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REVIEWS OF Jacob's Driving School IN Arizona

Joellen Lemire

I just passed my road test after taking 10 lessons with Jacobs Driving School. I know there are people who who pass the road test after taking 5 lessons but I got the 10 lesson package because I really wanted to pass my road test on my first try. I did one lesson two hours before the test and I think that helped a lot. I did a lot of research before deciding on this school and I'm glad I chose this place. There are cheaper schools out there but it's better to spend more to learn from people who care about what they do. Also, it was nice to practice with relatively new cars. I would recommend this school to anyone.

Valeria Tsvetkova

I just pass my road evaluation from the first time WOHOOOOOOO I recommend it to every one, they are the best, Thank you Jacob's Driving School.

dede m

Thank you Jacob's Driving School for wonderful experience I will never forget, I am 1 st time driver, and school made this transaction simple and easy for me. recommending them 100%...:)

Leticia Rodriguez

Best driving school to go to. Highly recommended.

Kim Singletary

Best decision I ever made!!! Dawn is, by far, the best instructor! I had little experience & she made me feel comfortable & safe behind the wheel. The pricing is fair & you learn so much from start to finish.

mark kuinov

The best Driving School in Town highly recommend it with one or two lessons my daughter pass the driving test I love you guys

Viktoriya Yagudayeva

Best way to learn to drive, Stan is super patient and a great teacher , school is clean and your learning on a brand new car ! It doesn't get better then that

Reveka Pinkhasova

I am so impressed with the shear intelligence and patience of my driving instructor, Stan. He's very well versed in his expertise, in addition to being a fantastic teacher. I was afraid my entire life to drive, but in only three lessons I was able to face my worst fear and get behind the steering wheel. I was even able to drive on the freeway, which I thought I'd never have the courage to. Stan is an outstanding driving instructor, he's very encouraging and makes you feel more confident. He's super professional and friendly. If you're going to chose a driving school, then this is the one!

No Name

Great class learn a lot Stan is the man

ulku erdem

Stanley is a person who take his job very seriously. Reliable, good teacher. I am very happy that I choose that place.

Greta Westberg

Best driving school in Phoenix Arizona. Dawn has a wealth of knowledge and without her I would have never passed. Thanks Dawn !!!

George Shpak

Took a defensive driving class for a ticket. They made the class interesting, and were very helpful in helping me get through the process. After the course, I didnt have to go court.

deepa kulkarni

I knew basic driving and was not confident about my driving skills. After my session with Jacob I felt more comfortable and confident. He was very patient and informative. Jacob did share some very helpful tips.. I would definitely recommend Jacobs Driving School.

Da Mo

Ant Tron

I thought that the driving school was going to be boring and only learn about driving but instead of the training be miserable it was actually fun and entertaining to learn how to drive correctly. Thank you Dawn

Vanessa Rodrigues

I am very happy to have chosen this place because my experience was amazing. Excelente Teacher, they have a lo of technique, patience and knowledge. I highly recommend this place.

james Brown

Excellent service , Thank you

Cynthia Beasleys

Very informative class...Had a great time- would definitely recommend.

Jeremy G

I could not love this driving course any more. I thought i knew everything about driving and was very nervous before taking this course. After the course, I felt much more confident with my driving skills. The instructors were very polite and helpful.

John Pap

I decided to use Jacob's Driving School based on the great reviews of others. I elected to drive over 30 miles from my home for each lesson because they are so professional & helpful. I wanted to "enhance" my teens driving lessons and Stan did just that. As a parent, our child's safety is a top priority. A+, highly recommend.

mikenene mikenene

Just took my defensive class, I learned a lot. Thank you.

Lobsang Tashi

Very very helpful thank you

Tanmay Patra

Shira Siegel

I couldn’t be happier with my experience at this driving school! The instructors were very supportive and helped me to feel more at ease behind the wheel. I would highly recommend this school to anyone looking for driving lessons!

v more

I am very exited , because i just got my drivers license. My Instructor was Yakov. He is so patient. I'm glad i chose that school. Thank you for everything.

Diaz Shantel

Jacob's driving school, thank you so much for understand and work with my situation ..Stan the best teacher ever Thank You for everything.

Toni Owens

Our family did not put our oldest daughter through driving course prior to driving and that was a huge mistake . After 2 accidents we decided it was essential ! Our son went through Jacobs driving program and it has been night and day. Awesome program. He driving skills are far past anyone in the family . Would HIGHLY recommend for all new drivers. Most states require these courses and see why now .


I had dawn as my Instructor , she was very informative and nice . I have had driving anxiety for many years and she help me over come it!!! Thank you !!

Mark leviyev

The most knowledgeable instructors out there! Check them out!

Harry Scott

Class was great I passed my permit and learned alot about Arizona laws and regulation I recommend going if your not good with taking test in public location small class which is great also the other students age range from 15- older so you don't have to feel embarrassed also they had a great groupon for the class i took

Lisa Lee

Stan is the MAN!...if he hadn't shown me the ropes and taught me the 3-point park ahead of time...I would never have my license...Awesome Teacher...I will recommend everyone and anyone needing some brush up help and a cheering section to go to Stan @Jacobs Driving School.

WeatherMan Wyatt

Great experience and very educated instructors.

Sharif Khan

Steve was a great instructor for my wife. Patient and skilled.

cefora barrios

Wow! Coming to Jacob’s Driving school was the best experience ever! I definitely feel safe on the road now from the good information I got. And with his help I definitely passed my permit and Driver’s licenses! Highly recommend it!

Laure Whitehurst

Just know that if you sign up with them, you'll be in good hands. They take every opportunity to help you do your best. They know this industry very well. I'm not sure what nuggets of advice other schools offer but I was well-prepped with everything I needed to know leading up to the exam. I'm glad I took the initiative to sign up with them because I passed my road test on my first try and I will be receiving my official license soon.

Leah Kunselman

Highly recommend if u have to take driving coarse... Class was easy and Stan made it fun!

Lakshmi Lk

I joined this driving school seeing all these reviews. He never taught me where to concentrate. When I came in random pick by MVD ,my parallel parking went well. He dint tell me, when to look at the mirrors. I could not concentrate on roads as I was looking near. He never taught me to look far. On my freeway experience he never taught me how to change lanes, where to concentrate before making that decision nothing. I got rejected for all reasons except parallel parking. My husband took time to teach me and I cleared on my next attempt. Dont get attracted by the price he offers. If you are chosen randomnly then you will know what I went through.

kiranmai kolla

Excellent classes. Recommended

Mojgan Kaliveh

We had a very good experience with the school, both teachers were really good, very helpful and very knowledgeable, super nice. My daughter was very nervous since she has never drove before and they made it so easy and fun for her. I would Definitely recommend this school to our friends.

Alex Gilkarov

Went to this driving school had no idea off to operate a motor vehicle. Meet this instructor his was Stan. He thought me everything that i needed to know and i aced my exam. After and exciting and adventures ten hours off lessons i was a professional. I think that i might pursue a career in grand prix racing.

Robert Yang

The instructors work well with you and teach you how to be safe when driving. They are very helpful and patient making your time behind the wheel enjoyable.

Gary Styles

I must say that the instructors at this school are very informative, detailed, thorough and extremely kind, caring and most importantly very patient! My wife had a serious case of anxiety to get behind a steering wheel to drive and they gave here knowledge, experience, education and most importantly confidence to drive on her own! Thank you so much to the wonderful team at Jacob’s Driving School! I now don’t have to drive her around everywhere, she can do it herself!

Jake Jd

Yakov is a great trainer. He make me feel so comfortable and safe. Thank you.

Ganna Babakhan

The thought of driving was slightly terrifying, when I started driving I was nervous, Jacob driving school helped me overcome my nervousness. Now I am a member of the driving community thanks to Jacob driving school.

Honey Alves

This class gave me a lot of insight thanks I needed it

Dinesh Prasanth

Awesome instructor! Gave me precise instructions to do the the right things. I could not believe i parallel parked in the first attempt by following just the instructions. I could never do it perfectly before this!! The instructor gave me a great feedback and offered great tips and pointers. You are taught what you need and nothing less. Would recommend this to everyone.

Scotty Myers

Great place for Learning how to drive and the people here treat you like family! Family owned business and you receive real service like your there own family! Stan Is great

Linda Smith

Although you should never bargain shop for childcare or driving school I did and I am pleasantly surprised that Jacob was the least expensive in town. Just finished my fourth lesson with Dawn. This school has much more to offer then others! She went above and beyond her job description in order for me to learn how to drive. We looked at videos, she showed me diagrams, and walked me around the parking lot so I would understand parallel parking. Stan and Jacob also were very understanding in my schedule in order to have the best solution for my drivers education experience! Thank you so much for all your help!!!

Milana Pinkhasova

That was a beautiful experience. They help me to prepare for my road test. I was ready after 6 hrs. This driving class make me more confident and safe driver. Will defiantly recommended to my friends.


Great place to learn how to drive. Friendly teachers.

Nate Money

Brianna Horvath

Stan is awesome!!

Kiki Fuller

Dawn taught me a lot and helped me gained the confidence I needed to drive on the road. Without her help, I would not have passed my exam.

Nick W

Great Driver 10/10 Would drive again

Deborah Taylor

Purchased a groupon for Driver's Permit class for my son. When I called to book the hours had decreased from 4 -4.5 hour classes to 2- 4.5 hour classes so did not feel information was correctly represented on Groupon. Price savings was therefor falsely represented as was the offering. On the website the class that was similar offered driving instruction as well as classroom education which it turns out was not the case. Would not recommend for this reason.

Jo H

My experience at Jacobs Driving School was excellent. My instructor Stan was very patient and was a great instructor. I can easily say that I am very prepared for driving on the road now because of the teaching here. I would recommend this driving school to anyone.

Filip Teoharevic

Dawn had me on the freeway in 3 hours, she's a fantastic teacher with a unique comical personality which creates a friendly learning environment rather than a stressful one you can find somewhere else. This is a great place to learn how to drive and we covered all the basics for passing the driving test and more.

British Davis

this school help me overcome my fear of driving i can finally drive without being scared

Peiyi Zhong

I love the experience with Jacob driving School. They gave me a lot of confidence, and helped me from day one. Thank you, Jacob driving School!!!!

Yeseniya Matatova

I truly enjoyed this experience. The training is great and so are the people. Highly recommended!

Jeff Appel

TheZav Channel

Love it! The instructors are very nice and very calm on the road with you. They are very friendly as well, and will correct your unsafe driving habits. 5/5 will most definitely recommend!!

Jennnifer Real

Jacob driving school best because of them I got my license

zombieland awesome bros

Jacob's Driving School makes me more confident in driving and more skilled.I was very scared going on the freeway, after having a driving lesson with Stan i lost my fear, now I'm not afraid anymore. My parents tried to teach me but i just became more frustrated . There is a big difference between when you get a driving lesson from a professional. Thank you .....

shannon Van Heel

Took a course to fine tune my driving skills! Dawn really helped me feel comfortable and confident!

Tre Larkins

at first when i was driving i was terrified but after taking the permit course and 10 hour driving lessons with Jacobs driving school i feel absolutely comfortable and amazing i ended up passing my test with flying colors they also provide a insurance discount and you could be exempt from the on road test after you pass their class.

Cristal Keeling

I cannot express how much I love this driving school!!! The instructors taught me well and always made me feel comfortable and confident! I would recommend Jacobs Driving School to anyone! Jacobs Driving School is the sweetest and nicest person you will ever meet.

Kenzie Butler

The experience I had here was amazing. I walked into this very nervous, and afraid of failing. However, they were extremely patient with me, and very kind which made me become very relaxed and at ease. Both instructors I had were amazing, and they both had me drive all over town to get used to traffic, construction, getting used to the different areas, and much more. I recommend coming here for anyone who may be even the slightest bit nervous. They are an amazing company, and amazing people.

Sindi Westberg

My daughter was very timid when driving and so failed the drivers test several times. One review session with Dawn did the trick- She passed with 100%!

Arianna Gegaj

I felt a lot more comfortable after driving with them. They helped me learn how to three point turn and parallel parking. I was very happy coming to this school, would recommend :)

Devorah Bradley

Taking the driving lessons with Dawn helped me feel much more confident on the road. Her many years of experience really shows! Thanks Dawn!

Joy Duffy

This Driving school is a joke. If you are a driver with decent driving experience and are just looking for a little help, DO NOT pay for their programs that are supposed to give you a certificate for your license at the end. I paid $501.99 for their program and I still don't have my license. They don't do refunds, otherwise I would demand my money back in a heartbeat. And the instructor Stan or Jacob or whoever it was has really mediocre English. Complete waste of time and money. I want my 500 dollars back.

Aerial Fuentes

Great class I felt very comfortable driving even though I have had a hard time driving in the past due to anxiety it really helped taking these classes

Dwarak Triplican

Had a great experience being taught by Jacob. He is extremely patient and spent the 6 hours driving through residential roads and freeways. I would definitely recommend Jacob's driving school. I passed on the first attempt.

Lisa Butler

From a student's perspective Jacob's Driving School is incredible. I enjoy how personable they are while still teaching you the need-to-knows. Dawn is an amazing teacher who is highly experienced in driving and being a defensive driver; This is very prominent in her teaching. I highly recommend their business. From an adults perspective Dawn has a great personality and you can tell she truly enjoys working with young adults. She gave us feedback and told us areas where our daughter needs to improve so we can work with her on our own. Thanks Dawn!

Subodh kumar

Dawn has very good knowledge and driving teaching skills and very accommodating for me, coming from India.

Sitora Rustamova

Excellent Driving School! When I came to the driving school, I have never driven a vehicle before, but on the 1 day we were already rolling around the city !!! Thanks to the great instructor Jacob for his patience and knowledge, which he generously shared during the training!

Max Elton

After a few lessons I could already tell I've gotten more confident in my driving and I also perform much better. I would definitely recommend!

Erich Kreiselmeier

He was the one of the best teachers I have because he showed us a video and then tell us what this part video is trying to tell us so he did a great job and I had a fun time being one of his students.

Cathrine Whitwer

Devanie Clayborne

This was a really good school to attend . I felt comfortable and my instructor really made sure i knew what to do . They help with all my problems areas behind the wheel. i guarantee you will be satisfied

Baby ma

Jacob Driving not only prepares u for the test but makes u ready for road before u take the road they are simply the best

Unlimitid Power By Alla

Best driving school in AZ . This is the only place I will go to. He always provides up to date information and statistics . Each time I learn something new ! The location is always kept supper clean and the service is outstanding.


Nambi Srivatsav

Great instructors. Very experienced and patient. I especially liked the fact that we covered various types of areas and different highways while getting behind the wheel training. Would highly recommend them!

Joseph Stanich

I had a great experience with Jacob's Driving School. I drove with both Stan and Jaicob and both taught me everything I have needed to know and mastered it!

jason cubias

Jacob's driving school is the best driving school there is, with the best driving instructor, Dawn. Dawn taught me many safety procedures that I would have overlooked if it had not been for her. She is strict but very kind. Thank you Dawn.

Eric Munar

I was insecure about my driving but Jacobs driving school made it a breeze. After taking classes It became very easy and I felt comfortable navigating the streets of Arizona. Patient instructor, friendly service! Highly recommended!!!

Gizz Mondo

Great school what more do i have to say.

Anya Safronova

Getting my mom driving lessons from Jacobs Driving School was the best decision ever! I have tried teaching her to drive but I just stressed her out :)) Instructors here took the matter into their hands and she was driving on her own 3 days later! They are knowledgeable, patient and very professional. Thank you, Stas and Yakov!

Devin Julius Alford

great drivings school. I recommend this driving school for all starter drivers.

Luis Preciado

I am berry please with this school. They were berry proffecional with my concerns. They resolve my problem and accommodate me that help me out allot thanks ill for sure be back.

Ethan Owens

These past ten hours have been some of the most relaxed that I’ve been on the road yet. I felt safe with the instructor and felt that no matter the mistake, he taught me how to fix it and improve on my driving.

Damilare D. Fagbemi

Friendly, honest, efficient.

Dasharath Mane

Though i spent extra money on the driving it worth with training provided by Stan, Had very good experience with Stan, He very good instructor, Provided all the information for the Road test as well as day to day Driving, I strongly recommend to go their


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