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REVIEWS OF Buddy Stubbs Harley-Davidson Riding Academy IN Arizona

Ashley R

This class was a blast. I am so much more comfortable on my motorcycle and highly recommend it to anyone wanting to learn to ride. The dealership and coach John were so friendly and helpful, you felt like family.

Cameron Riley

A fantastic class and experience!

Penn Washington

Completed the Basic Riders Course here and it was some of the best money I have ever spent! Our instructor Jon Pirece was extremely knowledgeable and an EXCELLENT teacher. First class program that i would highly recommend for any new or untrained rider.

Dean Anderson

My seventeen year old son and I took the intro class and had an absolute great time. "Very chill" instructors was how they were described by some. Wonderful time zipping around on street 500s and (re)learning the ropes. Such a good time, we talked my wife into doing it also. Very friendly people at the dealership and a great atmosphere. Thanks everyone.

Timothy George

Gotta love this place! There's a Harley Store by my house, and they are okay, but over at Buddy Stubbs, you can definitely feel that it's more of a family. Everybody from service to parts, and sales were very personal and educational. I'll definitely be back for my Harley Gear! They also offer rentals so that you can go from learning to renting the next step up, and then ultimately end up buying the bike you will drive for a while! Much better option than just selling you a bike really quick! Highly recommend this place! TJ was pretty cool too! Down to earth, and had all of our best intentions in mind during the playoffs! HA!

Shawn MCElroy

I can't vouch for the dealership but the motorcycle school is top notch, learning how to drive any motor vehicle can be hard and motorcycles even more so, they trained us on 500cc Harley Davidson street bikes, they made it fun and have enough information that you could ride with confidence on the road without being over loaded, they critiqued in a professional and direct way, giving points and hints on how to be better, and they have us free pizza one day (how cool is that!!!), a tour of the dealership (which was very clean and professional) and the museum, and they gave a fun award at the end of the school after you pass (i got most likely to wear leather lol) the price might be high but its well worth the money and then some, they make owning a Harley a fun and easy, I honestly wish I had come to them first when I bought my first bike P.s. get John as your rider coach!!!

Octavious Prime

Great course , great people , and great facility. I took a basic riders course like this in 2009 on base down in Yuma when I was still active in the Marines, but this course was much better due to the instructor and welcoming staff. Bill and Jim made you feel right at home while the instructor John made you feel comfortable and confident to ride. The course I took on base pushed you to be aggressive and left me with an uneasy feeling about riding a motorcycle, but between John's humble approach of instructing and Bill/Jim's light hearted family vibe made the whole experience very enjoyable. So much so that I signed my father in-law up for the course shortly there after. Sincerely, "Sharp Turn Super Star"

Liberty Bell

Rick is the best HD man ever. He was awesome with my first HD I bought at Buddy Stubbs and I went back to him on my second HD. He knew what I wanted in a bike and what would be a good fit. And I think it fits great love riding it already. Chad worked wonders in the financing area. I was able to get the bike with no down and also a little extra to play with got a new pair of boots and got my dad a tool bag for his bike. Chad also worked numbers so I got a awesome coverage, so I am covered when I ride my HD to Georgia. Thanks again Rick and Chad

Christopher Sage

This class was a 10/10 experience. Having 0 motorcycle or dirt bike experience/confidence, this class gave me me all the safety tips and general knowledge I needed to know about motorcycles. The staff are very helpful and understanding of everyones individual needs. Everything that is taught in the class is utilized the next day during exercises on the riding course. You will never be blindsided in the class or on the course, everything is always well explained, questions are answered, and a demo will be given to complete full understanding of the instructions. If you want your motorcycle license, this is the only way to go in my opinion!

Tamera Moore

I passed the class yesterday and can't wait to go get out there and ride . I think this class was structured very well! Step by step instruction by our coach, Grey, inspired confidence. He made the class fun and interesting while teaching the necessary skills and safety knowledge to have a pleasurable riding experience. 5 Stars to Buddy Stubbs Arizona Harley Davidson Riding Academy!


I did the class 4/20. Jon P. was a great coach. They make sure that you know the right way to ride. That to me, more important than just getting yr license.

David Backus

My age is in my sixties right now, I rode Triumph bonnevilles when I was 15 years old owned two motorcycles and I still learned a whole bunch from this class, I highly recommended it, all the people there were fantastic.

Fish Hunter

Really appreciate being able to take this course through Operation Personal Freedom. The course was a lot of fun and so was riding the HD Street 500 motorcycle. Thank you Buddy Stubbs Harley Davidson.

FIJI Roland

The Riding Academy is top notch. I'm a Veteran, never rode a motorcycle before and had zero issues going through Buddy Stubbs New Rider Course. It was very thorough, small class size (5), excellent coach/instructor, we went through the very very basics all the way up to riding with confidence and passing the state exam to get the endorsement in 3 days. Don't get me wrong, you don't leave a pro or with overconfidence. You leave knowing you have the basics down, what your capabilities are, your limitations, and what you need to improve. Can't really ask for more, but they give you more, honest. Bill runs the Riding Academy and really makes you feel at home even before class starts. Never having rode before I met with him a week prior to use the suspended bike in the store. It turns on and you practice shifting up and down, using the throttle and braking. Is is necessary? Nope. But it was nice to have some level of familiarization before starting class. At the end of class we got a group photo, went through the Buddy Stubbs Museum on site, a walkthrough of the store and did some Q&A. I didn't know how to ride before and not sure what kind of bike in general I wanted. Now I know how to ride and through the warm experience at Buddy Stubbs Riding Academy, I'm still not sure on what bike, but I know I'll definitely buying from Buddy Stubbs. People do business with other people that they know, like and trust. My experience was nothing but positive both in the course and through every interaction with the dealership. They emphasized it being a family like atmosphere and I agree. I took advantage of the promo Harley-Davidson gave to Veterans in 2016; a seat in a New Rider Course at no cost at a participating dealership. Really glad Buddy Stubbs participated. Great experience. Turned me on to Harley in general and Buddy Stubbs in particular. After being there for 3 days I genuinely saw that they care about our military, veterans and first responders. Great place, with great people. I would highly recommend this course

Victor Shaw

Great course! Very well run. John our instructor showed a passion for not only riding, but instructing as well. Always positive and encouraging. Bikes are fun to ride and in great shape. Haven't ridden for many years and took the course under the military vet program to get some skills back. Highly recommend it for anyone!

Daniel Seo

I have to say that this course is definitely worth taking. Bill, was able to squeeze me in a class mid-April H-D orientated towards Mil/Vet/LEO/Firefighters... and I simply had to take the course! I've never owned a bike and I am no rider by any means, so no bad habits were brought with me. Just follow the instructions your instructor teaches you. To which I'd like to add.... that Nick, my class instructor was absolutely fantastic! I really do admire his willingness to teach his students to ride safely. Safety is always priority number 1. You have to give it up to a guy like, Nick! While the class was tired and grumbling towards the end of the day, his Energizer batteries wouldn't quit! Buddy Stubbs has an awesome instructor in, Nick. Future attendees... Stay hydrated and drink plently of water/gatorade!!!!

t Smth

5 stars to our instructor Andrea Johnson, TJ and the Buddy Stubbs team. Andrea took me from NEVER riding to I can do it and we both have our motorcycle endorsements. Thanks again to all! T & A

Edith Brown

I had not experience riding or working a stick shift so everything was new to me. And my instructor Grey Murphy was helpful, and by the second day i felt more confident on a bike from when I started the class. Tj was also helpful with the sign up and checking up on us all three days. I would recommend this place for new riders.

Randy Zimmerman

this was actually one of the best experiences I have had for a long time. Kudos to Larry McNamara (the instructor) and TJ our coordinator who works for Buddy Stubbs Harley. Although I have 150K+ miles on 2 wheels I have been off for some time and needed a refresher. Couldn't have picked a better course or people to work with, thanks guys!!

Andy Sheriff

I bought my first bike here and Tyler listened to me and helped me find what I wanted/could afford and didn't steer me anywhere other than that. The whole team was great and easy to deal with. I also completed the hd riding academy and I can honestly say it was not only necessary, but fun, informative, and a blast. Pipes (John) was our instructor and he was awesome. I learned a lot and he helped me gain the confidence(and license) I needed to move further and feel safe and comfortable heading out on my own. I visited another Harley dealership closer to my house and I would head here any day over the others, very personable, and you get that homey and family vibe.


A great class with amazing and knowledgeable teachers. I highly recommend this riding academy!

Samuel Overland

josh mccune

Amazing time in my class that I passed thankfully ! I purchased my bike two months before the class, and looked forward to taking it, and to learn as much as I could. My coach was the best, when I messed up he just told me don’t worry that’s why we are doing this so you will be ready. And was proud when I did succeeded. Because of him and my class mates who were amazing group to be with we cheered each other on ! I will take this class in the future as a refresher, just so I’m still aware of the rules and safety ! Everyone should take this class at some point there’s always something in it that you’ll definitely take with you !! Thank you coach pipes, and TJ For everything !

Eugene Fierro

I took the riding course this weekend and it was very very well-planned thought out precise cuz I didn't know anything about riding a Harley-Davidson at all John the instructor yelled at me once but I probably deserve it I don't listen to anybody and he told me listen to me when he yelled at me the course was awesome I feel emboldened enough to go about my business on my bike carefully I don't profess to know everything about biking believe me but enough to stay out of trouble keep my speed down do the right thing so yeah the course was awesome I learned a lot more than I thought I was going to learn it's very Hands-On and if you pay attention you'll get the most out of your money because their intent is truly there for your benefit they really want you to succeed there they don't take your money and leave you wobbling around for yourself I recommend this course to anybody and everybody interested in writing and or purchasing a bike from this place we also had pizza the first day we were there that's always a plus

Peter Sandberg

Very professional and experienced instructors...great stories...effective riding techniques...definitely recommend to any new street rider.

Savannah Ellis

Mike Globokar

great staff really know their stuff. glad I went ,really worth the money!!!

Don Hosmer

Sara does a great job setting up the class and Jon is a first class instructor. He is extremely knowledgeable and patient. This is an absolute must if you are considering riding. Well done Buddy Stubbs Riding Academy.

Davidson Belluso

Jaded Rants

I’ll start by saying if I could give 2.5 Stars, I would. It wasn’t THAT bad (Though since they don’t have any actual response, and sell your information to marketers, one star is barely deserved). However, it was still pretty unpleasant. Besides being essentially shamed for NOT owning a Harley, I was then inundated with what was a 4 hour long Harley advertisement in the form of an MSF course. The intro video was just a commercial for Harleys. The instructor made sure to tell us about all the HARLEY GEAR that HARLEY MAKES and it’s THE BEST GEAR, etc. I mean, we were given a break in the classroom so that we could “go buy any gear you need in the Harley shop”. Every opportunity was taken to mention how Harley did something different with their bikes or how it’s now BETTER BECAUSE HARLEY DID IT. The riding portion was not as described either. The paperwork clearly stated needing to be able to walk/push a 300lb motorcycle. The ones provided? 450lb Street 500s. I thought I wouldn’t be so different than what I had been riding but BOY was I wrong. Harleys are a weird breed of bike in general. The pegs are positioned quite far forward, and that was already enough to completely throw me off, but the rest of the bike wasn’t great either. The riding area itself isn’t in the best of spots, right next to cave creek and directly in the sun. The traffic driving by makes it hard to hear the instructor, especially with a helmet on too. The exercises for the first riding portion were not scaled well. The first one was just scooting back and forth and feeling the clutch catch and how the bike responds. Then more scooting but with braking. Then it was try to use both brakes. And THEN it was ride your bike down the course, shifting into second while also then immediately slowing down and then stop, then do a 90 degree left turn and go as slow as possible between these two cones while keeping your feet off the ground. From 0 to 100 really quick and with barely any assistance for a beginner course. And with the added boost of encouragement from the instructor of, “wow that was a rough ride guys”. I know you were busy having a smoke in the middle of it, but we all had been improving that morning. Honestly, I’d recommend people get on a Harley and see if you’ll be able to ride it comfortably before signing up. Otherwise you’ll feel out of place and they’ll make sure of it. My last note: a motorcycle riding course for beginners does not need to include a trip to the museum of Harleys there. That doesn’t teach me how to ride. It’s just another advertisement and it makes me feel gross. I also dislike Harleys and Harley owners even more as a result of this, so that’s not great. They also sell your information! Lovely stuff. And yeah, I do know how to read, I signed up for a BEGINNERS RIDING COURSE, not a Harley course. Try and be more dismissive of the actual complaints.

Elaine K

Took their New Rider Course in March 2016. Bill Hoffman was a pleasure to work with, and helped me book the class through their Military Riders program. I had never been on a motorcycle before! Our coach was knowledgeable, patient, and a great teacher. He worked hard to make sure we were prepared for the written test and skills test, and to make sure we all learned to be safe, confident riders. The class size was small, and I felt that I got the help I needed throughout the course. I highly recommend this course to anyone looking to learn to ride.

Jack Stubbs

Jasmine Rundall

The program was great! I came in not knowing how to ride whatsoever and they started from the beginning and went slowly, step by step. Most importantly, the instructors were so unbelievably patient. I highly recommend taking the Learn To Ride course at this location.

Mark Schaefer

The Riding Academy at Buddy Stubbs is a great experience and a must for anyone looking to learn to ride. As a new rider with virtually no experience, the thorough instruction and patience shown by the instructor made the class valuable and extremely beneficial. If you're looking to learn how to ride and secure your motorcycle endorsement, I highly recommend the Buddy Stubbs Harley-Davidson Riding Academy.

Seth Voll

The staff is very professional and left me feeling confident in my skills. I would recommend this to riders of all experiences. You will learn something new.

Danny Deese

I went into the class unsure of how I would do since it had been well over thirty years since riding. I left out feeling more confident and comfortable than I could have imagined. I recommend their class and Bill and Greg are great people. They even offer Veteran and First responder discounts. Class is well worth it at the full price but with the discount, it is a ridiculously a great deal!

Rafal Nalej

I had a great time learning new skills to become safe rider with very experienced coach Ron over the past weekend. Everyone is funny, kind and knowledgeable creative very pleasant atmosphere all around this place. Looking forward to come back for more advanced courses in the near future. Thanks Ron and TJ for making this an awesome experience and fun weekend.

Terry Fullerton

Course was great, the coaches made all the information relatively easy to grasp, and the motorcycles used are light, nimble, and powerful enough for new riders to learn a new skill on. Also cannot beat the killer deal for Military, complementary courses as a thank you for our service.

Amy Wine

What a great class and instructor. I couldn't have asked for more patience and fun being a completely new rider. It was literally the first time I had ever been on a motorcycle as a driver. Nick was so kind and taught me so many critical things in this beginner class. Bill was amazing as well as the manager and so personable! Thank you both for my experience!

Robert Artac

I am a new rider and completed my lessons through the military Learn To Ride program. Bill and Nick (our coach) were always professional and respectful and from the first moment emphasized the culture of safety that keeps riders alive. These guys KNOW how to ride and teach and their resumes and experience speak for themselves. By the end of the three day course I felt confident on the bike in different situations like close quarters maneuvering and avoidance maneuvers. The equipment and facilities were top-notch. We rode NEW Street 500s and the range and classroom was clean and well-maintained. I would recommend the course to anyone who wants to learn to the right way, in a structured, professional and safe environment, this is the way to go.

Terri Hochnadel

This is a FANTASTIC course to take either after you've been riding a while or after the initial Basic Riders course. John was extremely knowledgeable and patient. He demonstrated his skills prior to every exercise that we did. Jim added good comments in the classroom and John & Jim were an excellent team to facilitate the class. This class is a must for every motorcyclist out there. Ride happy, & ride safe everyone!

Dane Brady

I recently completed the HD Rider Course at Buddy Stubbs. The entire experience was great, from Bill and Jim making sure that everything was taken care of. To our coach, John, who was a phenomenal coach and a great people person. Everyone was very professional and made sure all of us in the class learned ALOT and had fun while doing it. I would highly recommend taking any of the rider courses from the folks at Buddy Stubbs!

Rory Kraft

Very conducive environment to learning, excellent instructors, Very happy with the Course, John Pierce and Jim Jones made an excellent team.

Michelle Fee

charles johnson

This is a top notch program. Me and my son took the course together my son had zero experience and he was riding in just a couple hours. Grey Murphy was the instructor and he is awsome. Very patient and explained exactly what to do and easy to understand. I highly recommend this program to anyone that really wants to learn to ride.

Keri Cahill

I attended and got my endorsement through this class. I am definitely a more confident rider. I actually learned quite a bit about turning properly that will keep me safe wgile riding. All of the staff was very helpful and friendly. I will probably become a permanent fixture at Buddy Stubbs.


Great way to build confidence before hitting the road

Nitasha Miller

Absolutely the best! First time riding a motorcycle and Grey was extremely knowledgeable and helped me to not only feel comfortable but taught many very important tips and techniques for staying safe on the road! Grey made sure that each student had a handle of every maneuver and felt competent before moving forward. I would take this course again no doubt and refer all friends and family! Thank you for an amazing experience HDRA is the best

Ryan Parrill

Emily Castillo-Herrera

Everyone here is so nice and helpful!! Bought my bike from Buddy Stubbs and I was honestly surprised at the level of customer service they provided! I also took the basic riding class with them and the instructions were so patient and very informative!! Hands down they provided the best bike buying experience!

Jared Johnson

Awesome basic rider course! Bill has put a lot of effort in to make sure this is a memorable Harley Davidson experience. A tour of the whole dealership and even a swag bag! Jonathan was our instructor and has a ton of knowledge and it shows in his teaching and coaching. He is an awesome instructor and has a great way of delivering the course so that all the participants can understand and learn. An overall bad ass start to my motorcycling hobby!

Rebecca G

I took the riding academy course this past weekend. Grey M. was my instructor and I could not have asked for a better course instructor. I learned so much and it was a great experience. I passed and now time to practice safely all the things I learned over the course of 2 and a half days.

jack Kenney

Jeff Browning

Awesome experience. Definitely glad I took the class prior to purchasing my Harley.

dr davis


Signed up for the learn to ride class through HD website. My teacher was Greg and he was awesome and patient with everyone. I gained the skills and confidence I needed to ride my 2005 lowrider around. I will definitely sign up for the advance classes later on. Buddy Stubbs HD will take you on a tour of the very nice dealership and then there is pizza and the awesome museum. One day I will be able to afford a new HD motorcycle, and I will come here when that time comes. Probably take my older lowrider here for maintenance when I have time. TJ was also a very cool dude that took us around and talked to us about everything.

michael ftacek

Bikes were fun, staff well prepared and knowledgeable. Small class size. Definitely right I. Line with the amazing Harley customer service. If you need a course I definitely recommend you do it here

Jennifer R

From meeting with Sara before the class to the end of my Sunday class everyone was phenomenal. Let me first say I have never rode a bike, or have any experience except on the back of my dads bike a few times. John is an exceptional coach! He is very calm understanding, and shows an honest love for what he does. I can't say enough good things about Buddy Stubbs, their staff and riding program. Everyone was very helpful. I never felt like anyone was "pushing" me to buy anything. Just educate. I will be here to buy my first bike. As John stated, your now part of the family, And that is exactly how I was feel/treated. Thank you! I can now ride, ride safely and have a new found passion and respect!

Wayne Jones

Excellent course, well run, great instructor and fun. I highly recommend this course, we learned great life saving riding skills and had a lot of fun too. Thank you Buddy Stubbs riding academy!

sir pfeifer

It was a great experience! I highly recommend this program to anyone that want's learn to ride the right way. Thank you very much to the Buddy Stubbs team, TJ and Grey.

Coretta Taylor

I took the class on 7/13/18 Jon Pierce was my instructor he was an awesome guy he made sure you was comfortable throughout the class and if you had questions or concerns to let him know thank you Jon. The person that book my class TJ Stulir thank you for squeezing me in class and to the rest of the Harley-Davidson staff you guys rock thank you all

Tim Luttrell

TJ was in constant contact to make sure we were ready for the class. We went in a week early to check out the location and TJ ran us through our paperwork and put us on the Jumpstart bike. TJ checked on throughout the training to make sure everyone was doing OK and we needed anything. Jon, our instructor, was amazing... He knew my wife and I had no experience, he was encouraging and comforting through the whole training. He took us from not knowing how to shift gears to being comfortable and confident enough to ride on the streets in just 3 days. We are now ready to Roll On and Enjoy the Ride!


A lot of fun and very educational

Kai Degner

What a great class. Having had extensive training in riding a motorcycle I still learned new tips and tricks, plus was able to hone my skills. I highly recommend this class. The instructor was very knowledgeable and patent with those that were struggling, but still had time for those that were doing well.

David Montesano

Great staff and good learning experience.

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