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REVIEWS OF Wolf Driving School IN Alaska

Harold Brown

Horrible school don't go. Take my advice plz.

Jackson Davis

Flexible schedule to be able to work and complete the course at the same time. Instructors are experienced drivers and teach you step by step what you need to know to pass the exam.

Arthur Debecki

Good school. Highly recommend. Instructors are very good. You have to take responsibility, it’s not a store, it’s a school. You have to study. Everyone is there to help you. Thank you for helping me get my CDL.

Петр Шамрай

Aronn Slutsky

I started at the school on March 7th of 2015. I ended up getting my permit within two days of going to the class and studying the tests. The test were easy to understand and very close to the same questions as getting the permit. Next phase was 100hrs of classroom. At first it was a little bit intimidating. I had Leo as my classroom instructor. He is no longer there however he was very easy to work with and gave you all the information that you need. The office workers were great. Camilla was extremely helpful and very nice. She answered all the questions that I had and even got me into the driving portion of the school as fast as she could. She worked mostly by herself so that alone made it even better with all of the other things she had to do.( sorry Camilla if I spelled your name wrong). I did my 100 hrs of classroom time and continued going to class even after I passed out of the class. This help me immensely with keeping all the knowledge fresh. The key to the class is to show up and actively participate. If you don't you have no one to blame but yourself. The new instructor in the class is someone who I actually went to class with and his knowledge is phenomenal. He is very patient and will helped you with everything you need. Now come the fun part, the driving. My first instructor I had was Serge. He was an awesome teacher to start with since being the first time in a truck can be very intimidating. He is fun to learn with and he is very easy to deal with. Then I had Robert. He is no longer their at the moment but he also was a great teacher. I would also like to give a shout out to the other three instructors that I had. Doug, Pawel, and Ziggy. They all have their own way of teaching but each one of them are great. Every time, I showed up to the yard, I always could joke around with them and talk to them. I finally finished my 40 hours of road time and now comes the exam. All the teachers their prepare you for it and get you ready. The sos examiners are a little rough around the edges but if you are prepared and have confidence then you will be fine. I passed everything on my first attempt and got my CDL license. There are no words to express how happy and appreciative of the school and the entire staff on how they dedicate their time to making sure I have all the information that I need to pass the CDL test. I took my CDL exam on the 26th of may to I completed to course in just about three months. It took a little longer then expected due to so many students being their and signing up all at the same time. however I did what I had to do and was polite to the office and they helped me in every way possible to get my cdl. Thanks for everything Wolf. Aronn Slutsky

Tsogo Tsogo

Good school. I got my CDL. They will help you what do you need while taking course. I had anxiety problem but office workers and instructors helped to overcome.

michael davis

My review has 5 parts ... part 1. I wanna give a shoutout to PJ. He is the best instructor they have in the yard and driving.. I really felt he genuinely cared about me getting my CDL B not only that but me as a person who is trying to better himself. I had good conversations and teaching from PJ Wolf Driving School you need to give PJ a raise I think I’ve gained a friend in PJ. Thanks my friend for teaching me how to drive truck !! Part 2 The other instructors in the yard are horrible they yell at you they don’t show you the proper way at skills and driving on the road. Part 3 Also a shout out to Jurcik (not sure on spelling) he is a part time instructor.. He helped me so much especially with skills in the yard Part 4. The front office staff is amazing Thanks to Camilla for working with me on my classroom and driving schedule!! Part 5 Just a word of advice. Find a new pre trip classroom instructor... Kevin is horrible. He doesn’t teach you anything. Sits in his chair playing games on his phone and paying attention to the pretty girls who are students. Instead of the men who are there to learn as well. It’s a waste of a salary for you to pay him !!

Jerry Snoopy Dog

Good school, great teachers and office personnel. You have to study and complete 160 hours of class/training per the State requirements. Got my CDL today. Thanks.

ilya kireyev

Dislike this school, too much student, they don't have time to take care of you, very difficult to get cdl with this school, but Bart he is good teacher.

Alex Kalievych

Good school. Professional personal but not enough instructors

Puneet Kohli

Thanks to Kevin in class the instructor camela in office and Paul and urike in yard thanks so much guys for all your help

Sid Rice

Happy ☆☆☆☆☆ Got a great job right out of school!

Zack Kiloul

Thanks for the wolf driving school : office crew and all instructors one by one , very patient and helpful to make you pass all exams, I get my CDL and thanks again for all of you.

Eric Diaz

Save ur money even though it’s the cheapest one ! But don’t do it they don’t help u at all I paid it off wasted 2,290 of my money to this class and honestly their very bad with everything computer are old class rooms are a mess teachers are just eating or on their phones and all they do is be on their phone and not explain anything don’t go just for the price ! I regret it so much ! And then they won’t even refound u the money also if u ask questions ! All they say is “it’s on the book “ like really ! Honeslty guys don’t do it

Klajdi Avdo

I just graduated yesterday. I really recommend the school. The instructors at the yard are the best. Especially Daug and Zigi are my guys.

Marcin Chynek

Awesome experience good school terry was awesome in class and watch out for kevin good teacher but you going to do push-ups if u mess up jk zigi the most chill person for driving A++++++ also If you need anything see Kamila in office she will definitely help you out explaining everything!

Antoine Overton

I'm currently enrolled, signed up last week. Everyone is friendly and welcoming. I'm glad I chose Wolf as I found several different schools in and around the Chicago area and after reviewing Wolf, I was convinced that this was where I wanted to begin my trucking career. Hats off to the entire Wolf staff , and I'll recommend this school to anyone starting a career in trucking driving...

Jose Lomeli

Great school that works with your schedule . I would like to thank all of the yard instructors for having the patience and finding ways to teach us how to be safe on the road. Also huge thanks to Terry for always pushing us to know our pre trip 100%. Huge thanks to Camila in the office as well for working with our schedule. Nothing is given to you, you need to show dedication and stay focused . Thanks wolf driving school for helping me obtain my class A CDL within my first try.

Tevin Angel

Wolf needs to be more organized. There is only one old simulator for 50 people. There should be at least 10 simulators in a private room for students to practice. Also it would be nice to start practicing driving from the beginning instead of reading and trying to memorize 20 pages for they could signed you off to start practicing driving.

Eugene Polishchuk

I recently studied at Wolf Driving School. Pre-trip instructor Bart repeats whole book at least twice a day (it is really hard to do not remember it by heart) after 100 hours. He is very cool. Driving instructors are also very friendly, knowledgeable and want to teach. Among them, I would give special credit to Sergio. I think this school deserves 5 stars.


Hi my name is Lucas Pankowski and today I had my exam and passed. instructors do great work nice atmosphere and very professional thank you

Andres Bautista

This School Taught Me How Things Are Earned Not Given To You If You Want The Easy Way Out It Won’t Be The Case Here You Also Gotta Put The Effort To Study On Your Own Time Besides In Schol And Work Hard As Your There. You Have Questions Teachers Will Answer The Best Way They Can So You Understand But Dont Expect To Be Hold By The Hand! You Gotta Grind It Out Yourself Like I’ve Said Shout Out Too All The Instructors They Do there Part Honestly. Stop Complaining and That It’s There Fault That you Failed No It’s Bc You didnt Work Hard Enough. Thanks Wolf Driving School For Everything You Did For Me And Kevin taught me The Hard Way In A lot Which Made Me Be Better Through Out This Experience Appreciate all The Staff Stop Bitchingggg about things And Get to Work..... Camila The Secretary At The School Awesome Through Out The Whole Way I Was Going appreciate it!!!

Dita Francova

I just obtained CDL A on Monday, last week.Very friendly Instructors are awesome. They always have a time for you. Very professional and details focused. Great team is always ready to help you and always ready to answer your questions. I am very satisfied and just highly recommend this school.

James Patton

I'm happy that I choose to go to this school. What I will say that if you're trying to finish this course it all depends on you. But this school is great for someone who has a job this place is very flexible. Kamila the Secretary was very helpful with everything very pleasant.To the whole entire staff THANK YOU!!! YES I WILL RECOMMEND THIS SCHOOL FOR ANYONE I KNOW CAN'T FORGET ALL THE INSTRUCTORS AT THE YARD

lorenzo turner

Great school learned alot had great driving instructors raul and doug and especially jurek and cant forget ziggy are the best driving teachers bart gets you ready for pretrip past 1st attempt

cezary czech

Great place to learn CDL. Instructors really care about teaching you all aspects of the job. Art is the best. He keeps you motivated and uses different teaching methods that help you learn. They all care about your success. You do it on your own schedule not on theirs.

Djurakul Ibragimov


James Osada

I went part-time to the school to get my CDL, so I kind of took a little bit longer than 4 weeks. It's a step by step program that helps you pass the CDL exam. There are six tests that you have to take for the CDL exam. The trucking yard is 20 minutes away from the office and classrooms, the truck yard is big, also there is mostly Farmland around there so there is not that much traffic to learn on the road. The instructors are the best. A large part of the school emphasizes safety and pre-trip so be prepared to study. The school has very high standards about safety and pre-trip they won't let you drive the truck unless you know safety and pre-trip, which I totally agree with the school. Most students have guaranteed jobs before they even passed the exam, which I think it's because of the high standards and reputation of the school.

Gacha Monster28

im very desappointed!!!!! they dont give you enough time of skills and road !!!!!!!!

Julian Perez

Great school always help with questions. Class schedules are the best open 7days a week

Ivan Harris

I got my CDL's all thanks to WOLF DRIVING and there incredible driving instructors. Bart is an awesome down to earth teacher that really helps and cares for the students futures. The yard instructors are great individual as well and doesn't mind giving constructive criticism. Thanks guys for the help bettering myself for my life journey. Bart and Doug you guys are a hack of a teachers keep up the good work. Thanks

Ivan Simic

Hi, I definitely recommend this school...First day when I walked in I was so confused what was going on there... Then I realized, we are not kids anymore we are grownup people ...I was expecting somebody to give me a tour of how this school works but instead they give you everything on paper script...So, my first few days were so frustrating

ashour marwan

To whom this may concern to!!! GREAT SCHOOL Awesome all around from the get go all the way to the end. Kamila you've been great patient very welcoming I appreciate everything you've done. BFF FOR LIFE. KEVIN KEVIN KEVIN I hope your hip is well attached, not missing, not bent not dry rotted not welded and in good condition... there are teachers and those who become guides you've been more than both... I can't say it enough THANKS FOR EVERYTHING. YOU ARE THE MAN... MR. PJ From the first question to you congratulating me on getting my CDL CLASS A you've been the best driving instructor... by the way the question was "Do you want me to teach you to pass the test or do you want to be a truck driver?" Cant say thanks enough brother. ZIGGY "THE POLISH RAMBO" Even though we didn't spend too much time together that one road class was good enough to get to know you and find out that you're a good teacher and a good soul... thanks ZIGGY RAHUEL Thanks for putting the final touches on my driving... it's a small world my friend I'll probably see you when I back onto your docks someday. TO EVERYONE ELSE great school, this is a mans world, don't think that the CDL is going to be handed to you on a silver platter. Pull your weight and these guys at WOLF will bend backwards to help you out!!! THANKS A LOT Ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Jovica Klaudia

Just passed my cdl class a state exam on my first try the instructors here really know their stuff I wanna give a big shout out to Kevin Ziggy and Mark these guys thought me the most I would have given a 5 star review but the only reason I rate as a 4 is due to old equipment and on yard days there is only one instructor who is there teaching the class Terry does an amazing job teaching btw but I think there should be at least one more instructor to give him a hand when there is 30+ people at the yard other wise a great school good professional staff if you want to go to a school where you can go at your own pace then wolf is the place to be once again thanks to Kevin ziggy and mark for getting me to where I am

Gokhan Cukurova

This place is a JOKE. Making you sit in a class (cheaply rented office space) for 100 hours WITHOUT an instructor just so you make your hours, reading the cdl booklet you could get from yoir DMV for free and study at home. 20 hours of pre trip inspection is where younfirst see the face of the instructor. And ONLY 40 hours for learning parking and driving etc.And that is not driving, thats driving and Observation combined. No wonder why the JB HUNT recruiter walked away. No big company I talked to takes this school serious. 30 students waiting for their turn to get behind the wheel. Waste your money somewhere else, dont get behind the wheel without proper education.

Bojan A

Who much

Jorge Lopez

I have a bad time whit this school because I pay in full 2 years ago and went I star I just go 2 weeks and I have a problem whit my license so I’m make a letter for the owner ! in the letter I’m splaint the problem I have and I ask hem for a chance to fix the problem and let me came back because I pay all and I don’t want a loos my money !! The girl in the from office told me is ok wen I fix the problem I can came back in the moment I say can you give me a paperwork or something she say is ok just come in you don’t need any paper ! Now I have my license and now she say I have to pay all again! Come on I think this is not right I choose this is school because I think they are good and professional but I don’t think this is professional!! My recommendation is if you going to choosing this school be careful and don’t pay all until you are sure

Jose luis Santos

Never Respond to my email for information

Kayhan Adeli

I really like wolf driving school, if you ready to learn they will teach you on best ways. They have best instructor and great customer service.

Patricia Essig

Great school...highly recommend!

Viktoriya Misyura

I am very disappointed with this school. As another relievers said, they keep students in classroom instead of giving a driving skills. I found this school for my husband and very sorry for this. People who started in another driving schools are on the road making money and my husband still sitting in class and study by heart theory. Yes, theory is important, but we are signed for this class to be a driver, not mechanic. I will not recommend this school.

jinhyung yoo

Wolf Driving School and Kevin helped me get through and pass the exam. They encouraged me and gave me constant support. Thank you!

Crispin Alarcón

Yo estoy asistiendo a está escuela í la verdad no me está gustando nadie te dise por donde empezar la segunda vez qe fui estuve una hora í media í nunca me dijeron qe tenía qe leer o practicar el instructor solo estuvo en el telefono

Desian Llalla

Vladimir Aleksiev

This school is very good place to start your new career. Education is on a high standard for the money you spend, very competitive on the market. I started November, and now January, I got my CDL A

Juan Pinedo

This school is a lie they tell you your going to graduate in 4 weeks and you don’t is more like 2 or 3 months as soon as you pay in full they don’t care about you. You will be on your own the teacher terry is a great person explains everything in a good way Kevin he is not a teacher I don’t know why wolf school pays him money to sit on his car most of the day and play on his phone students don’t learn from him sittin in he’s car the money the you guys Waste on Kevin give a raise to pj he is the real deal he is the best instructor in the yard and he really helps students he has He has a lot of patience he is simply the best in this school the other good instructor in the yard is Raül and urak and Mr. clean. The instructor Mr. magic he is not a good instructor you And you would ask him a question and his response is I don’t know for everything in the office camila was ok at first they won’t talk to you but then later on they will start talking to you so this my review I wish this school was better

Alina Rosu

I couldn’t help notice that I seen some hateful reviews there about the instructors at wolf driving school ! I graduated 6 mounts ago, is kinda lame to hear and read that guys are crying like little girls about the school policy& refunds... actually he school let u see how the class is set up, they let u meet the instructions... yes probably out there are better school that they have more classroom instructions or whatever but that mean you will pay also more money ! Down the lane everyone has to memorize that book in order to pass and obviously there will be people that they can’t be pleased if all the attention is not focused on them ! The class room has sometimes over 30 students testing every one of them verbally Is a challenging but instructor Kevin is pretty strategic and straightforward, if u don’t understand something we will answer your question but he can’t magically make u memorize the book over night! And trust me it is a difference having one instructor in the classroom and the instructions in the yard yes there good learning you the skills but if a you concern or feel insecure about something you know you can ask them too... specially what is relating with the driving or any mechanical issues of the truck. The yard instructors are also train to answer your question ! If u want to get the Cdl well take it seriously is no way u can cheat by getting the Cdl license ! You either know it or u don’t! It is the student attitude because I seen students that basically knew 30% of the English language and they memorize that book and they pass ! So depends on you how really bad u want to get this license ! Beaching about instructor won’t get u there that’s for sure ! Oh and another thing even when I pass the exam and I got my job ! My first mount working in the truck Industry was couple of times when I had problems with the truck and I didn’t know what to do I was able to call Kevin and had my question answer! So that means that instructor here care about there students even after graduation!

Christopher Galicia

I would like to thank Arthur, PJ, Raul, and I can't remember his name(sorry) but the polish guy that works nights part time. Enjoy your trip with the family in Europe. PJ thank you for all the tips you provided me, Kevin thanks for the hot seat pretrip Go Pack Go, Raul thanks for the sundays observation hours, and Arthur thanks for my first over the road experience. I'll remember your advice you gave me about the multi thread text.

Kitty Hardin

Good school. Amador is the best teacher you could ask for when it comes to learning all you need to know in pre-trip, and that's a lot to learn. I loved how he can turn it into a fun learning environment as well. I loved all the teachers at the yard. Rick, Ziggy, Rob, and Pov teach you everything you need to know behind the wheel and what to do when a dump truck or a Lexus cuts you off. =) Thank God cuz it happens a lot when your on the road. As a female I felt like just one of the guys and they treated me with respect. I only wish there was a bit more communication between the yard and the office and maybe a little be more time behind the wheel of the truck. I got everything down in the class room fast and wished i had just a bit more time on the road, But hey maybe it works the other way around for others. All and all i passed my test on the 1st shot and happy with my new career. Thank you all at WOlf! ~Tabitha~

Robert Carberry

Spent months here trying to memorize their instruction book, they don't teach you anything just have you memorize. At Wolf 100 hrs of class room is too far too many that time is better spent in the yard or on the road. Went to another school in Bensenville that offers 40 hours class room and in 4 weeks left with my CDL.

Hector Morales

I really appreciate everyone in the yard and class for helping me get thru it is hard but with Wolf school I pass all test and got My CDL. Thank you very much!!!!!

Michele Toney

Great School! Fantastic teachers. Will recommend *****

Wendy Sears

All the instructors at Wolf are second to none. When I had some issues about coming to school they took care of it and help me out. The things I learned at Wolf you don't learn it other schools. There are recruitment companies for very large Trucking outfits that only recruit out of Wolf because of the quality of Education you receive. Absolutely do not hesitate to sign up with this school you will not regret it. I had a job all set up even before I graduated! Wolf is top notch!

Brent Huber

This school was so up and down, didn't tell you much in the begging. Basically had to figure out everything on your own about what steps to take. But I do have to say there is one teacher there that was amazing at his job, and that is art. He defiantly cares and wants to see everybody succeed. If wasn't for him I most likely would of had a much harder time passing... the trucks need work too... tires are bald and the transmission are horrible. If they kept up on the up keep of the trucks I think a lot more students would pass...


Let’s me start by saying thank you so much for all your help..(ENRIQUE) .. school has lots of room for improvement but overall they have what’s need it for there student to learn this TRUCKING industry..I like to express a big TOKEN of appreciation to RAUL who with out his rudeness his mopping the floor with me and putting me in the spot every chance he got I wouldn’t have build up my courage to learn this field..another TOKEN of appreciation goes to URIK who believed in me and had the patience require for me to learn in a 7hr window...huge hug to the entire staff because without everyone this wouldn’t have been possible..

kris wiatr

All works for me but only classes schedule specifically about Parts & Details not organize no hours or days was set top Overall Very Good school for sure! If you want to know more on CDL The Wolf crew will prepare you very well to Perform your test I will strongly recommend !! Kris

Kevin Green

Great school. All of the instructor were very good. Training is strong and you must put in your time as much possible. I will recommend highly this school for getting CDL. Camilla in office very helpful. Terry, Zigy, Kevin, Meshek, Raul, Yourick are all very good instructor. Recommend strongly this school

Marcin Marciano

All of the people here will try to help you obtain your CDL but you have to put in the work, you won't bulshit your way around it.

Noel Guzman

Thanks for helping me obtain my CDL . I recommend this school for anyone trying to get their cdl. Thanks to the instructors in the yard but Shoutout to PJ he’s the real deal helpful and patient !!

Keith keppler


I currently just finished getting my CDL through this school and through the classroom part there were three instructors and i honestly can say that I didn't learn anything in the classroom part except for the instructor art was working he actually wanted to help people learn and get them through the program the other two guys would just turn the same videos on everyday and wouldn't try to help you learn so I can honestly that if Art wasn't there it would have been a lot harder for me to get through the class

Erik Myrland

Great school!!!

Michal Kurdziel

Great school .... even greater instructors

Sam Whitmore

W Korzec

This school is the best. At first, took me some time to learn the parts on the truck(pre trip). Once I knew all the parts, they started to teach me to drive at the yard with an instructor, all of the instructors are all very nice and patient. After I completed my class time. I had my license in about a month driving with an instructor daily. Highly recommend this place.

ThaviChiba San

Great staff and great overall experience. They are very accommodating when it comes to scheduling. Always professional and yet personable. I highly recommend Wolf Driving School for those that want to get a Class A CDL.

Scott Maier

Wolf Teen Driving school stinks! they lost track of my son's classroom hours, and he had to go back to take 2 hours of classroom -- almost a year after he had completed the class, taken and passed the test for his permit and completed his behind the wheel. Thus - they did not submit the notification to the state of illinois that he had completed the training and we found out at the DMV! Then, after he took 2 additional hours of classroom training, it still took a phone call to prompt them to submit his completion to the state of illinois. Camillia -- you are very disappointing. These kids work so hard to get their driver's license - and to have an experience like this is awful. This experience on top of the substandard instruction for behind the wheel -- he didn't learn how to park in normal parking lot, how to parallel park, how to do a 3-point turn, how to drive in reverse, concept of 'defensive driving' not discussed. We will never use Wolf Driving School again -- nor will we ever recommend it. A shlocky outfit.

Al Mitchell

It's a lot of work, mostly memorizing a large manual. This must be done to get your CDL, it ain't easy. The classroom instructors are tough, you can't fake your way through. After a minimum of 100 hours of classroom instruction, you need to pass their test to be able to take driving lessons. I failed 5 times. Did I mention it ain't easy? After finally passing my pretrip test, I was required to observe for 20 hours at the yard, then finally was able to start my driving skills instruction for 20 hours at the yard, and then 20 more hours on the road. if you are doing your math, you'll see that this is at least a 160 hour process. That is best case scenario. The 3 part DOT test worked out well for me on the first try, largely due to my excellent instructors. Not all of them at the yard are good, I had a poor instructor early, and Camilla in the office was helpful and switched me to two different ones, both of them were good. A third instructor, Doug gave me helpful tips even though he was not assigned to me. Now that's a GREAT teacher! I highly recommend having some instruction from Jerry aka Ulrich, Doug, and Ziggy. These guys helped me a lot. My classroom guys were awesome too-Bart and Victor.

Faton Selami

I'm not happy with office services i get just (1star) because she mixed my schedule 1-2 day driving 1 week off she don't give me hours just 2 hours in day my driving in yard needed 2 months to finish this is not good, Terry is good teacher, if you pass with terry you pass the pri-trip, All instructors is good if have respect for all But special for my is Juric end Ziggy this two i get 10 stars good luck for new students

Jenna Prince

Wolf trucking, your courses were thorough and professional and the instructors are highly knowledable and helpful. Doug, Jurek and Wiktor thanks for all your help. Yeeeehaaaaa!!!!!

Ahmed Metwally

Great school, all instructors are awesome (Kevin, Ziggy, Mark, Marchik and Raul) and also "Terry" the classroom instructor he is an awesome guy, going on the road with all of them was fun they teach good, appreciate smart guys and try to help with all means, specially "Kevin" he is an awesome guy, very proffessional, very respectful, smart and educated, very open mind, all of the instructors gave me all I needed to learn, and my advice to all new students if you are dedicated to learn this is a place you will get all you need, to all instructors: thank you for every thing you taught me and sorry if I misspelled any of your names, special thanks to Kevin had great conversation with you and I wish you as well as all other instructors the best in your life.. Ahmed Metwally

Arvind Chohan

Jo Capitani

"Wolf Driving school's expertise & hands on training methods have surpassed all expectations for achieving my goals of becoming a Professional Class A CDL driver... The schools office support staff, classroom instructors and driving instructors team ALL have one goal in mind....each students success!!! I personally enjoyed the flexibility of learning at my own pace, as well as a very affordable option!!! Thank you to all the staff a WDS and now onward and upward in our careers"

Jeremy Newman

Wolf driving School was a great experience. The school has friendly and knowledgeable instructors. Overall it was a fantastic journey. Passed my exam on the first attempt. Thanks!!! Wolf driving school.

Boualem Kelouche

Disappointed and frustrated spent six months and money just to upgrade my CDL B to A they made me sit in the classroom for hours just for the pre trip, theory is good but I asked to drive a combination truck not to become a mechanic I give up after six months drop the classe went to a different school I upgrade my CDL in a short time. I hardly not recommend this school you will save time and money .


Went there once ask for information for a friend, they were very helpful!

Thawngsian Kam

Milcho Tomov

Just got my CDL from the first try, big shout out to all the instructors who taught me Terry, Kevin, Raul, Jurek, Marek, Macek, Zigi as well as the people behind the curtains, Kamila always worked with my schedule. Thank you guys!

Vladimir Stojcev

Stefano Giampaolo

Loved the school. The class and yard instructors were knowledgable and helpful. Kamila in the office was simply awesome. Really enjoyed the course. Special thanks to Ziggy, Maciek, Jurek, Raul, Terry, Przemek, and Kevin,,,, Gracias a wolf por ayudarme con mi licensia ,,,,,,, mil gracias ,,,,,

Oleksandr levchuk

Amrinder Singh

Elvis Vranishti

I am so glad i signed up at Wolf Driving School! This school is affordable and the instructors are very knowledgable and will teach you and train you not only to pass the state dmv tests but also prepare you for your new career and even find you a job!

URPREY2 Vette's

Wolf driving school is a great place to train for a CDL. Kevin and Terry are very good instructors. As will all the instructors there. Great place!!

thomas wojcicki

I had a five-star experience at Wolf driving School the staff and instructors are awesome definitely would recommend this school to anyone looking for a CDL a or b license and a personal thank you to the staff and instructors you guys rock!!!

Pablo Degante

David sosack

Great instructors and good prices .

Sebastian Kol

Disrescpeting students' time. PTI classes at school are much more strict than real exam. Giving me offer they told me: you will be able to finish school in 1 month. I spent there a few months like everybody else. Some of the trucks in the yard are really old and not in "good condition". I wouldn't recommend this school, especially if you want to start driving in short time. What is good - driving instructors. They are very helpful and patient. Huge driving yard in a good place.

Quentin Davis

I went through the entire process at wolf and I was able to pass for my class A on the first try. The instructors had plenty of advice, knowledge, and real life situations to help me better prepare for my exam. I would specify which instructor was the best but they all helped in different ways. I felt I learned the most on the yard from PJ. There aren't any shortcuts to getting it done without putting the work in yourself. Great school and I would highly recommend to anyone looking to obtain their license.


Great experience ,Great instructors, flexible hours and the system works well. Thanks Wolf School. Class A CDL driver

Rene Lopez

Good instructors that helpes by pointing out my mistakes and than helped me on how to correct them. Also good motivators.


I am glad i choose this school, staff are very nice specially Camila and Eva, the imstructors know what they are doing, i work with all the instructors and every one of them were able to comunicate and share their expertise and everything worked out, i have my cdl and ready for a new career, thank you Wolf. Gerardo Sandoval

Jose Chairez

Great school just got my CDL Monday 13th 2017. It took me 2 months to get my CDL. Arthur, sygiee and Paul are great instructors highly recommend wolf driving school.

Chris Coker

Best driving school in the area. Very Pre-trip intensive but Wiktor is a great teacher. Good ways of explaining and can be hands on as well. The driving and skills crew at the yard are hands down the best. Great tips and tricks for Skills and Road testing. Overall great and pleasant experience.

Dzevdet Mustafa

It happened , i got my CDL and all thanks to Wolf Driving School. I would like to thank Kamila from the front office for all her help , Bart and Viktor the two instructors i the classroom . Viktor will help you prepare for Bart and Bart will get you ready for your final pre-trip exam with the DMV .The classroom atmosphere is relaxed and many times fun ,they encourage student to help each other out , which makes the learning process more fun .Bart may be firm with you at times but trust me he means well.Remember the name of the game is SAFETY SAFETY SAFETY. I have read some of the other reviews and most of the complaints are about how long it takes to finish the school and that they want you to stay as long as possible in the classroom . This cannot be further from the truth . Reality is YOU and only YOU are to blame for not being able to finish in a short amount of time . The Instructors in the classroom are dedicated to help you out ,the instructors at the yard are professionals that go above and beyond to prepare you for your final exam ,the rest is up to you. Shout out to Jurek and Raul . Thank you for your patience and dedication to the students . So if you are interested in obtaining your CDL I would DEFINITELY recommend Wolf Driving School.

A Azam

Just Got my class A cdl through here. Excellent school with efficient teachers. Mark, Raul, Machek and Ziggy were all excellent instructors. Camilla in the office is also very helpful. Friendly Advice to new/potential students: This is not your “grade” school lol so don’t expect everything to be served on a silver platter... you need to ask instructors/office lots of questions.. and find out ON YOUR OWN how things work over here. If you do this and get all your classroom hours in simultaneously, you’ll have a class A cdl in 2-3 months(took me little over 2 months).

customizeit woodfield

Great school, all instructors are awesome (Kevin, Ziggy, Mark, Marchik and Raul) and also "Terry" the classroom instructor he is an awesome guy, going on the road with all of them was fun they teach good, appreciate smart guys and try to help with all means, specially "Kevin" he is an awesome guy, very proffessional, very respectful, smart and educated, very open mind, all of the instructors gave me all I needed to learn, and my advice to all new students if you are dedicated to learn this is a place you will get all you need, to all instructors: thank you for every thing you taught me and sorry if I misspelled any of your names, special thanks to Kevin had great conversation with you and I wish you as well as all other instructors the best in your life. Ahmed Metwally

Alex Slavov

i graduated from this school at October 2017. i highly recommend this school for cdl. i got cdl A. they have great team. Girls in office always ready to help you, guys in PTI classroom ( Terry and Arthur) gives you a lot of knowledge ( you will have class, books, video, simulator training. ..) and they want you to be perfect in this knowledge. Instructors in yard are professionals, they can teach you to drive truck in one week. Paul is the best one!!! For 2000$ you got 160 hours of school. it's a lot. You can get your cdl in 4 weeks, but you need spend every day in school at this period. Thank you Wolf Driving School for my good experience with you

John Leynes

This morning I took my final examination for my CDL and passed with flying colors! I couldn't have done it without the instructors patience and diligence in their teaching. To all the instructors I've driven with: Kevin, Doug, Machiek, Euric, Raul, Mark and a special thanks to Terry and the office administrators/ managers (especially Camilla) for giving me the opportunity to become a professional driver. It was all thanks to you all. Thanks again!

Marjorie Kelly

Bad place!

Jeff Osteen

Just wanted to express my gratitude to the wolf management team, the instructor's for their great approach to teaching and educating their students. Always reassuring, direct, encouraging and supportive throuout the classrooms, yard, skills and road skills thay lead to your graduation! I strongly encourage all the potential students to consider Wolf Driving School for their selection and choice when deciding which school to attend. Thank you Wolf Driving School, feels great to have received my diploma!

Ray Perry

Great school very flexible

Joe Torn

Wolf is a place to go get your class A or Class B license! Super affordable and you won't find a better set of instructors and office staff to guide you through the process. Highly recommended! Thank you Terry, Kevin, Camilla, Eva, Ziggy, Mark and the entire staff! Every single person in this business is out to make sure that you succeed!

Jose Salinas

Great school with awesome instructors and of course Kamilla in the front office. You'll learn a lot here because all they want is for you to succeed. Thank you to everyone!

Bart Garcia

Not good thy keep people to long on class room.


This is one of The BEST CDL Driving School 100%. They have best instructor's especially one best is Kevin,who realy explain everything you need and always willing to help students anytime.Thank you so much Mr Kevin I appreciate that and I'm so happy holding CDL right now

estela Quintero

so bad, nothing is good, my son was 3 months in there, he don"t know how parking and anything,

Melissa Mulroy

They are rude beyond any company I've ever delt with. They took my money with smiles then they turn on you and treat you like dirt. i gave them 650.00 to use their truck to get my license. I had my cdl from another state. I only went there once to use the computer. A friend took me to DMV instead so I wasted 650.00. I went back today to use the computer to study for doubles and triples and the rude polish lady was horrible to me. She said she didn't have time to look up my file. Then stated I needed a recipt. She then continued to yell at another employee loud in her native language. 2 prospects walked out .She is worthless.. DON'T GO HERE!!!!

Steve Viana

Arthur is a good teacher class and yard Paul its good teacher... tks.wolf driving school.

Terrence Biernat

Passed CDL A exams today. I felt the class and yard instructors all did a great job in helping prepare me for the test. I definitely recommend Wolf Driving school to anybody!!! Thank you to everyone there!

Michael Tereza

My CDL in 5-Weeks!!! You will see negative and positive reviews on every company/school out there. I believe much of the responsibility for school falls on the student. You will get out what you put into it. You must be committed and keep your eye on the prize. When I was researching the local schools I would invest my time and money into, I narrowed down and visited my top three based on Value, Environment and Flexibility. I found Wolf driving school to have the nicest classrooms, big open driving yard and overall the most bang for my buck!!! The staff from the front office, the instructors in the classroom and the yard all have many years of experience and stories to flavor your experience. I certainly found personalities and teaching styles that I gravitated to however I found myself learning something from everyone!!! The underlying belief here, from start to finish, they will to teach what you need to know to get your CDL and they will will help you until you get it, but you are responsible for YOUR Pace, Studying and Passing, it's up to you. If you want to go fast or slow, once you have chosen the path you must bear the task! I literally got my CDL this past Monday, start to finish in 5-Weeks!!! I have been accepted by three major transportation companies through Wolf and have a few other options I am weighing out. I will make my final decision at the end of this week and I'm very excited about tuition reimbursement, my new path and what the future holds. "Thank you to Wolf Driving School!" As Nike would say, "Just Do It!" I'll see you on the road!!! A Very Happy Student!!! Michael Tereza

Mohammad Zamat

Great school great people. The only thing is you must be on top of everything yourself. That's is the point for the school in generally to schedule everything yourself. But other then that teachers are great and school is awesome.


Don’t waste your money and pay the whole amount do it payments the school is bad I have been in the school for almost 3 months and they don’t know how many hours I have done #FACTS

Marvis Cox

Joseph Castillo

Had a great experience at Wolf Driving School. From Classroom to yard. Kevin was always there to answer questions. He would give us all the info needed and would help us get to were we needed to be for the class. PJ in the yard was amazing! He made me feel real comfortable while learning behind the wheel. Gave me real life experience and what to do in different situations. If you’re looking to become a driver I recommend Wolf. Thanks to you all for getting me to where I am today.

Mariusz Sarnowski

Being a student in Wolf Driving School was a great experience. I learned a lot from the teachers there. The teachers there are very patient and helpful. I loved everyone in the school, especially, Kamila she works as a front desk clerk. She walked me through everything i needed to know, also driving instructors Ziggy, and Serge were very understanding and helpful . School also has flexible schedule, that helped me get my "CDL" within 6 weeks. Overall great school and low price. I would recommend this school to everyone.

srajan viyogi

Thanks everyone

Danuta Kuczborski

The best way to get your cdl.

Zubaydullo Asadov

Not good school choose something else waste of a time instructors dont have knowledge ishite druguyu shkolu

Nector Dilone

I just got my CDL today at wolf driving school and I want to say thank you in the office to CAMILA, PRCEMIK and IVA, they are always very kind and willing to help in everything I needed, in the classroom KEVIN and TERRY they teach very well and they explain you until they learn, in the yard PJ and RAUL are the best teach very well and with a lot of patience, thanks to the other instructors

Joe Tedesco

Great school, very thorough! Kevin keeps the otherwise mundane classroom portion entertaining. Couldn’t have gotten through it without him! The yard instructors are very patient which is key with new drivers. Just beware of the state examiner Jerry. He’s old and senile, failing students in order to leave early to catch reruns of “Murder She Wrote.” I passed the three portions of the exam 100% with the other examiners.

Carlos Martinez

I enjoyed my time attending Wolf. I am very thankful to the instructors for guiding me through the course. Thanks to Chuck Norris (Kevin), Mashek, Doug, Terry, y mi amigo Ziggy. If you’re thinking about attending, do it.

Xavier Bautista

Good school, Arthur is a good teacher. The lady's in the office are friendly and super nice. The guys in yard are nice too, only met 3 guys from the evening. Super cool. Thanks.

Tomasz Nakonieczny

Było nieźle polecam wszyscy pomocni i przyjaźni.

Truckfit END

Great school


Great school, with great instructors. They offer very flexible scheduling so it wouldn't interfere with my 2 jobs. Highly recommended if your interested in obtaining your cdl.

Paul Celmer

I just received my CDL class A from Wolf Driving school and I am very happy with the school and instructors. Everyone from the office to the pretrip instructor to the driving instructors are great, they take the time to explain and answer any questions you may have and really make sure you are ready for the state CDL test. They know and understand that you are knew to truck driving and treat you with respect and not just a number. The price is extremely reasonable for everything you receive and the help that you get. I would highly recommend this school to anyone the hours are very flexible and being open 7 days a week makes it easy to match your schedule.

Murun Chuluunbat

DISAPPOINTING AND FRUSTRATING!!!!!!! They lie to you! They do have too many students and equipments and the instructors are not enough for the number of people they have. Just to pass the pre-inspection by the teacher, you would have to wait for looooong time. Passing the instructor's pre inspection in class is harder (just because they give you hard time ad not giving enough opportunity to take the test sooner) than passing the state examiner. Since there are so many people at the driving yard waiting for their turn to practice, they don't want you to pass onto your next test. Because they have around 30 students in one class with only one simulator. It is impossible to complete the course in 4 weeks, even though you are doing everything that is required by you. They try to hold you in the class as long as possible, because they are so crowded at the yard. They don't have any lectures which they said they have. You have only one chance to take the instructor's test in a week. Once you pass this test you are allowed to practice your driving at the yard. The office workers are horrible! Don't come to this driving school! They will waste your time and energy. Yes, they are cheap, the quality is cheap too!


It was an amazing experience! If it’s flexible time that you need than this school is just perfect. I started school sometime August of 2017 and just graduated Jan 22/18. Throughout the course I had many questions. Coming into this business ,all of it was brand new to me and I needed lots of help, I very soon found out that one must participate and be involved by talking to other students and the teacher ,asking questions and showing up for their classes and than at the end it all just works out,I know it does because I did it . A BIG THANK YOU TO : Office :Kamila

Fabian palmerin

Great school!! the instructors are the best, all of them help you alot. I don't understand english very well, and they help me to get my CDL. Wolf driving school is the best place to get your CDL, all the people that work at Wolf Driving School are great. They give you and teach you everything you need to know to pass you exam. All of the instructors are great but Bart in the pre-trip inspection and Dough in the yard are the best I learned alot of Dough in few days, he is very patient and know how exactly explain you everything. great school I recommended 100 %

Steve Kisiel

I highly recommend wolf driving school for your training. Kevin in classroom is very knowledgeable and will work with you in order to prepare you for the pretrip-classroom phases of the course. It is a tough part of the schooling and he will make sure you know everything you need. PJ on the driving side is phonemonal, he has many years of experience and is an excellent teacher. He will explain and show you how to maneuver through the skills course and the road test. Highly recommend the school, Kevin, and pj.

Ferdi Fejza

vaughn smith

I just wanted to say thank you to any and everyone that helped me through this course. The driving instructors are second to none. This is a great program with great people involved and if you're contemplating going to a different school, dont. Wolf driving is a very good school. Thank you again for everything.

Michael Walsh

Johnny Chaves

I'm grateful that I choose this school, it worked around my scheduled since I have a fulltime job . the instructors I had are amazing and really helpful especially Kevin , one of the classroom Instructor's .He will help you and guide you , the rest of the instructors like PJ, Raul, Terry, are good as well but in my case the PTI was one of my hardest and Kevin help get thru this phase. Now I can say I'm a CDL holder and can give my family a good financial support. Best school around town..

Rade Milosevic

Ivanka , receptionist is giving falsa information , two weeks ago refresher course for CDL is $650 which include 40 hours in class and 6 hours driving time total 46 hours today 6 hours of ONLY driving not included class hours is $650 maybe my math is not best but she is charging regadless what i want ...when i mention that i did call two week ago and she gave me different price she said no matter i do not have time or place for you and you aren't sponsored or have our loan program ....i ask her much is for ONLY one hour she said $100 outside per hour and if i do not want to use class program or class simulator its your choice ...i told her i report all this to D.O.T she said anything else i can help you with and hang up the phone . Your pricing needs to be fair not just bulk prices you either offer per hour outside of class room or you not .. specialy if i allready iwn CDL not asking for loan or help just services ...You all forgeting that if there is no US drivers there is no need for school and your services and this is typical example of what school NEEDS and wants not want customer needs and willing to pay for it !! Rade Milosevic

James Murray

The staff and instructors are very good here. Terry is very helpful at the yard teaching students what they need to know and helps test people so they can move onto the driving section. There are many students trying to take the test so they can move on so that is what Terry is doing the majority of the time he is there. Kevin, Ziggy, and I forget the names of the other instructors are great. I had Ziggy a lot for the driving portion which was great because he was very easy going and helped me out a lot backing up. Side note though, you have to actually spend the time studying the packet and read the whole packet that the school give you to have a understanding of driving the truck and learning the parts. It helped A LOT making my own packet of what parts would be in the Testing Section like the IN CAB INSPECTION, PART “A”, B, and C. If you fail you can only blame yourself it’s not the instructors fault you have to put a lot of time studying everything.

Franmarq Marq

I am very disappointed I took my 17-year-old to take their classes and the way they teach is very unprofessional my daughter took the test supposedly she fail the test but they never let her see the test to see the mistakes we have to take their word and now since she fell so Postley she have to take the class again and pay another 250,$ because my daughter very good student she Is A & B Student in 12th grade I do not recommend this school to any parents to take there daughters and sons. The school never told me how many opportunities they were going to give me the order to pass the test and then I Ask for the test to see where the sheet is wrong and you don’t want to show me on every school every class every test they make they give him a copy of the test So they can study and do better and if you think she’s going to cheat at least show it to the parent

Kamila Pietruszewska

Adam Wiedenbeck

The instructors were fantastic and very helpful. Top to bottom. Pre-trip, skills and road. They wouldn’t let you test unless they knew you were ready to go. Highly recommend.

Ronaldo Bermeo

Robert kapusta

Great place to get your CDL. Great teachers in classroom, awsome driving intructors.

King Gorilla

Website says open 7 days a week needs to be corrected because it is not. Not very flexible for people with jobs if not open Sundays as website states.

Joseph Freeman

The school was of very poor quality. There are only two instructors, and neither does a quality job of educating the students. One of them, is a joker, but not a teacher. I never learned anything. The other one would just put on a video, then walk out of the room. The school is happy to take the down payment, but although the contract states that within fourteen days half of the payment can be refunded if the student is unhappy, this statement is not true, Although, I followed the rules, I was never able to obtain any refund. I have since graduated from another school with many endorsements. Please take this under consideration before choosing this school. THIS SCHOOL IS A SCUM.

Muhammad Ghazi

Thanks to Mark, terry, ziggy, yuri,raul, kamila. They helped me a lot to get through the school. If you can’t have a fix schedule then this school is awesome. Great people and affordable program

Yuriy Rudeychuk

I have recently got my CDL through this school 160 hours course. 100 of class - is way too much, but I believe thats the state requirement so nothing you can do about it. You mostly learn only what you need to know to pass the exam. And you can come in whenever you want, so it’s easier to get your hours done, but makes it a bit harder since not everyone is on the same level. They got Art as an instructor, he has some good tricks of teaching and helping you memorize the book. Purchasing a better driving simulator might be a good investment. 20 hours of observation – you watch other students drive on a parking lot, waste of time. One hour should be enough. 20 hours of skills – you practice backing up, off set, and parallel parking. In most of the trucks AC doesn’t work. Trucks are not in the best condition, but this school is cheaper compared to other schools, so they got to save money to keep their price low. 20 hours of road – best part of the course, I wish requirements would be different and have more driving hours than anything else. Overall it was a good experience.

Yuri R

The school is very good, I got my cdl on first try. Kevin told us everything we needed to know in order to pass the pre trip inspection test. Pj, Ziggy, Yurick and Mahcheck, thank you for your patience and teaching me how to drive a truck. Camilla is very good and organized in the office, helpful with all my questions and paperwork. The staff is nice and treats you like a friend. Thank you Wolf Driving

Leeya K

It’s a good school to go to if you can stay focused and keep yourself on track... Arthur is a pretty good teacher and has good tips to help you finish your school.

Przemyslaw D

The school was recommended by my buddy. I checked it out, and I liked that the training program was explained to me in detail. Then, I simply followed their directions on how to get through the training process. I was able to do plenty of hours per day, so I got my CDL in roughly 5 weeks. I did my part and they did their as well. BTW I really loved the orientation paper, it was clear to understand, yet I still asked lots of questions (better safe than sorry). I also liked their job placement program and lined up my job before completing the school. Overall, its a pretty good school in the area.

chaz cooley

Need to teach real set up for students y'all are by far the worst truck driving school that I have ever gotten a new driver from and stop setting trucks up for them. Would not recommend anybody going there. Didn't want to give a star but had to so I can post review

Manuel Alejandro

The instructors were awesome! What you put in is what you get back in return. The instructors are there to guide you and push you. I am extremely satisfied with the school.

jose rodriguez

Went to get some information got blown off

Anthony Singleton

Anthony Genna

Great school! I would recommend this school to everyone!

Ruben De paz

Good teachers good experience, they make the best possible for teaching how to pass the exams and get your CDL , just we need to do the best from us.

Javaris Riley

A great school for individuals who’s trying to receive their CDL’s and don’t force you to pay these guys haves the best instructors I ever met sense of humor and gets the job done at the same time. Thank you wolf truck school you help me better my life and future. God bless you guys

Rigo Mendez

(Translated by Google) Excellent school very good preparation and good training to handle the trailer greetings to. All instructors of the school excellent work. Thank you (Original) Exelente escuela muy buena preparacion y buen entrenamiento para manejar el trailer saludos a. Todos los instrutores de la escula exelente trabajo. Muchas gracias

Mehul Patel

I just got my CDL Class b License on Monday. The instructors were great . I am very happy and I’m glad that I chose Wolf to help me Speciale to all insturcture help me everything

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