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REVIEWS OF Stanley's Drivers Training Inc IN Indiana

Abduvohid Fayziev


John Rogalsky

I am surprised there are not more reviews on here. This is probably one of the worst businesses I have ever worked with. Not only do they not have good instructors, you can not get a refund. We paid for lessons for our daughter last year for drivers ed. She went through the courses, but then they could never fit her into the schedule, (too many people signed up, they say) One lesson, then she had to leave for college, they told here she could complete it during break, couldn't schedule it in then either..... now she is home for the summer, she had called and called for four weeks. Now they tell her it is too long and they can't do refund because it's been over a year. SERIOUSLY! After my daughter trying to talk and resolve this after several attempts, I called. The person I talked to said she was the owner...... not only was she rude, she did not care of resolving this situation, but lied......yes, I said LIED! When I first started talking to her, she said she knew who my daughter was, but then she did the script thing and made us the fault and said she has no idea what we are talking about or who we were.....Your choice, but for me and my house; we will not do business with them and tell anyone we know. Oh, did I tell you when I told her that she ask me if I was threatening her, and she didn't care. As I said your choice!


Khagendra Dhimal

John Smith

My experience was horrible.. I was doing my in car training and the instructor was completely rude to me. I got into the car and I was NOT greeted by the instructor, two minutes later I was asked how many hours I had of practicing on the road beforehand. I said i had 5 hours, and I was instantly yelled at. Yes, yelled at. I was apparently supposed to “have 10 hours” of practice, which was NOT posted on the application for the training. 20 minutes into the trip, i was going the speed limit of a No Outlet neighborhood, and again I was YELLED AT for “going to slow”. She threatened to punish me because I had replied “Why would I go 25 in a 35”, which is unacceptable behavior on HER PART, keep in mind, I am ONLY 15, and just beginning to drive. About 30 minutes in, we were pulling up to a turning lane, so I had put my turn signal on. I started to go into the turn lane(by this point before the in car, I was practicing turns with my mother, so I had te turn perfectly fine) and all of a sudden, she frantically leans and completely turns my steering wheel the complete other direction from the curb, making me swerve. I said “I got it”. She then starts yelling at me again!! The car also had low fuel, so we stopped at a gas station, she paid for the gas, and got food for HERSELF, and she began to EAT DURING THE LESSON. By this point, I was ready to burst with anger, BUT I actually have the respect of other people, unlike her, who had poor choices. Her poor choice was to be 100% rude to A STUDENT, who paid $450 for the lesson(s). I was also given little to no instructions on where to drive, so in a sense, I was driving with no knowledge of where to go. So every time I accidentally missed a turn she gave me a “You are really stupid” look, and YELLED. This is completely unacceptable of her. She does not deserve to have the job of being an instructor, or a teacher. She made horrible choices by yelling at me for MISTAKES. EVERYONE MAKES MISTAKES!!! An instructor is supposed to nicely greet the student, nicely ask for their temporary permit, and carry a conversation. Instructors do NOT yell at students for making a SIMPLE MISTAKE. When a student is BEING TRAINED, they are supposed to be well directed on where to go. Im 100% sure she has made the same damn mistake when she started driving. With her amount of bs that she gave me, I did not even bother replying or talking to her because I was just so pissed off. By this point, I had been awake since 4:25 a.m., went to workout at 5:00 a.m, got out of school at 2:50 p.m. This was her poor ass decision that will burden her. I had let my friends know about what she did to me, and that they SHOULD NOT schedule with her because of her plucky attitude. I watched them text their parents about it as well. I hope that this will be a catalyst to my friend’s friends. This does not deserve to go unnoticed, and I will not stand for this behavior towards a student. Students do not deserve the disrespectful behavior I received from a DRIVING INSTRUCTOR from “The Best around”.

kayamarie roll

Stanley's was amazing! I just went through their 24 hour driving school and it was informative and not boring at all. I was very happy with the good service and their upbeat attitude. I would definitely pass them on to any of my friends and family.

benjamin stinemetz

Best driving school around!

Sarah Slattery

So glad I chose Stanley's over Bick's! The full 8 day course i felt was necessary to thoroughly cover all the material. I loved my learning experience here and believe that Stanley's drivers are safe driver's!!

Jeannie Gillispie

I am so pleased with the Stanley’s driving school. I have two boys that have used Stanley’s and my first son went through the progam 10 years ago and it was awesome them and awesome now!!! TJ is the greatest and has phenomenal customer service and Ben my sons driving instructor was outstanding!!!! I wish There were 10 stars because they are that good!!!! Thank you for another great experience!

Susan Ankenbauer

I'm an adult learning to drive and my instructor, TJ, has been fabulous. I've been super reluctant and nervous to drive, but he has given me great, patient instruction, and the lessons have been both informative and fun. I would highly recommend Stanley's!

Hannah Oliver

AMAZING! Was the cheapest option i found. Really great instruction and Mrs. Stanley is so fun!


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