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REVIEWS OF Progressive Truck Driving School IN Indiana

Alejandro Samchez

Don’t go “ juarez “ Go to progressive better

Mr Pilsen C

Progress school was awesome the staff and instructors were so helpful. They have build up my confidence. Now I’m off to a great career.

Donyal Thomas

I strongly recommend progressive as an place to receive anyone’s Cdl the staff very supportive and patient with all students.

Kecia Johnson

Best school ever!! If you need a school that is dedicated and passionate about you getting your CDL go here!

Miguel Zamudio

I appreciate all the work everyone does here to prepare you for a career in driving. People are Great. They supply the tools, its up to you to know how to use them!!

Ella Terry

Best school to get your CDL. Trainers/Instructors are very thourough. Director Ewellina is very helpful and informative. Come here you will be prepared

Joel Wells

My experience at progressive was freaking awesome. Everybody is very helpful and they explain the material to you and make sure you understand the knowledge of trucking. The biggest thing I love about progressive all the student become close and comfortable, the instructors are laid back and funny but the help you personally one on one.

Jose Maya

Pretty good school teachers work with you and make you confident that your going to pass your tests. Luis Acosta the driving instructor is one of the best teachers you can get. Overall , this school will guarantee a CDL.

Daniel Browns

The school will teach you how to drive a truck if you’re serious about the course. The instructors are polite and understanding. I received my CDL in less than 3 months. Take the course if you are SERIOUS about getting you’re CDL. FUTHER, THEY HAVE AWESOME JOB PLACEMENT!

Benjamin Davis

Progressive is a great place to jump start into a new career. It's a very friendly a helpful environment. The instructors are very attentive to the students needs and questions. I would refer my friends and family without question. Progressive is the way to success.

Saul Serrano

I recommend this school because the instructors really help you out with everything you need to get your cdl...and there really cool...ask any questions and you will get the right answers....for me it was worth the money

Darius Allen

Great school, great staff...... wasn’t hard at all, was more fun for me since driving trucks is something I been wanting to do for a long time and they helped make it happen

Omar Romero

Just graduated from this school today !!!!! Did it in one month and a half 32 hours a week. Everyone in the office was so professional and all the drivers where awesome . You have to pay attention to all of them and you will pass in one try . Read study and execute ! And you will get your cdl in no time.

Omar Ellis

Progressive truck driving school is the best school to attend to obtain your Commercial Dricers license .i had the best staff and the best teaching from Ewelina Janik and jerry and Richard who was my instructor and Reggie and the late great Steve R.I.P..they were the best yet far I love them and I recommend anybody who wants there CDL”s to attend this school 3475 S.Cicero IL 60804

Earnest Patton

I had a wonderful experience with this school from the students to the teachers in admission. I loved Adam he is full of energy he makes sure u know all of the material, in gives you hands on training.OH IN NO CELLPHONES WITH ADAM. Ewelina/Marie are the best advisors ever. Overall my experience was decent just got wished I was able to go out driving every week instead of every two weeks.loved this school!!!

Javontay Williams

This is a great school they are patient with you if you listen you can’t no fail

Jeremy Williams

This was a huge career change from an HR background from a desk to a truck and the instructors are very down to earth and make you feel at home. Also, the office administrators keep you updated, informed of your progress and expectations to acquire your CDL. They definitely come highly recommend if you’re interested in learning about the industry standards and gaining the skills to obtain your CDL.

Gustavo Becerra

Great school and good instructors!

Jasmin Ayers

I was very happy here .... they made sure they explained the procedures to exact point , & made sure I got everything down before moving to the next skill... and really took their time with me driving making sure I know how to upshift and downshift thanks to mark and lee .... and Ewelina’s the best supporter and advisor ... I really thankyou all ❤️

Duane Pitts

Great teachers! Great staff! Would recommend this school to everyone who wants take their future trucking career seriously!

Butta G

Great school, Great instructors.. Best experience for a trucking school..

Richard Klee

Highly recommend this school! It was well worth the time and training! U cant beat hands on learning!

Sincere Taylor

I PROGRESSIVEly made the choice to come here to obtain my CDL. It took me 2 years to finally decide on a trucking career. With the 1st leg of this journey out of the way I’m ready to conquer the world. Thanks to all the Instructors and staff here. I can’t speak for the other schools but, Progressive is the way to go. I jus hope they continue helping me on my journey. Up next...landing a great job with a great company!!

Anthony Larkins

School at progressive was very informative . I feel as though Progressive has prepared me for my future in today’s trucking industry. Hands down this is one of the best decisions I’ve made so glad I chose progressive

Cindy Rock

I was unsure how this would be for me because I spent so many years talking myself out of getting a Class A! But Every staff member was so amazing, so motivating, and so helpful. I am glad I chose Progressive and I am glad to have been taught by these teachers and instructors! I am glad to have my Class A bit at the same time I will miss this school!! Thank You Progressive on Cicero!!!

Нино Николов

I had a great experience over here for the past 2 months. Overall is important to prepare yourself not only in the classroom but at home too.

Wrinklegus PoisonTongue

Good place! GREAT teachers. They just need more updated equipment...that's the only reason I won't give it a 5! I loved it though! Vito is the coolest cat on Earth! I made awesome friends, too! -Marque Terrynamahr Strickland

Derrick Moore

Progressive Truck Driving in Cicero, The school is very nice, the instructors are very helpful and are very knowledgeable. They are here to help. It is a great experience. The enviorment of the class is fun and makes it less stressful. I would recommended this school to anyone who is wanting to learn.

anthony knox

The school was beautiful the instructors has a lot of patience. The work with you until I get it.

Lawrence Faulkner

My experience at progressive truck driving school was one of the best in my life. Trainers are very helpful and they all will like to see you succeed thanks to everyone at progressive for helping me accomplish my goal of obtaining my CDL drivers license.

Aaron Holman

Loved my experience with the school, they have good instructors that help meet all the requirements i need to obtain my CDL. Thank you.

Eulises Verdin

I had a great experience coming to Progrssive. They were helpful and motivating to help me get my commercial truck driving license! I am a happy graduate and would recommend this school to anybody!!!!!

Normandy Collado

Progressive truck driving school is a well equipped school that helps you prepare to get CDL. This school has everything you need if you want to become professional drivers

Jeremy Patterson

All I can say is they picked the right name for this school. I made progress from day one and didn’t stop. The instructors are wonderful, The patience they have with students is amazing!! You absolutely can’t fail at Progressive unless you are dishonest with yourself when you said “this is what you want”. I’m so glad I chose progressive!!!

Branka Markovic

I have great experience with Progressive school. Instructions and all stuf are amazing. If you will want new carier and job sign up today . You will be amazed. I want to say thank you to everyone for all support and courage.

Peter Perez

Great school!!!! Great and knowledgeable staff. They go the extra mile to help you complete your course and pass your tests. They never give up on you. Thank you to all the Instructors and staff.

Mustafa El-Shabazz

Enjoy my training with this school the instructors know their stuff shout out to Jerry, Peyton, Nadine, Ewelina, Reggie and all the students for being a great support system #WeAreProgressive

Ruben Gaytan

absolutely loved this school every one made sure every prosses was as easy as possible

Deadx Predator

Progressive truck driving school in Cicero was a good choice for me. The reason for is because the staff is outstanding, and the driver instructs were helpful. They would be there for you when you need help improving in anything you need help with. Progressive truck driving school in Cicero is the best pick to get your CDL their is no second though of applying.

Unknown agent

Very good school. They teach you alot of stuff. Very detailed in the training. You learn more here than at other school I've looked at. Just finished my road test today. And already have a job lined up. Come check them out if you wanna get into trucking.

Leobardo Calderon

Pretty great school easy to get along with all instructors and office staff who really do help as much as they can to get you moving forward

Fernando Lara

Super excited I passed school was great I owe alot to Jerry, Ewelina, Omar, mark and Dennis i recomend this school if ur in the area illI'be around to say hello an celebrate

Jake Sanchez

Good place good instructors first time driving a truck and walked out doing way better then I thought.

Gus Suarez

The instructors are good and help out a lot as long as you pay close attention to what they say . They really push you and show you properly, it’s up to you to get it done.

Andres Amador Jr

I'm glad I came to progessive. The office staff and intrusctors are helpful and you can build your own schedule. Highly recommended

mailo flores

progressive truck driving school is a great school to attend. i came here with no type of experience in semi-tucks what so ever, but the instructors Adam,Luis,Dennis,Lee,Ryszard did a great job in making sure i obtained the knowledge and skill to pass my pre-trip, skills, and road test. if you come here and put in your part of hard work and dedication you and also obtain your goal to. i want to thank everyone here for helping me start a new career in the truck driving industry.

Sergio Vargas

Great school to attend, reggie and mark and jerry and ewelina did a great job in keeping you updated and very helpfull. Thank you guys!

Fatguy Car volg

I loved the school that had great instructors and taught me exactly how to pass the test. I would have given a five star but they offered the hazmat endorsement with the 200hr training but did nothing to help me with it i had to go out on my own and get fingerprints taken and study myself. Then go to the dmv myself to take the test.

Wak A

Progressive school has gone extra support to get my license,for someone getting into this industry, I believe a best place to start.

Jose Arreola

Excellent school, Ewelina and Nedine are very pleasant and informative, they will guide you through the whole process ans insure you are on the right path to success, lots of job opportunities from the school, great preparation for your Pre-trip, skillls and road test. Great instructors that care about your career path. Steve, Dennis, Luis and other are just genuine attentive I will highly recommend Progressive for your CDL Prepping.

jerrold stallworth

I had some challenges with my driving where I needed extra practice to pass my road tests. Progressive was very accommodating in scheduling the extra time I needed to improve my driving skills. My instructors Steve and Lee put a lot of effort in helping me to improve my skill levels.

Lazarick Causey

Great group of people, staff and students! I would recommend this school to anyone looking to gain a CDL license!

Nestor Daniel Guerrero

The staff is amazing and very helpul providing all the knowledge i will need to progress in the trucking industry. Special shout outs to all the instructors. Jerry, jerry 2, Rene, Dennis, Mark, and Evelyna..

apple210 Chicago2018

The school is good they train you hard the instructors are the best.

Comandante 72

I am so Happy to have made the right choice and choose progressive. Thank you to all instructors and staff for all there help and skills attained to prepare me for a new career. I would recommend anyone who wants a CDL to go to Progressive.

Ashley Nichole

Progressive is a great school to go to. The instructors are very nice and they teach u everything that you need to know and make sure that you are prepared for all of your upcoming exams. They need more instructors to teach skills but overall progressive is a great school to go to.

kamika Cook

I really enjoyed my experience with progressive truck driving at the Cicero location LEE IS THR BEST AND STEVE. WILL GET YOU WHAT YOU NEED.

Florence Daugherty

The best positively the best training. Progressive can help with getting the job . They really take care of thier people. They took care of me and I love them and what they've done for me. It will change your life.

Aaron Sandoval

Had an awesome expiriance, instructors are very knowlegable, learned so much in a short time, Steve is by far the best instructor for skills. Would highly recommend this school to anyone.

Charles S. Le Blanc

I enjoyed every step of my training here. They were very personal and payed attention to detail even remembering your name, they were also attentive to request with practicing as well. The instructors weee also very patient.

Henry Mckee

I really like the way the school worked with me and Ewelina was great with working with my tight schedule.

Gordon Banks

I do highly recommend this school to anyone who is looking forward for a great career in trucking. I loved trucks so much but at the same time I was nervous getting behind the wheel but after my 200hour program, it felt just like I was in my regular car. Instructors do such a great job and willing to help and correct you in any need. Now that I have earned my CDL. It’s totally worth it.


I m glad to recommend progressive truck school to everyone who want to truck driver. I had a great experience with Progressive truck school, They were willing to work with whatever issues, one in one instructors and they're very patient with the mistakes you make. I would recommend Progressive truck school again and again to everyone.

Jabares Scales

I want to thank the staff for all their encouragement and hardwork helping me achieve my goal. Thank you for everything Ewelina for everything. I appreciate you guys for your dedication to the students.

jose velazquez

Good school ! Good instructors. Specially STEVE!!! Awesome guy great personality. Over all highly recommend school.

J Christian

Highly recommend this school to anyone that’s trying to enter trucking

Micaela Saldivar

Very good training instructors are amazing

Jermaine Hudson

This was a rocky start. But know that the people are nice and want to help u. Just listen and stay focus. I wanna thank progressive for my future.

Wendso Fargo

One of the better trucks driving school I haven't seen. Good Intructors, staffs. Every body works on their best to provide real professional drivers They provide job placement. Really friendly.I wasn't just at school, but in family too.

angus jaramillo

My experience with Progressive was great. They have really good driving instructors like Mr. Luis acosta who helped me a lot and the class room instructor. The only thing I didn't like was that I pretty much learn how to perform my skills by my self and other students and one instructor who is not in charge of skills. I was very disappointed in that aspect. I wish the instructor had made the effort to teach me instead of getting food and disappearing for long periods of time. Other than that my experience was really good.

daniel sanchez

Good classroom environment. Instructors were helpful and always willing to teach.

Johnathan Blount

It was a challenging experience at first, driving a stick shift & double clutching. But the teachers at progressive are top notch and had me to point to were it was second nature. I definitely would recommend this school to anybody.

Ogie Davis

The experience I had at this place was amazing. Although I feel it can be a little bit better in captivity size. The staff is excellent here as well as the utilities they allow you to use. Majority of everything is hands on activities. So therefore I highly recommend Progressive Driving School.

allen Cosby

Great school I love how the instructors breaks everything down and make sure your prepared for the road

Allandis Isom

Ms. Eweluna Janik the best

Bonnie Musabaga

Progressive is the school to go. Has wonderful instructors and management is nice, they all care about students. Go there you will not regret it

Jonathan Lazaro

Good place to get your CDL class A. Location could use a few more new trucks. The driving instructors are very knowledgeable and patient in teaching you the basics. The pre-trip study could use an improvement. However, all-in-all, it is up to the individual how dedicated and determined you are to understand and finish on time. Overall, I had a good time meeting and helping other students and interacting with the staff.

Leon Doroba

It was a great experience. Just make sure you study really hard, aland listen to all instructions. The administration and trucking staff are tough but care about each individual. It was worth the time and effort.

Tasha Moore

Progressive school overall is a good school. If you come everyday or when you’re scheduled to come you’ll do just fine. Mind you nothing or no one is perfect but even this school but as long as you pay attention to the instructors and listen to what they have to tell you, all will go well! It’s NOT easy and you may not pass your test in the first try but that’s okay it took me twice for skills and road and as if today I’m DONE... COMPLETE!!!! Cdl driver here I come!

Deonte Black

My experience was wonderful at this school. The instructors were very informal and hands on. They provided me with all the tools skills necessary to breeze through the program with confidence.

Anthony Blanco

Didn’t think I would get it suck at any type of school good people working there always there to help really fast program

Ambiorix Jimenez

Enjoyed my experience. These instructors really get you ready to pass all state exams. The rest is up to you. If put forth your best effort you will have no problem obtaining your cdl with the program and instructions from Progressive.

jenaro whitlow jr

Great school the best instructors and they care about your future trucking career .

Eric Alvarez

Great school instructors are awesome. Will recommend this school.

Wilbert Gaitan

Highly recommended! Great school to train for your cdl. Amazing experience!

Jasmin Clay

Progressive is a awesome school that teaches and shows you everything you need to be a professional driver. The staff is very understanding and works with you to get where you need to be. Couldn’t have went to a better school. Loved it

Greer Tj

Good school instructors Steve and Lee will turn you into a pro before your training ends.

Juan Delgadillo

Great experience and a great group of professionals that know what they are doing. I highly suggest attending this school the best results.

Marvin Hunt

Like all schools progressive is what you make of it. The tools are there. They want bang the hammer for you but they will provide the tools and explain hoq to use them.

flip cole

Great teachers work with me would send anyone there who want there cdls

karlos munoz

The experience was great at progressive. Very informative and very helpful with learning the trucking industry. I would recommend it to anyone that is interested in becoming a truck driver. Lee is one of the best instructors in here ...he maybe tough with you but just hang on with him and you will learn from the best!

Darry Cooks

Progressive is an AMAZING school. All the trainers we're great.

Lou Phan

Progressive Truck is best school In trucks industries. I am pleased about this school because they have great instructors on site and schedule for all classes and training. I am definitely and highly recommend you to come to this school.

Tyrone Hollis

Great school great instructors I love this school looking for good driving and know how Progresive is the school

Ruben Ortiz

Great place to train, instructors are awesome. Thank you Progressive Trucking!!!!!

Māris I

Great school! Instructors and office stuff are great people. I definitely recommend Progressive school.

Daisy Gutierrez

Progress was a good experience, if you put in the work it pays off in the end. The class instructors Adam is very helpful and knowledgeable and Evelina in the office does a great job at keeping you on track! The skills and road instructors Steve, Dennis, Lee were especially helpful to me because i spent the most time with them and I’ll be forever grateful for all the knowledge and tips they passed down to me.

Vincent Moreu

Man beyond bless today. Progressive worked with me thru my up and downs and did their best to help me succeed in getting my cdl. The people in the office and the instructors on the field were great. Thank you progressive for helping me achieving me goal.

Tomtom Ken

It's a good place to get your CDL learning was easy great school

Charles Jones

This school has helped me change my life and the lives of the people around me Steve and Lee also mark are the absolute best instructors ever....Ewelina is the best school administrator I ever met....plz go here if you are considering truckingschool

Leandre Weathers

It’s was rough to start but I stuck threw it now I feel like the best around. ADAM AND EWELINA ARE THE BEST AROUND I CANT STRESS THAT ENOUGH WORK WITH THEM AND THEY WILL LOOK OUT FOR YOU

Darius Markese

Great learning experience. Instructors are really patient and very good at explaining things to help you. Flexible schedules and best of all you really feel like they want you to be successful.

Gustavo De La Riva

Instructors are very helpful and patient. Everyone is very helpful in class and in techniques to become a good driver. Great School!

Donald Brown

It’s wonderful school to go to very knowledgeable instructors and the staff is awesome!

Gladys Galvez

I enjoyed my time in progressive. Adam is a good teacher really shows you how to get the class room part down packed. Cicero progressive is good school to attend. Takes hard work of your own as well. But they were there to help me in many ways.

Javier Rodriguez

My Experience with Progressive was 5 Star training ! Great Staff, Trainers, and Instructors. As Long as you focus when you're here and NOT on your Cellphone or Joking around you’ll have a great Experience as well. I would recommend everyone here. Thanks progressive for help providing me a better Future.

Edgar Salgado

I highly recommend Progressive School. The isntructors were very helpfull as well as the management. Special thanks to Ewelina for being on top of everything to help me achieve my ultimate goal. Please, do not leave everything up to the School. You have to do your part and be positive and persistant.

Lovell Wofford

Great instructors they make sure you get a good understanding of how to operate the rig safely, can be a breeze if you lock in and focus on what you need to do

Phillips Martin

Great school,Super instructors and a great atmosphere knowledgeable hands-on and want to see you succeed. And I did it all in the first try.

Omar Barajas

Had an amazing experience all my instructors were truly helpful but in reality its all on you, weather you put in your time and actually study. Thank you guys for everything i appreciate all of you.

Zach Anderson

All of the instructors were very knowledgeable and skilled. Lots of hands on experience. Definitely the school to choose for a class A CDL.

Craig Stevens

Progressive truck driving school is a really good school I learned a lot great instructors very patience with the students and classroom teaching is excellent.

Donato Castro

I learned so much from this school and the teachers are fantastic once you seat down and get to known them. They have so much experience and wisdom. The administration is so caring they go above and beyond expectation.

Jayce Thomas

Ewelina Janik was very helpful. I recommend the program on Cicero.

Jesus Leon

Great school! Great instructors! I would highly recommend to any one interested in obtaining a CDL.

Victor Dyer

My time here at progressive truck driving school was great. I learned a lot from the teachers to the institute. If it wasn't for there great patients I wouldn't been able to graduate. So thank you guys so much.

Stephon K

Great time working with the staff. Reggie the skills instructor is the man if you listen to him.....

Joshua Ryan

The experience was amazing and helpful I'm glad I made the decision to come here.... very helpful

Jesse Lagunas

Very good school, instructor are very helpful. I would definitely recommend it

Christopher Rocha

Progressive has been a great school to attend and get educated about truck driving. The staff will help you with pretty much anything they are capable of doing. They can also help you a job and follow up on any pre hires. Attending progressive has pretty much taught me more than what I expected to learn about a tractor and also helped me learn how to safely drive one.

Jesus Lopez

Great school to get your cdl!

Lanell Ware

The training was excellent it’s definitely worth the process it will change your life!!

Nifemi Jones

Place Is Great , Loving , Kind & Helps Without Hesitation Or Accuse, Staff Is Great & Skills Instructor Steve Gives You Life May He R.I.P I Wouldn't Have Got My CDL Without Him ❤

Kokou Adenso

My experience with Progressive trucking school was awesome. The trainers are very helpful and answer all your questions and concerns. No one is perfect but overall Progressive has my tongue up.

Juan De Jesus

Progressive school is really good they help me a lot. N I got my CDL in 2 month.

Edgar DeSantiago

Progressive is aswome . Instructors really value there work they have lots of patience. they make shure to prepare you for every test . You can ask them any questions at any time and there more than happy to help you with any issues . Definitely recommend this school to any one

Trino Chavez

Got my CDL in 3 months with only night classes. Excellent school.


The staff at Progressive were very patient and helpful. Believe me it’s worth it !!!!


I loved it, very hand's on and detailed in the correct way drive a truck. Staff was amazing with what ever I needed help with, after going to this school I feel like I'm ready for the road ahead of me. Thanks Progressive!

DaMarcus Andrews

Progressive is a great school.The instructors and staff go beyond helping you get your cdl, they give you confidence needed for the trucking field.

Daniel Jimenez

Not even sure where to begin? My time at Progressive wasn’t great. Ewelina was great, very helpful and always making sure you stay on top of things. Jerry the “class instructor” just sits in his chair while having us read the textbook for an hour. He “teaches” the pretrip by simply showing other schools videos on his computer. For most of the skills instructors, they will only teach you how to do it once and act bothered if you ask for more help aside from them disappearing or just sitting and going on their phone. The road instructors all did their job like they are supposed to. I want to personally acknowledge Mr. Rene Lopez, skills and road instructor, for actually teaching and having patience for each and every student. Thanks to Mr. Lopez I was able to accomplish my skills and road test and obtain my CDL. IF you attend Progressive in Cicero,IL, request all your drive time with Mr. Lopez. Be prepared to be stuck sitting for hours in the classroom!!!! (Progressive graduate 5-9-19)

Will Canty

Progressive was so patient with me. I had no experience driving trucks and they took they tune and made sure I learned. It was a great experience

Jeremy Tillman

Progressive is an excellent school the instructors are very good can learn a lot from them they give you all the knowledge you need to know about driving trucks

Jesus Salgado

Overall great truck driving school, the staff in there is awesome to talk to and helpful. Great experience too.

leo ortiz

It’s an amazing school would recommend it to anyone trying to get their CDL amazing staff great equipment and felt at home when I was there

Leonard Palmer

It's a good school good instructors fine people to help you get where you need to be to becoming a trucker.

James O'Hearn

Great people, very efficient and friendly staff. Great place to get your class A and begin a career.

Angel Nevarez

Progressive truck driving school worked with my schedule and help me out throughout the program. I had such a great experience here I highly recommend Progressive. The instructors know what they teach and the staff is wonderful. Thank you.

Susy Carretero

Super Blessed today. Progressive worked with me thru my ups and downs,and had the patience with me and did their best to help me succeed in getting my license Thank you so much to. (Mr. Lopez, Reggie, Alex,Mark

Ramci Abrigunda

All the instructors are good, but students need more time for the skills and make it at least an hour per students for the skills..

Raul Cervantes

The best experience of my life with these great instructors and excellent training and office is always ready to help out with anything. Got my CDL easy with this school.

Hever Morales

Great experience! I’m not going to B.S . Great people to work with . Great atmosphere!! Come get the CDL with PROGRESSIVE TRUCK DRIVING SCHOOL!

Terry Cage

Great experience enjoyed my time .trucks needs work but other than that great school

Eliseo Camarena

Great school , great instructors and great staff I highly recommend this school as an option for your CDL.

Joshua Rios

Great teachers and faculty, they work with you all the way. Highly recommended

Saul Franco

Love the school. If your really focus and really want something done. Progressive is the way to go to getting your CDL A

Nathan Guilde

I took the 240hour course 40hours each week. the instructors and staff helped me pass all 3 phases of training pre trip,skills,road on my first attempt each. the office staff is incredibly helpful and understanding when i had a crisis.

Gerral Davis

Best Trucking Driving School Hands Down. Teachers & Trainers Were Very Helpful. This School Pushes You To Your Limit. They Also Have So Much To Offer

Adekunle Sosina

I had a great experience with Progressive trucking. They were willing to work with whatever issues I had with scheduling, etc. Also the instructors are very patient with the mistakes you make. I would recommend Progressive to anyone.

Izzy Perez

Amazing school ! Great instructors, if you are willing to learn you will be successful

LaShawn Wyatt

The Director Ewelina was professional and encouraging. She is also very sweet. The skills instructor Reggie an excellent teacher. He has an effective way of teaching students how to navigate the truck. Mark is a very good road skills instructor. He has helped me with my shifting so much. I am grateful to my skills instructors and happy with my experience.

Nathaniel Marrero

This place is great, the instructors are hands on and take there time to teach the students everything that they don’t understand. If there was any question that I had they answered for me. Thank you progressive!!

Deandre Young

The instructor are fantastic. i feel like ive learned alot since i been here in progressive

Robert Weier

Loved the instuctors and classmates. Tic Tock taught me how to down shift. If you're willing to listen you will learn all you need to learn and more. You get out of it what you put into it. Changed my life.

junior maldonado

Really good school I got my class A in 80 hour refresher course I recommend it worth your money they are really nice people too.

andy garcia

Great experience and very helpful. Overall I am well prepared to drive on the road because of progressive!

Omar Santacruz

Instructors were great, they know how to teach you one on one. A little things could use some improvements but overall it was a great learning experience

Ricky Munoz

Good school great teacher and instructors Adam is very knowledgeable and will get you ready for pre trip. Steve is awesome at teaching skills and the driving instructors are also great. With that said they got me ready and I passed it all 1st try. By the way NO CRACKS NO LEAKS

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