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REVIEWS OF Essex Family Dental IN Vermont

Green Mountain Republicans

After a hike to Spruce Mountain Picnic at the top, accompanied Elizabeth Harlow and brought one my own up.

Ms. Foodie

Chelsea Barry

As a health care provider, I hate having to write negative reviews about fellow providers. However, sometimes something happens that simply cannot be overlooked. I was seen at EFD for a regular check-up in February 2012. It turned out that I had a couple of cavities that needed to be filled, so I made a follow-up appointment. No problem. On the follow-up, the dentist drilled the necessary holes, and then his dental hygienist filled them (some states have an extended scope of practice for hygienists, apparently). Everyone was very personable and seemed reasonably competent, though I was a little surprised that the dentist never came back in to check the work that had been done. Other than my numb mouth, I left a relatively happy camper. When I arrived back at work that day, I received a follow-up call from the EFD office. They were calling me back in because things had not been communicated properly to the hygienist that was filling my teeth, and THEY DID NOT FILL ONE OF MY TEETH. That's right - they drilled the hole, and then never filled it. Sure enough, when the numbness wore off, I could feel a hole in my tooth with my tongue. I had to make another appointment the next day to have them fill the hole. No apologies, no offers to discount the service, just a $10 gift card to Chili's. And when I requested that the dentist come in to physically look at the filling, I got a nasty look from the hygienist. {For the record, I don't really blame the hygienist - the dentist should have come in to check out the work before I left the first time around}. 2 years later, I moved up my regular visit time with another dentist when I started to feel food getting stuck in that same tooth. Apparently, the filling that EFD placed either disintegrated or fell out, and now I have to pay to have another dentist re-fill that tooth. I'm not saying that everything they do is shoddy. This might well be the exception to an otherwise outstanding practice. However, my husband and I both switched out of the EFD practice after they forgot to fill the hole the first time, and neither of us feel comfortable recommending the place.


Everyone at the office is very professional and friendly, and I really appreciated how accommodating they are with making appointments. The building itself is just beautiful as well!

Fullwood Fullwood

Cindy Walcott

I am a long time patient of this dental practice. I am extremely satisfied with the care I receive there. Without exception, the staff are professional, friendly and courteous.

Winston M

After work hours and Saturday appointments! I didn't have to miss work! Staff are really pleasant too. . .

Greg Alling

The entire staff was extremely helpful and did a great job repairing my teeth.

Rebekah Roop

Peter Fitzpatrick

First visit to Essex Family Dental today. Dr. Castellano, assistants, hygienist and office staff were all professional, prompt and friendly. I wish I had made the switch to Essex Family Dental years ago! Janet Fitzpatrick

Dave Sird

sue firman

My husband and I have had fillings, implants, crowns, denture adjustments, and cleanings during our involvement with EFD. It has been spendy, but in line with other practices in the area. All of the staff , including the dentists, hygienists, assistants, and receptionists have been consistently cordial and respectful. They listen and do everything they can to accomodate our needs. The new office space is so open and bright...I think the healing begins when you walk in the door! Thank you everyone.

Charlene Gless

Donna Porter

Great appointment...but had to wait around for check out.

Terri Breton

Wonderful staff Very helpful and Pleasant ❣️Always a Joy to Go❣️

Rick Snelling

Selma Turic

Never been to a better dentist, they are extremely friendly, and I love how they explain everything they do and see. And getting an appointment doesn't take months. They deserve a lot more then 5 stars!

Diana Blow

I changed to Essex Family Dental several years ago and have been so happy with their services. They are always very professional, personable, caring and proficient in how they perform their services. Very Happy Customer!

Melissa Morgan

Ernest Blake

This office is a well oiled machine! In - out and very well organized. Very friendly and customer oriented. Business owners should schedule appointments just to see how effective this team is. I am always very impressed. Thank you!


Nancy Slott

Catherine Christenson

Owen McDonald

Ryan Alger

Been going to Essex family dental since I was in high school by far the best experience. They make always give you the best professional advise make it easy for my kids to go and very knowledgeable staff and very professional A+ for working with our busy schedule always look forward to going highly recommended!

Phil Parenteau

Great feeling, great staff,well recommended!

Amanda Cherrier

great experience :-)

Amy Russell

Bethany Dandrow

I have been going to EFD for probably close to ten years. Everyone is always very helpful and nice. I've never had any issues going there.

Barry Nye

You can always get in the same day appointment for emergencies! Very accommodating with people medical conditions. Always polite I'm very positive!

Gerhild Bjornson

Diana Carrier

Friendly, courteous people.

Bob McNeill

As usual, I was greeted with a great big smile by Katelyn. Within two minutes Sarah collected me up and brought me to "the chair". She took good care of me until Dr. McKay came in and chatted as if we were best friends who had just spoken yesterday. I felt as if I was the only patient in the building! And I told them so. My personal dental financial advisor as I call her ,Cait, settled my account and got me out the door. Less than an hour in and out for a filling. I love the team at Essex Family Dental! Keep up the great work. Happy holidays to you all.

tig110 7

Deena Frankel

Melissa Gaudio

Emily Wolynski MacDowell

nagami ito

I was on vacation from Colorado when I had a tooth basically crumble into dust. When I called they got me in the next morning 7 am. The entire staff was simply amazing! Dr Gibilisco was honest and made me feel safe and comfortable as we discussed my options. We went with a root canal and crown which they allowed my mother who lives out of state to pay the bill over the phone. The procedure was as quick and painless as one could hope!! Thank you Essex Family Dental!!

Jan Abbott

We have been patients of this practice for 52 years. My periodontist's hygienist noticed a possible cavity last week, and when Dr. Feeley saw me today, it was taken care of Immediately. This was very helpful, as we were preparing to leave town for several weeks. We are used now to having Dr. Feeley drill, and a dental assistant with extra training then fill the cavity, and this has never been a problem.

Dave Nichols

excellent service, great people, no complaints

Ann Porter

Everything went efficiently and as usual very caring and personal.

Nan B

Wonderful staff and fantastic facilities, such caring people who treat patients like people

David Jones

It is always a pleasure. Wonderful staff. New facility. They were even ready to see me before my appointment. Dr Makay is great.

Bobbie Hedley

They are definitely efficient, clean and friendly. This is my third visit to the office in 6 months. And, I thought the first two times were a fluke, but having gone yesterday, I don't think it is. My one thought is the younger assistants do not do as thorough of a job. A girl polished and flossed my teeth so poorly, I almost stopped her- since it's something I'm capable of doing myself. But, to have someone start something for you and only "kinda" do it, was not a good feeling. The hygienist and Dr C. were lovely, thorough and efficient. No time wasted with them. Overall, I'll keep going back, but maybe skip the assistant part of my cleaning next time.

Mark Barnes

Saturday & evening hours make EFD convenient working into my schedule.

Gary Shepard

Thank you all, Dr Feeley,Paula and Katelin for another great visit as usual.

Laura Foster

Super nice team. No judgement at all. I felt alot of empathy and compassion. Thank you Dr. Castallano for taking real good care of me!!!!!!

Carolee Sutton

I highly recommend Essex Family Dental, especially for families who have children. I brought my 5-year-old here to get a filling done yesterday. She was a little nervous, as expected, but the staff there went above and beyond to make her feel comfortable. All dental tools were explained to her and any question she had was answered in a way for a five-year-old to understand. Both of us were very pleased at our visit and at how kind, quick, and efficient the staff made her appointment to be.

Kate Flynn

Before switching to Essex Family Dental, I would cry at every dental appointment and dread it for weeks. I'm happy to report that Essex Family Dental has completely changed my outlook on dentistry; I no longer dread the appointments. Today I had my 3rd treatment at Essex Family Dental and I had no fear or crying what so ever. It's a new era. Their staff have been incredibly gentle, understanding, and comforting. They offer multiple anesthetic and anti-anxiety options including Nitric Oxide gas, Triazolam pill, Novocaine injection, and Lidocaine local gel. It's a relatively large practice, but they work in close teams that makes the experience feel intimate. The facility is newly renovated, welcoming, and beautiful. The space is clean, bright, and open; very comfortable. I was referred by a friend, and I'll be sure to continue referring others. Essex Family Dental is an absolute God send.

sondra hayden

Jim Harlow

Getting a temp crown is not my idea of fun. But, Dr Gibilisco, Bri, and Megan made it a completely pain-free and relaxing experience. They are an awesome team. A+ is my grade and I am not an easy grader!

Angela Jackson

Essex Family Dental is the dentist I have always been searching for. I just moved to the area and my previous dentist recommended a few procedures that left me feeling confused. After seeing the amazing reviews for Essex Family Dental I decided I would like to give them a try. They are definitely worth the hour drive from South Royalton. From the moment you walk in the door, you are welcomed with a professional and kind atmosphere. All of the staff go above and beyond to educate and inform you on what is going on with your dental health. They take their time and are incredibly friendly as well. I cannot be more grateful to them for the amazing work they did, and I can honestly say I didn't feel a pinch. It turns out that I didn't need 3 of the procedures that were previously recommended to me. I am so glad I made the switch to Essex Family Dental and I highly recommend them to anyone who is looking for a gentle, professional and honest dental experience. :-)

Bethany Muller

This is the best dental practice I’ve ever been to! Everyone is so nice and friendly, and everyone has such a great concern for your overall health. I’m not afraid of the dentist anymore!!!

Ethan Gleason

John Hooley

in and out! professional and quick!

John Mayville

Rhiannon Kim

Yelena Tsyrkina

Suzanne Dunbar

We switched to this practice due to some dissatisfaction with our previous dentist and because of the Saturday hours. I have to take my kids out of school for so many appointments, it's nice that dental visits are no longer one of them! I have always been happy with the treatment we've gotten at EFD, and their newly remodeled building is really quite beautiful. The only complaints that I had were that my daughter and I had to wait around in the exam room for quite a while after the exam while the hygienist did things in the computer, then would disappear for a minute or two and then come back and type things in the computer again. I'm not sure why we needed to stay there, as we didn't need to schedule any other appointments. Also, my other daughter waited in the waiting room for us and wanted something to drink but wasn't in the mood for water. She went to the Keurig machine but her only options were tea or coffee. It would have been nice if there was a hot chocolate or hot cider option, especially on such a cold day. Otherwise, we were very happy with our visit! We saw a different dentist than we usually do and he was just as nice as Dr. Makay! He was very kind, helpful and clear in his explanations.

Malcolm francis

Best dentist I have had in my life and I have had several.

Amanda Pacilli

I called in as a new customer on a Thursday afternoon at 3 pm with a broken tooth, they fit me right in and took care of me that day. My daughter also needed some work on her tooth, they took care of her immediately. The entire staff is so accommodating and friendly, they make you feel at ease even if you hate the dentist! The office is beautiful and welcoming. I highly suggest this dentist to anyone.

Mary Ray

Excellent care!

Audrey Hendee

I am uncomfortable in a dentist office. From my inquiring questions to the procedure. the office staff and the dental staff made me feel les stress and more able to handle what was on tap for the day.

Bradley Dike

I drive 150 miles if that tells you about how much I love Essex Family Dental. All the staff is wonderful to communicate with. Excellent Hygenists!!

John Egan

Family Dental were able to see me promptly when I called in with an emergency issue, and began resolving the problem.

Joy Malota

My son is a student at SMC, and I was visiting for parents weekend. He had a bond on his too that came off late Friday night. I called Essex Family Dental at 8:00am on Saturday and explained our situation. They told us to come in at 9:00am and by 9:45am we were walking out the door with my son's tooth fixed. All the front dest staff were extremely friendly. My son said the dentist was nice, and the extra perk was how comfortable the chair was. Great experience and would highly recommend. He might just start going here for his cleanings!

Michael Murphy

I went to Essex family dental after relocating to this area and having a dental emergency. They were recommended by a colleague.They took me in quickly - my immediate impression is that they were they were a bit of factory and overly preoccupied with maximizing charges and getting patients in and out quickly. Unfortunately my concerns were accurate; in an effort to make more money, Essex has dental hygienists performing procedures that, in my extensive personal experience, were always carried out by the dentist him or herself. Sure enough, over the course of a few appointments I saw the dentist only once. The hygienist seemed irritable and not very skilled. I ended up with a cap that is the wrong size and an infection in the underlying tooth. This of course creates complications and now will require a root canal and recapping of the tooth and may leave some degree of ongoing discomfort. I will have these done by another dentist. My opinion is that these practitioners have lost their way with regard to ethical practice. My advice, based on a very bad experience there, is to suggest that you stay away.

Cindy Rickes

The staff at this office is so friendly and helpful and responsive. The dental care is stellar

Chuck Fortune

Ellen Baier

First of all, the new renovations are amazing. If you've been to the old office, you would barely recognize it. The only thing that's the same is the sweet, friendly, helpful staff. (And I am in no way saying this because they told me I had nice teeth.) I would recommend this office to anyone looking for a dental practice.

Heidi Dostal

Nancy Kolok

Terri C

It's the top place for technology personal service and smiles. The staff uses computer programs for easy scheduling, they can load your preferences (like certain techs or drs) and they monitor apts ahead of time so they can avoid scheduling issues or insurance problems BEFORE your in the chair and this works for the entire family! I've been going for 14+ years now and it's been that way since the beginning. The personal attention the doctor gives me gave me trust again. My son bonded immediately with his new tech Joe and my kids are excited for apts- and prize bin. The new expansion is modern clean and warm and they have the best Christmas decorations.

Abbie Wolff

Patricia Alberts

I was fortunate to have found EFD a few years ago. I was looking for a dentist that had hours after 5 and on Saturdays. I go for regular cleanings and had braces put on all after the normal 8-5 hrs. Oh and they also start at 7am! Great group!!

sherri rigby

The best dentist I have ever been to - I am no longer afraid of the dentist! They are all so nice, and the recent building expansion/improvement is really beautiful. Highly recommend - I wouldn't take my kids anywhere else.

reenie w

Kimberly Kavanaugh

susan tschorn

Jennifer Borthwick-Leslie

Many thanks! both Dr. Feeley and Brenda for their exceptional technical skill and friendly demeanor. I always feel at ease and comfortable in their care. - Jennifer

Karan Cutler

A good experience, as always. Thank you.

Lyndsie Shover

eleanor brennan

While visiting family in Vermont I had a tooth break off. I was very anxious to have the remaining tooth removed and I found the help I needed at Essex Family Dentistry. From my first phone call to their office I had a great experience. From the front office staff, Dr Gibilisco, and his dental assistants were all friendly, thoughtful and professional in getting my problem resolved. If I lived in Vermont they would've my dentists.

David Simcoe


meagan lebeau

Had my first visit here this past week. What a wonderful experience. The appointment was longer than I anticipated but that was because they took so much one-on-one time with me to make sure I was getting everything I needed out of the appointment. From the receptionist to assistant to the hygienist to the doctor, everyone was super friendly and knowledgeable and really seemed to be looking out for my best interest. I have never had a dentist actually go over my medical history with me. The hygienist and assistant went over everything they were doing so I never was out of the loop or confused. After my appointment the receptionist explained every item on my bill and even was able to estimate the cost of my next appointment. I have never been to a dentist where people cared so much! I recommend this place to everyone!

Jon Steele

Glenn Ambusk

Susan Brunelle

Ulrich Schaefer

emily drury

Natalie Stultz

My experience today was outstanding. I always look forward to seeing Dr. Makay, as he has a very caring personality and spends all the time needed to listen and understand, and to explain any kind of procedure or treatment. Today I had the dreaded full mouth xrays, and it wasn't bad! My trepidation comes from a place of childhood of dental trauma, exacerbated by teen years with lots of cavities ( the days before flouride!) The xrays were quick and efficiently done by Christa, and much less invasive with the new oval-shaped digital camera. Brenda cleaned my teeth, she is so positive and comforting to work with. A good experience!

Albert Gentes

It is a pleasure to go and get whatever I need done. I also enjoy picking on the ladies as they don't mind picking back which make the visit enjoyable. Everyone is very professional.

Nels Lund

Great experience. Quality straight forward dentistry.

Allan Cruz

Very patient and accommodating. Dr Phil is a great guy and very understanding.

Margaret Nowak

Kenneth Gaertner

Prompt, professional, efficient, and courteous. My wife and I feel fortunate to have found a dental practice of this caliber. We travel over 90 minutes to come here and don't even entertain the thought of going elsewhere.

Susan Bosland

The entire staff at EFD is kind, cheerful, and knowledgeable! I've been a patient here for 20 years and have only ever had wonderful experiences!

Clement Potvin

The staff and dentist were great. They took me in as an emergency case and were very kind and helpful.

Susan Rider

It had been awhile since the last time I visited. In fact, I didn't even recognize the building. The staff was very kind and efficient and I felt listened to and cared for which is the same as it was before. However, the building felt very loud and clinical. The sounds of other patients and staff talking seemed to echo through the building and the pop music playing didn't do anything to calm or soothe. Other than the noise pollution it was a pleasant experience.

David Sanford

polite,easy to get along with all are very friendly and are very knowledgable as well.very good.!!


Necia Gorton

Lori Lagro

Everything.. Everyone there is so pleasant.

Susan McCormack

Lynn Keenan

Wendy Aydinyan

Excellent care every time! Dr Mackay and his entire staff is knowledgeable, kind, patient, and trustworthy. Highly recommend.

shai na


This office is awesome! Have been their patient since 2005 and would not go anywhere else - People working there - beginning with the front desk Staff, the Dental Hygienists, Dental Assistants and Doctors themselves are very pleasant, and all do a great job. They always keep you informed about your co-pays and get you in right away if it is an emergency. I would highly recommend them to anyone who is looking to either find a dentist because they have just moved into the area or because they just need to change. Courteous and professional! A place to go if you are in need for a dental care!

Milad Roohi

Ember Empress-Merrill

**WOW ** The Best! Fantastic welcoming atmosphere-Fabulous skilled informative Dentist- Helpful & warm staff- Great pain management ....... In excruciating agony radiating through my ear, jaw, head, neck etc. due to tooth decay and without a dentist, I was dreading the making of phone calls necessary in search of desperately needed care - being turned away for not being a current patient especially those colored in tones of annoyance or condensation was anxiety provoking while being overwhelmed by the pain Blessedly, Essex Family Dental is the FIRST place I called. My ONLY call :) Answered warmly with an appointment scheduled immediately. When I arrived I was treated as if I was a life long patient. I was immediately at ease with the only anxiety from my physical pain. The kindness, sincerity and "realness" of everyone I encountered was amazing. I was not at my best. The pain made me occasionally illogical and illmannered. ALWAYS, I was met with gentleness, understanding and respect. I felt completely unjudged and totally cared for. The dentist was a freaking super star! So thoughtful, candid, personable, and skilled. Essex Family Dental is hopping- a busy place, yet the atmosphere is relaxed, calm, unrushed -welcoming . Not only was my pain eliminated but I found solace in the individual- attentive treatment that I received and witnessed I almost enjoyed my hours long root canal. My pain was managed totally and may have even snoozed a few times during the procedure. I can't say enough GOOD. GREAT. Wonderful. Excellent I wouldn't...couldn't go anywhere else, if I had a choice. Gratefully, thanks to how Essex Family rolls, I do have a choice :) Dental issues are often ignored- fear or shame or finances may prevent people proper care of their oral health which leads to other life and health problems This CAN change. I recommend a call to them, preferably before damage or horrific pain occurs. Your call will be answered kindly, questions answered informatively... They rock! :)

mark benoit

Kash K

You all have been AWESOME! I was so scared going to Dentist and always ignored but after getting my treatment done with your clinic not only I m satisfied with the results but also no scared of dentists anymore! Thank you for understanding my concerns and giving me my expected results!!! I definitely recommend you all.

Tina desautels

Not only is the dental building beautiful, but so isnt the entire dental family! They go out of their way to help, and make sure your visit goes as smoothly, and stressless as possible. Thank you for all you do to make us smile!

Christopher Robleto

Marcelle Bunbury-Whitcomb

Jeff LaBossiere

Dawn Densmore-Parent

Essex Family Dental has been my choice since their inception 32 years ago! From point of entry , and throughout, staff and dentists are helpful, courteous, and friendly. Client satisfaction and excellence is their focus, and their ability to work in synergy creates an exceptional experience and bright smiles every time !

Ashley Norton

The practice and the dentists are great and very friendly! They treated me well and didn't try to force anything unnecessary on me or scold me for avoiding a dentist for years. Minus a star because I did have the issue of being told they'd call the surgeon for me the next business day at noon but didn't actually try until I called later in that day. (Around 3:30-4pm) I'm in a lot of pain and it doesn't feel nice to be shoved aside like I don't matter.

Maria Williams

Jennifer Livingston

Steve Cutler

Jayne Waring

My appointment today was a combination of a regularly scheduled cleaning as well as replacement of a crown that had fallen out. The appointment took much longer than any of us expected! However, I felt totally valued the entire appointment as the team worked out the best way to prepare my tooth; when to take x-rays that would benefit me in a timely manner and limit exposure; etc. The team was respectful of each other and asked each other for assistance as they planned the course of my care. The two names I remember (and the ladies I spent the most time with) were Emmie and others know who you are and were equally delightful and professional to work with during this time. It is a pleasure to be a patient of this office practice. Dr. Feeley, our main dentist, and the entire staff are consistently courteous, attentive and respectful. They very obviously keep up to date with "best practice" assuring that their patients receive the best possible care available. The environment is always clean, bright and bathrooms are convenient.

Christine Longmore

Darren Keniston

I haven't experienced wait times over 10 minutes. Everyone is very friendly and ensure you are well educated on what procedures they will be conducting during the visit. And who doesn't like a goody bag when leaving. :)

Joan Martel

Definitely a great experience! Very friendly staff! I’ve found a dentistry that I would go back too! Thank you Essex Family Dental for the great care you gave me!

Karen Bushey

Charlie Windisch Jr

Was just in for a crown yesterday (4/7/16). Dr C and Paula were great! Friendly, courteous staff.

Alan Maynard

I've always loved everything about Essex Family Dental and now with the renovations, it's absolutely amazing.

Carisa Chadburn

Karen D.

A class act office crew from head to toe! Essex Family Dental is by far The Best dental practice around. Shout out to Dr. Makay who always makes the experience less scary, for educating his patients and answering questions no matter how many and for keeping costs down and affordable for all of us. We all know going to the dentist can raise anxiety and these guys know it. From start to finish, they make every attempt to make the experience a comfortable one. To show my appreciation, I referred two friends today. I know you won't disappoint. A BIG thanks to all!

Jim Krull

New to the Burlington area. All staff, receptionist, hygienist, technicians, Dr. Feeley, etc. were very courteous and professional. Very thorough exam. Feel like I made the right choice!!

Rick Doran

As always...the staff are prompt, friendly and always explaining what they are about to do (to/with you). Professional, but not stuffy. They walk you to the next station whether it's billing or setting up another appointment. they are very accomodating when scheduling appointments. Great on appointment reminders, via post cards and emails. Will ask if you need a break during longer procedures. Top notch people, top notch facility, top notch dental care!

Robin Cruz

I had a dental emergency and Dr. Makay had me come in at 7am so I could be taken care of and get to work for my first day with my students.

Passion 4 Paws

Cannot say enough good things about this Dental Office! I have been going here since I was in high school 1984 when Dr. Feeley was off of West Street in Essex. The new building, the staff, the techs, the Doctors, everyone is professional and fantastic! I never have had any issues here for 32 years!

Brian Nelligan

As usual, my experience was enhanced by the professionalism and quality of care I received from both the dental hygienist and the dental assistant. I came in on an emergency basis on Sept 2, 2016, waited only 10 minutes to be seen and the issue was resolved within 30 minutes! A really great relief! Thank you, Dr, G.!

Tim Stetson

Experience was smooth and very quick with my daughter today. However, I was disappointed with the period of time it took to be checked out. This was new for me. The DA had to instant message the front to let them know we were ready to check out. We then stood around waiting in our 'cube' for nearly 10 minutes! Our appointment was done why were we waiting? It would seem that although they have many 'cubes' there is only one person to funnel through for verifying payment and check out. This is not acceptable to me. This was more annoying than the constant beeps the computers made the last time I was there when the staff was being notified there was something needing attention. Even though it was not for the staff person in my 'cube'.

rob whitcomb

Always a pleasure, very flexible with appointments, accommodating, great workmanship, welcoming atmosphere, extremely knowledgeable with insurance, highly recommend, I have finally found my dentist for life.

Lee Washburn

I have been a patient of Dr. Feeley since he started his practice. I would not go to any other office. I've had extensive work done , crowns, bridges, fillings, cleanings. Excellent professional care, and friendly staff. The new office renovation makes you feel welcome and is beautiful.

Jen Daudelin

I was really scared of going to the dentist. I didn't go for a very long time. I found EFD and they made me feel very welcome and most importantly comfortable. They are great telling me what they are doing during any procedure and are always concerned and asking how I'm feeling. I have been going there for many years and now my kids go there too. They love going to the dentist!! Always a wonderful experience. Highly recommended.

Matt Cadorette

Camping at grand isle and got a bad toothache. Called them 1st thing this morning. EVERYONE from the 1st person on the phone, the receptionist who got me in an hour early, the dental hygienist and the dentist were all awesome. I was out of there in little over an hour.

Darlene Nelligan

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