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REVIEWS OF Hawkins Driver Education IN Idaho

Kelsey Hawk

The quality of service you receive using Hawkins driving school is apparent immediately, with Tomi’s knowledge and professionalism. Her care for the students in preparing them to safely navigate the roadway is proven with countless drivers on the road today after graduating her course. She is punctual and easy to work with, thankful for her years of experience!

Monique Zehner

My teens used Hawkins driving school, thankfully! I feel very confident when they are driving because they received a solid foundation. Tomi impressed on them good driving habits, courtesy on the road, defensive driving, etc., all the while exhibiting patience and confident leadership. It is an intimidating time for many teens, starting out on the road, but Tomi gave them the skills, self-confidence, and knowledge to prepare them for a lifetime of safe driving! I would highly recommend Hawkins Driving School!

Brett Nunez

Tomi taught my children how to drive and was an excellent teacher. Very professional operation- highly recommend her and her company to anyone wanting to learn to drive!

Greg&Debie Wood

We have known Tomi for 10 years and appreciate her professionalism, thoroughness and the care she shows to her students. We would highly recommend her as an instructor for any teen who needs to learn how to drive!

Always At Your Service LLC

I have had both of my kids go through Hawkins for drivers ed. Both are in their 20s now and still talk about how much they loved Tomi. She was always there when she said she would be and even went out of her way to meet us when time constraints were tight. Only good things to say about this company. Lori

Craig Rossi

Buyer beware... The owner is unprofessional. Insisted that costumers remove their reviews before rendering service. Refuse to return perments until her demands are met. The owner is Unreasonable and needs to work on her people skills.

David Ross

Our experience with Tomi has been wonderful. She’s been kind and has answered all our questions professionally and thoroughly. It saddens me to see such negative comments after the amazing experience we’ve had. My son has also mentioned how thorough and amazing his lessons have been and often corrects us with flaws in our driving based off of what he learned from Hawkins. We highly recommend her and have two more kids getting close that will be attending as well.

kayla hawkins

Coming from personal experience Tomi's Driver Education Class provided wonderful service and a positive learning environment for me. Her lectures were very informative; whenever I had a question she always had an answer. She was very professional when we would go drive through a neighborhood or drive on the freeway, she stayed calm even when I made a mistake. I have heard of other stories from other drivers about their experiences going through drivers education and how the instructor didn't meet the students needs. However, comparing it to Tomi's drivers ed. I felt that my needs were meet and beyond. She truly cares about each and every one of her students, I know this is true based on my experience with Tomi.

Randy Dusenbury

Our daughter had gone through driver's training and had driven with her mother and I several times, but was still not quite ready to get her license. We contacted Tomi, explained the situation, and she immediately scheduled a time to meet with us. She listened to our concerns and more importantly, listened to our daughter, and then they were on the road together. Several hours later, they were back and Tomi explained that she had just needed to go through the fundamentals one-on-one. They practiced backing up, parking, lane changes, checking mirrors and freeway driving. Tomi not only gave our daughter helpful tips on how to pull into parking spaces correctly and checking blind spots, but also gave her the confidence she needed to get behind the wheel on her own. Our daughter passed the driving and written tests the following week with no problem and I don't think she has gotten out of her car since! Thank you Tomi, for your patience, knowledge, and for making the entire process fun while instilling the seriousness and responsibilities that go along with the privilege of driving. My wife and I would highly recommend Tomi to any parent whose child is ready to take this important step - she truly cares about every person who gets into her car.

Marek Hawkins

Hawkins Driver Education is very professional and every graduated student I have talked to who has taken the course gave Tomi awesome credit for her student education/driving instructor skills. Even the conversations over the many years I have known Tomi the parents comments were nothing short of excellent. I know, I sent both my kids through the school and they are the best drivers bar none due to Tomi's extensive knowledge of driver education and the skillful transfer of that knowledge to my kids. Top notch!

Alycia Roesler

Tomi was a great driver's ed instructor! She provided a great learning atmosphere in the classroom and spent time working with each student when necessary. During the driving portion of the course, she was calm and informative, which helped me with my nerves each time I got behind the wheel. She was polite, patient, punctual, and very professional. I would absolutely recommend her!

Scott Fischer

My experience here is the owner/manager did well with the number of kids in class each day.

Maddison Gordon

Delanie Smith

Great teacher!

Alastair Gough

Megan Hutchison

Professional, personal and ethical! Would definitely recommend Hawkins Driver Education to anyone!

Jon Smith


Darcie Haigwood

Tomi was punctual and professional and our son felt very comfortable driving with her. Would recommend her to anyone. I also really appreciated the time she took with me on the phone to explain how everything worked. She’s obviously very experienced in teaching. Thank you, Tomi!

Nate Maybach

Tomi was calm, professional, and very nice throughout my entire driving experience. She adapts to every student, and for me, she helped me with my first time behind the wheel, a rarity for her students. I liked that it was a one-on-one experience. Throughout my 3 lessons, she was calm, professional, and never faltered. Amazing job!

Julianne Russell

Tomi has been such an incredible driver's ed instructor for my children! She is kind and patient but also really cares about putting safe drivers on the roads. She has a positive, friendly demeanor and helps students feel comfortable behind the wheel. She is also flexible and works with parents to get the necessary driving times scheduled at times that are convenient. Thanks, Tomi! Hawkins Driver's Ed is the way to go!

Chas Heaton

Top notch service with an impeccable attitude for safety! Tomi Hawkins of Hawkins Driver Education is highly recommend by me and my entire family!

Reyanne Germann

Owner was so disrespectful to me and my daughter. She scheduled a session and they didn't show up and then got mad at us because we were upset about it and never once even apologized about it. My daughter who was frustrated wrote a review on here and was threatened by the owner that she would not finish giving her lessons (holding her permit ransom) until she removed her review and then decided to talk badly about my daughter to me when I was trying to just make amends so we could finish the lessons. I was so appalled by her behavior that not only did she make apts and not keep them but blame us for everything. She finally let my daughter finish her last session but only after we met her demands. This behavior was highly unprofessional and I wouldn't recommend this company.

Collins of the Ryan

Service sucked, sent one of my other kids through Phillips and he walked out a better driver and didn’t have any problems. Would highly recommend Phillips Driving School.

Chloe Huffman

The owner called me malicious and rude for leaving a bad review, after I got a bad service. She also threatened me by not completing the course until I took it down. Anyone who is thinking about using Hawkins please note that most of the 5 star reviews have the last name of the owner and were also put up around the same time.

Maya Ihling

Kinsey Machos

I know Tomi personally and professionally and I’ve watched her provide exceptional driver’s education to our community’s teenagers for 16 years. She provides high-quality, safe, and reliable services and I would recommend her to any parent that is preparing for such a huge milestone for their kids!


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