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11800 S Harrison Rd, Tucson, AZ 85747, United States

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REVIEWS OF Musselman Honda Circuit IN Arizona

Guardian Son of God

Great track..

sherri jerzyk

What an amazing experience in our own backyard. The is an excellent date night, family night, parent/child night. Sometimes you just need to feel the wind in your face and hear the roar of the engine.

Dominic Reed

Daniel Reed

Great track, large variety of events.

Robert Futch

Great place for go-karts or real race cars alike. High quality track and rarely crowded. If it is crowded then there is always lots of neat cars to watch race. I race my 1-Series BMW there frequently. It is a small track, but a technical one where lap times are determined by skill and not money. For the real race cars $80 a day is a steal compared to the bigger tracks.

Julie feierabend

Great time and a larger race track! Had a blast!

Greg Talley

We had a great time ant the Musselman slick track, reasonable prices for a track experience. Best to get a group together. Tons of fun!!!

Santiago Galaz

Very cool track, but pricing was a bit over the top where as prices for the drag strip are 1/3 of the price down the road. My girlfriend and i always go the the tucson speedway and we wanted to check this place out since it was across the street. Like i said the track was awesome, and half the staffing was cool, the other was completely rude and unfriendly. Overall we wont be going back as spectators at all. Unless you pay to race there you get treated like crap, hence the reason why we were the only spectators not including the racing crews.

Kenny J

That was a blast! I took the sports car class and learned a lot. They let you use the iRacing simulator for a little while, followed by a few laps with the instructor driving before they let you do 8 hot laps. This was a humbling experience for a long time enthusiast. The Miata they use stops quickly, corners fast and changes direction quickly. If you've driven this track before and know it, you'll enjoy these car sized go karts. I will definitely be renting the Miata again for the 20min solo session. This is a great way to ease your way into motorsports.

Philbert mackowiak


I liked it once we actually got on the track. I almost left because the management was so bad. I'm with my uncle and we were excited to be there. However after 30 minutes of waiting we ask if we were up any time soon because the guy previously told us 20 minutes. He said it would be another 20 minutes. During our conversation he tried to explain how our time would be broken up. After waiting for what seemed like forever this guy wanted to give us a even longer wait in between races. Luckily we convened him to let us do our time all at once with one long race. It was almost closing time and if races went on in between our races we couldnt of done the full time we paid for. The others wanting to do races ended up going to another track so it worked out for them. They were also regulars so its not like that would be the last time the ever go unlike my uncle and I. Then we are finally ready to go out when management tells us we only allowed to do half the track. This seemed like a lash out for breaking the schedule just because we wanted what we paid for. I think this because they advertise you getting to ride the full quarter mile track. So overall the track itself was great, despite not getting to drive the whole thing. But the communication between consumer and seller could greatly improve. That is why I give it 2 stars.

William Russell

I've been riding, racing and attending events out at MHC since 2010 and the facility/track are outstanding. Charlie is always accommodating and is an all around good guy. The direction the track has taken, along with the upgrades have made it better than ever with lots more to come. The track has everything you could want whether you're a first time go-kart driver looking to have some fun with friends and family, to performance car/kart competitors and motorcycle road racers looking to sharpen their skills. I love riding here and bringing my friends out to spectate and participate!

Ronald Perez

My family visited with their sons and I suggested we go to Musselman. They agreed and we spent all afternoon there. A great time had by all!

Erick Heinz

Evonne Lockrey

Mark&pam Peevy

I come from a long line of racing family. We are constantly looking for new places to race and compete. I found this website to be very useful and very easy to maneuver through. My family and I will diffidently be checking out Musselman Honda Circuit. My 17 year old son is very interested in the go-cart racing as well. Thank you for making your webpage user friendly.

Seamus_ the_Shameless

Emilio Pascarelli

My kart renting experience at musselman circuit was horrendous. The website states that the karts reach 45 mph, I say they reach 30 max. The one I used probably didn't go over 25. The race track is way too fast for the karts, I never had to brake. Furthermore the pricing is way too high. I went to places with better karts and a funner track for less. I don't recommend renting karts here, it was boring and a waste of money, go somewhere else.

Jeremy soule

This spring I was having some cooling issues with my open wheel single seat, formula car, I brought the car out to the Musselman Honda Circuit for a few hours of testing and adapting of parts. The staff were friendly and helpful and we breezed through tech without a hassle. After racing at other Az tracks I found this track to be fast, fun and challenging. I would highly recommend this track to other racers that nead to test and tune their cars (or bikes). Also looking forward to coming out for one of the Saturday track days.

Eric Westerband

As an avid motorcycle and track day enthusiast, I always enjoy riding at the Musselman Honda Circuit. It is a technical, lower-speed track that is both fun and challenging for amateurs and professionals alike. The track can be ridden both CW and CCW and the pricing for all of this is very fair. Charlie and the crew are down to earth guys and it's easy to tell that they love what they do.

Christina Armstrong

Jeremy Hayes

Great place with great people. I will be back again next month!

Casey Henry-Alexander

I always did love this place! They have TONS of events monthly. You can spectate, race, rent karts, etc. The employees are all excellent and have tons of knowledge and are more than willing to let you check out everything they have to offer! I visit here pretty often and it has always been a great time!

Javier Rabbit

Was my first time there today. I took my personal car around the track which was an awesome experience. This was my first time ever being on a track ever. The staff and other customers were all friendly. I’ll be going back in the future for sure!

John Fitzgerald

Always a great time at Musselman Honda Circuit! I have been there many times and even had my 50th birthday party there, A huge hit with my friends! Charlie and the staff are great, sure sometimes it's a bit of a wait when they have other events going on, but it's always worth it. Great track, reasonable pricing and the more people on the track , the more fun the racing is so brings lots of friends with you!!!

Charles S.

8/16/2014 kinda pricey if you don't have a groupon. The Groupon deal is great. 4 people for (3) 15min sessions each for $99. Our fourth person had to work so we asked if we 3 could just split the other sessions and do 4 each. No problem. I took a 11yr and 14yr with me. The staff person explained everything very well to the youngsters. Had them do some stop tests to get used to breaking. While it didn't happen to us the rules mentioned by a previous review still stands. If you fly off the track your done for that one session or if you come in serious contact with another Kart. Being south Tucson i have a feeling some bad elements probably caused problems. Trust me a few 15min sessions is all it takes. You take a break and another group goes out for 15mins and you enjoy a water or food break. All in all a pleasant place.

C. R.

Lots of fun, an excellent facility and a great value when you purchase discounted services through Groupon.

Christopher Patterson

Amazing Track and Amazing Staff.

Arizona Photos

This was my second visit to Musselman Honda and both were excellent !! The staff is very helpful and it is always a great time. I wish I did not live so far because I would definitely be there more often and will for sure be back !!

Amie Montes

Hi guys! Just got back from my visit to Musselman Honda Circuit, and let me tell you it has blown my mind. The staff is so friendly and helpful. The overall atmosphere is amazing.


Carrie Morris

make sure to get the groupon deal

Oscar V

This place is amazing! especially when you go to see the Drift competitions at the start of every month, great way to start off a new month!!

Bethany Lehane

My husband and I went there for his birthday a couple years ago and it was his best birthday yet, lots of fun!! The staff was very friendly and would love to go back if we had more time.

Jon Speedgato Figueroa

Amazing experience! Charlie and his guys are excellent. Helpful, knowledgeable, great fun!

Bill Gorman

A huge disappointment

Gabe Gomez

Aaron Gilbert

Cart's are a blast,went with my son and had a good time

Yeneth Victoria

James Shreve

Track days are always fun and safe. The have the transponders to show your times. Great crowd and facilitators.

David Grimes

On several occasions over the last couple of years I've brought my mother, wife, sister, children, and friends to ride their go carts. All have thoroughly enjoyed the experience of driving above average carts, on a big track that go much faster than any competitors carts. I can't wait to go again!

Manuil Chavez

Its July 3rd 100 degrees outside and no one is at this track. My brother is on leave from the Navy so we decide to go to Musselman Honda Circuit for a few laps. It was our first time at this track and we didn't really know what to expect. We were told (if you drive crazy, go off the track or make contact with other karts you could lose your ride) During the 2nd lap my brother gets two wheels off the track and high centers the kart. The track guy comes over pulls him back on track and tells him his race is over. This is after 2 laps with only 3 of us on track and no one else in sight. When my brother asked if he would be refunded for his remaining laps he was told an emphatic no! None of us were driving recklessly or dangerously. You may want to reconsider this place if you are looking for a good value. We were charged 90 bucks for a 12 minute session which is 30 per person. I wont be going back to this track.

David Wesley

I am a repeat customer at the Musselman Honda Circuit. I bring my friends and my grandchildren to ride the rental go karts and they all love it. Charlie and his crew are professional, safety conscious and courteous. Musselman provides all the equipment to safely ride and takes the time to answer all questions. I'm looking forward to my next ride.

Roger Williams

Paul Anderson

Simply awesome fun

Mark Gorton

Awesome place for some fun

Rosie Marshall

Loved it!

Amy Moloney

Our office was interested in having a team building event at Musselman Honda and the facilities staff was very accommodating with providing information very quickly. While we didn't go with them this time around they are definitely on our radar for future events. Thank you for all of your help.

Christian Brown

Musselman Honda Circuit is an awesome place to have fun with family and friends. It is one of the first places that not only have go karts but also drifting go karts as well.

Carlos Reyes

Michael Long

love this track. always easy to get out on the track,minimal wait time most days. staff is generous with the time allowed out as long as no large crowd is waiting.

Graham Eberly

Great track, always have fun when I come here. The staff is awesome.

Mikey Holler

Awesome staff cheaper than the indoor go carts and way more fun for enthusiasts that love the feel of the track outside. The Staff is awesome!! If your a first timer when it comes to tracking your car this is the best place to go and you won't have to pay those crazy price to track your car for the day with helmet rentals available make it easy to take your car for the day!

Phil Bohn

Take my ZX6R here whenever I get the chance. The place is awesome. The owner is a great guy. Course is well maintained. You can learn a lot riding here. You won't catch more than second gear, but little can better teach you to corner than time spent here, and for the money, that's great. Considering it doesnt require me to leave town, this place is a fantastic deal. I've been a patron of this facility for the past 6 years.

aaron p

Best to go with a group

Chayna Delahoussaye

Had my Son's 12th Birthday party here and we loved it. The owner Charlie and his staff was very friendly and accommodating. Our family had so much fun racing on the race track and we even got to see some really cool drifting in between our races which lasted a good amount of time.

Steven Frenzer

Awesome! Called ahead to see what would be a not so busy time to show up. Ended up going out this morning. It was FUN, the "fast karts" aren't all that fast they're throttle stop limited which is fine for some fun but the course is slightly too large to necessitate any braking although people who don't race road courses seem to find it quite enjoyable and fast. I really went for the Shifter Kart Rental. WOW. Wear some earplugs I had earplugs which I forgot to put in and regret as after a session I could barely hear out of my right ear. The karts themselves all seemed to be in very good condition compared to the karts I've raced before. The seats for a slender guy are always too large and I end up with bruising on my hips and will be sore for the next few days but it's totally worth it. I'm not sure I'd recommend shifter karts to the average person walking off the street but if you have some amount of restraint and can be smooth/have skill you'll be fine Bring lots of water and have fun! If i'm ever back in the AZ area i'll be sure to swing by again

Johnny Kakar

Excellent seat time for the money, fun and safe track!

Tony Yulfo


Very fun activities for teens and up


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