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REVIEWS OF Pine Bluff Truck Driving School IN Arkansas

Kody Brown

They treat their students right

Barry Bryant

I want to give a special thanks to Ms. Brenda, Buddy, Rick and Rooster. You are all topnotch instructors. Thank you for the expert training. If you are serious about getting your CDL's, and willing to work hard and listen to your instructor, I recommend PBTDS 100%.

Stan Keely

I highly recommend this school because of the concern and individual instructions that I received. I was taught by experienced truck drivers in a one on one basis. Every time that I needed and asked for help in areas that I was unsure of I was always given the attention that I needed. I’m 67 years old and passed my tests on schedule because of my training and my time spent in study and dedication. The staff was great and were always encouraging the students to put in the study time and to never give up. Thanks PBTDS for helping me to obtain a cdl!!

Jennifer Hernandez

Everyone grips now days because these new drivers park in the fuel islands to eat, shower, 30min breaks ect.. well this driving school teaches them that.... we watched them park in the fuel island when we got there and 45 min later we have finished fueling and eating and their still parked in the fuel island and inside eating and talking.. this isn't what a driving school is supposed to teach.. and how do they train in poor ran down equipment like this?

Kerryky Williams

The instructors really made sure that you understood what you were doing and why

John Davenport

J Bozz

Had the best experience from enrollment to finish. Buddy and the entire staff is extremely knowledgeable and patient with all students. I was even given the opportunity to start driving the very first day since I came from Georgia with permit already. Many schools have a waiting list to drive their trucks due to trucks not being available. This is not the case with PBTDS. My brothers and many other family members all went to this school and had a great experience like I. Just wanted to say thank you guys for everything.

Roger Owens

kevin green

I chose this school because it is only 3 weeks long. And I successfully obtained my CDL in 2.5 weeks at this school. Praise God!! Another reason I chose the school: Everytime I called this school they were very polite over the phone answering all my questions fully. Didn't get that at the other schools I called. This is less of a review and more what to expect: The first 2.5 days you will be sitting in class going through the CDL book. The days are VERY long but they give you sufficient breaks making the day more comfortable. The teacher (James) is outstanding! He goes over EVERY topic fully. And if you don't understand it he will explain it to you 10 different ways if needed until you grasp it. And he will NOT move on to the next section until you/others understand it. Listen to what he says and not the phone apps say. People who use the apps vs what he passes out tend to fail the test. Most people who say they used the apps to pass the test; took the test 3-7 times. (Ask them) I seen it over and over as you will. Listen to Jim! After you pass the multiple choice test administered at/by the DMV you start driving immediately. The road instructors do a good job. They always answered my questions and helped me when asked. (Try to get Rooster or Ricky) low stress! They walk in the light! You will be driving a full week prepping yourself for your future driving test. After the week of driving you will go to the backing pad section. That is where you learn to back the 53' trailer straight, off-sets, and 90 degree turns. This is not something you will perfect on the first try. Don't let it anger you. You have plenty of time to get it perfected. There is a instructor there at times. I HIGHLY recommend you ask your driver instructor or Buddy to help you. After you pass the backing pad test you will go back on the road for your final test. You had the entire prior week to practice. Buddy will make sure you get a pre-test run. This is to get you re-acquainted with the truck you practiced with for the week. This is needed and a HUGE blessing! You have the option of temporary living on the school grounds. I highly recommend it! It's there to help you. Once you pass the written; class STARTS at 5 am! You will have your own room and share a bathroom with the person/room next to you. The room is fitting for the time of stay. Your room consists of 4 walls and a bed. No more! Nothing!! No tv/nothing!! So make sure your bring what makes you comfortable. The school has a LARGE common area. The area consists of 4 washers, 4 dryers, cable TV, 2 refrigerators, 2 stoves, 3 microwaves, ice machine, sink for dishes and tables to eat at. (No Wi-Fi) But adequate cell service. If you are having a hard time testing, driving or backing the school will work keep you long as it takes! They will not quit on you! I have never heard of another school that does that in my life! You may/may not have a few struggles while you are there. Remember you can leave the school with a CDL in your pocket less than 3 weeks time. Remember that! Let it roll off your shoulders!! Its only temporary!! If you have any issues see Benita or Buddy. They will do EVERYTHING possible to help you/keep you comfortable. Recruiters for job placement come SEVERAL times while you are there. You can be working a week after you leave the school if you desire. Put your applications in while you are at school. Your phone will be ringing for employment during school! This is truck driving school; not ministry school, not college and def not a university. :)

Everett Jackson

School was okay ,teachers sleeping with students , but I can't get my CDL certification to save my life after calling seven plus times

Morrocco Steele

I had my ups and downs dealing with disrespectful staff but overall the goal is to get a CDL. I have an opinion about some changes that need should be made. I was so stressed out bc I wasn't learning the backing but I went home for a few days, came back and got it. The office staff is very nice and helpful.

Dianna Almazan

Lies, out dated equipment and in bed with CR England. Money is the priority, tractors will fail DOT inspection. Constant fighting, treat students like low class individuals. Don't mind the bed bugs.

Blezzin Vileenor

Pine bluff truck driving school is the best

Daniel Shultz

I loved it there. They gave me better training than most drivers who go through company training. I wish more people learned as much as I was able to before going over the road!

Michele Arnold

This place is a JOKE! Yeah you may get your CDL in 3 weeks but all you're going to know how to do is pass the test. In the process, you're going to be cussed at, yelled at, and treated like you're stupid. Instructors sleep while students are driving. They talk about students behind their backs negatively in front of other students, one instructor even stated that one student annoyed her so she wasn't going to help him. The lodging quarters are DISGUSTING! The backing pad is such a muddy, potholes mess that the truck kept getting stuck. Seven people were sharing one backing pad truck. And speaking of trucks....they are horrible! I doubt even the road trucks would pass DOT inspection. I breezed through the written test and pretrip inspection but was having trouble with backing so I asked for an additional day of practice before testing, which I was denied. I feel that I should have been allowed an additional day since it's not required by DOT to test on a certain day. I was allowed some practice time before the test but all that got me was more yelling and more being talked down to by 3 different instructors who happened to be out there. After nearly a week of being treated subhumanly, I could not continue. I packed my bag and left. When I emailed the office about my experience, I got nothing other than "your CDL packet has been mailed". So I'd say they have to desire to change the way they do things or care that I was treated so badly that I quit after 3 weeks. I would not recommend this place to anyone!

Aurel Farcas

Melinda Smetzer

If I could give it negative stars I would. I called to get information and the secretary wouldn't even speak to me because my number was private and she hung up on me.

Enrico Wilkins

Old school trucking at its best......great teachings and family oriented, dedicated to teaching you the best way!!!


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