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Tia Stephens

Hi my name is Tia Stephens and I had Ms.Chloe and she was a fantastic instructor and I definitely would’ve given her more stars if I could’ve she was a very kind and patient instructor and was really easy to talk to and ask questions and she made my learning experience much simpler and easy to understand can’t wait to take my test since participating in this course.

S Sharma

Donelle Durham was my instructor. He did an excellent job and I understood everything he taught me. He really boosted my confidence on the road and I learned many techniques that have helped me become a better driver.

Elizabeth Hoyer

I had a great experience! The online class was easy to fit into my schedule and the driving instruction made such a difference in my driving and self confidence. Donelle Durham, my instructor, was wonderful! I highly recommend him.

Joseph Schniederjan

My instructor was Donelle, he has helped me out a lot and i've made huge progress on my driving skills.

Omar Hrdz

Learned a lot from donelle durham he is great driving instructor i will recommend him to my family and friends who are just learning to drive

Ashes G-W

Donelle was my instructor a few weeks ago! He was very patient and understanding while teaching me and even knew that I had limited time so he taught me the things I wanted to know. I strongly recommend you go to him/request him if you plan on doing this! I am thinking on going back again to do another lesson.

molly fearney

My instructor was Donelle Durham and he was great. I really feel prepared for the drivers test and driving safely in general! I would absolutely recommend him and this program!

Madeline Washburn

My instructor was Donnelle Durham for all 3 lessons. He did a great job throughly explaining things. He could tell when I was struggling or nervous. He also made sure I was understanding the concepts. He gave helpful critiques and pointed out when I was stopping too far in front of the stop sign or when I turned too soon. I would definitely recommend Donnelle.

S Blanton

Mr. Donelle Durham was my instructor for the three lessons I took. He was very calm, which definitely helps out a new driver like me. He always asked to made sure I understood his instructions fully, and would physically show me if I needed clarification. He gave detailed, very helpful instructions for all areas of driving, such as merging onto the highway or doing a three-point turn. Overall, I had a very pleasant experience and, thanks to my instructor, I am much more confident in my driving skills now. I would definitely recommend the lessons for any new drivers.

Young JTiger

They are great instructors especially Mr. Calvin Johnson & Ms. Chloe. I made a 100 on my road test because of them

William Shinn

I enjoyed having driving lessons from Donelle Durham. He is very patient and is a great instructor. I would highly recommend him.

Bruno Olivar

Mr.Donelle Durham is the best instructor in drivers ed! I Had him today and he was very detail oriented, Also he explained everything clearly! Im Very happy to get Mr. Donelle as my instructor for the road test!!!!!!

Harrison Kopp

Donelle Durham taught every aspect of driving in a manner that was calm and easy to learn. He did an extremely good job now I feel much more confident in my driving abilities.

Rudy Lopez

I did an awesome job with my driver instructor! Her name is Ms. Khole:) I loved her patience and her calmness! I would rate her 10 stars if I could

H Blanton

I completed 3 driving lessons with Mr. Donelle Durham, all of which were great in preparing me to become a new driver on the road. Not only did my instructor go into heavy detail into how to perform each new maneuver, but he also gave very observant commentary about my driving, and how I could improve while practicing with a parent. Because of, and my awesome instructor, Mr. Donelle Durham, I feel much more safe and confident on the roads!

Ashani Sharma

Awesome time with Mr. Donelle! Great guy, great teacher. Massive improvement!

Mai Trang

My experience with DriversEd was very positive, especially with Brian Mackey. He IS a great instructor, patient, encouraging, and he knows how to utilize the available time so that the student can get the best out of the lesson. He has tips to help you learn! Other than that, DriversEd offers good customer support. They were willing to waive the 2 hours when I had to rent the car for a second road test. My instructor vouched for me that I was failed on a non-existent technical error at the DDS in Marietta. For those who might be curious, the examiner thought I violated the traffic law when not stopping in front of a solid white line in the parking lot. However, there was no traffic light, nor a stop sign, or a "STOP" line to indicate that you have to stop before proceeding within the parking lot. And there was no passing car to yield to at the time. My experience with the DDS at Decatur was way better. The examiner was understanding with the little hiccups at the beginning. Thank you, DriversEd!

Tajma Green

Donelle Durham was my instructor. I was nervous about my first driving lesson but his teaching techniques made learning how to driver easier and it also built my confidence. If you want a good driving instructor I recommend him he’s great.

Kartik Deshpande

Donelle Durham is an excellent instructor. He provided all technical details of various things on how to be better driver while preparing for the test and for future driving.

Josiah Henderson

My name is Josiah Henderson and my instructor was Donelle Durham and he was a fantastic instructor. He was very patient, informative and respectful. I was able to easily pass my road test on the first attempt. I could not have asked for a better instructor.

Margalit Lytton

I had a great driving instructor (Donelle Durham) and learned a lot. Thanks!

Katelyn Magnus

I had mrs.tori and as my instructors! They were super cool and they taught me a lot and because of them I’m going to ace my drivers test!!

Blake Munroe

My instructor Donelle Durham was very patient and helpful. I would definitely recommend him.

Spencer Payne

I’m really glad that I used for my driving school. My instructor, Donelle Durham, truly did an outstanding job. He made sure that every single aspect of my driving was done in the best way possible. Whenever I made a mistake he was patient with me and would explain what I could do better. Because Donelle covered every detail I could not feel more prepared for my road test. I highly recommend.

Jude Hoffer

Great service, incredibly helpful. Thank you Donelle Durham

Lili Stadler

My driving instructor was Donelle Durham. He was very friendly and super helpful during my driving lessons, overall a great guy who was great at his job!


Mrs.Tammy was my instructor and she taught me everything! However, was the one who took me to my road test. I learened so much with both of these amazing women:)))!

Betty Peeples

Donelle Durham was a very good teacher. Very skilled and knows what he's doing. He teaches it until you perfect it which is very good. I wouldn't have chose a different teacher. Thank YOU Donelle

Annebeth Grace

I had Mrs. Chloe and she was amazing. She is so patient and kind, she helped me feel more confident in the road!

Meg Fore

Donelle Durham was my daughters instructor. He was great and took the time to explain to me the areas my daughter needs to improve. I highly recommend him as an instructor.

Imrie Ross

Ms. Chloe has given me extremely valuable information that will help me to drive for years to come. She made my driving fun and informative, and I’m extremely glad I did it!

Kaitlyn Radeline

I had Chloe as an end trucker and it she was great with connecting with me and making me feel comfortable.

Ananya pemaraj

I had Ms. Chloe as a driving instructor and she did a wonderful job making sure that I was comfortable and learned the basic maneuvers needed for the driving test. I would definitely recommend her as an instructor!


Mrs. Chloe

George Ampat

Very good Chloe was very nice and patient

channell robinson


Blake Flagg

Donelle does a great job as a instructor making sure I’m well prepared for me to Ace the Driving test with no errors

Jaedyn Johnson

My name Jaedyn Johnson, my instructor was Ms. Chloe was amazing. She was very informative and helpful, also, she was patient.

Eric Rausch

My instructor, Chloe, was excellent and thorough in her teaching. I had a wonderful experience with her as my instructor.

Elisabeth Kersh

From learning simple turns to driving rush hour traffic, this course taught me everything I needed to know. My instructor, Donelle Durham, was patient and thorough. I felt very safe and can’t imagine how I would drive if I hadn’t taken the classes. Scheduling was very easy and very convenient; I did all three of my two hour lessons in a week.

Elijah A.

Great instructor!

alwaysshai xoxo

Donelle Durham was a great instructor and really helped me prepared for my drivers license test.

Krishan Hinzen

I really enjoyed my experience with DriversEd. My teacher, Donelle Durham did a great job teaching me.


Great instructor, good laughs, great information, and useful lessons about driving safely :)

Austin Carmichael

My name is Austin and my instructor was Mrs. Chloe for my past two lessons. I really enjoyed my lessons and Mrs. Chloe was really kind, even when I made mistakes. I reccomend this Driver's Ed program to everyone looking to get their license because I learned all kinds of things about the road that I didn't know before.

Robby Klitten

I had Chloe as my instructor. She was very nice and patient. She made learning very easy and fun.

Jordan Gardenour

My instructor was Ms Chloe and I learned stuff

Weston Royer

Ms. Chloe is an amazing driving instructor and I couldn’t recommend her more! So far she’s taught me how to parallel park, how intersections are supposed to work (I always have trouble with those), and how safely drive at night.

Trey Smith

I really enjoyed my two lessons with Donelle Durham, one of the driving instructors at He gave me some very helpful information that will help me a lot on the Road Test I have to take for my license. Would recommend this course for anybody who is looking to learn essentials before their Road Test.

Katie Rowland

I has Donelle for my lessons, and he was great! He was patient and a good teacher. I feel like I learned a lot and would definitely recommend!

Hannah Loeper

My name is Hannah! I think Ms. Chloe is a great instructor. She has helped me since the beginning and has helped me with my nervousness with driving.

Luke Field

I had Mr. Donelle Durham for my lessons, and he was an amazing help for me. He taught me everything I needed to know for my drivers test, and I am a lot more comfortable on the road. I would recommend him and to any new driver.

Macy Boren

Donelle Durham did an amazing job teaching me to drive!! I did two, two hour lessons with him and I feel so comfortable driving and am working on getting my license!

McKenna Ching

I had Donelle Durham for all 3 of my lessons and he was a great teacher! He helped me with what I needed to work on and was overall a really good teacher.


Chloe was so much fun and made the two hours go by in a flash. Great teacher!

Chris B

Great driving school!


Chloe was great

Lauren C

I had Chloe as my instructor for two of my lessons and she was such a great teacher! She is so fun to be with in the car and she is very patient and encouraging which is so helpful to me. I am definitely more confident in my driving after my lessons with her.

Anisha Kamble

I took 10 hours worth of lessons and they were all with Donelle Durham. Great guy and instructor. Honest with his feedback. Detailed in his instruction. Could tell when I was nervous, and spent time on concepts I was struggling with until I got the hang of them. Will definitely recommend him to anyone I know looking to get driving lessons. 10/10.

Andrew Marshall

My instructor was Donelle Durham, he was easy to talk to and was very good at explaining everything I needed to know for not only the test but for any driving experience. I recommend this company for doing the instructed driving and drivers education online also.

Dorothy Bailey

My instructor was Donelle Durham, and he was always very patient and helpful. I recommend him.


I had Ms. Chloe as my instructor and she was very helpful when teaching me to drive. I got introduced to all the skills I would need to know in order to be a great driver!

Evan Martinez

I had Mrs. Chloe for two lessons and Mr. Frank for one lesson. They really helped me see my weaknesses in driving and helped he inprove. They showed me things that I need to pass my driving test.

KORE Financial

Horrible service. My daughter scheduled lessons with them and tried to reschedule the first one because it was pouring down rain. We told the rep neither she or I as her parent were comfortable with her being a new driver driving in heavy rain. We tried to reschedule several times but were told we couldn’t do so with out a $50 fee. Mind you have paid for three lessons and looking to do six. Supervisor Natalie was the worse and not helpful at all. Won’t do any business with them.

Rishab Kolachina

My instructor was Chloe, and she was fantastic! She was extremely enthusiastic and cheerful, making the learning process enjoyable. Her tips were helpful and made manuevers easy for me. Would highly recommend.


Great lessons with Donelle Durham.

Brody Daniels

My instructor was Mrs. Chloe. She was very helpful in the 4 hours I drove with her. She was very insightful and helped me to quickly grasp concepts and get some maneuvers down easily. I would gladly drive with her again and would highly recommend her to help other new drivers.

Kevin Kim

Donelle Durham was a fantastic instructor! He pointed out and helped me fix some of my bad habits.

vivian reese

donelle durham did the absolute most for me in the minimal time we had

KB H20scapes

My instructor was Mrs. Chloe; she very funny unique teacher. I took drivers ed in highschool and this learning session was way much bette, than my drivers ed course at Newnan Highschool! :)

Mary Francia

Very disappointed of their administrative support. Drivers are nice... once you get one.. we got cancellations each time and re=schedule - we were so close to the test date - it was a mess. They noted to give us minis... nope - they do not respect the requests - if you cancel or change - it is $50.00 no excuses but they feel they can change as they want and there is no credit or even a sorry? Check some other service if you can.

Coumba Traore

I had class with Mr.Calvin Johnson and he was so patient and a very good teacher , I would 10000% recommend signing up.

Hayes Fore

Donelle was a very informative instructor! He was very patient with me!

Rhino Gaming020548

My name is Ryan Long and Ms. Chloe was so helpful and so funny and help me with parked and much more.

Kristyn Pelaez

my name is kristyn and my instructor was ms. chloe, she was extremely helpful and considerate.

Stephen Barth

Just had an incident with one of your instructors. Elderly gentleman with glasses. Happened on chastain road. Individual repeatedly tried to force his way into my lane, where there was no space. Traffic was moving around 45mph. I honked as it seemed he was going to run into my vehicle. He proceeded to honk and ride my bumper with his bright lights on until reaching 41. He pulled up next to me in the turn lane and would not look over. He did smile like he was enjoying being a nuisance on the road. As a driving instructor he should be ashamed of himself and you as company are suffering on behalf of his gross negligence. Hopefully there is some form of managerial discipline in this type of matter. Also i hope he isnt an owner.

Julian Kurtz

My name is Julian Kurtz. I had Ms.Chloe for my instructor and she was very helpful, understanding, outgoing, fun and informative. I can’t wait for my lesson tomorrow!

Kellan Lane

I had my last 2 hour lesson with Donelle Durham. I had a very good experience in this lesson and his teaching style made it easy to learn all the steps especially in parallel parking. Despite being a lesson to prepare for my driving test, it wasn't anxiety inducing and he provided a good environment for me to learn.

Eriko Sakurai

I had Mr. Donelle Durham for the most of my lessons and he's a five star instructor. I learned a lot about driving from him and feel more comfortable when I drive. Thank you for your lessons! :)

alexandria powers

Drivers Ed has helped get comfortable driving on the road and just general. Donelle Durham has taught many tips and techniques that I will use on the road.

Lane Hayes

Miss Chloe was absolutely amazing and was so helpful. She was the sweetest person. It was a pleasure riding with her. My name is lane and I would very highly recommend having her as an instructor.

Michael M.

My instructor, Ms. Chloe, is a really good teacher. She doesn’t rush anything and helps me stay calm behind the wheel. Great instructor!

Olivia Odiorne

I took 3 lessons with Donelle Durham and they were great and definitely helped me pass my drivers test.

Dee Raccs

My drive was great! And I also learned a lot. My instructor name was Donelle Durham.

Caycie Metcalf


Sara Z

My name is Sara and Chloe was my instructor. She was absolutely incredible - I learned a lot and feel so much more comfortable driving! She was easy to talk to and answered all the questions I had. I couldn’t recommend her more!

Mateo Visbal

The instructor I had (donelle durham) is in my opinion a great person to teach you how to ace a test, if you are looking for someone who will teach you everything you need to know about the drivers license test, I couldn’t recommend donnele more..


Hey my name is Amelia! My instructor is Chloe! She is great! I love driving with her because she is so encouraging and always gives me great tips on my driving. I have had Chloe for two lessons now and have already learned so much!!

Kotia Michelle

Donelle Durham was my instructor and he does a good job of making sure you understand driving skills and techniques in order to perform them effectively. He’s also patient and thorough

Isabella Diaz

I had a really great experience with Tammy and Chloe. They were really sweet and nice.

Kira Mermelstein

I had Donelle Durham for almost all of my lessons and he was an amazing instructor! He was very patient and gave me helpful feedback while helping me feel comfortable driving. It was great!


My instructor Chloe was great, and made me feel very comfortable behind the wheel. I had countless recommendations from friends for her, and I see why! She made driving fun, and was very positive in her teaching methods! I can't wait for my next lesson!

Dorothy Ripps

My instructor, Donelle Durham, is very helpful and patient in each lesson. An amazing instructor and very kind and friendly.

Cristina Marin

My name is Lili, my instructor was Ms Chloe. I learn about lights, driving safely, how I can go with the speed.... I would recommend them always !!!

Aaron Ellingson

Donellle was a very good driving instructor. He helped me understand the fundamentals of driving and how to get my license.

Catherine Chicas

I had Mrs.Chloe today and she’s the best driving instructor i’ve had. All the DDS driving instructors are great but she’s personally one of my favorites. She explained every step to the point where I knew exactly what I was doing.

Ben Ben

Donelle Durham is a good teacher. He is kind and patience. I learn a lot from his class.

Peter Parker

I had a great experience with them and taught me all the basics in driving. Their instructors are nice and patient with you, especially my instructor, Donelle Durham. I would recommend this to all my family and friends!

Enzo Bardy

Miss Chloe did a wonderful job of giving me helpful tips and teaching me important information about what I have to be prepared and able to do to be a safe driver on the road. And, she did all of this with such a positive, uplifting attitude, which I truly appreciated.

Chelsea Okafor

I had my first lesson with Donelle yesterday, and he did a great job of teaching me what I need to know for the driver's test. A lot of good pointers.

Alexsys Elie

Donelle Gave me the best instructions

Keith Adams

Great Experience with my Instructor Donelle! Helped me a bunch with my driving skills

colton morrill

Chloe Hudson was my instructor and she was so cool to talk to she was a great teacher taught me soo many things I needed to know

Jennifer W.

My daughter passed her road test first try with a score of 100. The teachers are great and gave her lots of tips to help her pass the test. They even pick up your child from home, which is very convenient. Worth every penny to make sure my teen passed and learned the essential skills to be a safe driver.

Hanna Mekonnen

I had Chloe as my instructor and she was very patient and I learned a lot.


These driving lessons have been EXTREMELY helpful to me as a new driver. I was nervous the first lesson, but my instructor was kind and chatty which instantly relieved my stress levels. My instructor was Chloe Hudson and she has a good combination of friendliness and firmness while teaching me. I have no doubt at the end of my course I will have improved tremendously!

Kaitlyn Mastin

I had Donelle as my driving instructor and he gave great feedback and was able to tell when I was confident or nervous and knew exactly what I needed more practice on. He was a great instructor and I definitely recommend him to other people learning how to drive!!

Alison Gail Wilkerson

I enjoyed my lessons with Tori as one of my intructors and Chloe as my other one. It was fun and my instructors made everything seem more simple to learn.

Jesse Jerome

Donelle Durham was my instructor. Gave great tips and feedback and was able to correct all of my muscle memory mistakes

Maryn Hanson

Chloe was so awesome and so fun!


Mr. Donelle Durham is an excellent instructor - he is patient and kind, very easy to work with as a learning driver. He has a practice makes perfect approach and it's very helpful - I definitely recommend him!


My name is Josh and I had Ms.Chola and she was excellent. She was very helpful and also corrected me when I was wrong.


I had Donelle Durham as my Driving Instructor and he did a great job teaching me what I needed to know.

Morgan Balsley

My name is Morgan, and I had Ms. Chloe as my driving instructor. I was a little bit nervous before my first lesson, but she made me feel super relaxed and I was excited for my next one. She’s amazing at teaching and motivating you, while still being honest about what you need to work on. Great instructor!


Drivers Ed is awesome! Donelle Durham is a great instructor

Michial Lesane

I don't know how to drive yet however Mrs.Chloe is helping me learn the best ways to drive safely and smart, while being patient with me and making learning fun. So sign up for the lessons from her.


Miss Chloe is awesome at teaching people how to drive. Ha ha we recommend her to everybody.

haylee ray

Danielle Jones

I had a great experience with Mr.Donelle Durham. He is a great instructor and is very calm and collected. Teaches you everything you need to know and is very attentive to bad habits. He explains things to a point where they are very easy to understand.

Amina J

My instructor was Donelle Durham. He was very good at explaining all i needed to know and any questions i had. He was also super patient and aimed for perfection.

Larisa Read

I had Donelle for all of my lessons; he was a great instructor. He was very understandable and patient, and could tell when I was both confident and nervous. He was clear with what I needed to correct and work on and gave good feedback when I did well. Definitely recommend Donelle and Driver's Ed for adults who are learning to drive.

nicole cashion

Had my first and last lessons with Donelle Durham, who was very calm with me to keep my anxiety down. We practiced a lot on everything I needed to work on. He is a very great instructor!

Faiz Bhimji

Had a great lesson with Donelle Durham helped a lot.. 10/10 would recommend

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