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REVIEWS OF Northshore Driving Academy IN Louisiana

Ashley Trobaugh

Mrs Tammie was an awesome classroom teacher. I enjoyed her class. I got my schedule to drive on my last day of class. I didn't have to wait 3 months to drive my 8 hours. I was scheduled with Mrs Chancie. She's awesome too. I'd recommend them.

Jennifer Maxted

Spoke to a man there and was very unprofessional, sarcastic, arrogant and rude. Paid a deposit back in February and had to cancel twice due to my kids sports on the weekends. Having multiple kids and being a single mom is very time consuming. Finally have some free weekends coming up and called to reschedule and I was told if I didn't remember the exact dates I originally scheduled I might lose my deposit because they don't have time to pull their records to find out when my deposit was paid. The way I was spoken to and how it was handled I definitely do not feel comfortable leaving my child with someone that can't even speak to adults professionally and lied to me when I asked who runs the Academy... I was told Melissa... WRONG!!!!. They just got a free $50.00 - PARENTS BE WARNED!

cackson jorley

wow man so great i feel like a driving expert now yay

Nathan Fontan

Would give it 6 stars if possible. Teacher was very helpful and very nice people and the scheduling for the driving sessions was quick and easy. Would recommend.

Terren Smith

I give it a 10/10

Alexander Triay

Don't know what the other reviews are talking about, i mean, sure its boring but drivers ed is boring in general. The instructors know what to teach and how to teach it. Honestly i think that the most annoying people are some of the other students. I would recommend this driving school.

Lauryn Blanchard

Dark Gamer.exe

ty urrehman

Came in knowing nothing left knowing everything, such a great school had a awesome teacher and learned allot.

Charles Dalton

It is a very good class and I am going to recommend it to my friends.

sarah seeger

Jacquline Farria

This is a really good driving school and the instructors are amazing. I learned a lot and I would definitely recommend Northshore Driving Academy to future drivers!!!

Nancy Davis

Paid deposit. Switched original date to upcoming Saturday class. Class was cancelled so I rescheduled. Had to make other arrangements due to date of next class being too far out. Refused to refund deposit because that is how they have operated for the past 20 years. Too many other, less expensive choices in the area to have that attitude. Should have done more research with the other, more customer friendly options available.

Angelle' Lewis

I will start by saying, it was easy to make an appointment and I got a same day appointment. Also, the people were friendly. After that, it's all downhill. First, we showed up for our appointment and the office was closed and locked. After calling several times someone answered and we were told someone was on their way. 25 min. after our appointment time someone showed up. By that time 3 people were waiting and were told, "First to pay drives first." We were not told cash or cashiers check only prior to this but had cash. We paid first but still had to wait on the paperwork and payment for the other 2 drivers (and then the 4th person that walked in later.) 1 hour after our appointment time the drive test began and was over in 10 min. The vehicle serves its purpose, but was uncomfortable to drive- spilled coffee, steering wheel didn't turn back after making a turn and having to roll the window down to open the door from the outside.

Bria Brown

its been over 8 months since I went to this terrible class. And my driving instructor still has not provided me with the required paperwork to bring to the DMV. I only chose this driving school because they were the cheapest and would work around my schedule. However I agree this Academy is crap and I would never recommend them to anyone. Also I forgot to mention that they taught me NOTHING.

alex the man person

The only way I’d ever want to get my permit, and enrich my learning experience.

Kody Ledet

One of the absolute worst driving schools in louisiana. Crappy teaching building, crappy teachers, crappy driving instructors. They dont know what theyre doing

Jackson Fontanille

Mrs. Chancie was very proffesional and informative. She kept us attentive as well as aware of the importance of learning the “rules of the road”. She kept the lessons very interesting, which directed our attention to the important subjects at hand. I would definitely recommend this establishment to someone who is a new driver.

Caleb Voelkel

This class changed my life for the better, it was a great experience and everyone in the class learned a lot. I highly recommend going to north shore driving academy for a great quality experience. 10/10

Liam K.


Jamie Staes

TAKE YOUR MONEY ELSEWHERE! I stated to one of the owners that I would make my experience with this company known and she threatened to SUE ME if I did. She stated, “My husband is a lawyer and we will sue you!” Last time, I checked anyone can leave a public review. This is my honest and first-hand experience with this company and owners. Take your money to a quality company. NDS is lacking in many areas. First, the courses are out of date and the curriculum has not been updated in years. They are "getting by" operating in the CHEAPEST way possible. Second, poor equipment/lack of materials: the computer system used is so ancient and slow that there is so much time wasted waiting around. The students cannot hear anything over the out of date, tiny speakers. The testing materials seem to be from decades ago and do not correlate with the 2017 Louisiana Driving Manual or Test. NO one has taken the initiative to correlate the program. None of the quizzes/tests match the lessons. They are getting by - doing the bare minimum. For the amount of money that customers pay, management has not taken the initiative to provide adequate training for their customers. The website states: Northshore Driving Academy strives to offer the "best values" in driver training. As a former employee, I can clarify that this is far from being true. As a former employee, I was baffled by the poor management and what I was presented to use (or lack of) and expected to teach. After my first day of teaching, I realized the outdated lessons leaves so much down time, no engagement activities, which then results in bored students who have to sit there for hours. When the outdated computer doesn’t work, students are just left sitting. I was told to just spread it out, make it work, do whatever. I am a certified teacher with a bachelor's degree and now a master's degree. I am rated a highly effective teacher in my parish and I don’t just do “whatever” or half-do things. I took it upon myself to re-vamp the curriculum. I spent HOURS creating new lesson plans, new powerpoints, creating games & centers to be used for student engagement. I spent hours aligning the curriculum to the 2018 Louisiana driving expectations. I even brought in my brand new speaker, so that the students can hear the presentations and new videos I put together. Owner - Robert, was pleased with the changes. However, when I asked to be paid $1 more, the same as he would pay a driving teacher who has taught a driving class before, he was appalled. He has several uneducated instructors on staff, without professional teaching experience. Since this was my first time teaching a "driving" course, he didn't think I deserved $1 more. Disregarding that I was a college graduate and certified public school teacher with years of teaching experience. I asked him to take into account the hours outside of work that I was putting into designing the program where it needs to be – something that should have been done years before by the owners. The owners manage the company from a distance and have no idea what HIGH QUALITY looks like. They have no regards; they just want your money at the end of the day. When I tried to make arrangements for picking up my speaker, it went ignored and I was ultimately told that they threw my speaker in the TRASH because they didn’t want it and it doesn’t go with their equipment. The female owner told me that she is the one that decided to throw it in the trash. I asked, what equipment did it not “go” with. She stated the SAME one they have been using for the PAST 12 years….the one I mentioned above, that does not work all the time and the sound is so low that the kids complain that they cannot hear anything. So clearly, out of spite they made the decision to TRASH it. However, I am not sure the truth in that. Poor ownership/management at its finest. Also, the positive reviews below were recruited. For example - the owner’s wife.

Amy Dalton

I just passed a student driver in traffic. The instructor was leaned back in the seat with their elbow propped on the driver's headrest and her phone in front of her face scrolling thru it while the student drive. Awesome example setting. Wow.

maria dusang


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