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REVIEWS OF Truck Driver Institute IN Indiana

Daniel Dunaway

Instructors were very good at teaching you everything you need to know on how to get your license great place to come!!!

Adam Johnston

John Wilson

Deciding to pursue my CDL was a entire career change for me so naturally I was so nervous and rightfully so. The entire staff here was outstanding in making me feel like I made a great choice in doing so. It wasnt because it was their job to tell me that but because it was the truth. I had the determination and they had the skill, the experience,the knowledge and the willingmess to train me. They will not sugar coat you by saying its the easiest career out but will give you the skill and knowledge to get you going. I am proud of graduating from TDI OF RICHBURG SC and I am forever greatful to all of my instructors and the staff always smiling always helpful my experience was awesome. Thank you to the entire staff at TDI RICHBURG! Hutter87

It was a great experience. All of the instructors were knowledgeable and very helpful. The training was excellent I would recommend them to anyone.

Carl Benton

Christian Baugh

Instructors are great! They will teach you everything you need to know.

Daron Copeland

John Wildbore

The trainers were knowledgeable and very helpful in getting me refreshed after having been away from driving for almost 15 years. They do need to have their trucks replaced with NEWER & AUTOMATIC equipment. I'm grateful for their help in getting this new chapter of my life started.

Daniel Nunley

Dominich Clark

Stan Hoffmann

Very knowledgeable and experienced instructors. They will make every effort possible to prepare you for the CDL exam.

Mattanbeth Smith

The three weeks I was there really went by fast. The instructors are great. I learned a lot in that time. An Glen is very good at finding anyone a job. Also the other students was willing to help out each other. I would recommend this school to anyone wanting to obtain the knowledge an training for driving a tractor trailer. P.S. everyone in my class passed the cdl test on the first time.

Tyler Martin

Great School. From day one they track and work with you on everything you need to know to become a excellent truck driver. I recommend this school to anybody. The dedication and time they put in to helping every student is wonderful. TDI is the school to go to l.

Issac Thomas

Casey Shireman


Chris Lothery

Started with Forrest in the classroom, he was very knowledgeable in the books portion. Next was working with Mike in the yard, he was a little hard core of a guy, but I felt it was necessary for improvement. Then came Roger he was very laid back on the road, and that helped to making a comfortable drive. Steve bounced around from spot to spot, once the other guys got you where you needed to be, he was the one who came back and tried to perfect it. And Glen was the first guy I met who welcomed, and had words of encouragement through the whole process. Over all a great school, I listened, and passed my first go with the examiner.

Dennis Juliot

Great experience . Instructors are very knowledgeable and work hard to teach their students. I recommend anyone that wants to put forward the effort to learn and get their CDL to contact TDI .

Hail Cowboys

Very knowledgeable and hands on. I never thought I could gain the knowledge that I have now, in 3 weeks. They all go above and beyond to help you succeed...and they know you by your name, and not your number. I highly recommend T.D.I. to anyone who is seeking their cdl.


I was a NC student. This was a 5 hour drive for me, but let me tell you it was well worth it. They provide lodging so don't worry. The instructors are very easy to work with. I should have done this a long time ago. Highly recommended School from me.

Jasper Mann

I had a great time a this school, they were great to me I couldn't believe I made it threw this school it was tough but the instructors where great they really teach well... I had a rough time with my skills but I just remember what Mr. J.b told me and It was a breeze I highly recommend any one to this school the staff are great.... thanks once again

Jd Lyons

TDI really prepared me for the license exam. Equipment is older than what you would typically drive. Through the knowledge, experience, and dedication to each student and of course putting in my own work is the reason I was able to pass my license test the first try! Really thankful for the experience and grateful for all the help I received during this period of time.

Shakel Mcghee

Alex Shumpert

Anthony DeMatos

This school was phenomenal and the instructors were amazing. Not only did they make sure they taught me everything I needed to get my CDL, they were fun to work with. Fully recommend.

Adam DeCarlo

Great atmosphere great instructors and staff

John Rains

TDI gave me the knowledge and confidence to pursue a career in the trucking industry. TDI has a knowledgeable staff that will guide you to a safe and successful career in the trucking industry.

Anthony Taylor

Instructors were great there to help at all times very helpful. They are very smart and excellent at teaching

Darryl Walker

Worst experience I ever had.

Steve Kelly

I really enjoyed TDI , I learned alotta valuable lessons about not only Double Clutching and Driving skills. I also learned alot about safety regulations , I definitely would recommend TDI . I also wanna give a shout out to Kristi & Heather they were so nice and helpful. The others that deserve a shout out is Dan he was my Head instructor in the classroom and to Jimmy, Jamie, Randy and one of my new best friends Mike( SARGE) . THANKS , Steve

Eric Mckim

First of all I would just like to thank everyone at TDI Sellersburg they did exactly what they told me they were going to do the instructors will help you and work with you the smartest thing I did was in enrolling in tdi Sellersburg and thanks to Glenn I was able to get a local job I went in with no experience in driving a tractor trailer and had my CDL 3 weeks later if you put in the work and you will have to put in the work you will pass

Stephen Beyl

Everybody at Tdi is great, classes were actually very interesting especially with John. He made class very fun with his rants but was very serious when he needed to get his point across. Mike in the yard was the most patient guy I ever known with not yelling at us, but yelling to get his point across!! And then when we would get it he would act like we were his own sons telling us good job or you’ll get it!!

D Mc

Great people and great school..... As JB would say "Let it walk".

Ulysses Fitzgerald

The best school in Christiana tn

Ivan Rodriguez

Good place to go if you want tu get your CDL quick. I went from never driving a manual anything to passing my state test the first time.

jay bird

The instructors of TDI where extremely helpful and informative with over 50 years of combined experience. They where able to illustrate and demonstrate all required task required in the trucking industry. Helpful tips where also offered by all staff from the recruiters to the instructors. This institution would be a great fit for any novice trucker.

Ray Jones


Raul Rostro

Aaron Jenkins

Great school. Passed first test and instructors give you everything you need to pass

Eric Hall

6/1/2019 This school is an absolute joke! They are out to steal your money. The instructors are a bunch of old washed up drivers who sole purpose is to collect a paycheck. They show no desire to help you an any type of way. You will find them b.s. with one another or on there phones all day, everyday. If you so dare ask for help you will be mocked an tolled they are not your training buddy's, to either continue to try on your own or get someone else in your class to help you. As if your an inconvenience to them. The recruiters are no better. They will pretend to care for the 1st week but once you've gotten your permit any other problems or questions you may have they will no longer feel the need to help you with I was told by my recruiter that after my 1st successful week they've gotten paid and now I am the driving instructors problem any all questions or concern need to be taken up with them. GOOD LUCK WITH THAT! If you have read this far I would strongly recommend that you not allow these people to steal your money! Take your loans and or your money elsewhere. I am speaking from personal experience. The only reason behind leaving this is one hopefully someone from their corporate office sees this and takes affirmative action and to it prevents any other students from going through the same struggles that I did with this program I amongst other students from my class all had the same thing to say about the teachers recruiters and a lack of training. I wish you the best luck. 6/1/2019

Neil Johnston

Elijah Lessig

Instructors give you everything you need to succeed. They are friendly, informative, and keep it stress free. Recruiters come in often because they recognize TDI as a top tier training institution. Graduate through them and you have lifetime job placement options as well. Thank you Glen, Steve, Forest, Roger, and Mike for giving me this opportunity.

Jeremy Marchal

Had a great experience at TDI. Mike the range instructor was incredible. Taught me everything I needed to know. The staff and teachers were outstanding and highly knowledgeable in the field. It was great experience. I would recommend this school to any one wanting to acquire a CAL.

Melvin Peveler

Beatrice Smiling

Keith Graham

TDI has a great learning environment along with knowledgeable instructors that will help you become successful with your new trucking carrer!

Front row po

Excellent school! I would recommend to anyone looking to learn how to drive. These guys are very serious about teaching you what you need to know to safely operate a semi truck and trailer. Not one second is wasted in the 3 weeks your there. If you can’t pay Glenn will find away for you! Not to sound sappy but I felt like they really care about getting you a cdl and a job that’s a good fit for you! Just be prepared to work because Pat sure as hell doesn’t hand out cdl license. Mike, Steve, Forest, Jerry, John, Glenn and Terri thanks again and I really respect what you guys do and the long hours you guys put in. Charles Poe

David Herrington

Jerry Wigfall

hands down..... best schooling I've ever had.... fun fun fun....

Joseph Pryor

Great trainers. Plenty of one on one training. Recommend to anyone who wants a better life.

Ryan Reynolds

Great place very informal. Instructors know exactly what they are doing. Listen and y'all got this!

Mike Sowell

Did my training threw TDI it was tough the first week but the instru instructor Mike was great gave me all the tools to be successful. Thanks again Mike

Corey Strong

Great group of instructors and staff, they will provide you with all of the tools needed to be successful.

The Voice of Reason

I'll give both the positives and the negatives of the Sellersburg campus as a recent graduate of their program. I think it's worth mentioning that this is not a truck driving training course and more of a CDL testing training course. You will get a week of classroom training, a majority of it being videos and will learn some basic truck driving skills. These skills will include basic map reading, filling out daily logs and basic DOT regulations to name a few With that said, there is a lot more to learn about driving a commercial vehicle and this will be learned by the training your new employer will give you. The instructors here give you a lot of information to retain in a little amount of time so you really need to pay attention and take notes if you're going to be able to remember all of it. Your second week in my opinion, is the most important week in terms of helping you to pass the CDL skills test. Before I get too far into this week, I want to say that I cannot give Mike(skills instructor) enough credit or enough kudos for how helpful he is in making sure you are prepared for all of your backing maneuvers and especially the parallel parking. In regards to this week, it goes by so fast because you are spending 10 hours a day backing up in learning the proper way to make sure that you were doing the maneuvers well enough to pass the CDL skills test. You absolutely have to make the best of your time and practice as much as possible during this week because the following week you will be testing. If there is a negative at all to this training, it would be for those who are expecting to come to the school and learn how to drive a manual transmission. You will not get that training here. The school is designed to help you pass the test, not teach you to drive. What I mean when I say this is that they teach you how to drive properly if you already possess the skill of driving a manual transmission. They will definitely teach you how to switch gears properly, double clutch, and use high and low gears properly however. With that out of the way, I also want to give the positive to this. They have an automatic truck that you can be trained on to do the same driving functions without having to learn how to drive a manual transmission. Trust me when I tell you, this school has so many companies that will hire you with an automatic transmission that the little bit of negative that I gave above shouldn't even matter. At week 3, you will have roughly two days left to practice before you begin testing for your CDL class A license. It comes and goes very quickly so just be prepared to come to school and listen to your instructors carefully and you will have no problem passing your test and be on your way to becoming a professional driver with an awesome career. I want to give a big shout-out to Steve for running a very tight nit operation there. If you don't know who Steve is, sign up and you'll meet a great guy with a genuine desire to help you succeed. Good luck guys and I hope to see you out on the road.

Chris King

Douglas Morris

GREAT INSTRUCTORS. Highly reccomend tdi. Go with a good attitude be like a sponge listen to what instructors are saying and teaching apply what they say ask for help if u need clarification and you will get your cdl. GREAT SHCOOL!!!!!! I made friends there truly a great experience.

Brian young

Best truck driving school by far!

Steven Beasley

The school was great! Trainers were experienced, knowledgeable and extremely patient. There is a lot to pack into 3 weeks but they are extremely effective in getting students to the point of passing their CDL driving test. My only wish for the school would be a simulator to allow students more driving time when they are not able to be on the road. But the school is great and I believe i will be a better and safer driver having attended.

Erick Devine

Took my 3 week class and passed my first try. Teachers are excellent, and you’ll have plenty of time to be ready for your CDL test. Multiple trucks to use and plenty of drive time. I have no complaints.

Robert Johnson

The staff knows what there doing

Grill side Pickin

Staff and recruiters all work hard to fill you with the knowledge needed to pass on the first go! Big shout out to Mike for all the range wisdom! And another shout to Steve, Jerry and Forest for putting up with a few hundred road questions along the way. If you listen to these fella's and apply yourself you will obtain your cdl first go. Unfortunately the trucks available are pretty ragged out. Even for training purposes. We were down to 1 running truck for a bit and every other day or so another truck would be down and out. Fine education only goes so far without adequate equipment available to practice with. -INSERT TDI CORPORATE 'HINT' HERE-

Alex Mills

Everyone is very helpful. Instructors are awesome. As long as you listen to them, anyone can get their CDL.

Jessi Hill

Cathy Dalton

This is and was one of the best learning experiences I have ever had! Very hands on and patience galore! Enviroment and staff were exceptional! I am starting a new career, late in life and received the encouragement needed on all levels of a classroom experience! Love these guys :)

frank perez

Really great instructors. Mike was really good at instructing drivers on truck maneuvers. It was an all around well taught school. I really enjoyed my time there and learned a lot about truck driving

Allen Worcester

Timmy McGee

I have driven trucks on the farm and hauling grain to the Mississippi River to be loaded out on the barges. I thought I knew quite a bit about big trucks. I had no idea how little I really knew about trucking until I came to school here. I learned a lot at school here and the biggest thing I learned is that I still have a whole lot to learn when I hit the open road. TDI taught the basic general knowledge I needed to get started. They taught me alot more than what I was expecting before I came here. Thanks TDI.

Rafael Ramos

Jeff Traughber

knowledgeable intructors and informative.frienly recruiters. explained and aswered everything for your new career. i would highly recommend tdi. with thier experience gave me the oppertunity for my new start.

Timothy Steele

Great trucking school. Very laid back atmosphere and stuff. If you want to learn how to drive a tractor trailer go to this school.

Nicholas Gunn

TDI has been an absolute blessing to be a part of. Each Instructor adds their own individual skill and personality to the learning experiance as the weeks go on. TDI is not only a good driving school but you get to have fun while doing it! You walk away with the knowledge and skill set you need to not only pass your test but to make a living for lifetime. Nine times out of ten you walk away with life long friends and in some cases family. You get out of it whatever you put in.

Joe Taylor

Great experience they helped me get the funding I needed to pay for the course. The instructors are very precise and done an excellent job training me and I was able to pass my exam on the first try.

Gregory McGhee

A good school to get your CDL. They help you learn what you need to know to be a safe drive on the road.

Daymon Thomas

I had a great experience at TDI and you will too if you come in with the right attitude ready to LISTEN AND LEARN. Mike and Forest were great, straight forward and very stern, which is what I needed. Ms. Terry and Glenn were awesome in helping me get my situation figured out and I appreciate them for their efforts.

Jeremiah Harris

It is a pretty good school but needs to have more equipment for learning and it's a little pricey.

Dylan sickles

Awesome institute I came in with zero knowledge an was able to pass my first try thanks to the instructors

Brian Windell

Had a wonderful experience. Lots of hard work but well worth it. Started in class with John who will help you learn everything you need to know about truck driving. He’ll get you all the tools you need to pass the CDL permit test. Next you’ll go out on the range to learn to drive the trucks. This is a very humbling experience for someone like myself who’s never driven a tractor-trailer before. Fortunately Mike is with you every step of the way, showing you and guiding you through every process until you truly feel confident in all of the maneuvers. Mike is truly an asset to the students and the company, I never could’ve done it without his help and guidance. Also at this time you will be doing your road test practices. Jerry and Forrest are instrumental in making sure you learn and fine tune all your driving skills and perform your turns, stops, curves, and shifting correctly. You can definitely get overwhelmed during this process but you’ll start to get better and better until you’re able to master everything you need to know about driving. Next, before your test you will take one on one session drives with Steve and Forrest. They are very critical on these drives and make sure you are doing everything as you need to and letting you know what you are doing right and wrong and exactly what you need to do to correct and consistently perform these driving skills. This is where you will be fine tuned to give you all the tools you need to pass your cdl license test. I can’t thank everyone here enough for teaching me all the skills I needed to become a confident, skilled truck driver coming in only 3 weeks prior having no knowledge in driving a tractor-trailer. Because of all of their hard work (and my hard work as well) I was able to successfully complete the cdl license final test on my first attempt, truly a wonderful feeling. Lastly Glen (recruiter, job placement assistance) is unrelenting in helping you throughout the whole process from your first contact with TDI to after the completion process. He will do everything he can to get you in contact with and start the process of getting you on with any of the companies you are interested in working for. He has so many recommendations based on what you tell him you are interested in doing and helps you scale down the process to find your perfect match in a company (or a few), then takes the initiative to get the ball rolling to get you hired. I’m not sure if anyone can do this job better then he does, a true asset. And I can’t forget to mention Teri, she was always available to answer my numerous questions about the process of the school and giving me invaluable information on things I need to do to make everything work out for me as smoothly as possible. I couldn’t have done this without all of you, and I thank you for everything!

Chase Burns

Forrest mike and Steve are all great instructors. They give you the skills and knowledge to obtain your class A CDL. You get all the practice you need I don’t believe I could have got my class A CDL with out there help. I would highly recommend the TDI in sellersburg IN.

Carie Acree

This trucking school is a complete joke. Unless you have extensive, previous, 18-wheeler driving experience, you will be lost in the woods at this "school". You will get MAYBE 1.5 hours driving time in the whole 3 weeks, which is not enough time to learn how to park, parallel park, drive, and memorize every component of the truck. At least 30% of your time will be spent listening to potential trucker employers soliciting their company to you and trying to recruit you. Why? Because TDI MAKES BIG MONEY on those ignorant students signing with those companies. Glen will say anything and everything you want to hear just to get you enrolled and get your money. This school takes advantage of the Work One assistance as well. Whether the student gets the experience they need or not, he will take Work One grants and run with them. Lastly THIS institute is responsible for licensing a student who collapsed this historic bridge in Paoli Indiana in 2015z. Sounds like they do a great job doesn't it?

Ricky Wade

Tyler McBride

Had a wonderful time here. You will gain the knowledge if you are hungry for it. It was a fun and memorable experience.

Richard Brown

Great training, friendly staff, with personal involvement. They teach you a lot of materials in a three week period. I would recommend this school for anyone wanting to get a class A CDL.

Jeremy Farmer

Learned a lot from the instructors in the classroom and on the range. Great place to learn to drive trucks and get your CDL's.

Eddie Brooks

Had a great experience at TDI.The staff and teachers were outstanding and highly knowledgeable in the field,The teachers and instructors all have driving experience ,so they know what they are talking about. Mike the range instructor is very knowledgeable and will help you with whatever problems you are having.I would recommend this school to any one wanting to acquire a CDl.

Jordan Hall

It was a really good place to go to school. Instructors made your success of getting your CDL their number one priority. I would definitely recommend this school to future students who wanna get their CDL

Rakeim Virges

I must say this school is the best and great choice for any newcomers that’s wanting to become a professional CDL driver.

Jason Cornett

Great experience great teachers all around great place to learn and be

Devon Hopper

Good school with very helpful staff

Dorothy McAdory

DJ Henderson

I wish I could give more than 5 stars about this wonderful organization. They provide you the tools and knowledge you need to ultimately succeed to obtain your CDL. The instructors are amazing!! Mike, Steve, Jerry, Forrest, and John are not only incredibly knowledgeable, they are master's at pointing out what you need to improve on and how to improve. If you didnt improve, it was because of you, not them. Thanks again everyone at TDI for such an amazing experience.

Aaron Glover


TDI in Sellersburg is an excellent place to start your new career. The training regimen is second to none. Started with a simple phone call to Glenn, and he immediately got the ball rolling. Class started with Forrest, worked ourselves to the range with Steve and Mike. Then you hit the road with Roger and a combination of the other instructers. I would highly recommend TDI in Sellersburg to anyone with or without experience!

Randy Anthony

Upon coming to TDI, I knew absolutely nothing about trucks or the trucking industry. I have now successfully completed the course and am fully confident that I will do great in my future endeavors, thanks to the highly qualified instructors that took their time to show/teach me the ins and outs of the trucking industry. I will forever be grateful to each one of them.

Joe tabor

I would never recomend trying to acquire a cdl without taking these classes. And i would highly recommend the guys here at sellersburg. They worked miracles with me

Jatorius Ross

TDI Richburg, SC The Staff there is amazing from the main office to the instructors in the class and trucks.

Travon Forte

Great school instructors really take time out to help get that cdl

Austin Staley

The instructors was very patient, and explained what to do at every moment even when you got confused. The school was very good I got my CDL took me a extra week and I felt like they started slacking on me cause there was a much larger class following me, so I was little annoyed by that, but i came back and got it the following week and moved forward. Over all very happy with the experience I had here and smooth process with all the paper work with the office staff.

Dee Greene

Brendan L

I would recommend this school to anyone looking to get their cdl. The instructors and staff are very knowledgeable, professional and provide you with with every tool needed to get the job done. The instructors will go the extra mile for you if you need them to.

Christopher Milby

Staff and instructors at TDI were fantastic. They really do care about you and your success. Highly recommend this school.

Lowell Wilson

Great instructors,informative classes, all around great school


Put in the work and listen to what the instructors say and you won’t have any issues come test time. Very informative and knowledgeable trainers. It’s not easy but this school prepares you for everything you need for this career path. Steve, Mike, Forrest, Jerry, and John teaches you everything you need to know to pass so you can be on your way..Some if the best trainers you can have. I will say you gotta want it and be determined to put in the work..

James Bond007amm

This school is amazing really good training and really fast i passed my CDL Driving test on my first attempt with no experience

Ottis Winters

It was a awesome experiance instructors are very nice and have incredible patience with everyone if u listen to what your told you will be golden if not well you will fail but u will never forget the experience for sure just listen I passed first time out you can to if you listen anyways I hope this helps anyone wanting to get there CDL the best desicion I made and I hope you make the same good luck to all

bill burton

Was a pleasant three week experience. All the instructors are very experienced/knowledgeable. I learned a lot on the range from Mike, the range instructor. Steve, the school manager, did an awesome job helping me work through the issues I was having on the road corse. I passed the CDL test on my first try. Thanks to all at TDI Sellersburg.

Josh Graham

Great school, very cool instructors they always there for you to help you to prepare to get your cdl. I very recommend this school!!!

Joe Holloway

I just recently graduated from TDI in Sellersburg. All the instructors and staff are amazing They will give you all the tools you need to pass your exams and graduate. This is the only school I will ever recommend.

Ryan Fairrow

Great school and instructors!!! Mikes a great teacher on the range, Johns great in the classroom and jerry is an great instructor on the road!! If you apply yourself and work hard you’ll definitely pass it won’t be given too you!! Great job placement to fit your needs as well through Glenn... equipment is pretty shabby even for training purposes....was down to one truck a few days and fell behind a bit but besides that great staff and learning experience!!!

Terrance Newbern

Tdi Murfreesboro was awesome the staff was great and the instructors were very kind and knew they stuff well I love that place I would like to thank them for an awesome job and helping me start my new career thanks tdi

James Mccormick

Awsome school i never thought id get to start couse of financial problems but they helped me to pay and having zero knowledge i was worried i wouldnt pass but they spend time with you to gain the knowledge and skills to start your career the teachers are awsome and understand not evry one has driven before and as a first time driver with great guidence i believe i have the skills to move on and they help you find a job too i have five differnt companies wanting me to join i couldn't ask for a better school if your afraid just call them youll be surprised how easy it is for anybody to join

Adam Whitman

It was an amazing experience! The instructors are top notch! They help you every way possible so you can be successful!

darrion wolfe

Enjoyed learning from my instructors

Tyler Capps

My five stars go to the instructors and state certification official of this school, which are literally, the key's to your success, once you get past the facility itself. Corporate, if you're reviewing these posts, please update this facility with state of the art training systems, programs, and equipment. As a recently retired Major in the U.S. Army, I testify that the faculty and staff are working with 1990's age junk (including the building). As stated before, the great news resides with ALL the personnel involved in this school whom are TRULY dedicated to getting you trained and certified for safely driving in today's domestic workforce. However, if you are looking for a state of the art facility, then look elsewhere. In conclusion, if you are looking for a highly experienced and dedicated training team, to include a state certification official with the utmost integrity, then this place has exactly what you're looking for in a truck driving school. Thank you for the awesome training experience Steve, Mike, Roger, and Pat.

Thomas Crandall

I love it

Joshua Capito

I had a awesome experience here at TDI. Also the directors help you as much as possible. Which was very helpful especially since I've never driven a truck or trailer .They have it down to a science here and if you just follow the steps you can get it .

Daniel Windham

Before i started here i thought driving a truck would be relatively easy, but after first week started i began to second guess why i started altogether. If it were not for all the instructors here from classroom, road and obstacle course training i would have never been able to pass. I can’t sincerely thank you all enough.

Jonathan Matthews

TDI sellersburg is a great school. I am a recent graduate. The instructors are great. Between them all they have over 100 years experience. Everyone is very supportive with assisting u to accomplish your goals. I would recommend this school to anyone

Angie Freeman

This is a great place to get started and an awesome staff! They want you to succeed and work hands on with you. Thank you so much Sarge, Jamie, Randy, Jimmy and Dan! Also a shout out to Heather and Don! Awesome group of folks!

Greg Viergutz

This is the absolute best truck driving school that there is. The recruiter is the best. Glenn is not pushy and does not blow smoke. He tells you the truth and provokes you to make your own decision. The staff is extremely knowledgeable and very welcoming and supportive to all their students. There is no better staff of instructors to be found anywhere. You will feel like part of the family before you leave and most important you will be a skilled truck driver ready to begin a new career with absolute confidence. I highly recommend TDI without any reservations. Choose TDI for your success.

Lura Wooliver

Drew Weathers

Great school, great instructors, all around great program!

Lucas Stiening

A great school! As long as you listen to the trainers and put their teaching to work you can pass. Plenty of time on the road training and even more time on the backing range, and learning your inspections. Mike, Steve, Forrest, Glenn, Teri, and Roger are all great people and excellent instructors with many years of knowledge.I would recommend this school to anyone willing to put the work and effort in to get their CDL!

Danny Thomas

This place was great, The instructors are wonderful and knowledgeable. They were very helpful through the whole process. All the tools you need to pass your cdl exam are giving to you, All you have to do is apply what they teach and you will be on the road and working in no time.

One Deep

Knowledgeable staff, and gets you on the road quickly

Austin Clark

Austin Fertig

Mike and Steve are great teachers. Listen to what they say and you’ll pass.

Justin Ottersbach

Great school with great instructors . They will teach you everything you need to know to get your cdl . Would highly recommend

virginia bell

Great place to go to trucking school they all work with you and will help you out

Michael Roberts

The school is really good about helping each person. The staff Steve, Mike, Roger and Forest are very patient with students and that helps a lot. The give you the knowledge to get your License. I highly recommend the school for starting your truck driving career. Thanks guys for all you did for me!!!

Scott and Kayla Parham

My husband I both attended this institution and this school trained us efficiently to continue on our career path!! Thanks Dan and Jimmy!!!

Lavarius brenson

Great School

Terrance Readus

Pretty Good learning wonderful people. Nice staff hands on and learning filled with laughter...Sarge John and Jimmy made the experience worth it...overall its a great school

Enaitullah jamshed

I like TDI trucking , I have only 5 months driving experience and I want learn more in TDI for my refresher course , thank you Glenn Pitchford

Hayden Cooper

Glenn, John & Teri are awesome. They really work with you, everyone is very polite and John makes the class very interesting.

Tony Kiser

I didn't know I could learn so much in 3 weeks! The instructors were very patient and their style of teaching is mixed with humor to keep you at ease. I would recommend this school to any and everyone who wants to get a cdl.

Cody Foust

Really enjoyed this school. The instructors are really helpful and go through everything thoroughly. They spend an adequate amount of time with each student and make sure every student understands.

Mike Solomon

The course was very informative and conducted in a very professional manner. My knowledge has been enhanced greatly. The only issue with tdi tupelo is I feel they are understaffed for the number of students that come through. Overall it was a great experience. Would recommend this school to anyone looking to drive professionals.

Michael Kessler

Perfect balance of study and hands on. They have a great system with great people that work here. The system works as long as you follow it and put in the work. This place has opened the door to a better life for my family.

Amanda Marsh

Trainers were great, they were professional and patient. I would not be able to start this amazing career if I had not attended TDI. I will recommend this school and these instructors to anyone.

Josh Logan

My experience with TDI has been great. All the instructors are extremely helpful, and as long as you listen to their instructions they will lead you to success. You get plenty of classroom time to prepare to take the three tests for your permit. And after the first week you have all the time you need to practice backing manovers on the range, and plenty of seat time driving on the road. I would recommend anyone looking to get their CDL class A to come through TDI.

Nigel Nailer

TDI is a really good school each instructor has their strengths which all comes together to help you learn. The program is only 3 weeks long but at the end of it you feel as if you've known your classmates for years because staff and students all work together and have fun to accomplish all of or goals of getting a class A CDL i would highly recommend attending this school to anyone trying to make a lifestyle change.

Jay G

This place is a joke they tell so many lies to try to get you to sign up for school and they put other trucking schools down to try to make themselves look good. I went to Mr P. Trucking and got good quality training for a lot cheaper price

Uriah Clark

Good School Good Instructors they teach you every thing you need to know. Steve, Forrest, Mike, and Jerry are all very knowledgeable about Trucks and Truck driving.

Beau Mousty

Awesome school great experience great staff all the way around I would recommend it to anyone wanting to drive big trucks

Jordan Kaelin

Good trainers that set you up to succeed.

Bill Gifford

Good school. The instructors are very knowledgeable. Infrastructure needs a little work; power went down, so no AC- AC went out another time - and 3 trucks had to be repaired. But, all 7 in my class passed and now have their CDLs. Also, the place could do with some new class chairs and WIFI.

Kurt Jones

Just graduated from this school. What an awesome experience. I learned more about trucking and myself in three weeks than I have in 49 years of living. The recruiters are honest and helpful, and the office goes above and beyond to get you on to a new career. The instructors have the knowledge and patience to teach you how to drive safe and professionally. You couldn't ask for more.

Jordan W

I would gladly reccomend this school to anyone wanting to get into the trucking business. Instructors are professionals and provide you with every tool you need to get your cdl. I used my post 911 and they walked me through the entire process. It was a pleasure attending this school. Highly recommended.

Henry Howard

A great experience! You learn a great deal from very knowledgeable and very patient instructors. Kristi and Heather, who are in the front office, are phenomenal and work hard to help you be successful!

Colten Gunderson

Waste of money if it comes out of your pocket. I am sure the school is worth it if someone pays for you when you sign a contract. 5 thousand is not worth having someone read the manual for you. I had 7 hrs of on the road time with an instructor, Half of the day for 2 weeks is driving back n forth the rest of the day. Have to have 150 hrs to get their diploma. They tell you there is 18 acres to drive around on... when really it's 5 maybe 8. I did learn alot, but I didn't like be treated as if it was the military. You pay them, they don't pay you. I just wanted to get my cdl, not become a truck driver. They push you to be a truck driver. If that's what you want, great way to get a truck driving job. If you just want your cdl. Go somewhere else cheaper and more respectable. The teachers that help with the permit test are beyond great. Again 5 thousand for three weeks. 6 thousand if you have to take out a loan. Could go on about more negatives but just wasn't for me and what I wanted. In the end I did pass my driving test and got my cdl.

Steve Heibert

I would highly recommend this school. The teachers here give you the tools to begin your new career. Do what they train and you will be on your way to being a commercial vehicle driving professional.

Michael Daniels

Great school and awesome learning experience, patient instructors who go step by step. 3 week course, and multiple job oppurtunities to follow. Special thanks to Heather and Christie, and to Dan, Jon, Mike, Jimmy, and Randy for all the help.

Daniel Belden

I just graduated from TDI Sellersburg! The instructors are amazing. They care about every student that enters the school. I went in without any clue and in 3 weeks have learned how to safely operate commercial vehicles. The instructors there treat all student with a tremendous amount of respect. Their doors are always open during school hours and they are always willing to answer any questions. Thanks to Glenn, Steve, Mike, Forrest, Jerry, John, Terri and the State certification Officer Pat. You are a fantastic group of people and I look forward to sharing my stories of the road with you in years to come. I would recommend this school to anyone and everyone!!

Jeff Platt

The “GOOD”....... Mission Completed - thanks to the TDI staff! - I earned/received my Class A CDL in 3 weeks! - First test attempt = Passed! - Very skilled, talented and passionate staff, Steve, Forrest, Mike, Rodger, Glenn, and behind the seen making every thing work, Teri :) Plus Pat, the Certified State Examiner. - Awesome Instructor to student ratio - All staff members instruct and teach, answering any questions to help you understand all knowledge based and skills based curriculum, the staffs patience to demonstrate, explain, listen, help, and guide you to exactly what you should be seeing when working on skill based events (backing up/driving), they are always mentoring and observing - always guiding your development, giving feedback to all students - even when you think you they are not paying attention - Ha! They always pay attention! The staff is professional in communicating and instructing. Every student received more than they want “1 on 1 time” with the instructors. The “BAD”... This course is not easy, nor it is not too hard! You must work all three weeks, going over and over and over the knowledge that is needed to pass the test. Also, you must practice over and over and over, your three types of backing up skills that you will be tested on. Both of those together will develope your abilities! I call this bad because I saw a few “hold over” students who thought they had it all figured out to beat the test, “all ready” standing around, wasting time!! The “UGLY”... Those “all ready” student failed their 1st, 2nd, 3rd tests!!! Instructors would work with them and still they became over confident, stop practicing every thing and sit around and gossip! Wasting precious time!! The “REALITY”... I went in with “zero” experience and knowledge, and I passed as so many other have too, on their first test!!! Who gives a flying poop the building looks old and run down, back from the ‘90’s, lacking technology....WHAT!? I’m not buying this place to live in! All that does NOT make people learn quicker or help them retain information when getting a CDL. Actually getting up off your ass, listen to instructions, applying effort, getting in the trucks, using your time wisely, practicing over and over and over and having a desire to want that successful first test! I went to TDI because they have a very successful, proven, track record!!! The proof - I passed and now have my Class A CDL!! It only took me one test!!! If you need fancy with flashing light and over sized monitors, then please go some where else! If you want the right company to train you, and successfully train you to earn your Class A CDL then “Welcome to TDI, now get to work!” You will not be disappointed.

Dave Polston

Can't wait to see you

George Murray II

T.D.I was a Great School for me..... Instructors are very knowledgeable & experienced former drivers..... They give you all the tools you need to succeed.... Front office is very helpful in getting you what u need & giving you plenty of applications for companies that are hiring.... A+ school.

Susie Clark


Great instructors very knowledgeable and helpful. Give Mike a raise!!!!!!!

Chris Anderson

TDI of sellersburg indiana is the best truck driving school hands down. The recruiter Glen is extremely helpful and doesn't push you to choose their school, he wants you to make your own decision and very helpful. The staff and instructors are extremely knowledgeable and will help you in any way possible. The school director is one of the nicest guys you could meet I really learned a lot from him as well as the other site instructors. The range instructor really helped me a lot as well, with the hands on and classroom knowledge that I received I am extremely greatful for all of the staff. I was offered a job within my first week there still in the classroom and now I am ready to start my new career.

Tony Purvis

Jimmy Johnston

The guys at TDI are great! They will go out of their way to help you. James, Larry, JB and ED are great instructors and help you any way they can. If you attend school just listen to everything the tell you and you'll get through just fine.

Bryan Claise

I had a great experience with TDI it all started out with Glenn. He was very helpful when I decided to start classes. When I got into the classroom I wasn't sure what to expect but I was pleasantly surprised. The knowledge base that I was given by John was helpful throughout my training and he actually made learning fun. When I started driving I had Forrest, Jerry and Steve as road instructors and Mike as range instructor. While all have very different personalities they are all excellent instructors. They are very personable and encouraging all of them went above and beyond to make sure everyone in the class understood everything and had the opportunity to gain all the knowledge needed to succeed. They along with my classmates made my time at TDI a memorable experience.

Jimmy Harris

Well im in school there now great instuctors...theres an instuctor named Chris there he is a great instuctor and a very good people person....the range instuctor is great..

Johnny Crosky

Went to this school, and everyone here is so nice! I highly recommend this school they will make sure u are safe, and u will get your license just have to put in some work like anything!

Kenny Ashcraft

Awesome staff! Great teachers that want to see you succeed,and will help you every step of the way.

Jonathan-Emily Powell

Booga Muffin

Jesse here and let me tell you about this place. First off thank you to all who I learned from at Tdi. Very helpful and great people. The teaching instructors here are top notch so make sure you listen and let their advice soak into your pores. They will give you tools of knowledge to take with you in your career. Just practice and apply what you have learned. You can do it.

Branden Sly

I came into the 3 week course nervous and uneducated on truck driving but they worked with me as an individual and in a group setting in the class. The instructors were great, professional, and very understanding with my lack of knowledge. I’m extremely happy I passed my first time and am more comfortable with my abilities!

Roderick Freeman

Juan gabriel

Tried to get information about the training and cost, before they would even talk to me , wanted money out of pocket to do "their" paperwork. Lady in the the office was super rude about it. How hard is it really to be nice to someone, who is prepared to drop 5k in your lap for training that has unlimited supply, I'll take my cash to a company who wants to trade cold hard cash for actual training

Art Scott

I just successfully graduated from TDI and now have my CDL-A license. I enjoyed my time there, all of the instructors I was involved with were outstanding, knowledgable and helpful. I enjoyed my time there! I also am being heavily pursued by multiple motor carriers wanting me to start orientation with them ASAP. I will receive more OTJ training with whoever's I decide to go with...deciding next week after researching each carrier intensely.

john haugh

U I am an otr instructor and this school ( if it can be called that ) puts out the worst so called drivers I have ever seen. Thank God I went to murfreesboro to united truck driving school.

Zane Walker

I just graduated with my Class A CDL in three weeks. The instructors are super informative and helpful. Even if you don't want to drive otr the recruiters here will set up interviews for you in the field you desire. I'm so glad I got the opportunity to meet the employees and other classmates here. Definitely would recommended this place if you want to get your CDL A.

Andrew Prousa

The instructors are very experienced and get you going down the road with confidence.

chase wells

Joseph Montgomery

Called in for information and the people I spoke with were very rude.

Justin Thornburg

Great instructors, great staff they gave me all the tools I needed to successfully complete the course. I would highly recommend TDI to anybody. J. Chris Thornburg

Bryce Bosset

I was not sure about taking this leap in career change. The staff atTDI is very knowledgeable, and help put my mind at ease. They were able to train my wife and I together the entire time. This school will give you the tools and the knowledge you need to pass your written exam, as well as your final test. I would recommend this school to anyone looking to make a career change.

Terrance Fowler

Let me say I enjoyed my time at TdI in richburg,sc all the instructor are very good, my main man Jb is outstanding hard but funny at the same time... thanks tdi the whole staff much love and respect

Bill McAdams

TDI Awesome, If not for the hard work of the teachers and staff I would not have my CDL A today. I want to thank each and everyone for giving me the tools to a new and Exciting life.

Donnie Hall

Great school with great instructors James ,jb,Jeff lance and Bobby all great just left started jul 1 and just left today with my class a cdl

Khiry Bush

This is a great place to get started in the trucking. The staff really cares and will work with you to succeed. Don’t wait it started now at tdi in Tupelo

Bryan Coats

Great learning institute and staff was helpful

Winston Kelley

I'm happy with my decision to attend TDI. While attending classes my instructors were experienced and professional. Throughout training I had one on one with the instructors. Overall I was fully prepared to be successful on my next careers choice. Special thanks to Steve, Mike, Forest, Roger, Pat, Teri, and Glenn may you always feel appreciated for your hard work and efforts.

Joshua Cooper

Thank you to all of the staff at TDI Richburg. All are very nice! Great experience

Jesse Yawn

Great learning experience. Staff is well knowledgeable, and experienced. Very friendly.

Kedrick Mckinney

A wonderful good learning place

Shawncey Grigsby

Very knowledgeable staff. Come in the first week not knowing anything then was able to work with staff and passed test first time an received my license.

Tim Warren

I had a great experience at TDI, my recruiter was wonderful the teachers are great and the driving instructor is awesome. I would recommend this school to anyone who wants to get their CDL'S

Eve Harris

I highly recommend this school for anyone who is SERIOUS about getting their CDL’s and joining the commercial driving profession. The staff is incredible. - The recruiters, Ms. Kristi Bell & Ms. Heather, is very nice & will assist you on anything that you need to get you applied to this school. Once you’re there, you’ll meet VERY cool instructors, MR. DAN, Mr. Jimmy & SARGE, who are very KNOWLEDGEABLE about this field. They will make sure you understand how to operate a tractor trailer & will work with you continuously until you understand. Give them a call. That’s all it takes. - Erica Moody & Kentrail Walker.

Shakeisha Webb

I'm glad I chose TDI Richburg, SC to get my CDL Class A... I had the best experience ever. Every instructor was extremely knowledgeable about the industry. James and Jeff were amazing in the classroom. JB is the ABSOLUTE best range instructor you'll ever come across. And Lance is a miracle worker. He took me, a woman with no manual transmission experience, and made a driver out of me. Even the office staff was AMAZING.. Thanks Jeni!! I APPRECIATE everyone of you guys!!!! Thanks for getting me on the right path in my new career field. Extremely Grateful!!!!!

dylan barth

Extremely knowledgeable staff. I had 0 experience, but after the three week course I was able to pass my test on the first try!

Lori Brown

Because all the employees went out of the way making sure I understand everything along the way and still continue to keep in touch to make sure of safe traveling ....

suleiman darur

I had a wonderful experience, Great school and great teachers. Glad I went to TDI and amazing atmosphere. I would recommend any who need to get their CDL to this school. I would likel to thank mike , Steve, Jerry, John and forest for the wonderful experience and you'll awesome.

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