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REVIEWS OF Dale Carnegie Training IN Alabama

Sean Shea

The High Impact Presentations course was a great experience for my personal and professional growth. I didn't realize how much fun I was going to have. Also, I really got to know the folks in the class while I was there. I highly recommend the team at Dale Carnegie in Birmingham.

Corey Gray

Dale Carnegie Maine challenges individuals to be the best they can be, by teaching practical time tested skills that work every-time. Dale Carnegie Maine team assisted me transition from the college environment to corporate. I recommend Dale Carnegie Maine to anyone!

Ishmael Woodruff

This was a great experience and I encourage everyone to take these classes. Nancy was a wonderful instructor. Her energy and positivity really helped me break out of my comfort zone. I thoroughly enjoyed the class.

Davis Smith

Worth every penny! Taking this course has helped change the way I look at business, public speaking, and stress management. Nancy Is FANTASTIC!!!

Anna Kathryn Gresham

I was hesitant about the Dale Carnegie class at first but it was phenomenal. I learned a lot from the course coaches and the other members of the group and will be able to use the skills I learned to be a better leader and more effective communicator!

Beth McCoun

Excellent class, wonderful life principles, highly recommended!

Kelli McCullough

I had a great experience with the Highly Impactful Presentations course. I can't believe how much better prepared I feel for presentations after a two day course. I would recommend it to anyone looking to refine their presentation techniques. Nancy and Robert are great!

Terri Lee

The test of any good training is results. I feel that I received results that will benefit not only my employer but also my family and myself.

David Free

I went through the Dale Carnegie Immersion Seminar. I learned so much, but my biggest take away was to simply be myself! Pam and Jessica were incredible! Great training class!


Going into this program i didn't know what to expect. I entered with an open mind and a willingness to grow and learn. As I started the first class I quickly found out that this is a course to help yourself grow and become more aware of people's feelings and have an understanding of how to approach people. Every week I found myself growing and learning different techniques on how to deal with stress, anger, work habits and also on how to defuse a potential argument. I highly recommend this course because it opened up my eyes to the benefits of becoming a better person of society. I never seen myself being comfortable getting up in front of a group and talking but the techniques used makes it simple and easy to accomplish. So i leave you with this, If you are trying to become a better person and don't know where to start..........Here is your answer.

Wells Cooner

Have you ever been told that your presentations need some pop; or, that you are very monotoned when you speak? Do you get weak in the knees when you get up in front of people to speak? If you take the Dale Carnegie High Impact Presentation training class taught by Nancy Covert and Robert Daniel, you will never have those problems again. I recently attended their two day class and it was amazing. During the class, Nancy and Robert helped me understand my strengths and challenges when giving presentations . They then showed me ways to overcome my challenges. With just in time coaching and one-on-one reviews of my presentations throughout the class, I learned to be a better presenter. Every member of the class went thru a transformation in their presentation skills. I would recommend this class hands down. I don't think you will find a better class with such amazing results anywhere.

miranda smith

Jimy George

The experience is worth the money! Nancy is great at presenting you with ideas and tools to enhance your leadership efforts - I thoroughly enjoyed the "Leadership Training for Managers" course I just completed and would highly recommend any one with (or aspiring to have) direct reports to take it... The other students in the class are the added bonus that contribute so many real life examples and experiences in crafting your own problem solving skills and leadership style. Don't think twice, sign up

Jay Swanner

I got so much out of the High Impact Presentations course. It provided me with real-time coaching that is going to serve me well going forward anytime I have to make a presentation. I now feel much more comfortable in a variety of situations and its all thanks to all the wonderful people at Dale Carnegie Training Birmingham.

Ad Wa

The Dale Carnegie Training courses are fantastic!! If you want to improve your public speaking, communication skills or build self confidence in becoming a successful more effective leader I highly recommend looking into one of the many courses they offer. I had the pleasure of having Nancy Covert as my instructor; Each of my fellow classmates had different goals they wanted to accomplish by taking the course, and throughout she guided each student towards their own personal goals of achievement. You will get what you put into the training, if your are opened minded, willing to learn, and able to step outside your comfort zone your results will be remarkable. I was able to take what we learned and studied each week and apply it to real life business interactions and situations; the results were astounding. Dale Carnegie is respected name in the business world, and graduating from one of the many training courses will give you the tools needed to grow yourself both professionally and personally. You will not regret taking one of the courses. Trust me, I don't!!

Tina Luker

Great overall experience! Met a lot of new people and we became very close through our interactions.

Danny Bryant

French Forbes

Nancy, Robert and John made for an excellent experience with the "High Impact Presentation." I was somewhat apprehensive before jumping into this one but I have to say it met and exceeded my expectations. This is a must for anyone wanting to transform their career!

J Cavin

I thoroughly enjoyed the Dale Carnegie 8-week Skills for Success class hosted by Nancy. She did a great job of keeping the class interesting and useful, and provided great practical examples of putting the techniques into practice. I would highly recommend this class to anyone looking to develop or pollish skills related to interacting with other people, time and stress management, and public speaking.

Standard Heating

Just finished the High Impact Presentations and it was awesome! Nancy and her team did a great job and we all learned a lot. I highly recommend taking that class to improve speaking in front of a group and practicing your technique.

Henry Gerard

Excellent class! The training provided by Nancy and her team is outstanding. I highly recommend this class to anybody who desires to enhance their presentation skills.

Yes Please

The Dale Carnegie course was a wonderful experience. It helped me in the areas I needed work with most in building confidence and becoming more comfortable speaking to groups. One on one chatting with classmates was also beneficial. I could see my growth each week and Pam and Wells were amazing at giving me encouragement and helpful instructions. I also met some great people in my class and we became a very close knit group. We encouraged each other and built relationships. Pam Wilkes did an amazing job of keeping us up beat and ready to learn with her energy and teaching style, and we couldn't have asked for a better coach than Wells Cooner. This course was a great experience and well worth the time!

Di ketries

Knowledge you apply every day in your personal and professional life and only makes you a better person/professional. You see results from first session. 100% recommended!

Thomas Arnold

This training was exceptionally. Mr. Robert Daniel is rated in the top 6 trainers in North America, and it certainly shows in his execution of the training. This was an experience I will remember and treasure for the rest of my life.

Sankar Renganathan

I recently attended the Dale Carnegie training course on "How to communicate with Diplomacy & Tact" here in Birmingham. Good learning experience! Learned some new principles. Nancy and her team is very professional and nice to interact with. I would recommend this training to other businesses.

Misty Reeves

Not only did this class confirm things I already knew about myself but it also gave me the tools to recognize them and change those bad habits.


EXCELLENT AND VERY EFFECTIVE TRAINING!!! The training I received proved to be very valuable on the job, and it actually enhanced my speaking techniques at church. I highly recommend this course for secular and christian speaking engagements/presentations.

Annslee Hillyer

Nancy is the best of the best! I just finished my first Dale Carnegie immersion class and have already recommended it to multiple people.

Jimmy Wilbourn


An energetic and informative three days! We had such a great time getting to know ourselves and how to better understand and interact with others. This course is a must to improve your professional and personal relationships.

Chris Ratley

Great atmosphere and great instructors. Pam and Nancy were awesome. Thanks again.

Melissa Wiggins

Two words - Game Changer!!!! As an executive director, it's imperative that I give presentations with lasting impressions - thank you, Dale Carnegie, Hoover for making this a reality! So much respect and gratitude!

Kim Jacobs

Enjoyed the way Nancy kept it fresh !! I learned valuable skill sets. #madinstructorskills

David Kirkland

I recently attended the High Impact Presentation training. I was more than impressed with the quality of the trainers, the training itself and learned a great deal that I am sure will benefit myself and my company for years to come.

Dan Stephens

Nancy does a great job facilitating the process!

Kenny Gunter

Nancy and her team are incredible!! Amazing results in two days! Great group and no pressure atmosphere. They will push you beyond your own comfort zone to achieve phenomenal results! Would give them a higher rating if Possible!! They kilt it!! Little inside humor! Hope to work with them again in the future!! Take this class!! You will not be disappointed!

Brent Fratesi

I recently took the Dale Carnegie class. I would highly reccomend this class to anyone that wishes they could improve their human relations skills, regardless of occupation. Nancy was a fantastic instructor & also met a lot of great people during the classes. If you are willing to put in the work, you will be pleased with the results.

George Mantis

The High Impact Presentations course was excellent; probably the best ever provided by an employer. I consider myself a skilled and experienced presenter and I still learned quite a bit. I appreciated the interactive nature of the course, and how much content was packed into so little time (two days, which flew by). Also, the instructors were friendly, very knowledgeable, and added to the enjoyment of the course.


Nancy does an outstanding job in the Leadership Training for Managers Course. We send all of our Management through this program. Highly recommend.

Lynn Frank

Taking the leadership course at Dale Carnegie was an excellent opportunity offered to me by my supervisor. I continue to work on listening skills which have enhanced my relationships with family, friends, and co-workers. There is always opportunity for improvement and the skills that I learned are priceless.

John Teta

Excellent experience. I highly recommend the course to anyone who wants to have more influence in their organization.

Kaila Barrington

High Impact Presentations through Dale Carnegie training in Birmingham can be described in one word: impactful. Having already been a strong presenter, I was wondering if I would see growth at the end of the course. I was challenged and was able to see the growth from day one to day two. The trainers, Nancy and Robert, and fellow participants created a safe space to learn and have fun.

Emily Hook

I was initially reluctant to take time out of my hectic schedule and away from my family in order to attend this class, but I'm so glad that I did! The class was extremely beneficial and I thoroughly enjoyed it! Nancy Covert is an excellent instructor and she made the class so much fun. My classmates and I bonded and I feel that our friendships will continue long after the class is over. Well worth the time!

Cody Brezinski

I have completed two courses: Skills for Success and Leadership Training for Managers. Both courses are designed to make you evaluate yourself honestly and thoroughly, and this creates near-instant and significant results. The skills learned in both will positively impact and improve your life personally and professionally for as long as you utilize them. Nancy is an incredible coach and mentor, and this training is truly life-changing!

Gary Freed

Dale Carnegie Training, and specifically Nancy Covert of Dale Carnegie Training of Birmingham, changed the trajectory of my career as a CPA and management consultant. From the two courses I took, I learned and then polished my sales skills and obtained the knowledge to become a better manager. As a result of putting the Dale Carnegie approach into my business and personal life, I achieved my financial goals early and retired before the age of 55. I heartily recommend the Dale Carnegie Training program to anyone who is serious about making a change in their business and personal lives.

Billy Banks

Clay Conner

Dale Carnegie High Impact Presentations was both challenging and rewarding, I'm confident I'll be using lessons learned from this training in many future successes.

Jennifer Fowlkes

Having recently completed the Dale Carnegie Presentation Effectiveness Course, led by Nancy Covert, I can definitively say my experience was a success! The tools we were given and the instruction on details that can change your command of a room and the engagement of your audience during your presentation went above my expectation. The confidence building we received both verbally and visually definitely changed my approach to presentations. Thank you all for instilling in me a greater level of who I can be as a presenter/trainer. I will remember to be "memorable, knowledgeable and energetic!"

Hunter Davis

This Program was a great way to not only see other employees, but to learn many great skills to apply in the work place. I really enjoyed the training and the instructor Nancy was a phenomenal teacher.

Monica Lang

My team had such a wonderful experience with Nancy and her team! We had a small group in the presentations course and we all came out of the class with a ton of knowledge. If you're looking to boost your presentation skills when presenting internally or externally to clients, Dale Carnegie is the way to go.

Kameswara nara

Excellent course and well taught!!!! Kudos to Nancy for her innovative teaching methodologies. Thanks again Dale Carnegie.

Jennifer Jacobs

I attended the training not knowing what to expect and graduated the Dale Carnegie Immersion Seminar wondering how I have made it 14 years in business without it. It taught many different topics, including public speaking, concise messaging, human relations and dealing with stress. There were also MANY, MANY principles that seem pretty common sense at first glance, but are actually really difficult to master. I learned SO much in 3 short days and have already put a lot of what I learned into action, with positive feedback! Thank you so much.

Immanuel Ramsey

This is my second time taking this course. It's very helpful and gives you many ways to becoming a better person at work and at home. Nancy is awesome and keeps you motivated and laughing!

Josh Benton

Nancy Covert did a wonderful job training us! It was a great class and I am thankful for all that Dale Carnegie had to offer. I learned so much and plan to work to use Dale Carnegie's principals daily.

Jeremy Blackburn

Great program for professionals needing to master the art of presenting. They will expand your normal comfort zone and give you guidance on how to present in a professional, competent manner. I would recommend for an inexperienced presenter or an experienced presenter who simply wants to get better.

Kristy Brooks

Emily Coe

Very rewarding experience.

Jeremy Prickett

I attended the Dale Carnegie Immersion Seminar in December 2018 and it was well worth it! This is not your average seminar. You will learn and grow if you're willing to invest your time and effort. It was an excellent return on investment of 3 days for me.

Ian Thomas

Had a great teacher... really got a lot out of the class!

Jeff Loosier

Great class great instructor!

dan blackman

Fantastic training course needed by all managers. Overall concept is providing you with a playbook to deal with people and the delivery by Pam Wilkes could not have been better. Very energetic and engaging.

Cameron Mullens

This was such a fun and interactive course! I was pushed out of my comfort zone and really learned a lot!

Geoff Belcher

1st class training

Christopher D Thompson

An amazing, if some times uncomfortable, experience.

Johnny Davis

Nancy is a great teacher and was always very energetic. She made the material very easy to understand and applicable to every day life. The class itself has really transformed my outlook on my career and has made me approach difficult situations with a different attitude. Thanks to Nancy and her team and I would definitely recommend to anyone looking to make some changes in life and work.

S Henry

Candace Smith

I had a great experience and received lots of feedback about how I can wow my audiences at work! Highly recommend it!

leigh raposo

Having just finished the Effective Communications and Human Relations Skills for Success course, I find that I am better equipped to gain cooperation from my colleagues. The level of cooperation has helped me to meet deadlines that in the past were not being met. It was inspiring to take this class with other motivated professionals. If you take this class, you will work better with others, get work done, and reduce stress.

Jamie Broadhead

I recently attended the High Impact Presentation training from Dale Carnegie, and was amazed at the growth I saw in myself over the training days! The trainers Nancy, John, & Robert were so great! Their coaching was spot on and breadth of knowledge and experience absolutely showed. I would strongly encourage anyone looking to develop and grow in this area to attend this training.

Kaitlin A

During feedback on a recent interview, I was told that I looked good on paper, but needed a self-confidence boost. As someone looking to become a Learning and Development Facilitator, self-confidence, along with the ability to speak effectively in front of people, are basic necessities. I found out about the Dale Carnegie course through Dawn Bridges, the Performance Consultant at the DC Birmingham office. I enrolled in the Skills For Success course and was taught by DC trainer, Robert Daniel. I can't say enough good things about this course and how much it helped me. Each week for 8 weeks, we prepared 1-2 minute presentations to present in front of our trainer, course coaches and fellow classmates. You will quickly find that the best way to get better at speaking in public is to keep doing it, and that's what we did in this course. We were taken out of our comfort zones and taught principles that are proven to make our work lives (and everyday lives) more effective. If you're like me, and not enrolling in the class through a company, then the cost of the training can be an initial shock. Don't let it deter you. I strongly recommend this course to anyone and dare you not to notice a significant change within yourself.

Kelly King

Hands down the best training course I've ever attended. Nancy, John and Robert are incredibly knowledgeable and talented at teaching presentation skills. They have taken my confidence and public speaking to a much higher level.

Stanley Parrish Jr.

If you want to grow professionally and personally, You need the Dale Carnegie Training. It made me come out of my comfort zone and taught me how to talk and relate to people. You will also learn how to improve relationships and manage stress. Robert Daniel is a great trainer!

Amy Price

The 3 Day Immersion Seminar was great! I learned principles I can use not only in business but in my personal life to better communicate with others.

C Carey

I had a great experience I was able to interact and meet employees from different locations. The methods of working together in groups was excellent and a great learning experience.

Fran Allen

This is a high energy fast paced way of changing your views and demeanor in how you interact with co-workers in the work place. You learn the principles that guide you through any circumstance you may imagine to arise at work or in personal life and with practice through the class they become part of you. Upon leaving you will have grown confident and armed with methods that you will easily ply with in your work and personnel environment. Nancy Covert my instructor I was privileged to have was a delight of energy and empowerment for me and my class mates and I will say that she made this a most memorable experience. I recommend Dale Carnegie to everyone!

Collins Cunningham

Dale Carnegie Sales Training is an excellent way to groom your sales skills to a completely new level. Nancy teaches you how to approach a sale, the process to close the sale, and everything that happens in between. She does a great job interacting with the class, and gets you to excel with your techniques and style. The techniques that are taught in this class are second to none. This class is extremely beneficial, and will not only make you more professional in sales, but more confident as well.

Laura Skrzypinski

This class was great! Not only were the instructors energetic, knowledgeable, and motivating but the class itself was fun. I learned so much!

Jodi Alcock

I had the pleasure of taking the High Impact Presentations Course this past week. To say I was apprehensive going in is an understatement. I was nervous and self conscious! By the end of the 2-Day training, I was a confident, enthusiastic, polished public speaker. The change was miraculous. I saw it in myself. I watched the transformation in my classmates. This course is IMPACTFUL! My trainers, Nancy Covert and Robert Daniel, were tremendous. Their feedback was spot on. If you'd like to become a more impactful public speaker, I highly recommend taking High Impact Presentations.

Brooke W

Most courses purely instruct you on speaking but this course gets you up and let's you practice with real time feedback. The speed of improvement was shocking. Definitely recommend!


Wow!! What can I say??! I had no idea what I was getting into with joining this High Impact Presentations course! This experience exceeded every one of my expectations. I learned so many things, met some great people, and also some great instructors! I encourage everyone to be apart of this course! It will change your entire view on presenting, and your life!

Chad Skelton

I thoroughly enjoyed this class. It taught all of us so much about stepping out of our comfort zone to learn new methods to leadership. I feel like I personally struggled with self-confidence and learned about myself, that a lack of self-confidence and underestimating oneself, is not only a hindrance to oneself as a leader but also to the team as a whole. I feel that this seminar opened our group up to learn more about each other, and to better understand each persons make up, making them who they are.

Vickie Garner

I highly recommend any manager taking this course. It is very informative and working with the groups helps improve your confidence.

Chris Brasfield

I would recommend the course to anyone. If you will implement what you learn the course is priceless. You can only come away a better person!

Clint Gray

This is some very good training. it will help you in all areas of your life very good Teacher Nancy Covert will make you feel right at home .

Ryan Simons

These courses will benefit anyone, truly a life changing experience. Opens up your eyes and mind to a whole new world of opportunities.

Janet Dozier

The Dale Carnegie Course gives you an overview on how to deal with not only difficult people in the workplace -- it also shows you how to communicate and deal with any one you come in contact with every day. The course also shows you how to deal with stress and worry. The trainers provide a very engaging, hands-on course -- you are not just there having someone talk to you. The course gives you an opportunity to get you out of your comfort zone. I wish I had taken this course several years ago when I was in a management position. I believe any one from high school/college age to upper management / executive would benefit from this course because it touches on several different areas. I also must add that Robert Daniel is an excellent trainer!

Tara Kay Roseberry

Pam Wilkes was a great instructor. Class was action packed and easy to follow. Would definitely recommend.

Mark Burch

The course was very hands on and engaging!! I learned a lot of skills that we overlook on a daily basis as sales professionals. Nancy, the instructor, is excellent at her job.

Chris Ellsworth

Excellent class! Nancy, John, and Robert were amazing, and coached me based on my individual needs. I will definitely be attending more Dale Carnegie training in the future.


The training class was terrific. Very informative and thought provoking. It was a great opportunity to connect with my classmates.

Michael DiRenzo

I have taken four Dale Carnegie Training courses with Nancy and her team in Birmingham/Huntsville. The classes are interactive and present the opportunity to practice applying the skills.. The skills your learn in each of these courses can be applied immediately within work and life. I highly recommend these classes to individuals who are looking to develop oneself both inside and outside of work. "Take a chance! All of life is a chance. The man who goes farthest is generally the one who is willing to do and dare" - Dale Carnegie

Lauren Albright

What a great class! Our instructor Nancy Covert is full of energy which makes it a very entertaining class. You will learn leadership tools that can be applied to your personal or professional lives. Highly recommend offering this class to your employees.

Frances Copeland Lucas

Barry McQueen

Great experience. Trainer ( Nancy Covert), was very professional & made the class fun & enjoyable. Highly recommend this for all businesses.

David O

I've taken two Dale Carengie courses, and both were great experiences. I'd recommend them to anyone who wants to take their professional life to the next level.

Tony King

Amazing! A wonderful, challenging experience. Nancy, John, and Robert worked so hard to make sure that my own personal presentations can be better. A group environment that's amazingly individual.

John Taylor

Nancy was our instructor and she was absolutely fantastic. Her instructional method was great and kept our group engaged throughout the entire series. The results of the training are already showing inside our company. I would highly recommend The Dale Carnegie series and more specifically, Nancy Covert!

Scott Hadaway

Great people and great class. You will leave with some very useful tools for your professional and person life.

TJ Pruitt

High Impact Presentations course was hands down the best external training that I have ever taken. The facilitators have done a great job creating this program and it was highly effective. I highly recommend this location for any training if you are looking to improve professionally. Well worth the money!

James Bottom

Total Life Change Experience!!!! The best instuctors I have ever had the Joy of Learning from. Step Up your life and your Profession Impact and Take a Class @ This location!!! I could write for days, but I will spare you the read. Just Do It!!!!!!! James B.

Andy Bennett

This Dale Carnegie training team is by far one of the best organizations I have worked with. I have had the pleasure of working with Nancy and her team multiple times. Each and every training I attended has been well organized and very relevant to my career. I have learned valuable tools and skills that have had a positive impact on my professional career as well as my relationships with coworkers and customers. I truly value the lessons learned and relationships built as a result of participating and working with Nancy's team.

George Brockman

Great class and well executed by the professional trainer. The material is terrific but its the delivery that multiplies the value

Machel White

tammy graham

I recently completed the Dale Carnegie Communication Class and found the discussions, reading material and in-class exercises to be very helpful in discovering how to better handle situations at work, how to handle stress in general and how to face my fear of speaking to strangers. Great class!

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