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REVIEWS OF TALK English Schools - Atlanta IN Georgia

Julio Estrada

During my first weeks in Talk English Atlanta I could improve my skills about the English Language, my listen and write are better than when I arrive and every day I have seen how I increase my vocabulary knowless about that. I am really happy with my course, with my teachers and my classmates. In relations with the classroom, this are comfortable and have many technological aids. I recommend Talk as a serious and efficient English study center.


One to one leasons is really helpful and I like this school.

Rina Buberglu Levin

My experience with the IELTS Test Center was very positive. The director Mr. Park was very polite and provided all the information I asked for. Also, the test was well-administered and my results were posted on-time. I definitely do not agree with those that posted negative reviews.

Hour Abedea

This school is AMAZING

Jonas Macaneiro

Good school with a good location!

Milena Caicedo

I had a good experience at Talk English School Atlanta. The classes were very interesting and well planned. The teacher really cared about our learning process. Also, I had the chance to know people from different countries.

Marília Mendes

Great School

Shaun Setzler

Amazing school, friendly staff and great location!

Isabela Pontes

I recommend this school, good price and great location.

Gabriel goldhar

Best English school ever , totally recommend!

Xu Qin

I like the school.

Maria Lúcia Macieira

Wonderful course! I spent 2 weeks and I knew different people in the world. The teacher Liande is excelent and so the course organization. I hope that I can repeat this experience <3

Carolina duque duque

Ricardo Nascimento

(Translated by Google) Very good experience, great professional. (Original) Experiência muito boa, ótimos profissionais.

ياسر الصانع

It’s good school! This is my good friend and wish her a good future.

Franciele Carvalho

I just love the time I've spent here.

Abdul Aziz Abdul Samad Alkatib

Lorenzo Bruno

Dzmitry Ro

Such a great school. I love it! Excellent teachers and very nice price.

Oceanía Gil Roa

Awesome English school !!!! Really good experiences. Thank you TALK ATL.

Akiko Tsuji

i have been here for 2 months now.i did not know anyone before i came here. i have met new friends at talk. my class mates and my teachers supporting me all the time. i like them. thank you

behiye elçi

I enjoyed studying here and I learned a lot of things . Classmates and teachers are so nice:)

Valdeides Aparecida do Santos Silva

I like the school and teachers are friendly

Ran Yoo - 유란

sim mobicard

I am very pleased to attend the school

Bob Song

The IELTS test center of Atlanta !

Matuku Amanda

Nice teachers. Good atmosphere very nice place to learn.

Aminata Bamba

Thé Teacher and classmates are really friendly. So i studied english for only two weeks but i could enjoy learning english in Atlanta

Hansang Park

Good school


It has nice and sophisticated atmosphere to learn English and very helpful teachers as well. 非常に落ち着いた空間で英語を勉強することができます。生徒のレベルに沿ったクラスが複数あり、1クラス約12-3人です(夏季)。課外アクティビティやワークショップ等のプログラムもあります。

Luis Meléndez Guerrero

I could enjoy studing here.

JF Hayet

Great place for all international students.

abdullah alabdullah

This school is a great place in Atlanta. The people are friendly and it’s fun! The school, people from many country.

maria silvia arellano cadenas

I like the school and teachers. Also good classmates here.

Camilla Pontes

I had an amazing experience, great school

Marina Umerez

I had a great time at Talk. Both students and teachers were very nice. I feel I have learned a lot and mostly practice speaking and listening to people with difference accents. A pleasure.

Nestor Cortez


Ziphu Knapdagji

Great food and wonderful atmosphere. The live music is truly on point.

Wallace Ribeiro

Well, this is my first experience. I have studied English in the US before. I have been learning a lot and improving my English. At Talk I made several friends from different countries. It has been very nice. The school has great teachers and the environment is really good. I recommend this school. Thank you talk for this great experience!

Sebastian Echeverry

This school is cool, amazing, is near to tren station and bus station you can go to many places, has a good teachers, the students and teachers are friendly and kind. I have a great experience here, because you can meet a new people of other countries, the classes is fun, I feel my progress in this language (English) because when I started here, I didn’t talk but now I can talk to other people, I can understand. I like this school.

Jorge Enrique Mendoza

Amazing experience, very good staff & teachers, always wants to provide a better learning environment. A lot of diversity of countries inside a class, talking and thinking in the same language.


سليمان الجعيلي

Salah H. Basha

Hillary Urgelles

I love this school. It's very cool and I'm enjoying.

Santiago Robles

This school has helped me a lot, since I’m here really i have felt a big progress in my English, I have met a lot of friends of differents countries and this is very great because we can practice the language while we have a good time between friends.

Calista Rice


Eriko is nice and teachers are so good Always thank you guys

Marcelo Paes

Awesome teachers,

Mohammed Alzahrani

It is a good school to speak English in a short time

Amber Liu

This is a terrible place to take an IELTS test. please note that I took an IELTS test on August 18 2018, and after 2 weeks, i should be able to check my test result online, not only me, but the other candidates as well, we can not verify our test result online, TALK didn't upload our scores to IELTS website. when i tried to call IELTS, they said it's TALK test center's duty to do this. but TALK didn't do it, so far, i never get any answer or solution from TALK Center in Atlanta. the man works there name Fredrick Park, didn't even try to help. he paste the answer claim that they have upload our score, but where???? his attitude is not trying to figure out why we can not check our score online, but kick this problem back to IELTS. be careful if you want to take an IELTS test here, because you may not have a valid IELTS test result to use for applying anything. it's so terrible to take a test here. especially the man Fredrick , he is just not working to help us at all!!! if i can give him less than one star, i will, this one star is not for you , Fredrick , it's for other ppl who that day helped at the test center. It should be your job to help us to figure out why we can not check our score on IELTS website, but u didn't, you are so incompetent. i hope someone read this could contact me to help us. all of us, 20 candidates, still can not check our scores after almost 3 weeks after the test!

mauricio portugal

Good School. I like the teacher. Good teacher.

Kim Myungja

I like this school. My teachers were kind to students and taught passionately. My young friends are lovely. I'm like to remember the time here. And I will miss my young friends. Thank you for being kind to me and for loving me.

khaled niodogo

I really like the school! I would recommend you to Schoold there because they are teaching you with love and respect! And i like that!


There are good teachers but I had an experience with a teacher who was not good but the problem is already solved. The school is a bit disorganized in terms of levels.


Nathalia Gomes

(Translated by Google) Enjoyable experience even in short time course. Loved the method and meet the people! (Original) Experiência agradável mesmo em pouco tempo de curso. Adorei o método e conhecer as pessoas!

Jakisbel Isea

I love to be here. the teacher are the best, I recommend studying in Talk English Schools if you want to improve your English!

sima mansour


I have learned English long time in Japan. But I can’t speak and listen very well because I’m not used to using English in daily life. In this school certainly I learn English by USING ENGLISH. I think I improved my English this time!

Dagoberto Amorim

Awesome school! The atmosphere is amazing! I've made a lot of friends there!!!

Diane Cole-Smith

Wonderful learning environment for International students!!


Harshad Damji

Please do not schedule the IELTS exam at this centre. The scores will not be displayed online. I requested them to simply let IELTS know about the issue but they rudely reply that it's not their responsibility that the score is not displayed. No one asked them for a resolution but just to let IELTS know that there is an issue. The only option was to travel to ATL pay another $30 to get a hard copy. Though they confirmed that one hard copy was mailed, they did not have a tracking number to track the package. The administrator would not share his supervisor's details. Update: the issue was resolved after getting in touch with IELTS IDP. Please check with the management if they would be willing to reach out to IELTS before scheduling a test. Just to play safe.

Савва Сердюк

Very good teachers and classes

Roma A.s

I like this school and I could have fun time with friends and teachesa.

karen Trujillo

It was a great experience, i learned a lot and i had a good time with my classmates. Thanks

enes Yesil

İ have a great experience in this school.i'm gonna miss this school.

Silvia Nunez

My class was amazing. My teacher was also friendly and nice. I learned a lot.

Sima Almashaf

Gemma Kim

Studying in TALK was a great experience. I would miss everyone there.

Gabrielle Andrade

Benny Joon

Couldn't be more pleased with this IELTS center. Don't let a few vindictive people turn you off - really don't understand why some people blame the messenger in this case. I learned a lot, enjoyed my class and teachers and left with a successful score. It saddens me that a few with a grudge can drag this place down. It really is such a nice place.

Ottavio Aparecido

I recommend this school, it has been an enjoyable experience so far, very good teacher!

Larisse Conrado Rodrigues

Talk is a good school col excellent teachers. It's been a good experience.

Luis Henrique Fossalussa

I couldn't have made a better choice. Very nice school, good localization (near a transit station), nice people studying there. My teacher, Jonathan is a great guy and makes all his students have a good experience.

Belen Oliva

Great school! With good teachers and infrastructure. Also, you have classmates from all the world so you can share with different cultures

mmm bbb

sai saladi

pleasant environment

Bertrac anne flo

I went 2 times at this school i had a realy good time , all teachers are realy good and patient. I made many international friends

Carmen Morillo

Jheinifer Nunes Teodoro

At Talk I can meet great people, different cultures and the best: have fun learning English.


hua zhong

This school is extremely awesome。It has wonderful environment and conditions of studying,and all staffs are very friendly。

Manuel Gentile

Excellent school: teachers, staff, location, etc. They have a cafeteria for your convenience. The school is in midtown, the most vibrant part of Atlanta. Overall, great experience! I definitely recommend it!

Marlen M.

I have been improving my English a lot since a started at Talk, specially my speaking! Highly recommend this place.



I have been here for a year. Every body were very kindness . They helped me got a conversation skill quickly. there was so assume place


I have been studying for 10 months. I recommand this school for your english.

Marya Eduarda Lemes

Good school and infrastructure! I feel more confident with my English now!

Monica Pérez

Antonio Mottola

ziyad zmn

This school is nice. I miss my friends here.

Pedro Almeida

I loved studying at Talk, the teacher Bryan is attentive and the environment is very good.


I very much enjoyed it! Great teachers, friendly staff, and students from all over the world. After a leveling exam I went straight to the TOEFL class and attended it for 12 weeks. Thank you! Love you all!

Sílvia Dantas

The school is good, pleople is nice and the teacher very efficient!

Madison H

Run great got what I needed

Glaucia Bartolo

was one of the best experiences of my life, where I was able to meet many people from different parts of the world where I experienced many different proposals and learned a lot about different countries. It was amazing part of my life. I just have to thank these people for letting me be a part of their lives.

rajiv kumar

zero start will be the most deserving score for this IELTS center. Unexperienced staffs, they were having trouble in taking identity photographs even. The most important they are so irresponsible that they not even care to publish the IELTS results online. You will keep calling IELTS and this center and both will point fingers over each other that its there responsibility. Its now more than 18 days and our entire batch haven't received the score neither online nor in physical mail box. One more personal experience, if something happens during the IELTS actual test, they will not help you to fix that problem, so be prepared for that. It means no complains are accepted neither during the test nor after the test is over or even after you left the center. Poor experience. :(

luiza fialho correa

I took four weeks class, nad so far I had a really good experience. In special, my teacher Ammy performed a spectacular job teaching us pronunciation which was a big surprise for new students. I was able to develop my speaking skills with these classes. I strongly recommend this school, specially for short-term students.

Leticia Silva

I am having an amazing experience! Lot of people from around the world!

Ariane Evans

Rajiv Patel

I do not agree with all the negative posts regarding the IELTS center in Atlanta. The staff was very professional and did a great job. I was able to view my scores today and Mr Frederick was very helpful and in my opinion was professional. I received my scores today via mail and I am very satisfied with my score. Don't believe everything you read. Thank you Mr Frederick.

Kim Doyi

Friendly and nice teachers Good self-study space for after-class

Enith Vacca

I enjoy my classes in Talk English, the teachers are excellent and learning with my friends make a unique experience

Gabriela Jamoul



I could learn fun activity and own my pace. No presure. Teachers are so caring and friendly.

نواف الحربي

Alpaslan Serdengecti

I don’t like it. I went to 6 years ago for 2 months. I don’t recommed this language course. If you need f-1 visa, you can go. And I’m turkish guy.

Yesillerden Merve

I could enjoy studying here and students and teachers are so friendly . Thank you so much!!


Grovv Groven

Alyson Morais

Excellent school! I really enjoy my experience in TALK

Ploynapas Pawachot

I've been studying at TALK ATL over 1 year. and i have a lot of friends and get lots of new knowledge about ENGLISH Language. i've improved my ENGLISH as a second language of mine a lot. Here has a great teachers!! they are native speaker, which means i've learned a right grammar and pronunciation from them. Moreover, Here is nice atmosphere. I LOVE TALK ATL

hemanth kumar

Worst admin in here. including me there were 9 families struck in their basement parking lot and the machine near the parking exit stopped working from noon. One person from their center took me inside the IELTS center to speak with admin. I am explaning that i just came to drop my wife and not able to take the car out. He kept saying i dont control the parking and asks me reach out to parking ppl, which he is not aware who they are. No numbers to call for parking. And started saying in the first instance you should not be inside the center.And says i am getting aggressive. Very rude admin to run the center. Change the admin if he not aware of the building in which he is working. What if a fire accident happens and he say that it not part of my job?

Nathalia Arruda

Talk English School has a wonderful and friendly environment. The Director Shani Bastiany and the professors are very attentive, dedicated and compromised with the students and the schools principles. In this institution I could improve my english skills that gave me full support in my TOEFL IBT Test and I good position in one of the greatest universities in Georgia, GSU!!! I fully recommended this school for all people that is looking for learning english with higher quality!!!

Milena Stefanova


Danielle Nunes Pontes

It has been a good experience! The staff are very kind!

Paulo Henrique Magliano Nascimento


I was at course just two months I met a lot of friends from all over the world.Teachers are interested in students. Atmosphere is wonderful. My advice is not to talk to people from your own country. Good experience Just attand course .

Oswin Ma

A really very good school. Lot of friends from different countries. The most charming teacher Amy! Wonderful experience!

Jessica García Partidas

You like talk Atlanta.I’ve learned a lot of things here. Teachers and friends from other countries are so nice.

Satya A

When I called for information, all I could get was rude responses that I am not listening.

Pasakorn Chumsilpsiri

I like this school and teacher. I studied foe only two weeks but I could have great time.

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