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REVIEWS OF DrivingMBA IN Arizona

Suanne Woo

I really feel the training my son received at Driving MBA was very beneficial and definitely prepared him to drive safely in our community. I feel confident he was given the tools to be a safe, confident, and defensive driver. I enrolled him in all the classes they offered as well as took him driving as much as I could when he had his permit. I will definitely enroll our other son in Driving MBA when he is old enough.

Natalie Haddad

It was extremely helpful. Especially the simulators, since I had never driven before, it was a very good way to start, instead of having to go straight to driving with an actual car. I advise everybody to do the same. You really learn to be a safe driver, even though it is a bit time consuming, it's definitely worth it.

Taylor Shae

I will feel more confident on the road, thanks to Driving MBA.

Anita Buckel

Both my teen have completed the Driving MBA program. It was worth the time, money and effort involved on our part. The program is well-designed to teach the teen not just how to drive but also how to be a responsible, defensive driver. I highly recommend this driving school to all my friends with teens.

Tammy Watt

Great program, I love that children are taught on a simulator. I know it's not the same as being on the road but it gives them a sense of what it's like to make mistakes before they get on the road. I like that they involve the parents every step of the way, by making them come in after a class to talk with them about their child's progress and by making parents attend a parent class. They teach your child and you how to handle this big step in their life and yours. Amazing staff and an outstanding experience. — Tammy Watt

Jaimee Oliver

Tammy Janssen

I sent my son here after trying to teach my first three children on our own. I thought it was a thorough program. Alittle expensive however, for the same program we used to get for free in the schools. If it were a bit cheaper more people might be able to take advantage of it. I think the program itself was great and the staff was professional throughout.

Lee Sera

I have two daughters that attended the Driving MBA program. Their defensive driving simulators taught our girls the importance of scanning, staying alert to potential driving hazards, and stopping before an intersection (1st line of a crosswalk) in order to keep a safe distance from potential red-light runners (AZ ranks #2 in the country). Arizona is a melting pot of drivers - some who learned years ago on rural areas of this country, some who forget the importance of using turn signals, and some who just don't give a hoot as to the example they are setting for our young people. Speed limits are ignored in this "What's In It For Me" society where everyone is in a hurry to get somewhere because of poor planning. The instructors and owners of Driving MBA are amazing, patient souls to partner with to teach your child to be a responsible, alert driver. Learning to drive is a process and we are forever grateful to Driving MBA for helping us put qualified drivers on the road!

Leslie Paulus

Very experienced with teens and special needs, autism and anxiety.Patient and helpful for unique learning.

Stephanie Koebel

We really love this driving school because they are very thorough and they have excellent teachers and fabulous simulator programs with state-of-the-art computer technology that prepares kids for all kinds of traffic situations. The only reason I can't give 5 stars is because they do not offer a parking class in Gilbert. The class is only offered once a month on a Sunday morning very early and it is 45 minutes away in North Scottsdale. Had I known this I would not have signed up for the class but it is now non-refundable. Kids are proven to not learn as well early in the morning and this time of day and day of the week and location are extremely inconvenient for us. I was told it's never offered and Gilbert because not enough people sign up but it should be clearly stated in advance that this class is only offered once a month on Sunday morning at the location on the other side of town. or they should start offering it in Gilbert for whomever signs up!

Julia Christensen

We are using Driving MBA for the third time...because this company takes educating and equipping new drivers very seriously. We have been highly satisfied with their classes and instructors, and the invaluable simulator sessions. Driving MBA is a great choice for parents looking for a comprehensive, professional driving program.

Caol Batdorf

This is an outstanding organization. The do an excellent job of training students who come from a variety of life situations. My girls were from different countries and they helped them to learn all that they needed to learn to drive in this country. When a student completes this course they are thoroughly trained and able to be good defensive drivers. Everyone should be required to take this course. The staff is very skilled in teaching. We are very grateful for Driving MBA

Molly Schwanz

Sheryl Bateman

I had high hopes for this program, but in the end it was disappointing. I think most of the driving instructors are excellent and their mission of turning out safe drivers is terrific, but the execution was mediocre at best. We were told at the parent class that they would not just pass a student through the program, but whenever we asked about our daughter repeating a simulation lab or on-road session that she had not "passed," we were always told that she should just keep going. I would have been happy to pay for her to repeat the things she did not do well in, but I could not persuade schedulers/receptionists to let her do this. In the end, she was given a certificate of completion, but she did not feel confident about her driving ability and frankly neither did we. I tried emailing and calling to set up additional lessons and was willing to pay for those, but after many days of no response and then playing phone tag, we decided to look around and see if we could find someone who really wanted our business. Today we signed our daughter up for a program at NControl Driving School and will review that program after we have completed it. If you decide to go with DrivingMBA, I would recommend doing the Busy Parents program so you get more professional on-road instruction and making sure that you ask to ride along for those sessions, so you know how to instruct your child. You are expected to do 20 hours of driving with your child between each on-road training/evaluation session.

Beverly Blair

alex ursea

This school is amazing. The instructors are fun and knowledgeable. I really liked the sim lessons. It made it easy to practice Driving knowledge before going on the road. Kathy and Dev are amazing. They motivate young drivers like me to learn and practice the safest rules on the road. Thank you MBA. Looking forward to becoming a good driver PS. The school has a lot of resources for parents. And the process is flawless. They really care. Great communication. Alex Dana and Bogdan.

Dina Mati

The best driving school you can enroll your kids in!!!

Carole Palmquist

The fact that owners are trolling ratings websites speaks for itself. Calling my underage daughter as a client out by name is probanly illegal and for fure unethical and we ask you delete this post. She was made to feel small and belittled by staff enough already (no names mentioned) If this Is your best staff (carrying a michael kors designer purse so they definitely are paid very well) no wonder your business model is failing. So sad and unethical. Not ro mention your gauging people who miss couses at least $175 on their filed credit card... per your last email to all your clients dated yesterday. So sad and wrong. In addition to a waste of money... Waste of money Horrible instruction After months of work failed my daughter Passed AZ dmv ourselves no problem Terrible instruction!!! Dont waste the $$

Austin Brown

Prem s

Robin Bowie

I would highly recommend DrivingMBA to any parent wondering if they should send their kids to driving school. This is a very comprehensive program and I feel I have given my daughter the gift of knowing she learned from the best driving school in town!

Valeri Marsh

Three of my four children went through Driving MBA, and how I wish that the fourth one had also! From the moment I came kicking and screaming to the mandatory parent class that I THOUGHT I was too busy to take (boy was I wrong), I have been impressed with this company, their staff, and their services on every level. The parent class was informative, sobering, and worth every minute (and I ended up taking it twice), and helped me and my husband to not only enhance our kids' experience, but it also helped US become better drivers as well! Over the past 8 years, we have worked with several Driving MBA instructors, and we've gleaned valuable help from every single one of them. They were all excellent teachers and very thorough, and everything they did was geared toward establishing good habits and SAFE drivers. One woman in particular would not let my youngest son get away with ANYTHING that would compromise his or others' safety to the point that he complained about it at home (those teenage boys sometimes think they know more than adults, right?), but in the end he came to respect his teacher and is now one of our best drivers. I would be happy to talk to any parent who is considering putting their child through Driving MBA. It was more expensive than other options out there, but I remain convinced that our family could not have spent our money on anything more worthwhile than the best program we've found to produce safe drivers and afford us the peace of mind that we have taken steps to protect our children. — Valeri Marsh

Vignesh Sivakumar

An excellent Course for beginning-to-drive people which helps prepare us for what's not to be expected and for the dangers that lurk out on the open road in defensive driving.

Eishwe Aung

This program just made me feel weak! I felt like I just couldn't drive for all the negatives things that i heard from them. I lost a lot of my confident, but its okay.I will work on it. Well, thank you very much. I made a mistakes. Good luck.

Laurie Little

I found this to be an exceptional experience for my teen. It is truly a shame a course such as this is not REQUIRED in order to obtain a license in AZ. The knowledge my teen received is something I could not relay to them. After driving for 23 years we become very complacent. TOO comfortable believing we can handle anything when we are behind the wheel. Things become very robotic inside the car when you have been a driver so long. I wanted my teen to learn to drive from a source that could give them the knowledge I myself have long since ignored. Be honest with yourselves. Is there such a thing as a rolling stop? Yellow doesn't mean speed up! Who said we could drive 10 miles over the speed limit? The cost of this program is so minimal compared to the tragedies that occur on our roadways everyday. Their safety is more important to me. My teen is a safe driver, I feel comfortable with them driving. Even though the course has ended the learning will never stop! I will continue to work with them, and make sure the knowledge they have learned sticks. I have learned alot on this year long journey with my new driver. I wish more people could find a way to give this opportunity to their new drivers. So much more information then I could ever give, and a walk up call to myself as well. I can't thank MBA enough for their dedication in teaching our youth! Much appreciation

Robin Miller

I had two sons in the Driving MBA program and I couldn't be more pleased. I believe my teenagers have been given the skills they need to be safe and conscientious drivers on the road! I highly recommend this program for students AND parents (the parent course was a terrific refresher for me).

Kathy Ingersoll

My daughter now corrects my driving techniques. So much has changed since I was in driver's ed a million years ago! Even the parent class was enlightening. This program should be mandatory for all drivers!

Punam Ohri-Vachaspati

Really disappointed. First quoted a rate of $130 for a single session with a specific instructor and after completing a large number of forms, upped the price for the same service to $200. PRICE GAUGING! REALLY DISAPPOINTED! Thus is inpite of having used them in the past!

Sheila Whittington

After our first son went through the Driving MBA program, there was no question that our second son would too. The program offers an all encompassing driving instruction experience. I feel that our sons are now much safer and more prepared for the road than we could ever teach them.

Jenifer Anseth

Both of our daughters took the course and benefited greatly. I believe that my husband and I also gleaned a lot of benefit from their training, especially how to be a better ride-a-long parent and ways to improve the safety of our own driving. The instructors really care about having a new *safe* driver on the road and are willing to go the pace of the student. They have instructors that can be especially mindful of the issues facing anxious drivers so that is a plus.

Robin Rudin

This is our second child going through this thorough program. The simulators and defensive driving experiences offer real life situations which are invaluable to new drivers. The instructors are professional and offer constructive corrections that are effective for young teens. Driving MBA makes consistent reminder calls and reaches out if classes open up sooner. In addition, before the student can schedule a new drive they must accomplish 20 hours of driving for a total of 60 hours of driving. Double what the MVA requires.

Michael Mintz

Great program. My older boys have not had any problems and my twins just finished and are doing great on the road. I feel very confident in their knowledge and skills.

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