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REVIEWS OF All Florida Safety Institute - Driving Lessons and Traffic School - St Augustine FL IN Florida

Jada Taylor

My driving instructor, Nicole, was amazing! Before I started taking lessons, I had a lot of anxiety about driving. I also have ADHD, which causes my focus on the road to be quite limited. Nicole helped me overcome my fear and maintain focus on the road. Thanks to her, I am now a licensed driver!

Amber Savard

My instructor, Nicole, helped me to get over my fear of driving, so I’ll totally recommend this All Florida Safety Institute for people like me! She knew what to do when I freaked out while driving by staying calm and patient with me. 5/5 stars, totally would recommend Nicole to other drivers like me!

Chenille Levy

My instructor, Mr. James Allen, was absolutely amazing!!! He was very informative with his corrections and suggestions for how I can be safest driver. Because of him, I now feel way more comfortable driving on the highway. We also had plenty of conversations as well to pass the time while I was driving. Also, thank you Ms. Karen Folger for being my examiner for my road test. I highly recommend All Florida Safety Institute!

aaliyah debarros

Nicole Evans is by far the best teacher I’ve ever had. Unlike other instructors, she always ensured I was comfortable and felt at ease whilst on the road. Her and my examiner, Karen, made the driving program not just educational, but enjoyable!

David Garra

Very great people! Had a great time really excellent driving instructors!

Lexi & Cass

Nicole was my bff for my lessons. I learned helpful tips and tricks from her which helped improve my driving and parking. I feel much more confident when driving because of Nicole! 5/5 stars 10/10 recommend

Kylie Coolican

I had a great experience and learned a lot with the All Florida Safety Institute! I learned a lot of skills in a short time and I now feel more confident in my ability to drive safely. Brent was a great instructor.

Nick Vega

Brent is the most amazing driving instructor any one could ever ask for ! I feel as if a weight has been lifted off of my shoulders as Ive just finished my last lesson and now knowing and believing I have the skills to continue to better myself behind the wheel. Thank you AFSI for sending me the best of the best !!!!!! If you need lessons ask for Brent he makes learning fun and easy.

Aidan Trump

Nicole is such a great instructor. She is the bees knees. I feel as though now I am a safe driver. Before the instruction I almost drove in to a ditch but now I’m the best driver in my family. I highly recommend this service and Nicole as an instructor. Great experience, and THANK YOU NICOLE!!!!

Evan Cooper

They helped me learn a lot and feel more comfortable. I had Danny as my instructor, he is very calm and clear in his instructions which helped the lesson really sink in.

Sydney Hill

My instructor, Raquel was patient and wonderful! 10/10 would recommend to any starting driver!


Brent is the absolute best


The driving instructor was amazing! He was supportive throughout all of the lessons, and he was very fun to drive with as well.

piper grace

Great experience! Definitely would recommend anyone I know to Eli, he was the best!

Matthew Ford

Eli and Devon were very good instructors. They split my lessons and helped me pass my driving test. They were both relaxed and did not become stressed out when I made mistakes. This allowed for a safe environment and made it an enjoyable experience. I recommend these 2 for anybody that needs to learn how to drive the CORRECT way.

emmi lister

This really helped me pass my driver's test and feel more comfortable on the road. Victor was my instructor and he really helped me gain my confidence driving.

Mary Ann Selby

Thank you Mr. Elli for being my instructor, i learn a lots and you teach me to be confidences on my test. I Recommend Mr. Elli his amazing instructors.

Raquel Carrero

Margaret Urban

Nicole is wonderful!! My daughter gained so much knowledge and confidence taking driving classes. So happy we decided to enroll her.

Sarah DosSantos

I was taught very well and by the end was much more comfortable with driving than before.

Ricky Bachmann

Mike Greiner at All Florida Safety Institute did an excellent job teaching me how to drive and I scored a 100% on my driver's test.

Patric Nurczyk

Brent was a very nice man he helped me very much

Heather Ely

Jake G

The instructor was nice; I was given honest feedback and driving tips after taking the test.

prof.adel Ibraheem

Diana Torres

All the process was really easy with them! Victor was an amazing teacher helped me to feel confident behind the wheel and teach me how to drive safely.... they cars are amazing all the staff is great!!! Thank you guys

Daniel Goicouria

My experience with All Florida Safety Institute was nothing but pleasant, my instructor Stacey was very nice and helpful during the course and properly prepared me for the drivers test. The test was short and simple but properly tested my full array of driving skills, I had an overall excellent experience. (Brent is awesome)

Brianna Liz

I didn’t know anything about driving first going into the lesson but Devon helped me a lot and showed me all the tips and tricks to being a safe driver. 5/5 recommend!

Dave Haines

We had an excellent experience with Nicole! Our son would share all helpful hints she reviewed with him while driving. He easily passed his test on the first attempt. We have already recommended Nicole to several other families. Thank you Nicole for an amazing experience!

Maggie Cox

This was an exceptional learning experience! My instructor Eli was supportive and and welcoming. I was very nervous about learning how to drive but this was easy and i learned so much. I highly recommend this service to anyone who wants an intimate, positive, non-stressful learning experience:)

Alexander Ott

I loved these guys! They did great with teaching me the rules of the road, and were very kind while doing it too! Devon was one of the best instructors I will ever have, thank you so much!

Jamie Forbes

Brent was a great instructor and taught me everything I needed to know to pass my driving test.

neptunebchgirl Wroten

Good instructor, driving improves within a short amount of time definitely take the course.

Jonathan Greco

This program was highly beneficial to my driving. My instructor was Devon, and he is one of the nicest men i've ever been in a motorized vehicle with. Highly recommend this program to anybody who is getting ready to receive their license, or better their driving skills. I LOVE ALL FLORIDA SAFETY INSTITUTE DRIVING SCHOOL!!1!!1. Brent is cool

Rileigh Coats

Eli was a very good teacher. He made me less nervous for the exam and I passed with his help. My examer was very good to she made me feel at ease.

Hannah Pockett

Bruce Watt

Eli helped me learn everything I needed to know at a perfect pace and thanks to him I aced the test. I recommend him over any other instructor.

AFSI Reviews

my instructor was jon, he helped me learn evey posibble thing you could need to know as far as road safety. very polite and helpful. 10/10 --- Daniel P

Casey Mugavero

My instructor Eli was extremely knowledgeable and professional. Showed great patience with me and a great sense of humor on top.

Chris Hegedus

Eli was awesome, he was entertaining, he was such a great instructor.

Jeff Sandoval

Nope. they don’t pick up the phone . Always goes to a voice mail.

katelynn santiago

My experience with all Florida safety was a satisfactory one . My instructor Eli was super patient and gave very clear pointers to my mistakes of the road . After taking the lessons with Eli I feel more confident in my driving and correcting my self on little mistakes . I highly recommend this driving institute and the instructor Eli .

Macy Dykes

Mrs. Nicole helped me to gain so much confidence in my driving! We worked specifically on roads and skills that made me nervous and now I am driving with ease :)

S Stonaker

Highly recommend this program! Jon was great with helpful advice for our son. He feels very confident now getting behind the wheel. We have passed on to many friends Jons name. Again great program!

Marina Victor

Victor is an amazing guy, professional and easy going with great personality!!!

paul vitulli

My instructor Eli was great and taught me a lot about driving.

Jacob Lively

Wonderful experience with Eli. Learned a lot in just two days. Recommend him for any student wanting to learn to drive.

Tommy Judka

Eli was the best driver who teaches kids to be great drivers on the road. Everyone should recommend to get him! He speaks clear English and knows Spanish for Spanish speakers.

Anna Bott

My instructor, Raquel, was super friendly and very informative. She was a pleasure to drive around with! I took the twelve hour driving class which I highly reccomend. I went in with only a little bit of experience and passed my test feeling much more confident about my driving skills!

Shea Stonaker

Jon was great and taught me everything I needed

Wendy Giliberto

My daughter had a great experience using all Florida safety Institute. Nicole was great and made her feel very comfortable.


Josh was great! He taught me everything I needed to pass the test (and of course I did.) Eli was also a great examiner, and calmed me down immensely. Overall I am very grateful.

Faith Timm

Brent completely improved my driving in just 3 days, I feel more confident while driving, and I am a safer driver. All Florida Safety institute is completely worth doing.

Yskra Diaz

Craig Schwartz

Great driving school. My daughter needed some refinement from what I was able to teach her. Nicole first learned what she was good at and then taught the next level. Highly recommend Nicole. My daughter was very pleased with her and the results show.

Jaleinin D

My experience in this place was delightful. Their patience is very well, their instructions is well said and I feel comfortable around them. I 100% recommend.

Mar Rai

Ms. Nicole was one of the best instructors to work with. I felt more comfortable learning how to drive and enjoyed every minute of it. She’s very easy to talk to and extremely hopeful and because of her I now like driving and I can’t wait to drive to school later this year.

Alex Remerez

Oh my goodness, Eli is a berry berry berry amazing instructor and I have enjoyed him working to help me become the good driver I am. I am really grateful to have had the opportunity to learn my driving from such an amazing dude.

Siobhan Daly

I highly recommend AFSI for learning to drive but in particular the Driver Instructor Brent who is totally awesome & will get you on your way to your Drivers License.

Vance Prestwood

My wife and I were extremely pleased with the lessons provided by Brent for our daughter. We strongly encourage all parents to allow a professional to teach your teenager the fundamentals of driving. It gives us comfort to know that our daughter has been taught correctly.

Caitlyn Miller

Was a very good experience !! My instructor Eli was very easy to understand and also learned a lot.

Naomi Sexton

My instructors, Eli and Devon are amazing highly recommend them!! My examiner Josh was fantastic... GO ARMY! (Josh)

Blake Yselonia

Brent was Informative and helpful

Bonnie Burditt

Kyra Stauble

Ms. Nicole Evans was the best aid I could ask for to help me learn how to drive and the understand on the road! She was amazing and absolutely delightful. We had a great time together and she taught me so much that I was lucky to have learned from her. Great experience and I’d recommend her to everyone! Thanks again :-)

Preston Ashley

AFSI's Instructors are both informative and friendly, ready to assure the potential driver's success and confidence on the road.


Awesome experience, instructors Were great and i didn’t feel pressured, definitely would recommend

Sydni Rudowitz

Would recommend to a friend!

Aijia Shen

I would recommend this driving school and the instructor ( Loretta ) to everyone. She was so patient with me and made the learning comfortable and enjoyable. I think everyone should go to driving school before they drive on the road. Too many crazy drivers out there

Kameron Guest

My instructor, Raquel, is a great instructor! She is very informative and helped me successfully pass me exam! I would highly recommend Raquel... she is very sweet and an amazing instructor.

Chris IsDead

Eli was really professional and taught me alot, i was really nervous but his driving lessons really made me a safer and better driving in such a short time and i passed and so happy to have such a good teacher!!

Sam Pineau

Great instructor

Brooklyn Pattison

Very good! Learned a lot!!

PJ Simon

The instructors are very friendly and experienced, they are sure to make anyone a very safe driver. I especially recommend Nicole who is a great instructor.

Ion Drabenco

I was pleased with the experience I had with All Florida Safety Institute, St. Augustine and I highly recommend Eli Carrero as he is an excellent instructor, always good humored, flexible, a natural educator who explains everything simply and with precision and who is a pleasure to spend time learning to drive with. I came to driving quite late in life and was a bit nervous, but Eli was superb all the way enabling me not only to drive but also how to drive responsibly. Thanks to Eli I passed the driving test the first time. I highly recommend All Florida Safety Institute. Thank you Eli for your clear, patient, and polite guidance throughout my learning!

Patricia Winn

Nicole is a great instructor. She provided my son with the necessary tools to be a safer driver and always kept us informed about his progress. Her instructions are clear and to the point which made it so much easier for my son to pass his dl test on his first try. Thank you Nicole!

Krono Steel

My time with Josh and Eli was very enjoyable and educational, I would highly recommend these two teachers to anyone who is trying to how drive well and safely.

silver saber

My instructor, Brent provided me what I believe would be how driving on my own would be like. I took every word he said seriously, and followed them to the best of my ability.

jacob nelson

Ms Jill was the ideal driving teacher. She was great at communicating and understanding what mistakes I was making. It made learning very easy and fun at the same time. I made mistakes but she made sure that we would try that again and perfect it.

Hannah Stuart

Victor and Eli are very good and funny!!!

Esteban Duran

Eli was a fantastic and funny teacher who I felt very comfortable right from the start. Lessons were informative and there was a lot of feedback in my driving. Overall, this place is great!!

Crystal Smith

Nicole was an amazing instructor!

Erica Ross

I had a great experience here. I passed my test the first time. My instructors were very good to work with. Mark handled all the scheduling and he is a really good guy.

Rachael Conrad

Nicole was an amazing instructor!! She taught my son everything he needed to know to become a confident safe driver. She always kept us informed on his progress and things to work on. Very flexible and will work with your schedule. I felt very comfortable with my son driving with her. And he passed his test on the first try!! We totally recommend Nicole to everyone.. She’s great!!

Alaen Valdes

the disturbed one

Viktor was a great instructor and was very knowledgeable. Great guy to talk to.

Roman Cordova

Brent hands down is the best instructor in the world !!!!!!

Natalie Blanton

This was an amazing program. Loretta has been a blessing. She was calm and patient with my daughter. She was able to teach her all the rules of the road and guide her with excellence. This is definitely worth the investment.

Caylee Greer

I loved working with Raquel! Working with her taught me so much and definitely helped me get my license :)

alaen fleitas

Adam Reynolds

Excellent instructor able to make each lesson personal and thorough with the information contained. Eli was my Instructor and did a fantastic job explaining everything calmy, and with encouragement for all actions. I would highly recommend both this Instructor and this company.

Matthew Dance

I have never been so easily able to learn such an important skill in such a short amount of time. From someone who was terrified to get behind the wheel to now anticipating every moment I get to drive I can safely say this is one of the best driving schools out there. Brent is 100% easily the best instructors out there. I highly recommend working with him. You'll feel like you've made a friend while still learning how to master driving.

Logan Pwood

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