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Garrett Reardon

Absolute garbage. The checkout form claims that the certificates you need will be available immediately and they never are. You have to contact support to get them to fix their BS website problems and they're only open on weekdays from 8 am to 5 pm.

Joshua Archer

I scheduled a class with the FSC and when I showed up for the class, 10 minutes early as they recommended I found that the class was at a different location. This may have just been a mis-communication but when I arrived at the Orlando location to find out where the class was, the lady who "helped" me treated me like an idiot for going to the wrong location. I remained positive knowing that I was going to have to reschedule for a $15 fee, left the office and called to reschedule. When I was connected, I was told that my phone was "breaking up" and that I should call back. I called back no more than 10 minutes later @ 5:50pm and the offices were now closed! Very bad customer service all around. I hope that the teachers are better than the office staff. If you hate your job/life so much, get a new one!

Tammy Loftin

Clark Levi

Don't take your driving test here. The person in the car testing me was not capable of dealing with situations and properly communicating. I fully stopped at a stop sign, checked both ways to make sure it was clear (it was) and when I started to turn, a car came around a corner from the street parallel to ours, blocked by trees and a house. As I was about to stop to let them past, my driving instructor started screaming "SH SH SH SH" over and over again instead of saying or doing anything actually helpful, thinking I hadn't seen them. I freaked out, thought he was having a mental or physical issue (I have never heard another human being ever just yell "SH" over and over again except maybe an angry elementary school teacher on TV trying to quiet their class), and slammed to turn and go (which I will fully admit I'm in the wrong for) and as my tester continued to freak out with the same "SH SH SH", I stopped again, then started at my usual slow, calm speed. The tester then misinterpreted the situation and tried to say I wasn't checking both ways and wasn't careful around turns (I had been in this test, and everyone I've practiced with for the past months, including a paid instructor when my parents weren't available to give lessons, have said that I'm fine with safe turns and checking both ways). He also lied about being able to "hear the car" to both me and my dad when that's not possible because it hadn't turned the corner yet. I accept the instant fail on the driving test and I accept that I made a mistake by not being confident in my driving abilities and therefore panicking, but I do not accept the way this man handled the situation. Rest assured I'll be going to the DMV next time.

Tolga Onder


I would like to speak with someone regarding my test. The man automatically failed me for hitting cones which were put in an unrealistic spot

Kevin Luby

Not a pleasant experience. Absolutely horrible people to deal with. I met with Robert Campbell and a Mr Crowley or Dr Crowley and they basically think I am a liar for saying I haven't consumed alcohol since Sept 25th. Avoid this agency like the plague that it is.

Gabriel Vega

Nathalia Fotine

Be careful with what you say at those DUI evaluations they conduct. They are totally biased and their decisions solely revolve around the police reports. Confirmed by my evaluator. Always speak your truth although people want you to say what they want to hear. I feel like the Safety Council and MDs are trying to FORCE YOU TO BELIEVE that you are an addict/alcoholic. Don't get emotionally vested because they don't really listen to you or care about what you have to say, if you have no priors, if you are going through rough times and/or if you give them proof of being a decent human. Don't waste your time trying to appeal with the administrative review either because you can't afford additional evals. I am submerged in medical bills, home repair bills, etc.. Regardless, they will still force unnecessary additional evals/sessions upon you (AT YOUR EXPENSE) again all based on police statements, nothing to do with who you really are. Total abuse of power and money scam!!

Megan Khaleel

$120 for a 2 hour lesson is just bad for business.

Deborah DiPasquale

They were all very kind and I actually enjoyed my DUI classes.

iling nguyen

Leslie Camp


Bernadette Kelly

We forgot our password and have called and emailed 3 x to have our login reset, no response in 3 days! Now we have to dispute bank charge and start over with a new company. What a time suck! Thanks Florida Safety Council and your supposed 24-7 customer support.

Jorge Blasnich

This place is a steal worst service all they do is Rob ppl Georgia is way better

Tammi rose Smith

I am so happy with the experience that I had at FSC. My insructors were so very patient and made me feel comfortable. I just moved to orlando and had to get my license to take my son to school. I was able to take the lessons and my practice, they suggest you keep up and I passed my test the first time. I am so grateful for the help and now i don't have move back to NYC... lol

Elizabeth Machuga

Alexander Morgan

They let you sign up and pay for classes before they tell you that you can't take those particular classes. Then they tell you that you're not eligible to get a refund. The customer service ranges from transferring you around because no one knows what to do, being put on hold for 45m for them to tell you wrote a letter(which they will promptly lose, or just hanging up on you. Tread carefully with this for profit company.

Melanie Carter

I went here to take the Drivers Test because one of my friends recommended it and said that it was really good so I went there. The lady in the front desk was really nice and every time someone would come back from taking their test they were happy. When it was my turn the man was rude and awful. Even before getting to the car the man said that I was illegally parked and told me to tell him why even though I wasn't the one that parke the car and he wouldn't give me the chance to tell him that and he said "If you can't even tell me why it is illegally parked I should just fail you now." Right there I was immediately terrified. The piece to lower the car window broke in my car and I was trying to lower it but obviously I couldn't, he got inside the car and blatantly said "I don't know for how long you've been driving but it can't be for that long because you don't even know how to lower your window" I told him that the piece broke and he didn't say anything. The whole time he was serious, hands crossed, and he wouldn't tell me what to do until the last second. As it was getting close to the end of the test I had to go into a lane, I looked at both sides and there wasn't a car in sight, as I am going into the lane the man starts coughing and when I get in the lane he says "Obviously you didn't see the car you just cut" even though I knew that there wasn't a car that I had cut because I looked to the sides. Right as I am going to finish I get to a stop sign, stop, wait 3 seconds, and then go. Later he says "Obviously you didn't see the stop sign because you didn't stop" even though I told him that I did. When we finish he tells me that I didn't pass and when I am talking to my dad telling him how disrespectful the man was he asks me how old I am and when I told him my age he says "You could have done better." My dad spoke with the lady in the front desk and she said that next time we didn't have to pay which was nice from her but that was the worst experience I've ever had. I recomment this place if it isn't with that man.


Justine Edwards

Bad customer service they should get better people

Sade` With The Receipts


joshua Mym

They didn't answer all my questions

Sharon Hatcher

First of all, that star is meant for negative...Personnel is very disrespectful because of having to be at work on Saturday...I get it...go find another job to steal people's money...pedestrians and crack heads walking and riding bicycles in road test area during the entire road test... multiple road tests were being done at same time...what a hazard and this is supposed to be the Florida Safety Council...the guy givivg the road test was very horrible, rude, impulsive, and have the audacity to discuss other people's business out in the open to other people and laugh about it...the entire road test is a scam and a rip off...but BEWARE that's what lawyers are for and the Channel 9 news will be investigating

lorri robbins

Trying to take an online course for defensive driving for Geico. It has been almost impossible to log on to take the course and when I am on, it tells me that I shouldn't leave the screen and kicks me off and makes me start that section all over again when I actually never left the screen. I finally got to the final exam and it's an open book exam, I have one question left again, it tells me that I shouldn't leave the screen and it kicked me off. When I was finally able to log back on I had to take a complete test over I was trying to get out of that section because it look like I have two pages open and then it graded my test with 2% called me failed. I'm very frustrated and I want to be able to take it over again.. my neighbor was also taking the course neither one of us were able to finish it due to all the glitches in your end

Michelle Romero

Shirly Hales

Some of the skills I learned in his classes were critical in passing the road test and I went to another and a more expensive school. If I didn't take his classes I think I would have had a harder time getting out of the position I put myself into. Ssshhhooooo... that was close, thanks to Florida Safety Council techniques and experience I pulled out of that one. Thanks Albert.

Marjorie Arment

Chris Chong

Can’t get an appointment for the test at the DMV, this is the best place to go and get your Driver’s License test done.

Mr B


My 17 yr. old son needed driving lessons that i couldn't provide without me losing my patience and him losing his cool, so i decided to go with the FSC. Also, i wanted him to be taught by updated driving professionals eventhough i have been driving for 33 years i am sure i do not know it all or teach well. With some hestiation (because i knew nothing about the FSC) i finally decided to give them a shot and signed my son up for three lessons (7/16 - 7/18 at the Colonial Drive location) and a road test in their car. The customer service rep. (forgot her name) was very friendly, professional (explained policy and other things plus answered my million questions), and very helpful in getting my son's appointment set up correctly as time was of the essence because we had a flight to NY on 7/19 and high school was due to begin in August. The first lesson day we had some obstacles as to where to meet the instructor but afterwards all went smoothly. ERNIE and DENNIS gave my son precise professional lessons based on the road test requirements and they reviewed my son's progress with us after each lesson. My son was pleased with their teaching ability and patience plus felt confident about the whole experience. Upon returning from our trip on 7/26 we set up his road test for 9/23 because it had to be a year after 8/24/16 the date when my son obtained his learner's permit. He got more time behind the steering wheel before the road test and i felt comfortable with him driving but had to provide my feedback as well. IVAN the road test examiner on 9/23 was very friendly upon greeting us and extremely professional in his mannerism. IVAN made us feel comfortable before and after the road test. IVAN asked me to remember how i felt when i first got my license, which helped me put myself in my son's shoes for awhile as he went to take the road test. Needless to say my son passed. THANK YOU ALL AT FSC FOR YOUR ASSISTANCE AND I WILL DEFINITELY RECOMMEND FSC.

Quiarre Hatcher

Rude and belittling customer service, pedestrians able to walk around the driving test area during the test, and more than one driving test going on in the same area AT THE SAME TIME! Poor communication and VERY uncomfortable and unprofessional atmosphere. I wouldn't recommend to anyone.

Jasmine Studart

Unprofessional keeps hanging up the phone when I call.



Road test was easy and the proctor was nice and communicative. Recommended to whoever doesn't want their time wasted by the absolute hacks at the DMV

Ryan Woods

You have to do an evaluation to get a certificate to be evaluated by a different evaluator only to be sent back here to schedule another evaluation to get more papers to take to the other evaluator. I've never seen a more dysfunctional system in my life and everything costs money and your valuable time. Be prepared to spend months gathering paperwork that can honestly all be handed to you on your first visit.

Anonymous User

Firstly, I'd advise against this place - First Time - Examiner doesn't advise driver of proper instruction in driving thus results in automatic disqualification for lack of communication. A good half an hour of wasted time. $50 I lost.. A week later, I pay $25 for the 2nd retake.. My instructor is a different Spanish guy, somewhat chubby, wears sunglasses. Examiner fails to mention if you drive 31 mph in a 30 mph zone equals automatic disqualification. Test didn't even last 10 minutes.. Another week later, after a formal complaint and after speaking to the director of the facility. Mr. Larry states, "Well, I can get you scheduled for another test FREE of charge and give you a different examiner and if you want you can have your husband ride with you." My question, why not inform your clients of the automatic disqualifications? Of course, he refused to acknowledge that by saying, "I don't want you to do something you can't do." I arrive for the 3rd retake after the sexist examiner from the previous experience cost me more time and money.. The 3rd examiner was a woman, Ms. Veronica, the test initially goes well - but, she pressured me into doing things behind the wheel I normally don't do and I bump into a cone coming out of a parking spot because of it. Which is what they wanted: a reason to disqualify me. Mind you, had no issues with the parking the other two times, but all it takes is one sexist POS examiner to ruin that experience. When I asked for my husband to ride with me, Ms. Veronica refused. Even though, Mr. Larry the Director of this location authorized it. When my husband saw, a Chinese couple riding together in one of their Florida Safety Council vehicles with an examiner - he questioned it, rightfully so. When the receptionist was questioned. Her rebuttal was, The lady couldn't speak English, she needed a translator. Ironic, considering the entire situation was observed by my husband as the family had driven off together after failing their test as well. Did I forget to mention, the receptionist denied that my husband could ride with me as, Mr. Larry never notified her! My advice, stay the hell away from this fraudulent business. Regards, Consumer

Berres Rolle

The driving lessons instructors has no manners in Orlando. I went to the one in Kissimmee to get told to call the one in Orlando to bring a car and when I called they say they can't help me then why did your people in Kissimmee told me I only need to take the drug and alcohol test. Which I did and then they give me the Orlando number to reach jen, she needs to be fired because She has no respect for customers. I will be filing a complaint and getting lawyers involved because you guys played me.

G Wolf

If it's not Larry and Bonnie's way it's no way very close minded Individuals there All they want is money

Зоя g

Thank you for the helpful and very nice lesson with an instructor Shanna, she is very professional and positive instructor

Duncan Hardy

I took a lesson and the DMV Road Test at the Florida Safety Council, and I recommend it for both. It's worth noting that they can provide a vehicle for the test for a very reasonable fee, and - as a pleasant bonus - that the price for the test is reduced if you have taken lesson(s) there. The instructor was friendly and helpful, and ensured that we practiced everything that would be on the test. For the test itself I was examined by Ivan, who was very polite and professional. His feedback at the end was useful and appreciated. All in all, this is a professional and stress-free environment in which to get your driver's license.

Joel Gonzalez

Don Wan

Went in and paid the fee to have my paperwork sent out. Was told it would take 5 days, tomorrow will be day 14. Which means I have 6 days left for them to get my paper work, make an appointment and go in before 20 days or I have to go pay the fee again and hope they actually send it out this time... this place is a scam, stay as far away as possible and if you're court ordered to deal with this place try to get transferred somewhere else

Song Ge

RaheB Eez

Best place ever.

Winona Lavoie

If you have any fear of driving whatsoever and need a little refresher, this is the place to go! Marcus is the man! I never thought I would have the confidence to drive down the street, let alone on a major highway! I was super calm the entire time & definitely got my money's worth. Thank you Florida Safety Council and Marcus for giving me the confidence to succeed :)

matia tilmon

Eblis Vega

Djimmyca Augustin

Un Known

Wonderful place to bring someone who need to understand safety of driving. Free parking

David Dabney

Scott Shockley

Royal Kevin Agera

Kimberly Weeks

Anlelis Mundaray

Good attention

F Simon

Colleen Matthew

Tried to make an appointment for driving lessons. Everytime I called I get directed to an answering machine service. Have been trying to get an appointment for about a week now. Their Customer Service is lacking.

Berline Clermont

Have to call them countinsily until like the 30th call they finally decide to pick up your phone what kind of service is this??

robert. bmxx


S Gaspa

Zero Stars: $2100+ in additional expenses. It's a bureaucracy in the DUI industry (read below; average rating is 3/5 starts not 4/5) 1) Their base price is slightly less than the competition, but they tack on administrative fees (I'll have paid almost $50 in additional fees) 2) $2100+ in additional counseling fees. After taking the DUI class, you are required to fill out a questionnaire. Of those I spoke to, the questionnaire determined that everyone in my class of 18 needed costly treatment through one of their counseling "partners". You are required to pick from their list of approved counselors (counselors are required to pay $500 to be placed on this list; a local counselor informed me of this). In my case, none of the services were within 25 minutes of me and none of the services (6/8) that returned my phone call accepted my insurance (state employee) 3) Incompetent and misinformed reps throughout the chain of command. While going through the process of changing counseling services (mandated counseling through Florida Safety, not the courts), I received a voice message stating that my previous counselor turned in my paperwork and I needed to come in to sign a couple documents at the Kissimmee branch. Once I arrived, was told that they did not have my paperwork. I assured them that I received a message stating that they did received it. Still, the rep did not believe the error was on their behalf and refused to leave her desk to look for it a second time. I listened to the message again and gave her all pertinent details (date, time, name of rep, the paperwork turned in, what was required of me now); still, she asked that I let her listen to it on my personal cell phone! Of course, after she looked for it a second time she found it. 4) Condescending customer service reps. Raised tone, talking over, speak before listening to the customer. For every 1 positive interactions, I've had 3 that were painfully negative. I recently entered a quiet office without a greeting, and when I approached one of the CSRs she completely ignored me in person. I didn't receive service until her coworker welcomed me to her desk.

Qoreg Constantine


My daughter has 6 free hours with Florida Virtual Schools (FLVS) for Driver's Ed. I like that there is availability on weekends, but no number to call to contact anyone, if needed. There are two entrances and if it were not for someone else leaving the other door, I would not have known where to go as the main door was locked. The Room was not labeled how the email stated, so we were a little lost. We circled around and came back to the Waiting Area and found the instructor. Eric B. taught my daughter's first driver class. He was VERY professional and EXTREMELY efficient. So second lesson, Rita was the instructor who was an hour late due to her car clock being wrong. I had to chase down another instructor because all the students left the room except my daughter and I was wondering where my daughter's teacher was. We waited ONE HOUR to give her the benefit of the doubt. I was hoping she did not get in an accident. She was nice, though, so I didnt want to be mean. Anyways, she was chatty, so my daughter was relieved that their time together was cut short. Third lesson we were a little late, but from chasing down the instructor the last time, I knew where the office was, so I found her. Shawnta was nice. She did not talk much, so it was a nice sweet and short closing. My daughter received her certificate the same day and we were on our way. Next is her license test. Pray for her!

Rydles Crie

Place is a money grab for the state. Biggest rip off ever. Don't go here.

Nene K

victoria kelley

Great experience taking my Road (Driving) Test with Ivan who is very pleasant and calm . He offered me additional feedback after the test which I found helpful as I am a new driver. The coordinator Wanda was extremely attentive and provided me much more needed information as far as required documents than when I visited the DMV. Service is quick , reasonably priced and the facility has easily accessible restrooms . Environment is busy downtown but the test was done in a safe area within vicinity .

Ema Purmensky

Had three awesome lessons here, each instructor was incredibly helpful and nice. Less nerve-racking than I thought. I've been recommending their lessons to all my friends, truly a great place to learn.


I wouldn't suggest this place to anyone for a drivers test, they instantly fail if you do one thing wrong and take your $50.

Sorelis Peña

Shirley W.

joel torres

Bunch of scumbags. No manners at all, waste of time. And they just steal your money with no explanations. I took the driving test there with a prick that said I didnt do any stops, and the stupid test was all stops and I stop clean for about 5 seconds each time, and his stupid excuse was that their tablet gps is the one that reads that. And they just stole 75$ for that stupid test that lasted 3 min. They failed the girl before me for the sane exact reason. So they stole 150$ in about 10 min from the both of us. Dont go there if you font want your money stolen.

ag zero waste

I took three classes here following a road test (which i failed but will get into late why). at first, i was completely into the first two classes, loved the instructors and was learning and gaining confidence quickly. my third class was exactly before my road test which i initially Believe to be a good thing. However, the instructor, whose name was Myrna Torres, was a complete crazy person. And multiple times throughout the two hour lesson she grabbed my wheel, forcibly made me change lanes, clapped at me to speed up without giving me a chance to, and belittled my driving every chance.. not to mention we got lost twice which she blamed on my inability to follow her directions that were not properly timed. during parking, her illadvised instruction was to not look at my left side even if it was close to a cone, but rather to only pay attention to one side, not look around and punch the gas through pulling out. completely overwhelmed, I ran to my test afterwards with high anxiety and overly stressed nature that made me completely forget basic things. Initially, I was confused on how to pull out of the parking space before the test have even go completely overwhelmed, I ran to my test afterwards with high anxiety and overly stressed nature that made me completely forget basic things. Initially, I was confused on how to pull out of the parking space before the test had even begun. then, once the parking portion started, i followed her advice and totally hit a cone which resulted in me failing my exam. my advice, if you get a Myrna for a class, RUN.

Nevit Cruz

Ivan Borbon

During my time there I was assigned to teach behind the wheel, one on one with new students and as a state certified road test examiner. I'm not sure which I enjoy the most. For sure I miss the my time there. I miss the staff the most. Great people. Fair management , which is all one can ask. Did I mention I miss the staff already!! Well, I since moved on but I definitely recommend the training, classes and the overall experience. I'm certain many there miss my Turkey potluck and who can forget our lotto. Stay away from any other driving school..these guys and girls are the very best in the business. Big shout out to Wanda, minerva, marisol, veronica, jenn, Larry, isha.., bonnie, David, Bill, Mario, miguel, chris, Michelle, juanita, gosh I know I forgot many others Well, God bless you all Stay safe and stay off I4

carlos carrillo

Christina Brown

I wish i could rate this negative stars. The people are extremely rude and the test is unfair. This place riggs the test in a way where it is difficult to pass so you have to keep taking it, so they make $70 every time you have to retake it. Example: these people put the parking cones INSIDE the lines of the parking spot, making it impossible to park without hitting one.

Roni Schneider

They are a bunch of rip off. I would rate them a zero but I had to choose 1. Since day one they set me up to take the DUI course even though I was NOT convicted of a DUI. After 3 years of going back and forth with them about the charge, they still pleaded with me that it was manditory in order for me to receive my Classes E license. After doing my research, I discovered that I was able to obtain a FL License after the sanctioning date of suspension. The head supervisor sat me in his office only to get into an argument that their oder of command is correct even though I was appointed by my attorney that they screwed me from the get go. My attorney also advised me that go against them in the court of law would take a tremendous amount of funding in which he felt I am not capable of producing. Florid Safety Council is a bunch of rip off. I was told by my attorney that All of his black female clients had to take the Course after evaluation and NONE of their white clients were instructed to take the same course I. Which he found was very strange but once again... Funding would play a major role. Florida Safety Council are one of the bigger scamming crooks out there so people be advised before choosing to use their services. Once the suck you in, without money they have you by the balls. I was referred to them by THE TICKET CLINIC. They are all intwined with the biggest scamming in FLorida.

Max Rosset

Janet Liciaga

Fast service

Duane Laguardia

Meighily Bebé Dor

After completing the Drivers ed course in high school I received free 6 hours of behind the wheel driving. The first two instructors were okay, but my last instructor named Veronica was amazing. She took her time, was extremely patient, kind and made sure that I succeeded in the things that she was teaching me about in the limited time frame that I was given.

Armando Oliveira Andrade

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