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REVIEWS OF C 1 Truck Driver Training IN Indiana

Christy Vogt

Horrible horrible place. Stay far away. Trained my husband had more coming out for schooling then the job payed and he stayed out for a month at a time. So he wasn’t constantly stopped. Too young to know better when he went there. Don’t go!

Thomas Barela

What a joke there are other schools with much better vehicles to learn on their Range trucks they teach you on are not even road worthy and on their last leg . Other schools want you to take the CDL test when you are %100 ready to pass @ C1 they will sign you up to Test Ready or not because they have a contract to fulfill with the state examiner. If you express you are not ready to take the test Walter will tell you that you have no choice . Ive seen males who wanted to quit and C1 tells them to pack your bags but if a female does the same they will try and convince them to stay LOOK AROUND THERE MUCH BETTER PROGRAMS OUT THERE THAT OFFER BETTER CONTRACTS IF YOU SIGN WITH THEM !

Chad Carroll

I had a great experience during my training the last 3 weeks and I would recommend this school to anyone!!

Jeffrey Einkorn

Went here back in 2010, and I'm still driving today. I wanted to go to the best rated school in the country, so I made the 345 mile drive from Tennessee.

Mr friedman

They will lie,deceive and steal. Anything they can to get you to sign a contract. Then they take 50percent of your wages until you have 1 year of work for their partnered company. Best bet is to get your license and go to work for someone who is going to pay you what a driver is worth. Weigh the options, stay with the partnered company and make 300 a week for the next year of your life with no home time. Or go to work for a different company, gross 1200 a week and pay back the loan yourself.It isnt hard to see that after 3 months you should be able to pay it back. And you dont feel obligated to do whatever they say. This company is not here to help to you. They are hear to convince you to become a slave for 1 year in exchange for a cdl. I went my own way after 3 months and been happier every since. No companies going to tell me i cant see my family. Also the training is incredibly fast. You either keep up with the pace or your out. If you fall behind youll never catch up. You will be studying 4-6 hours after a 9hour class if you want to succeed. For me i made it. Because i had no other choice.Be a trucker or be homless. But for 45 other people they couldnt keep up.

Nick Ko

My future cdl test location

david guzman


Sharon Love

This place is a joke! 3week class has turened into 5 weeks. Should be tested at 3 week by state. Nope be Prepared to stay longer than what they say!!! Was not even tested until week 5. :( while others had Multiple chances.

todd clark

Great place

andre barnes

Don't waste your time.

Ali Ali

C1 was great, my problem was with pro safety. None of their semi is any good. From steering wheel falling apart, semi stolling, and no power steering or steering not placed on right.

Jerry Davis

Did my time graduated top of my class got sick they refused to put me with another company then charge me 5 grand for services they failed to provide waste of time and waste of money


I went in year 2000. It was 74 people that started but 24 finished. They sent me to USA truck. I was driving for them for 10 months. They had me on the west coast & they lost all my money. I had to find food. They told me if I leave that I don’t have to worry about the school. Now 18 years later I have a garnish for over $8,000 for a 2 week school. Don’t waste your time or money.

Sami Ali

Worst school u can deal with ... they lie too much in everything. At the beginning of school the instructor came to class and start cussing and saying bad words if we don't follow the rules considering himself dealing with children. Every time i talk with them to get my refund which is almost 4 grands , they lie and say it ll be in my account in 3 days which didn't happen. I dont know its been more than 35 days and I didn't get my money with no reason ...

Richard Flowers Jr.

samuel Thomas

Great school!! Great instructor's I finished school in 3wks "on time" now I am headed to drive for pam!!

John Smith

Attended from August 24th to September 23rd, 2015 - never before driving a stick shift. Within 1 month's time, I was able to learn/master all knowledge required to obtain my CDL. It was difficult; much more so than I had originally thought. And I am thankful that there was a school to teach me the required materials, driving skill, to get my CDL. Depending on your carrier, they put you up in a hotel (ours was Extended Stay America), and it was pretty good. The cost of the program was around $6000, and it's free assuming you graduate and work for your hiring carrier for 1 year. You get $50 on your 2nd & 3rd week, and $100 when you graduate (That money comes from your carrier though, and some carriers WILL NOT pay you anything - just happens mine did pay me that little bit which did help a lot.) The hotel gives you complimentary breakfast everyday. Nothing fancy, just a muffin and a fiber bar - free coffee; although its pretty awful. But all other food costs are your own, which is a bit of a downer. The hotel is not near the school. It's a 15-20 minute drive everyday, so you must also bare gas costs as well. But fortunately, there are usually students willing to car-pool. What they don't tell you is that after you spend this month, sometimes longer, getting your CDL - you have to go off to do another month of training for your carrier. But at least you get paid for that. My carrier pays $25 a day for the first week, and I think (but not certain) - $300 a week after that for the remaining 3 weeks where you'll be gone over the road with a trainer the entire time. Overall, I would say it was time/money well spent - personally averaging around $70 a week personal costs (I'm a smoker). But for that $200+ I spent, I learned an invaluable skill that I will probably use for the rest of my life making around $40,000+ a year. The instructors were very friendly and informative - although the lead instructor, Walter - is... not sure how to put it. He wants people to do well, but let's just say he's not the most social person on the planet. He comes off a bit mean and if you don't know how to read the guy he can be very off-putting. But again, he just wants his students to do well. Everyone else though, super friendly and informative - very open to being followed around and answering questions. The bottom line is, you will get what you put in out of this school. The harder you try, the faster/more you will learn. And it's something you will use for the rest of your life.

Marshall Mason

Bad place to go. think really hard before you go or you likely will end up out of work and owing them 6 grand. Very little time in the truck learning to drive. I'm shocked they give a license to someone (the state) with 6 or 8 hours of experience driving an 80,000 pound truck.

Wade Maharg

Great school walk you threw every step instructors know there stuff and help every way they can

Jason White

Graduated C1 November 2008. Have been trucking ever since and have no regrets. If you have a can do attitude and good work ethic C1 can get you started toward a very stable future. Just know this, trucking is not for everyone. If you are going to take on this challenging yet rewarding career please enter our industry with a professional minded attitude because that is the difference between a driver and a professional driver.

Barbara Rivera

The first week class was great. The instructor was very nolagable. The second week you are on your own. To learn the pri-trip. You have till friday then they send in an instructor to take you out to test in the trucks. How when you are trying to learn all the parts some confusion comes in. The booklet you are given does not show all the parts and some names are different. I went to three different employees and needless to say they all had direrent ideas what the part are suppost to be. But friday when I took my pre-trip test I was very surprised. The instructor said to me IT IS AT MY DESECRATION TO FAIL YOU!!! Not that I did not know the parts and defects. As he sits in the truck and farts all the way throught it. He stopped me every couple of part to talk about things that had nothing to do with the per-trip. So at the end I told him fail me.. I will take it again. He then said very rudely I will recount them . I asked why he thought he failed me. But he made a mistake buy 1. He had no choice but to pass me. That was by luck only . How on to week three. Well the first of range so exciting to learn something new. The instructor Started off by saying did you read the chapters on the parallel, Off-Set and straight line I said yes. He told me it was all wrong that I will do it his way its the right way. At the end of 4 days the group I was in could not do the parallel or offset . Now this man told a student he was going to stabe him if he did not get of the gear shift. He used a word that was inappropriate for anyone to say as a instructor to a class. It was the N word. He used it often I lost count at 50. He had no Idea how to manage time so I was lucky to get 25 mins to 30 on the range. Then when he was questioned about frim his boss he blamed a student. I know this because he told me all about how he got called to the office. This student was not me but He is a lier. The problem was the way he was teaching. He was not giving me time due to time management skills where bad. Now he left we went to a new instructors. Now the problem get worse. We should no how to park the truck and yes we should . BUT the instructor never let anyone finish them to beable to understand the steps. We we are now a week behind. Week four I am now going to state for testing. Well I told Keith How can you send me to state. I have not been tested on the range or the street with the school. He said I dont have to test you at the school if you have hours. Well then read your information on your guidelines. All the other students where tested but not me. I was not ready After the week with Eric. Needless to say I was dismissed from the school and by the guideline they say I should have been. NOW Wnts THAT SAID THEY SET ME UP FOR FAILURE. WHEN YOU WANT STUDENTS TO FOLLOW RULES WHY ARE YOU AS THE HEAD OF THE SCHOOL NOT FOLLOWING YOUR OWN RULES? ?????? I have one more thing to add. As I was a student in your school you office personal are rude to most of the studends. They bring kids to work as you are trying to talk to them they are agree you are in the office to ask questions, as they are changing diaper on the floor of the office, as the womans bathroom is being used for drug test we ask where can we go to us a bathroom . Rude does not even come close to how We where treated. How can you run a business that is based on customer service. With very anger employees?? You have only a couple of wounderful employees that are respectful of your students. I am going to name them(Victor,Ben, David, Shannon) The man are your back bone of the school. I have seen Walter and Keith come out to the range and talk to them about students in front of other students . its not appreciate its demeaning its just pore behavior as a manager or head of a school. We where informed just to lt you know I have spoke to the president of the school so you cant complain he knows your all dismissed . I know all about the class before my class having a problem graduating how your numbers are down.I take responsible for me. Your management needs to as well.

Vote Trump

You want a CDL do not go here! There’s better schools out there these people don’t care anything about you all they see is money over your head the more they push and I mean push you threw the more they make, the trucks are unsafe they are barely road worthy

James Marcum

These ppl are crooks

Shannon Wilburn

A waste of time

Eric LeMaster

James Stephens

C1 was great! They gave me the knowledge I needed and the hands on training to be able to pass my state exam. I was in an out in 3 weeks. Kenn is hands down the best instructor there.

Dawit Ghde

I was there on april 2018. They have a stupid lady clerk.eventhough there is only some issues that needs to contact her,She didn't has respect at all.And the school Once you passed the school pre trip test and start practising range and street, no matter you mastered them or not if you have u been two weeks then They push you to take the state addition the state cdl examineers are traying to find out a very small mistakes especially if you have an accent. In generally i really passed a very hard time there.

Joe Jones

Bryan Wells

Don't waste your time they are a scam


So as a local guide and recent grad(12/2018), I wanted to come and give my honest review of C1 Indianapolis. Initially, because of the bad reviews I did not want to attend this school. I see now you can't always go off the opinion of others. C1 has a very "professional" commercial driver training program. They are well organized, the content is very structured, and they give you all the skills and training you need to pass your state test. You even get 5 whole attempts to test with continued range and drive training in between. The program is for 3 weeks but if you make good progress they allow a little longer. The equipment is not "brand new" but it's new enough. All the instructors are professionals and well versed in their craft. Shannon is an excellent manual drive instructor, Dave is good at automatic. As far as range goes Tim is the shi!. He teaches you the maneuvers step by step from the manual with no deviation, shows you how to spot where you should be with perfection, and all I heard when I tested was him saying "a little right...a little straight...clorica you have to guide the trailer stop trying to force it.... listen you can do this". The best Range instructor hands down. He kept a group of students like he was selling something and all he was doing was giving great instruction to all who would listen assigned to him or not. I had Dion 1 day and he's good too. All I'm saying is: whether you have a WIOA voucher, coming through Swift or Pam, or paying your own way. Don't trust the bad reviews you get out of C1 what YOU put in, literally. They don't even have a clue I am a local guide. John could be nicer but hey you barely see him. I wanted a hat so bad I didn't even care what color.. Thanks C1 Black hat received;-)

Kimberly Schwier

They only teach you enough to pass but not HOW to drive.

Joshua Adams

I clicked a Craigslist ad and signed up with Drivers Solutions to work for PAM Trucking. This was the school provided. It is a school with mostly well meaning instructors crippled by poorly kept machinery and demoralizing upper management. I cannot recommend this school due to how poorly they listen to students and make up excuses in order to not teach or provide adequate time behind the wheel. I was told 10 hours behind the wheel should have been plenty of time to pass state and that I wasn't trying hard enough to learn to drive watching other students drive for 7-8 hours a day. Their instructional methods are designed for those who already have had a foot in the door and for all intents need a touch up. Anyone that's a greenhorn should stay clear away from this school as you will get no support and treated very poorly. The first week was pretty standard. I was ahead of my class as I had the learners permit and physical out of the way. This was just a rehash of what I needed to get to that already. Week two I lost a lot of time as I wasn't given the chance to drive the truck out of the lot on the first day. That part I can understand though as I had never driven manual in my life and needed time to process said experience. The rest of the week I had a different instructor. This instructor gave off extremely abusive vibes, berating and demeaning any actions taken while outright refusing to help in any way. Citing you know what you are doing wrong so stop doing it. A lazy and dangerous attitude to take towards instruction. If your instructor is David I suggest getting transferred ASAP if you get stuck at this school and he's your driving instructor. I lost so much time not learning anything under him. I really only have myself to blame for not standing up for myself and getting another instructor. This plays into his antics which gets you to think you are the problem and aren't good enough for the job. The reality is he just doesn't care to work and uses this gig to show off his DJ skills which is where he should be. He's a better DJ than driving instructor and should pursue that than waste everyone's time at the school. Week three after having been transferred to a new driving instructor and regained confidence from sticking up for myself I made huge progress compared to the last week. The range instructors said it was a night and day difference. This progress continued into the 4th and 5th weeks. Driving on the roads I was a professional driver having only failed the schools internal testing due to conditions that are not preventable on my end. People not using their right of way, taking too long to make right turns that my left turn light is now yellow so by the time I have right of way to turn I'm impeding traffic which is an automatic fail under state and school guidelines. Fair enough I understand that reasoning. Beyond these events I had passing scores. Week 4 and 5 I made progress and had 3 state tests. I failed all 3. The failures were range only, my weakest area of driving. Last 2 tests failed just shy of passing at parallel parking. Had I passed that, the driving section would of easily passed and I'd be working with a CDL. I simply needed more time every day behind the wheel. 3-4 hours a day in week 5 doing range exercises would have satisfied all parties needs. Unfortunately Walter did not believe so stating that they don't have the time to teach me because 10 hours total is plenty enough and sent me home. An otherwise rough but worthwhile experience utterly destroyed by a lack of ability at the very top. Go to another school or teach yourself. That's what I had to do.

Scott Williams

C1 instructors did a great job of preparing me for my new career on the road. I'd recommend them to anyone who wants to change their life by beginning a career as a professional driver!

Skooda Chose

Over crowded money hungry school

melissa isaac

I loved C1 they are very friendly and will go out of their way to help you as long as you are giving it your all and ask for extra help. I learned so much at this school. They have a great staff. They will push you hard to make sure you achieve your goal and get your CDL. I started a great job a week after i finished school. I would recommend this school to everyone.

Andy D G

They will rob you!!! Do not do it! Truck companies will pay you to train you. Don't pay a school!!!!!

Hood Tycoon

I passed my state test yesterday. C1 is more than qualified to help students that are “focused” to reach the goal of obtaining a class A cdl. Students have the opportunity to engage with Walter and most of the instructors with any problems they feel are getting in the way. Brad’s class room instruction is on the money. As far as the range and road instruction goes, Eric Thurman, Professor Kenn, Ed “The Bulldog”, Dion, Will and Victor have the passion and want to see all the students cross the line and win the race. Students must take it upon themselves to study hard to achieve their cdl and get outta their feelings. Everybody is an adult. Proper Preparation prevents poor performance. I’ve already sent 3 current students to C1 and I plan on recommending C1 to more. Thanks C1 Staff !


Very professionally education, friendly staff.

Stephanie Abner

Just graduated yesterday, Dave and Victor are amazing, the girls in the office also amazing. I went to state 4 times to test in 5 1/2 weeks, I’m independent so I got to stay a little longer since they already cashed the check. The class b4 mine had people there 6-8 weeks, my class however one person was sent to state twice and she was kicked out at the end of our 5th week. The person running the place ( Walter) is only there for a safe pass. I was in a manual for the entire time until Monday of this week, then I was informed by someone else that Walter made the decision to move me to a automatic. I paid 4000.00 cash to learn in a manual. I know he did it just for a guaranteed graduate. Even the trainer told me he didn’t understand cause I had no problem in the manual. Walter just wanted me gone. I would love to recommend this school. But due to the way Walter runs it I cannot. My very first day we didn’t even have a instructor so we sat doing nothing then crammed the week into 4 days. The next week we had no instructor and was told learn pretrip, they literally showed us a quick 5 min pretrip and took us on a 5 min ride and that’s all the instruction we got for a week. The next week to the truck and u should know how to shift even if u have never learned b4. Just really sad all I’m taking away from my experience is bitterness due to the fact now I have to come off of 300.00 more dollars so I can get this automatic restriction off my license because Walter only cares about a for sure pass. Smh don’t do it if u find a different school pls try it first

Zachary Pete

School was longer then said they say 3 weeks plan for 6 weeks faulty training equipment but teachers know a lot good luck paying the bill when you call to pay them they aren’t in the office

Fleetwood Caton

First things first. Drop you ego at the door and go into this place wanting to learn. You have to realize these guys and gals have years of experience and know what they are doing. These guys go out of their way to help you learn and if you Listen to what they have to say and STUDY you WILL pass. I seen a couple of people that couldn't drive worth a shi# and they spent extra time helping them learn the proper techniques. A word of advice. Go ahead and take all the required test at your local BMV so once you pass your physical all you have to do is go get your learners permit. That will save you two or three days. Those two or three days can be used to study your pre trip and 4 Point break test. If I had to do it all over again I would.

dawrite dawrite

Good people

Sonora Josh

horrible way to learn to drive a truck. they are focused on pushing as many students through as possible and many of the instructors are rude and the hotel staff where they board you at as well. with that being said, if you stick with it, you can succeed. if you've got the money, go somewhere else. also not all the instructors were rude. just about half. some were good

noah cadwallader

I am brand new to this place. When I was signing my contract, I realised I had been played. I had been lied to from the very begining. They are very shady, things are not ran good at all. The physical is a joke, I had a physical before going, but lost my longform before I went. So I had to get another one there from them. My doctor passed me for 2 years, and there's passed me for 6 months, and did 1/3 of the physical. Absolutely pathetic. Everything about this place spells shady. Their trucks are junk, other students that have been there longer said one of the trucks does after running for to long. It died on him while on the interstate. Trucks with no door handles, they pack 4 people in each semi with little time behind the wheel. Save yourself the time and money and stay the hell away from this place. Not only all of that, but after seeing a lot of the trainers, you can tell they are complete douchebags, that anywhere else you wouldn't listen to for 5 seconds. Definently not who I want training me with a semi. Screw this place

James Hill

Bill Birkman

Do not waste your time or money. There are far better schools around. Celedon will train you and put you to work right away.

The Mad Trucker

Dwayne Marshall

Steve Brigham

Would be higher but they refuse to send me my documents until after I finish paying of my loan. Completely unethical, unprofessional, and unacceptable. How am I supposed to get work without my documents? Nothing short of scammy.

Eric Allison

John Meise

One star because of an incredibly rude examiner. I don't know why I didn't write this review earlier. The facility is great and the teachers were nice but unfortunately, the examiners are in a seat of power. nothing can be done if one abuses his power. I wish I remembered his name. He was a complete ass. I had to apologize to him or they wouldn't pass me. It was DISGUSTING. If I had to do it all over, I'd avoid this school for that one reason. He's that bad.

Michael Boyd

Keely Gasser

Pure and utter garbage.

Marc Lukowski

Just wanted to let everyone know C1 is a class act and taught me how to drive a stick. Also, Missy, one of the admins there saved my life by reacting quickly and getting me an ambulance when I was having a heart attack. Missy, you saved my life! Marc Lukowski

Trey Maxi Official

mixon thomas

paul horton

Here you have two chances to fail. After second pack your stuff. Started with over 150 students, down to 50 by end of the third week. Total concentration, total instruction, total skills. C1 has the best reputation among the schools. Trust and believe. VERY BEST. It's hard but fair, sometimes hard, always fair. Imjuzsayin

Lenny King

Very shady and underhanded. Do not go there, you have been forewarned!

Micah Munday

Worst school ever. Absolute waste of time. Glad I graduated but I would never advise anyone to come to C1

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