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REVIEWS OF American Champions Driving School IN California

Sergii Zagoruiko

I'm glad that I chose this driving school, amazing instructor!! Extremely recommend him!!

valerie fetros

This Review is from Carolyn Cherye. I failed the DMV driving exam so I called this company and booked 2 appointments with Brad. Brad was an excellent instructor. I would not have passed my road test without his knowledge and expertise, he gave information I was unable to find anywhere else. Being a senior, I was surprised at everything I had forgotten, Brad covered everything thoroughly.

Angelica Lacy

I took a few lessons with numerous driving school before choosing American Champions. I had failed my driving test prior because of nerves, anxiety, and a lack of confidence in my driving. After a few lessons with Brad I finally passed my test and I'm so happy to be out on the road!:) I'm very thankful for Brad's patience and faith in me.


This is the best driving school in Yolo County. The driver instructor was great and helped learn a lot of things about driving. His explanations were thorough and helpful! I would really recommend this driving school to new drivers! 5/5 for sure!

Rashad Azim

I am proud that I chose American Champions as my driving school over the others offered in Sacramento. Brad, the instructor, is arguably the best instructor one could ask for. He was respectful, precise, helpful, and encouraging. It was from his knowledge and guidance that I was able to pass my behind - the - wheel test on my first attempt. I am grateful to Brad for assisting me in becoming a distinguished driver. If anyone is looking for a driving school that is dependable and worthwhile, I highly recommend American Champions!

Ahmed Osman

Great instructor and great experience! What more could you ask for? I loved my classes with the instructor and passed my driving test on the first try! Would recommend to anyone

S. Awan

I took 3 day course with Brad he is nice and very informative. he explains everything very nicely and help you to practice. he makes sure to eliminate your weak points during driving. he gave me a lot of good tips which helped me a lot and I passed the test.

Suman Prasad

Brad is a very patient, friendly and amazing instructor..i passed my behind the wheels with a few lessons..i would highly recommend american champion driving school.

Russell Laxa

ben easter

By far the best driving school in Sacramento passed 1st time because of the absolutely outstanding teaching, when I was scheduled to take one of the hardest places for the behind the wheel test (broadway)

Jazielyn Obina

I failed on my first behind the wheel test because I have lack of practice...but after taking a 3 session driving lesson with American Champions Driving School I was able to PASSED my driving test on the 2nd attempt! It was worth the money and the time I spent...I would definitely recommend American Champions Driving School to anyone out there who wants to get their Driver's License ...The Instructor is very Patient and you will really learn...Thank you for your help Brad

Bissan Elqut

absolutely the best way i could have learned to drive, the driving instructor was extremely professional and kind and knew what he was doing. i would recommend to absolutely anyone and everyone looking for a driving school!!

Abbas Hasan

Brad is the best driving instructor I ever had. He is patient and he is very knowledgeable. He also helped me pass the DMV test on the first try.

Jetta Vang

Zuhair Almajaly

It's a great place to go and learn how to drive , very nice and helpful also very easy with you it's a very good place i recommend i passed my drivers test from the first time because of this school


I am glad that I chose American Champions Driving School. Brad was patient and tolerant. He taught me everything I needed to pass the driving test. I passed on my first attempt. Deloise

Lianna Ghazaryan

Aisha Blueford

The Instructor is a the key to your success I love everything about him and I can honestly say without him I don't think that I would have passed my test with a family member teaching me or a even a friend. This school is the best school you can choose from in Sacramento by far.

Jose Dominguez

Very friendly and nice people . One of the instructors, Brad, was very helpful.

B-Lo The Barber

Brad is a very good teacher and helped me become the driver I am today. I did have some driving experience prior to my three lessons with Brad but he taught me many new rules and tips that are very useful to becoming a safe and defensive driver. At times I did get frustrated but I knew Brad was just trying to teach me the best to his abilities. He is a hard working man who works all day and all week and is booked ahead months so he rarely gets breaks. He is the only driving instructor currently so you are not his only student as he has hundred of others so please be respectful and understanding to him. Sometimes Brad may need to use the bathroom as his lessons with his students are back to back but he will make sure you get a full 2 hours for your driving lesson. Finally, Brad has the best deal and his prices are the best you can find in the Sacramento area, I highly recommend you to buy all 3 lessons they are 2 hours each and will get you the 6 hours you need. The appointments are usually not too far apart and he will prepare you to become the best driver that you can.

Leia Getahoun

Great driving school! Brad was a great driving instructor! I passed my test with almost a perfect score!

victor wright

You’ll be sorry

Karen Cowley

Марина Вовк5г

I highly recommend this school, especially instructor BRAD! !! I passed my test from the first attempt only because of him! Not only he is patient and kind but also he sees immediately what your problem is and knows how to fix it ! You can be sure that you get what you come for! BRAD IS THE BEST! THANKS A LOT!


This is one of the best driving instructor schools. It helped me learn to drive better.

Angelina Wu

Brad was very accommodating and punctual. When I needed to reschedule, he squeezed me in outside of his normal hours. He was very friendly, patient, and thorough. His tips definately helpful, and I passed my driving test the first time. I highly recommend American Champions.

Justa Cattoi

I decided to go with American Champions Driving School because of all the positive reviews - and the reality exceeded my expectations! Brad is an excellent instructor: knowledgeable, patient, professional, kind, and really good at teaching. As an adult, I was very nervous about starting to drive and worried that I would never manage. Under Brad's guidance I quickly gained both the skills and the confidence to pass the test - during my first attempt! I can recommend Brad to anyone - he is very good at what he does.

Ammara Afzal

The driving instructor Mr. Musa was very nice and help instructor. He taught me a lot of new things about the driving and also told me what I need to do on my behind the wheel training. I think he did a very good job. I would recommend this driving school to everyone.

R Kaur

I cannot express enough what an incredible driving instructor Brad is. He is professional, patient, remains calm and collected, and has a presence that allows you to feel comfortable and at ease. He makes corrections without belittling you, something I have unfortunately experienced with a previous instructor. I have learned so much from this man, and will continue to hear his instructions in my head as I drive from here forward. I passed my driving test today because of Brad. I could not be more grateful. I felt confident and prepared as nervous as I was. For those searching for the right driving school, look no further, no other driving school compares from Sac, Yolo, or Solano County.

Jeralyn Grace Obina

Great experience. I would love to recommend to anyone.

andy nguyen

Very nice and considerate instructor! He was very patient with my learning curve and got me to pass the road test with his lessons. I highly recommend taking your lessons here.

Natnael D.

Brad is probably the best driving instructor one can actually find anywhere. He thought me every detail of driving with huge amount of patience and detail despite my lack of experience in driving a car. With only four days of training, I was able to pass my driving test on my first try. I really owe him a debt of gratitude and I highly recommend anyone in the area who seeks to gain a thorough knowledge of driving a car behind the wheels to contact him.

Vadim Levine

Passed the first time! Brad is a very competent instructor! Thank you! P.S. my wife also passed the first time.

Ahmad Yassin

Brad was a very good instructor, learned allot. I would definitely recommend him to anyone.

Dylan Prasad

Brad was awesome and is definitely the best driving instructor/school.

Shawna Smith

Started off ok. My son didn’t feel like he learned much though. After trying to call for two weeks to get the last appointment, I finally got one and he was very rude. Then the last day of the training, the day before my sons test, the instructor complained to my son that he was irritated about having to teach him on that day and blamed my son for not calling earlier. My son felt horrible going into his behind the wheel the next day. Not professional!

Euphemia Taplah

This school is one of the best in will not regret every cent that you spend the first time I took my test i pass more over the teacher is patient, Encouraging friendly and kind now i am driving thanks to American champions driving school

Rondale Holloway

Glad I found this place! He's incredibly booked but seems like a cool guy who can handle my personality :). I can't wait until my daughter gets her license!

Ashab Munir

Thank you Mr. Musa Brad. It was a great driving experience with you. And I passed my behind the wheel driving test today. Thank you very much for your time. May Allah blessed you.

Breyah Jones

AMAZING AMAZING EXPERIENCE!!! 1st he was super sweet , very flexible with appointment times , always was on time or even if a few minutes late he’d still call! I felt really safe in the car with him even as a new driver! He took me to the place where I’m taking my test and gave me a feel of what the test would be like also for my 3rd lesson i changed my test location and he managed to let me drive all the way to my new test location to practice which I’m super greatful for i was never nervous on the freeway or anything he really shows you what u need to pass the test he’s also super funny so it’s not awkward to talk and joke around with him even after 1 of my appointments he let me take myself to Starbucks which i appreciate so much so i 110% recommend taking your lessons here Great service

David The savage

Hes a good instructor and would help you pass.

Jaye S. Jones

Christian Stan

Amazing instructor. He is very kind and patient. I successfully passed my driving test on my first try because I knew exactly what to expect. He is a very good driving instructor; I would recommend him to anyone who wants to learn how to drive.

Deajon N

Amazing instructor very patient and teaches you a lot of information helps very well with weak points and makes you feel comfortable driving and having confidence while driving i would recommend brad to whoever is getting ready to do there lessons .

Liz Yelyashevich

Omar Altamimi

Brad was very nice and very helpful when teaching me how to drive. Very methodical and professional in his teaching style. I enjoyed learning from Brad and he was kind enough to wait for me when I was late for my meeting with him. Would recommend for all students who are new to driving.

Lavanya C

Brad is a great instructor. Highly recommend!!

Miguel Tolentino

brad the man

Habboba Badreldin

American Champions Driving School has the best driving school experience I could imagine. I did the online Driver's Ed, and it was very informative and streamlined, and I got my certificate in a timely fashion. I took the behind - the - wheel lessons as well, and the instructor was very nice. He corrected me politely when I made a mistake, and I feel like so much of a better driver now. Thank you American Champions Driving School! I feel confident that I will pass the Driver's License test.

Hermont Legaspi

Their instructors are nice and really prepared me to do my best to pass the DL test! I really recommend their sessions for any fellow up and coming driver! Thank you so much Brad!

Terrell Thompson

Halie Scott

My instructor was amazing, he made me feel safe and confident behind the wheel. He also makes sure to teach you how to pass the behind-the-wheel driving test. He'll even drive you to the dmv for your test! I highly recommend this school.

Will Kenney

THIS IS THE MOST UNPROFESSIONAL IRRESPONSIBLE company ever!!! So this company is completely irresponsible they ran out of certificates that they get from the DMV, we find this out 30 minutes before the scheduled driving lesson. Most people would think a company would call and be somewhat apologetic, but not this company Brad the owner calls and says you guys need to either wait 2 weeks till they possibly get new certificates (a week after our scheduled DMV appointment for the driving test) or go through a different driving school and he will transfer the credits to that company for the first 2 driving lessons. Cool right you would think since he messed up they would set this up oh no it's up to us to set it up. On top of that after we set up the driving lesson with the new driving school he would not send over the needed information to the new driving school. When we called him he proceeded to yell "YOU LEFT BAD REVIEW, NOW YOU LIVE WITH YOUR DECISION!" So I changed my review, to a good one temporarily so we could get our needed paperwork and now I'm changing it back. DO NOT USE THEY ARE UNRELIABLE, AND A GIANT SCAM!!!!

G Kaur

I read all the reviews here and hoped to have a good driving experience. Brad showed up half an hour late, wanting payment beforehand. He’s a tall African American man with an accent. (This is a basic description, just as I'm a brown woman with a turban) He wanted me to drive from my home (a narrow road with one lane and cars parked on both sides). As a new driver I was hesitant, he mocked me saying that I was too scared and we can’t swim without jumping into water first. As a beginner, if I’m not comfortable driving in a narrow lane with cars parked on both sides: Don’t try to force me. We did circles around Northgate and a commercial area for 45 minutes, until I got comfortable. He taught me well there and I was comfortable. But later he'd tell me to do something and then getting upset at me over it. Ie He told me to brake. In order to brake I took my foot off the gas pedal and he said to me, “Why are you going so slow?” He says to slow down and stop, I stopped and he would criticize me saying that I was too far behind the car in front of me. When I got the hang of it and started braking on my own he’d freak out and keep repeating brake until I braked and then he’d get mad at me for braking too quickly. When you repeat it that many times with a shrill voice, it sounds urgent. He doesn’t let me try to learn. I never hit a car, never went into the intersection, never did anything dangerous but he kept criticizing me. I always listened to what he said, I never talked back. The one time I didn’t listen was when HE TOLD ME TO TURN while I was waiting for a pedestrian to cross, it was a left turn on a dark road. I made an error when we were stopped, I held the accelerator down thinking it was the brake he got upset and kept saying, why were you trying to drive? Thankfully his foot was on the brake, but mistakes happen. I had to keep repeating that I was sorry and pressed the one wrong for him to drop it. He didn’t have a clipboard/guidelines, there was no positive feedback, he was on his phone for a bit and took a 10 minute bathroom break as I sat in the car in the middle of our lesson. The car was very dirty, there was stuff literally all over the place. Every time I tried to turn the wheel to navigate a turn he’d pull it from me, scratching my hands. After it happening often, I would let go when he grabbed it. It’s a natural reaction, no one wants to have their hands scratched. He criticized me saying I wasn't learning on my own. It’s hard to learn when someone won’t let you attempt it and instead claws at your hands. When we got back to my home, he wanted me reversing and parking on those narrow car filled streets. He had me pull into disabled parking to turn the car around. I told him I was uncomfortable and wanted to get out. He told me that I first had to pay. I had to explain to him that it was my first day driving and I didn’t want to reverse in that narrow road and wanted him to park, and was calling my family to come with payment. I just wanted to switch seats. He finally listened. He told my family that I seemed upset for some reason. No one gets upset for no reason, I came to learn and he didn't adjust his methods to help me when he saw I wasn't progressing. I went home and broke down into tears after we paid him. When he was “teaching” me, I didn’t talk back or argue because I didn’t want to get distracted. I held it all in and he kept belittling me, snatching the steering wheel away, and treating me like I was stupid. He must have said to me a million times, “red lights mean stop.” I know that, how do you think I passed the permit test? It was such a negative learning experience, I feel like giving up on learning. If professionals that you pay to learn from will treat you like this, where else can you go to learn? I do not recommend this place to new drivers. I’m not sure if he was having a bad day, but there is no excuse for doing your job poorly. He's also vindictive, going after customers who have had bad experiences. You were paid, I respect your business but did not have a good time so it's a bad review.

Ssp Production

This is the best driving school in Sacramento. Great driving instructer and teaches you everything you need to learn.

Ashraf Osman

Punctual on time... great driving son Aced the driving test on first attempt... thank you so very much...

Aleks Sheludchenko

Great school for fast and easy lessons.

Jenny V

I just recently passed my driving test, thanks to the guidance and patience of Brad. He taught me everything I needed to know to pass my driving test. He is very professional, honest, patient, knowledgeable and above all, calm...which is super important, learning to drive is stressful enough. I had hired other instructors who charged me upwards to $80 per hour, claiming to get you pass on your first attempt, well guess what people, those are just their marketing trick to attract more customer and to justify charging you obscene amount of $$. First of all, no instructor can guarantee that you will pass the first time, and if they do, run for the hills! Seriously, passing is all up to you, the condition of the traffic and other unknown factors on the road on the day of your test. But Brad will definitely teach you EVERYTHING you needed to know to pass the test and become a safe driver. He was the only instructor who taught me how to pull-over and park on the side of the road CORRECTLY and by a few lessons with him, it already became an instinct for me. He is very professional, like when he is going to be late, he will informed you right away and will always offer to offset the time to make up for it. I would definitely recommend him to everyone I know that needed to learn how to drive. He is worth every cent I paid for!

Badreldin Musa

Sarah Delgado

I experienced so much driving anxiety and had little to no experience before, but all of that changed thanks to Brad and American Champions Driving School! I was able to overcome my obstacles with the help/teachings I received from my instructor, and I successfully passed my first behind the wheel driving test today! The service and support I received was incredibly exceptional and thorough, the price is fair. I would definitely recommend this to any individuals who are struggling with their driving performance! Thank you for all the help. :)

Yaseen Gamal

Brad is a great instructor and I learned much from him! I feel more comfortable and skilled while driving. He guided me around the DMV and told me exactly what I should expect on the test. Update: I passed the driving test! Thanks Brad!


Just recently finished the three 2 hour driving course for teens, and I can gladly say that it was definitely worth the money. Brad, the instructor, is a patient, friendly, and knowledgeable person. He's taught me a few tips and tricks that has let me drive on the road more safely and comfortably! I recommend this school without a doubt!

K. Mbe

If you want to have the best learning experience, American Champions Driving School is the way to go. I did not have any prior behind the wheel experience and I took my driving lessons with American Champions. They helped me ease away my fear of driving, increased my confidence 100%. their teaching styles were adapted to my needs. Their instructors were friendly and devoted to your learning and improvement. As a very busy person with little time to waste, I very much appreciated their flexibility and punctuality as they were always on time and never gave me any unexpected cancellation.I was successful during my behind the wheel test at DMV. To all of you out there who are looking for trustworthy instructors to teach you how to drive, I will highly recommend American Champions Driving school !! :)

mark fishing

Honestly there are only 2 people had a bad experience that are writing, the rest seemed to have a good experience. In my opinion he was good and I would recommend him. At the time when I was taking the class he also ran out of papers but you have to understand that there are other things that go on. He explained that the delay was due to the DMV. He really does his best and even though he didn't get the paper right away he did everything he could to help the problem.

Isabe l faerie n Tule

Brad is a really good instructor. Patient and very detailed, he always showed up on time. I had a great learning experience. Passed my test the first attempt. Definitely money well spent!

Altin Bey

Good, nice guy. Helped me learn everything I needed to know

Young Tajin

Brad was a cool teacher helped me be prep for my test and it was for a nice price

Anthony Anderson

Yasameen Alazzawi

Brad is a great instructor. He is very patient and amazing teacher! Would definitely recommend to anyone.

Huda Mustafa

Great instructor, I got my license on my first try after taking lessons with him

Salt Savage

Super easy to get a hold of and talk to. Really helpful and teaches you everything you need to know!

Reggie Baiju

After I failed my driving test test twice, I called Brad to take his six hour class, he taught me so many skills and he built up my confidence, he also taught me how to be a safe driver, I was pleased of his teaching skills that I paid him more to take me to my test, and I passed all thanks to Brad so once again thank you Brad for my driver licence!!! - Regginal

tovie lan

excellent service, Brad walked me through important text procedures, he was always on time, patient, kind and good customer service. I highly recommend him.

Wintana o

I wish I knew about this place before. Musa is an excellent instructor. He knows how to teach with patience and great attitude. I highly recommend him, he is very knowledgeable and exceptional in his field. I am so grateful for his lessons.


Brad is so amazing driving instructor

Jennifer Lee

Brad is a hard-working and kind instructor! Very nice to chat with while we were on lessons. He made sure to prep me very well before my driving test. Would recommend.

Ralph N

The most shady driving school on Earth! Don't ever come here! It's a rip off! I don't know where all these 5 stars come from! I highly recommend you to go elsewhere!

Abdulla Khamidulla

Brad is the best instructor. He was a big help for me to learn how to drive. Very patient guy and always corrects your mistakes and fears until they are gone. Great instructor. Very low prices compared to other schools. You just can’t beat that. If you ask me for school recommendation, I will point to this school without second thoughts. Definitely going to refer anyone who wants to learn how to drive.

Sim Harpre

It was a terrible experience, this driver instructor has no patience.

Manuel Jimenez

Hi i would like to know how much classes cost?

Sammi Jundi

I was very happy after signing up with American Champions driving school. Brad is an extremely helpful person and if your looking to pass your driving test, then I suggest you sign up with them.

Natasha Flores

I couldn't have asked for a better behind the wheel experience. I gained the confidence and skills i needed to pass my divers test today. My instructor Brad was patient and always punctual. I would highly recommend American Champions Driving School to everyone.

Sam Fitch

Brad is an excellent instructor; taught me everything that was required for the drivers test and passed easily on the first try.

Anze Wang

Very nice driving school.

Raul Garfil

Instructor Brad taught me everything I needed to know for the driving test and I passed.

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