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REVIEWS OF The Next Street IN Connecticut

Francisco Cosme

Boring but the teacher was cool and funny Edit: I broke the teacher’s pen and she didn’t go sicko mode

Lillie Thiel

Loved it! My teacher was Jessica and I did I threw my school, the classes were never boring and always educational. She made everything easy, signing up for classes, drives, and tests was a breeze. 10/10 would recommend

Margaret Tighe

I really enjoyed my experience at the next street. Jess was my educator and I feel I learned a lot and am prepared for my driving lessons and test. I would definitely recommend this to anyone taking a drivers ed course.

Nuskii Rozay

I would refer all my friends to join the next street class because the teacher Jess made you feel comfortable and made the class fun and very educational. I liked the class and met a lot of cool funny people and the driving lessons she makes u feel comfortable and not scared I would recommend people joining this driving school .

Asha Gadugin

30 hours class is very informative specially for beginners. Getting basic knowledge about driving adds more confidence to drive. Thank you Jess for making me feel more confident.

Katie Jablonski

My teacher was Jess Ortiz. I expected driving to be boring, but it was actually really fun! It was also very informative and I feel like I learned a lot of new information. I would recommend taking a course at The Next Street.

Grace Poliner

This class has been so incredible. Jess Ortiz has been so inviting and welcoming. The whole class feels like a community and the whole 30hr class felt like a family. It was informative, easy, and honestly fun. I would definitely recommend.

Gazi Ayaz

It was a fun experience to do while I was hear for 30 hours, the teacher was fun to learn from

Julia Eckstrom

I've had a lot fun and learned a lot too, jess has helped me a lot. i recommend the next street!!! jess is a awesome person! today is my last class and cant wait to start driving! thank you for helping me jess!

Aidan Quinn

The next street with jess was amazing I went to driving school expecting it to be boring but jess made it a great time I would recommend this driving school to anyone

Kevin Oppong

It’s was a fun class. Miss Jess was always happy and energetic. It’s made the class very fun and enjoyable

Ryan Carter

I enjoyed drivers ED, Jessica was really a good teacher, she was funny and she made the experience fun. I came in here thinking it would be the worst experience of my life, but it wasn’t because she really bring good energy and vibes into the classroom. Jessica taught me a lot, and I would really recommend the Manchester Next Street to my friends. Thanks Jess for the grey education, good laughs and a very enjoyable classroom atmosphere

ava byers

My educator was Jess and I was happy with my experience! Jess taught me well and kept me entertained.

Derek Vincelette

This driving school taught by Jessica was a fun class and I looked foward to coming to it. It was a fun learning environment and she made it easy and interesting to learn about. The 30 hour class was fun and informative. I would recommend this class to friends and anyone else interested in learnung how to drive.

Wesley Ott

My instructor Jess was so iconic and made every lesson fun. Also made sure everybody was clear on the lesson before moving on. I thouroughly enjoyed coming to the 30 hour drivers ed course.


Jessica is the bomb! Learned alot!

Kaleb McDaniel

It was fun and I learned a lot. My teacher was Jessica O. I would recommend it for other people learning to drive


Highly recommend Next Street driving school. Great community and great way to start your driving, make sure to have Jess as your teacher and you will learn everything you need to know!

Jeremy Gerhard

Fun and enjoyable. My teacher was Jessica O. I expected it to drag on but gladly it didn't.

Madison Stanchick

I learned so much! I would definitely recommend. Plus Jess makes the classes so much fun!

Kurt Bombeto

Great place a fun 4 hours a week. I thought this was going to be boring but I enjoyed coming here and would definitely recommend to my friends. Jessica Ortiz our instructor was really down to earth and chill 5/5

James Kellogg

I came to this class and felt it would be informative, but in a really boring way. My teacher Jessica Ortiz really surprised me by making the classes fun as well as informative. The lessons she taught, helped reinforce what I already knew just needed some help with. Students name Katherine Kellogg.


Expected the class to be dragging and boring (being a drivers ed class in the summer), but turned out to be an enjoyable class. Jessica (educator) was great at getting messages across and also making the class fun and engaging.


My experience here at The Next Street was definitely different and I enjoyed it. It was very informative and it gave me a sense of confidence going for my license. The instructor Jessica Ortiz is a very good teacher she tries to thoroughly explain each lesson. I do recommend this class if anyone is looking for driving classes.

john Pizzanello

I had an excellent experience taking drivers ed with The Next Street mostly do to the amazing teaching done by Jessica Ortiz. Class was always fun and it was very easy to stay engaged with the teaching being done. I would definitely recommend to anyone to test with The Next Street as I already have to some of my peers.

Mia Rakowski

The accelerated course at Simsbury High School flew by. Jess’ personality made the class nothing but fun and I never once dreaded going to class. I had a great experience with the people there and would definitely recommend the course.

Avery Wesson

It taught me what I needed to know, so it's definitely a good class. I definitely enjoyed it, and I'd definitely take coming to going to the DMV

Olivia Chomick

Amazing experience learned so much these past 30 hours

Ava Kriak

The class was very helpful and Jess made it very fun and easy to learn

Amber Donovan

She was a fun teacher to work with.

Sam Mushinski

My instructor Jess was able to easily combine learning with fun. I was expecting the teacher to simply read out of a book, but it was so much more than that! I definitely recommend the 30-hour course through the Next Street.

shaniqua edwards

Jess is a great teacher and very enthusiastic about driving

Ny Rice

My teacher was Jess Ortiz, I recommend the next street, I had a good time learning new thing about the road and rules on the road, made new friends, my driving skills improved thanks to Jess, and the next street.❤️

Sam Taylor

Went to a class withJessica as the instructor. She’s really nice and understanding. Great teacher.

Anna Smith

I loved every class and highly recommend it to anyone trying to get their license. Every class was an amazing experience and made driving feel easy.

Julianna Larson

I had a lot of fun in this course and I think this is significant considering how bland the material can be at times. :)

Brandon Deschenes

I had Jessica Ortiz as my teacher and truthfully I had expected the class to be boring and unsatisfactory but I actually had a really good time learning from her if she was my teacher for high school I don't think that I would have ever dropped out I recommend that anyone wanting to learn about driving come here and learn from Jessica.

Amy D'Agata

I can’t say enough good things about this driving program and their staff! Jessica is very real , down to earth with these kids at can reach them at their level . Impressed from the moment we walked in up until the driving test! My sons driving instructor Hector was awesome again very detailed yet able to put my son at ease and feel comfortable and confident on his knowledge. And just when I thought I could not be impressed enough my son took his test in Glastonbury the gentleman there reviewed everything with the kids while they were waiting , asked them questions, and gave them reassurance they would do well. I have referred 4 people here and will refer again and again a seamless smooth process from beginning to end! Money well spent ! Thank you all from the bottom of our heart you guys ROCK !

Emily Hughes

An awesome driving school! Jessica is amazing instructor and the curriculum is helpful. 10/10 recommend!

Tyler Desi

Honestly I looked forward to drivers ed more than school. The teacher taught us the content as well as made the class a safe and friendly environment. Jessica was an amazing teacher and I’m so glad I had her as my teacher.

Doing Stuff With Cornish

I enjoyed Drivers Ed a lot. My teacher was Jessica Ortiz and she had a lot of energy to keep her students engaged. They had great video demonstrations to help understand concepts!

Kamron Ghoreshi

Jessica Ortiz in manchester next street accelerated was kind good. Would reccomened to everyone. She is serious in getting you to remember things as well as her wacky crazy stories that make the class fun and have everyone engage in a conversation. She dprs have her moments where she can get a bit off topic but only when we have completed most of the material

Grace Poirier

The experience of using the next street has been easy and fun.

Crystal Addo

I enjoyed my time at the Next Street very much. Jess Ortiz is a very fun and enthusiastic person and made class fun each time with various games and activities for us to do. I would learn something new and informative at the end of each class. I would definitely recommend this school to others

Koehl Lindsay

Overall great experience with Jess Ortiz! Jess makes the full 30 hours fun instead of boring with her crazy stories. Would definitely reccomend to anybody instead of doing Cici's.


This class with Jessica has been a very fun and thrilling time of learning. She has a unique way of teaching that keeps us awake. She tells us many stories that helps us develop as better drivers with laughs that keeps the class very exciting. She will be greatly missed and I recommend her to teach anyone . Jessica is the best driving teacher in the world :).

Nathen Quintero

This was a great class I was given a fun enthusiastic driving instructor who was passionate not only about the content she taught but also for my fellow classmates. If you are in need of a driving school I truly recommend The Next Street and the 30 hour course offered. Thank you again Next Street and to my teacher Jessica Ortiz.

Sabrina Williams

I took my classes at East Catholic loved the teacher Jess, and the school was really helpful and I was able to finish all my classes with ease. I would definitely recommend the school to anyone interested

Anthony Mangene

Easy class to be in and learn. Jessica is very interactive and has everyone sharing something that happened

Zachary DelGaizo

In honesty, I went into this with low hopes. I viewed it as 4 hours a week i wouldn't get back. Boy was I wrong, to my absolute joy! Jess made the whole endeavour fun and easy to digest. She really bonded with us, and that is how any form of education ought to be conducted. Overall, it was an unforgettable experience.

Linkdt Inn

Great teachers great memories loved the experience! Jess was a great teachers definitley would recommend

Brianna P

I love this class with Jess O, with her unique personality and vibe; she makes the class much more informative and fun to learn. My friends have recommended me to come here and I would recommend my friends to come here since it makes learning everything about driving much easier!


My educator was Jessica Ortiz, it was an enjoyable class to sit in, she made it fun and I learned a lot

arsalan zaki

I thoroughly enjoyed my experience at The Next Street. My instructor was Jess Ortiz and she did not only make the class fun but also very informative. I would definitely reccomend this to my friends!

Noelani Jackson-Sherman

I really appreciated having class with Ms. Jess. The class was a great experience and I learned a lot about driving. I would definitely recommend this class

Briana Smith

I really enjoyed class with Jessica ! She made class fun & enjoyable. Going into class I thought it was going to be very boring but from the first day of class she made it enjoyable. She’s a great teacher !

yadi baka

The teachers do a phenomenal job in presenting the topics in an engaging and fun way. Jessica did a really good job in keeping us all engaged with her positive outlook and encouraging attitude. I would definitely recommend for those looking to get their driver's license.

Jordan Thompson

I learned a lot and I enjoyed my time here. It was very fun and I would recommend friends to take the class with jess. She is a very good teacher

Pipes O

When I walked in it was completely different from what I expected. I was a great experience and Jess was a fantastic teacher

Madison Metcalf

I love Jess. She made class interesting and she was so funny. I feel like I learned things. And we did activities and they made class very fun

Aidan Walters

This class was excellent. I learned a lot of information about how the road works and how to drive. Jess was a great teacher, super energetic

Zoe Stephens

I enjoyed drivers ed with Jess! No it wasn’t what I expected it was more, her teaching style made the classroom fun and comfortable. As a student who came in with no knowledge I’m leaving with a whole lot gained! I would definitely recommend her class specially.

Brandon McLaughlin

Jessica was a great teacher, energetic, and very passionate about her job. She deserves a raise

Alexandra Goodin

Although drivers ed isn’t the most fun thing to do, Jessica made it really fun and enjoyable by adding her own stories and letting us do creative activities. It’s a great place!

Evan O'Neill

The class was educational but I felt the 30 hours could have easily be cut to 15-20 hours. I had Jessica and I would recommend.

Elliot Hall

Had a great experience. The 30 hour course taught me everything I need to know about driving. The teacher, Jessica, taught well and made sure everyone knew what needed to be known. It is one of the best driving schools in ct

Samantha Muia

I think that there were some good things and some not as good things when taking classes with Jessica Ortiz at The Next Street. The driving lessons were very helpful and made me feel a little more comfortable while driving. She gave me some very good information while driving and didn’t make me do anything I wasn’t ready to do. But I only wish we could have learned more during the classes.


This was a much more positive experience than I had eve thought it was. Jess was so energetic and engaging with the class and made the time so much more enjoyable :)

Yasmine furze

My educator at Next street was Jessica O. The class was enjoyable and learned a lot. It was a great experience.

Steven Donnelly

Had a great time at drivers ed. Did a lot of fun activities. My teacher was Jess

Christopher Phelps

I really like this. Not exactly what I expected. I thought it would be very slow. I had Jessica Ortiz. I learned weird ways to get high and drunk. I have already recommended this to my friend. CHIKEN NUGGETS!

Sydney Moore

Really enjoyed how Jess made driver’s ed way more interesting than I expected it to be.

Dawit Toomey

My teacher was Jess Ortiz, she was a good teacher and the information was clear and I had an easy time in the class.

Riley Clark

I enjoyed my experiance at the next street for my 30 hours of classes Jessica was a wonderful teacher who made the class interesting and enjoyable. Which was not what I expected from a drivers ed class. I while sometimes the lessons could drag on for a bit I would reccomend this class to anyone who wants to learn about driving and enjoy it too.

Alicia Cooper

Classes were interesting more so than I thought it would be. Jess O was really upbeat, positive and made driving not as scary. I would recommend to anyone completely oblivious to to driving.

Ryan Burdick

I enjoyed my class very much, and I learned a lot. I would definitely recommend this class to anyone that wants to start driving. Jessica is an amazing teacher, if you can keep up with her!

Jgotbands _

I enjoyed my time here, I recommend to come here only if you have Jessica

Antonio Valdez

Fun class that made learning this subject enjoyable. Jess was a really enthusiastic and great teacher.

Kamden L

My teacher was Jessica Ortiz. I expected drivers ed to be boring, but I've heard that this place was a good place to learn. It was awsome. You learn drivers ed in a fun way and play some games along with it. It is really laid back and relaxed. I would strongly recommend this to my friends.

Kiriz Nightcore

I really enjoyed my time at the next street. My teacher Jess made the class extremely fun to be in and because of her the students felt more comfortable to talk out and interact which made the whole experience better. Not only was the class fun but also informative, I learned a lot from this class which I wouldn't have known if I just studied myself. I would highly recommend to sign up for the Next street as it is a great experience.

Abigail Kiser

It wasn’t boring and I was glad to be able to complete my classes quickly before the school year started! I had a great teacher and I learned a lot!

Gus Everson

I had Jess she was a great teacher

Kimberly S.

Jess was a great instructor!! I would recommend her to anyone who is looking to take courses with the next street!

Connor S

Fun and engaging class. Jessica teaches in a way that makes it easy to learn but still makes it enjoyable. Would recommend

Bryan Procaccini

Yeah the place is pretty good. A few parts are boring but its overall pretty engaging. My teacher was Jess and Raul was the guest speaker. The teaching was top notch

Julia Smith

I loved coming to these classes! They were very fun to be a part of and very educational too! My instructor Jess made these classes a blast and I want to thank her for it. 10/10 would recommend.

Christian Rivera

Great driving school and great instructors!! If you’re lucky to end up with Jess as an instructor you’ll be the best driver there is!

Kat Poloski

Jess O. made the class interesting, lessons were easy to follow with an instructor who has personality in spades. Definitely not like any class I've ever taken previously.

Alijah Barrett

My instructor, Jess, really made driving school more interesting and engaging than I first thought. Not only did she make sure that every student knew the material, she also had anecdotes and small stories that related to the material. Honestly, one of the best teachers I’ve ever had learning from.

Nadia Ingersoll

My teacher, Jess, was literally amazing. I loved the vibe of the class and would definitely recommend to anyone looking for driving classes or lessons. She’s a fantastic instructor.

Jennifer Altamirano

I really enjoyed my class with Jess Ortiz. She is so understandably and easy to communicate with.

Lindsay Fresher

The 30 hour course with Jess Ortiz is possibly one of the best classes i’ve ever taken. I originally picked The Next Street because of the great price, but was very excited and optimistic going into it. My first class blew me away, Jess is outgoing and welcoming! On top of learning a lot in the 7 1/2 weeks I was enrolled, I made friends and had a lot of fun. I was so surprised to find that drivers ed could be interactive and exciting. We engaged in educational activities to learn, such as making posters and playing jeopardy review! I 100% recommend The Next Street Manchester for anyone who is looking for the best, most hands on Drivers ed you can get for a steal, as well as the amazing staff such as my instructor Jess Ortiz!!

Liahna Strout

I took an accelerated course at Simsbury high school with Jess. I was prepared for a very boring experience going into drivers ed, but was very surprised by my experience. I enjoyed my experience so much and loved Jess’ teaching style and the way she conducted class. I believe i will really remeber the things she has taught me because she really was able to grasp my attention. i strongly recommend taking a course with the next street and especially with Jess!


Very good experience. Learned a lot of information in order to pass my license test. Jessica Ortiz was a great teacher and kept the class engaged even with long topics

Michelle Lavoie

I took Drivers Ed with Jess at East Catholic High School and she made it not only informal, but fun too. We played lots of games and she is very easy to talk to about any driving concerns. I was nervous about learning to drive but now I can’t wait to get my license.

Hannah Bandy

I enjoyed my time here as it was humorous, which is a blessing since this topic is extremly boring. However, I learned a lot and the experience was enjoyable. I can't say the same for my seat-mates.

Olivia Rowell

i think that i walked into this class thinking that this class with jess was going to be boring and not fun sitting in a class for 2 hours but really got a fun class that was made interesting and fun to learn about

Jaden Joaquin

I had Jessica Ortiz and she was a good teacher.We learned everything we needed to know and are now prepared for the road.

Matt W

Coming into it I completely expected it to be one of those things that you do and it is very boring but you have to do it. After the first class with the introduction I immediately loved it and was happy to have class. Jess made it so easy to not get bored and to have fun. She taught all of the material well while also maintaining our attention. I loved my experience here. Jessica Ortiz was my teacher she was great. I have already recommended friends to come specifically here.

Valerie Parsons

- The Next Street School has HUGE opportunities to teens and adults who want to learn to drive. I recommend the 30 hr course, because you learn more about how to control the car, and how the car operates. You won't find another school that offers great payment plans, services and an amazing instructor as Jessica Otriz. She has such a outgoing, humorous, and confident personality. Her confidence about teaching students to drive just radiates off of her, she never let me feel anxious about being on the road or behind the wheel. She works directly on what you need to improve on, and she never once makes you feel like a failure, I promise you, that the Next Street School is worth checking out!

Julianna Alfonso

Very very helpful I learned a lot. Jess was very funny and has great insight into basically everything. 10/10 would recommend.

Lizzie Adams

I learned a lot within the 30-hour course with Jessica as my educator. She made the lessons fun and educational, and I definitely learned a lot more than I would’ve learned at any other driving school.

Renazia Robinson

My experience here was a great one! My instructor, Jessica Ortiz, did really well teaching the safety of driving on the road. Two thumbs up!!

J Mendenhall

These classes were amazing I learned in a fun environment. The teacher Jess was amazing and had a great personality that made learning fun and personable.

Alizé Reyes

Jess is litty man she made me enjoy being up at 9

Jessica Ortiz

I recommend next street! It’s not boring like other driving schools and it teaches supper helpful information. Jess Ortiz is a great and engaging driving instructor!! Had a wonderful time and learned a lot. Love her student Shanelle!

Jarrod Carroll

Teaching was great, I enjoyed the 30 hr course

Noah Klim

Jess is really energetic and fun. Great class, learned a lot.

Emily Jeamel

My teacher was Jessica Ortiz. She made the class super fun. I had a great time and learned a lot!!

Sage Giannelli

Jess was my teacher and I learned a lot and enjoyed my experience here! People were very sweet and i enjoyed being here!

ccateni 28

I never been to a school with a nicer teacher. The driver ed class was great, but as I expected we mostly did notes. I wish it were a little more interactive or had more games. Jessica really did help the class feel less boring than American Driving School by a long shot. Would definitely do school here again.

Jack Brown

Very fast and very fun and interesting, easy to schedule and reschedule classes and drives. Jessica makes the classes fun and involves us in fun games and activities in order to teach us more about driving. Very educational and interesting and sets you up for success. It is a great way to prepare for your driving test.


complete opposite of what I expected it to be. I had expected it to drag and be boring but the educator Jessica Ortiz kept it engaging and entertaining. Highly recommend.

Lorenzo Lewis

My teacher was Jessica Ortiz, she makes everything easy to learn with games,lets us know when to take notes et. I thought driving school was bouta be boring as hell but she made it pretty Fun

Byron Beebe

Jess was a great driving instructor could really connect with all her students. She put the lessons in ways we all could easily understand.

Karin van Hassel

I took the Simsbury High School accelerated course. Before taking the course I thought drivers ed was going to be super boring and that I would hate it but Jess Ortiz made the class really interesting and fun. She brought up real life experiences that helped understand what we were learning and also made the class exciting.

Katie Lee

I enjoyed the 30 hour class very much. My teacher Jess was very fun and helpful.

Isabella Simmons

I took drivers ed at Simsbury High School and my teacher was Jess Ortiz. I had such a great experience with my teacher and classmates. Jess made learning really fun and I became friends with the other students in my class. I would look forward to going to class because each day was a fun learning experience. Overall, I was able to learn about driving and have a good time as well. Thanks to Jess and the other students!

Jackie Boudreau

I took the 30 hour course and it was definitely not what I expected, it was so fun and definitely worth it. My teacher was Jessica Ortiz and she is soooo nice and one of the best teachers I've ever had!!!

Mikayla Locke

This class was not only very educational, it was also made very fun! My teacher Jess Ortiz made learning as fun as it could be! I have and will continue to highly recommend this class.

Araceli Diaz

Class was very fun and i enjoyed all of them. I learned so much having Jess as my teacher ! She’s always positive no matter what and makes sure we understand everything

Emily Metcalf

I thoroughly enjoyed this class and my instructor Jess made it even better. She was so energetic and fun and she definitely made the course way better than I expected it to be.

Anna Cavalieri

the teacher made it fun and easy to learn

Joshua Cooke

My educator was Jess Ortiz, Class was better than expected. She kept students engaged while still getting the points across

Josephine Rozbora

I had a very great experience during this class... definitely better than Normal school. Jessica Ortiz was a very good teacher and I would honestly like to have her as a regular school teacher to make my other classes more fun! She did tell a lot of stories and kind of got off track a few times making me feel as though I was not getting all of the information needed to pass, but I still had a wonderful time!

Leo G

I took the accelerated course at Simsbury High School taught by Jessica Ortiz. She was an amazing, engaging, and fun teacher. She made what is always thought of as a boring and grueling class fun, exciting, and even something to look forward to every day. I highly recommend taking drivers ed from her.

Alyssa Monteiro

I took the 30 hour class and had Jess O. as my teacher. Driving class was much better than I initially expected it to be. I would definitely recommend The Next Street to anyone considering taking drivers ed. I had so much fun and wish the class was longer.

Isabella Grimaldi

My experience at The Next Street was amazing. Instructor Jessica Ortiz was super nice and extremely helpful. I feel well prepared for my test and thoroughly enjoyed my time at The Next Street.

Nicholas D’Agata

My experience with the next street has been very enjoyable and educational. I enjoyed my classes with Jessica and she taught me a lot about driving, as-well as my driving instructor Hector who was very understanding and helpful and I would highly recommend The Next Street. And Jess gave me pizza so that’s a plus. COME FOR THE PIZZA AND SODA!

Melissa Sullivan

i really enjoyed taking classes at the next street. i enjoyed having jessica as my instructor. she made the class fun, yet still made sure we learned what was expected in the class. she was also very patient and understanding when it came to different students and their speed of learning. i would definitely recommend anyone to come here for their driving classes and lessons!!

Cory Holman

Teacher: Jess - I learned a great deal about driving - I had fun - would recommend

Savannah Jeffrey

i learned a lot and jess did a great job of keeping everyone’s attention

Reni McSweegan

It was fun day everyday doing 30hr class for 2 weeks, Jessica is a real deal, she’s fun, lovely and has a lot of energy and spirit who made the class much more interesting. Hope to see her again in the other side!

Olivia Maeve

I expected drivers ed to be extremely boring. It was. Although, my teacher, Jess wasn’t boring so it made the class more tolerable. Overall I wouldn’t have wanted to go anywhere else.

Alex Wrzesien

Enjoyed my time at the next street

Dwaritha Ramesh

I took the 30 hour accelerated course at Simsbury High School. It was definitely a great experience, and was very fun with Jess Ortiz. Jess certainly made Driver's Ed enjoyable and I looked forward to coming to class everyday. Sad it's over!

Megan Labbe

Writing this review in class right now. I guess it’s cool. Jessica was very relatable to the younger audience because she keeps up with our slang and language. The Next Street is not very informative. I left with NO new knowledge about driving. Most of the 30 hours i spent in class was playing irrelevant games and telling personal stories. Jessica is a wonderful person but The Next Street is the problem.

Adrianna Delgiudice

I had a excellent experience, Jessica was an exciting instructor, nothing but smiles, always willing to help and a very good teacher.

Mitchell Rakowski

I had an accelerated course at simsbury high school with Jess Ortiz and she made the material in the class very easy to understand. She tells hilarious stories and she's a super nice person.

Sean Moriarty

Although I wouldn’t say taking a thirty hour course over two weeks was particularly enjoyable, it was a good opportunity to get drivers ed out of the way. The teacher, Jessica Ortiz, definitely made it more enjoyable by being engaging and informative. If you want the discount from taking a thirty hour course and have two weeks over which you don’t mind being somewhat drained, this is the best option. In other cases, I would still recommend The Next Street.

Maddie Peling

Great experience! I feel so much more confident with my driving knowledge and abilities. Thanks Jessie!

Alexis Grant

Jessica Ortiz was very nice and friendly. I would recommend doing the accelerated program, it’s not a traditional everyday class she makes class exciting.

Katelyn Muia

The teacher (Jessica) at the Next Street Manchester has lots of energy and good life experiences to share. That being said, the Next Street course was not very informational. I came into the class expecting to learn about driving, but left with only a little new knowledge. I feel like I learned very little about driving. I would not recommend going to the Next Street.

Alec Boyce

The Next Street Manchester is a solid driving school. The educational learning for each driving lesson is excellent and the learning instruction videos are of the highest quality. The classroom activities are swell if a little bit distracting due to the excitement of the class participants. Other than that, my whole experience was solid & of the utmost educational quality! Jessica Ortiz is my instructor & she did a great job emphasizing the seriousness of the driving subjects she taught. The Special Guest Speaker known as Raul is a great supporting person to be apart of my 30 hr. Classes!

Cameron Yanicky

the next street provides a great drivers ed program that engages the students and allows for them to excell in their path to getting their lisence. jessica is a fun and eccentric instructor that makes the experience that much better.


One of the best driving schools around, I really learned a lot about driving and the rules of the road

Tyelyn Daley

The next street is a really good driving school. Jess is really funny and a great teacher!

Connor Knowlton

I loved the class, it really taught me what I needed to succeed! Ms Jess was the best!

Dashaun Manson

Jessica the teacher was amazing I learned alot in her class


I have Jess Ortiz as my driver ed teacher and she made these two weeks go by so fast. Great teacher

Adam Berkenstock

I believe this course was very helpful to my driving experience! It taught me new things, as well as my parents! I dont think the class would've been half as entertaining without Jess and her stories, so thanks to her!

Zoe Perreault

It was nothing I expected, I expected to be bored out of my mind and faking asleep, my instructor was fun and interactive, up beat and kept me engaged, and I feel that my class mates would all agree. She mad me excited to come to class and was all around a great teacher. My teacher was Jessica Ortiz

Brianna Collazo

Fun learning environment with a wonderful teacher. Learned so much valuable information

Ronnie 2k

Chill class, fun.

Amy Michaud

I liked the class a lot and would highly recommend this driving school. The teacher Jess was very informative, helpful for any questions, and did a lot of fun activities during the class.

Elisa Reyes

Jess is such a amazing teacher. I learned so much from her. I would definitely recommend her

Alexandra Picard

Jess was a great instructor and made drivers Ed interesting and fun. I would recommend coming to The Next Street.

Noelle Flores

I was not expecting Drivers ed to be as fun as it was, because of this I learned a lot. In addition to this Jess is very chill, and almost always brings in fun topics even though they might not be about the lesson, and is entertaining.

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The Next Street en Connecticut
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