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REVIEWS OF Viva Driving School, Inc. IN California

Leanne Kuhn

Everyone was extremely nice! Highly recommend Randy and Bert! Randy is very friendly, helps you relax on the drive while still giving good driving pointers. Bert is more reserved, gives more of a blunt assessment of your skills. Recommend both to prepare for the driving test. Randy took me to my test-helped with nerves (you know how parents can be). The schedulers were very nice, patient, and respectful. Thank you Viva for helping me pass on my first try!

Joana Laguna

Amirah Azhar

The instructors here are the best! I had Lorena as my driving instructor and she was very patient and really helped me learn and improve my driving skills.

Bradey Foster

Learned a lot from the instructors. I feel confident that i'll do good on the test. I'm ready for it. Instructors were on time and knew all the info that is needed to know


After having finished my driving lessons with Viva Driving School I finally decided to take the driver's test. My driver's test was scheduled for today and it went really well, something that I would've never guessed. I'm really happy for choosing Viva Driving school. The instructor had plenty of patience and was really helpful in teaching me how to drive from almost scratch. I'd highly recommend their service to everyone. Thanks Viva!

luis osorio

I took driving lessons with Viva Driving School and this other one in LA. I learned a lot more with Viva in two hours than i did over at the other school in six hours. The instructor was very patient and explained to me everything I was doing wrong. Thank you Viva Driving School.

Atticus Moats

Viva driving school taught me the nuances of driving which I thought I never could've cared less about. They taught me to drive safely, the importance of detail, and that has made me a safe, defensive driver. Plus the teachers have awesome attitudes and are always willing to help.

Zali Kierra

Randy is such an amazing driving instructor he made me feel very comfortable on the road and it was my very first time driving. I thought I’d have an insane panic attack but he was very patient and calm with me. He gave detailed instructions and let me know all the rules of the road. It was a very wonderful experience enough so that I’m coming for one more lesson before I finally take my driving test! (:

Widyana Elizabeth

I give 5 stars to Viva Driving School,Inc., the best Driving School in Pasadena and Los Angeles. I used Viva Driving Schools in Pasadena. For the first time, I found Viva Driving School from the website, I had felt already that Viva Driving School Inc., is very different with other Driving Schools. Feel it by yourself! Welcome and pleasant voice of Customer Service, in scheduling and checking what you need. The cars are brand new and nice. RANDY, my instructor during my driving practice with his deep knowledge, is very kind, patient, make me confident all the time. His lessons and words are very helpful and meaningful, and will be always remembered by me in my lifetime. I passed the Driving Test only 1 take. The first time. I STRONGLY RECOMMENDED Viva Driving School Inc., for everybody who has desire to pass the Driving Test and be a safe driver. I give 5 stars also to my instructor, RANDY. I recommend him. Viva!

Beauty by Brenda

Adriane Rothstein

This was the most amazing experience. A. said "Glenn took away all my fears about driving and made me feel comfortable. I am happy he was my instructor."

anthony gavidia

Whenever you go always ask for Ruben hes bad ass.... excellent service at this place no regrets.


I really appreciate Viva driving instructor Randy. He was very professional, informative and patient with me. He's the best he's a 5

Ariely Gomez

I was scared to go out on the road and start driving but with Viva I felt so confident! I was driven to take my test and PASSED! Definately recommend to anyone looking to pass on the first try.

Perla Zambrano

First off let me say that Anna hands down has to be the most helpful, friendly employee there. She helped book my appointments, and was very helpful. My first lesson was not that well I cried, the instructor was a little bit to harsh on me, I was a new driver, but on the other hand he did teach me a lot like turning, looking in my mirrors, and parking correctly. So, he was a good instructor just not the most patient, but do not worry the other instructors I had were really awesome. The instructor I had today for instance Mr. Burk, he was great! So furthermore, I would really recomend this school if you are a minor. ( Try to get Mr. Burk!)

Kendrick Luong

Also, some video's you have to completely watch over if you loose internet access to the website.

Quamisha H

I love them!! Sarah is the best the drivers are patient friendly and honest. They have a range of cars to choose from.they have a very flexible schedule I recommend Viva to anyone

Duncan Schwartz

i thought that viva driving school was a very good experience for me because they were able to fine tune my driving abilities. they were the reason why i was able to pass my license test on the first try so I would highly recommend using viva driving school.


Ruben was an excellent teacher. I was pushed to do things on the road I wouldn't have done before and I gained confidence while driving. I highly recommend Viva driving school to beginners of all ages.

Miski Abdullahi

Viva Driving school is amazing and all the workers/Instructors are wonderful. They are so helpful and they give all the information that we need about their driving school. If you are looking for a driving school, VIVA is the one for you! ♡

Heidi Silk

Viva Driving School is great! The administration is very helpful and easy to reach. The driving instructors are all helpful. I have come out of each lesson with more knowledge and confidence about driving. I would definitely recommend Viva Driving School to anyone who is learning to drive!

Alex Finch

Great instructors, passed my road test easily first time.

Jayne Manuel

VIVA is the best! I had both Glen and Sarah as instructors (from the Pasadena office). They definitely put me at ease for being an older student and were always calm and patient. Sarah was my instructor for the weeks leading up to my test, she's great company, and I passed on my first exam!! Bonus: the ladies in the office have great customer service. Thank you so much, VIVA!!

Jillian Kislow

Very nice and knowledgable instructors. Prepares you very well for the test. All around good experience.

alex moreno

The driving instructors here were both friendly and helpful, also the people who work there are really good with working around your schedules. Overall a very good driving school and I would recommend this place a lot.

Joshua Pisacane

Viva's Driving schools is a great place to get driving instructions. It is easy to learn here and quick.

Prescott Lieberg

Instructor's are very insightful and helpful. Viva was great because of their flexibility and because they were able to make sure my lesson started at school and took me home, saving my parents an extra tip. Viva was great I'd recommend them to anyone.

Pompa Banerjee

I am extremely satisfied with Viva Driving School!! Loren was my instructor and she was so positive and friendly and she encouraged me a lot!!

Newcomb Pierre

Very easy to use.

Brian/Vu Le

I hold a foreign driver's license and needed to re-take the California driving test. I went with the 2 hour exam package. Excellent experience, perfect package for my situation, and Sam, the instructor, was outstanding. Easy pass.

David Ani

We moved here January 2014! See our Reviews at our old location on Washington and Altadena Drive. (2497 E Washington Blvd, Pasadena 91104)

Lisa Bailey

My son enjoyed driving with Glen. "He was cool". Its nice that they will pick them up at school, have their lesson, then drop them off at home.

Valerie Navidad

Viva's Driving School Ratings could not be more accurate! With their patient and knowledgeable driving instructors, such as Glenn. Their office also has great customer service on phone and in person. I would definitely recommend this driving school to friends and family.

Francine Zangwill

My daughter has loved her experiences with Viva Driving School. Every time she comes back from a lesson with them I can see her becoming more confident as a driver. They are very detailed in the way they explain the rules of the road to her. I am very happy with Viva!!


Instructors are patient and very understanding, totally flexible hours to fit my schedule! I recommend it to anyone close to the area. Surpassed my expectations of driving school, love it, love it, love it!

Zoe M.

Viva Driving School instructors are excellent! They arrived on time and were never late. They were patient and made me feel comfortable. They really prepared me for the written and practical tests. They made me feel confident for both of my tests. I would highly recommend them for new teenage drivers.

Muriah Reyes

Amazing customer service, loved the interesting lessons, and was able to do it all thanks to my awesome instructor Alena

Colleen Cook

My experience at Viva Driving School is amazing! All the instructors are so knowledgeable, friendly, and understanding. The administrative staff is always helpful and accommodating. The schedule is flexible. I definitely recommend Viva Driving School to anyone who is interested in getting their license. Thank you Viva Driving School for a wonderful driving experience!!

Matthew Lee

Instructor Razz was cool and patient with my driving. Knowing your instructor has control of the vehicle puts off a lot of stress when first starting off. Razz explains things very well like road markings, dip, signs, etc. Scheduling is easy people on the phone are nice.

Mohammad Shehata

Wonderful, experience! ... Viva makes the driving test a simple task.

Gabriela Cortes

Great place. My instructor taught me a lot and he gave me wonderful tips. Thank you Viva Driving School.

Allison Ou

The Viva instructors teach very well and are extremely helpful. They do not teach harshly and help students remain calm when driving and be safe drivers. Thankful for the help I received.

Sindy Flores

I am happy I found Viva Driving School, they really helped me improve my driving skills. All the instructors are very professional and the staff are also very helpful. Two Thumbs up for their trendy new cars.

Lucrecia Allen

Going here for now on

Victoria Ramirez

taylor robinson

One of the instructors is mean and impatient. She also cuts lessons short and swears and has road rage. She was such a b*tch. I'm 21 and still don't have my license. All that b*tch did was take my money with her lazy ass.

Brittney Batrez

I had a great experience, the instructor was great, she would always give me good feedback wish allowed me to improve. I passed my driving test in my first attempt. I would definitely recommend Viva Driving School to anyone who is trying to learn to drive.

Michael Hanna

Viva Driving School Inc. is a great program that teaches you all the rules of the road very thoroughly. Their instructors help you become very confident on the road and are relaxed in the car. Glen was my instructor and I would definitely recommend him to everyone. It was also fairly easy to get appointments when needed.

Brett Schraeder

Overall the instructors have been good with my son (almost 16). We had to cancel a session and then had to scramble to get a new session before his drivers test--they were great in making that happen. Our younger son will go to Viva in a few years!

Susan Wallace

Safe and trustworthy company. My daughter was very comfortable and learned alot

Shawyane Emadi

Good driving school. Helped a lot.

Yessica Frias

I was extremely satisfied with their service. I was in need of getting my license in less than a month since my permit was about to expire. They were able to accommodate my schedule and I was able to take the driver's test after two 2-hour lessons. I took my driver's test on the third lesson and passed! The instructor was patient and challenging in order for me to become an alert and cautious driver.

Roubina Tchoboian

My instructor, Hovig, was great at preparing me for the test. I bought a 10-hour package as I had never driven before. He was excellent at teaching me what is required for the test and what I need to do to be a good driver. At the end of my 10 sessions, I felt completely prepared to be on the road by myself. I passed my test the first time.

Jihan Islam

Honestly Viva Driving School Inc. was a great behind the wheel program! I loved all that they taught me because at first I was a very nervous driver and they had made me become a much more confident driver. They gave me the best tips and overall all my instructors were very nice and cool people. I would recommend Viva Driving School to everyone!

Diana Bohan

Viva Driving school was very accommodating for my daughter's driving lessons, picking her up in their car at either our home or school. My daughter was happy with her instructors and felt safe with them. Thank you Viva!

felix garcia

it was good and the people over their nice and really helpful for you to pass your driver test.

Emily Johnson

Great driving school! I took all three classes with them, and I learned a lot. They made me feel very comfortable and relaxed. I just drove with them to take my license test and passed! I recommend David and Elena--they're both great teachers, but I'm sure their whole staff is wonderful.

Seth C

I attended and had both Edwin and Randy as instructors and they were both very knowledgeable, professional and friendly. Previously I had had other instruction so I didn't stay the full course at VIVA but I would definitely recommend this school to anyone else looking to learn to drive and pass the driving test. Other conveniences: - Pay Online - They'll schedule your driving test for you if you are using their car for it (Pasadena or Glendale DMV only) - Pick-up for lesson and drop-off after at desired address(es) - School cars (Prius C) are nice and well-maintained

Mitch H.

This is a great driving school. The mentors are patient and great at teaching.

Allen Connolly

So far everything has been straight forward and simple !

Natalie V

My instructor was really nice and the lessons were informative. I had a lot of fun and passed my driving test the very first time. It is a very good driving school.

Riley Buoen

I really loved the time I have spent learning with viva! The instructors were all patient and awesome and I wouldn't have chosen a different way to learn how to drive! Thank you!

Blanca S

My daughter Ali loved her instructor, Glen. We are most impressed with the respect VIVA has for our teens in helping them develop the confidence they need behind the wheel. Thank you, VIVA!

Pedro Garcia

Viva driving school is a great place to practice before your DMV because the people who work their are very helpful. The people who work their are very helpful and kind and the instructors are good at giving you tips. I recommend viva driving school to other because it is really helpful.


Took the test this month. Viva greatly helped me with my driving skills and made me more confident on the road. The staff is really helpful and attentive . Definitely recommended to all drivers and prospective drivers.

Cynthia Campos

Viva has easy access they pick you up from your location whether it's from school or home. The instructors are nice and teach well.

Jinny Kang

I imagined an old mean man for driving instructor, but my instructor was a nice gentleman. He was very organized with his charts and notes. I leanred alot and had fun! Viva also called after a session to check how it went and etcetera. Highly recommend here.

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