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REVIEWS OF Wilmington Driving School IN Delaware

John Villamar

Great service. They provided feedback and tips on how to pass the road test and general driving skills. Would recommend.

Ryan Cole

They love to steal money from you. I don't appreciate how unprofessional this place is. Darn Indians.

Christina Pattiasina

Omg I passed the test!!!! On the first try. Unbelievable. This is a great driving school. I never saw myself driving ever. Thought I was to old to learn. But not with Harrison. Especially if you are scared to death, an older person and or vertically compromized. Call Harrison he will teach you. Harrison takes his time with you even when you make a mistake he is so calm and just corrects you and goes over it with you. You wont even know if you scare him, he is so calm and professional ( I think I scared him a few times just a little ). Sorry Harrison it was a learning curve. Great knowledge of Delaware. Good conversations about things going on around the world. Most of all GREAT DRIVING INSTRUCTOR. Thank you Harrison

Joshua May

My permit was expiring within a month and I felt I needed a few lessons to iron out my skills, including parallel parking & the skills portion of the test. They explained the "why" (i.e. the reasons) behind every step in parallel parking which really helped me understand the "how to" FAR better than I ever could. I left them with license in hand and empowered. I paid for 2 lessons and also rented their vehicle for the road test. They also have a way of helping if you need an earlier date for your scheduled road test if - like me - your permit expires before your road test date (I didn't know I needed to schedule my road test 2 months in DMV was just that busy so make sure you call yours in enough time). Oh and by the way...they're really honest. They'll tell you if you need more lessons or if you're not good at a certain skill. Don't be offended. They really know what they're talking about. Pay attention and they'll definitely make you better.

Wen Ren

I have zero experience driving and learned driving from Wilmington driving school. The instructor will not just show you how to do it hit rather let you feel the car and the pace of driving from the beginning of the first class and let you driving around the city to learn the expertise to instead of keep you practicing in the parking lot. I really have a great experience in Wilmington driving school and improved my driving skills really fast.

Christina Sanchez

Thanks to Wilmington Driving School coming through in a timely manner I was able to practice my driving skills and still make the date of my driving test. They want you to succeed so practicing with them is professional and easily understood . They help you keep your confidence up as we know how nervous we may be to get on the road or to prepare for the road test. Thank you Wilmington Driving School !

Ritika Kak

Thank you so much Harrison for everything you did.You are a great instructor and I highly recommend wilmington driving school to everyone.

Heba Jameel

I wouldn’t have made it without the school! I got my license from the first time ,, i really appreciate all the help and the support

Yash Thaker

I have to write my review in detail. I was driving in India from 5 years before I came to USA. So once I reached USA I was little over confident that I could practice myself and give my test. I failed at the first attempt. I became upset, no one wants to fail. I did my parallel parking and all turns correctly still I failed. Those of you thinking going to DMV once can get you license. It is a misconception. Now the second trial, under guidance of my stupid friend I joined a driving school which was not registered. I did two lessons and he said you are ready. I went there and boom I failed because I was not taught properly. Never ever take training from unregistered driving school. Now, I researched and found Wilmington Driving School. I have to admit it I wasted my 6 months before and I was completely upset and down. Now I met this person Harrison. I mean I was not ready to give test, he is just a gem of person. We arranged lessons and I was able to learn each and everything. Please trust the teacher and take lessons. When you try to restrict lessons because of money its a bad idea. You will fail. Learn as per instructor at the Wilmington driving school . On my personal level I found an elder brother and my mentor. Harrison proved to be accurate and perfect, my test went awesome. Yes I did pass. I deserved to be pass as per Harrison say. Its an emotional story which did end to victory. Please take this driving school and take lessons as per instructor. You will pass. Thank you so much Harrison and Wilmington Driving School. May god bless you and you help all.

Natasha Daniels

Wilmington Driving School is the best place to go to learn how to drive. I just got my driver's license today on the first try. Harris is a great teacher, who makes sure you know how to drive before you take your DMV test. He gives thorough instructions and made me feel comfortable behind the wheel. Harris was able to work around my schedule because of my job, which was awesome. I would strongly recommend this School to anyone who wants to learn how to drive!!!

Irina Spoiala

Very good experience with this school, they help you build confidence and offer valuable driving tips. Highly recommend it!

Dikshant Adhikari

This is a long overdue review. Wilmington driving school is awesome! Harrison and Rabani were great and didn’t just teach me how to drive but really pushed me towards good decision making while driving. I highly recommend this place for new drivers!

Elizabeth Sigalla

6 stars!!!! I just passed my driving test after about 10 hrs of driving with Wilmington Driving School. Harrison, the instructor, was very patient with me and helped me gain confidence while driving by pointing out the tips and tricks for passing the driving test as well as what I can do to generally improve post taking the test! I am glad I listened to his advice with regards to when to take the test and I am also very grateful that he was able to work around my work schedule. Definitely recommend them to anyone looking for a great driving school around the area! Harrison & team - y'all are the best!

Haywai A.

Yippie!!! Got my license at just the first attempt! Thanks to Maxwell, my instructor for his patience and guidance in making sure my road test was a success! I love the fact that the school is flexible and can schedule you for road test preparation within a short time frame unlike most other driving schools that requires some weeks notice to set up an appointment. I recommend Wilmington Driving School.

swetha sweths

Thanks Harrison... You are a excellent trainer.. when I got on to the road for the first time with Harrison, he made me gain that confidence in just one hour.I took two classes and I was trained so well that I was ready for the test. Yes, I got through the test at my first attempt. Thanks a lot Harrison. He is such a good teacher. I would recomend people to take his training at least one class.. and yes as Harrison say..."Drive Safe"

Jennifer Nikolich

Harrison was an excellent instructor and gave my daughter the confidence she needed to feel comfortable behind the wheel! He is very kind and patient! She really enjoyed and appreciated the experience! Well worth the money!

Lynn L

I had a wonderful experience - highly recommend! After taking lessons from wilmington driving school, I got my license on my first try. They don't just prepare you to ace your test, they teach you great driving skills you can use in everyday life.

Anneline Kraemer

A couple of months ago, I didn't think I would ever get my driving license, ever... I have lived most of my life in Paris where having a car is more of a handicap than anything else. Here, it's quite different though. Learning how to drive was a true necessity. So at 44 (and a half) I finally dived in... When I first started I thought it would take me 6 months to get my license. Well... Here we are, 3 months later and guess what? I do own a driving license! I feel extremely lucky I chose Wilmington Driving School. I really couldn't hope for better instructors! If you're a late bloomer like me, you must have seen the movie "Learning to Drive." Well, if you pick Wilmington Driving School, it's going to be even better than the movie! I'm not kidding! The instructors will do everything they can to put you at ease, boost your confidence, keep you up with positive reinforcements all the way. And prepare you for the road test of course! And I mean really prepare you for the worst, because I got the worst so I know! I got a true nightmarish examiner who took me on the highway to hell... And I still PASSED! They will truly go above and beyond to make sure you're ready and successful. One of the best experiences of my life! A life changing one. ----------- Pour les Français qui ont la chance de venir s'installer dans le Delaware, même si vous avez déjà votre permis, n'hésitez pas à prendre une ou deux leçons pour vous préparer au test. Non seulement au test mais aussi aux petites différences sur la route qui sont tout de même importantes. Vous serez entre de bonnes mains ! Pour ceux qui ne l'ont jamais passé, n'attendez pas !

Оля Аршинова

I passed my driving test from the first attempt thanks to these guys. Would definitely recommend to my friends - in fact, already did!

Samir Gupta

Best Driving School.... Wilmington Driving is the best driving school in Delaware. Harrison and Maxwell are excellent instructors and their main priority is to help students to become a safe driver and get their driver's license. I was amazed by their punctuality, teaching techniques and their genuine efforts to make the student comfortable and improve their driving skills. I got my DL yesterday....thank you for everything.... Samir

Grily Gomez

I got my license!!

Rachel Brieger

Definitely 5 out of 5 stars! My instructor Harrison was always very patient with me and thorough with our practices; not to mention dedicated. You can tell he genuinely cares if you succeed and never fails to give his 100% effort into helping you become a better driver. I never felt stressed or nervous with his instructing, he is calm and focused. Thank you Harrison for helping me get my driving license on the first try!

Laron Smith

My name is La’Ron Smith. My experience with Wilmington Driving School was awesome. My driving instructor Harrison Sintim is the best in Delaware. Wilmington Driving School is the best! Harrison was so patient with me. He was so encouraging and I am very thankful for all the work he put into teaching me. I just got my license today and I must say it was the perfect way to start off the weekend. Harrison gave me part of my life back. God bless him and the whole staff and Wilmington driving school.

Paula S

The driving instructor did what he was supposed to do-- help me learn to drive. He pointed out my flaws and gave me advice on how to fix them. I have no complaints on getting the job done. However, he mostly told me where to turn the last second and was unclear of which lane I should be in. Sometimes he was not paying attention to my driving. Not exactly happy with the quality of the service, but I have a license so I can't be mad.

Paul Smith

I have been driving overseas for many years. Recently moved to the USA and needed a driving school to help me get my Delaware license as fast as possible. The driving instructor was punctual, friendly and highly knowledgeable. Within a very short period of time I achieved my goal. Highly recommend.

Madonna Preethi

After hearing a lot a good reviews from my friends, joined Wilmington driving school. With only two days for my road test, I called them up to make an appointment. They were flexible to accommodate me the very next day. The learning experience was great. Harrison was patient and knew exactly what is required of a driver. Overall the experience was great and I passed the road test


Harrison from Wilmington Driving School trained me ,he is very helpful and motivating person. He always guide you towards proper techniques. Good thing is that his focus is not only on getting your license which you will but also on making you a safe driver on road once you get the license. I think this is most important point. This is my first time driving ,I never drove earlier in my life and today I hold Delaware DL . Thanks to harry for its efforts for making me a confident and responsible driver. He will teach you proper techniques for Parallel parking, reverse parking, perpendicular parking, Lane changing, Merging etc., I think they are Best school out there in Delaware area for learning proper Driving skills and getting your License.

Tarunarko Sarkar

My driving instructor was great..taught some helpful techniques. I wanted an early appointment and after assessment got my license within 3 days , so I would definitely recommend Wilmington Driving School to all.

Almohanad Alshuaili

They are very nice and professional instructors. Thanks a lot!

Ashu Parikh

Hey it was good experience with Wilmington driving school And it was great experience with Mr Harry And appreciate for helping me to get my license

Alli Ganiyat

The best experience ever,the instructors are more than just an instructor they make sure you know everything you need to know. Got my license

Anne-Marie Stein

Passed my road test the first try thanks to Harry. He is professional in a fun way, and very knowledgeable. I would recommend him to anyone willing to put in the time to learn.

Brittany Green

I had a great experience with Wilmington Driving School. Before I started driving I had a lot of anxiety with driving on the road but that soon changed after just the first session. I'd suggest it to anyone if they have the same problem as I did or just want to feel confident on the road. It's worth all the time and effort and I passed the driving exam first time!

Cecil Scott

Excellent trainers, there's a reason they're #1 !

vivek vishwanathan

My experience with this driving school has been excellent. Awesome instructors n would highly recommend to others . Thanks Harrison for helping me pass the road test on my first attempt !

Mohana Narasumani

I would give more than five stars for Harrison. He's an outstanding driving instructor, very patient and professional. I never took any driving classes before, but with his clear instructions and defensive driving practice I got my driver license on the first attempt! I owe it to him. I'm very glad that I took my driving lessons at Wilmington driving school and I highly recommend it.

Cousin Cassie’s Corner

So far I am not feeling this place! I haven't recieved a phone call or email about my appointment I made online. I am about to take my money somewhere else.

g h

I WISH I COULD GIVE HIM 0 STAR BUT THE SYSTEM DOESN'T ALLOW ME TO GO THRU. Terrible experience! I really don’t know why those people give them 4 or 5 stars, but I am just telling the truth here. I found this guy, Harrison, online and did see some good comments. So I started the training with him. He charged me $80 per 2-hour, almost like a lawyer, but kept texting or answering the phone calls while I was driving. When I was about to take the test, he said I could not pass, and ask me to re-schedule the test, which would happen after 3 months. He said that is fine, if I didn’t want to wait, he could re-schedule an earlier date for me, but he would charge me $240. Yes, he forced me to pull out money again and again until I realized what kind of person he is. I paid 6 X $80 + $240 = $720 in total finally. If you are super rich, try to contact him. Another thing is that my road test was re-scheduled by someone, and I have to re-take the knowledge test and get a new permit (because the original one had already extended 1 time and expired). I don’t have evidence to show that it is Harrison who re-scheduled my road test without any letting me know, but I absolutely suspect it is him. Because he told me that he could re-schedule someone’s road test and put me in that position, so that he could earn $240 from me. He is basically dealing with the business of selling his student’s road test position to someone else. So if you are really super rich and really want take expensive class, and really want to give lots of money to Harrison, then ok that is fine. But please DO NOT give a copy of your permit to him.

Racquel Hosten-Jones

This company is advertising classes they currently do not offer. I called today to ask a question about the "Pre-Trip" classes they claim they offer; on their website and I was told they do not offer it. The person that answered the phone was EXTREMELY unprofessional. Wish I could give ZERO stars

Lamlam Chan

I took about 10 classes and I passed my road test today. I knew some people would complain about the time and the price. Well, is a little expensive but you pay what you get. For sure, don’t expect the class will be on time. Sometimes early sometimes late due to his busy schedule. But that’s not a big deal for me. Mr. Harrison is a great instructor. He was very patient and teach me all the driving skills that I needed. It was a good experience to have him to drive with me and teach me how to drive. Highly recommend to everyone who needs to get their driver license. :)

Danielle Trujillo

Very unprofessional. I had a 12:00 appointment and when I called he kept saying he would try to get in touch with the driver but that he wasn't answering the phone and I would get a call back soon. I then made multiple unanswered calls until I finally gave up and let them know at 1:00 that I would no longer be using their services as no one could get in touch with the instructor who was supposed to be picking me up. No apologies made, no compensation offered, none of the phone numbers worked and a business should not have numbers where the answering machine picks up at a different driving school.

Catherine Tsapenko

I had the best experience with Wilmington Driving School! Harrison was outstanding, very professional and knowledgeable. Thanks to him, I passed! 10/10 I recommend!

Shannon Tarolli

I highly recommend Wilmington Driving School! I took a total of 4 driving lessons with Harrison (one right before my road test) and passed! He is an amazing instructor and very patient. Prior to taking driving lessons, I had a fear of driving, but thanks to Harrison he helped me overcome my fear and be a confident driver. Both of my sisters will be taking driving lessons with him next!

subhashini sundaresan

The instructor taught me very well. He gave me very good training. I got license in my first attempt. They are very professional and my instructor was incredibly patient with me and repeated every instruction every time till I get it right.

sunny yu

The instructors in the school are excellent, and the instruction is helpful. They will pick you up and drop you off for your training and driving appointment. It is very convenient and considerable. Besides, they know clearly what should the students do in the road test and help you practice before your test. They are qualified informed on what you need to do to ensure to pass the road test. The experience is good.

Julianna Ko

Wilmington Driving School did a good job preparing me for my test and rescheduling my test to accommodate my schedule. My instructor (Harrison) was patient and taught very well. He corrected everything so that we not only passed the test, but also became good drivers in general. It is no wonder that this is a popular school!

Jianan Chen

The experience is great. My instructor Harrison Smith is patient, responsible and of lots of experience. It’s very easy to schedule courses and is extremely suitable for people who have no cars to practice or no companions to take them to the road test. I met my instructor on Sunday and got my license on Tuesday morning.

Shankar Ram

The instructors (Max & Harrison) are very helpful, motivating and teach you proper techniques. The focus is not only on getting your license which you will but also on making you a safe driver on road once you get the license.They can also help you with your appointments and rescheduling. They teach proper techniques for Parallel parking, reverse parking, perpendicular parking, Lane changing, Merging etc., Best school out there in Delaware area for learning proper Driving skills and getting your License. More than you,they take delight in you getting the License. Listen and follow carefully their instructions and you will be a great & safe driver

Conny Prado

I would definitely recommend this school, they helped me get my license, Mr. Maxwell and Mr.Harrison were very knowledgeable and have a lot a patience to teach and guide you through your lessons, they were also very encouraging.

hacker rank

Harrison and Rabani were great. I'd recommend this driving school for anyone, they are so good & will teach you everything you need to get driver's license and to be a good and safe driver.

Wil Dri

I am already having a Driver's license but I am not a perfect driver so I want to improve more on lane change, lane merging and parallel parking. So I took a class in Wilmington Driving School, he showed me how to do parallel parking but he didn't take me on a free way and most of my 2 hours driving was on a single lane. I was not satisfied by the session and I would have been happy if he had observed all my mistakes and provided proper guidelines.

Christina Fei

I'm so happy to have gotten my license! Harrison is an excellent instructor, great at teaching driving skills and very encouraging. I would highly recommend the school to anyone.

Danyi Yang

I used to be here about one and a half month to learn how to drive from nothing, and passed the road test successfully. My instructor was really nice and patient, I had a good experience here!

Wing Cheung

The instructors provided great tips and taught useful techniques for driving. The lessons are designed to help students prepare for the road test. In addition, the lessons are great for people who have never driven before because the instructors are prepared to work with people with a wide range of driving experience. Furthermore, they know the area well and introduced me to roads which are excellent for practicing driving. Overall experience was very positive.

Amy Hamilton

Great driving instructor program.


I'm an international student that lives in new castle area and needed to get my license asap. I was extremely happy with the service always early for my driving sessions, only had one practice before the exam and passed first time. My instructor gave me confidence and I am already recommending my other international team mates to join the service. Thanks.

Edgar Salazar

Totally recommended.. the instructors give you all the hints to past the driving test.. they are also really professional and patient with beginners.

Irene Scott

I could write a novel if I could. Previously to going to Wilmington Driving School, I had failed my road test three times. It was frustrating. I finally googled and my search result was Wilmington Driving School. I thank God. The patience that my instructor had on me was amazing. He explained everything well. I made a lot of mistakes, my instructor didn't give up on me. I was prepared well for my road test...and you know what, I passed. I have my license. Super excited. Wilmington Driving School is the BEST.

sasidhar yarlagadda

Had a great experience with the driving school. Thanks Harrison for helping me pass the road test. I would highly recommend wilmington driving school to others.

Bhattu Harrisburg

Wilmington Driving School is the place where a Student can feel comfortable to learn the things with ease of joy. They suggest the Students what exactly they need to know learning and improving the skills. I suggest this Driving School very honestly based on the quality of teaching. Harisson never leaves a Student till we get the License after they train and ready for the test. He only send them for test when they are perfectly good to go, if something goes wrong he is the person who support the student how to get it done. Thanks to Harisson, who makes the student very comfortable while teaching, that makes a student very confident.

Darragh Schick

I was a semi-experienced driver but very unexperienced when it came to the skills test when contacting the school. I took 3 test prep courses with Harrison the week of my test. He was very patient and helpful in teaching me the skills I need to pass and I did on my first try. Highly recommend to all levels of experience.

Ife O

I liked that I wasn't just thought how to pass the test but how to drive. That actually boosts your confidence even more.

Nicole Pedi

I don't usually write reviews but I had such a wonderful experience using this driving school that I just had to. Harrison was my instructor and he prepared me not only to pass my road test on the first try, but also to feel comfortable behind the wheel-- which I didn't think would ever be possible! As someone who never drove when I was younger, I was very nervous about finally trying to get my license when I first contacted Wilmington Driving School. But they helped me to conquer my fears by giving me plenty of pointers, being extremely patient, catering the instruction to my learning style, and allowing me to practice at my own pace. The school was also extremely accommodating with scheduling lessons around my work schedule. I highly recommend this school to anyone looking to learn how to drive.

Jennifer Crippen

The instructors are very nice and they make you feel comfortable..and thanks to Max i got my license today. I would recommend them to anybody cause I guarantee you that you will get your license THANKS GUYS AGAIN

Megyn Liu

Wilmington Driving School helped me got my license. I also learned some useful skills during training. Now I am a safe driver and I feel very confident driving by myself. if you don't know how to drive or you are not very confident about your driving, I recommend you to give them a call.

Zainab Alshaer

One of the best driving schools in the area. They know exactly where your weaknesses are and work with you on practicing to improve these areas. Also, they will tell you whether you are ready for the road test or not. The first time, even though they told me I am not ready to take the road test yet, I decided to give it a try but unfortunately, I failed. However, I completed practicing and when they told me you are now ready to take the test, I eventually got my license. I would really recommend going to this school.

Elizabeth O'Brien

Wilmington Driving School is unique to other driving schools in the area in that they provide the individual guidance needed to obtain a license and to become a life-long defensive driver. The driving instructors identify your weaknesses and work with you to improve these areas. Harrison, my instructor, is a great teacher. He will train you for both the test and real life situations while at the same time providing helpful tips that will come in handy when you start driving on your own. In addition to providing practical training, Wilmington Driving School instructors will also get to know you and your circumstances - i.e., reservations about driving as well as any time constraints you might have; they are very flexible. I would highly recommend Wilmington Driving School if you are seeking a great learning experience and looking to pass your driving test on your first attempt.

Vikas Bishnoi

This driving school was recommended by friends, thereby thought of starting off with a lesson and ended up taking many & finally got my license through them. It was a great experience - lessons are tailor made to individual experience and learning aptitude. You will be on the same page as the school in terms of your learning & progress, they won't try to pinch money out of your pockets! Abbas (my trainer) is a great instructor (& nice person), he will train you for both the test and actual driving on the roads (not just to make you pass somehow!). You will be treated to few street smart tips that will come handy when you hit the road on your own. I would highly recommend Wilmington driving school & Abbas if you are looking for a great learning experience and sail through the test at your first attempt... (or you could end up paying more at other schools, & finally may not even clear the test). Happy Learning & Safe Driving!

Nayantara Kosaraju

The instructors are extremely dedicated, responsive, and understanding of every student's situation. I had particularly disturbing experiences with one of the DMVs but my instructors were very helpful and made my test process a lot easier to deal with. Thank you Rabbani and Harrison for being so great!

Rohan Woli

Mr Harrison is an amazing teacher. It was because of his teaching and professionalism that I was able to pass my road test on the 1st attempt itself. He really works with a student and makes it a team effort. I would recommend everyone, whether it is an experienced driver or someone whose getting behind the wheels for the 1st time to go thru wilmington driving school to learn and practice how to drive.

kp divya

I had a very good experience with Wilmington driving school. Instructor Harrison is the best! I did not have much experience in driving. I joined another driving school and the experience was bad. Harrison is very encouraging, very patient; he made classes according to my convenience. He is very professional. They assess your driving and concentrate on your weak points. He will take you to the test if he thinks you will pass. So trust their advice. I got my license in the first attempt.

Michael Nettleton

I found the instruction to be very helpful and clear. They are well informed on what you need to do to pass the driving test. They can pick you up and drop you off for your driving appointments which is very helpful and convenient.

Sheetalreddy Musku

It was truely an amazing experience with this driving school. Very good experienced instructors.I would strongly recommend this driving school.

Naveen Reddy

I loved the way Harrison taught me Driving. He has excellent training skills & always made sure to teach on how to drive safely. Wish New Students All The Best and have a Safe Driving Journey!!

Olena Gladkova

Definitely a five star driving school. The instructor was excellent, professional and friendly. His explanations were simple and concise and very easy to follow even when I practiced on my own. I have a spacial awareness problem and estimation of a particular distance (ex. turning, parking) isn't easy for me. He found really easy ways around it, inspiring confidence in me that I didn't have before. I thought I'd never be able to drive and was frightened of the road. I was very surprised to hear from him on my first lesson that he thought I'd be a good driver. It took me 3 times to pass the writing test. I thought it would take me even longer to pass the road test. But I passed the road test on my first try and I am very thankful to him for the help. I found the school online and I am very happy with my choice.

Annalise Ko

I had a really great experience with the Wilmington Driving School! I wanted to get my license before I left for college so my instructor worked really well with my schedule and made sure I knew everything because he knew I didn't have a lot of time. He taught me all the things that I needed to know to get ready for my road test so that a week before my test I already knew what to do and it was just a matter of practicing. Not only was my instructor a very good teacher but he was also very nice and friendly, so I would definitely recommend this school to anyone! :)

Shuang Ru

I took about 10 classes with my instructor Harrison. It was a delight having lessons with him. He is a professional driving coach and he is really patient with me. Last Friday, I finally passed my driver's license. I was really impressed by his expertise and guidance . Definitely recommend instructor Harrison and Wilmington Driving school. If you are looking for a driving instuctor, go find Mr. Harrison. He not only teaches you how to pass the test, but also how to be a good driver on the road. Thank you for your lessons and I really appreciate it.

George Kume

This is the best school in driving techniques.They gave me excellent tips on parallel parking and how to avoid common driving mistakes that led to my success in the test at the first appointment.I recommend this school to those that want to be successful at their first appointment for the test.

Ebony Morgan

Passed my drivers test yesterday at the Delaware City DMV with the help of Harry. I had so much anxiety about this exam as I needed my license for my job. As a teacher, Harry was extremely patient and helped build my confidence on the road. I would recommend him to anyone - Especially foreign drivers used to driving on the left! I also appreciate that he helped me look for test cancellations. 5/5

Jv Naidu

Friendly manager and instructor here. I really like the way of teaching instructions and safety driving. Well planned in teaching. Excellent driving school. Thanks for your support. Definitely i would recommend this driving school for my friends / colleagues . Thanks Jakkana

roshani patel

I passed the road test at first try. Credit goes to Wilmington Driving School. It is very professional. The instructors know their stuff very well. Whether you know how to drive or not they will take care of it. I definitely recommend this school to anyone who wants the driver’s license. Take the classes, follow their instructions and you are done ! Thank you so much Wilmington Driving School. :)

Jenny Ren

Harisson is very professional,patient and responsable teacher ! Great experience! As know my road test day is approaching, Harisson give a good strategy to make every course so effectif ! And he accompagn me to the road test,encourage and reassure me every moment he can , and I get my license after 5 cours :) Thank you so much Harisson !!!!!!!!!!! 200% YES for Wilmington driving school!!!!!!!!!!

Tatjana Karey

Took about 4 lessons with Harry, and in the beginning I knew slight basics about driving but I wasn’t comfortable maneuvering around, and I couldn’t park to save my life.. in about 3 sessions I felt myself not only getting more comfortable, but also challenging myself and parallel parking like a pro (I thought).. it’s costly, but all worth it because he makes sure that you’re confident & you’re ready for the behind the wheel.. I just took my test, and passed ..the first attempt, which is sooo awesome, I’m still in shock. I couldn’t have done it without Harry, he was so patient and helpful through the whole process, he takes his time to teach and show you how to properly drive, without making you nervous even if you aren’t doing something right! He’s awesome, we need more teachers like him in this world.. so I’d definitely recommend him to any & everyone.

Stanley Ayodeji

Not a bad driving school. Although I did not pass on my first road test. Sam is a friendly guy but talks too much while driving, but you will love him, he takes his time to teach. Rabbani helps build your confidence (although I personally have issues with his communication). Harrison nice guy... he may be harsh but he knows his stuff! My rating for the school isn't full because I don't like the business model. It is way too expensive and no discount. Also the instructors eat into your timing in some ways. If I have scheduled a 2 hour training, I do not expect the two hours to include the time for refreshment and filling the gas. So effectively you end up spending not 2 hours but 1.45 or thereabout. You need to be patient and understanding to relate well with the school. If you want a good driving school, and you are patient and got the $$$ this is recommended school. But if you dont have the $$$ try elsewhere. Its really expensive.

Shane Plunkett

Had a fantastic time learning to drive with Harrison & co! Really excellent. patient & knowledgeable instructors and I passed my test without any problem. Affordable rates and convenient times for lessons too.

Priyanka Mondal

I was an absolute beginner in driving. When I got my permit in April, I was wondering how am I possibly gonna make it to the road test by August (permit expiration) since I never drove before. I asked around and eventually googled and found "Wilmington Driving School" with highest rating and pretty good review. Mr. Harrison has been my main instructor throughout the sessions. I can totally compare how much I have improved from the very first day (I was nervous ) till the date (yes I love driving now). He helped me build confidence on the road, taught valuable lessons on driving safe and prepared me for the test. I don't know how many of my friends failed the road test at parallel parking or reverse parking etc but the techniques Mr. Harrison showed, made them real easy for me. He made me practice in DMV and test road over and over which made the test really easy for me. I got road test car too from the school. Mr. Harrison picked up on some skills that I needed improvement on and suggested me to practice repeatedly which proved to be quite beneficial during the test and yes I passed my road test yesterday (on my first attempt ) with flying colors. I definitely recommend this school to anyone, looking for a good driving instructor. The lessons will surely help you pass road test and make you a good driver as well. It has been a wonderful experience. Thanks to Mr. Harrison.

Rolando Daly

I wouldn’t of been able to pass without these classes . Definitely worth the price . Very professional

Agnes De

I would like to thank Mr. Maxwell and Mr. Harrison (great instructors), for getting me prepared to pass my road test on the first try. Wilmington Driving School is the best school in Delaware!!! Highly recommended driving lessons with this school! Mr. Maxwell was professional, on time for all my lessons, and very good at explaining road rules. He gave me great tips on how to parallel park. Don't make mistake and go to another school this driving school is the best! Agnes

Benjamin Maldonado

Just awesome

Patrel Hart

My experience with Wilmington driving school was amazing. I had Harrison, he was very patient with me and helped me relax whenever i would get extra nervous. I had 3 lessons with minimal driving experience before hand and I PASSED MY ROAD TEST ON THE FIRST ATTEMPT! I highly recommend them!

Khaloud Ibrahim

Harrison is the best driving instructor! Great experience:) If you want to know how to drive very well and safely, take wilmington driving school.

Pedro Mendez Jr.

My experience and time. With my driving instructor, Harrison, has been great. Shout out to him for believing in me. And being patient on my journey.

Isha Holder

What an amazing journey with Mr. Harrison, the best driving instructor I've ever had. The way he teaches is absolutely fantastic and the confidence he gives is more than amazing. He is very knowledgable, patient and never got angry with my many mistakes, he continuously encouraged me to keep on going and reassured me that I would get it. He gave me consistent feedback on how to improve my driving. His advice helped me pass the first time and I would highly recommend him. Thank you Harrison for your hard work, time and dedication. You are the best at what you do, thank you a million times.

Kariee Janel

Wonderful experience, driving instructors very nice, very professional! Highly recommend for new drivers.

Heather Mawn

I had a great experience with Wilmington Driving School! Harrison worked hard and was encouraging and patient with me and his time and efforts along with his experience and expertise worked because I got my license today! 3rd Times The Charm!!! Thank you so much Harrison it’s more appreciated than you know!!!

Connor Mackey

Great instructors, they helped me learn the basics very quickly and I was driving on the road within the first lesson, after that the instructor was more or less there for safety reasons and finessing your skills as you drive. While they are great instructors, they are not so great planners. Of the 6 lessons I've had with them, they either came early or massively late 4 times and only give last minute notices about sudden schedule changes, one of which they were 5 hours late and I couldn't have my lesson that day. While i didn't have to pay for the skipped lesson, it is still extremely inconvenient to keep having these last minute schedule adjustments. I would recommend them if you don't already have a busy schedule or are OK with sudden last minute scheduling changes and wasting a lot of time sitting around.

Joel Singh Peter

I usually don’t write reviews but I’m here to write one for the wonderful experience I had with Wilmington Driving School especially with Harrison. I got the license in my first attempt last week. I chose Wilmington Driving School by lots of good reviews and to my surprise it was 100% true as I experienced the same with them. I’m not confident in my driving as I have road fear initially and never thought I would drive and get license but these guys are really thorough professionals in handling any kind of person/situation. They simply analyze our progress and guide accordingly. I realized after the road test that these guys prepared me more than the test. On the test day they picked me up early and helped me with everything that they can do until the test got over. No wonder why Wilmington Driving School is at the top in ratings. Anyone wants to take up a quality driving practice don’t hesitate to choose this school to become a quality driver. My special thanks and regards to Harrison and Max.

Julie Fairchild

Outstanding! Harrison was wonderful with my 16 year old daughter! He’s calm & gives excellent instructions. He was always on time & their door to door service was just perfect for our family. He picked her up directly from school & dropped her at home at the end! She passed her test the 1st time taking it & the dmv instructor said she was almost perfect on her test!! So thank you thank you Wilmington Driving School!!!

Gautam Agrawal

Wilmington Driving School is the best driving school in Delaware. Harrison and Maxwell are excellent instructors. They pick you up and drop you off from wherever is convenient for you. They go through everything you need to know to become a good driver and pass the DL test step-by-step. With their guidance, I was able to learn to drive in USA in just a few lessons and pass my test in the first attempt.

Mohamed Kaleemullah

Absolutely fantastic training provided by Harry. Due to his training, I was able to clear my road test in single attempt. The training methodology and guidance provided by Harry was commendable which helped me gain confidence and procure success in just three days of training sessions. If someone around DE looking out for driving classes without any second thoughts please reach out to Wilmington Driving school for guaranteed success.

Bobo Z

The teachers are very knowledgable and care about the students. Different drivers and different cars will help you gain more experience and be adapted to different conditions:)

Ty C

Shout out to Max and Harrison. Not only are they great instructors, they are also great people. Always felt comfortable driving with them and they taught me everything that was on the driving test. I passed and would highly recommend them for new drivers. Thanks again!!!

Sunitha Reddy

This guy cancelled my scheduled Road Test without my knowledge. How silly is this ..just becoz he had my Learners permit no ....and me having given negative feedback ..he dared to cancel my scheduled Road Skills test in George Town DE...not excusable .but the DMV ppl were kind enough to give me another appointment on the same day..and I got my LICENCE issued ..

Jean-Bernard Lubin

Wilmington Driving school is a great place to learn how to drive, and Harrison is an excellent instructor. He taught me all the basics step by step and gave me the knowledge and confidence I needed to pass my road test in only a month of training with them!

Illa Patel

Horrible experience. After reading review here, I decided to have some driving lessons with this school so scheduled couple of appointments. Instructor came late (almost 1 hr) with no good reason in first appointment and in second appointment no one shows up at my door step. I immediately called them but no one pickup my call so left couple of voice messages. They never call back me. Not a reliable service.

Salha M

I chose Wilimintgon drive school after hearing my friends experiences and reading good reviews about this school. First, I want to thank the instructor Harrison for all great guidance and advice that he gave to me. I had had zero experience in drive. Harrison had to teach me frome the very basic and he gave me instructions step by step during the time. I really appreciate his encouragement. I took the road test and I passed in the first attempt. I highly recommend this school for those students who have no experience of drive.

Floriana Fabian

I highly recommend Wilmington Driving School. They helped me pass the test from the very first time. They are very reliable and understand a student's strengths and limitations. When learning to drive, it is very important that you feel comfortable and confident behind the wheel. The instructors are great at feeling you this way. Plus they go the extra mile to deliver excellent results. I took 2 classes with Harrison who also accompanied me at the exam and 1 with Maxwell. Harrison even came to pick me up for a lesson on his day off, at 6 am, to avoid the crowd training at DMV and to work around my schedule. I will also have my 16 year old train with them for his driver license. I know he'll be in very good hands. Sending both my instructors my best regards and gratitude.

Cicil Zaina

Wilmington driving school is the best driving school ..The instructors (Harrison and Maxwell) are excellent...I have never driven before..But got the license on the first attempt..They teach how to pass the test and also to drive safely and with confidence on road!!Thanks a lot Guys!!

Tom Marks

I don't think I could have found a better instructor. Great instruction and a great help in getting my license.

Hakeema Rasheed

First I want to say very unprofessional when you answer your phone your suppose to identify yourself as what ever your business is, not just hello. When I scheduled an appointment for 8:00 the instructor arrives at 9:15 . I also scheduled for a car for the road test, they were supposed to pick me up the an hour before the test, showed up 20 minutes before the test and didn't inform me the cost was 70.00 more than the driving lesson. Driving lesson is two hours when you go for the road test you have the car less than an hour. Also manager is very rude.

anoop chacko

Well Wilmington Driving is a great place to learn driving.Maxwell is a great teacher he gave me lot of tips in driving.He made me the road test look much easier and i passed in the first try too.I really recommend Wilmington driving school if you want learn driving and pass the test in the first try.Keep up the good work Maxwell, Harrison.

Tommy Zhou

Very good driving school. The instructors are very patient and nice. The courses are well organized. Easy to improve driving skills.

Ali Eshaghi

Thanks to Wilmington Driving School Mr,Harison is an amazing coach and made me ready a short period of time and I passed road test the first time .Thanks and God Bless you Harison.

Sherin Mathews

Excellent school ! They are very experienced and know the job well. They helps you remember your mistakes and not repeat them. They cover everything you will need to know for the road test and their tips and tricks are such that you'll take them along all your life. This class is definitely worth your time !


I liked the trainer and their professional behavior. They focus on making you a good driver and of course with that you’ll surely get driving license too. The most like thing was trainer picked me up early to make sure I clear the exam as I was not confident enough and did not charge me extra for that.

Dewi Safitri

Grateful for taking a lesson from here. Harrison is patient and explained the lesson very well. Failed twice on parallel parking, then i took a lesson from Wilmington Driving School. He taught me step by step, and made it real easy. Thank you, Harrison!

Shay Williams

After reading such good reviews, I decided to take lessons with Wilmington Driving School. So far I have taken three lessons. My first lesson was wonderful and gave me the courage I needed to finally get out on the road (very first time driving) My instructor was very helpful and encouraging. My second lesson was on parallel parking, three point turn, etc. That appointment didn't go very well so I notified Harrison and he came out himself and took me to practice the very next day and an hour before my scheduled road test. I PASSED!!! They're very caring and want to see their students succeed. I wasn't an experienced driver, but Harrison helped me with the rules of the road, strategies to use when taking the road test and driving in general. I would recommend this driving school for those who have never driven, want to gain experience and want to receive their license. I will definitely be returning to Wilmington Driving School for more lessons. Thank you again Harrison!

Tantrum Hits

This was a great school to go for. The instructor was patient and easy going and quick to indicate wat my flaws was so we can fix them. I would suggest all people who want to drive to go this school cause i learned a lot in a short period of time.

Jamie Dowling

I only had 6 days to get the skills part of the road test down. That means, parallel parking, 100 ft back up, perpendicular parking... The whole 9. I kid u not... 2 days and a total of 3-4 hrs... I passed my road test with flying colors. I strongly recommend using Wilmington Driving school. They definitely make sure you pass no matter what. Thank you so much.

Lorena Endara

For me this was a great experience, I came with some knowledge of my country but also a lot of fear to drive here, my instructor was Harrison, excellent and very nice as an instructor and as a person, he tells you step by step what you need to know to approve the test, also gives you confidence in yourself, Harrison is very professional, knows how to teach to drive, my recommendation is that if you want to learn to drive safely and following all the rules, you can come here with the assurance that you will learn. I thank my instructor Harrison and his assistant Rabbani because they believed in me

hobby sTORIes

OMGosh! My daughter and I cannot say enough great things about Harrison and Maxwell! We highly recommend this school for anyone, especially new never have driven before students. They care, are helpful, understanding, wonderful, so very patient, and teach you to be a safe and smart driver. My husband passed and he was our only driver, and she is 19, was homeschooled, so she never had any drivers training. We had someone offer to help, and did help her get her permit, but the schedules did not work out, so we needed someone else to teach her. I called Wilmington Driving School and got the info we needed and got her started on lessons in May 2016, and her appointment for her test was in August. She drove every week day for about 3 weeks, then we had to do less cause of money issues, then we were able to start again more frequent, luckily, after a couple weeks of that. The August test was not good and no pass, she was scheduled for retest in October. We had no one to ride with her so she could get the pratice needed either, so we did more lessons. Harrison knew our story and what we had been through, and we needed to have a licensed driver to get us to where we need to go, and he went above and beyond and got her in to test twice more before her scheduled October retest, of course having to wait the required 10 days after each, sadly those were no pass as well. After the third no pass, we scheduled more lessons and he drove with her a few more days and surprised her with a pop test a week early than her scheduled retest. He said he knew she was ready even though she said she wasn't, and knew that if she wasn't expecting it that she would do great, and she passed! Thank You Harrison and Maxwell so very very much, you were there for us and we are so glad to have met you both. Bless You. Tori And Coral

Sana K

I had a wonderful learning experience at Wilmington Driving school. Harrison and Maxwell are very friendly and knowledgeable teachers. I was scared of parallel parking but Maxwell encouraged me and remained patient during my practice. I passed my test in first attempt just few hours ago yayyyyyyyyyy :). I cannot thank my instructor Maxwell enough for the knowledge he provided me. I would highly recommend this driving school to all those who want to get license in first trial.


I’m a retiree who recently returned to the U.S. after years in Europe. Delaware law required that I pass its driving test to get a license. My husband recommended Wilmington Driving School, and I'm so glad he did! Thomas, my instructor, sharpened the skills I needed and encouraged me along the way. Within two weeks I got my license! My thanks go out to Thomas, and I happily recommend him and the Wilmington Driving School!

Samoi Yekeh

Great people! The instructors really make sure you are at your best before you take the road test. They practice everything you need to know so, there's no surprises. I recommend them 100%.

tejaswi karnad

Great experience with this place. The instructors are very efficient and professional. Not only did they get me an earlier road test appointment but also helped me throughout the process of fetching a drivers license. Thank you guys.


Got my license in one try! I got comfortable with driving fairly quickly. All the instructors are super nice and customer service to book classes is great as well. Give them a call/text if you want to get your license. :)

Xuewei Xu

This is the best driving school I've come across so far. The instructors were extremely well at teaching with patience and made it comfortable to drive. The car from the driving school was really easy to drive. I have a driver's license from my country, but I was still nervous driving in the U.S. During these days, they helped me a lot to understand how driving defensively and abiding the laws is so importing for all drivers and how it can help us go throughout our lives and avoid even the smallest of accidents. Highly recommend here.

Derrick G.

I have to give a completely honest review. There were a couple missed appointments or late arrivals in the very beginning. They seem to be overbooked at times with so many students. I was, however, given a promise for the future and a number to call if there were any further issues. After that, things were good. My instructor was Maxwell all but one time, and Harrison for one appointment. They are the best at what they do. Maxwell is very calm and easy going. He has a way about him and how he explains things. Maxwell would pick me up for my appointment and prepare me for ALL the things being on the road may bring. During my one appointment with Harrison, he worked on parallel parking. He did a great job and made it easy, and Maxwell had me ready the following appointment, after a few practice tries. This was well worth the money and I was prepared for my test after only 5 appointments. Maxwell drove me to my test and was there to bask after I received my license on the first try. No matter your experience level, these are your go to guys. Their in-car personalities definitely made it for a fun experience whether it was talking or the music on the radio. They know what they're doing and they are DMV expert as well. They know the people and expectations there. You will be well prepared and have a full understanding of what the road test will be like. If you need lessons...CALL RIGHT NOW! I can't say enough about how thorough and easy it was after only a few lessons.

Dasia Jackson

Harrison is a great teacher! I was very nervous about driving on the road but Harrison taught me lots of tips and built my confidence as a new driver. Thanks to those tips and lessons I have my license!

Abigail Mc

My experience with Wilmington Driving School was fantastic! My instructor Harrison was the best! He was so patient and kind and very very helpful! He was so encouraging and I am very thankful for all the work he put into teaching me. I just got my license today and I must say it was the perfect way to start off the new year.

Amy DiSabatino

I passed my road test today on the first try and I give all the credit to Harrison, my instructor from Wilmington driving school. He was an awesome instructor who gave great instructions, good pointers, and had lots of patience with me. He encouraged me to practice and keep trying until I got it right. I also observed him today while we were waiting at DMV, coaching another person. I could tell he was a real, genuine people person who wants to see all succeed. I highly recommend Wilmington driving school to all, especially Harrison, he is the best.

Sarah Rogers

I would recommend this school to anyone who was trying to get their license. I had Harrison as my instructor and he explained things in a way that I found very easy to catch on to. Thanks to him I got my license on the first try!

lavanya rajaram

I got my license on first attempt and I owe it to Wilmington Driving School and the professional training. Harrison and Maxwell were my trainers and I took 6 classes with them in addition to the day of the appointment. They evaluate you and explain the problem areas. Majority of my confidence came from taking classes with them. As per their advice, I did practice for a few more hours with friends and family. Thanks to them, now I have my independence as they call it. All the best to all the new drivers out there! I do not regret a bit about having to spend money to learn to drive, it is worth every penny with this school! Thanks again Harrison for helping with the whole process and making me a safe a defensive driver!

William Esteves

I had little driving experience and was looking for a school that would help me gain more confidence with driving on the road and help me with getting my drivers license. I scheduled a class with the Wilmington Driving School and I was pleased with how professional and knowledgeable the driving Instructor is. An assessment of my driving skills was performed on the road and I was given helpful tips and instructions to improve my skills. The lesson went so well that I scheduled for another class with full confidence that I would meet my goal in no time seeing as I've learned so much from the the first time. After 4 classes I was ready to take the road test. I passed with ease and I now finally have my drivers licenses. I definitely recommend the Wilmington Driving School for those who are looking to get started on learning how to drive and eventually want to get their license.

Andrew Gendreau

Thanks so much Harrison. I had been trying to get my license for over a year and in a month you helped me get it. You are an excellent teacher. I highly recommend this school to anyone who is trying to get their license and especially anyone who has been struggling. It was also especially helpful to be able to use the car that we had done the lessons in.

Omar Escobedo

I only took 2 lessons. The first one the instructor arrived almost one hour later and I had to drive home the lady from previous lesson. Second lesson, the instructor sent me a message asking me to move my lesson one hour earlier. That didn't happen because just at the time for him to come he changed his mind. Later, after I called them several times to ask them if he was going to attend, the instructor sent messages threating me to post my information. Poor attitude and outrageous prices. Please look for other schools, there are many more committed to their clients.

Sayantan Dasgupta

My experience with Wilmington Driving School has been great. Making appointments was easy, courteous staff, experienced instructors. Special thanks to Mr. Maxwell Sintim , Mr. Harrison Smith for helping me all the way.


Very happy with Wilmington Driving school. I was able to pass my test 1st time after only a few weeks of lessons. And Harrison even arranged for me to take my test early due to a cancellation to beat the wait times at the DMV. Very very pleased.

Chuanzhen Wu

My friend recommended this to me. Those teachers are nice. They will adjust the teaching according to your condition and make sure you know the rules and have the ability to pass the exam. Really awesome! 朋友推薦的,教練能根據個人情況安排針對性的教學,非常耐心。

Monica K

Wilmington driving school is the best driving school in DE. I got my license in the first attempt. The instructors are very patient and friendly. Their parallel parking tips are amazing, you could never go wrong. Big thanks to Harrison. He was very patient and his instructions were very precise. Also thank you Maxwell for taking me to the test and for making sure I wasn't nervous. They are definetly the best.

Berna Tamer

Excellent experience... They teach you the most vital points you need to know to pass the test 10/10

Amalia Cadario

Had a great experience, I recommend this school!

Vijay Thiriveedi

I had a Good Learning Experience at Wilmington Driving School. Instructors are Excellent. I would like to thank the Instructors for getting me Prepared to PASS my road test on the First Attempt.

Yue Xu

The coaches there are professional and experienced. As a fresh learner I'm able to get the driver license within a month, thanks to them. And the total time I practiced is less than 20 hours. The suggestions they gave are useful for driving. I think the service can be better if they're more patient and encouraging to students like me. Yes, I will recommend this driving school.

Dark Nod

Helped me get my license they gave great reviews on wat to do and not to do before I take the road test and passed

lallala lallala

An awesome driving school and amazing staffs!! If you want to be well trained and pass the road test quickly and safely, definitely choose this school.They have very flexible schedules and excellent services!!

Dhwiti Thaker

Its great opportunity to learn driving from Wilmington driving school. My instructor was very nice. He taught me driving not to pass the test but to drive as a safe driver throughout life. I made many mistakes but from that mistakes he taught me to be perfect. He pushed me to be perfect. Thank you so much!! It was a great experience with you..!

Poulami Das

Here's why I "Loved it" - 1. I was allowed to make mistakes and my mistakes were treated as lessons instead of "what were you thinking!!!" 2. The detailed explanation given to even the most trivial questions. 3. The instructors intent to teach me how to drive and not just how to get my drivers license. (Trust me there is a big difference between the two) These are my top three reasons for recommending Wilmington Driving school to any one. Other than that I was impressed with my trainer Harrison, for picking up what was causing me to make my mistakes, and giving me effective ways of overcoming them. Thanks for making learning to drive a fun experience.

Helper K

This place is wack. When I took the appointment, they told me a date that’s available and said they’ll contact me so I waited for two weeks but never did. So I called them and asked about it but they were being very rude and didn’t respond to my questions, and what they said on the website and what they said on the phone is completely different.

kumaresan palanisamy

I got really a good driving experience with help of Mr.Harry who taught me about end to end driving skills and tips. Personally he take care about my road test and provided great tips to get clear idea on parallel parking , reverse parking etc. Appreciated. I personally recommended this school to the folks who really need good training experience.

Lauren Konkiel

When I was looking for a driving school the gentleman from Delaware city dmv recommended Wilmington Driving school. So glad I gave them a call. Mr. Harrison is a great instructor. Every time I got in the car Mr. Harrison really helped me with sharing such great tips, and helped me build up my driving confidence. I Took my road test today, and I can proudly say I passed my test on the first try; all of the credit is due to Mr. Harrison. Thank you so much Mr. Harrison.

Egypt Wilson

This is a great driving school!!! All of the instructors are awesome I’m sure of it!! My instructor was Max and he did an amazing job keeping me calm and focused. Harrison also went above and beyond!! He was very understanding and another wonderful instructor as well. I was so confident going into my road test knowing I had them supporting me all the way. They even suggested I practice 2hrs before to keep a clear mind, and have what I previously learned fresh on my mind. I passed thanks to them and I will always suggest this driving school to anyone who needs it.

Collin Masuhr

Good rates, great teaching. Passed my test after 6 hours on the road with them.

Imran Ahmad

The Wilmington driving school has professional instructors. I had a great learning experience with them. Cannot recommend it highly enough. Great service!!

Kota Lakshmi

Great school for beginners.

Nischala Km

Wilmington Driving School is an excellent school. I just got my license. Harrison and Maxwell are great instructors. Boosted my confidence, I have never driven before.They train very well to be safe and drive well. As far as scheduling the class, very very flexible. Thank you very much Harrison and Maxwell.

Miriel Vasquez

wilmington driving school is the best in the whole tri-state, Harrison is very good instructor , he make me feel like a real friend i have known him for a long time. I will say if you really if you need help to lean how to drive in a safe way and ours safety i will say go to wilmington driving school. all the instructors are very respectful too me .

wang ran

Well, I just cannot agree with those guys who gave Harrison 4 or even 5 stars. I don’t want to say anything about the expensive class (80 dollars) because I did learn something, but for picking me up, driving me to DMV, can you imagine how much he charged me? $160. You didn’t see it wrong, it is $160 for him to drive me to DMV, which takes about 15 minutes. Unfortunately, that was not the worst thing on that day. It was raining on that day; he picked me up at my house, and then drove me to DMV, AND THEN TOLD ME I COULD NOT TAKE THE TEST because of the weather. And of course he charged me $160 for picking up. This coach became a taxi driver at that point. And he knew I could not take the test on rainy day, but still drove me there. Just for that $160. $160 probably doesn’t mean something very important, but he lied. Really don’t want type so many words to recall my bad experience, but I just don’t want people waste their money on useless condition. Everyone has to work hard to earn that$160, right? (But I guess Harrison doesn’t need to)

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