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REVIEWS OF Deer Valley Driving School IN Arizona

Seema Karoubi

My experience with Deer Valley Driving School was great!! I recently completed the 10 hour course, and it made getting my license smooth and stress-free. My instructor was Austen and he was very experienced. He made learning how to parallel park and three point turn very easy, and also made me feel comfortable on the road. I would recommend this driving school to anyone, and would especially recommend Austen as an instructor.


Drove 10 hours with Austen. I went from a pretty poor beginner who could barely make turns at a stop to driving on the freeway and busy downtoen streets in a week! a great school, definitely recommended.

rajesh raghavan

Awesome learning experience. Austen was very good at explaining the glitches as you learn and the learning session really boosts the confidence as a driver. Keep up the good work Austen!

Chetan S K

It was great experience in learning how to drive . Even though you are a good driver in India it will be bit difficult to adjust over here.Austen was the trainer for me I really impressed with the way he reads the minds of driving students he knows where people will go wrong what is required for them to adjust to drive here. Thank you Austen for all your support in getting my licence I recommend deer Valley Driving school for every one

Sammi Romero

If you are a first time driver or just need a confidence boost behind the wheel then this is the driving school you want to choose. I drove with other schools before this one and their instructors didn't reach me like this one has. I drove with Austen, the owner's son, and he was very patient with me. I gained confidence behind the wheel through his instruction and guidance. I cannot thank Austen enough for helping me get the courage to overcome my fears and get my keys. This is a family owned driving school and they really do take care of their students like family! Thank you very much, Salazar Family!

Brennon Lilly

Driving instructor was awesome made good conversation helpful instruction and made me fill comfortably and confident behind the wheel

Logan Smith

Well, if I could sum it up in a few words, it would be very hard. They would have to be: Informative, amazing, fun, and what an experience! My Coaches name was Austen, for any one who like a cool guy to teach you so much and make the life of driving so much easier, I would suggest him! He's great from the conversations to the more important side of informative driving! I really enjoyed my experience and if I could do it over again I would! Thanks again! (Student)

paramesh bogala

My Trainer Name is Austen Salazar. He is awesome trainer. He is very cool and he is continuous support helped me in learning right side driving very fast. It is little different from India's left side driving. . I highly recommend this driving school.

Hey Lol

Branden was an amazing teacher, learned alot from him thank you!

Jake Avey

Instructor Salazar was an incredible teacher and knows his stuff! I highly recommend.

Margaret Matherly

Deer Valley Driving School is the best! They have great instructors, like Vladimir, Yavuz and especially Yakup who helped me passed the road test. Everyone is friendly and helpful. I have to say that their customer service is A+, they are very friendly, responsive, and fast. And their cars are new which is a big plus.

Karissa Marquez

They worked with my schedule without any problems, even when I had to reschedule. Austen was very kind and made the driving experience much more comfortable than I had anticipated. I can sometimes be a nervous driver, but the lessons really helped me gain confidence. I definitely recommend Deer Valley Driving School!

muneca reyna

Recommend Shawn he showed me my mistakes to work on and i improve them really fast. I paid 500$ for 10hr and wavier i was worry that it wouldnt be worth it. But it was today i passed i was shock cause i wouldnt think i would pass and my parents try showing me but they gave up and were busy with work. Thank you so much i feel so happy the best money i ever spend☺

Happy Coder

I took driving lesson from one of the best instructor Freddy. I was so nervous to drive but after my first lesson from him I felt so confident. He tells every minute skill which makes you perfect and Confident in driving.

Vanessa Mendez

Highly recommend this driving school! I had so much anxiety about driving before I took the courses, but I was soon able to get over it. Their classes really helped me. My instructor was awesome (Austen), he made my brother and I feel totally comfortable and we learned so much from him.

Cameron Heivilin

Instructor didn't freak out and kept calm the entire time, which was important. He took me through every single thing I needed to learn and was extremely nice.

King Of Bass

Had a great experience! I would recommend Branden. He was such a cool, laid back, and funny guy he is also a very good instructor! I chose the 10 hour package and passed the road test very easily. 10/10 experience. I highly recommend you request for Branden.

Ariel Griner

I absolutely loved it. I highly recommend it. My mom actually forced me to do it because she didn't want to teach me how to drive. She claimed it would give her anxiety!! But I'm actually glad I did it. It was a wonderful experience!

Keerut Chahal

I had a great experience with Deer Valley Driving School! Branden is the best! I have never felt more comfortable driving after doing my hours with them, I definitely recommend!!

Aniruddha Deb

Deervalley Driving school did an awesome job !!! -The Deb’s .

Caleb Watkins

Great instructor. He made the experience easy and care free. Incase you were wondering my instructor was Austen.

Destinae Robinson

This is an amazing family orientated driving school! Its very organized and Safe! I had an Awesome time! My driver instructor was super nice and extremely patient!

Shadow Cupcake

Helped me through a lot, taught me safe and better ways to drive on the road. The instructor was very nice to me and showed me how to park, turn, and speed control.

Alondra O

I highly recommend. I was extremely satisfied with taking the 10 hour program. I was able to learn so much and with the help of Jeremy I was able to feel confident on the road. They are patient and help you with tips so that you can learn everything that you need. I had no expierence driving and with the 10 hour program I learned how to feel confident on the freeway, parallel park, three point turn, and throughout the sessions I learned a lot about driving. Thanks to Deer Valley driving school and Jeremy I was able to get my license.

Kimberly Nguyen

Cole was my instructor, and he is great at what he does - teaching new students in a way that driving should be taught. Throughout my lessons, he was very friendly, and understanding of the fact that I wasn't used to the road. He was approachable if I had any questions, was thoroughly informative, and made sure to either compliment what I did well or to tell me what to improve. He gradually tailored the lessons to my progress, covering a variety of scenarios and info, and I soon realized I was driving on the freeway. His patience and reassurance really went a long way in making me feel more comfortable behind the wheel, especially at a higher speed. Around the end of my test, Cole told me that he wants students to also feel like they're having fun when driving (rather than it being a chore), and so I could tell he genuinely wants you to have a good time learning how to drive. Based on my experience with Cole and on other reviewers' experiences with their instructors, I would recommend this school if you want to be comfortable and even confident with driving right from the start. :) Thank you Cole!

Tori patrick

I had a very great experience with Deer Valley Driving school ! My instructor Austen was very helpful and patient with me during every lesson. And told me exactly what I needed to fix. These lessons helped me with becoming more confident behind the wheel. It also prepared me for my for my drivers test!!! I would definitely recommend this driving school to anyone who needs help behind the wheel.

Braden Schwartz

I'd give them 6 stars if I could, Austen (Instructor) thoroughly showed me everything I need to know to be safe on the road, and now I have the confidence needed. He's a cool dude too, he made it not boring and we had a good time. Well worth it all! You guys are great! *Highly Recommended*

Jamila Malemba

I would highly recommend this driving school. The process was very educational. Austen went over everything with me and made sure I was 100% confident being on the road. I have my license now and I'm so comfortable on the road and a lot more confident then I would have been if I didn't sign up with their driving school.

K Child

Our daughter was very nervous about driving so we decided to put her in a driving school - best thing we ever did! Easy to set up appointments and loved that she did her driving test with her instructor! Best part was Branden - he was so patient and helpful - totally put her (and us) at ease after the first lesson! She passed her test on the first try- thanks Branden and Deer Valley Driving School!!


I was a beginner of driving. So after I got my permit, I took the 10hour classes at Deer valley school. At first I was super nervous to drive. But Austen was so nice and patient that he taught me how to drive safely step by step. I became much more confident after the class. Austen is very experienced and knowledgeable. He taught me how to drive safely in different places, like neighborhood, freeway,…ect. and how to park in parking lot. The technique is quite useful. We practised a lot during the classes. Now I've passed my driving test and got my license. My family and I are exited. Amazing learining experience and amazing instructor! I could not be more satisfied. I would highly recommend this driving school and my instructor Austen to anyone who wants to learn how to drive!

Logan Long

Had an awesome experience hands down the way to go. It was short and simple enabled me to get my license within the same day I got my certificate,my driving instructor Shandee was great she provided a comfortable learning environment and taught me how to be a good driver I will forever be grateful for her and this school highly recommend this driving school.

Not On Vine

Instructor Jeff was extremly kind and down to earth, I 10/10 recommend taking lessons from him over here at Deer Valley Driving School! I now feel more confident getting on the road! Thank you so much!

Connor N

I can very easily recommend this driving school. The instructor was such an awesome guy and made the trips a lot of fun! Within the ten hours you sign up for you get what feels like 10 years of knowledge.

Korbin Scherf

Shandee was an amazing instructor and made the 10 hour driving class an all around 10/10 experience. I would highly recommend this driving school to all that need the extra bit of help getting their license.

KingsReign _Playz

We chose the 10 hour driving program and Branden was our daughters driving instructor. He was very punctual and nice. She passed her test on the last day. Would recommend Branden and Deer Valley Driving school to anyone with a new driver.

Shweta Mittal

Best driving school... Austen is really good as he understands your weaknesses and is really a good teacher, makes you feel comfortable and keep talking to you so you relax and enjoy learning. I passed the test easily, all thanks to my teacher.

mark kakuriev

I love this driving school thanks Austin so much you were teaching my brother now you were teaching me and I passed with flying colors and the driving lessons were fun cool fun and this driveing school is the best so if your planing to go to this driving school I definitely recommend Austin I will tell all my friends and family about you

Veronica Valdez

I'm 31 yrs old. I have always put off getting my license due to the driving test. I finally decided to go to driving school. I chose Deer Valley Driving School and this was a great decision. They are friendly, made the experience easy and with their methods I was able to get my license. I rate them a 10!


This was honestly a wonderful experience! Austen, the driving instructor, was very patient and so helpful. I had the 10 hour package and it was well worth it!!

Mahesh Radhakrishnan

This was very wonderful experience with Austen , he is the driving instructor for me. He is very patient and so helpful in all the way. Today I completed 10 hrs package and its worth it...

Dazzling Duo

Austin came to pick up my daughter for the two hour program. He helped her articulate the few things that we just weren't able to help her with and now she is 100 times better than when she left. Thank you Austin, so much!! We now have a new driver in our houshold!

Laura Sanford

I never thought I would ever be able to drive on the road but after taking the 10 hour program with Austen I was able to pass the road test and learn very valuable and safe driving skills. He was an excellent teacher and was calm and nice the entire time. His positive attitude really made me feel confident while driving on the road. He also made me feel very prepared for driving on the road. I was super anxious about even being in cars on the road before I took this program with him and now I feel so calm and confident in a car while driving. I'm going to recommend this school and Austen in particular to all my family and friends wanting to learn how to drive!!

Beng Bueno

Austen is an amazing teacher!! I have never been a driver my whole life but he made me into one in 10 hours. I will never forget what he has done for me. My life will never be the same. Thank you so much,Austen!

Michael Leonte

I had a great time. The instructor I had named Jeremy was really nice, taught very well, and was calm when I made a mistake. I recommend him as an instructor.

Nick Clay

Austen was great I’m will recommend him and this company to anyone thank you again

Pam Randel

Wonderful driving school for both our children. Ask for Brandon, he’s the best. Does a great job teaching driving skills plus explaining to us, the parents, everything our son learned and how he was doing. Would recommend this to anyone learning to drive!

Mike W

Austin was an excellent instructor and taught me everything I needed to be a successful driver.

Rachel Mobley

Branden was an amazing instructor! My son learned alot from this course. I highly recommend Deer Valley Driving School.

Heidi Spratford

The 10 hour option was the right choice. Branden is an outstanding instructor. He is patient, knowledgeable and upbeat. I really appreciated what a great job he did of communicating the progress my son was making. It was easy to set up driving times and follow up was done to confirm the appointment. I can’t say enough good things about Deer Valley Driving School.

Wael A

Fantastic business. They were very nice and Austen was a great instructor. Didn't feel pressured or scared to hit the freeway. Everything was calm and easy. Passed my license right away after finishing my classes. Most likely would recommend to others

Elizabeta Ballanca

Freddy is the best instructor ever, very calm and never tired of learning you driving skills. Highly recommended

Fahrian Navarone

I was incredibly nervous about getting on the road, but Deer Valley Driving School helped nudge me into driving smoothly. My instructor, Austen, was very knowledgeable, friendly, and most importantly, made me comfortable driving. Furthermore, with the money that I saved with my insurance for completing their coarse, the program paid for itself.

Mohan Krishna

I had a great experience with this school and got my Driving license today. Staff is very knowledgeable with good patience. Thay helped me gain confidence from day 1. Great school to learn Driving.

Harry Scott

Deer Valley Driving school was an awesome experience for my son. The Driver Tim came to my home picked up my son and have him instruction that he would use on a day to day basis. Being a working mom I did now have the time after work to take him often enough to train and teach him. DVDS was perfect and gave my son the knowledge and confidence he needs to be on the road and be an independent driver . Thanks Tim for all that and for being punctual. I recommend DVDS :)

Kristina McDaniel

Branden was a great teacher, very patient and thorough with my son. Very happy with our experience! Worth every penny!

Rhein Ucat

Shandee is my instructor.She is super cool and very patience.I’m glad that she is my instructor.I passed my test easily.Highly recommended!!!

Madison Howard

I used to be super scared of everything-- driving was my biggest fear. Deer Valley Driving School gave me so much confidence on the road and I now have my license! Thank you to Austen who was an awesome instructor, and who was so patient with me. I would recommend this driving school to anyone looking to be a safe and skilled driver.

chris miller

Rode with Branden on the 10 hour course, learned quite a bit! But most of all I had fun and learned to be comfortable on the road with a really cool knowledgeable instructor. Very worth it and highly recommended!

Logan O

Best driving school in the nation easily! Worth every penny. If you're on the fence just sign up, you will not be disappointed. Austen is an awesome teacher.

Jacob Perry

Great instructor. Gave great ways to remember things. Very worth it

Neha Kandwal

Highly recommended !! From day 1 Shandee made me feel that I can pass my test in one go n that I was doing great. She is very polite n helps one overcome their fears. Made a friend while learning to drive

Hesham Abdulmunib

I had such a great experience during the duration of the classes I took with my driving instructor Freddy at Deer Valley Driving School. He was super professional, friendly, motivational, and taught me all the basic and key concepts about driving in depth. I am a much better and more confident driver than ever now. Freddy gave me the confidence I needed from day 1 and continued to help me master driving skills. I definitely recommend Deer Valley Driving School to anyone who is looking to become a great, safe, and confident driver. Thank you Deer Valley Driving school and Freddy! God bless.

Raymond Kerege

I wanted my daughter to have some extra training and they were awesome! I will be sending my youngest daughter there as well next year. Great job Deer Valley Driving School! You guys rock!

Khadeeja ElJabali

An amazing service. Worth the money I spent. Gave me so much confidence in driving among cars. Also very patient.

Samantha Wilson

Shandee was my instructor & she was amazing. She made me feel so comfortable, she re-assured me that I did a great job, and was all around helpful. Well worth every single penny!

Gabrielle Martinez

My daughter is 18 and was scared to drive so we paid for the driving program and it was worth every penny!! She felt confident after just 1 lesson. Instructor was awesome great communication!! Would highly recommend Deer valley driving school to anyone! Thank you!!

Charlotte Pinkerton

One word- Amazing! No matter what I write here, I will do no justice to how incredible Cole is. I've always been heck nervous of driving and I could never get over my road fear. But from just my first lesson with Cole, I started to overcome my road fear almost instantly with the confidence and affirmation Cole gave me. He is extremely patient with his students, takes a personal interest in helping them with their driving issues and corrects them in a calm and composed manner. His explanations on why what you did wrong was wrong helps you understand better and prevent yourself making the same mistakes again. He is also extremely friendly and personable and makes learning a fun experience.Bottom line: If you've always found yourself nervous of driving and are looking for that right teacher who can help you pass your test and be a safe and cautious driver, yet be friendly and courteous along the way, look no further!Also - I passed my test on the first try!

Ajay Mohinani

Austen was an excellent instructor. Very patient and understanding and took his time to explain everything! Highly recommend!

Jared Inzunza

My instructor Austen was a really good teacher and guide through all the driving that I did. He gave me great tips and it is obvious that he really cares for his driving students.

Naomi Bob

10 hour package was the best choice for me. Branden is an amazing instructor, gave me great tips on driving and parking and I’m not afraid of driving on the freeways thanks to him. He’s very patient and explains everything clearly. I recommend Deer Valley Driving School, A+ Thank you Branden !!

Daniel L

I highly recommend this driving school, I drove with Austen, hes a driving instructor that is nice, but strict to you when you make a mistake, he knows your weaknesses and will patiently help you overcome it. I never drove before the first lesson, and was nervous about everything, but now, I love driving, and it's all thanks to Austen. Honestly, Austen is coolest driving instructor, and if you don't know how to drive, choose Deer Valley Driving School.

Ethan Nguyen

My driver was Austen, super chill dude! Great lessons, really satisfied with the progress I’ve made and he gave me a great method for parking. Got the hang of it in no time! Definitely recommend this school!

Detaura Manada

Omg, I can’t even put into words how great this experience was for me. Shandee was my teacher and when I tell you she made me feel so comfortable from the start. I thought that I would never learn how to drive and I second guessed my self so much but now I know for a FACT I can do anything and nothing can stop me. If I can do it over again, I would because I learned so much and I had a great time doing it. Thank you Shandee so much for all your help and inspirational words. You are truly a great person and deer valley driving school is a great program.

Jasmine Shea

A great course, my instructor knew what he was talking about and he was also very friendly!

Melech Mizrachi

Excellent teachers, excellent teaching techniques, and very friendly. They'll take the time to make you a better driver, and cater their lessons to you individually after they get a feel for where your skill set is. Highly recommend them for learning to drive, bettering your skills, or just honing your existing driving skills.

Maddy Diaz

Before Deer Valley Driving school, I was really nervous about driving, and after the first class with Tim it changed the way I felt about driving entirely. I now feel more confident and less anxious about driving now. I'm now WANTING to drive and constantly be the one behind the wheel. Tim was very calm during the entire ride and talked me how to do things step by step. I would definitely recommend this school to everyone!

William Kitchen

I had a superb experience with Ernie. He was extremely patient, understanding, and supporting in teaching me how to drive. I am going to recommend my brother to Deer Valley Driving School As soon as possible. Thank you Ernie and Deer Valley Driving School Dr your accommodations and support teaching me how to drive and having access to your service. It has been noted and greatly appreciated. Thank you William

yours sunny

It was really awesome !! I had a great experience with Deer Valley Driving School. Austen is a great teacher . He has lot of knowledge about driving rules and techniques.He is very friendly and patient. He made me to drive comfortable on the road. I took "10 Hour Road Skills Evaluation Program". I learnt a lot of driving skills during this training like 3 point turn,parallel parking,U turn and many more. I would strongly recommend this driving school!!Especially I would thank my driving instructor "Austen".I just passed my driving test and now I have my drivers license which makes me happy a lot.

Aliyya Washington

i had a great time with my instructor even though I didn't pay for that many classes which I wish I did I learned a lot in a little time. Also he was patient with me as well and that was one thing I really liked and enjoyed.

Arjun Surendran

It was a pleasure learning under Branden. He is friendly and knowledgeable. He shared all possible scenarios and stressed on even the minor details. I would highly recommend to anyone who is planning to learn driving and making it enjoyable :-)

Diana Shah

We used this driving school on the recommendation of a friend and we were delighted. Our daughter had Brenden and she did the 10 hour program. Brenden was on time, he told exactly what they would be doing that day, and when they came back he went over all they did together. Our daughter was very comfortable with him. Brenden was extremely knowledgeable and put us all at ease from day one. I would recommend this driving school to everyone.

J&G Stone

We highly recommend Deer Valley driving school! The instructor our son had, Brandon is professional, knowledge, & friendly. My son enjoyed learning & DV driving school made it easy & convenient for us.

Zachary Brittain

Branden Lane Carnahan is the best I definitely recommend this teacher.

Jason Vance

Branden did a fantastic and thorough job with our son. Excellent communication on progress throughout. We were happy and our son was, as well. We look forward to having Deer Valley Driving School and hopefully Branden assist with our daughter in another year.

wyatt newman

Had a great experience really helpful driving instructor

Sandra Lee

I had an amazing experience with them. I moved from India with no driving experience at all and was pregnant at the time. I trained with Austen and he was great in helping me transition. Very patient and gave me the confidence to drive . They are on time , cover a wide distance to handle various scenarios and rules. I highly recommend them.

Anju Patel

These classes helps first time drivers to get rid of road fear. My instructor Jeremy is nice, patient and always on time. Thanks to these classes I got my driving permit quickly.

Nathan Tesman

I feel much more qualified to drive after having gone through this driving school. The lessons give a wide range experience and put the student in any and all situations they could expect to find as a driver.

Lilly Milligan-Waddell

Very nice and helpful. Great learning experience and environment.

Julianne Petty

Best possible experience! My instructor was Austen, and he was extremely patient and helpful. I feel much more confident in driving, no more anxiety!

Kasia Krone

I had a such a great experience and learned so much more about driving!! definitely worth it(:

Todd Kajo

Great experience! Instructor was knowledgeable and fun to be learn from! 10/10 I would recommend to anyone

Sarah Tinlin

Great experience! I felt safe and learned quickly.

Tara Hardy

Had a great experience with a my driving instructor Austen! Over the course of the last few weeks, I have gradually gained more and more confidence as a new driver and highly recommend this school to anyone and need of getting the their driver’s license

Kyrie Godbehere

i had mr salazar as a teacher and he really helped me , i feel much more confident on the road now. definitely worth the money 10/10 would recommend .

Myhrina Lucero

I felt so nervous to start this class, when I got in the car all my nerves were gone, Austin was so kind, easy to talk to. As for driving on the highway and road I feel 100% confident with myself. He went above and beyond to help, to also push me where I need to be! :)

Angelo Young

Went in with little to no driving experience and now I'm able to get my driver's license. Had a very patient instructor who really took the time in helping me understand how to get around on the streets, be a more defensive driver, and taught me the right steps for turning and parking. My instructor, Austen, took the time to answer any questions I had helped me become a more alert, safe, and educated driver. Overall I highly recommend Deer Valley Driving School.

Jimmy Hundt

Learned for 10 hours with Austin, it was a great experience and I gained a lot of confidence in my driving as well as gained the tools necessary to drive in downtown and on the freeway. As a teacher Austin made it very easy to understand rules of the road and how to do things like parallel parking and one way streets without hassle.

Mariah B

From someone who was VERY nervous about driving, this was the best experience. Michelle helped me a tremendous amount with my driving skills, she made me feel at ease with the wheel and was an excellent instructor. Highly recommended for anyone who is learning how to drive or someone who is even just getting back on the road. This was truly the best driving experience for me.

Vijay Kumar

The driving classes were very useful. Austen was a good instructor and made sure you learn driving well. Keep up the good work Austen! You will feel confident to drive by the end of the class.

Carmela Connelly74

Freddy was awesome. My son has a lot of confidence on the roadand has learned so many things. I would recommend them to anyone

Kavitha Sreerama

Austen was my instructor .Excellent,very patient ,friendly, understanding and took his time to explain everything behind the wheel.Having no driving experience in past !!! He made me safe & confident driver. I Highly recommend Deer valley driving school is the best....

brenda catalan

I highly recommend Deer Vally , Austen is my instructor and he's really great teacher, very professional i learned a lot from him, i got more confidence driving in the freeway.Such a wonderful experience,and passed my test.

Priyanka boddepalli

I was absolutely nervous to drive on road but Deer valley driving school helped me through to drive confidently. Austen he's an outstanding instructor. I got my license in no time. Most likely would recommend others.

Laura the Explorer

I had such a great experience with my driving instructor! She was one of the owners, and let me tell you, she knows her stuff. She taught me 3 point turns, U turns, intersections, and even took me on the freeway my first driving lesson. She made sure I was comfortable behind the wheel and motivated me to keep on trying new things which lead me to getting my license! Overall such a great driving school with great instructors!

Samuel Mankin

Austen is the best! He taught me everything I needed to know and helped me build my confidence while driving. I would not have my license without him. I 10/10 recommend this school to anyone who needs help with driving.

Jiaqi Li

Worth the price, was taught everything from the basics of a car and safety to freeway driving and downtown rush hour. Taught me everything I needed to know for the test and more. Brandon was a very patient and helpful instructor, gave me confidence in driving even though I had barely driven beforehand.

Amber Fairchild

Amazing instructor. If I could give more than five stars, I would. Austen is very calm while teaching and overall. Along with this, he's very friendly, and gives great tips for driving as well as parking. I had a great experience driving, as well as being able to have the luxary of talking about our hobbies on the side. Austen gives off a welcoming vibe that allows you to not be nervous while driving which allows people who suffer with really bad anxiety, to be able to think straight and relax behind the wheel. Upon after passing my test at the end, he asked if there was anything else I'd wish to practice more on. Requesting for more help learning how to parallel park, he had me drive to around Nortera and he was able to help me practice it without ease. I recommend Austen for any teenager or young adult that is learning how to drive.

Alfred Kalolo

These guys are legit! Don't hesitate to do business with them. They make you feel very comfortable

Savanah Spelrem

Both of my instructors were very friendly, the cars were nice and easy to drive and i learned a lot within a month and passed my test with a 94%. I highly recommend. :)

Isabelle Christine

My driving instructor was Austen, and he was amazing!! I had a lot of anxiety about driving and I didn’t know what I was doing when I first started but he helped me feel really calm, comfortable, and confident!! I passed my test on the first try and now I have my license!! 10/10 recommend :-)

Andrew Cox

I just finished my ten hour class/road test with Deer Valley Driving School and would recommend them to anyone looking for a driving school. They are more affordable than any of their competitors I looked into and don’t try to charge extra fees for the road test that a lot of the other schools were trying to do. My instructor Jeremy was always focused on my improvement as a driver and gave really clear explanations that were easy to understand. In fact, his instruction on how to right hand park led to me doing it right the first time when previously I couldn’t successfully do it on my own with hours of practice. Ten hours may not seem like a lot of time, but Jeremy utilized every second of that time to help improve my driving abilities, which led to me being confident in myself as a driver the day the test rolled around. This confidence and the class itself paid off because I ended up passing my driving test the first time!


Freddy was my instructor and MAN that guy knows what he's doing, he is the driving master lol also he's a beast at basket ball.

Kiran Kumar

I had zero experience driving a car. I enrolled for 10 Hours Road Skill Evaluation Program. The instructor (Austen) is a friendly guy, he taught me all the essential skills required for a good defensive driver including all sorts of parking and turns. My work schedule was not affected because they provided early morning lessons (my class was from 6:00 AM till 8:30 AM). Now I am very confident while driving a car. My overall experience with DEER VALLEY DRIVING SCHOOL was very satisfying and awesome. I would happily recommend this driving school for others. -Kiran (student driver)

Brooke Schroeder

My instructor Austin was amazing! Gave me so many great tips on things I was struggling with before I took the 10 hour class. Parking is so much easier, and I feel so much more comfortable driving now that I have my license thanks to him! Would definitely recommend taking this because it’s so worth feeling so much more safe and confident while driving!

Hailey P

I was terrified to start driving, because everyone told me how hard and dangerous it would be, but the guy who taught me how to drive (Austen) made it feel so comfortable and me feel confident in what I was doing on the road.

Chad Rush

Our daughter needed guidance from someone without bias. Brandon was excellent, my daughter felt comfortable and was given so much knowledge.

Loren Lambert

I learned more about being a great driver in 2 lessons vs a month of driving. It was very " im here to help you get better" type pace and its really effective. The instructor was very calm throughout the lessons. So wonderful job all around

Marissa Romero

My driving instructor was great Austen was super chill and gave me a lot of great driving advice. I appreciate this class a lot! 10/10 recommended!!

Alyssa Thompson

I had Branden as a driving instructor and I would highly recommend him to anyone! I had basically no driving experience and I was a really nervous driver. Branden was kind, extremely patient and helped me learn everything I needed to know for the driving test.

Laurie Goodman

We had a great experience with Deer Valley Driving School. We choose the 10 hour course and would recommend this course. The owner and driving instructor were both very helpful and professional. Brandon did a great job teaching our child the rules of the road and manuevering the car. This course also helped build confidence driving on the highway. We highly recommend using Deer Valley Driving School.

Chelsea Soriano

I had the best time with Deer Valley Driving School. Although I knew how to drive fairly well, my confidence on the road was very low. Freddy was a fantastic instructor and never once made me feel like I didn’t know what I was doing. He was very nice and I enjoyed our classes together very much!

DemyArts Karalis

I talked to multiple schools before I made the decision to select the Deer Valley Driving School and I am glad I did! Learning how to drive with Jeremy was a wonderful experience. He was always professional, on time and made me feel confident. He created a relaxed atmosphere which allowed me to learn easily. This was the key for me to learn and to get my driver’s license. It was a fantastic experience and I highly recommend the Deer Valley Driving School and Jeremy in particular.



Pandas v

Very friendly instructors. Very fast and easy way to get my permit

Kenneth Bell

Great experience for my daughter. I recommend the four lesson package. She gained a lot of confidence from the four lesson and received the certificate for insurance discount as well as ease the process of getting her license.


This was a wonderful experience from start to finish. Very helful and professional. The driver instuctor Austen was very patient and provided wonderful driving and parking instructions. He made my daughter a more confident driver. I highly recommend this driving school!

Bryce Musgrave

Austen was the best driver instructor I couldve had. He was extremelly patient and his teaching techniques are very useful and easy to learn. Not only did I learn how to drive, but also to be very aware of my surrounding and other drivers who may not abide by the laws, thank you Austen for being such a good instructor and I would recommend anybody to have him be their instructor.

Karly LeBaron

My driving instructors that helped me were Jeremy and Austen, and they were fantastic! They helped me gain my confidence in driving and were very friendly with giving advice. I strongly recommend this driving school if you are looking for proper training and wanting a great experience!

Demon Slayer

Had a very nice learning experience from a knowledgeable instructor. Had opted for a 10hr package and it was worth the price paid. Got my license the last day and would definitely recommend to my friends in phoenix. Instructor Hunter Salazar was punctual, had a good system to fix appointments over sms. 5 stars without hesitation.

Jack Bosley

Instructor was very nice, did the 10 hour lesson and had a great overall experience

Ciara Mae

I will recommend anyone to Cole Greer best driver. Just finished my 10 hour lesson with him and I can’t even thank him enough. He was completely nice throughout for the 2 lessons I had with him. He made driving so easy and fun. He doesn’t sugar coat anything tell things as they are and I appreciate him for that. Cole Greer


Freddie was fantastic. A+ SCHOOL.

K. Tice

Previously I was very nervous and apprehensive about driving given how much pressure my parents put on that responsibility, but I found it to be a lot of fun! My instructor didn’t make me feel uncomfortable or like my every decision was being silently judged. He was honest about mistakes I made but wasn’t overbearingly harsh. The drive itself was education, and comfortably got me used to the feeling of being behind the wheel. Additionally, I learned quite a few practical and safe driving skills and was provided with a lot of very easy explanations as to how the mechanics of driving work. I wasn’t really expecting to be excited to continue practicing driving but I find that that’s the result. And, conclusively, Branden’s a cool dude.

Jennifer Alden

These guys were great. Very flexible schedule to work around my teens busy school and football schedule. They came to our house to pick him up. We did the buddy program...they just made it so easy! The boys liked their instructor. They said he was cool guy...didn't make them nervous.

Devi Raghuraman

Our teen daughters got trained by Branden and we really liked how Branden coached and taught them all the rules. We are very comfortable letting them drive after the number of hours they had with Branden. We will recommend Deer Valley Driving school for anyone who needs to get more confident behind the wheels.

Pooja Arora

I have never driven in the past and so was extremely scared of car and the road. Deer Valley Driving school really helped me a lot. I signed up for the 10 hour class, got my scheduled class the next day. My instructor Austen was really nice and helpful. The first day was very tough but going forward things were smooth. He explained things nicely and we did repetitions to learn it better. It was nice talking to him too. Would strongly recommend this school. I got my license the very day I finished my classes. In just 10 days from the day I joined this school, I am driving pretty good and ready to be on my own. Thanks. Good Luck!!

operations ops

Austin and outstanding instructor! Professional and on time. Great safety advice and tips for young drivers. Our daughter attended the training 2 years ago and also the instructor she had was outstanding Highly recommend their services not only has a parent but as Militay Veteran and Veteran in Public Safety and LE

P Buckley7101

Money well spent - the 10 hour course was ideal for our daughter. It gave her the confidence and the experience she needed. Brandon was terrific - he gave her details about safety, the car and how to be a defensive driver. I can't say enough about how great this program and our instructor was. Thanks!


This was the best driving school in the world, my Instructor branden was absolutely fantastic, he taught me everything and made sure I was able to do it by the time the test day came, he was also very fun and it was a blast to work with him


Having no driving experience whatsoever, within two weeks and ten hours of driving, Austen helped me to know the rules of the road and feel completely safe driving! He was very conversational and makes you feel comfortable. Now having my license, I am grateful I had this experience. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!

Steven F

Excellent choice if anyone needs to learn how to drive. I had paid for one other driving school that kept bashing a bunch of rules into my head that I couldn't focus on what driving really was. My instructor for this school was Jeremy and instead of telling me what to do, he let me drive around and figure it out step by step so that whenever I made a mistake he would correct me and point out what I did wrong. Great guy and a great driving tutor. I became a comfortable driver after I was done with my lessons.


We chose the Deer Valley Driving School 20 hour program for our son who had his learners permit. Its a local family owned business with exceptional instructors who are patient and on time. With the 20 hour program the lessons included areas throughout Phoenix and nearby cities (Glendale, Scottsdale, Tempe), downtown one way street driving, downtown parallel parking and highway driving (I-17 and loop 101). The longer program is worth the investment for permitted drivers who have little experience if any, or those who may need more practice on key skills. It also saved us money on our insurance rates. The instructors (Austen and Tim) were accommodating making sure our son could practice those areas he felt he needed more training and provided him with immediate feedback and praise when he did well. From a parent perspective, its also nice to know their vehicles have a secondary set of brakes. From his first lesson he was more confident and became a better (now licensed) driver ; for that we are very thankful and highly recommend to anyone who wishes to drive. We will be using their services again in 2 years for our daughter.

Dylan Bailey

He's really helpful and easy to talk to. If you need help learning to drive you should definitely consider this school.

Melody. . Kaitlyn Nerhood

Our 17 year old son Connor benefitted greatly from the 10 hour driving class. Learning to drive in Phoenix is daunting- for the new driver and maybe more so for the parents sending their son/daughter onto the busy roads. His instructor, Branden helped him feel at ease and taught MANY important skills: Lane changes on freeway, checking blind spot, parallel parking, safe following distance and more! He passed the driving test with Branden!! Such a worthwhile investment to teach our kids to be good drivers!

Cameron Frank

My brother and I signed up for driving lessons with Austen. The sessions were informative and tailored to our different levels of experience. Austen was reliable and patient. I would recommend this school to anyone looking for driving lessons!

Dawn Young

We were thrilled with our experience with the driving school and we can't say enough about our son's driver, Branden. He was knowledgeable, friendly and patient. Branden presented all kinds of scenarios to our son to be sure he was prepared for any situation he may encounter. Our son aced the test thanks to Branden. We are confident our son will be a safer driver and be more aware due to this program! Thank you Deer Valley Driving School and thanks Branden!

Amy Lee

This was such a great decision. I was terrified at the thought of my daughter driving and how I would survive teaching her. Branden was awesome. He gave me feedback with each lesson (we did the 10 hour package) and told me what to work on with her each week. They also teach students how to check the oil, pump gas, and check tire pressures. I feel much better about her driving now. She even critiques me when I’m driving now!

Parish Frasier

Just finished the 10 hour classes. There are four, 2.5 hours each and I would recommend this to friends or family. They helped a lot and make you feel comfortable as you learn. They have you learn in different places like on the freeway or in just a regular parking lot. Then at the end they will test you. It was a great experience!

Madison Dinsmoor

I love Deer Valley Driving School! I went here for my permit prep class and did the 10 hour lesson to earn my license. Michelle is very patient and an awesome instructor, would recommend to anyone.


I've been always nervous when I'm driving but Austen has been an amazing instructor and has been extremely supportive and helpful in teaching me to drive safely. He was very calm yet so firm in teaching me the right way. Thank you so much Austen! Thanks God!

Isabella Medina

It was a very comfortable experience because the instructor was so nice. I was able to gain more confidence in my driving as well as pass the road test. I highly recommend this driving school to anyone.

S Rashid

It has been a wonderful experience. My instructor (Austen) was calm, patient & motivating all the time. Only downfall was dropping me off early & not completing the full 10 hrs training as promised. I think it was 9 hrs all together. However, I was so pleased with the service I recommended my friend & she also got her license. If you're a new driver like me though, I would suggest to practice beside taking the lessons from driving school. Deervalley driving school was me & my husband's first choice due to their reasonable pricing & I don't regret my decision. :)

Scout Droid

I generally enjoy the experience of going through the driving school. The instructor I had was amazing and very nice and attentive. He helped guide me through my learning process. I was so nervous when I started out, but after my lessons I feel like a responsible and safe driver now.


Best money I have ever spent. I did the 10 hours and was able to learn how to drive immediately. Austin has a very detailed and smart way of teaching that helps you grasp the details easily and without worry or anxiety. He made learning how to drive super smooth, and removed any worries I had going in. Austin is super patient and will help you correct any mistakes you make while driving. His way of teaching shows detail but not in a very complex confusing way. Parrelel parking way extremely easy. On the 4th day of the 10 hours we did a test, passed easily with a 97% and went to his office to print out their waver for the DMV. They go to a very nice DMV office that suprisingly isn't annoying to go to. The DMV trip to get your license was very very fast. They also give you a 20% discount for insurance which is amazing! Overall very amazing experience, smooth and calm. Best money I have ever spent in my entire life. 10/10

Chloe Noreen

I used to have a really hard time with nerves when I was trying to learn how to drive. Now, after four short classes, I'm liscenced and more confident in my own driving skills. Thank you so much!

Hannah Schwab

Deer Valley Driving School is awesome! they loves his job and it's a lot of fun to drive with him. I think you should just stop browsing G+ and call his number right now. :) I passed the first time as well!

Irina Babaganov

Had an amazing experience with deer valley school. instructor was very friendly and helpful with everything I needed to know about being on the Road. Definitely recommend these classes!!

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