from this driving academy & couldn’t picture my driving experience anywhere else. It’s a great choice & I don’t regret it.

Jasmine Owens

Class was very interactive, fun and informational would highly recommend


Affordable prices, great teacher, and great times. The lessons are very well taught and Mr. Allan is always excited to teach. The driving school car is well maintained, overall I’d recommend this driving school!


I’m Braden, I enjoyed your driving school experience, it was fun, and a great experience, very nice people.

Stephanie Menendez

affordable and great! as a first time driver, I enjoyed the teaching that this school provided.

mya carter

mr. allen’s class was a fun experience to be in and it’s cheap cheap so i’m cool with it. always laughing and telling stories.

Sydney Kirby

Really good environment! Affordable and everyone is super friendly!

Trinity Nelson

great teachers & very friendly environment. highly recommended.

angie wangie

mr.allen helped me learn a lot more about driving and also made me become a safer driver. the class was very AFFORDABLE and fun he made the classes fly by and entertaining. he was very patient with the students and polite at all times. i was very please with my driving school experience:)

YNG Lor Reg

Very experienced and very professional driving school and I’m glad to learn the knowledge they were able to provide me by Mr Sam Mr Allen and Ms Celeste


Pretty good, students besides my friends were eh -Shawn

sandra baker

Great school! Affordable, friendly teachers, thorough lessons, and Mr. Allen is very kind!

izzy smith

I love Mr.Allan, he is an awesome instructor. It is worth every penny of the completely under priced education you recieve.

Shadaye Fitzgerald

He’s a great teacher and has a lot of energy, never a boring class and he makes the information real easy to take in.. I loved this class and it helped me get my learners right away

Pro Tuner

Highly recommend cheap prices and very informative

Lexi Ray

Overall I had a great experience teachers are nice and made class fun and not boring

Fiona Flanagan

Just wanted to say, I passed my drivers test about 2 weeks ago!! Thank you Ms. Celeste, Mr. Allan and Mr. Young for being great teachers and instructors! You all made drivers ed so much fun and informative!

Missy Jay

Honestly I enjoyed my class and my instructor. We shared a lot of laughs and smiles. I definitely learned a lot of things I didn’t know.

Jasmin Dodson

I love B&A driving academy. Mr. Allen is a great instructor. I had a lot of fun in his class.

IB Snappin

Super close convient right off the bus lone. Great price too.

Kirsten Lane

All of the instructors are very nice people. They make sure that everyone understands all of the material and reviews everything with everyone. They are very affordable and accept payment plans and everything.

PJ Jones

B&A Brothers Driving school was a great experience. I went in Scared because I knew nothing about driving but Mr Allan walked me through everything and was very patient with me. I definitely recommend this school to anyone thats ready to start driving.

Jaya Dews

Affordable prices and good environment. They were really friendly & the information that was taught was very useful. They actually care about your safety. 10/10 recommended


The school was a real good price and the lessons were easy to understand. The teachers were great and the exams were easy to prepare for !

Kayla Gent

Mr. Allan and Ms. Celeste were very accommodating to my schedule. They made driving school an interesting and fun experience. Very affordable and would highly recommend.

Charlene Baker

Melanie This school is really great and teaches you resourceful information. The instructor is amazing and approachable. I highly recommend this school!!

Gabrielle Tripp

B&A driving academy is amazing driving school. Mr. Allen is great teacher and make the class room fun and explain the information well.

Jolina Mae Vargas

Mr.Allen helped me learn a lot about driving & made the class fun & didn’t even feel like 3 hours. I highly recommend this driving school

Autumn Arriaga-Flores

I had a great experience at B&A Brothers Driving Academy! They have amazing teachers who really make sure you understand what is being taught to you and use real life scenarios to help further explain the lesson(s). And they had the lowest price I could find in the area! Thankyou Ms.Celeste and Mr.Allan!!

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