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REVIEWS OF Total Driving Instruction 1 IN Kansas

Saurav Khanna

Had an extremely pleasant experience with Total Driving Instruction 1. I had Frances as my instructor and she was absolutely fantastic. She taught me everything needed for the test and day-to-day driving very effectively. Thank you so much for taking this huge weight off my shoulders. I highly recommend them anyone looking for a driving school - I ended up getting a 100 on the test!


On July 17, 2018 I was pulled over in their driver's ed car ( clearly labelled, being a commercial vehicle). I had booked the instructor for 3 days for $390, which is pretty expensive considering it was 2hrs each day The issue ( with the instructor in the car as I was driving): Coming southbound on the 230 Independence highway with no deceleration ramp and only a downhill ( I didn't realize I was gradually accelerating), I was told to speed up to merge. Bc there was a stop light ahead I began to slow down ( supposedly not braking hard enough). Apparently I exceeded the speed limit ( 20 above 50). A cop was posted to the far right. Shortly thereafter, I was pulled over. The fact that I have a permit, and the driver instructor assumed that I was just going to get off with a warning when I was written a ticket ( the cop, who most likely was trying to meet his ticket quota, disregarded what I said; the instructor later stated that this is a rare situation but didn't say anything while we were pulled over). There were so many other factors that went into this like how it was a cloudy day, moderate traffic, and the officer explicitly mentioned that it was a new laser gun, which just goes to show that it could've been an inaccurate reading. Anyways, I had to remind the officer of my age and permit and that it's a driver's ed car. However, I failed to mentioned that this was only my second day ( which the instructor should've done). It's ridiculous because the officer made it as if I was intentionally speeding. The driver instructor didn't say anything at all and I had to assume this responsibility. The reason for this bad review is exactly that; the company didn't assume an responsibility whatsoever. I was left to fight this ticket. I had to call the instructor that week, and it went straight to voicemail ( where I had to explain my situation and ask them to at least take some sort of responsibility; be it financial or simply admitting that they're in the wrong as well). A week later I called the company directly and someone did end up picking up and after explaining to them, they stated that they are familiar with my rare situation. The rep over the phone said that they'll give me a call back. They never did. Aug.9~ I calledd the instructor again, who said that she doesn't recall any of this happening. She remembered the ticket, but not taking me to the Lees Summit DMV the next day after the ticket ( where I was tested for the driver's exam. The instructor thought that I was ready, and I felt comfortable driving too. I failed yet she continued to deny any of this happening. I had to carefully explain & remind her. She said she would callback once she checked in with the DMV where I took the test at. I was physically their taking the test in her car. The fact that the instructor tried to pin this on me by stating that I "liked to speed" ( when in actuality I was listening to her every instruction obviously because I don't have road experience. Plus she even complimented me for how I naturally drove. As for her wild accusation, I'm not sure why she would assume that. I made sure to slow down. I shouldn't have to defend the fact that I'm a student just learning) is absurd. She repeatedly denied the test happening ( even though the date's marked on the back of my permit under the 'skills test' column). This just goes to show that this company isn't willing to help it's students, when the burden of responsibility should fall upon the instructor, who failed to do anything about the ticket other than give me a certificate as proof. Thus I'm left in this unusual situation where most young drivers get off with a warning. Either pay the ticket and plead guilty or appeal it are 2 option at this point. Instead of denying it, just please at least admit that you could've done something or helped out as opposed to dropping this burden entirely on me. Oh yeah, I haven't even got that callback yet where she said she would call the lees summit dmv to verify that I took the test. She was literally waiting for me while I took the test

Augustina Ansah

I would definitely recommend this school. Had 97% on my first test.

Paul Hawkins

Very professional in all steps of the process. My daughter and I were very comfortable with the instructor. I would recommend their services to all of my family and friends.

Proverbs Ryan

My daughter had Frances Thomas. Thank you Frances Thomas. I would recommend Goal Driving Instruction to family and friends. It was worth the money for our 16 year old daughter.

Louise Ferguson

My sons instructor was Frances and she was very nice and made my son comfortable. My main concern was him learning his turns and speed. I feel like he drives the same before he started the driving lesson. He is still not comfortable. I kinda wasted my money and wish he could have at least had 1 more session focusing on that. He got a 73% on his test.

colleen wilson

Excellent instructor, my son passed first try. Highly recommend this company

John Lawrence

I was extremely pleased with the training that was provided to my daughter. They really helped prepare her to drive. It was great that they came to our house, picked her up and began working on things that I thought were tough right away (parallel parking). Francis really gave her the confidence that was needed to pass her test and pass really well. She only missed one thing because she forgot to put on her signal but aced the parallel parking. I can not thank Total Driving Instruction enough for making this such an easy process. I am definitely using them again for my younger daughter here real soon!!!!

Gary Starr

What a great option to provide my daughter with confidence in road driving. Before Total Driving, we were experts in parking lot driving as I not dare let her drive my car on the road. After Total Driving, my permit driver now has the confidence in highway driving and local street driving. A great start for a rookie driver.

Nakia Glynn


RochelleChick Caldwell

France is the best teacher who help young people how to drive the right way of driving thank you for your help

Terrence Hamp

The best

Mike Kloiber

Our son went to your driving school this summer for a total of 6hrs with Francis and really enjoyed working with her. He felt it was well worth the time even though he’d had his permit for 11 months. She made it fun and he learned how to drive in all kinds of different highway situations as well. He passed his driving test the first time! Francis made his last lesson on his birthday so she could review with him before his test and was there to cheer him on. Highly recommend having her as an instructor! Thank you— J Kloiber

Jamie Finch

I took my drivers class Saturday and went and passed it Monday. What a great help! Recommend it to anybody!

Deidre Coleman

I was absolutely pleased with the company and the trainer. Very polite and truly helpful. I passed the first time thanks to Frances! She is amazing. Kudos to Total Driving Instruction 1!!

rachelle mccormick

I would highly recommend this driving instruction company. My son & daughter completed their course & have confidence and competency w/their driving skills. Francis is the best instructor!

Varsha Gupta

JR Merritt

not good I have been trying to get haold of them for days no one answers the phone and the mail boxis full so you cant even leave a message, then when some one picked up they hung up

Angela Sheppard

We highly recommend Frances Thomas with Total Driving Instruction. I called just two weeks before my daughter’s birthday, and she not only managed to squeeze her in for 3 lessons, but she also accompanied her to her driving test and allowed her to use her car for the test itself. She went above and beyond in every way, and my daughter is a much more confident driver than she was before!

Nadiyah Hafiz.

They don’t answer calls nor return them. I’ve been calling and leaving voicemails for a month now trying to get my daughter to take her test with them

Brianna Miller

The training was well worth my money! Great woman as my trainer, super invested in fixing skill sets and making sure the person can achieve the ability to drive like a normal person. In the 6 hours I went from skeptical driver to a confident driver, I even took my driver's right after the 5th hour of training. Thank you Total Driving for such great service!

Marcia Franke

This is a must for any teen preparing to drive. My kids were apprehensive, but they enjoyed every minute. Prep for the test and lots of great driving tips. Thank you .....

LaNina Palmer


Erin Dorrian

We used Total Driving Instruction 1 for both of my kids driving instruction. Frances did a great job of teaching them the rules of the road and made them both confident in their driving. Also made it less stressful for this mom, who is a terrible backseat driver!

Laura Shive

My daughter got to use THEIR car to take the test!? Awesome place. Have recommended to all my friends!

Karlene Rawlins-Millard

Frances Thomas I can't say enough. Thank you so much for taking time out with my daughter. I now have a new driver!

Laurel Clark

We highly recommend Frances Thomas, an instructor at Total Driving Instruction. We taught our 16 yr old ourselves, but after her first accident, Frances was able to adapt a refresher course for our daughter. Frances is calming, knowledgeable, willing to go the extra mile (pun intended!) and would be great for all experience levels.

Khalia S

If you are looking for a drivers ed class Total Driving Instruction should definitely be your first pick. Highly recommend it!

Quynh Nguyen

I had Frances Thomas as my instructor. She was professional and took care of me very well. She taught me all I needed for the license test. I enjoyed practicing driving with her !!!

KJo Hughes

Frances was so awesome! I’d recommend Total Driving to anyone! Great service

Robyn Lilly

Both of my daughters had Frances Thomas for a driving instructor!! She instills confidence in these new drivers with her patience, kindness, and strong knowledge! She was always right on time to pick them up from our house. Took them to take their tests and certainly relieved a lot of my anxiety as a parent with 2 new drivers!! Highly recommend Frances Thomas and Total Driving Instruction!!


I highly recommend

Melynda Kerr

Frances was great with my daughter. She picked her up from our house and immediately had her begin her lesson. My daughter came home very excited and eager to tell me about her experience. My daughter said having this one in one time is truly beneficial. Having Frances work with my daughter definitely has given her more awareness of the rules of driving. I highly recommend working with Frances at Total Driving Instruction

Jeremy Allen

if you want to learn how not to drive properly this is the place to go watch an instructor change multiple Lanes without using his turn signal, stopping in the middle of the street for no reason, cutting somebody off, and jumping Lanes erratically. If you want to learn probably go someplace else.

Randi Santa Maria

Francis is the sweetest! I definitely recommend her and Total Driving. Helped me so much!

Kayla Marie

Amazing amazing! Frances is amazing and so calm. This exactly what I needed to get a head start of being 16 on the roads. I passed with a 100%! I will be recommending this business to anyone I know that needs driving instruction. You can't go wrong being taught by this business.

Margo Yerk

After three days of instruction, my son finished a much more confident driver and passed his driving exam with flying colors. Worth every penny!

Milet Thomas

Very happy and appreciative of the great service provided by Frances. My son really liked her. Son passed road test first time. Thanks again Frances! Highly recommend this company!

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