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Cynthia Engonwei

Can. One take a class here without a permit?

mariana kasztan


Very professional but definitely not boring! Taught me everything I needed to know and more. I will be a safer driver and a smarter driver. The lessons go beyond the road, teaching you about things like insurance, and safer car types for driving. Well deserving 5 stars. I recommend this course to anyone.

Kai Flowers

Fantastic driver's school. I went through it recently and learned a lot. The pacing is perfect considering the amount of information they need to teach in the short period of time. Always a break in the middle of class to stretch legs and go to bathroom. Wonderful teachers and driving instructors that don't shout. I had a great experience there and recommend it to all of my friends!

Boris Sodji

The driver instructors are professional and amazing. My concerns are the price (a little bit expensive), and we can't keep the training book after the class.

Ben Ndayambaje


Took adult in class and driving lessons and learned a lot. Mr. Kapinus held everyone's attention well in class and even made a subject which might bore some people entertaining. I would recommend this place to any and all people looking for driving instruction.

Stan Croft

My sons experience was completely different than any of the other reviews. My wife and I paid for our son to take this course to get his drivers license. We just arrived back home after he failed his driving test. So, he obviously was not taught to drive. Hopefully, I will be able to get him to return and try again. The issues started when he began to be warned, or at least perceived, that he could fail the written test. Anxiety began to increase and was very high as he prepared to take the driving portion. The practice driving seemed to go well, he completed his five hours, although many days after the course because they take on to many students for the instructors. He drove the 35 minutes to the test and did well, I was confident but knew he was nervous. I could tell he failed when he got out of the car. I spoke with the person who gave him the test and the first thing I was told is that he drove to slow. What? There were a couple things he did that he did not do on the way to the test. He apparently took a left turn from a lane over. Who knows, the situation is full of stress, it makes it difficult to be successful. Compare that with the course my daughter took a few years ago in Omaha. The instructors consistently let students know they would get them through the course. Then the driving portion was incorporated into the sessions and students were checked off, for lack of a better word, while driving with the same instructor. The students were put at ease and they were instructed and passed the "test" with an instructor they were comfortable with. This is what I thought I was purchasing. Obviously I was wrong. If your child has any anxiety about being around adults or taking tests, stay away, this is not an appropriate class. Just go to the DMV and get your dose of anxiety inducing stress there without spending the money.

Zach Kapinus

Quinn Thew

saima hasnin

The in-person classes were very important. I really suggest people to take it.

Kim *

Such a great place to learn. Everyone is so kind and helpful. They teach in a way that everyone learns. Their teachers keep us involved in each lesson, either by making jokes or showing us models. I enjoyed it so much. Such a great experience. Wouldn't have wanted to have gone anywhere else. They are the reason why I'm driving well

Chara Jensen

This place was great! After failing my driver's test, I was required to take this class. They were very flexible with my schedule and allowed me to accel quickly through the driving portion of the class. I passed my next driver's test with flying colors! The best thing about this place is that they don't just equip you with the tools you need to pass the driver's test. They care more about you being a better and safe driver. I still use many of the techniques they taught us. Excellent experience!

Jiayuan Cui

Ricardo Kasztan

Ahmed Eldoud

Ladies and gentlemen this program will change the way you drive in the matter in two weeks before I was just a confused person who didn’t know a lot about driving but after taking this course I know understand the basic things that I have to know about driving and the instructors are very understandable and more expressive and I would really recommend this program for those who are searching for a drivers ed class !

Ryan Patel

Very good drivers ed experience. The folks here give a very good effort to make it fun and they do. 5/5 would recommend


At first I hated it because it seemed like a lot of work but by the second week it was really fun I would recommend this to anyone looking into drivers ed

pascal izere

Lily Noel

I just finished a teaching course that took place over about 2 1/2 weeks and greatly enjoyed it! The teacher was very knowledgeable and made class interesting and educational as well as fun. Driving sessions also have been very good. Instructors are professional and give directions and instructions in a very helpful way. Would 10/10 recommend this class!

Shelby Mullen

I honestly thought i would have a horrible time learning what i thought I already knew. But I really had fun learning... My teacher was fun and there was never a boring moment in the class room. Thank you for teaching me new stuff in a fun way I will never forget to always look down the "INTENDED PATH OF TRAVEL" and i will really miss learning with road ready drivers school.

Charles Kaup

Great teachers, and love that they let you take the teen driver's course at 18, unlike Nebraska Safety Council, with the small caveat that you just can't take the driving test through them.

Ariana Larson-Pool

Ellie Syslo

It was a bit more of a commitment than I first thought, but they teach in a great way. They make you feel very prepared to go out onto a road without hesitation. I thought that they would just throw you out on the road and expect you to drive. Instead the driving lessons take you gradually up in difficulty making it very comfortable to drive with them. I am honestly going to miss coming into class after school everyday, I very much recommend doing this program.

David qasim

Professionals instructors teaching easy way to learn how to drive in United States.

sharoon bi

At first I thought that two weeks of drivers ed would be a waste of time. But I was wrong, it was very fun and I learned so much from this class. The teachers there are amazing. They answer any questions you have precisely and in a way that could be easily learned. They way they teach you is never rushed, they take their time, and give us breaks to stretch, grab a snack(basically to give our body a rest).I would like to thank Mr.Kap for making every class we had entertaining, and for being a 5-star teacher in my opinion. I would also like to thank the driving instructors for being very efficient on what to do and where to go, and they don’t throw you down on anything bad you do, they just explain how you can improve in those areas. Thank you for this opportunity.

Arun Saravana Kumar

This drivers training helped me in get rid of my fears in driving and also they taught me how to drive safer. I recommend everyone to take up this basic drivers training which will be helpful in safe driving. Thank you


Husker GSA

Mr. Kapinus is great, cars are new (within 4-5 years), and the driving instructors are great too. Overall great experience.

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