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REVIEWS OF Atlas Driving School LLC IN Connecticut

Will VS

My experience with Atlas Driving School has been amazing and I'm glad I ended up going here! I had my test today and passed thanks to everything I learned at the school! Melissa, the woman at the front desk was very patient, understanding, and helpful when it came to my schedule and finding the time to drive. The owner, also the one who provides the classroom instruction is very hands on learning and will help you know everything you need to know form the CT Drivers manual. Lastly my driving instructors, the two that I had the most experience with were Diane and Christina, both of them will work with you if you are very nervous about driving, if you are nervous they won't go hard on you, but they will work to help you manage your nerves and feel more comfortable behind the wheel and when you are ready they will tell you! If you go here try to see if you can drive with either of these great instructors! Overall Atlas Driving School has helped me feel better about driving, and helped with my confidence for my road test :)

Crystal M. Arroyo Cruz

I passed my driving test on the first try!!! Huge thanks to Melissa and the lovely Diane! My sister had taken driving lessons with Diane at Atlas Driving a few years ago and recommended this place to me. I loved the flexibility of the lessons in regards to times/days because it made it extremely easy to fit lessons around my crazy schedule. There's also the option of getting picked up and dropped off at your house which was a huge help to me. I'm sure all of the driving instructors are great, but Diane was so wonderful! I felt super comfortable with her and she always had good feedback and tips. I would recommend Atlas Driving and Diane to everyone who is looking for a great driving school at an affordable price. Now I don't need to worry about taking the bus on cold winter nights or asking people for rides.

Jay Martinez

Best driving school in CT driving instructors are very nice and actually want you to pass.

kim h

Helped a lot with my anxiety

Ammu Vinay

I highly recommend this place for being thoroughly professional and giving great training for new drivers. Meliska who handles the appointments is so prompt and makes sure to follow up with the feedback after each class. Huge thanks to her and the rockstar Dianne who is just so patient and nice while being a great instructor! I was unsure about passing the test until the last moment and the confidence that she had on me is more than what I had on myself. And yes, if not for her, I wouldn’t have cleared the test in my first attempt. The tips that she gave helped in a big way during the test and I highly highly recommend her. Overall, truly a pleasant experience with scheduling appointments, driving lessons and also the drug and alcohol classes!

Daniele Mealha

Excellent experience! Passed the first time. Very useful tips given prior to test. Unlike a different school I tried, driving practice happened around the DMV test area, which gave a strong sense of familiarity!!!!!!!

Daniela Magalhaes

Excellent instruction is given during each classroom session as well as in each driving lesson that I have received. Each driving instructor is knowledgeable and experienced and always give expertise information and direction. My classroom and driving time with this school have been immensely and throughouly enjoyed. The instructor makes classes entertaining and never fails to educate students on everything that there is to learn about safe and defensive driving. My experience with this school has been wonderful and I can assure you that choosing Atlas Driving school will be one of the best decisions you'll ever make!

Shoaib Shaikh

One of the worst driving classes ever. They are just after making money and really not bothered to teach you properly. They will just ask you to take more and more classes and won’t give you the 8 hr class certificate until you ask for it. You would also have to struggle to get back your deposit money. I definitely won’t recommend this class to anyone. Only Dianne is the good instructor over there. Melissa and the owner is just after money and they won’t accept their mistakes. Please stay away from this class. Edit: let me be more specific. They did not teach the basics to begin with. Chris the first driver she passed on racial comments and I never asked for a refund for any of the classes so please stop lying. With respect to the 8 hour certificate my wife had taken enough(9) driving classes and the complete 8 hr class and you were still not willing to give the certificate and giving a lame excuse that you need to make certain entries in the system and only after that you can give the certificate. When questioned what entries then you said that you wanted to hold on to certificate because you thought that she needed more sessions and when I said no you came up with another excuse that you may lose the certificate and we would have to pay $25 in case we need to re-issue it. Also, I tried to give you feedback however the way you have written half truth and half lies in your below reply that itself shows how seriously you take feedback. Please stay away guys.

Candy Uyen

Atlas is the best choice to practice driving, trust me !!! The professor is very professional and kind to me . Especially, the " big lady Diane " with the big hug when I pass . I hope 15 years more , my child can study driving here ( now my daughter just 1 years old). Lol . Thanks again, the employees and professors at here.

Adam Giza

Awesome cool instructor she's the best

Zahraa Elsaka

Great place ,amazing staff ,I didn't think I can do it but they made the driving experience so easy and fun :)

Ash pv

I had 6 hours classes with them all very informative and helpful. They tell you all the things you need to know for you test. The instructor was friendly and no non-sense person. Passed my test with them using the school's car that I practiced in.


Had a fun experience and all the staff here are very nice.

Jane Doe

The driver instructor trains their students to fail, on purpose. Nationwide Driving School is way better. Maybe a little more expensive but ultimately better. You will learn the proper way to operate a motor vehicle.

Bido Aguessy

Wonderful experience. Good teaching. Thanks.

Abel Antony

Very nice staff members and good driving instructors(Florian and Diane). Especially Diane, my driving instructor, who was very nice and patient with me. I would really recommend this driving school.

Dahlia Spaulding

The time and effort was well worth it. Atlas Driving School is the best, the staff there take time so you can learn from the basic until you are ready for the road test. Job well done thanks again to the staff of Atlas Driving School.

Beck Ramos

My experience was great! My instructor was mostly Diane because since the first time I drove with her I kept requesting to drive with her. She’s awesome and so relaxed when it comes to newbies driving. She had more confidence in me than I did for myself when it came to driving. She was always calm and gives tips on how to prevent doing things wrong. She also has a funny personality so it definitely takes the nervous tension away.


My name is Cherina Atlas Driving school is the best I passed my road test today yay!! and now I’m a CT license driver thanks to the awesome staffs at this school. The owner Florian who taught us in the drug and alcohol class was nice man thank you Florian. Melissa the secretary was awesome pleasant and understanding thank you Melissa Aww not to mention Diane my instructor who taught me all that I knew she was very patient with me, encouraging and people’s person she also had more faith in me than I had in myself also honest I would recommend this school to every and anyone. THANK YOU ATLAS DRIVING SCHOOL!!!

sophie sanchez

Everyone at Atlas is patient, encouraging and helpful. The instructors are great and pushed me to be confident and relax my nerves while driving. You wil not be disappointed. So happy that I pass my road test the first time!! (Atlassss I have my license

celina benson

Amazing staff, learned everything I needed to learn to pass my driving test.

Josh Dixon

Great school i recommend going through them when getting your license, i passed the test on my first try.

Vernon Thompson

I am thankful for Atlas Driving SCHOOL for helping me pass my driving test. I really recommend this driving school. I will be bringing my 19yr old daughter to receive the same experience. Thank you

Maleek Bennett

It was very nice experience I had here. The instructors were very professional and knowledgeable in their teachings and I'm glad to have taken part in it. Highly recommended.

Jyothi B

Hi All, It was nice to get associated with ALTAS DRIVING SCHOOL. I got my Licence yesterday. I would recommend this driving school.I want to Thank Daiyan my instructor who always make so comfortable while driving and Melisa for Coordinating timings. We always need people like you guys !! Thanks & All the Best. Keep up the good work

Nezam Bacchus

i highly recommend Atlas driving school, the staff and instructors are very nice, i also recommend driving instructor Dian. Dian have great experience in teaching young drivers, she have a good personality and makes you feel comfortable when learning to drive.

Sherika Escribano

I failed my road test on my 1st try elsewhere and decided to go to Atlas Driving School for my 2nd try (I passed my test☺). The staff member Melissa and instructor Christina were very professional, patient and respectful. They were with me from start to finish of getting my license. My instructor was honest with my assessment, if you are not ready they will let you know. I highly recommend them, especially if you're nervous about driving. Overall experience was great

trese brown

This place helped me get my license quickly. The staff will work with you and are friendly I recommend this place.

Ruth Aiono

It was a great experience working with Atlas Driving school! The staff is very friendly especially Melissa who worked with me to schedule driving practices and everything! One of the great thing is that they pick you and drop you off at your house for the driving practices! They are very flexible and they worked with me around my crazy schedule to make the practices happen! I had Christina for my driving instructor, she's amazing! She drove around Wethersfield with me and they took the same roads with me for my road test. I passed the road test on the FIRST try!!!!!!!! Thank you Atlas!


Very effective and detailed teaching. Would definitely go to again.

Brittney B

Great service!

Elizabeth Sousa

I am so happy that I found a driving school that has an awesome secretary and amazing instructors. But, most important of all that cares for their students. Thanks to Atlas driving school I was able to pass my road test the first time. Totally recommend this driving school to anyone.

Misty Snow

Super helpful, great instructor

Ahmed Alharbi

Great school and nice staff . Melaisa was very helpful with everyone. They trying hard to let their students learn. I would recommend this school for everyone.

fatima minteh

Moniquep Padang

My experience with the school has been educational and the instructors were very helpful when it came time to drive. Melissa was very pacient with me and had great customer service. She was also very friendly and helpful.

Ruben Gomero

Jacqueline Gonzalez

Great instructors, very kind and supportive staff !

Andy Martinez

Writing this review after just having passed my road test thanks to this driving school! The skills and lessons they taught me gave me the confidence needed to pass. All instructors were great and I would highly recommend this school to anyone learning how to drive.

Racquel Bowen

My name is racquel and I must say that I am do grateful for this driving school and the supportive staff. My permit was gonna expire within a month and I was able to ace my driving test after 3 lessons behind the wheel. My first instructor diane gave me the courage and got me over my fears of the test and driving itself. My instructor the day of my test got the nervousness out. I had first failed through another driving school but switching to this school was the best I could have ever done. And for that I am truly greatful

Aika Aika

joshua riggs

It's a good driving school one of the best in ct and is worth every penny you pay for it

David Arce

Words can't describe how greatful I am for Dianne as a driving instructor. After three sessions she taught me everything I needed to know and learn in order to pass my road test three weeks later. She was patient, fun and extremely down to earth. Most of all gave me the confidence to succeed. You won't be disappointed!

Bhuwan Thakur

Great Atlas Driving School is a wonderful school and all instructors was very professional and helpful Great Services Thank you Guys Thank You!!!!!

Jerald Ritz

very professional service on phone & behind the wheel! highly recommended! instructor gave confidence which in very important for any new driver


I would highly recommend Atlas driving school to anyone. My experience with everyone here was extremely pleasant. The staff member – Mellisa was super helpful and friendly. My teacher – Florian was very kind, calm and made me feel confident with my driving. He focused my lessons on the areas I needed to improve the most. I passed my road test on the first try! Thank you guys! Dziękuję bardzo!

mani kandan

Great service.. good instructer. there guidance really help me passed road drive test at first attempt itself. Thanks atlas :-)

Meagan Johnson

My instructor she was great. I only had 7 hours of driving with her and I passed my road test. She's the best and she knows her stuff

Ann Brunetti

I'm shocked at the driving that was allowed by the instructor. At least 3 different times the student driver rolled through stop signs without coming to a complete stop first. The rule is to count to 4 or spell "stop" when you come to a stop sign.

Barbara Koziol

(Translated by Google) Perfect driving school! Extremely nice and helpful workers. My husband and I definitely recommend this school. The tests and the driving went great

Karla Romero

Every penny was worth it, if not for the lessons and help from everyone there I wouldn’t have passed my test. Sending people their way because I know they will be taken care of. The owner is kind and there to help you. Melissa is the best! She gave me all the info I could ever need. And Diane is by far the best instructor out there! She’s like your home girl who helps you drive the right way. Thank you guys so much!

Pratima Singh

Everyone was so flexible and accommodating to my schedule. Great service, and truly wonderful employees and instructors. Only place I'd choose if I had to do it all over again!

Nidhi Jaswal

I failed my first attempt at the road test because I was taking training from a private instructor and literally was getting trained to be a dangerous driver. I decided to enroll for behind the wheel classes with Atlas Driving School for my next test. Melissa was super helpful in creating my schedule and making me aware of payment and timings. Diane and Florencio were my instructors - each with a different style. Diane helped me perfect my parking and Florencio made me aware of all the toughest driving situations like weird one ways, islands, lane change etc. I took my driving test this morning and passed ! I didn’t even have to correct my parking, it was so perfect!! I recommend Atlas Driving to anyone who wants to learn to be a good driver!! Plus point - both the instructors are amazing conversationalists. You will get the best bang for your buck at Atlas.

Noha Mahmoud Shalaby

Very helpful staff and friendly, patient instructors. They were always punctual and had a pickup option which was very helpful.

Pixelated Sushi

The instructors and staff are very friendly!

Sydonnie Brown

Atlas Driving School is a wonderful school. They were very accommodating, got my license easily. Melissa is very friendly and customer oriented. My instructor Rolandi was very professional and helpful. Thank you guys.

Sharhija Ghdhsht

It was bad Melissa al she talk about is money

Edgardo Rios

Extremely nice and helpful if you want your liscense this is the place to be

nina rose

My name is Maria and my experience with Atlas was amazing and My driving instructor Diane was caring and so encouraging , and in less than a month I was ready for my road test and succeeded at obtaining my driving license and I'm happy!! Thank you atlas!!!

Joe Guarna

kabita adhikari

Everything is nice but I had a lady instructor who yells too much, I never took instructions from her after that......

manish shrestha

friendly staffs, cool professor and nice driving instructors..............

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