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REVIEWS OF Phoenix Truck Driving Institute IN Arizona

Mike B

Great school great price! You will get your cdl here. The key to success is to apply your self every single day. Please listen to the instructors carefully (they have years of experience). Stamps, Tom, Jay and Matt are great instructors!....just have confidence in your self and you will do fine. The pre inspection, air brake and in cab test will be rammed into your head every single the time your ready to test out you will be sick of it. I was overwhelmed on day one but by the third day I had it down. The school has plenty of trucks so everyone will be able to practice. The school will even find you work and have you set right away. I called a few other schools and they all wanted some crazy amount of money. I give this school 5 stars ALL DAY.

Amilkar Higuera

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Gerardo Fernandez Gutierrez


Brandon Crothers

manuel marquez

At first it was very intimidating to be very honest with everyone after the third day I was ready to throw in the towel but with instructor Dave's positive reinforcement and with Joe and Linda's teachings I passed my CDL driving portion and am know on my way to driving I read some other post here about these people not being the real deal and believe me that is far from the truth they don't promise to turn you into a professional they promise to teach you to pass the test and be a safe driver the rest is on you. Thanks Phoenix truck driving institute

Victor Joaquin

Chase Osborn

Great place!!! The instructors care for you, and want to see you succeed with safety in mind... Phoenix TRUCK INS. Offers lifetime career placement, they work with the state grant called WIOA... and when i went there all of us students left with a Class A in hand.... GREAT PLACE!!!

Sebastian Saldate

Yulitza Rodriguez


Glenn Peters

Darron Johnson

Great school and staff. I learned much throughout!

Google User

Awesome staff wouldn't mind doing it again! Thank you guys!

Ruben Torres

cdl drivers school I highly recommend this place it has great in class and hands on course teachers are the best also when you go ask for instructor Diego Vallejos he was my instructor one of the best there is


Good school overall staff friendly and nice. Best trainer/instructor is definitely Diego hands down. Great teacher thanks again my friend

David Barrera

First of all I just graduated Thursday. But to be honestly this school is not worth the money unless you like another student teaching you how to learn what you need to learn students teaching students. And don’t let them know of their issues that they are aware of because then you will be singled out just as I was and many others are still in school that feel the same way. The only thing I will say is true that you will walk out of the school with your CDL on way or another. This school is the worst by far. Instructors on the range do what they can so I don’t want to down talk them in anyway. But clearly something wrong when you hire a recent GRADUATE to be come a instructor with no road experience please people do your homework. Check out other schools before you commit to a school that is not committed to you. If I could load a picture of the outcome of stupid instructors not doing there job I would I was involved in a roll over today but never do they tell or talk about how to prevent a rollover. They say they take pride in there students well I would say they don’t. But everyone experience maybe different I’m just sharing mine. Not to mention they took copies of my SSC# AZ DL and some how they lost all my info and yet I have to get a response from them. Shows how much they care

Yulieski Gurriel

They Don’t teach anything. The instructors are all time smoking and don’t have patience to teach, They have to suppose If we are new driving trucks we don’t have ability. I don’t recommend this stupid place.

Matt Heisen

I just got my cdl through this school. They are all professional ppl they know what they are doing. Awesome instructors with many years of experience in trucking industry and they always share their knowledge with you. Its more like family enviroment, i never got bored when i was there. I was sceptical at the beginning since it has a lot better price than others but with time i understood that i made the right choise. Its highly recommended!!

Sergio Briseno

Robert Baker

The instructors care about their students. You're a name, a face, not a number.

Archibald Ebersol

These guys are awesome for truck driver training.

Derrick Wilson

Amazing staff and instructors, first day I was overwhelmed Alex said to me if u don't quit on me I will not give up on u,that man stuck by me and he was man of his word, briat ,Rob ,Aeshah and JoJo stood by me on the range for my parking practice gave me all the information I needed to learn how to park.i am glad I picked this school to get my CDL. Advice for people is to LISTEN to all the instructors they know what they r doing,and the bad reviews for this school comes from people who dont pay attention to the instructors and fail.i passed my test the first time because I was given all the information that was needed. Amazing amazing amazing.thank you for the amazing experience

Roberto Garcia Cabrejas

The Instructors don’t have patience to teach. They are smoking all day and the student have to do everything

william howk

I was probably their worst student and they taught me. Remarkable staff and motivational school. I checked out all the other schools and this is Phoenix's best. Sign up here you will not regret it.

DJ's Channel

I used to be an instructor there, and never met a person I didn't like, well, except one, but I heard he retired, one of these days I'm going to get back down into the valley and stop for a visit to see who's all still there..... If you want quality training, go to this school.....

Kyle Tooley

Top notch staff and instructors give you all the advantages of a big CDL school without feeling like just another number.

Frisco 85132

My best friend and I were looking to get our CDLs and drive as a team. We are both college graduates seeking a career outside of we decided on trucking as a team, over the road (OTR). We checked on several schools in the Phoenix area and based upon the "sales pitch" on the first day where we only actually spoke with a recruiter, we decided on Phoenix Truck Driving Institute. The first week which was classroom with Jay, were great. He had experience and knew his stuff. We were ready to take our permit tests by day 4 and we took and passed them on the first try. It was easy if you engaged and listened. Week two began on the range. and that is when the complete, utter, total goat rope began. We were promised "four students to a truck with a lot of driving time to learn range skills". What we got was waiting for over seven hours in the 109f heat with no shade to back up ONE time with more than 14 students on one truck. Day two was more of the same. I nearly blew my stack and said "I feel like we were lied to, and that our tuition had been stolen, and that it was bordering on fraud based on what were were sold, versus what was being delivered". This got back to management whom I call "the dwellers in the air conditioning" and to Linda P. who is in upper management but also a professional truck driver with decades of experience and who is truly awesome unlike the others in upper management. Linda and I had a conversation and things started to change. I am going to reiterate this so there is no equivocation or lack of specificity...Linda is great. She is a total pro, she listens, she addresses concerns, and she makes things happen. She is worthy of, and deserves the UTMOST respect. A new truck was brought up from Tucson along with a new instructor. Several new instructors were brought on board. The trucks that were marginal were made road worthy, and we even got a sun shade. Wait times could still be a little long and student census was high...but we started to get more truck time. Things improved. The Instructors: Earl, the lead instructor, is FANTASTIC. Had it not been for Earl and all his hard work the place would fall apart. Earl is one of the best instructors in ANY field I have ever (2 LE academies, college, or otherwise) had. If Earl says is gospel. He won't promise anything he can't deliver, and he is on YOUR side as long as you are putting in the work on your end. He is also a wealth of practical knowledge and experience on how to manage yourself on the road to be successful where the rubber meets the road. Ask him smart questions, and you will get really good answers. I feel I have made a life long friend in Earl. Linda, as mentioned before, she is tops. She is great. She is No-BS and knows her stuff. She is committed to your success and will always shoot you straight. Give her respect because she has earned it. Period. I am glad I have had the opportunity to get to know her. Todd is doing the classroom now, but he still gets out on the range and on the road. Todd is a really good guy, and his way of teaching shifting and the rhythm of the double clutch helps you "get it". Benny is a range instructor and a road instructor. He is "the guy" for teaching parallel parking. Benny will show you how to get in the slot. I had trouble initially, but Benny taught me what I call "The Benny Snake" where he shows you how to use small inputs of the wheel to adjust your tractor-trailer relationship on the move. Manny is also a really good range instructor. On the road, he needs a little work on his style, but on the range, he will give you the skills you need to be successful. He's young, but has a lot of experience. I am not impressed with upper management, or with the placement department. They push you toward SWIFT like a bulldozer. BUT, Earl, Linda, Todd, Benny, and Manny are top notch instructors and they WILL teach you how to handle a big rig. The instructors get FIVE STARS.

EK !

Ask as much as Questions you can before you take action. I spoke with one of the ladies working there I think her name is Linda I asked her a question about what will happen if you go over the 160 hours of training? I ask this question because someone says on the review they charged him about $700 because he went over the hours a little more than the 160 hours (The training is 160 hours long). then the answer I get from her was "I don't know because that doesn't happen since I started working here". A school doesn't have an answer for basic questions is kind of suspicious. because this kind of thing supposed to be part of the curriculum. they should clearly state how much they will charge you if you go over the specified training hours in the agreement. I can't speak about the actual training since I didn't attend there. But I feel like I should stay away from them. Nowadays its hard to find credible school. sad!

Will Fowler

Christopher Tiona

When attending this school pay close attention to the instruction they are there to help you pass your CDL. I attended the afternoon/evening class and the amount of reps I got in the truck helped tremendously!! The staff was top notch and very helpful. I recommend this school to anyone wanting to further their career in trucking.

Michelle Stratman

I recently graduated from the school. Jay, the driving instructor was amazing at teaching the students, myself included. He’s extremely patient & calm which made it easy to focus on what I was doing especially for never driving a semi before. I would high recommend this school to anyone who was looking to get into the industry. I can’t thank him enough for all he’s taught me. I’m truly greatful that he was there to help me.

Raymond Patterson

Can't say enough about PTDI, Mike and especially Diego, one hell of an instructor, the school actually train you until you get it down, and able to pass the CDL exam. I was hired with a company before I even completed the training, and get checkup calls every few months to see how I'm doing, and to see if I need assistance.

Arturito Llombart Amigo De Robert

If you paid 3995 dollars you have to expect a GOOD instructors. The instructors don’t have a good skills to teach, so if nobody teach you how to do the pre trip inspection how you will be tested??? They are really unable to teach

Marwan Tomla

Stephen Dufault

I attended class here in order to earn my CDL, and went on to receive it in March 2017. Since then I have worked for a major carrier for the last 8 months. Diego & Mike are both top notch instructiors that help you comprehend everything you need to know. I spent most of my time learning to drive under the supervision of Diego and can safely say that he's the best teacher I've encountered in my time attending college and my time in service. Diego's hand on and friendly approach puts you at ease which is extremely important when your first learning. Mike is excellent with overall knowledge as well as with helping learning hard skills in the yard. I didn't have a chance to drive with Mike so I'm unable to comment on his teaching but am sure that it is exceptional as well. The reason why Im giving Phoenix Truck Driving Institute 3 stars instead of 5 is due to issues with on site management treating students with a lack of overall class and making students feel as if their rushed through the schooling process.

Jesse Morris

Would rate zero! VERY rude instructors screamed, yelled, harassed and threatened to assault me. Very unprofessional.

James Knorr

Salvador Altamirano

Best decision I ever made thanks to the help from the crew a truck driving institute I’m off to a good career thanks to all the staff and my instructor Brent

Ronald Manuel

It cost $3995. and if you don't make it, That's it! They don't teach you anything. They take you money and run ! What a rip off! go to other school like Southwest.

Alan Crosby

Wabaaammm!! I called 3 other schools before here. I was immediately drawn in due to the positive and kind personality's of the office workers, especially Tom Way! Request Tom if you want an informative, and fun tour of the school, great guy. All these negative reviews on here are complete nonsense and comical. Use the negative reviews for entertainment purposes only please. Take a quick 10 minute tour of the school and meet everyone if you don't believe me. I knew nothing about truck driving before here. 160 hours later i know every mechanical part of the truck and trailer and what they do. 2 days ago i drove for 45 minutes in rush hour traffic city, and highway driving a manual transmission tractor hauling a 50ft trailer. I did it with a big smile on my face, ask Jason. That would not be possible without top notch instructors. Every instructor knows my name, background story, and is productively helping me choose the right company to work for. Ohh yeah they get you a job straight out of testing. I honestly had a great time completing my hours here. I can't say enough good things about this place. These negative reviews are lazy people who came here expecting the CDL handed to them i guess. You complete the class work, you listen to the instructors, You put in work on the range, and pay attention you have nothing to worry about. Have questions ask. You exceeded my expectations thank you PTDI...

Cesar Perez

king king

Rip off school The agreement was that I would pay them $3950 and they would finish my training so that I would get my license. They said that it didn't matter how many hours it will take to get my license. After couple of weeks, they said I went over 160 hours and I would have to pay $700 to finish my training. Rip off school.

Brother Matthew

Ok, Im going to take my time and tell you that this place was impressive !! First, it feels like a home because its actaully a house. The kitchen and fridge are yours to use, spotless facilities, fresh coffee made by Dave every morning ! Second, Holly is very nice and helpful. You dont have to worry about a thing. It will be taken care of. Part of the cost of this school includes all your endorsement checks which they cover for you! Holly takes care of that! Third, equipment is in great working condition and works good. Plenty of room on the range to manuver and practice your skills. Plenty of wheel time to train and learn. Lots of one on one instruction. You feel like a person not a number or trainee. Joe is great just keep both hands on the wheel and you will be fine. Linda is the best ! Patient as can be always encouraging and just a great person to be around. Thanks Linda ! Ken looks out for your enrollment and helping setup a job for you when you are done ! Thanks Ken ! Im set up now with Schneider makeing 55k next year !! Sweet ! Last but not least Dave is a great teacher, seems a little hard at first but he knows his stuff ! And has an unbelivable amount of experiance and knowledge ! And finally, It only took me 4 weeks !!!! Yeah go here !!

Doug Parker

Just a short statement, they offer lifetime job placement assistance, not placement. If you come in they will be happy to make suggestions and refer you to any place that accepts graduates of Phoenix Truck Driving Institute.

Larry Smith

Sabi Baird

My mother and I both attended this phoenix truck driving school together. Our manager Randy was an absolutely amazing manager. He made our experience at this school a great one. He did everything in his power to make sure that our experience was positive while learning at his school. Because of men like Randy and Tom working here, i give this phoenix trucking institute a high rating because i know that Randy and Tom truely care about each and everyone of their students and want all of their students to succeed and reach thier full potential as truck drivers. My mother and i were very greatful to have such support and dedication from Randy and Tom through out our experience at the school. We were honored to work with such great men and attend this school whos leaders truely care about the well being of their students and put the needs of their students first by providing them with help and support. I know that if you attend this school you will be in good hands with these men. It is nice to have good people looking out for you who care about you and each and every one of their students.

Amal Eltaib

Love Dave’s personality and his willingness to help you succeed. Great

Robert mcfarlane

they guarantee job placement for life. which is them saying hey come work for DSW we will hire you to take swift loads. They do not help with any job placement other than that. Their school teaches the absolute minimum it can about backing and real world trucking. all and all I have had a terrible experience with them, don't recommend them to anyone. don't waste your money.

Adam Ramirez

Went to the school in 2016 it's a really good school work with the instructor Diego Vallejos best instructor at that time in my opinion really knowledgeable on what he does couldn't got my CDL without him I would recommend this school to anyone trying to get their CDL

christopher burns

Fantastic school creating a fantastic future

Jerreld Peabody

6 years straight truck 3 months OTR love the school and Diego trained me on how to drive truck

Eduardo Munoz

I went to CDL Truck School Inc which felt like they only wanted me for my money after nearly $700 in I decided check out Phoenix truck driving institute. I could not be happier the instructors actually care about you not like the other school which label you as just a number. I received training in what I needed help on an sure enough I passed. I got to experience both schools but they are completely different in staff and experience you can tell the difference. I would highly recommend this school to anyone family orientated environment you cant go wrong with that.

Ray Bastida

Jojo is the best rapper alive

Edwardo Martinez

Phoenix Truck Driving Institute was A very great school with great staff, the instructors like Dave, Doug, and Joe were awesome with A lot of experienced knowledge to get you on track, one of the best experiences in my life and positive career I chose that's helped my have a better life and provide for my family.

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