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Renee Gates

WORST 500.00 dollars i ever spent. Its a scam, Shawn was my instructor he made me feel like i had all the knowledge and skills necessary to receive my class A CDL. Don't be fooled he'll push you thru his class so fast and take your CASH ONLY payment. I asked 3 times for a receipt and never received one. If you decide to make this mistake, take it slow very slow. FYI its 200.00 dollars to rent his truck to retest Good luck my friends Happy Trucking

Gary Showalter

Worst experience ever. What a scam!!!

Karl Chaney

Just had a simple phone call that was rude and unprofessional before hanging up in my face.

Gustavo L

Great people to work with,, got it done in one day!

Jeremy Schick

These guys are awesome!!!! Opened a huge door for me!!!!

J Hansen

CDL pros was very helpful in helping me get my CDL. Shawn is a very good instructor who was very helpful and patient in helping me learn my backing and turning skills. Shawn knows the CDL exam inside and easily explained things on how to pass the pretrip. The truck that I drove to practice for the exam, was decent but what was really nice was that I could see backing up since it was a day cab. They are very professional in how they run things and the Pre-trip instruction manuals and videos they made were well done and clear cut. I highly recommend them if you are looking to get your CDL.

Cody Larson

Been trying to get ahold of them never got a return call back wasted my time and money for no reason on this dont ever go here not verY professional

BOB David

SCAM!!!! Do not go to CDL PROS!!! I paid $1000 to go to a "Two day class". -Day before class- To start things off i received a call on Saturday afternoon after the banks have closed to check to ensure I was still coming the next day(SUNDAY) for class and to let me know i needed to bring cash. Remind you this is Saturday late afternoon and class is Sunday morning. Now you tell me that I need CASH?? So had to barrow money for a day since my ATM will only give me $300 a day. -Day 1 of class- again its a sunday morning. I showed up filled out paper work and paid them. The instructor(Owner of CDL Pros) did the entire walk around himself showing me how it was suppose to be done.At this point i have been there for 1.5hrs with paper work take up half of that time. once he finished showing me he told me to go inside to watch a video. I watched a video of the instructor doing the same walk around he just showed me, but on a cell phone video. after watching it once i asked what now? The told me to keep watching it. 2 hours later they told me that i was done and could go home. -Day 2- Class started on at 10am, at 9am the owners wife called and said she was sick so they needed to cancel today. which I would understand if it was the instructor but it was his wife that did nothing but look on her PC the entire time i was there. I also dont get paid time off where i work so i missed a day of pay. then had to come in the following day to finish up class which required another day off and not getting a paid again. -Day 3- Started by watching the stupid walk around video again. I even asked if i could have someone study by doing the walk around in person. since i learn better by doing then hearing. The lady told me her husband was busy with someone else and can do it later and to take notes on the video(How you take notes on a walk around is beyond). once her husband got back we finally got to take the truck out. We started with the skills part which is backing up a trailer. we did the 4 or 5 backing test ONE TIME and that was it. Once that was done we went onto the road. We started just north of 40hwy@7hwy in blue springs went North to Plowboys BBQ, made a u-turn and went back to the office. THAT WAS ALL THE DRIVING I GOT!!!! Google maps said that is 3.3miles one way. so a total of 6.5miles. I have never driven a manual semi so was concerning that i only got to practice down shifting and up shifting 2 times. TEST DAY- again another day i had to take off work with out pay. im now into this test upwards of $1500 do to work and class dues. needless to say i didnt even pass the pre trip which i told the instructor i wouldnt pass before taking the test because i didnt get to go over the pre trip myself once. IF YOU ARE LOOKING TO GET A CDL TEST GO TO DON'S TOWING IN SEDALIA,MO I PAID $500 FOR ONE DAY. WHICH INCLUDED 100% HANDS ON NOT LIKE CDL PRO WHICH WAS 10% HANDS ON. CDL PRO CLAIMED IT WAS A 2 DAY CLASS BUT HOUR WISE IT WAS EQUAL TO A ONE DAY AT DON'S. I PASSED FIRST TIME AFTER GOING TO DON'S.

Jared Blankenship

Shawn and Val were great to work with. Covered the Class A CDL in really good depth and made it easy to understand and apply. I would recommend using them to anyone considering getting any commercial drivers license.

casey embree

Shawn and Val did a thorough job scheduling and training. I completed a two day course and passed all aspects of my Class A CDL tests with flying colors. Thank you.

Faith Ann Willett

Enrolled in the 4 week class A CDL program didn't learn anything that I couldn't have learned on my own, I wouldn't recommend this place to anyone it's a scam

jeff calhoun

I am going through the cdl pro training program currently after I realized how intense the pre-trip inspection is to obtain a class a cdl , I would recommend the 4 week course if you are a new applicant for a cdl license, Shawn is very knowledgeable about the pre trip inspection and wording you need to pass, also helpful in skills test training I need also to pass skills test .The class room time with videos is also helpful in retaining general knowledge you will need during your driving career.

C Huffman

CDL PROS has very professional training. They accepted my Post 9-11 G.I. Bill (Military) and processed all the paperwork for me and it was paid for 100%. I highly recommend their school if you are pursuing a CDL.

Stephen Butler

The school is a scam they don't teach you nothing instructor and his wife When he leaves she leaves Supposed be a 4week class i wad thete 5 months not once did anyone do a pre trip with me never even drove the simi I would WARN ANY AND EVERYONE to stay as far away as Possible

Rani Robinett

Very professional and thorough from start to finish. Highly recommend!

Guest Guest

Wouldn’t even call me back, not worth the waste of time.

Shawn Harrison

Not !!!


Back in December 2015 my son went to CDL Pros to take the CDL test. He paid $520 cash and wasn't aware he had a warrant for his arrest. So he was picked up by the police from CDL Pros taken to jail and released (they called the cops on him and took his money). So now he's trying to take the test that HE NEVER TOOK and they (CDL PROs) told him he can take the test for an additional $200, is the right????? Someone please HELP!!! taking advantage of a 20yr old....smh Who's actually trying to be a productive citizen as if its not hard enough


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