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201(2nd floor), 1727, 1620 Elton Rd, Silver Spring, MD 20903, United States Located in: Hillandale Shopping Center

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REVIEWS OF Alcantara Driving School IN Maryland


Great driving school

Gerson Fuentes

Awesome school, the instructors (Chris) make the classes fun and you wont even notice the two weeks because time passed so fast. They go way beyond what is needed tobe taught in a regular driving class. The road part (Hector) helps you prepare for the open and close road test and both are very chill. BEST SCHOOL IM THE AREA, HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!

Yudelka Gomez

Toan Le

The instructors were great, car condition was very good, and you get what you really paid for.

Katherine Hernandez

They are amazing. I actually learned a lot in this school. :) Highly recommend it! Mr. Alcantara is very great at teaching! Every day you learn so so much!

The Joey Ching

My experience with Alcantara was amazing. I would most definitely recommend this school to anyone. Chris is an amazing instructor. Hector is great on the road, amazing team overall.

Hector Mejia

Great people and the instructors are nice

Egusebio Gomez

Frank Sandagorda

Great school good teachers (Chris) not boring like other school very interactive time goes by quick recommend 100%

Mah Muta

The best driving school.


Great school! Chris makes the class LIT

Gabriel Xiloj

I had a great experience at this school. Our teacher, Rafael, made class fun and interesting all the time. While doing behind the wheel, I had Rafael and Peter teach me and they were very helpful. Mostly Peter, he always corrected me in a kind way, was always calm and relaxed, and made driving seem fun most of the time. He is always talking about things to look out for and give helpful tips, and overall is a great instructor. I would love to drive with him again if I could.

Catherine M*_*

Pretty good school. Good information. Teacher knows his stuff. Driving instructor, Peter, very patient and helpful and nice.

Junior Blanco

Best driving school and the best teacher Mr.Peter he was so chill and nice and he teached me a lot and I learned a lot of new things and he was understandable when I had an emergency and I got to my location and he was making sure i was driving good and the classes were fun. I was expecting classes to be boring but these classes were fun and I had a good time going here.

Nixon Cruz

A lot of my friends said driving school was a joke and extremely boring but my instructor, Chris, made it really informational. He taught all the information in a way that made it very interesting. Definitely recommend this school. Chris was lit!

Yunisa Sesay

Alcantara Driving School has been a surprise. I did not expect it to speed by as fast as it did. Christopher, my teacher, was the key reason for this surprise. He made the class very funny, interesting, and extremely easy to understand with storytelling and the way he executed explaining certain topics. I highly recommend Alcantara as a first choice for anyone who is looking for a good driving school.

Kenny Bryant

Chris was an amazing instructor. He helped me practice my reverse parking even though I struggled with it a lot. In the classes he is so full of energy and it's never a dull moment. 5/5.

Jen D

I had a great time !! I took the evening classes everyone there is so coooll !!! I highly recommend Alcantara Driving school.

Ariel Gonzalez

I really liked this driving school. Ive heard that other driving school it takes weeks or even months to get your 6 hours behind the wheel. If your gonna take this class make sure you take it with Chris and get the driving seccions with Chris aswell for the reason that he is a great teacher and tought me more than what it thought I would learn, they have great parking techniques. definitely recommend it. Great driving school deserves 5 stars.

Anthony Orellana

Alcantara Driving school is a great school, Chris the instructor is a very chill dude. His way of explaining and teaching are very good.

Louisa Koch

Great teacher, easy to work with, glad I went there.

Stephanie Mangoye

Alcantara is the best school in Maryland overall. The classes are significantly true to the the reviews. I enjoyed the classes so much, not boring and really informative. The instructor gives you a lot tips how to maintain your car and save money. Chris, was my instructor. Very skillful, encouraging and patient during practice. Thank you for everything Chris. You are the best!!! Driving License Test, here I come!

Jocelyne Arenas

Great school, and Chris is a great teacher. Also have night classes which helps out people who work or go to school in the day! Recommend this school 100%.

Ricardo Mijango

Sofia Swamy

The instructor (Chris) is great! He keeps the class entertained and teaches us a lot more than the things we need to know for the final. I would definitely recommend going here :).

Chris rivera

This school was awesome and I learned a lot!! Chris the instructor was amazing!!

alicia rozario

Omar Daoud

Great instructors, will never feel like a 3 hour course. Lots of enthusiasm and character, 10 days go by in a breeze!

Juan Santeliz

I liked the school I got along with my fellow students and my teacher (Chris) was a great teacher he is funny and made the class a lot interesting.


What a excellent driving school,Chris is the man ,it really worked for me,every class was fun but elaborate ,like to the depth


Very good school. Nice trainer and helpful.

Mobi Oleka

Robert E

My experience at Alcantara Driving School was great! Chris made it fun and simple. Reverse parking was easier then ever and he knows Driving 101. I loved the 2 weeks we had, and classes didn't feel like 3 hours. If you're looking for an enjoyable and straightforward class, I would recommend coming to Alcantara Driving School. Chris is phenomenal!

Francis Rozario

Really Good learning experience. The room is small so don’t join with a large class, but nice place to get a foundation of driving and learn a little more. Nice staff, plus not bad cup of coffee.

Jeffrey Centeno

Great Class! Very Fun and active class Highly Recommended!

Ruben Vela

Finally got my license thanks to Alcantara Driving School , I’ve been driving for years but I came here and learned a lot of new things , but I wanna give a special shout out to Peter , the instructor , helped me all the way to the end . A really patient young man who took his time teaching us in class and on the road . Made me feel ready enough to go get my road test. Anything I needed he was there to help. I hope everyone that comes to the school gets him as a teacher , So ill give this school a 5 star cause I can’t complain about the service ! Thank you !

aicha sylla

Sukontho Rozario

Hilda Juarez

(Translated by Google) Excellent place very very very good (Original) Excelente lugar muy muy muy bueno

Ancel Carter

Great school Chris was a very patient and easy to understand instructor highly recommend

Abe Ojong

Loved the school MR Peter was awesome thanks for the knowledge

oscar cedillos

Alcantara driving school provided me with all the necessary knowledge, and they have good instructors, that would guide you, and help you improve you’re driving.

Edwin Rodriguez

The best driving school, I've been in

Oneil Forseh

Alcantara driving school is the best around. Need not say much!

Mike Newman

Great great great experience, really informative, I really learned the essence of what it means to be a safe driver as well as the signage and colors of the signage to differentiate what is and is not acceptable on the road, IM RECOMMENDING TO ALL MY FRIENDS AND FAMILY AND YOU SHOULD TOO. ~HAPPY CUSTOMER

Mae Librea

Chris is the best!!! He will teach you everything in detail with enthusiasm! A+ He trusted me to drive in a difficult area! He gave me confidence. He is very patient!!! It was never a boring 3-hours class. He provides COFFEE as well! He always make sure we understand his lesson! It’s a wow! I definitely WOULD RECOMMEND this school.

eden deresso

It was helpful

jay lopez

It was fun.

Joy Wt

5 stars and I highly recommend driving instructor Peter. He teaches with great patience and is very calm. He talks to you so you feel less nervous to be behind the wheel. He is observant, points out your mistakes but explains kindly and gently how to correct it and when you do, he will happily cheer you for it! On the day of my road test, he took the time to remind me all the pointers I needed, encouraged me not be nervous, to take my time and said to do my best and God will do the rest. Thank you Peter! I appreciate it! God Bless you!

Nshi Samba

Good learning atmosphere, experienced and nice instructors, good cars and learning facilities. I recommend this school for my friends and family.

Jeremi Nguyen

Excellent instructor, he's cool. Chris is dope ❤️

yanet gelaye

I came to this school thinking It's going to be boring two week class you can't get out of. I was proved wrong on the very first day. The instructor (chris) was really nice.He made the class really fun. Now I'm actually sad the class is over. I would recommend this driving school for everyone that wants to take this 36 hour driving class. It's been a pleasure being being one of his students.

Suyapa Rivas

Malik Faisal Moonzajer

Thank you Alcantara. I only took 6 hours of driving and I learned everything, from reverse parking to smooth breaking and accelerating, from signal consideration to smooth turning. Thank you Christopher, you are a great instructor and very encouraging person. You said, i will pass it and I did. Alcantara Driving School is better than almost all of the driving schools in MD. They charge far less than all schools and they have proffesional instructors.

Alex Parkins

It was a great experience the class was easy as was the test the instructor explained everything in great detail and I would recommend anyone to this school

Brian Dubon

Helpful teachers and excellent curriculum.

Anh Nguyễn

Noah Tadesse

Great driving school with outstanding instructor (Chris). Highly recommended!

maria delarosa

Great class with amazing teachers !! Chris is nicer then what I expected. I loved the environment there . Highly recommend!!

Muma Nestor

This school to me is one of the best in this county and their service is up to standard in all aspects. Am so happy to be a product of this school. A big shout out to CHRIS our teacher and instructor.

Edwin Rozario

This school is amazing, Chris is the best instructor and teacher ever. He's always putting extra effort into his lessons and the school is just friendly in general. I loved it there and would highly recommend it!

Khine Cho

Chris is the best and makes the class fun, the behind the wheels were informative and makes it a great way to practice what you learn and it was a chill environment and great place to take the driving school, learned a lot of life lessons on insurance and car buying, so worth it.

rob teague

murali krishna matta

B Radley

Honestly, this is probably one of the best driving schools I've been to. I felt like we were actually being taught rather than being talked to. The cars they had were really nice too, very smooth handling and felt great to practice in. The teachers were great too, especially this one guy there named Chris. Probably one of the best teachers I've ever had, if you plan on going here definitely ask for him. Overall I'd recommend going here.

Francisco Cruz

This school is a great school the teacher is a great instructer and good service too ☕️

Above Greatness

Great school, great teachers, great staff, great everything. Recommend this to anyone and everyone!

gabriela molina

I would recommend this driving school !! You would enjoy it !

Savage LvL JuanHundo

Great driving school, highly recommend it. Amazing instructor (Chris). Come to this driving school if you want to learn! From Chris. Don't be fooled by other driving schools. They're all nightmares it's like walking into hell! STAY AWAY from other driving schools. THIS IS THE BEST DRIVING SCHOOL IN THE AREA (because of Chris.) Chris is a great Driving Instructor he's the best and knows how to explain everything in a way that is both entertaining and educational.

Juan Hernandez

(Translated by Google) It is an excellent school tod it is very fast they have good instructors and tries to attend the classes with cris (Original) Es una excelente escuela tod es muy rápido tienen buenos instructores y trata de aser las clases con cris

Peace and Love

I really enjoyed the classes,they are entertaining and instructive!

Yann Mbianga

Great Learning experience thanks to Mr. Peter, who made it easy and fun for me.

Tamekya Walker-Saleh.

This school I would recommend to everyone. Chris my class instructor made learning fun and interesting. Not only are you taught about how to drive vehicles but you learn key maintenance stuff, how to buy, insurance and all of important stuff you should know. Hector my driving instructor helped to build my confidence on driving on the road because at first I was so scared. He is patient and he knows his stuff. 2 weeks ran off quick having fun while learning.

Jinine Penine

Chris is an amazing instructor..I enjoyed every bit of the was pretty convenient.Their services are awesome.

Aleyda Montes

(Translated by Google) Excellent atmosphere in the classroom the teacher is given to understand very well, highly recommended (Original) Excelente ambiente en el salón de clases el profesor se da a entender muy bien, muy recomendado

Anjel C.

The laid-back, comfortable atmosphere of this school made the 2-week commitment manageable. The staff are welcoming and more than capable of doing their jobs. Chris’s teaching style is awesome. He makes learning easy, fun, and effective all at once! I’d recommend this school to any new driver.

Daniel Mesfin

Best driving school to go to!

Cynthia Hercules

Classes were fun and easy!!

Stalin Rozario Leonard Rozario

Jerome Chemutai

It is a good school to learn all what concerns driving and to get more advices how to be a good driver.



Yessenia Henriquez

I would definitely recomend this school. they are professional especilally the instructor named Chris he's funny he makes sure u understand everything. Go there if u want to learn. I had a good experience

edward sosa

Great customer service.

Tina Ngatop

I was able to over come fear in c driving

Rosemary Gomes

Alkantara driving school is Very helpful, informative & good instructors are here. Also they provide coffee during class!! Specially Chris is a good instructor for 6 hr practice sessions. Chris is fun guy. But I don’t like Hector as my instructor for practice.

Tyler Blake

Good instructors that keep it simple. Cars are in good condition. Chris is super cool.

Jason Ramirez

Great experience learned a lot in class and driving, good Instructor(Chris)

Jaleel Fennell

Excellent . Very Convenient

Selamawit Legesse


It's the best driving school I've ever been to. I've learned so much about the basic maintenance of cars all the way up to advanced details of car insurance which was very surprised and revelant to my life. Chris was a very amazing instructor and showed me how to drive probably, reverse park, and parallel park. I would recommend this driving school to anyone that asks where to go.

Autumnal C:

Best service! The classes are very informative, the teachers are respectful and friendly. The driving sessions are helpful and are taught by amazing driving instructors. Highly recommend this school to anyone applying. You will most definitely like the Instructor named Chris. Once again, highly recommend for anyone signing up.

Dana Marie

Everyone was very polite and encouraging, the teacher chris went above and beyond to make everyone in the class comfortable and was very knowledgeable as well as patient during driving sessions, he also had a creative way of teaching which made it fun and interesting to learn. I highly recommend this driving school to anyone who needs to take drivers ed

Hiep Le

Come to alcantara driving my mans Chris gonna get you right with his teaching skills on driving

Jhonnattan Martinez H.

Great service, cars in good condition and good instructors.

Jonathan Edu

(Translated by Google) Come Vale, to start if I could put more than 5 stars I would certainly none. That place has good instructors (CRIS AND HECTOR). Chris especially had stories with a lot of grace and also had coffee for the people who wanted it. They are very nice. During the two weeks I was there I learned a lot. There are ten who work there

Karla Lopez

Alcantara driving school has been one of the greatest driving schools in the area. It's not expensive and they teach what you will need to know for the future. Chris, one of the instructors, is by far one of the greatest instructors there! He is fun, chill, and shows you many things that you'll be greatful for! It's amazing :)

Elena Garcia

Excellent facilities, good cars & ease to learn in your own language. Very nice & kind instructors!!! With patience & humility were the ways I learned. Nice service, easy to get along with & accessible timetable.

Garima Chopra

Terrible experience while renting a car for the road test. Would never recommend it to anyone. They rent out third party cars for the skill test and don't even assure that it's in good condition. If you don't understand Spanish like me you are bound to get frustrated with the service.

kassoum dianda

this school is the best,cars in good condition and good instructors too.They show you everything and push you to the maximum.I would like to think all your staff.keep up the good work.thanks chris .

NoobMaster 69

Kind staff, smells good inside, couches are great! I honestly don't know why you should choose another driving school. I don't know about other instructors but mr. Peter is the goat. I doubt the guy is hated by someone.

Kumar Vijay Mishra

See update below. Teaching is good. The instructor Rafael is calm and patient person. But my experience with the payment was awful. During my first road test, Alcantara's accompanying person came 1 hour late and we reached the DMV almost half an hour after my scheduled appointment. I did not pass the test. During the second time, DMV took 2.5 hours to process my paperwork (no fault of mine; DMV was upgrading their software). In the end, I passed the test. However, Alcantara's front desk told me that they will charge me $50 for "excess time" taken at DMV. The accompanying lady said that taking me to DMV took "all of her day". On average, the road test takes 1.5 hours at DMV. So, my test took only one hour above the average. If DMV is crowded, then it easily takes more than 1.5 hours. This is not a fault of the customer. There is no guarantee that one's road test and paperwork at DMV will be completed in 1.5 hours. When I pointed out that, during the first test, the Alcantara accompanying lady herself was late by one hour, the front desk simply shrugged it off and charged me $40. This is simply a rip-off. There was no heads-up that I will be charged for excess time or that the standard time limit for renting their vehicle is 1.5 hours. They came up with this only after I returned to Alcantara to collect my change. My whole experience with Alcantara turned out to be very unpleasant. I asked them to refund $40 but they refused. Update: Yesterday, I complained via email and phone to the owner/instructor Rafael. He directed the front desk to refund me $40.

Giscard Djimeni

Very good trainers and professionals .was fun having my classes there

yessenia lopez

Kidus Yared

Nice place to do yours drivers ed!!!

Rosa Hernandez

My instructor was the best. Mr. Chris Bryant teaches like no one else. Best class hands down.

juliana ribeiro

I highly recommend this driving school. Chris the teacher/driving instructor was extremely helpful through out the two weeks. He makes it so you can understand & also pass the class with ease.

Kimberly Ayala

Chris is a great instructor, the class will never feel like 3 hours and you will learn alot.

Juan Villatoro

Jalia Kisuule

Very good school,Peter is a very good teacher.would definitely recommend it.apperciate .

steve douanla

It was definitely a great experience. I would recommend it to my friends and family. The professor are nice!!


This joint was very helpful if you know “what I mean” (inside joke) but frfr I actually got knowledge about life- Chris

deshawn Lancaster

The best school in Maryland staff is nice and attractive and Chris is the best teacher, really teach you a lot.

Daniela Lara

This is the best class !! Chris makes it so fun I definitely recommend it!


Had a great time learning at Alcantara Driving School. Chris made the class fun and engaging making it easy to learn all of the information.

Jerin costa

If I could, I would rate zero. The instructor was on his phone talking while I was driving, then he was watching YouTube videos. He kept checking his phone and wasn’t paying attention. I highly do not recommend this place at all.

aminadab diaz

Great school, Great teacher, just needs better desks!

Mailin Hidalgo

This driving school is amazing, great teachers & a awesome team overall! I definitely recommend this driving school to everyone

Giselle Martinez

This driving school was fun Chris is a phenomenal teacher and wat he teaches it stays with you . Also he tells you a lot of stories that help You in life in general .

Nancy Huaman

Best driving school. They have the best instructors (Chris). He really made us feel comftable and taught us alot. I highly recommend this school to anyone.

ishan palma

Learned a lot. And had so much fun. Mr. Chris was actually funny and helpful. I'm gonna miss you all tho.

Devica Pitter

Great experience. Chris, one of the instructors keeps the class fun and interesting. You won't be disappointed!

Yomayra Perez

At first I didn't want to go to this driving school but my whole perspective changed. The instructor (Chris) made it fun and it wasn't boring at all. Even during my practices, he gave me positive feedback which made it better. I recommend this driving school for anyone who's trying to learn how to drive and not crash and die

Joshua Sequira

This Driving School has a very positive and easy to follow learning environment. The class was extremely enjoyable and the instructor was clear in explaining not only the basic knowledge but went on to teach practical life lessons on owning a car and went above and beyond what was needed. This was overall more helpful than the average driving school and I would definitely recommend to all.

Karla Rodriguez

I loved going to this school :)

Everett White

The last thing I expected from a driving class was to have fun, but this class went above and beyond

Fares Gomez

Great learning experience, had an easy time sitting in the classroom learning, a lot of the subjects despite how one may think that it’s gonna be boring but the instructors make it so it’s fun. Had a great time

Manuel Kevin Cornejo

Paid $310 expecting a regular class. What I actually paid for was an oversized class (room meant for 20 people but there was 40+), barely any A/C. The teacher was actually very friendly. I only stayed for one class, on the second day I asked for a refund but apparently the only person who knew how to do refunds had left for the day. I had to come back the next day at 9am for a basic business transaction. Very disappointed.

Tommy Nguyen

An amazing school. Interesting, nice, and chill instructors. Fun learning environment. Open practice time schedule. Just has everything for you to succeed.

Lionel Cho

Great training provided especially by Chris. Best training guaranteed.

Marcel Ngachie

Great school, great instructor (Chris), great service. Engaging as can be for driving school. Flexible with class times and driving schedule. Good location. Learned a lot of practical skills about car matainence. Great driving school.


Great teacher, ask for Chris

Bethlehem Wouhib

love dear

Great school - Winnie

Bella Lozano

Chris is an awesome teacher he listens to you and he really makes you work on what you aren't confident in. All around great school great staff!

Stephani Ramos Romero

Oh hooooOOOONEY! Yo girl actually liked this class. When you go there, you actually feel excited to learn, and all the things Chris, the teacher/instructor, teaches stays with you. You won't just forget the next day. He even taught me information that will help me in the long run. Honestly I seriously recommend. Get into it. Appreciate it. Learn the right way to manejar.

Cp Del Rio

Lot of my friends and family have came to this school before that how I knew about the school. Staff very welcoming . They make sure you pass and understand the basic unit of the school. Very interact and very well balance . They have very flexible schedules. Chris very hand on. He's a great instructor. Only thing I would change is atmosphere of the classroom . It was hot

Juana Alfaro

You can tell that this school actually takes the time to teach their students very well and it wont come at a high cost (I found that they cost less than other driving schools). I enjoyed their classes and I learned a lot from them. Many of my friends complain about their driving schools being very impersonal and I have to say this wasn't the case with Alcantra Driving School. I highly recommend this school for people who actually want to get something out of their classes and not for people who will have a "trying to get this requirement out of the way" attitude.

chiazo ibegbu

Judy Hoang

I always heard that driving school was boring but when I came in here, it was the total opposite. The instructor, Chris, made it really fun and made it easier to want to come to class everyday for 2 weeks. I definitely learned a lot and am forever grateful that this was the school I went to.

Frederique Yombo

This school is great. Truly my expierence there was amazing. The best instructor there is Chris. He is professional and cool. I have learn a lot Thank you

Eva Fuentes

Faridullah Khan

Very nice and friendly instructor. Explained curriculum in details.

benu chopra

I would give 0 stars if possible. My experience was a nightmare on the day of the test. They asked me to pay $100 in cash to rent a car for my road test. It was a third party car in horrible condition to say the least. The driver accompanying me was extremely rude and behaved inappropriately. He slapped my hand several times when I was trying to check certain controls before starting to drive, he even held my wrist for no reason. He barely spoke any English and kept ridiculing me for not understanding what he was saying. The mirrors were stained and the dashboard had some soft drink spilled all over, there was trash spilled near the gear and the list goes on. The worst part is, I left my learners permit in his gear box by mistake and when I called to get it, he denied to come back. The next day I called the driving school and they said they have no accountability for any lost items and brazenly asked me to get a replacement from MVA. When I told them what had happened, all I got was, "I'm sorry you had a bad customer experience" and the manager hung up on me after that. I would never recommend this school to anyone! Terrible experience!

maricela arias

Alcantara Driving School is really good school. Chris teaches more than you need. There's a lot of helpful information. I don't regret coming into this school. Everyone here is friendly.

Florence Malm

Thank you Alcantara..... I drive today because you gave me all knowledge, techniques & the confidence I needed as a first time driver.You Even submitted my driving records to the MVA for me, not forgetting the fun time on the road with my on the Road that weekend class just fitted into my lifestyle.......Keep up the the good work.

Amadou Diallo

Alcantara driving school is an amazing driving school in the area. The instructors are amazing and will teach you all the important things about driving. Chris and Hector, the driving instructors, were far the most chilliest, and calm people that you'd have in a car with you. They'll push themselves for us future drivers to properly learn how to drive knowing they're risking their lives with unexperienced drivers. Chris is a funny instructor and y'all love his stories.

Michael D Rozario

Jessica Palma

Khal Drogo

Pretty great school...the young lady at front desk was very nice, so sweet...the instructors were patient & I liked the class cause I learned more than I expected...they work around your schedule that help me a lot cause of school & work, thanks!!!

DJ Bravo

lalalala Chanel

Mr Peter is the best instructor and he knows what he is doingggggggg...... AND THE EMPANADAS THEY SERVED ARE THE BESTTTTT

Gideon Ndeh

As long as u pay attention, you should be more than prepared

Ashima Mitchell

Chris is the best I did some private practices with him so polite, patient and gave me so much confidence am so excited to go up for my license. Thank you Chris

Tayyy D

Special shout out to the Instructor Mr. Peter - he was the BEST instructor ever!!!! thanks for everything and all that you do for us. from making class fun, to sharing stories, to being very helpful and patient behind the wheel. also nice that empanadas were sold during break time

pritesh kanani

This is one of the nastiest driving school experiences someone can ever have . How people can give this a 4 star rating is beyond my imagination. Well I would strongly advice you not to even give a single penny here. The car they allocated was stinky , had food and trash inside and had many broken parts. Well to top it off they had a rude driver who would touch you unnecessarily to show off his expertise and could barely communicate in English. On making a call to their office all they say is "Sorry for a bad customer experience" . So I chose to write this one down so that people don't get fooled by their fake ratings

Grace Melameka

Best driving school ever and especially the instructor Chris is awesome and very helpful

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