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REVIEWS OF Progressive Truck Driving School IN Illinois

Gul Azaz

The staff and instructor in class and on truck are to good to remember for every.Thanks Gul

Brent Dahnke

I would give this school 0 stars, if I could. This school is very unorganized, the staff is rude and only worried about getting more money from the students. The employees don't give you the right information until it's too late to back out of the contract. A lot of the students switched schools and paid all over again at the new school, just to get out of this one. Also, they are paying students to give good reviews so you should ignore the recent raving reviews - they're fake! I would not recommend this school to anyone.

Onur Tulis

It was great experience.everybody was helpful and friendly

Devonte Bentley

The training was great with the driving instructors the pre- trip need to be more active and hands on with students. I had a great experience at progressive and the staff were great and respectful.

carlos sts

Quick n easy! Clyde was real helpfull with the pretrip!

Javier Hernandez

Awesome school, the staff and teachers are awesome , they took their time and worked around my work schedule, i would recommend to anyone obtaining their cdl...

Jonathan Chavez

Progressive help me a lot. I came in just looking to see how much classes were going to cost and instead I got leads on where I can get a voucher. Flexible schedule, a lot teachers ready to teach. And if you need the extra help all you have to do was ask. Thanks to progressive I just got my license for class A, I start a job on Monday. What more can you ask

Dragos Ju

Progressive iti ofera 100% siguranta in drumul spre cdl

Eric Lash

I first thought, this would be easy for me, because I am good with taking tests and I love to drive, but truck driving is much more than that! You truly have to work hard for it and st the end it will be worth it!

edgar pena

Great school great instructors

Hakeem Adenle


linnell little

Great instructors, easy to work with, friendly, patient and gives awesome tips for learning and driving trucks.

Christopher Peart

The staff at progressive are thorough when it comes to preparing you for the trucking industry. Vito follow up with you on attendance and other issues. It's up to you to take your education seriously in order to succeed.

Georgia Allen

I thought that I knew all I needed to know about driving but when I got to Progressive Truck Driving School I learnt so much more. My first encounter was with Jerry at Belmont, awww he was terrific, thank you Jerry!! I then transferred to Cicero and met more great office personel and instructors. I just want to say a big 'THANK YOU PROGRESSIVE!! for helping me to realise my dream of becoming a trucker ☺☺

Abraham Oonnittan

From the moment I walked through the door, the experience dealing with progressive has been nothing less than amazing. I started off at the Belmont location before transferring out to Cicero and the transition couldn't be any smoother. The instructors and the office staff and very friendly and they are always there to help you out with everything . I couldn't have asked for a better experience. Thanks for everything guys !

richard mcmillion

This is the best place to learn how to drive a truck. They show you indapendence in your learning. They challenge you right away and keep you on your toes.

devonte jenkins

Good learning experience. Got CDL in under 2 months.

Adam GHE

It best truck school

StudioVaultChicago Recording & Media

Great school for truck driving and learning the basics.

Oscar Marroquin

I'm attending right now and I don't really see what the complains are about. I got my permit after 2 days. And getting ready to start training for my air brake test and drive time. If your looking to be babysat and looked after like a 5 year old child this is not the school for you. I've seen students that aren't paying attention and are on their phones half the time, what do they expect the results will be? If you just focus on your goal you will obtain it.

Alex Espinoza

They make you write a post saying how great the school is.

Gerardo Solis

My overall experience was great at this school. The instructors were very knowledgable and understanding that I was a student driver and helped me very throughly every step of the way. I highly recommend this school to whomever wants to peruse a truck driving career, this is the place to start!

Michael gonzalez

It was a learning a experience and a great accomplishment overall. Thank you progressive!!!

James Harris

Good school thorough training

Sammy Matias

Great school! I started at the school with no prior experience in driving manual, not even in a car. Learning double clutch manual seemed like something that was going to be very difficult. The first day I drove, I was doing horrible. With the help of the instructors, I was able to slowly progress. By the time I left, I learned more than I could ever imagine. Thank you so much progressive!

Roberto Ruiz

The staff and instructor at this location are very helpful. If you are serious about obtaining your CDL I would definitely recommend Progressive.

Dennis Diviney

School at progressive is a good school to attend the institute is greatly appreciated in all aspects

Jeremiah Smith

It was very good experience management was great had very good instructors one was really bad sleeping all the time but rest of the instructor want you to pass management rooting for you to pass I failed my first test next week the instructors and management got me ready and I passed with flying colors thanks progressive

Wayne Garbutt

The school is Amazing and the staff was helpfull and professional. They truly go out of their way to make you succeed. I truly recomand at every attend this facility.

Jerry Turner

Best school tu learn from,all I did was follow my instructors instructions and wavers thing just fell in place regarding my training, now I have my cdl!!!

Ronald Brooks

Progressive Trucking School is a GREAT Place to learn, and increase your confidence and begin a new career. The instructors are very knowledgeable, and thousands on experience with the trucks is Awesome! Thank you Ronald Brooks

Anthony Melendez

The teachers are excellent for the most part, it does sometimes feel that there aren't enough of them for the number of students though.

Naudain Jones

Great school, instructors and staff are magnificent. I would recommend this school to anyone that wants to really learn how to drive tractor trailers. Wish i could give them 5 more stars!!!!!

Andrew Hall

My Experience With Progressive Trucking School Was A Challenge And A Exciting Experience. I Recommend You To Progressive If You Are Serious About Getting Your CDLS.

Enis Lleshi

They were wonderful, very helpful and informative!

Moe Ammouri

I feel so proud for having my CDL from progressive they a nice customer service with a nice attitude Instructors are the best full of experience Very patient very helpful they nice and respectful this school is the best to get your CDL from

Carlos Ramirez

Most important decision of my life..dont cut your self short and be all you can be .

roman sarmiento

I don't recommend this school to no one! The school is very disorganized the employees are terrible .all they want is your money !! Do not go to that school .

Ismet aydın

It’s best truck driving school in Chicago. Director of school and instructors they are helped all students. Thanks Mrs Ewelina

Coy Hardimon

Great school great pre trip and skills instructors.

nestor hernandez

Best school great instructors highly recommend to anybody trying to change their career.

Sergkei Triantafyllidis

Great school!

marcus goston

Very good. Great teacher

Jim Burns

I found the experience through and challenging. The quality of the program exceeded my expectations. Anyone can read a book, and learn something from it. It was progressives quality instructors who presented a valuable program that helped me learn a lot.

ian cable

Great class, and jerrys a great teacher.

Memo Martinez

Very Good thank you Progresive school.

Anthony Escutia

Had a great experience at school. Great instucters. Would recommend to anyone who wants to get their CDL.

Arthur Potas

Finally I've gotten my CDL! My experience at Progressive was very positive! I consider my time spent at this school as very useful and effective. By the time of all of the exams needed for receiving a CDL I felt confident and prepared. I want to thank Maria who was very helpful and nice (actually, I decided to choose this school after her great presentation), instructor Jerry who helped a lot on the first phase of study, instructor Adam who was really effective in preparing me to the Pre-Trip inspection test. Thanks to all of the instructors who helped me in practical truck driving which had been a dark forest for me before!

Carlos Montero

Challenging at first! But don't be afraid to ask question and constantly learn. I finished the 160 hr program in one try. Learn from others. It's possible.

Chitown Boss

Good school i got cdl i recommend

Michael Wikander

I was a student there in 2012.. I learned so much from my instructors that has helped me over the years.. I highly recommend this school for getting a commercial license.. I look forward to one day maybe being a instructor there so I can give back to other drivers..

brian walsh

I had a productive and enjoyable experience while at progressive. They prepare you as much as possible to pass each test and get your CDL.

Serr ACE

I went to the Cicero location. I did not know what to expect but I went in with an open mind. I meet great instructors who actually cared about my experience there. I recommend going the the Cicero location, you will be in great hands. Look for Ricardo he is the Class instructor, great teacher with a great personality. Regi over on skills knows all the tricks, listen to the man trust me.

Steven torres

Best Truck Driving school, jerry is a great instructors and his main concern is to get you in the right track on getting you're CDL. I recommend Progressive Driving school if you're ready to get you're career going on the trucking buisness...***** ps. also want to thank all the instructors in cicero location you guys are the best . thanks again

Catrine Szopinski

I worked here before and it's completely un-organizationed . I feel so sorry for the students who sign up here. WASTE OF MONEY!! Owner just wants your cash. Can't even keep up with all the students joining every week, always losing records ... be WARN

Gustavo Reyes

Recomiendo la escuela es buena te ayudan mucho a que te gradues anímense si quieren salir adelante y tener mejor salario.


Jerry is great teacher at Belmont location he always does a great job at teaching Thank you Jerry

Alexander Valdivia-Rizzo

They make learning fun Personally recommend Progressive Truck Driving School

Lo Chicago

Progressive is a great trucking school with phenomenal instructors and staff that actually help you become a successful trucker

Ruben Recendez

Good school

Jaime Pascual

Una experiencia fantástico y profesional gracias por las instrucciones apropiadas que este instituto me ha dado

Brian Walton

Progressive is a good school good instructors very informative

Jonathan Dishman

For anyone who really desires a change in industries and require training I encourage you to check out the CDL classes at progressive truck driving school. The program is based off what you desire to put in. If you are determined about being successful in life all the necessary skills you need will be available to you. It's your responsibility to listen, do the work and not expect a hand out and after going through the process I can say I made a great choice.


Progressive taught my everything there is to know about operating a tractor trailer. Mr. Rodriguez, Lee and Reggie will make sure you understand what it takes to be successful with the course!!!


Good times !!!!

ivan torres

Great experience, definitely challenged me to the fullest and helped me achieve my one of many goals. Helping staff and great students respectful and friendly ambient. Don't regret it at all.

Steven Robinson

I had great time learning what i needed to know to become a trucker.

Hicham Kellal

outsanding school I have good experience with all the staff make happy and helped me to graduate

erick martinez

The train was good and the instructors was outstanding


Had a great learning experience at Progressive, went from not knowing how to drive to receiving a good amount of skills and knowledge in the trucking industry.

Shaquan Tidwell

My time at progressive was pretty good. Office staff was very helpful and pre-trip instructor Clyde is amazing. Trucks were good could be better but you can't expect top notch trucks for learning students.

Daul Perez

I would NEVER recommend this school to anyone. The majority of their students fail, the only thing they are good at is taking your money.

D. Cal

The Instructors were on point with sharing their experiences. The classroom instructor in particular was the best. He made learning fun and enjoyable.

Michael Janetzke

Great school to learn how to safely operate a tractor trailer properly and the instructors share their knowledge from classroom into the road and skills. I highly recommend attending this school for those interested in professionally acquiring their CDL class A license. 5/5 stars!!!

Robert cantu

Great instructors and they will help you if you ask , don’t assume they know what your thinking , express your concern and they will reply with a different strategy!

Stefon Eberhardt

Greatest choice I made. I'm starting 2019 with a CDL !!!

LaPriest Gary

It was a good school overall

Neal Huff

Overall experience was good just had communication problems with upper management about billing procedures and unclear invoices.After while I was able to get things clear.

George Evlogiev

Great people and instructors!Highly recommended!

Ashour Sargon

I am really happy and i wanted to thank Maria, Ewelina, Adam and all the staff!! Thank you

Ambiorix Jimenez

The school lost my D.O.T medical card and refused to admit it or help me in any way. On my first day of school I had to interview with a lady in the rear office. She told me she was filling in for the regular lady which was on vacation. She asked for my medical card and results and made copies. One for my records, one for my wallet, and one for their files. She put the original in an envelope and placed it in the inbox for the regular lady. She said I would get it upon completion. After completing the program I returned to the Belmont branch to get my original and they said they had no idea what I was talking about. They said that they never keep a students original card per procedure. When I tried to explain what happened they didnt even bother to hear me out. The lady at the rear office didnt even bother to see me. She rudely and simply said she did not speak to or interact with students. Their treatment was extremely unproffesional and they showed an absolute disregard for the customer/student which had just paid them almost $3,000 in tuition for this program.

Simion Toderasco

Great school

Naythen Camacho

All instructors know what they are doing! Very helpful and insightful. When I got there I never even drove stick shift but I’m leaving a professional!!

jonathan Ortiz

Great instructors hands down

Mitzi Mazon

Everyone did a good job in pushing me to help me graduate and I'm thankful for that because I did.

Trevel Covens

I had a great experience here with Progressive and All the Teachers and Driving Instructors are very Patient as well as Motivating..Thankful for the Education and Opportunity

Jahiro Jimenez

Excellent experience.Awsome instructors.ready for my new career...thanx Progresive

067 Gotti

Progressive is a good trucking school. They want you to be 007 in the trucking industry. The pre-trip knowledge is the best. Skills and Road training is excellent, instructors teach you how to like a experienced professional trucker.

Demarcus Henderson

It's a great school good teaching I have learned a lot knowledge and Gain good experience from progressive and the staff was great to me

Segun Adenle

A great experience in switching to a new field and was a great time I joined Progressive Trucking school.From the front office Crystal to my great instructor Jerry and my amiable friendly Administrator MARIA always smiling.And encouraging DAVIDO with problems solving all the time!They really take good care of my self and my brother from Day 1 in Belmont.I say a big thank you. Also moving to Cicero for more classes on road and skills I say a big thank you to Peyton and Tarrel also to my Great instructor on the road LEON POULAKOS for the time and brotherly encouragement sending me back to learn about Clucth Brakes! Really gave me an edge and am so Happy I came into the school. PROGRESSIVE TRUCKING SCHOOL was introduced to me by my brother and I never had a regret. A great school to recommend anytime anywhere any day. THANK YOU SO MUCH PROGRESSIVE TRUCKING SCHOOL!!!

Brandon Real

Best school

Alexis Valdovinos

Amazing school, great instructors if you haven't come to this school you need to check it out.

jesus lopez

Good experience es una experiencia nueva para mi me atendieron muy bien y cumpieron con todo lo ke yo necesitaba para aprender gracias progressive school..

Jose Matos

Progressive is by far the best truck driving school in the Chicago land . I highly recommend if your looking to get your class A CDL you check out what progressive has to offer. All the instructors are kind and professional and very helpful.

Chi Smoke

Sign up great instructors great staff, definitely recommend this school for anybody trying to make truck driving a career!

Freddy Cruz

Supportive, helpful, and encouraging through out

Danilo Delcid

This is good school

Dexter Bayawa

This school help me a lot despite on my delay because secretary of state mess up my information, i learned different techniques and ideas im so happy that i chose this school they never let me down.. i highly reccomend this school its an a plus...

Nick Mack

This was a great school! All the instructors and office staff are awesome. They really want everyone to succeed. Jerry at Belmont is great and Adam at Cicero is awesome! Everyone is helpful and they all helped me get my CDL. Thank you progressive for helping me with my new career!

Devon Eaton

I want to thank progressive as a team for believing in me. Helping me reach the biggest goal for my career.

Nestali Burgos

I want to thank progressive trucking school for the bright future they have provided for me and my family because of the great training and professional teaching they provided yes I am where I am today in life I am thankful for the great hours they have helped me through because I am a single mother and it was so hard for me to find people so understanding and helpful to help me fulfill my career, thank you progressive... to anyone that wants to get a head in your trucking career I recommend this school, yes take my word for it you will it....sincerely: olga mora....

dwayne Rembert

Hands on training. Goof intructors

little wolf


Shaun Dixon

Progressive is the best. Staff is fantastic and they really care! Thanks Progressive

Carole Carter

The school is a little unorganized sometimes but the instructors are very good at what they do. The instructors really take time with you and try to get you what you need to pass.

Cristian B

They get the job done. Got my CDL first try.

Dorin Simu

Excelent experience for a lifetime.


Progressive is a good school I recommend it to all of you thanks to them I have my cdl

Alexis Esponda

The school is great the instructors do a great job of teaching you everything they set you up for a great career

John Allison

Excellent experience!! Learned so much from experienced trucker drivers! Fun environment!

milagros zuniga

Lansing location is the best school truck driver cause CLAY is the best classroom instructor you never ever seen instructor like that. Thank you sooo much CLAY .

Cesar Jauridez

Progressive is one of the best CDL schools. My experience was very positive. The instructors are professional & top notch. The school has an excellent reputation for working with students from different backgrounds & getting them started on a solid career in truck driving.

David Villada

My experience here in progressive truck driving school has been good i learned alot from the instructors and specially from the students that have been here longer.Overall a great experience.

Richard Harris

Would Recommend Progressive To Any One Looking For A Great Experience And Good Learning Skills

Ladune Munstroke

This school has enhaced my skills in the work feild the instructors were up to par with their teachings skills to make sure you are ready for the road ahead i appreciate them all.

Laurence Ratcliff

Thank you

Trevor Harris

Progressive really thought me everything I needed to know to get my cdl. The instructors are great and really helpful.


The school and the instructors did a great job of preparing me to attain my CDL. If you pay attention to what the instructors are teaching you, you will pass your pre-trip, skills and road tests on your first chance.

Tariq Mamalachi

So rude she is saying I don’t have time ????

Pedro Morales

From the min I walked in the door and met Maria I knew I was in the right place. Excellent customer service,professional instructors and all around excellent experience from start to graduation. Maria has been present throughout the whole journey with positive encouragement and her great smile. Jerry's awesome teaching techniques and style made it easy to comprehend all the information needed. He is a VITAL part of my success in this program. The staff and instructors at Cicero are just as incredible and VITAL. Mr. Vito and his staff excel at providing top notch service to all the students. As a employed graduate, I know I made the perfect choice. Thank you Progressive family for everything.

Leo Arnold

. A great learning experience at progressive, got my cdl, heading ptl trucking

Darius Harmon

I liked it alot due to the instructors and classroom time. They really teach us alot about trucks and how to safely operate them.

David Gomez

Really good school only took me a total of 5 week to get my cdl and graduate. Best school I’m Chicago

mwizerwa patrick

I have been there one month and half, nice people, good instructors and friendly too.i really recommended you guys.

Dante Henley

Great instructors willing to teach you

Tk0 Grow20

The class room instructors were great. The best at helping with pre-trip inspection. The skills instructor was great. Helped me learn to control the beast (truck). And the driving instructors pushed me to leard to drive the safest way!

Eric Matthews

I had a good time at this school. The instructors were great with good tricks.

Daniel S. Crisan

Overall, my experience at Progressive has been great. The instructors are knowledgeable and helpful.

Corey Moore Sr.

I enjoyed my time at Progressive Truck School, it was lifechanging,challenging and wel worth it ,Thanks

Talex Music

Progressive is a good school, got my CDL and ready to work

Luis Rivera

Great school.

Chris Papakos

Hands down best instructors and staff. It’s a REAL truck driving school and they really can teach anyone how to be a professional truck driver. Grateful for the training. Great experience. Thank you all.

Kefirah Robinson

I'm a Progressive Truck School graduate and proud of it

Vance Coswell

Very good school everyone was very helpful and gave me hope for my future

Jessica Ochoa

Great instructors for road and skill. Incredibly opportunity to learn how to drive and understand the trucking industry.

Frederick Heard

My experience at Progressive was fun I meet sum great people & had great instructors shout out to Jeff, Clyde, Danny, & Bonnie!!!!!

Ehecatl M

It was a great school and a good experience. Staff was very helpful and students were great as well.

jose cuevas

They don't give you correct information until is too late to back out of the contract.

Carlos Amador

Best laid back instructors you can have to succeed!

Hector Baez

What I liked most about Progressive Truck Driving School was how well each employee and trainers knew their job and how they kept pushing me forward to strive and accomplish my goals as an individual. They treated me with respect and are very willing to work with you any way they can.

Patrick Jenkins

Great school, Instructors were helpful. I would recommend anyone trying to obtain their cdl to come to this school.

Franky Jk

Please l went to come to the school how much will I pay and how many mouths Will l finished?

Alex Gandara

Very good school. Very good instructors.

Shawty The Kidd

Jerry at Belmont was a real good instructor he was a big help with the pre trip! The school however didn’t do the greatest job of getting me out, maybe it’s becuase they don’t have enough instructors, trucks or students aren’t passing there test on time. My experience at progressive was a long bumpy road, I was a full time student and I passed every exam on my first try however I was originally scheduled to finish by June 21st and I didn’t actually finish till July 26th! The school told me that it was becuase I didn’t have the proper training however by the time I finished the program I had 240 hours and I had paid for 160. To the schools defense their was a couple of times I was a no show becuase life got in the way however I felt I was being punished even though I felt I was ready and my class hours were up to date. Finally, in my opinion progressive is probably not the best school but there also not the worst, if you plan on attending just make sure you don’t miss any class days and make sure your not late becuase the school will hold you back even though you may be ready! Christian Tabares

Louis Hemphill

It's was great here

Robert Yi

Instructors were very knowledgeable and helpful. They were also available to answer any concerns and questions that any one had.

osama rehman

i graduate this morning i recommend you guyz this is the best trucking school and the instructor are awesome the staff are so helpful especially maria is one the best worker there and all those instructors are well trained and so helpful guyz highly recommend you to join this school today

Pnut 46

The staff is great

Kevin Girard

Jerry at Belmont is a great instructor and will help you nail down your Pre-trip Inspection before you move on to the driving school in Cicero. All the office staff is very helpful accommodating of your needs. If you are able to take direction, the driving instructor Lee WILL teach you the skills you need to be successful in the program and get your Class A CDL.


Really helpful Ewelina and Leon thank you for everything....

Calin Vasiu

Everybody it's very nice and helpful. Evelyna, Jerry, Adam, Luis are great people. I recommend this school to anybody who wants to start a career in trucking industry.

Jess S

Great school teachers are patient best hands on training

Jesus Vargas jr

Overall great experience at progressive truck driving school. Luis Acosta is one of the driving instructors and Duda excellent job on helping me obtain my CDL. The staff was very helpful as well and was helpful every step of the way to obtain my CDL.

Ghost Hitta

My class was the most exciting class to be in we made jokes had fun with the instructor which made it a lot easier getting through

Abdoulaye Diaby


douglas huff

the school is okay! my only concern is the guide lines on the ground, they need to be painted and the pavement needs to be redone! also, make sure the air conditioning in the trucks are working!

Iskak Omuraliev

Nice school, Jerry, Steve, Adam and driving instructors are really cool. I recommend this school if you want to learn about trucking.

Brandon Lambert

My experience at school was good, i went through the wia 240 program. They make sure if you dont understand something from one instructor they will have another one help you.

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