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4212 Rosehill Rd, Garland, TX 75043

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REVIEWS OF All American Driving School IN Alaska

rawand manoun

The staff were so nice

Sujee Edward

My son had his road test done here. They were on time and very friendly. I would recommend these guys to anyone looking for road test.

Sarah Krawec

Alex Santander

How the hell can yall run a bussiness when the doors are closed yet the sign says open i wasted 2 hours in the parking lot nothing but utter garbage this place is

Xiaoyan Liu

Phil is good coach !

Julia Masso

I want to share the experience I had yesterday with an instructor at this driving school, he is called Christopher, he is a man of about 40 years old. He shouted at me, he treated me badly, hedid not have patience, and he made me feel bad and made me cry. It is an animal. I don’t recommend take clases with him.

Kers C

Anna so nicely, when I feels bad she change everything for me .

Rita Gorman

I dont write review but omg! Phil is the best of the best driving couch out there and he has been doing this for 55 years... im 23 years old and lever drove because i was in a car accident when I was younger by family member and have always been terrified and has gone through tons of therapy and only took 4 lessons and i learned eveything. My frist time parallel parking I did perfect. He has so much fath on you even when you dont. He explains things perfectly. Literally he's the best person ever

Maggie Melton

Went to a baby shower there Was nice

genesis garcia

Guilherme Barbosa

Ana Saucedo

I’m so glad I took my road test here. I got an appointment right away and was glad to know that there were many time slots available for me to choose from. I took my test with Ruth and had an amazing experience. She was incredibly nice, patient, and fun! I felt comfortable driving with her and got over my nervousness right away. Definitely worth the money considering the long wait and stress at the DPS

Jessica Ontiberos

My husband took his driver test here for $100 cash only the day after he called. He passed his test with flying colors & the lady who administered his test was so warm & welcoming!

Donna Raymer

Worst experience ever! They allowed an Employee's Girlfriend to pick up my Daughter who didn't even work for All American Driving School. The Lady did nothing but Curse at My Daughter! My Daughter Did Not have Any experience Driving, just her permit. I didn't pay her a penny! She kept texting me saying she wanted her $45 cash! I told her you cursed at My Daughter the whole time she was driving, you had her crying you will not get a penny from me! My Husband and I went to All American Driving School and spoke to the receptionist. She had nothing to say but "Oh Sorry" Really!?? What is wrong with you people!? The calls and texting from the so called instructor got so bad we went to Garland Police Dept to show them the texts. At No Time Ever were we contacted by Management or Owners of All American Driving School. At no time should My Daughter have had to deal with a crazy lady picking her up to be verbally abused! Stay far away from this place.

Susan Plapp

No show for very first behind the wheel driving lesson, instructor was to pick up student at home (I paid extra for this service), no one arrived. Appointment was confirmed earlier in the day. Went to the facility after leaving voice mail and no one returned my calls. All lights out, door locked. It was 4:11 in the afternoon. Posted closing time was 6:00 p.m. Would not recommend this driving school.

T Young

Great experience, staff if very welcoming. Would highly recommend!!

Christi Davis

Nam Nguyen

Netz girl


Paige _vill

If I could give this school 0 stars, trust me, I would. I had an awful experience here. I called the school to inquire about their driving classes, but when I informed the woman at the front desk that I had a 21 and under permit, she firmly told me that I needed to renew my permit (as I am now 24) an was required to take the adult class in order to do so. So I enrolled, only to find out once I arrived at the DPS that I did not need to take the class at all. When I returned to the school, the woman feigned ignorance and would not admit that she had cheated me and refused to return my $100. In fact, she raised her voice at me when she was trying to defend her reprehensible actions. Additionally, on the day of the class, I had also shown my instructor my permit, and he still never mentioned that I did not need to take the class. So to anyone planning to take classes here, don't. They will rob you of your money. The service is awful. The employees are awful. You're better off taking classes somewhere else. In contrast, when I called a different driving school and they immediately informed me that if I had a permit, I would not need to take the class.

Who Blah

They fired Sandy?

majesticmarcy o3o

I had a great experience here! I loved that you can get get a drivers test the same day after getting your dps permit. I had a wonderful time with the test proctor Ruth. Because of this school i was able to get my drivers license in one day!


Franklin Delano

The receptionist is very rude, and inattentive. Have had to practically beg for scheduled times and information regarding getting our child's drivers license. Every time we go in there is always something else she has neglected to tell us, requiring more driving around trying to gather paperwork to get this done. The actual instruction and classes were good but the receptionist needs to be replaced with someone more competent. Just for that reason it has made this a very bad experience that has stressed us to no end. We recommend you find some other place until this one gets their act together.

Andrea Thomas

Very friendly staff, I recommend everyone to come here!!

Brandon Gottier

All American Driving School is the best! They have the best classes in town and the friendliest staff around. Thank you so much!!

Jennifer Quintanilla

NOT RECOMMENDED! Poor customer service and management skills. They mess up drive time schedules and then charge you no show fees for drive times you did not schedule and charge no show fees for cancellations that were done way before the 24 hour window. By pure luck you will get someone to answer phone and they obviously do not check messages. They make mistakes and expect you to pay for them.

Damecione Thornton

I did the same day testing in my own car for $100. I called around 9:00 am and they were able to get me in at 11:30. Randy and the older lady were a pleasure to test with. She was very clear with all instructions. I’d recommend this place to all new drivers. Don’t listen to the bad reviews. Most people only come to share negative experiences!

Danielle Broussard

I feel a company teaching students to drive should obey all traffic laws. Yet everyday for 3 weeks around 245 at rowlett high school the man driving the shuttle disregards the school zone. He has flown threw every single day and fails to stop for students in the crosswalks at the schhol. Not a very good example you are setting.

Agnes Bernard

A'Laina Ault

My son drove with Rick one time, and felt very confident after the lesson that he was ready for his driving test. He passed easily a few days later. We had scheduled 2 lessons, but Rick was very honest and said that my son only needed one lesson, and so we were able to cancel the other lesson. We appreciated the honesty and the great instruction!

Ashlee Field McCollom

All American has employees that will go above and beyond to help new drivers (teens & adults) succeed and become licensed drivers.

Hector Reyes

Great experience in general.i went for a road test due to the long wait with DMV. They were very punctual and friendly. I have been to other places and they were rude. This was painless and pleasant.

Reina Marlen

DO NOT RECOMMEND they have poor customer service and they have a lot of people and don’t meet all


Never even dare to set foot in this place. They rip off ppl who wants to pass the exams. They make them come back the next day and pay $50 then will not focus on the part of driving YOU NEED TO LEARN AND FOCUS ON! then they will make you pay $50 each time you fail so you can practice one more time... and so forth! - Been working my a$$ for that money and it's not that I rip off other ppl like your shady business do! Total rip off amount was about $200 and I just did not get anything back! they even want me to pay more!!! will be reporting this to the right authority!

WhatsItLike !

It works. If you get frustrated teaching your kids to drive send them here. It's not cheap but was worth it.

Kay Dawa

I saw lots of positive review on the google thatswhy I went for this driving school. But, I guess I should have asked for someone other than Chris. He was horrible instructor, he was loud, he would just scream at me, yell at me even for tiny mistakes. I am a 5' woman, he kept making fun of my height, kept checking if I would reach the brakes or not (and it wasn't because of he was concern about my comfort), and kept on mentioning how he wasn't used to teaching short people. And, after any mistakes he would just hiss under his breath "aaa woman". Not sure if that attitude will help him teach any person, esp if it is a short woman. I took one 2 hours class with him, felt like crying by end of the day, and I didn't even show up for rest of the session even though I paid for it. I actually wanna write more about this horrible experience, but it probably isn't worth it. I still think there are good instructor at this driving school, I just happen to get the worst they had. Just don't ask for Chris. Ask for anyone else.

AJ _

Absolutely horrible. Paid last wednesday, was told that the instructor would call me to schedule an appointment by the end of the day. In the end, we went back there today and got a refund from a receptionist who was so freaking rude.

Jerusha Beavers

Quick fast and easy. No problem getting a adult drivers permit certificate here . All you need is a Id and 100$. Set a appt. first and I went here around dec there was completely no other students there but me. So I got done pretty fast.

Jose Lara

Terrible customer service!!! By far I have been trying to get my permit for weeks and they never answer and never give me the information I need

Samuel Morales

Great instructor!

Maia Sen

The most unreliable driving school ever!! They can't schedule driving times properly, they are never open, even when they say open in FRONT OF THEIR DOOR, and they have the rudest and most ignorant people sitting at the front desk. How the hell are they still a licensed driving school? I honestly don't know. I've experienced their preposterous service NUMEROUS times...this "driving school" should definitely be shut down, not just for my sake, but for everyone's.

Sandra Bazgan

Carol is the best instructor ever! Anna amaizing friendly! Excellent School. Thanks!!!!! I've got my licence two days ago...

Vincent Miller

Maria Theresa Saballa

Cecil Wilson

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