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REVIEWS OF American Driver Training Academy IN Delaware

The Formula Fitness

Marin Monroy

(Translated by Google) very good school (Original) muy buena escuela

DeAndre Porter

Great school. If anyone is interested in getting their CDL. I recommend American driving Academy. Great staff. Buddy & Jeff are my 2 favorite instructors.

Katalina De Luca

Mark DePompa

In 3 weeks time, they taught me everything I needed to know to pass my states Class A CDL test. They waste no time getting you behind the wheel of a big rig. Teachers Tim, Jim, Duke and Jeff all have the patience necessary to teach prospective truckers while simultaneously shaking like an egg timer from the new clutch action of a novice driver. The course is intensive. I took the morning and afternoon courses so I could wrap up the program in the shortest amount of time. They cover everything from pre-trip. Straight backs, off-set backing and dock back-ups. In a short amount of time you'll be bragging to your friends that you can parallel park an 18-wheeler. I highly recommend American Driver Training Academy. They taught this old dog a new trick.

Yaasin Muhammad

Great school and good teachers.

Marianne Walton

ADTA is a great school to learn a new trade and without a doubt if you have any issue on any level what a wonderful director ADTA has(jaden) will work with you with the upmost respect. I can't thank her enough for how positive,kind,and considerate she was to our situation and very quick all responses. Thank you jaden and ADTA.

Dexter Brock


Ravenous Ike

I went to American Driver Training Academy for 5 weeks. Training was tough at first until I grasped the concept around my 3rd week. After that off to the races.

Dray Emerson

Got my Class A using ADTA on my first attempt. All the instructors Dave, Bud, Jeff and Tim all know there $h¡t. Show up every day, listen to these guys, hit your points like they teach you and the truck will parallel park itself. You will pass. Few negatives. I wasn’t told before hand each holiday would push my graduation date back 1 week if you are attending weekend classes. Make sure you leave your calendar open. Seems like every student paid a different price.

Pedro Ayon

Mr. E

Price for school is$5.2K

Robert Palmer

Great place to get your CDL. Instructor are top notch. Tim, Dave, Jeff, John, Bud, & Tommy are great teachers. Will help you learn what you need to know to get you CDL-A licence..

Chris Potter

This is absolutely a great school!!! I got my CDL license on 08/07/2017. They have the best instructors that will teach you anything. They are there to train and help you pass to get your CDL license. They also help you get a lifetime job placement! I would highly recommend this school over any other CDL school!!! I appreciate everything everyone here did for me! Thank You Jaden and Mike! THANK YOU!!! (:


Really good school and trainers very good experience i recommend it and jaden, mike and the staff they are all great state of the art facility really nice loved it

Lucc Luciano

My name is Tevin Holland ..American driver training academy help changed my message is for the people trying to fighting for a great future. When things get hard never give up never. It’s light on the other side of the storm ,American driver training academy never gave up on me from the President and Director to the instructors they are a amazing team.You want to learn how to drive a tractor trailer this is where you need to be I owe this wonderful team everything.Dont give up on your self because they won’t thank you American driver. People i rate this academy the best in the area 100% for get what others say this is the school you wanna come to change your life..I got my CDL’s Now It’s your turn!!

Brutal Gaming

My wife and I spent months doing our research. The team at American Driver really cared and answered all of our questions. They did everything they said they would and in 4 weeks I got my CDL! I am now working for Schneider and I'm making GREAT money! Do yourself a favor and get your CDL at American Driver, it will change your life!!!

Darshique johnson

I am currently a student at adta and I am loving it!!! I go for my cdl class A on Monday, they have a great staff who really try their best to get you where you need to be as far as yard maneuvers and driving skills they are very patient because everyone is not easy teach this trade to. I recommend to any females out there ( or men) who want to become a commercial truck driver to sign up!!!! You won’t be disappointed!

dajae todd

The Customer SERVICE IS HORRIBLE! I've Been Here Since 11:00 And Not Leaving Until 1:00. They Only Have One Person Working And To Help With Assistance. I AM JUST HERE TO PICK UP MY TWIC CARD BY THE WAY.

Sarah Shaw

As a TSA pre-check place, if it was possible to give less than one star, that would be an honest review. Been sitting over an hour, have seen my scheduled appointment time come and go, and only 3 people of the 15+ have been helped. May save time at the airport, but this place is definitely a waste of time.


Kürşat Burak Çağıl

Too fast to get twic card in here.

Cephas Bestman

Ed Renneckar

I interviewed with Mike for a training slot. He was very encouraging and helpful as he answered my questions. I can not wait to start!

USXI Recruiter

Karen R

This is a TSA pre check location. If you come here, fair warning, you will wait....for awhile!

Gail Brown

Make sure you know EXACTLY what you're getting into and insist on documentation, not verbal assurances. The cost of tuition is all over the place - register now and it's this amount but tomorrow, it changes. GET IT IN WRITING. My husband started school, confident tuition was paid. The owner, 2 days later, said he still owed $500 and that he had to leave class. After a frustrating process enrolling, he left and has no intentions of returning to school, ever. Apparently, their policy is that they keep $1000 if you don't finish the class - the class that you were told to start attending?! Now they're trying to keep his money bc - my guess - they'll argue that he left?! NOOOOOO! They TOLD HIM to leave! I've been talking to the owner for 4 days - trying to get my husband's credit card reimbursed over $1400 (note that this is more than $1000). They won't return calls from his credit card company and the owner is blowing us off with a multitude of excuses. Nice way to make $1000. Goof up the registration process, deliberately, let the student begin classes, kick them out, keep $1000. I believe that's referred to as FRAUD.

Lorna Satchwell

This is the kind of school that has 8 trucks but only one that is street legal. This school is definitely all about the money with no integrity. Only one truck and trailer is able to test at the dmv the rest of the fleet are junk yard trucks and trailers. They send students that can't even turn on trucks to the dmv to fail. They have road instructor "Jeff" who brakes dangerously, pops the clutch, and scratches/scrapes gears. They are ambiguous about test dates so you can test as early as your 3rd week or as late as your 4th month. An there staff aren't drug tested often enough. Don't be surprised when you catch staff sniffing and smoking in the trucks....

Muhammad Shehzad

Very good

Shaka Williams

Brian e

I appreciate my experience at the American Driver Training Academy. The staff is friendly and dedicated to helping achieve your goal. The instructors are knowledgeable and have high expectations for students. The student to teacher ratio is 5:1 which allows significant time to apply taught skills. Investing in ADTA is investing in your future. Brian E.

Babak Akhlaghi

Antonio Esposito

Marina Trajkovska

Thay are really good !

Michael King

This is also where you can get your TWIC Card (Transportation Worker Indentification Credential )..... Same building.

taraye goldsberry

Leticia VonVille

I love this school!! My first week in I found out I had pneumonia. My instructor Tim saw the state (I was struggling to breathe) I was in and encouraged me to go to the doctor for another opinion and that’s how I found out I was very sick. I was terrified of being kicked out of the program, but Toni, Georgena, and Jaden all reassured me I was fine and they just wanted me to be healthy. I stayed out for over 2 weeks and came back. Now I am catching up and learning so much!! My instructors have all been very helpful and patient. Whenever I am doubting myself or getting anxious they reassure and encourage me. Driving these trucks is no cake walk and it’s not for everyone. U can go in with the intention of getting your CDL’s but sometimes the reality is that you aren’t meant to be a truck driver. So make sure you do your research and are positive you really want it. If you decide you want to go to school then this is the one to go to!

robert jobson

I was told I could get my money back . Then they tell me they take a thousand that's non refundable . All they gave me was the run around after months ! They still have yet to give back ANY of my money !

Randall Glenning

To be blunt , you get out what you put in. Everyone here did exactly what they said . They do care if you succeed and put you in the position for it. It's up to you if you do or don't. Sometimes life is like a truck, most of the time cruising along ,other times you need to down shift. Every now and then more brake. Here you will get what you need to power through the turns. Ultimately just get done and drive the truck. Glad I called ADTA. In ♠️'s

David Pardee

Trent Horne

William Bradley

Three different friends of mine graduated from this school within the past year, and they all recommended I attend. Now that I have acquired my CDL and graduated, I can also say that I highly recommend this school. The class size is small so you can get more time behind the wheel (4 to 5 people), and they will work with you one on one if you're struggling. The instructors always encourage students to ask questions so they can better teach you the understanding, competence, and know-how you'll need in the world of truck driving. Owned and operated by great people! Their main goal is to give you the knowledge and skills you'll need to secure your CDL and start making money. They will also continue to assist you after you've graduated to place you on the right path in your new career.

Bonnie Jefferson

My son graduated from here! If your looking for a trucking job. American driver training academy is the #1 place to go. My son learned a lot and has a great job with an excellent income. The staff is great, the owners are great people. They treat you like family. We will be forever grateful for their kindness and expertise. Thank you for everything!

Loretta Walls

Terrible place when inregards to an appointment to pick up paperwork, made on appointment as instructed and still waited hours.....just don't understand

Joseph R

My previous job was in banking and I helped a customer with a Bank Loan who worked as a Truck Driver and we spoke about his job field for over 2 hours during the loan closing. He told me about the many opportunities in CDL A Driving and he inspired me to pursue this career. My bank job like all of them kept increasing my work load while cutting back on my salary and expecting higher sales quotas all at the same time. I have a 1 year old son and this job was pushing me to the brink of bankruptcy and not able to put food on the table. Extended family members of mine attended American Driver Training Academy and loved it in their career changes. So I decided to take action to make a positive change by visiting American Driver Training Academy. Instantly my fears of being broke became 100% confidence in me and my families financial future because of American Driver Training Academy. The office staff especially the Owner of the school was amazing and the Instructors in school gave me the most detailed training I could have ever gotten. American Driver Training Academy gave me around the clock attention helping me to succeed. I called another truck driving school in Delaware but they never followed up with me and I could tell they didn’t care about my success. If anyone is thinking about pursuing a career in Commerical Driving, please attend American Driver Training Academy without a doubt. They put all the fears me and my wife had about quitting my bank job with only one months worth of bills saved up. This school has changed my life and brought hope to my families future well being. I’ve never taken a risk before in my life like this and it’s the best decision I’ve ever made. Thank you American Driver Training Academy from the bottom of my heart.

Jonathan Gonzales

Had a rough start at first but Jaden M. was able to make everything A-okay! Thank you for the time to call me and my partner to help with something that should've been so simple. You are the best!

Deontra Bailey

my edc

I started at ADTA on 3/18/19 and recieved my CDL Class A on 4/11/19. Anyone thinking about attending the academy, do it! The staff are oh so friendly, helpful, and always greet you with a smile. The instructors will help you achieve your goal, as long as you do what they teach you, its that simple. They have a 5 students to 1 instructor ratio, always hands on. The best investment I've done in a very long time.

Jeremiah Derrick

Went through their cdl A program and it was a GREAT career change. Their instruction and front office staff was professional and went the extra mile to ensure I learned to drive tractor AND trailer. To not just pass the driving exam and road course but DRIVE. LESS THAN A YEAR LATER, I chose to be a HAZMAT tanker driver due to the skills and confidence their instruction instilled and make a considerable income in excess of 90K. Make no mistake, you need to apply yourself and take it serious. You have to be humble, LISTEN, and APPLY what is being taught. Their teaching structure is just a taste of the real driving industry. Be a pro student and you will be tiven the tools to be anpro driver and not another cdl-mill driver clogging the highways and washing out early. Great damn school!

Doc Watkins

So you need to ask yourself "What makes a great truck driving school"? It starts in the front office with Mike and Jaden vision. Then there's the office support team (Helena, Angel and Miguel) who administratively execute flawless support but the heart beat of American Driving Training Academy are the instructors. (Jeff, Egar, Tim, Bud, Dave and Tom). Each individual instructor has his own approach to a students success. As a student you have two ears, two eyes, two nostrils, but one mouth. If you take in the information that's being taught and study. You also can earn your Class "A" CDL just like I did. D.Walk

Monika Johnson

I am currently enrolled at ADTA and I must say it's the most challenging and both rewarding thing I have ever done in my life. Challenging because there's alot of information to learn in a short but reasonable amount of time. The instructors are great they give you all the tools and after school help you need to be successful. They go above and beyond to make sure of this including allowing you to evaluate their time spent with you everyday. I would advise anyone looking for a career change that would best suit today's job market to definitely enroll at ADTA you will not regret it. A special note to females wanting to attend don't be afraid you can do it. The staff is amazing, supportive and respectful of everyone. They won't give up on you.

Reliene Mikwa


Jesus Morales

Great place to go and great staff members


I went to American Driver Training Academy and i loved it. They came through on everything they said they would. The owners were very much a part of the day-to-day activities and the instructors were amazing.!!!

Roberta Mackey

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