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REVIEWS OF Steer Right Driving School LLC IN Arizona

Ruth La Guardia

Holly Woods

I can say amazing!!!! They took the time really help me out. Showed me things I honestly didn't know if I could tell a friend to go I will tell them all. Thanks so much Randy and the misses Panda! One step closer to my new journey!

alyssa fortney

Steer right driving school has been awesome for me!! Randy was great, he provided door to door service. He picked me up and dropped me off every scheduled time (on time) he was very good at communicating to me what it was he wanted me to do as well as patient. Now today I have my license after about 5 weeks, thanks Randy and Steer Right for everything. I definitely recommend them to you, you will not be disappointed!!!!!

Nicole Culpepper

Randy was very helpful to work with from 5 weeks ago when I contacted Steer Right! I signed my daughter up and here we are 5 weeks later with her certificate completed! She has her license today! There are multiple pros to using a driving school; discount with Auto insurance, DMV Certified PLUS more having with an instructor not just myself as a parent was so helpful.I myself at 40 have only had 2 tickets I would say I'm a great driver, however my daughter likes to correct me. She's learned alot I am very Pleased with Steer Right Driving School and will use them with my next 3 children! I highly recommend Steer Right for your child or even yourself! SO happy I found them on Facebook!

Carrie Shumaker

Love what they gave my son! Don't think about it, just do it! It's worth every penny!

Norma Ortizwebb

They helped my daughter pass the learner's permit test and the driving test. Would definitely use them again. They picked her up and brought her home for the lessons. They made the whole process very easy and convenient. And she had great results! Thank you ☺

Neptavgaz Gaming

They are amazing people, and helped me out with my driving. They are always encouraging and possitive with their students, and I'm glad I got to drive with them. Today I passed the driving test, and I'm glad they were my instructors, thank you guys for everything u did for me. -April

Mikayla Moore

Great driving school, I had such a good experience, at first I was so scared to even get in the drivers seat but after only 4 lessons each 2 and a half hours I was driving on the freeway and parallel parking!! Instructors are very patient and definitely teach you everything you need to know and make sure you’re safe! I passed my first try and couldn’t be more thankful and proud.

Geniva Gallegos

Rafi Saman

Randy is the man. Steer right is the one and only best driving school in town.

shon rosado

A+ service

Tanya Fiori

Our experience with Steer Right Driving School was very positive from the moment that I spoke with Randy; the owner on the phone. I called after 7pm one evening planning on leaving a voice mail to return my call but he answered! And he spent the needed time to walk me through his company, a little about himself, what they had to offer, and the special that they were running on their Platinum Package. After we got off the phone he immediately followed up with a text message with details and the link to their website. I was able to get more educated about the entire Driving School process and the value in the investment of our daughters training which allowed my husband and I to feel more at ease with her driving. I personally recommend Randy who was our daughter’s instructor and the Platinum Package which provided (5) two hour driving sessions and the certification in the end. Which alleviated us having to schedule the driving test at the DMV as he is certified to test the driver himself. We basically walked in with our certificate, had her photo taken, paid and done! Randy was always punctual when picking up and dropping off our daughter at the house, always communicated, answered all of our questions, and was overall a very kind, personable, and respectful gentleman. My daughter felt completely comfortable with him and she said he always had lots of tips for her and explained the driving process in words and phrases that were very easy to understand. Hands down I would recommend both Randy and Steer Right Driving to anyone; no matter the age or the skill of the driver. Definitely worth the peace of mind and investment in my daughters safety when driving! Thank you! The Fiori’s

Ajay Kuligod

Randy is an amazing instructor. He was very patient with the driving lessons and helped boost my confidence behind the wheels. At the end of the lessons I was able to fine tune my driving skills and was a much better driver. Would highly recommend steer right driving school specially for first time drivers. Thank you Randy & team steer right.

sigal e.

We had great experience. Very good and knowledgeable instructions. My son got his license in 5 days. He learned a lot with them.Thank you so much and I will definitely send you more customers.

Delphyne Anyang-Kaakyire

i enjoyed my driving lessons so much with Randy..i'm able to drive alone everywhere now which was my worst fear...made me feel so comfortable and boosted my confidence on the road...He was very patient and calm and made me laugh all the time whenever i'd get super can't get more awesome than this..i'd recommend them a 1000 times!!

Joseph Budrow

Before I started at Steer-Right Driving School, I was quite timid behind the wheel. Within five (2-hour) sessions of driving, I felt much more confident on the road. Randy was very effective in helping me develop the proper lane-changing, braking, and turning habits. His training methods were impeccable as he would reinforce concepts to me in a manner that made me feel comfortable. Tayla was also very helpful and effective in these training tactics. Altogether, I received a thorough overview of both the basic and more advanced driving concepts. Despite coming into this class without much experience, I felt like I had been doing this for a while after 10 hours of training at “Steer Right.” I was very impressed with the excellent guidance I received at Steer Right Driving School and would highly recommend it to any student drivers or those simply looking to improve their driving skills.

sohiany chavez

Took this course to get my license and as a first time driver I was very nervous but randy and his wife helped me a lot, they were very patient and accommodating throughout the course. I finally finished and i'm glad I went to them I feel a lot more confident in my driving and on the road, thank you again!

kiki g

If I could give more stars I would! I went to this driving school with little to no driving experience, within a week I became a defensive driver and I got my license! My instructors PandaLee and Randy were very patient and welcoming people! They help guide and mold you into become an incredibly safe driver. This is definitely the school for you, I promise you won’t regret it!!!

Bruce West

Steer Right Driving School is a first class company and is ethical. I purchased driving lessons for my son back in February 2018. I didn't have much luck getting my son to take interest in driving lessons. In August 2018, I asked Steer Right for my money back. Even though five months had passed, Steer Right refunded the entire payment to me. I do not suggest to anyone to allow this to happen but it happened to me and I am so pleased that I dealt with such an honest company.

Epic lu

My son attended the school and past the test in a week. Great experience.


So glad to have enrolled my daughter for driving lessons with Steer Right! From the very first lesson, her confidence was boosted vs. me teaching her to drive. What a difference. She just got her license and feels so much more comfortable and relaxed behind the wheel. Now I can ease up a bit to know she has had the proper training. Randy was so great to work with. Quick with responses and really flexible with schedules. This is an investment well spend. Highly recommend!

Dennis Meyers

Our grandson, Dylan completed his classroom training and written evaluation through school but still needed experience behind the wheel. We spoke with a few local schools who offered this training to students with little or no driving experience. After speaking with Randy and reading his bio we knew he was the right choice. He was focused on what the student will learn more than trying to sell a product. He helped build Dylan’s confidence and ability from the first lesson. If you are looking for a great driving school: look no further than Steer Right! Thanks Randy and staff for a job well done.

Chie Miyauchi

This is a great school and Randy (my instructor) was amazing!! I had no experience on the road and completed the 10hr course with him. He was very kind and patient and made me feel comfortable while I was on the road.

Melissa Vigil

Great experience and service. Randy and Jerry were both great instructors always on time and very nice! Very comfortable learning experience at a great pace! I was able to pass the test on the first try thanks to them! 10/10 would definitely recommend.

Lizette Gonzalez

I highly recommend this driving school!!! I had a great and fun experience. I’d like to thank Randy and also my 2 awesome instructors PandaLee and Tayla! Thank you ladies for being so patient with me. I appreciate it so much and again, THANK YOU!!!

greta edgar

I highly recommend this driving school. Pandalee is a great instructor. Thank you so much.

Leah Miller

First off, both my instructors were super supportive and nice. They both made the driving experience comfortable, challenging, and most of all learn able. They also knew when it was time to get serious and pointed out important teaching moments. I will recommend this to all my friends this was really a great eye opening experience.

Corey Toomer

So glad we found this driving school! Randy was great to work with and my daughter learned so much! Randy and his wife were very patient with my daughter and helped her to become a very good driver! We signed her up with the school because she was a little scary to drive with- now I can drive with her without stressing out!

Joy Umphrey

Our son had a great experience. He is a much more confident driver. Will definitely be using this company again.

tejasri reddy

Just one word. "Awesome" driving learning experience. Both Jerry and Randy are awesome and they teach you with patience and building confidence in you gradually. I would refer them any day to my friends who want to learn driving.Steer Right is the go to School for freshers and experienced drivers to become better drivers.

Tina Meadows

I would highly recommend Steer Right! From my first contact with Randy to the last driving session with my son it was a seamless process. Randy is very pleasant to work with and my son learned a lot driving with him. He is a lot more confident now than when he started driving with his permit. I think it helped to have a neutral party teaching him how to drive. Thank you Randy for everything!

Mattia Saladini

Randy is a excellent instructor. With this teacher, I quickly learned how to drive safely. In the ten hours I spent with him, I am now a confident driver. Thanks!


Randy was very well explained on the process and the scheduling was very easy. Our son had a great experience with out the stress of me in the car. I am very pleased and comfortable in what he learned and is able to use from his instructors. Thank you again Steer Right Driving School.

Julian Andrade

Gail Arnold

Great driving school. Owners are very professional and great at communicating. Will highly recommend

William White

Great service , Wonderful instructors Just overall a a great experience and money well spent

Daisy Diaz

Really great instructors and are very well at explaining how to drive. Highly recommend!!

Daniel Otchey

Awesome driving school. Professional about their business, instructions absolutely fabulous. And trust me Randy and the wife are so patient in teaching you. Every cent worth it.

Hannah Bangura

My son was very scared and insecure about driving. I was more scared than him. After 0ne month of trying to teach him to drive i gave up and called the experts. Randy and his wife did not only provide him the confidence by their patience they tought him the necessary skills to be a safe driver. I am very grateful to them.

Jan Pickering

Thank you for everything. You were dealing with a nervous driver and he has came out the other end confident and delighted! Thank you Randy & PandaLee!

Jimmy john

Okay, I normally don't write reviews for stuff but this place deserves it big time. If you are scared to drive and you feel like you are not going to learn ever, then come to this place. The instructors are the nicest ever, they are chill when driving with you, and they give very good information and tips on how to become a great driver. I didn't think I was going to be driving ever, but after trying this place out and passing; driving has become less scary and pretty fun to do. So I would recommend anybody who is wanting to learn to drive to come here.

Jerry Jackson

Awesome experience! Patient, knowledgeable, "wallet friendly" and definitely a great first choice!

Cero Ramirez

michael soest

Randy and Jerry were excellent instructors for our 16 year old son and 17 year old daughter. Their hours were very flexible to work with their school, sports and work schedules. Both gentlemen have a background working with teens which helped our teens feel comfortable driving with them. We really liked how they asked us what additional items we would like to see our teens work on. It's nice to hear from a driving instructor how they did. Best money we ever spent! Thank you, Randy and Jerry! -Julie Soest-

Jessica Richardson

I'm 24, I was embarrassed to be in a driving class but I felt absolutely zero judgement about it. The woman who helped me was very patient, she never talked down to me about not catching on quick enough and she would find different ways to explain how to do it if I didn't understand. Amazing, thank you guys!

Hongquy Nguyen

This driving school has really nice instructors that are well qualified to teach. Also, their cars help the student feel confident due to the fact that the instructor can assist you when needed.

Joseph Pishos

I really enjoyed my driving lessons. Tayla and Randy were helpful and informative. I gained so much confidence. It was a great experience and my mom said this company's prices were reasonable and definitely worth the money. Thank you!

Kaia Langaker

This is one of the most affordable driving schools out there. I had only been in the car for about 2 hours total before starting my lessons. They were 100% patient and made sure you were comfortable the entire time. They taught me how to drive on the highway. I was able to experience driving in the rain and now I'm prepared if it ever happens on my own. Not only do I know how to drive on my own, but I am a safe driver. This class is absolutely amazing and I 100% reccomend to anyone and everyone considering it. You will not regret it at all. PLUS they can pick you up, which makes things 100x easier.

Sheena Marie Agundez

I am glad I have chosen the right driving school in the Valley. My driving Instructor Pandalee and her husband Randy are the best! I had a great learning experience within a week of safe driving lessons. My driving skills are way better from when I first started. Pandalee taught me great driving techniques and skills sets to become a good defensive driver. I highly recommend this school for future drivers. Thank you Steer Right!

Dar Lazaros

Very comforting and really improved my confidence on the road.

Cassidy Miller

Very good learnd a lot

Makeup By Jeasline

Great experience. They helped me to get my license. Their driving skills is excellent. They make every easy for you and you learn so fast. I'll recommend it, to my friends and family. When you choose Steer Right you're not gonna regret it

Ariel Drummond

Great school. Patient teachers and comprehensive driving training, as well as cheapest prices in the area. 10/10 I would definitely recommend for both teen and adult drivers

Partho Mandal

I had no clue how to drive and I learnt driving in highway within 3 days !! It's about following the proper rules and confidence. Randy and Jerry instilled these things into me quite well. I will follow Randy's advice and try to be a better defensive driver.

Karen Jagnothsingh

Exceptional driving school! Randy and Pandalee helped me regained my confidence behind the wheel, they are also professional and patient. Thanks guys you are awesome!!

Jessica Faris

We had such an awesome experience! They were easy to get in touch with it, answered all our questions & concerns, prompt to return our emails, super friendly & courteous. They made my daughter feel comfortable & taught her so much! Our daughter is now driving great, has more confidence & is even able to give her friends tips that she learned! We are so thankful we picked this driving school to work with, couldn't be happier!

farah A

Very friendly and a great teacher. Definitely would recommend anyone to sign up!

Pal Patel

They are really nice with good nature. They always motivate us with confidence. They treat us like friends and make us more confident about driving . All thanks to them

Amanda Cabral

I loved both of my instructors, every moment was a learning moment and I also got to know them within my ten hours. If I could do it again I would. I’m so glad I got to experience it!

Shawna Goff

Fantastic experience with Randy and PandaLee. We researched many driving schools for 2 of our kids, and we are so happy we chose them. We were informed after each lesson on what our kids needed to work on which helped not only them, but us as well. I would highly recommend Steer Right to anyone looking for a driving school, you won’t be disappointed!!! Thank you both so much!!

Adam Polley

Randy and PandaLee did an awesome job with our 25 year old daughter. Do to health issues she did not get a licence at 16. She had very little experience when she started and they had her behind the wheel and comfortable with them right away. They were very patient and I really felt like they cared about her being successful with the program. I would highly recommend them to anyone young or old needing lessons.

Lisa Simmons

Truly a wonderful experience. Driving with both instructors Gave my child the knowledge and confidence needed to be a safe driver. Would highly recommend them to anyone with teen drivers.

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