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REVIEWS OF Roadmaster Drivers School IN Arizona

Doug Connolly

Class of 96. The lessons and instruction are second to none

Joseph Foster

I Graduated in 2004. I stopped driving for a while so I needed a refresher course they kept there word . I'm very happy with my experience at AIT. I want to give a thank you to Mr. Gibbs and to Mr. Escobedo my instructors. Listen to them they know what they are talking about. Been back on the road now for 7 months. Making good money

Dan O'Gorman

Was a GREAT experience. Awesome teachers both in the classroom and on the road. One teacher has over 4 Million miles of experience, you just can't beat that!

Amanda Rutkowski

Instructors were awesome! Very friendly and personable! Learned a lot in a short period of time! Professional, fun, great atmosphere! I would recommend AIT to anyone! If you have a bad attitude, you will have a bad experience. Go there to learn and stay positive and respectful!

Lute Dawson

Chuck Muller

This is an amazing company who I have worked with for years. I have personally seen them take 100s of candidates from being students to leading careers as professional truck drivers. Highly suggested.

Lucero Quezada

otis youngblood

Anthony Lynch

It's a con job. School is owned by Werner trucking co. They have an industry wide reputation for screwing drivers. You basically pay for your CDL. Werner makes off like a bandit. They run roughshod with a surplus of new drivers underfoot. Their costs are next to nothing because the loans are through federal programs. To offset the price werner advertises that they pay 50% of the loan as long as you work for them during the first 4 yrs. Be careful of shady business. Completed my training 3 yrs ago. Hired with Werner. Did 2 yrs loyal company driver. No acc, No tck, No failed insp. Needed some time off. Cleared with FM. Handed my 2 week notice. I wanted to be eligible for re hire so made sure truck was clean before turning in keys. 8 months later called recruiting asking to be rehired. My CSA score is excellent. Driving record still clean w/ 2 years OTR 200,000 mi exp. Said they'll pass. But I still have 8 grand left on the loan they were supposed to pay half... see what happened? All I'm saying is beware they will screw you if they can.

Wendy Chandler

They make it sound grand at first.. The first 10 weeks your in school with no driving so your past your time to decide whether or not you want to continue so they have you locked in for no refunds. When you get to the range and road it's a whole new ballgame. Ive witnessed instructors belittle you, bang the side of the truck, call you stupid, and treat you like crap in front of other students instead of being patient and teaching. They forget your paying them way more money than that program is worth. Maybe you'll be one of the lucky ones they force to do push-ups on the hot pavement or better yet.. Tell you to go get high. Do your homework folks, there's other schools that can give you the same training for less money


It is a scam they post is paid tryning and is not not even paid for the test they require bere star

James Vic

This is for all the new drivers do not and I mean do not go to the school there's a guy there named Ricky who's the sales agent this guy is a vulture he will literally con you into going to the school this is why the trucking industry is so bad because of guys like him stay away there's so many other that are schools out there with less of the hassle this guy is a con artist and his name is Ricky. Do not feel pressure to go to the school because he'll make you feel bad about yourself honestly guys like him should not have jobs in this industry. God bless and be safe.

Jay Irvin

AIT is a top notch school. Laid back but very helpful staff and instructors who not just there for a pay check and that’s fact. The instructor that I had helped me go from a “greenhorn to a cowboy” as they say in the trucker industry and with the knowledge I was given and what I will learn on my own over time I will become a “Professional Trucker” as they say. Mr. Ernst is by far the best instructor and let me say I can for sure attest to having a few different instructors while I was there and they all are great instructors and love what they do at the end of the day but as I stated before Mr. Ernst is a phenomenal asset to the company.

Sheila docena

Great staff..


Victor Soto

Awesome school highly recommended


Most truck driving schools are five weeks AIT is 4 1/2 months they taught my son well thank you

Jose Arnulfo Franco.

Hello is a interested page...

Jordan Daviet

Was an awesome school. Mr.Ernst and all the other teachers and staff made sure that we were well prepared and ready for our tests and the real world. Best teachers out there in my opinion. Mr. Ernst is an awesome teacher and deserves a solid 5 star review.


Dont try calling here! sat on hold for 45 minutes and no answer. My call was ended on their end. AIT was way better, but now road masters is a joke. Before when you would call you would get a answer right away... go elsewhere with your business

jake liersemann

So I signed up for the professional driving class (24 week class), I had an awesome recruiter who helped me through the getting approved for the school process, I can honestly say she loves her job and doesn't mind helping you to understand what you're getting into, thank you Shantelle. Now, I just started class today and I was basically thrown into a class with people that are at different points of the course. Not only that but, the regular teacher is taking time off and the teacher that is standing in basically just rushed through a couple chapters and had us watch some videos that he then gave us the answers to. I'm paying $10,000 for this course I truly expect more out of this as one can't learn anything this way. I'm coming in not knowing a damn thing about trucking and I can honestly say I didn't learn a damn thing today other than I think I chose the wrong school. Yes it's the first day and yes I might end up liking it however it was a bad start for them. I'm just referring to the class I'm in, everyone else there including Mr. Lehnus and Ms. Bickley are awesome people can't deny that. Really hoping class gets better and I actually learn here.

Pearlene Wagoner

Took class there. Awesome Instructors. Philip Crowley was the BEST!!! Miss u all that were w/ me at the Time. 2000-2002

julianna bond

Horrible customer service over the phone. I called for a price on 40 hours refresher training, this man asked me my age, if I am married or single... what does any of that have to do with the question? They WOULD NOT give me a price over the phone for refresher training. Very shady.

Joe Lampi

The staff has gone above and beyond for me. They didn't just make sure I would pass my road test they made sure I was prepared to be an excellent driver. From finding me jobs and providing excellent references they have taken me to a whole new point in my life.Best decision I ever made was going to AIT!



Paul H

David Smith

Croano Skywalker

Noni B

I went to school there 16 years ago. Best thing I have ever done. Pricey but worth every penny if you want to be a serious driver.


I would like to thank A.I.T. and it's staff, for the great facilities and equipment I needed in order to graduate successfully. And with your help and guidance, I now drive as a Team with my father for U.S. Xpress in a brand new 2017 Freightliner Cascadia. I appreciate all that you have contributed to see my goal was obtained. Thanks, Ely De La Garza


I went through the school in 1993 and drove for 7 years. (( up until my wife started chemo for her cancer) it's been a long fight and I gave up cdl years ago, now that all is well I stopped in at ATI to find out i can take a refresher course for very little money to retain my cdl once again. (I was very shocked they would do this but this is for all who go to ATI!!) after completion and off to my 1st company orientation I was the only one who new how to drive a truck ( both forward and backing) thanks to ATI. With the new facility I expect this experience to be even better than the 1st time and for those of you who complain about the price I can say only this Do you want a company that will get you your cdl or do want the whole package, ATI can give you this!

Tayler Cotton

This school has AWESOME instructors and will get you through and teach you what you need to succeed and stay safe doing so. They make it fun and keep it professional when need be as well. Its a very short course that literally gives you all the skills you need for a future in trucking..jam packed so you get the VERY most out of your time in schooling. If you're serious about your future..they will get you where you need to be. They do have financing options that involve little or no money down. Also..Find out what company you wanna work for and see if they will reimburse you..i know that Covenant and Werner do. This school is seriously amazing and I am SO grateful for these amazing people. My husband and I both went through this school and we loved it. Ten stars! Thank you all for being such wonderful people. Love always, Tayler and Joey Cotton

Carlos Valdivia

I have been part of the AIT family for 2 years now and I love what I do. I get to help people change their lives and start a career in truck diving. It feels so amazing when my graduates come back and to see me and thank me for helping them change their lives. I tell them them I just showed them the door, they had to walk through it and work hard to accomplish goals.

joe jr gutierrez

Gigi Soltero

jennifer navarrette

This place has got to be a scam. My husband reached out to them, inquiring on the service they provide for training. He decided he was not intrested. He kindly declined there invitation. I have repeatedly received 3-4 phone calls every single day since. I have asked many, many times to be taken off their call list. They are still calling sometimes just 2 hours after me asking them to stop calling. SMH. I mean it's just harrasment at this point. Of they were a legit training facility I would imagine they would conduct business more appropriatly. Now I will have to figure out how to block their number. Lol. Just a fair warning to the public!


melisa chioma

I have work for AIT for 3 years and I love it! It's nice having a job where you help others get excellent vocational training and get started in a long term career with great opportunities. AIT has a great work/family life balance and is an awesome place to work.


Hey if you really want your CDL come to this school.. The staff is great and very helpful patient and Respectful.. I really enjoyed the time i spent there learning with the instructors..these people go above and beyond the call of duty to help you learn everything you need to pass your test! Listen to craig D he's the best on pad he'll teach you backing skills parallel parking and offset.. Mr mike mollick is the best teaching you pre gonna miss all those guys that teach can see that they really care about students earning their CDL.. God bless all of them!!

Alan Baker

Absolutely the worse customer service ever on the phone. A double taking sales representative unwilling to be open and honest about the course offerings. Buyer Beware when a company is this closed off to sharing the cost of goods there is plenty to be concerned about. Would not do business with this group ever. Very dis-respectful, I do not trust them .

William Cleveland

This is a good school they help you out you pass the test if you need help to help you as faculty and the teachers are really friendly like to help make sure you passed your test if I would do again I’ll go back to the same school to get my license again

Dino Sabanagic

They are asking question that day dont need to be asking personal questions. Very shady its like they want all ur info but you cant ask them a question..


I spoke to Ricky when I went in for information he was rude and made me feel like he was doing me a favor to allow me to attend there school. I was just getting info. So i left would not recommend to anyone.

Chuck Wirth

Having been associated with AIT for the past 26 years, and currently holding the position of President and CEO; I thank all the current and past team members that have dedicated their efforts to ensure individuals wishing to start a career in trucking are well prepared. AIT’s approach to truck driving training is not to simply train someone how to pass a Commercial Drivers License test. Our mission is to provide life changing graduation experiences combined with regulatory compliance & financial success. Our graduates should know how to safely operate a commercial vehicle in a professional manner and while earning a reasonable living. If you are interest in learning trucking correctly you may want to discuss you goals with AIT.

william Huff

I tested out of the classroom last week up until last week the experience was great, missed Saturday due to medical emergency , came back to find that the normal instructor was let go. okay no big deal, except we really didn't do anything on Sunday other than homework and do the mod tests and final exam for those going to get there permit. I passed my permit test thanks to the instructor that was let go. But my concern is with the students coming in and have no een there severval weeks and some that are finishing up this weekend or next. Other than that this school has been wonderful educationally for me. I look forward to getting out on the range and doing some practicing Is this course worth 10k dollars, hell no its not... maybe 5000 but not 10,000 do i regret going to AIT, Yes because i could have studied on my own and got my permit and then went to a school that paid you to get your cdl. also feel that the range training is subpar and all the instructors do except for 2 instructors yell and scream at the trainee's for not shifting and braking right dont damage the equipment . Maybe if you had a little more patience with the trainee's and properly trained them you wouldnt have that problem.

Aceves Efrain

Nice job

Way Meister

AIT is a "mill," run by unscrupulous deceivers who prey on the vulnerable. Look carefully at the reviews here: the vast majority of 5-star reviews are from individuals who either say they work for AIT, or their "reviews" contain no useful details of their experience. Many give NO details at all. If you are thinking of getting into trucking, do at least 30 total hours of research online—all the articles, YouTube videos and opion pieces you can find. You do not need to pay anywhere CLOSE to what AIT charges to get your CDL and get on with driving. But more important, you need to REALLY understand what life on the road is like, as a company driver vs independent. I attended AIT for the first phase, the classroom part, before a horrendous falling out with them. I could write 3000 words about the lameness of AIT, but I will just post the 2 most importtant warnings: 1. The in-class portion treats everyone like they are 1st graders, literally wasting HUGE time having everyone read aloud from the course book. During that time, my instructor did an pathetically inadequate job of really imparting understanding of what driving a truck for a big company would probably be like. And so much of what we covered in class would have been much clearer if class was taught in an environment with a full-size model truck for us to see and touch as we went along. But that would require a big investment by ATI; they'd have to really care about thoroughly preparing students. I assure you, they don't. Imagine that you want to learn to perform music before live audiences. So you go to a school that says it teaches that, but you spend 2 weeks receiving only verbal instruction. . . 2. Then you thown up on stage, handed an instrument, and someone yells at you, "you received instruction that you said you understood. Now, if you fail, who's fault is it?. . .YOURS!" After 2 weeks of classroom instruction, and 1 day on their practice tarmac of just putting the truck in low gear and letting it pull itself along, we were taken out on the road, pulling a 53' trailer, to learn to shift and drive in real time. You read that right: With ZERO prior experience, we were to learn to drive an 18-wheeler, learn to double-clutch shift a 9-speed transmission out on the roadways in South Phoenix. My on-road instructor was a pure psychopath, making it nerve-wracking for some, terrifying for others. I quit the next day. Weeks later, from another student whom I'd made friends and stayed in touch with, I found out that when the final testing day came, almost everyone failed. Last: without question, the hardest, most stressful thing to learn in trucking is backing in between other parked trucks at truckstops and loading docks. Second to that is backing in between parked trailers (at least you're not in danger of hitting another driver's tractor) and last, lerning to back your truck in a straight line. These are things you should practice 500-1000 times before you hit the road on your own. AIT sends you out completely unskilled in these areas, letting you work that out with whatever trainer you are assigned if you go to work with one of the big carriers, where you have maybe a 20% chance of getting a good trainer. (You will probably be assigned to a filthy freak who teaches you just enough to drive 10 hours per day, from which he gets all the profit while you're paid a small allowance of maybe $340/week.) I eventually graduated from Southwest Truck Driver Training in Phoenix and went on to drive for about 5 years before I was able to move back to normal life, 55 lbs overweight and NO money saved. I learned that the trucking industry in America is, for 10x thousands of drivers, a vast underworld of incompetence, slave wages and misery. I can only speak well of Crete Carrier Corp, which treated me very well and did an overall GREAT job of maintaining their equipment.

alex Valencia

Tim Kromis

I am a graduate of this school 21 years ago. Always highly recommend others go here. They taught a lot of invaluable information that I still use to this day in my driving career.

Daniel Willis

The best Trucking school out there.

Eve Gonzo

Poor training and performance with potential employees. Poor courtesy and care of business trade. Even the checks they issue are completely immature and of poor caliber. Who puts inhale, digest, or marry on business check invoices? Obviously this is not good management or even good for records needed for business purposes. Really. Marry?

Tawakal FC AZ stars

chris durfee

I completed training in 2003. I feel the training I received here was above and beyond what is required.

bradley sulivine

The instructors and teachers are garbage!!! in class all you do is watch videos and the teachers can't explain anything and when you get to the range the instructors yell at you like you are supposed to come to the range knowing already knowing how to drive. ..You are forewarned don't attend this school!!!!

Michael Vickers

John Carver

The most important thing to know about roadmasters is that it is specifically designed to take someone who knows nothing about truck driving, and put them on a crash course to getting a cdl. That being said, everyone who works as an instructor there has a minimum of 5 years experience over the road, and most have 20+ years. They know what they're talking about. THEY LOVE TO HELP PEOPLE LEARN AND SUCCEED, AS LONG AS THOSE PEOPLE PUT IN THE EFFORT! You get out what you put in. Dont be that guy (or gal) who shows up with an attitude, and doesnt want to be directed or coached, or doesnt want to study at home, because if you already knew what you were doing, you wouldnt be there. The people who do that usually spend way more time than they need to in the school, or if they get their cdl, it's by the skin of their teeth. The people who listen, and work at it, and STAY POSITIVE, even if they need a different instructor for a session or two, get fixed quickly and are on to bigger and better things in a hurry. Keep a thick skin. This is trucking, not daycare. Handle your business, be professional, and dont over think it. I'm really picky about who I learn from and how, but I can say that not a single instructor is unimpressive in their teaching style and knowledge. It's a werner company, so you'll hear a lot about werner, even if you're going to a different company, but that's just the nature of the business, especially since most of the instructors are former werner drivers. All automatic trucks, so you wont be qualified to drive manual, but the whole industry is shifting to auto anyways, and they dont even make manuals anymore, so, no big deal.

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