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REVIEWS OF Idaho Driving School IN Idaho

Ella B

Mason Sanders

fast cars

wesly g

This drivers ed class was probably one of the funnest classes I've ever attended. The teacher/driving instructor (Rob) was super fun to be around. He makes teaching 32 kids very entertaining. Plenty of jokes, as well as all the learning. On the final exam, all 32 student passed, which in my opinion, says a lot about Rob's teaching methods. Definitely would recomend to anyone wanting to take drivers ed, and still feel comfertable and have a good time.

Marlon Colton

This school is the best driving school in the United States and the world rob and all the other instructors are the best teachers and will help you learn without too much stress and make it fun to do everything about the class is amazing and all the cars are awesome and make doing drivers ed here more exciting

Hunter Fust

Teachers are amazing!! And classes are easy and fun to take

Gavin Bedegi

The course was a HUGE waste of time. It is required to spend 45 minutes on each unit in which I skipped ALL, I repeat this for emphasis, ALL of the curriculum, yet aced every single test. It is very sad that they do not cater to those with common sense these days in which sadly, there are very few. It would be of great convenience to have some sort of pre test at the beginning so that you get the curriculum needed rather than being treated like you were born only several weeks ago. I am very disappointed and also angry at this meaningless system being held in place. I along with many others skipped through EVERYTHING and aced EVERYTHING! My time was stolen and TIME IS MONEY. - Gavin Bedegi

Jaylan_ A

Rob is the best

Carson Litwin

This was the best class ever. I’m truly sad that it’s ending. I have bonded with all of the instructors and all of the students very fast and will miss everyone very much, especially rob he is great. I have never once bin bored in this class and was entertained the whole time. The drives were fun and I felt comfortable and wasn’t nervous at all. I highly recommend this place, you make great friends, get close with instructors, and have a great time and learn lots. Idaho driving school deserves all of these 5 stars every bit. Goodbye I will miss everyone.

Korbin Frisch

Well where to begin. Captin rob was amazing. Fun and can make as well as take a joke. Definetly go again. The cars are clean and in good working conditon. Geat people great cars what more could you ask for. P.S. say hi to rob for me. Tell him KUNA sent you.

Kenzie Davis

Great expirence! Best teachers with fabulous personalities. They have a huge sense of humor. They know when to mess around and have fun and when it's time to be serious. I feel safe in the car with them. If you don't have a sense of humor you will not get very far in this class. Best class ever! Definitely recommend it. And it is a little more spendy, but hey, you get to drive those cool cars with rob, scott, jerry, and the rest! :)


My time at Idaho Driving School was one of the most enjoyable experiences ever. Rob and the gang were all great to talk to and learn from. The class always had lots of fun and I made many friends there.

Charlie Konrath

“I'm Rick Harrison, and this is my pawn shop. I work here with my old man and my son, Big Hoss. Everything in here has a story and a price. One thing I've learned after 21 years – you never know WHAT is gonna come through that door.”

Nate McLean

I needed a flexible program for my son to learn drivers ed due to sports and other school activities. My son did the online version that is offered. It took him about 5 weeks to finish the online part and then he started driving. My son always had good things to say about the instructors and loved the cars he got to drive in. Two weeks later, he passed his final drive and is now driving us parents around. We had nothing but good experiences with Rob and his staff.

Amanda S.

We have had a great experience with them so far! They have been super friendly and helpful. It is in a convenient location that was easy to find and best of all they are able to work with our schedule on a time frame that fits our needs. Really glad we chose to go with them.

Anna Boone Barker

I am so happy I decided to enroll my daughter here. Not only did she get a top notch education, but she also loved going to class. The instructors made it fun and Rob worked with our crazy schedule to make sure my daughter got her in car instruction completed. Well worth the money!

Dan Sager

My daughter so very nervous about learning how to drive everyone there made her Feel very comfortable and it wasn’t too long she was loving the class they took the time and helped her Really understand the safety Ness Of driving a vehicle on the road. I have two more children growing up and they will also attend the school ..

Bob Builder

Your child will thank you! Mostly videos and lectures, and easy 10-question quizzes. All material is learned in a fun and effective manner, though fast-paced. The class head, Rob, also has a very good sense of humor. Helpful instructors that are not too insistent but still firm and safe. Driving schedules are tailored to every student and changes are VERY flexible. An after-school drive in the yellow Camero is the way to get picked up in style. This driving class is the kind of class where students have a fun time while learning to drive. You get to look back on the fun and friendships made in Idaho Driving School, and the last class is held at Fast-Lane where the students get to race go-karts, are given driver's permits, and pose for a class picture to remember. Just don't get the driving instructor Steve. (He seems quite an a******)

Sydney Evans

Rob is G

Spencer Henderson

Joe DeWitt

Sliverkey may be a good choice once you get into their classes. However their reservation system is an absolute nightmare. They hardly answer phones, don't return voice mails and don't email at all. Even though I had a 'confirmed' reservation weeks before the start of the class, I was told on the first day of the class that it is full. Very disappointing. Luckily there are many good driver education schools in Boise. Avoid this one.

Emma Weiss

Idaho Driving School is awesome!! The schedules are easy to understand and they try their best to accommodate you. Rob is the best!! The information isn’t always interesting to learn, but Rob makes it fun and entertaining!! Thanks so much for the awesome experience!!

Jacey Peterson

I just finished Silver Key's driving school a few weeks ago and I have got to say that it was one of the best experiences of my life!! I was scared at first about the larger class room setting but I soon found out I didn't need to be! The instructors are outgoing, kind and fun. I enjoyed every class. Rob is an amazing instructor. I was confident while driving because every single one of my drivers were observant and watchful. I made friends with the kids in the class and each instructor. I would highly recommend this school to anyone who wants to concur drivers ed, as well as have fun! (Rob likes donuts)

Bailee Lemos-Skinner

Rob is quite the character, but the class is lots of fun. The cars are nice and the driving instructors are very kind. Shout out to Scott, my favorite instructor. Fast paced learning and fast cars. 10/10 would learn again.

Trinity Hobdey

Did online drivers ed with Idaho Driving School. Rob made it so easy to begin that I could start within 20 minutes of leaving their office. Because I could do it at my own pace, I was able to complete the course by the date I'd like and worked around my schedule perfectly. I have heard tons of other great things about the in class option from fellow students and would have done this option if I was able to work it around my work schedule. Highly recommend this company for any new drivers, you won't regret it.

Andrew Every

Just got my permit here. Undoubtedly the best driving school in Boise. Here are a few reasons: 1. Awesome cars: a luxurious brand new Mustang, a giant Raptor pickup truck, a stick-shift Mustang, a Camaro, and a cute VW beetle. All bright yellow. All really fun to drive. 2. Great classroom. Learning all the rules of driving is never particularly fun, but Rob does a great job of keeping the class engaging. 3. It's fast. High school driver's ed programs take 6-8 weeks and 10% of their students fail! This school takes 2 weeks and if you fail, you can retake the class for free. 4. Incentives! The driving instructors often take students through drive-thrus. There are prizes in the class. And the last class is held at Fast Lane, so kids can race 40mph go-karts after the parent meetings. Tons of fun. This place is worth the extra money. I actually enjoyed the class, and I can drive decently after just two weeks. Your teenager will thank you.

Seamus Worsley

You won't find better cars than the ones Rob has. The instructors were patient and I was able to learn a lot. Rob is running a great business, doing some great things. It was worth it. Overall, The class was lit

Bianca Pickard

After being out-of-state for the past four years, and upon returning, I realised that traffic and driving patterns had changed in Boise and after interviewing a few driver's ed companies, I settled on the Idaho Driving School for my teen. She did not have to take the class, but as THAT mom who does not leave anything to chance, I enrolled her, and it was the best decision ever!! You get more than you pay for. The curriculum is comprehensive and thorough; the additional information and personal driving experiences shared really helped my child understand how multi-dimensional driving is. My teen enjoyed every class, made new friends, and loved the in-car experience!! I am grateful to the entire team for their investment, knowledge, and expertise. I highly recommend this company for all new drivers, teen and adult. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

Zane Harbison

Great class. Instructors were engaging and concise. Schedule was well-structured and organized, but also convenient and flexible towards your needs. I learned everything I needed to and felt very confident with my driving by the end. Rob was a blast, best Driver's Ed. instructor by far. Overall, awesome program

Alex Donahue

Wow Rob, what a character. Only mean a little bit sometimes, love the guy. This is the best driving experience you can get on Benjamin and emerald street. Really though it's a very fast course and it's a lot of fun. Well not really fun but kinda fun. 10/10 stars


(Translated by Google) We had to do the practical driving test. Do good to do bad for, not severe. (Original) 運転実技試験をやってもらった。いいのかわるいのか、厳しくない。

Colin Gardner

i would like to say the school is great the teacher is amazing hes funny and makes class interesting

Samuel Gross

These guys stay in business because they provide a positive learning environment, they feel like they are integrating you because the entire family is there. Stories are told by people helping you learn that driving and crashes are real even if you haven't experienced it. They're drives are relaxing with both new recruits and veterans. If you want your teen to learn to drive go here. The schedule is very flexible on when to drive. Rob may pick on students for the entertainment of others but at their request he will stop. 6/5 stars!

Tosha Chapman

The best driving instructors in Boise.

Spencer Halle

Totally amazing, the cars were fun, and the instructors were really awesome, pizza day was good, overall it was am awesome experience, i would say its definetley worth the extra money

Ammon Jensen

Best Drivers Ed class/school out there! I would highly recommend and encourage this school to any and all youth. Rob engages the class. He provides an experience that allows kids to enjoy the experience but also teaches them in depth about the safety and dangers of driving. I am currently enrolled and am having a blast while also earning my permit. They not only provide an wonderful education and experience but also have really cool selection of cars. Thank you Rob for making it such an amazing experience to earn a drivers permit!

Darce Johnson

Your search is over. Seriously. We made the mistake of using a different "school" when we started our daughters out on the process of learning to drive. We were extremely fortunate to find and switch to Idaho Driving School. Rob and his team worked to undo the previous instructor's damage, making our kids more confident drivers, comfortable with the sometimes unwritten "rules of the road", and knowledgeable about Idaho driving laws. This is an actual school. Your kids learn to drive-- and they will have fun while doing so. Worth. Every. Penny.

Luca Hund

The best driving school ever. I have got my permit a few days ago and it was a lot of fun. All their instructors where really nice, funny and could explain all kind of questions in the classroom as well as in the car. In this school u will learn how to drive in a nice atmosphere. So when my friends ask me for a good drivers ed, I would tell them to go to silver key.

samantha jenkins

Brooke Yarnell

I was a student of robs class and it was great. I am mainly writing this so he will show it in the last day of the next course. All the instructors taught me very well and made sure I understood everything to be a safe driver. If your going to learn how to drive this is the place to go!

Heather Davis

Wow I don't know how these guys stay in business. I told them my daughter was very nervous and had panic attacks so they assured me that they would be very careful to make sure she was a comfortable, confident driver. They scheduled her first drive at night on a day that had freezing rain in the busiest part of our city. It's hard to imagine a worse time to have a nervous teenager try her first drive. The second drive was an even worse experience. These guys just seem to be a conveyor belt churning out drivers. I got a refund and I would never use their company again with any of my children. I wish I could give them less than 1 star.


10/10 - IGN. Like Skyrim with Cars. No, but really. Great class, fun adventure, and lots of amazing instructors. Definatly recommend.

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