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2361 S Titanium Pl #110, Meridian, ID 83642

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REVIEWS OF Phillips Driving School IN Idaho

Alec Conn

Kendrick was an amazing teacher and taught me so much

Sarah Midnight

Dis teacher cool, YEET! In all honestly, I’m going to miss being in this class after it’s over. Sir Kendrick the first (I think) makes this driving school better. He’s very funny, creative, and he makes it easy to learn. He teaches in a comedic way that makes it easier to remember notes. He should be paid more definitely. (Btw I am not being paid to say this, if I was this would be way longer). I will admit, his hypnosis tricks he shows us kind of scare me and I can’t sleep at night, but besides that. HE MAKES LEARNING FUN. I wish he was a teacher at my school. Teacher of the year! (Warning: Kendrick May make you possessed. If you are associated with Jesus, do not talk to this teacher. Also I am just kidding. He will also show videos of kids vomiting, that one I am not kidding)

zekija skenderovic

I so happy with this school thanks so much ms carem is exelent instructor

Kris Lair

Phillips Driving School is great. It’s a fun place to learn and everyone is so nice and understanding. Perfect place for kids who are nervous about driving.

Cassie Lashaway

I had a great experience my driving instructor and in class teacher made everything easy to understand and fun.

BenjaminBen Stewart

This place is Awesome! I've learned a ton while going through this course. Kendrick is and awesome teacher!

Arly Palomera

Jackie is a good driving instructor.


Kendrick is lit I’d rate him 10000000000000000000000000000000000000000/0.000000005 tacos I recommend it to everyone

Jacob Peacock

Skunks Spray or Licorice? Oh and Kendrick is a pretty good teacher

Logan Massie

Kendrick is magical. What a school. I'd definitely recommend.

Koltin Teater

The breaks during class are the best.

Vicci James

Wying Silvestri

Sometimes hard to reach the desk for payment but they try and Catherine is a wonderful teacher. I have experienced no other driving instructor like her. Thank you!

Faith Loewen

Kendrick is the best teacher out there. No one can top his magic tricks and his teaching is okayyyy. I recommend this class to anyone who wants to learn how to drive and laugh while learning. Kendrick should %100 be paid more!

Tori Simon

I had a good experience. The class is fun and it is MUCH easier to get into than the school run one. The drivers are very nice.

Peg Simonet

Registering our third young driver with them. They do a wonderful job of preparing our kids.

Scott Ryan Miller

Please teach your students ALL of the driving laws, including going a minimum of the speed limit while in the left lane of the interstate / connector into downtown Boise. I.e. this morning at 9:15am

Boden Redding

It is a fairly decent establishment, based upon the bringing about of new, skilled drivers. They teach all about everything within the Idaho Driver's Manual. They help you accomplish all prerequisites to getting your permit. Including but not limited to: - 30 hours of in-class time - 6 hours of driving time - Driving test The building is quite nice, equipped with 2 bathrooms (one of each sex), a kitchen (with a small fridge and microwave), a projector, and much more. The school is okay by itself, but what really is its best feature is the staff. Specifically, the best in his field, world renowned, Kendrick. He looks a lot like Jim Halpert, which makes me feel as if I'm in a more safe environment. He does an amazing job at grasping all the students attention - by being both entertaining and educational. He is the ideal teacher for any scenario. There has not been a time I can remember, while he was teaching, that I have been actively bored. He is very comedic and brings good times to nearly every subject he teaches. To be comepletely honest, no amount they do or can pay him will be enough. In summary, the school is good, but in my honest opinion, it would be basically nothing without Kendrick.

Mia Rogers

This is a very fun class. The teacher (Kendrick) is super nice and tells very funny stories. He makes class entertaining and fun while still learning important things. The driving instructors are great and pretty chill ;)

Hunter Warnick

Had an amazing experience with Kendrick his personal insight and stories helped me to better understand the importance of respecting the road and the other drivers. Andy my driving instructor was also phenomenal. He helped me to feel confident in my driving capability by offering step by step guidence whenever I needed it. Both of these men have greatly influenced my life by helping me to understand and be ready for this next phase in my life. Although I will always and forever call parking lots car parks (Andy's British) I'm utterly greatful for this experience.

Amy Herbert

Max Perucca

Best school ever, Kendrick is the best teacher, help out a lot. He cool man, he cool

Carver Allen

Kendrick is a G. Straight up


Kendrick is great teacher give 10 tacos of 10

Maddison Buster

This place is amazing! I just got my permit and I couldn’t be happier. Jermey Ehmke was the best driving instructor ever. So welcoming and didn’t make the driver boring. I really enjoyed myself!

Paris Eberhardt

WOW! 100/100 for this driving school! Kendrick is the

Kylee Bowman

Kendrick is the best teacher ever

Zach Wood

Trash... 5 Stars also Kendrick is pretty cool i guess

Griffin Teuber

Philips driving school is grand. They have this one guy, Kendrick the teacher, who is a splendid teacher. Would recommend this school. 10/10. Phenomenal

Jayden Lopez

Kendrick is a driving teacher at Phillips driving school. He is so funny all of the time. He is a hypnotist in the summer so he always is showing us tricks and playing/making jokes. He had the mindset of a 14 year old which make him so much more enjoyable. We watch education and fun videos about the lessons we are learning. He makes the class seem like it is going by so much faster. He lets you eat dinner in class. It is a pretty chill environment. And you should definitely come here

Korrin Satchwell

Kendrick was an amazing teacher and walked us through every situation possible. He made it a very fun environment.

Kelsey Palomera

Jackie is a great driving instructor and Kendrick is as well

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