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REVIEWS OF Madison Driving Academy IN Alabama

Natalie Burdine

Coach Davis is a great teacher. I went from having little driving experience to being a confident driver. I would recommend Madison Driving Academy to anyone.

scottie mccluskey

I highly recommend this course!! Excellent curriculum and training!!

Molly B

Coach Davis was an incredible instructor. The first day I started lessons I was so scared of driving I could barley talk, but after only two days I was chatting and driving without fear. He is excellent at instructing without criticism and maintaining safety in the vehicle without being overbearing. I would recommend this driving school to anyone!

Ardmore Carpets

My daughter-who we really didn't want to ride with-lol was able to take lessons from here and become a confident yet cautious driver. She is now in college and we feel good knowing that she has learned from the best and will be safe on the highways away from home. Our son is about to start his lessons!

Selena Beyer

Madison Driving Academy exceeded the expectations I had as a student. And helped me prepare in the best way for my driving test. Taking everything step by step with more than one thing to learn during the lessons I had each day with them. I never thought I'd have my driver's license within 7 days of practice with my instructor but I did and have never been so happy. I don't think I would've ever gotten this far without what I've learned from this academy. Thank you and Happy driving! :)

Lynnette Feusner

A+ kudos to Coach Davis for helping boost this 70-year-old's driving confidence in the Madison area -- a far cry from driving the highways and byways of Wyoming and Montana! I also learned some new tips such as how to adjust the side view mirrors. A shout out to my daughters who gifted me this experience. See you on the road :)

Briana Davis

Jeremy Hall

Madison Driving Academy is a very helpful course I would recommend anybody to take! Mr. Davis is a nice man and teacher. He taught me while not being condescending and he was always calm. 10/10 recommend!

Sasha Isaac

Mr. Davis is a magnificent driving instructor! He's very knowledgeable, encouraging, and patient when he's teaching me all the rules and information I need to know. Without him, I wouldn't have the confidence and awareness that I need to partake in the privilege of driving.

Matt England

Did a terrific job helping my daughter become comfortable behind the wheel. Highly recommend this to parents with kids learning to drive.

luisa amaris

Thank you for helping me pass my driving test with the highest grade. You are Excellen!

Bruna Mendonça

Mr. Davis is really good! He helped me improve my skills and I got 100% on the road test!

Sagar Khashu

Madison Driving Academy is extremely thorough and patient when it comes to teaching you to how to drive. Will highly recommend to anyone who wants to learn to drive the right way.

Daniela Zieba

The Madison Driving Academy was incredibly helpful in preparing me for my license, and I would definitely recommend it to anyone hoping for test preparation in addition to lessons useful beyond the exam. Fantastic instructor!

Krishna Chaitanya Anumolu

Awesome driving instructor. Learnt driving very easily. You learn by the book. Just had my driving license road test. Got a 100, all due to Madison Driving Academy

Lee Kyoung-Sun

I got my driver license 6 years ago, then I’ve never driven after that. So, I really scared of driving, but Mark is really good instructor. I could drive with him and he really helpful for driving and also give a many good advise for the car. I remembered 3 words during driving with him, “easy”, “smooth”, and “control”. It makes me not too much nervous and can drive. I really recommed him and, already I recommended him to two my friends who need to get a driver license! :)

Violet Huang

Sherlita Clemente

Great instructions!!!

Jandi Queen

I was very afraid to drive and take the road test but sir mark help me overcome my fears. I passed my test today on the first try. All because i had the best teacher. Highly recommend this school.

Nick Hall

I was very nervous about driving at first but passed the test on the first try! Would definitely recommend!

khurram spy

Highly recommended!!! Very professional and great skills of teaching. Honest and straightforward... you will get your licenses with him for sure !!!

Bing Zeng

I would say the driving experience in Madison Driving Academy is very valuable. The coach Mr. Davis is a very nice teacher. I am a student in UAH. I got the recommendation from my friend about the Madison Driving Academy when I was looking for a driving school. Actually firstly I was nervous about it because I came to here from China about one and half year ago and I knew nothing about the driving school here. I am also handicapped. I was even not sure I could drive or not. Mr. Davis came to my office to have a talk with me about my situation and the class. He thought we could have a try. After the first class I was thrilled because I thought I could drive. Mr. Davis gave me very professional training. He is very nice with great patience. I just passed the road test and got my license the day before yesterday. I was not sure I can drive before, but I can drive by myself right now. I felt very excited. This would not happen without the professional training from Mr. Davis. I recommended him to my friend. My friend also think he is very nice!

Aparna Vemula

Highly Recommend Madison Driving Academy! I went from being nervous to a fully confident driver within very few lessons. The instructor is very thorough and patient and the 1:1 sessions help immensely to understand traffic rules on the go, especially for a newcomer to the country. Thank you!

Amber B

Although I was hesitant at first, this turned out to be one of the best experiences I’ve ever had! So grateful to Madison Driving Academy and to my instructor, who was always very patient, calm, and informative. Passed my test the first time! I definitely recommend this service to anyone looking for good one-on-one instruction or a refresher course!

Devika Kulkarni

I would say that Madison Driving Academy is the best school in the city to learn car driving from. Initially I was little nervous because I am new to this country and so the traffic rules were also new for me. But the instructor taught me so patiently that driving became easy. I could naturally grasp all the basic traffic rules while learning to drive. Never thought that within 2 driving sessions I would be driving so confidently ! Not only driving but the supplemental course work that the school provides is the best to train a person in becoming a skilled driver. Madison Driving Academy definitely makes you a responsible & confident driver ! I will recommend it to everyone.

Ye Jianyan

Excellent driving academy! My instructor was clear and patient. I feel so confident after taking my lessons and it is all wrothy!:) Taking lessons from a professional instructor does help a lot.Thank you so much!

Corbeau Le'Fey

I had years of sporadically isolated driving experience, but seldom ever left neighborhoods. Then someone referred me to Mark. He was able to teach me tips and tricks that my former 'instructor' (my mom) couldn't teach me, and was able to remain outwardly calm during my lessons so that he could actually help me understand what I needed to do or not do on the road. My mom noticed immediate improvement in my driving (and was calmer herself), and even without being able to get behind the wheel very often after my lessons, my confidence behind the wheel increased enough that I was able to take and pass my test and get my license. If they're still around when it comes time for my own child to learn to drive, I know where I'm sending them.

Teresa Chase

Madison Driving Academy is the best driving school in Huntsville Madison area my daughter got a 96 on her road test she learned a lot and she's a very competent driver and I am sure that she is ready for the road I would highly recommend every parent even if your car has received a yellow card should go through this class because there are things that they learn from mr. Davis that they do not learn in class thank you so very much.

AM Jordan

Mr.Davis is so patient! He's confident and that rubbed off on me, an extremely nervous driver to begin with! He's very skill and professional, would highly reccomend to any new driver, or even someone who just want to brush up on their skills!

Hayley M

I moved to Madison from Los Angeles, California at the beginning of 2016 and knew that I needed a lot of guidance when it came to learning to drive here as the two places could not be any more different. I looked at a few places before finding Madison Driving Academy and I could not be more happy that I did. MDA was exactly what I needed, not only to become a better, more confident driver but also to become better and more confident in myself and to not sweat the small things. I couldn't be more thankful towards my teacher, who has been with me for six months on and off whenever I needed him. He has helped me to overcome any fears and anxieties I had with ease and comfort. One of my greatest fears moving here was just how dark everything is compared to Los Angeles at night but knowing I can always count on MDA if I ever need to brush up on anything or tackle darker roads is a great blessing and one I am tremendously grateful for. I would recommend Madison Driving Academy to anyone and everyone whether you have your license and just want to become a better driver or are just starting out. Every place should have such a great teacher, I'm glad Madison was the one that did.

Susana Yque

Amazing instruction and gives great tips. So helpful.

Meenakshi Das

I highly recommend Madison Driving Academy. In just a few sessions, I was able to learn the techniques of driving, and I even passed my driving test! The instructor is very dedicated, motivating and remains calm even if you make mistakes on the road. Thank you!

O Reza

I had never driven before and was so nervous about it that I wasn't sure I would ever be able to drive. But after less than one month of lessons with Madison Driving Academy, I passed the driver's road test with a perfect score. I couldn't imagine having had a better learning experience.

Erin England

My middle daughter was really afraid to drive. Madison Driving Academy helped her overcome her fears and she now enjoys driving. Although she was enrolled in a driver's ed program at her school, she would not have gotten the 1:1 attention she needed to become a safe driver. She was even able to pass her driving exam the FIRST TIME. Money well spent. It is far less expensive to invest in developing safe driving skills than replacing a totaled vehicle or a stay in the ICU. Highly recommend this school.

Amel Mahmoud

Professional and delightful. I am leaning as well as enjoying driving!

Kay Haney

If I could give more stars I would, Madison Driving Academy is worth every cent. My fear of driving was so intense that I waited until I was 23, and absolutely needed to drive, to get a license. Despite my poor, erratic driving Mark was calm throughout the entire process and I was able to improve drastically every session. It was an ideal introduction to driving that I would absolutely recommend to everyone.

William Ross

Carissa Davis

Madison Driving Academy is the greatest driving school. Highly recommended.

Lindsey Widrig

Mark Davis is a fantastic driving instructor who has a lot of knowledge of the road, beyond just the basics. He applies real-life experience in teaching new drivers how to stay safe on the road and makes learning about it fun at the same time. During my lessons with him, I went from about the confidence to barely start a car, to passing my road test on the first try and feeling confident driving on any road or level of traffic here in Madison. I would definitely recommend “Madison Driving Academy” to any new driver! You can't possibly learn what I've learned from Mr. Davis about driving from just your parents.

Chanyn Hill

Mr. Davis is a fantastic instructor. He helped my son become a confident driver, scoring a perfect score on the road test. Great experience!

Ayria Merrick

Suma Kalukurthy

Why there is only 5 stars if there is 10 I would give 10/10 Madison Driving Academy is great place and instructor was excellent professional teaching how to drive I am highly recommend to everyone.

Veena Nalluri

I have taken refresher classes with Mark Davis. Mark is a fantastic instructor and highly recommend him for anyone who is planning for a road test.

Harleigh Bass

Took lessons a while ago and I can still see how his lessons have helped me. A friend took lessons with him too, and we've both gone from having very little experience to confident drivers. He's very aware of what you're ready for and what you need help on and won't put you in situations you can't handle. He's much better than the driver's ed classes provided by the schools.


Mr. Davis makes the driving experience informative and comfortable.

Dorothy Burdine

Madison Driving Academy provides exactly what a parent wants, focused training to turn your children into safe, responsible and confident drivers. I highly recommend this service.

Rona Vines

Everything we wanted in a driving school. Instructor was extremely patient, encouraging, and knowledgeable!

M Schikner

My son's driving skills and confidence have greatly increased since taking lessons with Madison Driving Academy. I appreciated the one on one personal service. This company goes above and beyond taking its students through all kinds of driving scenarios. Great Experience!!!!!

Felipe Costa

Great experience!

nandu ch

Madison Driving Academy is a great place to get driving lessons from! Hours are flexible and the instructor is patient and professional and calm and will answer any questions you have. I highly recommend this school for everyone especially for beginners.


Excellent lessons

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