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REVIEWS OF A Driving School of Baton Rouge IN Louisiana

Andon Brabham

Fantastic school with great teachers

Nicholas Jones

I learned a lot and now I feel like I know the laws and able to drive . Great school


A great experience at A Driving School at BatonRouge. Mr. Gary did a good job of teaching. The instructors were professional, they taught every thing we need for driving. I love how they talk to us like friends, Mr. Gary share many real life stories that he had experienced, which are going to help me in the future. And we also played little games that relaxed us from studying. I really love the class. Everyone should go there to learn driving!!!!

Andy Nam

In the driving school of Baton Rouge, they are very lenient but you still learn a lot of things from them. Both experiences and facts are learned throughout the 4 days. The driving school of Baton Rouge for me was where I wanted to go instead of stop and go and trinity because I’ve heard too many things about those places but someone else who went here, told me the experiences of going there. This leading to me going to this school and learning so much from the teacher Gary and Stan who just kinda comes in for stories and learning experiences.

Always Swagger225

I highly recommend y’all getting here cause it’s all love and but also you will learn how to drive it’s worth it trust me

Mila Horent

It was a great experience Would suggest to other people Very good instructor

Gabriel Jackson

An amazing school with amazing teachers. Would highly recommend this driving school to anyone looking to get their license.

Isabel N.

Great school! Instructors are very nice, especially Gary! Also, very easy to schedule!

Zeno Dell

They taught us everything we needed to know and then some , life lessons included.

Grant Canzo

Good school would recommend

Prince Pankaj

Great driving with Brian


Very good driving school Ms Debra was my classroom instructor and driving instructor. Very lovely lady I would definitely recommend going to this school

Jeremy Dupaquier

This place is great. All the teachers are really nice.

precious hillery

a driving school of Baton Rouge is the best in Louisiana!! I highly recommend it. Instructors are very informative and friendly. They have the lowest price and easiest to deal with. Scheduling class and drive times was easy .

Tyler Hunt

Amazing teacher! Mr Gary will let you know you’re WRONG! But in a way that will stick for your benefit!

Krisshandra Williams

it was a great experience! Very cool staff

Steven Nguyen

I really enjoyed this class. When walking in, I was nervous, not knowing almost anyone. There were a lot of students and I just didn’t know what to expect. The first day, the owner, Stan, made me feel comfortable by breaking down everything - the course, our class instructor, Gary, and how prepared we will be. The class itself was very entertaining. Mr. Gary goes very in depth and really cares about the students. He’s serious while being very funny. I really appreciate the effort he puts forth to allow us to learn better. I have no complaints for this place and would recommend it to anyone.

casse johnson

The instructor Mr. Gary was very informative and the learning environment was great. It was a very comfortable class that was very stress-free and helpful.


Most people complain about going to drivers ed but I made so many friends and the staff made all of us feel comfortable and entertained! The instructors are great and I got my 8 hours of driving within 2 days after my last class! So great!

Asela Sampath Dikkumbura

I have contacted several owners of driving schools before I start learning, and Stan was the best owner, who responded very quickly to my inquiry. Gary was my 1st instructor and his lectures were very informative. Gary knows a lot of stories that we do wrong while driving and they were helpful to pass my written exam with 97%. Brian was my driving instructor and he was excellent and super efficient. I was so comfortable with Brian and I honestly felt like my father was teaching me driving. I got 95% for my road skill test and completed the entire course last week. I am an international student and a PhD candidate at LSU and I highly recommend “A Driving School of Baton Rouge” for all the international students as well as domestic students. Thank you very much dear Stan, Gary and Brian.

Geraldine Figuera

They were so helpful! My driving instructor Ms. Pam was so nice, she work with my schedule, she was wonderful. Definitely recommend this location!

Mallory C

Gary is the best teacher. He helped us so much to understand the laws of driving.


Stan, the owner, responded very quickly to my inquiry. Gary was very informative. Pam was an excellent driving instructor. Super efficient. My daughter completed her entire course on Christmas break.

Eric Delhaye

The instructor is really nice and informal and makes sure that the students are well prepared when they leave the teaching section of the course. Great choice for a driving school I highly recommend!!

Harold Worley

Great place great staff great service drivers r very professional

Dino Pellissier

I really had a lot of fun. Learned everything I neee to about driving and I correct my mother on her driving skills every time I’m in her car :)

Tiffany Pham

I’ve never been behind the wheel before taking driving lessons through this school, and Brian was the most patient driving instructor I could have had! I was very comfortable with driving by the first lesson because of how good of an instructor he is.


Great place, with great people. Mr. Stan is definitely the most kind person in the world.


I was on edge at first thinking that I might fail the driving test or wouldn’t understand. But that wasn’t the case at all! They helped me understand signs, signals, intersections, and ways to prevent different accidents. I would highly recommend this driving school. They are very determine for us to become safe and responsible drivers!

Sick 390

How much is the down payment?

Kyleigh Brown

Great driving school. The instructor is kinda intense but he is funny and I have learned a lot.

Jai Veilin

the place is absolutely amazing. mr. gary shared many life lessons, and was a great class instructor. everyone is funny, and laid back. i had great classmates, as well. ms. debra was my driving instructor, and i love her so much. she is very sweet, and also shared many life stories. i thoroughly enjoyed my experience here, and recommend it to anyone who wants to take driver’s ed.


I would encourage people to come to The Driving School. The teachers don't just make you read out the book. They keep you interested.

Ms. K

Very good class, they offered convenient times (over the Christmas break), the school is in a convenient location, and the driver (Ms. Pam) was excellent! I definitely recommend this driving school.

Kayy& Levee

Great school had a great experience! The staff was helpful and provided accurate information. I would recommend this driving school to anyone.

Siann Aviles

My experience was absolutely fantastic! Mr. Gary (the class instructor) made the entire experience very interactive and more enjoyable. They provide well timed breaks to keep the focus of the students. My driving instructor, Ms. Debra, was very patient and was able to help explain even the small details flawlessly. Throughout the entire process, I felt confident and knowledgeable regarding driving.

Nicole Youngman

Glad other people had a good experience but we found them to be creepy, disorganized, and not even capable of giving kids correct info (mine was told that it's ok to pass a school bus on the left). We'll be going elsewhere.

Adrienne Simmons

Gary, our instructor, is a hoot. Love my small class and detailed instruction.

Jasmyne Traylor

One of the places you will ever go to. Instructors Stan and Gary work very good with all their students. One of many perks they have over other places is you pay once you're done. Unlike smart start they don't take your money before u attend the class. Their student driver instructors are the best especially Mrs. Nakeisha. Going into this class had experience but not a lot and I can really say she taught me everything I needed. I would recommend A Driving School of a Baton Rouge to anybody. Your services were very appreciated

Matthew Brown

They were very professional, nice, and helpful. I recommend this place to anyone looking for their license, and they accommodate for all ages. Definitely a good driving school.

Jalaya Grows

I called all the schools and this one had best price and easy to deal with ! very professional. i highly recommended! i learned all techniques and learned how to drive

Sarah Elizabeth

I told them my situation and they were super accommodating! Mr Stan is really nice. Miss Pam (who’s also really nice) was overbooked so she told me to contact Miss Audrella (sweetest lady ever) who did everything she could to make sure my brother and I got done fast and learned everything we needed to learn. I highly recommend this place, everyone’s so nice!

Khadedra Harrison

OMG love this place!!! It was fast, easy, and a great learning experience. The staff is fun and friendly. I highly recommend this place to anyone that needs to get their driver's license.

alvin scott

Its a very good driving school they make sure you know all that you need to know before driving. Friendly staff

sree krishna

The instructors were very nice and patient. They were very helpful in scheduling classes according to my convenience, especially since it was during the holidays. Also, the service was awesome. The paper work for registration and license application were hassle free.

Emma Kate Conner

Overall, my experience at this driving school was amazing. The instructor was very intelligent and laid back, but I learned everything that I needed to know to pass the exam.

Brian Selders

Great school I am glad I choose this school

Kayli Bonnette

Mr. Gary is a good instructor. This is such a good school & the people are so nice & helpful. If you have a question there is no hesitation for them to explain it as best as they can. They do everything they can to help you get prepared for your test. I strongly recommend looking into this driving school.

George Ageenkov

Hey I’m from Russia it is a great school!

Kylie Westbrook

Great school with a cool and fun staff

latisa jenkins

I appreciate the teachers and the effort toward the students to pass and make sure we get our license as soon as we are finished

Gucci Poptarts

10/10 highly recommended. This place is great.

adam bosworth

This place was the easiest and smoothest driving school. Everyone was professional and knew what they were doing. They prepared me for the written test and the road skills test was relaxed and comforting. My instructor, Brian, was extremely knowledgeable and alert. He made sure I was calm and the atmosphere in the car was relaxed with no pressure. We had great conversations and it was a fun time honestly. I highly recommend you choose this place as your driving school.

shanggui gong

It's my best luck for meeting this driving school and our instructor Brain. It's you teach me how to drive! Thank you for your patience and kindness! HOPE FOR MORE DISCOUNT FOR CHINESE AND BEST WISHES TO YOU!

Ja'Quan Noil

I’m 15 and I was trying to find a good driving school which was fun to go to. I highly and I mean highly recommend this school.You don’t just sit a watch boring videos all day.They make it interesting to go to and treat you like adults.Youre treated with respect that I don’t know if other driving schools give.If I had to do it all again I would definitely still come back here.No COMPLAINTS!

Khaled Sultan

They are really informative and helpful

Christa Furr

Great driving school! Very informative. Miss Stacey was my driving instructor and she made me feel at ease as I was so nervous! Mr Gary is a really good teacher in the class and gives vital info! Deffo recommend!

Andre Wilson

Great service and class

Henry Colbert

My son enjoyed the class and he learned a lot . The instructor gave him plenty information about the signs of the road that he need to know. It's a good school and affordable.

Underrated Umji

Good school! We learned a lot and still had fun!

aerial jones

Loved my teachers , my experience was very awesome. I learned everything I need to know in a great amount of time. Any help that I needed it was given. This school is the right one trust me

Rebecca Hardee

They taught me everything I would need to know!

Andy Win

Good school. Good people. Driving instructor was very patient.

Ashley England

This drivers ed is extremely EXTREMELY sketchy. when i went for my class courses, The owner bribed us into rating them five star reviews with things like sunglasses and fake rolex watches(which i fell for). not worth it. And when I took my drivers test he passed me before I even took it. As soon as we handed him the money it was like I already passed. I drove for a total of 3 minutes. and there were 2 other girls in the car with me (idk if that’s legal or not). This was a waste of time. I want to feel like I actually earned my license. Please be careful with this driving school.

Lynndel Johnson

I highly recommend considering this driving school. Very laid back and easy to understand. Everyone is very helpful and easy to get in contact with


The driving school is good for getting your license fast. My driving instructor Mr. Brian is very nice and patient and he taught me much about the rules and strategies in doing driving.


Amazing driving school! Awesome and fun instructors! Really fast and easy.

juan Rodriguez

Great driving school


This place was very fast and efficient. A good choice if you are looking for a driving school to give you all the information you need to know and not waste time doing it.

Dan M.

Mr. Gary and Mr. Stan make learning fun. They both have a lot of stories to tell and a lot to teach. They taught us well

Heather Randolph

My experience at ‘A Driving School of BR’ was amazing. All the workers/instructors have a great personality and they genuinely care about your success. If you have questions they are always happy to answer.

Kamryn Overton

Great experience. Everyone’s really helpful!

car bro

They made learning driving rules really easy and fun. They also have a short waiting time to get with a driver and you don't have to pay out front. So that's cool.

Paris Davis

Great school Great instructors Great class Nice cars Highly recommended

Rachael Lagarde

I did a lot of research and asked a lot of people about the driving schools in Baton Rouge. Almost everything I heard from parents was negative about other driving schools except for this one. They were so right. My son actually enjoyed driver's ed and is now constantly correcting my driving habits (which is a good refresher). The teachers are very hands-on and make the class interesting to keep the kids attention. The driving instructors were extremely friendly, responsible, safe, and very accommodating. It actually costs less than every other driving school in Baton Rouge! Don't look any further. You won't be disappointed!

Taylor Kamara

Very professional and very fast turn around with classes. The staff was friendly and helpful. Overall great experience!

anecyia smith

It was a very exciting experience. The instructors were so nice, organized, professional, and had patience.

J Frilot

Gary is the bomb. Taught life lessons and all the rules including the questions everyone misses.

Angelle Hayes

The driving school is very nice and so are the teachers. It a very wholesome place.

Eli Marshall

This driving school vas very informative and taught me what to do in almost every possible road situation. The teacher has many years of road experience. They are friendly and welcoming.

Teddy Dyer

Great school! I I am glad I choose this one

Sophia Barr Hayne

The instructors were very patient and an absolute pleasure to work with. I had an excellent experience.

Sydney Moyo

Awesome class with very friendly staff. Pam is a really great teacher and knows how to break down driving principles clearly. I would recommend this driving school to anyone needing to get a license from a reputable driving school.

Hannah Patterson

Love all of the instructors. They actually teach us, and care about us passing.

christopher normand

The school is very good i would recommend to anyone. They are very hands on and are willing to help out.

johnny alfred

Excellent service. They were very professional and my driving instructor Stacy was amazing. They taught me alot and handled everything according to my schedule. Would recommend.

Ashhyy’s Life

This was the best experience ! They are affordable and it was really quick with driving portion would recommend to everybody...

Morgan Newton

Great people!! I loved my instructor Deborah got me ready!

Tammy San

Great instructors. Mr. Brian (the driving instructor) was very patient with me and was constantly giving me tips and rules of the road to help develop good driving habits.


It's a good school that not only teaches the basics of driving, but also additional information. The teacher tell us about past personal experiences that encourage us to make good decisions. They provide many rewards to encourage is to learn. The driving school also gives the option to pay at the end incase one decides not to continue driving school. All in all, great driving school.

george nwokocha

Great school. The drivers are so professional and patient.

julius adih

Very professional ! I enjoyed every moment, my instructor Brian was excellent, and Stan made it all happen. I recommend A driving school any day, any time...

Sandeep Gupta

I did my research before I went to this school and I feel so lucky for having made the decision. They are extremely helpful, considerate and will wrap up all the driving requirements within a week if needed, unlike any other school in BR!! And you pay at the end which is great! As for the driving class itself, Brian is an amazing instructor. He's probably the best in the business and it'd be hard to find anyone better than him. Even though the school is a bit far for most people, I would recommend making the effort to go here. You can wrap things up in 3 days if you want. I finished everything in 4 days within the same week.

Thi Đinh

Awesome school

bingqing liu

Brain is a great instructor and he is very patient to his student. He also kept his instructions on road skills very organized and easy to follow. overall,It‘s a good experience.

eva Chen

Debra is the best. She knows how to teach. She is humorous too. She makes learning very interesting. It was a great and enjoyable experience.

Jon Jr

I had an excellent time on the road! My instructor, Ms. Debra, was pleasant to be with and she was not overbearing on me or my brother, who also took the course with her. Overall, we made good conversation and we got home safely. Highly recommended!

Brown Shawty With The Red Hair

I went to this driving school almost a year ago after being ripped off by Smart Start. First of all my driver instructor, Gary, was amazing. He was very funny and made me feel very comfortable behind the wheel. However, I was told one price over the phone and had to pay almost another $300. They also misplaced my money but everything worked out in the end. I was able to get my license less than a week later.

koren munson

Hands down a great experience. Learned a lot in a short amount of time, nice environment, and mr Gary is a good teacher. I was satisfied.

george h

It is one of the best driving school and teaches you how to be the best driver and safe driver.

Jay Boi

The best school hands down . Very knowledgeable instructors. And very fast to get the 8 hours driving done . So I highly recommend

Nevin Askari

Really great driving school!!! You pay for the class once you are finished with it! I had Ms. Debra as my instructor and she was so patient and calm with me, and she taught me well! I'm glad I got my driver's ed here.

kaycee lang

Uses good techniques to help me and other students remeber driving rules.

haley hulin

He actually taught us very well. He did a great job and taught us so much! I highly, HIGHLY recommend this place!

Omosola Omoyele

I called around all over and this school was the best price and the fastest to get the driving done most schools are a 6 month wait


Very amazing timing. 4 days for 7 hours only $450. The teacher is very laid back but does his job. break every hour to two hours

Cardell Welch

Awesome instructors! I learned a lot about driving and in class room. I feel really prepared to tackle Louisiana roads . My instructor was very patient & easy going


Just so great and lucious space and great teaching now my son drives like a pro

Dejanae Jordan

I highly recommend anyone who needs their license to come here! They are very polite, friendly, and they are fast! I had an amazing experience!

Salute My Gayness

Love the school. I started off with one instructor who quit and I was then teamed up with a new driver instructor , Mr. Brian! He made me feel soooo comfortable and he was very knowledgeable, helpful and patient. I couldn’t ask for a better instructor. I wish I had started with him from the very beginning. You cant go wrong with Mr. Brian. Mr. Gary was my classroom instructor and I learned a lot from him. Mr. Gary gets straight to the point and let’s you know everything you must know before driving plus extra tips about changing a tire and where to purchase gas. The school also lets you pay after you complete your 8 hours of driving which is also a plus. I would definitely recommend this school and Mr. Brian as a driving instructor.


Great classroom setting Teaching is instresting & informing Quick driving appointments In & out I was VERY prepared for my test Owner is welcoming & helpful

Dania Aziz

Great and caring staff. Easy going but also professional. Best experience. I had many recommendations for the school. 10/10

Smokey Hydra

A Driving School has been an absolutely wonderful experience for me and my older brother. Speedy and very professional service. Extremely happy with the tests and process. And shout out to Mrs. Debra! You're a wonderful driving instructor. I would recommend this school to ANYONE who is trying to get their license.

Shekana Smith

Ms. Stacey was an excellent driving instructor!

alyah scott

Great school and instructors . lowest prices

Trinity Payne

I loved it ! Great class atmosphere and dedicated instructors.

Hwang Jia Zhen

I have the best driving instructor ever! She is patience, kind and she gives instructions crystal CLEAR!

Jennifer Haase

Super helpful staff and easygoing class. Lots of instruction for not only class requirements but also real-world scenarios and tips!

Elaina Matthew

Learning made easy! Update: didn’t get my license for a long time after taking the course but they were all still very helpful with getting the process restarted for me! I got immediate help. 10/10 recommend.

Rachel Edwards

A great driving school ! Everyone one was nice and friendly. Mr. Gary and Ms. Pam are the best. Definitely a driving school I would recommend.

Diamond Byrd

A driving school of Baton Rouge is the best. Great learning environment and lovely instructors.This school is legit and I’m very greatful that my mom chose this school. Uncle Gary you rock ❤️

Isabelle Tassin

Great class. Very helpful instructions. Learned a lot!!


So far, its been a pretty good time and most of the information is very easy to understand.

Sumanta Hati

A Driving School of Baton Rouge is very good school for driving training in Baton Rouge. We are very happy to choose this school and have a wonderful experience . We specially want to Thank trainer Brian. He is the most valuable and wonderful trainer. He was super efficient and super cool instructor. We are so comfortable with Brian. Thanks Brian for your training and encouragement. We would recommend this school every one to choose this school.

Heidi McGee

My daughter really enjoyed the experience here. She says the instructor made the class enjoyable and fun. The information was introduced in a manner in which it was easy to remember. Her driving instructor was very patient and made her feel as she’s known her forever.

Mary Grace Liner

Giving this Driving School 5 stars. 1. Mr. Gary taught us the most important points in driving, road signs and DMV rules in the 6hrs class. 2. My driving instructor is Mr. Brian, he is very patient and he taught me so much about the rules and strategies in doing driving. He will point out your mistakes and improvements which I think is the best being an instructor. 3. Mr. Stan, the owner is very accommodating and cool guy. FYI, I'm a first timer driver :) and I'm so glad I chose this school! Kudos! Thumbs up!

Whitney Weiner

Great experience! Easy to schedule class and driving sessions! Staff was helpful in all that was needed through the process from paperwork and other requirements. Will use again in future!

Nataliia Oliver

A wonderful school and wonderful instructor Debra! Training with her passed quickly, easily and very accessible for understanding. For a short learning process, she managed to provide me a lot of with necessary information. I chose school on reviews on the Internet and I’m very glad that I made the right choice. And I’m also very glad that I chose Deborah. Thank you, guys, for the knowledge. And, also thanks, for the feeling of confidence in driving a car!

Hold My Beer

Great experience and my driving instructor Brian was very helpful and taught me everything I needed to know.


Great teacher, with good lessons that help you remember skills on the road, I recommend this place.

SelfMadeBoss Kj

The best driving school hands down! Very efficient! They have been doing this a long time and are very informative and helpful! They make process easy

Maya Horton

Great school. I enjoyed my experience and I learned so much in such a short period of time.

Sabina Bliss

Great place great people was very happy ❤️


It was great great great great:) I learned a lot that i didn’t know before and everyone was real nice and cool. You should attend!

Brennan Hatcher

The staff are all knowledgable and are easy to get in contact with if you have any questions or concerns. Lessons are thorough and are sure to get you through both the written and road skills tests. Schedule your hours with Mr. Brian if you can. Knows pretty much everything about cars. He'll tell you when you're doing something wrong but he's only doing it so you don't end up making bad habits. He's also easy to talk to and makes sure you know everything you need to and then some. Highly recommended!

Jonah Mahurin

Nice guy and decent experience.


This driving school vas very informative and taught me what to do in almost every possible road situation. The teacher has many years of road experience. They are friendly and welcoming.

tamanny nafel

It was a great experience. I got everything done in a short amount of time even though I barely had any driving experience thanks to driving instructor Bryan.

Kate Anderson

i learned so much from this driving school and had lots of fun! I would definitely recommend

Deborah Brown

My son had a great experience.

Andrew Luna

Wonderful school staff ! Great instructors New cars And I got driving right after class with no wait times

The Chef

I was afraid to drive now I’m not , it was a real one in one experience with Ms.Pam and I appreciate all the hard work they put in for my to get my license thanks .

Kedia Pat

Brian was really nice , cool and patience and very helpful

Thao Dinh

Mr. Gary is an amazing teacher! I learned a lot from him. Highly recommend.

Luis R. Depaz

Great school Always answer calls and I Learned everything in a timely manner

Eleah JB

I loved it here! Mr. Gary taught us everything we needed to know for the test and Mr. Cliff makes sure you actually know how to drive before you get your license/ permit.

Blake Taters33

A very laid back environment with an amazing teacher


Great School. The teachers great and make it easy for everyone.

Demarie Knight

Great people and good service class was very informative

Ember Gabrielle

Honestly, this school is just amazing: the cold classroom really stimulates one's awareness, the informational videos really warned me of the dangers of jumping in front of trains, my instructor not only taught the material quite well but he also gave stories that truly caused me to think about life. I would never choose a different school, A Driving School of Baton Rouge is the way to go fo sure.

Tori White

Wonderful instructors! It's convient and well priced! I finished my class, driving hours, and road skills test in 1 week! They give you real world advice and make sure you are well prepared! Highly recommend this driving school!!

William Wanless

Good teacher. Prepare u for the test.

Collin Carmouche

Great school.

Amelia Blackmon

Great class- learned a lot! Thanks y’all!

Kennedy g

Great school!!! Had a fun time in class listening on how to be a great driver! The instructors where very good at explaining things and at the same time making it a fun experience!

Grant Dupré Music

great school with solid education experience. definitely would recommend

My Tran

I took a class with this school and the teacher was quite helpful in giving out instruction. He paid attention to every detail in order for us to understand the course. The people in this school would not waste anyone’s time so I highly recommend this wonderful driving school!

Crister Killer

Excellent service, you will be able to drive after you take their classes. Experience was 10/10

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