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REVIEWS OF The Driving School IN Maine

Louden Sacre

Michael Meehan

Zoe Paquin

Fun, easy to learn how to drive. Would recommend

Sam Arsenault

Ben’s Sence of humor and knowledge of driving made this a fun and enjoyable class to take!

Peregrine Bolduc-Ignasiak

Amazing instructor, makes it interesting even though it can not be. 10/10 would recommend

Mattie Clay

Gabriel Poirier

All around great time, unreal experience great teach

Hayden Norris

Owen Stewart

This driving school was a great learning experience for me. Ben is funny, kind, and does a great job at teaching his students how to drive, and the safety of the road.

Damien Thornton

Julian Kristan-Lamoreau

You know what’s funny?

Evan Wells

Ben was hilarious. I felt that I got a lot out of the class. He made a really boring thing pretty bareable.

Shelby Skipper

great, positive learning experience

Taylor Dumond

Audrey Hall

I thought it'd be boring and just reading the books in class but it was actually fun.

Hannah Anderson

Mariah Harrington

Kassidy Collins

Skye Cotnoir

Madison Peaslee

Sean Doyle

Very funny guy and great instruction

Emma Bourget

Maggie Barron

mr. ben was a good teacher, and um i like driving even though i am bad at it. yeehaw :o)

Tash Marshall

Gabriel Farias

Aidan Myatt

this was a fun class and enoyable to be in

Alexa Poulin

This class was a lot of fun I love the joke book and even the annoying Alexa jokes. It was also very helpful and a safe environment to ask and answer questions

Cricket Gottlieb

A very engaging teacher, and an over all great experience! I highly suggest this class to anyone who wants to learn how to drive.

Caleb Gardner

you are a very cool dude and nice teacher

Cassie Bertolini

Ben makes this class tolerable, would recommend.

Ray Heath

Good class instructor was really good, especially in the road learning to drive.

Sammy Farley

Really enjoyed the time I spent in this class, the teacher was really nice and was extremely helpful

Kay & Key Kingdom

Class was litty! Teacher was a good explainer and kept things interesting

Tateum Hamlin

You were very helpful!

The Mended

Great teacher. Tells dad jokes. Has fun while teaching. All around great class. 10 out of 10 recommend attending

Arianna Peabody

good class, was able to learn easily & effectively

Coleby Vasoll

Spot on Dad jokes. Great instructior.

Drake Bickford

Gotta love morbid mondays

william huff

Jaydan Burditt

I Learned how to heely 10/10 would recommend

Savanah Bailey

Hunter Vasvary

I had fun in the class. we had lots of good laugh. i would recommend this to anyone who thought about coming.

Hayden Barlow

It was ok

Kaeti Philbrook

ben made this class fun and bearable. only got boring towards the end of class when we watched videos. he made lots of jokes and made driving safe and fun

Mikayla Mathews

Teegan Myrick


Kyle Capozzi

This was a great experience with great people. I highly recommend this school nothing but quality. Jack is the man

Khalid Mousier

This is the best driving school

Logan Grover

Mackenzie Curran

Ashton Engle

Good class, learned thoroughly about good driving skills

Sammi Hann

Odin Briley

Best class ever. Totally wasn't forced to say that. 10/10

Fallon McInnis

I highly recommend no one use this drivers ed for their children. The woman there is the most unprofessional, lazy individual ive ever encountered in the professional world. They wait weeks to get back to you, they misplaced my son's payments and say I owe more than I have receipts for the money owed. They will not even acknowledge this instead insist on not even responding to me instead still stating I owe more when I'm telling them I have proof. They will mess around with your childs schedule, for example give away his driving hours when hes in school and has an appointment but because he was in class and could NOT respond to them they decide to not pick my child up from school instead they give it away because he didn't respond. Of course he didn't hes in school! One of the women there has an attitude and won't get back to you. But if you dont immediately respond she starts sending emojis showing her anger, this angry ignorant woman should NOT be teaching CHILDREN TO DRIVE. SOMEONE PATIENT AND UNDERSTANDING SHOULD

Jonathan Flynn

Good class, had a lot of fun while learning how to drive!

Lani Porter

I would highly recommend. Ben kept this class fun and very informational.

Serena Spence

Really funny guy, good at teaching

Chase McLaughlin

Great class, made a repetitive experience more interesting, Don’t forget your cooler again Ben.

Carson Rogers

This class was very helpful to me and I learned a lot about this class. Ben and Jack you guys are really funny and fun to drive with. I gained confidence in driving thanks to Ben and Jack and I hope to improve my driving throughout my entire lifetime and hope to see Ben and Jack around sometime. Keep teaching more and more people to drive and hope to see you around. Good luck and thanks for teaching me!

Calvin Mason

Great teacher. Is fun to be around when practicing driving. Then there are the jokes.

Ron Poore

it was a good experience

Meagan Ladner

Ben made the class bearable and fun

Serena Fecteau

Sandy is a great instructor! I am about to take my permit test and I feel confident in what I have learned. The class was very fun and I learned a lot! I would most definitely recommend! :)

Ben Loon

Made it fun and went by quickly

Bethany Cookson


Mitchell Hanley

He is good he teaches things good

Olivia Tyler

i liked taking this class with ben, he was fun and kept everything up to date. definitely recommended!!!

Peppy 933

Very good I had BEN he was great.

Riley Kimball

best class i've taken. Amazing instructor

Ashlan Peacock

great class learned a lot! Ben tells jokes that are so unbelievably stupid that they are funny. But an upside he makes learning to drive a fun experience!

Erica Dickey

Alix Barron

:) it’s a good class. Good, considerate instructors and the hand on experience is really good. Yeehaw

Jesse Douvielle

It was a good school with a lot of good information.

Sachi Nell

Tucker Savage

Blake Niedner

Lots of jokes

Nicholas Sirois

The class is fun, Sandy is pretty great and the class is good overall

Caitlyn Donovan

I would highly recommend taking drivers ed here. Ben is an amazing teacher and has a great character.

scott bertolini

this driving school was great. I learned everything I needed to know about driving and more and through this class I feel better prepared for the world of driving ahead of me.

H'Oautumn Rey

I had a great time through it all! The teachers were every kind and compassionate. I learned everything I needed to know about driving. Sandy was especially was the best. She has a great sense of humor! I really enjoyed her classes.

tyson o'neil

Leah Pushard

Dae Galaxy

Payton Hastings

Ben was able to teach but at the same time keep the class very entertaining with his energetic personality. Don't think I could have found anyone better.

Renee Fyfe

The class was fun and I enjoyed the learning. Ben kept the class fun with jokes and staying up beat. I had a great time in this class and had a great time. I would suggest this class.

Destiny White

Jessica Tripp

Leon Whitmore Jr

Matthias Blachowski

Madelynn Hebert

Ryleigh Hastings

made hilarious jokes but also kept things serious, had so much fun learning how to drive. ben makes drivers ed bareable, highly recommend this class.

Braden Finch

Help I’m trapped in here seriously!!!! I’m giving it five stars so people will read this! Someone help I can’t reach the outside!!!!

Cody Lathrop

I missed a appointment and he made me pay 120$

Gavin McArthur

Trey Coutts

10/10 would recommend


I thought it would be boring but it was actually fun and went by fast and a majority of that was because of the instructor. He made the class not just informational but very enjoyable to attend. I’m glad I got to be part of this class.

Peyton Stevens

This is a dank class. Much learned.

Zachary Bailey

Very funny teacher likes how he engages the teacher and not let us fall asleep in class. If I could I would totally do it again!

Piper Kollman-Veit

Owen Pushard

Cooper Peters

Cool program, teaches physical and mental driving, has a blast

Emmerson Leach

This place was great. The instructors are really nice and they work with you on your schedule.

Annabel Ladner-Hudson

Faith Cameron

Ben kept things fun but serious, with a lot of dad jokes. It kept me calm while driving though.

Samantha Haskell

Elise Bentley

Kinglol 15

Fantastic instructor, great dad jokes, really thorough in explaining.

Owen Doyle

is very good instructor, makes it fun

James Rinderknecht

You made this boring class some what enjoyable. Thanks bub

Siara Gerard

Keatin Gaither

Really really really liked the class it was good

Lesbian Ham

Excellent! Ben will you teach you good things, and he’ll call on you if you’re not paying attention, giving you extra incentive to do so. He also plays excellent music, such as the Caterpillar song

Andrew Kelley

Brenden Haskell

omar farah

Sandy Lew and Tom are good driver instructors I recommend going to this school

Megan Wright

Isaac Gammon

Dmytro Tripp


Kristopher campbell

Great class

Veronica Fisher

Maria Paquin

Makenzie Wade

I was expecting to be bored in this class, but Ben truly keeps the class fun and entertaining. I am not as nervous to drive anymore thanks to him. He is very kind and funny. 10/10 dad jokes too!!

Natalie Fossett

devonte robinson

Giovanni Wright

Elsa Estudillo

Thank you so much I learned a lot.

Allyson Moore

Ben is funny and makes sure that we understand what he’s talking about before moving on to the next talking point.

Natalie Bailey

Great instructor. Would totally recommend . Also has amazing dad jokes!

Ava Goraj

Katey Wheeler

Not bad

Brett Palmer

Ben does a great job keeping the class fun and interesting, and teaching us everything we need to know. He makes me feel calm and confident when driving.

Sandro Smith

easy to learn and fun i don't regret choosing this school

Autumn Ray

The best teachers ever!! I love that they were clam and kind even when it was my first time driving.

Gage Chase

10/10 Ben made the class the most fun it could be for a boring class

Alice Yokabaskas

Kris S

amie rich

Was following this driving schools car yesterday on Gardiner Rd. It's a 55 mph road. The student never made it to 45mph and had about 15 cars pass them instead of pulling over to let the traffic going the speed limit go by. Then he proceeded to stop in the road that's again 55mph to turn right almost causing a pile up... That driver wasn't helping any student learn to drive that day, he nearly caused a accident. Why put a student on a road that they can't even go close to the speed limit? You put the student at danger and many drivers yesterday and I'm sure I won't be the only complaint. I have worked with a local driving school and have never seen such unacceptable behaviors on the road. My student would have been told to pull over and driven to a road more acceptable for their driving experience...

Hannah Foust

Kayla Bailey

Heather Brodie

Mr. Mullin made what would have been a very boring and long class, a lot of fun. I learned well and didn't hate doing it. Love this school!


Angel Jordaan

Lucy lol

Alexandria Onuoha

If I could give it less than one star, I would! I Had a family emergency so I had to cancel a lesson and Sandy was extremely rude to me over text. She also talks negatively about other driving students (she's very fake). As a student at Bates College, I will be making sure no students go to this driving school. She is unprofessional, lazy, and ignorant. Go to Roy's instead :)

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