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REVIEWS OF B & R Driving School Inc IN Maryland

Connie Beam

B&R is a great driving school! The Instructors are nice and very patient. I definitely recommend this school to everyone. I think this driving school is the best driving school that I could have chosen. It is very well organized.

Brian Wright

This is an excellent driving school to choose. Easy to follow class sessions, amazing staff and just a great learning experience. I highly recommend this school too anybody looking to get their license.

Fatima Sharp

Short commute & structure allows for quick absorbtion of information. The stories the instructors include in the classes are helpful life lessons to the students. Taking this class made me feel more comfortable about driving even if it was a requirement. I would recommend this class to my brothers and anyone else that needs the class.

Cameron Whittington

I was not looking forward to Driver's Ed. However, since you have to do it, I suggest B&R. The instructor is enjoyable to be around and is very helpful. He makes the material easy to understand. In fact, all of the staff are fun to be around and easy going. In other words, go to B&R. You'll be glad that you did.

Amanda Banana

this school is legit i had my license in like 2 week after class ended and mr h was like sshhh when people talked rather than let peeps talk and disrupt what you needed to know and ms. g was like yea you need to learn to park talk to her she ll tell ya the most robotic way to park to were you cant mess up its totally legit and quick i got all 100s every unit because i just listened and my homie bunn went to abc way before i even signed up yo still be waiting on the driving time so check it out if you want to get your license sooner than latter and know what your doing!!!!!

hung low

Gwen, Thanks for all your help .B & R driving school is the elite in driving education.You and your staff is not only teaching proper skills, you guys are experts in your vast experience to saving lives. I hope this review partakes in the prosperity you are so well deserved. Any one reading this review in the Baltimore Metropolitan area needs to take heed of of the education awareness that this school offers. I assure you the benefits of your education will last you a life time. God bless Gwen with all her attributes. It was a amazing journey to share.


This experience was awesome!! Great Instructors and very easy. I definitely recommend this school to everyone. Ms Gwen and the Instructors have a great thing going on there. #Eugene Marable Jr

Rachel L

Mikal Mcfail-Prince

Great school and environment. Love the teachers.

Tiffany Lee

I absolutely loved this driving school. . I would recommend anyone go there. It was a great environment. The instructors were very nice. (Gwen & Kevin) They taught so well.. And interesting. And i loved how cleanly the place was!!!

Sheena Hall

I just recently went here. Kevin made the class fun it wasnt boring. They answer any questions you have. Gwen was awesome and funny kevin as well i recommend everyone here now that ask. Promise you wont be disappointed you look forward to the next day.

Amber Sullivan

I loved the driving school !!! I easily picked up the material we were learning and the instructors make the experience even better. I would recommend this driving school to anyone.

Bree Church

My aunt referred me to this school and they were so amazing, very patient with their students and if you miss one class they are great at rescheduling you for a makeup class. I will definitely be referring this driving school to many people , thank you so much Gwen ❤️❤️❤️


This school is pretty awesome. Tthey make it impossible for you to fail the course and even though the information is a little dry the insructors try their best to get it to you efficiently so you're not in there forever. Drive times were good also.

Joshwa Crowder

Ms Gwen is real cool her instructors are down to earth an funny I don’t care if you been driving all your life good chances you will still learn something from there that you didn’t know already an reasonable on the prices just wanna say thanks again Ms Gwen you are the best

Javon Blowe

i want to thank miss gwen so much for helping me obtaining my license....she was helpful always early an helped every last student. thx so much ms.Gwen this is From Shadon Smith and Javon :)


Brice Thon

Worlds best driving school.

Travis Dial

Breanna Gluck

BEST DRIVING SCHOOL IN BALTIMORE. Gwen, Emily, and Kevin are all amazing. They all are very understanding and are willing to work with you. My drive times ( with experience ) were scheduled right away.( after paying) and emily and Gwen both made driving a breeze! You learn literally everything and the tests are everything you do for that day. It's impossible to fail really. Highly recommend this driving school to anyone!!!

Gavin Chambers

Amazing driving school to go to. Everyone is professional but somehow manages to make the classes fun at the same time. Bob is still the coolest

Steven James

Overall, this school was excellent and will adequately prepare for your driving test. The instructors explained concepts very well and made the information disseminated understandable. They are considerate of your busyness when scheduling driving times -- they'll try their best to accommodate your busy schedule. They will assist you if found something to be problematic (difficult to understand) rather than just throwing a whole bunch of facts and instructions and leaving you to sink or swim. They are friendly and easy to get along with and will make the time in class enjoyable, while ensuring that you are prepared to drive safely. I highly recommend this school.


The teachers are fun and charming, they teach you everything you need to know, and their tips and tricks to driving are really useful.

Crystal Elizabeth Senkus

I loved it here! Gwen was so hilarious but professional at the same time. I feel like if i would have went some where else i wouldnt have passed

Fernando Melendez

Samantha Olshefski

I can proudly say I have my drivers license because of B & R driving school. Just took my test the other day and passed with flying colors. The drive times were perfect with everyone working there. If you take it seriously like you should you will pass too. Gwen is a great owner who actually cares if you pass or not. Thanks again P. S. Think about taking B & R's car to the test it helps a lot when backing in.

Siciley Johnson

Great school, they get to your drive times so much quicker than anywhere else in the area!! the teacher and owner are great!

Lauren Engelbrecht

This was a wonderful experience. Kevin and Gwen were very thorough and helpful in their teaching. The atmosphere was professional, yet comfortable. I feel as though I've learned everything I need to, and then some. I will definitely be recommending and referring others here. The classes were fun, and educational. That's the best way to learn.

Taylor Bundy

This is a great driving school if you are looking for a driving school I suggest this one. They have such a positive environment and the teachers are fun and very patient with you.

Scott Blank

Best driving school in Dundalk

Daniel Hupfer

Super fun and informative. The staff is gr8. They teach you amazing tricks for driving and make you super comfortable to be on the road

Heather Clark

This was a wonderful experience. I was nervous going in and they make learning easy and fun. Wonderful staff. If i know of any one that needs driving school I will definitely recommend B&R driving school.

Cristian Galindez

Gwen and Emily are the best teachers to ever do driving school good with patience , if you don’t understand something they give you excellent nt help and easy ways to do things

Jessica Piker

I had a funny time in B&R Driving School and the teachers are so helpful to us

Chris gill

It is a well managed driving school and all of the workers are very friendly. They are fun to be around and understanding. I would definelty recommend to my friends. Gwen is my favorite, she worked around my schedule to fit in my drive times. I am well prepared for my driving test.

Joshua Stevens

Gwen likes to have sex with her students. It’s been happening for years. I wouldn’t trust her with your sons. She needs help.

Damian 5501

Brett Johnson

Taking this class was so fun and enjoyable for me and many other people. The teachers were fantastic and the owner Gwen was so funny and responsible. I highly recommend this driving school. The materials we learn really helped me on the test and driving. Taking this class at B&R made the test easy. I recommend it to anyone.

Erika Whitcomb

This was such an amazing experience! I loved Gwen, Emily, and Bob! they were so great, funny and fun to work with! they were so thorough on every unit!! Both of my older sisters went here and if the school is still around( which it will be!, no way they could get rid of such an amazing school!) i know where i am sending my 2 year old in 14 years! Fun stories were shared and we played games during break! such an easy going upbeat atmosphere it almost makes you want to sign up again! highly recommend!

Jordan Van Tassel

Great experience and the teachers are so friendly

Gledys Laguna

Staff is great and make learning fun and are willing to help you with everything AMAZING DRIVING SCHOOL :)

Nick Ryan

Jasmine Brown

Mr. H and Gwen are the best. They are so helpful and make you feel welcome. Mr. H is hilarious and makes you enjoy yourself while your learning. I'm learning a lot and would recommend this driving school to anyone!

Heather Budreski

Just went to driving school this month. I had the driving instructor Kevin and he is great. Very professional, however, know a how to make learning fun. Gwen is an awesome owner for driving school. Very knowledgeable and willing to help you in any way she can to get you to start driving. Emily is the best. She cares about everyone and anything that could happen. Everyone here are very sweet and freaking hilarious. I will never recommend any other driving school in the surrounding areas. This company has an A+ rating with me I will definitely take my boys to this school.

Jessica Delvalle

Thanks to B&R Driving School my boyfriend was able to pass his driver's test on the very first try,now I don't have to drive this goof every where he can do it hiself

Donald Wright

very friendly staff, high energy, your 3 hours seem to fly by! i would recommend this driving school to anyone that wants a great driving school experience.

diandrea w

Me and my siblings all went here at different times, and I must say, I am glad I went here over anyother place. Gwen is so amazing and seems like she genuinely cares about you even though shes just meeting you. Mr. H is cool too he keeps it real and tells you what really happens out there on the road and not just what you are suppossed to be learning. I recommend this class for everyone.

Beautiful Heart

Class time was good and Instructor was bob he was amazing,the class room was filled with a whole lot of student from high school

Nathan Moubray

I had awesome teacher's and the head person in office,name is been was amazing

Robert Crites

Gwen the owner is wonderful.. Willing to work and help out with whatever questions you have. Very nice and friendly and great people to be around. 5 stars and would recomend to anyone looking for driving school

crystal miller

I was nervous about taking the class, but the teachers and Gwen made me feel comfortable and helped in every way possible. I would definitely recommend them!

Sasha Hunt

I love this school they very patience and professional... I like kevin teaching skills he is very understanding and reasoning ... Bob is a lay back teacher but is strict so dont let that fool you... And gwen is funny, outspoken, helpful, and extraordinary. If you want a driving school to work schedule this is the place i would reccommand it to anyone

John Hollingsworth

The teachers were patient, the owner is beautiful and willing to work with u. Nice enviroment to learn in. Thank u guys.

Brittany Forbes

I loved every minute of it and I learned so much! Ms Gwen is the best!! Love everybody there

Rebecca White

Jessica Olmos

The owner of this school is absolutely lovely. Gwen is very concern in making sure that everyone understands the laws of the road. Mark and Kevin were my instructors and they always made the class enjoyable. I had a really great time in class while learning as well. Everyone is understanding and are willing to work with anyone who may have trouble with the class or attending. I definitely recommend this place to everyone, no matter age or prior experience in driving.

Jordan Weiser

B&R Driving School was the best. The drive times weren't backed up and that was a huge plus. Gwen and Mr. H kept the two weeks interesting and fun. I enjoyed being in the class. I recommend it for any one needing to go through drivers ed!


Great school! Excellent teachers and drivers , def recommend this school

jeremy valerio

It’s fun and supper easy to learn.

Angelo Carter

Really good school , 10/10, the test was easy and so are the quizzes

Mason Brown

The best place to go to I love the teachers here and it really helped me and I learned a lot of things because of Gwen and mark

Michelle Bogdan

I recently attended B&R for driving school. The entire staff was wonderful, and really made the experience fun. Gwen and her employees truly cared about the people taking the class, and did everything they could to make it an enjoyable time. I would highly recommend B&R to anyone looking for driving school in the area.

Cole Thomson

Curtis Mitchem

How convenient n nice of this Driving School . I came in contact to take the Driver Improvement Class and that was a great class. I wud of paid just for the pure enjoyment of the class . Then to take the Driving Test so nervous . Gwen kept me cool and I passed . Thanks so much.

Skylar Bachman

great teachers & good environment -Skylar Bachman

demetra I

I loved it. Such nice people and a great place to learn driving at!

Sean Cassidy!

Excellent school Kevin is a great teacher, Emily is the best driving instructor, Gwen is awesome she works with everyone to make sure everything is right the best choice I made was attending B&R drinking school

Lightning 116

B & R Driving school is amazing, everyone there is super nice and helpful. Gwen is the owner she is very sweet and has very good advice when it comes to fixing problems when it comes to drive, she also stays calm when driving with students which is really cool. Emily is also sweet she is one of the instructors there, she stays calm as well when letting the students drive, she is also very easy to get along with and is nice to talk to. Kevin is also one of the instructors there I didn't drive with him but when it comes to teaching the class he does that very well and he's not like regular teachers at a school he likes to tell stories in order to help u better understand what he's teaching the class and is very good at what he does, he's also easy to talk to. If someone were to come to me and ask what driving school I would recommend it would definitely, 110% be B&R and I'm glad that I chose B&R it's a great school and it's one of the schools that still teach parallel parking which is great because I really wanted to learn how to parallel so I know how to do it in the future so I have to thank Gwen for teaching me how. This school is definitely getting a 5 star rating.

jasbir kaur

It was fun and good learning there. Staff is good and amicable.

Justice DZN

Love the instructors there, I still needed to do 4 hours behind the wheel but overall Emily , Gwen and Kevin were nice. Kevin will mostly be the teacher and he’s really fun to hang and learn about driving. Gwen is the owner of B&R and I think she have a successful driving school. Emily is sweet and kind, she’ll mostly be your instructor at times but she’ll let you drive if your comfortable on doing so during lessons behind the wheel. Overall this school is best suggested!

Ronnie Acors

great driving school, had a great two weeks.

Humberto Mejia

Best driving school available. They have the greatest-most welcoming staff and they make the entire process simple and easy. Definitely recommend it.

michael kiger

the best teacher's i ever had. if your going to take driver's ed go to B&R

Aldrin Garriques

B&R Driving School is "the best" driving school around hands down. Gwen and her staff are excellent at what they do and have the greatest personalities . Very chill classroom environment for those of you that are nervous about literally all things driving. My experience was very smooth and I would suggest everyone and anyone to chose B&R driving school as the driving school for you. You won't regret it.

Russell Sullivan

They are an all around great driving school.. they all put forth the effort needed to teach everything you need to know.. Everyone of them are great people to work with

Yogesh patel2723

Molly Baker

B&R is awesome! Mr. Mark and Mrs. Gwen were both so nice and accommodating. I was not looking forward to taking Driver's Ed, but Mr. Mark made the lessons as fun as possible and Mrs. Gwen was so funny when she interjected. I strongly recommend B&R to anyone looking to get their license.

HellBound Racing

Was not able to make the class due to personal reasons. And I called and she was very rude about me requesting a refund.

Christina Bragg

I had an amazing experience here. The teachers are wonderful. If you don't understand, they break things down so that you do. The owner is very respectful, and kind, and understanding. I would only recommend this school. They get their drive times done, so that students can get their liscense. I recommend this school for anyone looking for driving school!

Lloyd Watts

I liked the convenience of weekend classes. The information that was given was very useful and the staff was always willing to help in my success.

Matthew Hart

My name is Jerrie and I just finished driving school. I felt that it was very informative and very easy to understand. The instructors made it a very comfortable environment and were there to answer any questions that I had. Mark is an awesome teacher !! I would definitely recommend this to anyone who is looking to get their license. Gwen the owner was also very helpful and works well with the students.


I highly recommend B&R driving school to anyone and everyone! I loved the teachers and the experience with Gwen, Mark and the class BEST DRIVING SCHOOL HANDS DOWN!!!!

Thomas Wazlavek

Gwen and Kev are both fantastic teachers. You'd have to try to fail in order to fail here at B&R.

Googje Cowger

Amazing teachers; highly recommend them for any educational driving needs.

Brenda Cabrera

These guys are the greatest !!! They are totally off the hook with their teaching techniques !!! Very professional, informational & taught me things I never knew. Being taught & having fun at the same time was great! If I had to do this all over again. I would choose B&R knowing how they do business.

William Butler

Friendly and comfortable atmosphere. All staff are helpful and willing to work with students to insure success. I have had 1 child complete class and will be sending 2nd child shortly. I highly recommend no matter your age.

Safiya Brown

I'm so glad I picked B&R driving school instead of going somewhere else. Great school and instructors!

Luis Rodriguez

It was very helpful and I learned a lot as well as the teachers were fun and made class and the lesson easy and made it go really fast as well as it was supper clean and everything was well organized... I really recommend this school to learn how to drive.

Fred Crews

These teachers at this school are beyond fantastic. Their teaching techniques were excellent and they knew how to connect to young adults. They made the classes fun and every class they always made us laugh. Anyone who goes to this Drivers Ed school will be satisfied with the results they get out of class.

Leah Mayfield

I went to b&r driving school and it was great! The instructors are really nice and they provide valuable information to help improve your driving. This is a great school and I highly suggest it.

Janaya Wilson

Definitely getting more than what you pay for! Instructor is very nice and is willing to work with you if you do not understand. Would definitely recommend!

Emily Leisher

Staff are so friendly, patient, helpful, & extremely fun to be around. Class was never a burden, it was always a good time with the jokes & stories shared. Drive times work with you, they don’t step out of your own comfort zone and are extremely helpful in enhancing your driving skills. I would HIGHLY recommend to anyone looking into driving school.

wayne klein

I thought driving school be dreadful waste the time and very boring though I was wrong the teacher Kevin kept me very interested and very funny guy not only did he know the information very well he also was a great teacher. The owner Gwen is very reasonable with payments and also very understanding and comical as well driving school is not boring at all was actually quite fun. I very very highly advise this driving school!!!

Kayla Adams

Kevin was the funniest instructor. They will definitely work with you want to comes to your drive time and getting it in quickly they were very well organized I love everything about it. They definitely work with you and I definitely recommend this school.

Lakesha Finney


Ce' Yonnie Rockett

I went to B&R driving school the instructors were amazing funny and kept my interest. Qwen the owner is really cool and funny. My driving school experience was amazing and went by fast. I highly recommend B&R driving school to anyone and everyone!! :)

Jason Moxley

had a great hemisphere. they work with you so you understand the rules of the road.

Hailey Zambelli

It's was great. The teacher is fantastic. The owner is super nice. The drive time is not stressful. And everyone is soo nice. I would definitely recommend this driving school!

patricia fernandez

I loved every single day of driving school, with Gwen, Kevin and Emily. They all are so much fun to learn with, whether it came to taking tests or just learning how to drive, they break everything down for you. Nothing is impossible with them. They all are so nice and accommodating. I would recommend this school to everyone.

Swizzle .s

Great instructors and the owner is awesome

Angie Quinn

Had a blast during my 2 week class at B & R Driving School. Gwen and Bob have a way of connecting and teaching that really leaves you wanting to come back for more. Such a upbeat atmosphere! Gwen is such an amazing Lady! One of the Instructors Bob really takes the time to make sure you are completely understanding what he is teaching. Don't get me started on the Gun show ( His Huge Arms ) !!! At the end of the day Driving school is something everyone has to pay for. So why not attend B&R Driving School and have some fun with your learning.


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