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REVIEWS OF Champlain Medical Urgent Care IN Vermont

Don Gage

I highly recommend Champlain Valley Urgent Care. Very friendly, knowledgeable, and professional staff and providers. No long waits (I've been twice). Finally, they take the time to understand what your problem is as well as to ensure that you understand the course of action that they are suggesting to address your problem.

Roger Kallock

Excellent service from Dr. Josh Schwartzburg and his staff to a very annoying ear problem while on vacation in VT. Promptly removed of wax buildup which resulted in gradual decrease in pain and hearing returning. First experience with Urgent Care services in my 76 years and very satisfied.


I attend UVM and recently visited the Champlain Medical Urgent Care facility. I am from out of state (CT) and was unable to get to my hometown doctor. It was my first visit to Champlain Medical and I was very pleased with the service and visit. The staff was very friendly, knowledgeable and really seemed to listen to me describe my injury. I would definitely go back if the need arises as well as highly recommend it to others in need of medical attention.

Peter LaRosa

pleasant physical plant and staff, short wait times compared to other immediate care centers I've used in the area over the years, and excellent follow up when copies of reports or receipts are needed.

some time later

Evil people. Came here three times. All 3 were regarding major issues, including broken ribs and the worst cough of my life, which was pain level 9/10. The only reason I came here in the first place is the unbelievably bad VT health care (3-6 month waits across the board) from real doctors. These are not real doctors, just a bunch of kids working here. Did not receive proper care. Really weird, very casual low level service. Not real doctors. Absolute joke and waste of time. Place is always empty and they are very cynical and don't believe you're hurt. Really unprofessional and low level. If you are hurt or I'm pain do not come here. This is just a place you come if you have a minor scape or boo boo. Not real doctors.

Sandy Dubois

Becky Castle

I've used Champlain Medical Urgent Care twice--one for a sinus infection and once when my husband was bit by a dog. Each time we had an excellent experience. Both the medical staff and admin folks were great and we received excellent personalized care. This is not a "doc in a box" experience. It is much more like going to your personal doctor. Also, the wait times were very short. They have my urgent care business from now on!!

Lydia Jett

I recently saw Beth for a sinus infection. She was very knowledgeable and thorough. She made me feel at ease, and I did not feel rushed at all (as I have felt at different doctors' offices). Beth chose the correct course of treatment--started feeling much better in just a couple of days. At the end of my antibiotic treatment, I am 100% better and symptom-free. Very pleased and impressed with the service and professionalism.

Jakob Petri

My son had an infected bug bite while we were on vacation. They were very helpful and professional.

Michael W

DO NOT GO TO THIS SITE!!!! NON MD (PA) PRACTICING MEDICINE WITHOUT A DOCTOR ON SITE!!!!!! If you want someone whom has not received their MD yet and is not a doctor! This would be the place to go!!! I have never felt more inhuman and meaningless than at the visit I encountered with the person on duty! I feel bad and am very sick. She pretty much laughed at me and said I had a cold. And this was determined within less than five minute…if that, of actual examination and patient discussion. I felt unimportant and that my explanation of my symptoms and pass medical history was ignored. I felt like a number and not a patient. She was in a hurry as maybe it was close to their closing time and she had to leave as soon as possible. I am an electronics engineer that travels 3 weeks out of the month and works in the Pharma industry. So, it is hard if I get sick on the road and have to find a doctor. I am coming to the conclusion that it is not possible. I should have waited till I got back home to see a doctor. Please if you care about your health go somewhere else. The ethics of this "doctors" office is that of a garden mole.

Maria A

The doctors, especially Beth, has gone above and beyond helping and treating my symptoms. She has been extremely responsive to my questions and follow up care. I cant say enough great things about this urgent care. Quick service and very friendly, especially when youre not feeling well!

Jennifer Moran

It took less than an hour from my initial call from my house to when I was leaving their office. The person who helped me was extremely nice and efficient. I would definitely go back.

Sheana Holder

We have been seeing the members of this practice for upwards of 18 years. We have never received anything but top notch service. They have went above and beyond to assist with urgent and routine medical needs. They have always respected our opinions and beliefs and we have been known as people not a number. If you are looking for a home town physician feel in a world where that is no longer the norm then this is your place.

Kenomni Racer

Very Pleased with Doc Josh, and the staff. Very helpful, knowledgeable, good listener(s), easy to talk to. I recently needed a timely physical for "work" with the practice....(since I couldn't see my General Practitioner until October (this is written in May) for a physical), and got the opportunity to thank Dr. Schwartzberg, for a kidney stone diagnostic/treatment, a year ago, which saved me hours of worry and pain, I would have had in the emergency room. Thanks again, Dr. Josh! Ken

Randolph Stanley

Let me first say that I have been a patient of Doc Josh for some 25 years and deeply regard his persona and skill. Last Friday i stopped by to inquire of a DOT physical and documents. Although Josh and Beth were in DC for an FAA symposium, the staff graciously took me in without fuss. Prachi was very efficient in the pre-examination process. Dr. Jennifer, who was filling in for Josh, was most gracious, professional as well as complete in her work. She left no doubt in my mind of what a great addition to Champlain Medical Urgent Care she has become. It is a pleasure to be treated with old-fashioned empathy, understanding and caring. 5 stars!!!

Andrea Wilson

Champlain Medical Urgent Care was nothing but wonderful. I went in feeling horrible and was diagnosed right away. The women working were so comforting and kind. I felt at home in a time of need. Thank you!

Donna Cakert

Literally saved my vacation! Was seen right away and they had the medicine I needed on-site. Thank you to all the professionals at Champlain Medical.

Malcolm Cady

robert kaufmann

As someone who's career the past 18 years has been working in surgeries at local VT Hospital ORs and dealing with many aspects of healthcare, I highly recommend the quality of care I receive and witness others receiving each time I visit Champlain Medical. Their commitment of focusing on patient care and concerns is excellent.

Seth Callander

I got wonderful attention at this clinic. The staff was efficient, friendly, and professional! I would heartily recommend their services!

Samuel Scarpino

My wife had an excellent experience here--prompt, attentive, friendly service for a check-up when the wait to see a primary care doctor was many months long.

pete runez

Dr. Josh and Beth were amazing. I needed some additional testing and they handled all the paperwork and set up all the appointments. All I had to do was show up. They had me cleared within a few days. Always advocating for their patients I cannot recommend them enough.

Aaron Scowcroft

I had gone in to Champlain Medical Urgent Care because I had an injury on the job. Being a stubborn guy, I put off seeking any medical attention thinking I could tough it out. I was very pleased to be treated quickly by Jenni on Friday, and then a thorough followup appointment with Beth on Monday (today). This was the second time I've visited the practice, and both experiences have been stellar. I would highly recommend this place because of efficiency, professionalism, and the overall experience.

Ryan DuPraw

I was on a business trip in Burlington and there is nothing worse than getting sick and you aren't home. Well you might live somewhere else, but the staff here makes you feel very welcome and cared for. At least you can get in and out quickly and be treated amazing while you feel terrible and just want to get home. Thanks so much!

Nicole Fiori

DON'T pay with a card, or give them your card info. Read the paperwork carefully if you sign over anything. I was billed over $100 without any warning, over a month after my visit. I was sick & delirious and did not realize they would be keeping my card "on file" to bill later without my direct authorization. I'm never getting treated here again. BE WARNED.

Matthew Kuhlmeier

I was recommend to come in to see Dr. Josh for a nagging shoulder injury...after about 15 minutes of discussion and examine he had pinpointed the cause. Very professional, very confident that a successful recovery was possible. Now, after a few weeks of PT, the pain is finally starting go away. I would definitely come in again to see them. Thanks!

Shawn Hollick

I can think of no better AME (Aviation Medical Examiner) to go to for my FAA Medical! Dr Josh was highly recommended by my pilot colleagues. He was every bit as good as I had heard & I had hoped for! It had been 13 years since my last FAA Medical (Class III) & 15 years since my last Class I, and many things had changed for me over that time. I had known from my own research that my FAA Class I Medical would result in a deferment & a Special Issuance (if I was successful). I reported several new medical issues & was now also taking some medications so I really needed an experienced AME who not only knew the FAA Medical Certification standards & the process very well, but more importantly would be in my corner as my advocate! Dr Josh has been at this a very long time (20+ years), is a pilot himself, and best of all has a friendly manner to put you at ease. It is clear he is working for you! When you go to Dr Josh you will also get the full support of Beth Schiller, AGNP (Dr Josh’s wife) – a true two for one Team! I am a very happy pilot due to the support of Dr Josh & Beth Schiller! I received my FAA Class I Medical in just weeks!

Leigh G.

If you need urgent care avoid this place! This place uses the name urgent care in a misleading way. Hobbled in with a broken foot, and they have one wheelchair there that was In use and no attempt to help. Another patient had to hold me up and drag me to the chair while the receptionist looked lost . Then was told that they have no X-ray machine or paraphernalia!! They' refer' you somewhere else!?! They are not equipped for urgent care and should call themselves a walk in office with no appointment necessary . I had to leave with my aching foot and got real care at fanny Allen urgent.

Jamie Maguire

I'm in Vermont for an internship, and I became very ill this past August. I had a very high fever, chills, muscle aches, vomiting, horrible insomnia, and was almost delirious. Trying to avoid an emergency room copay, I drove an hour to Burlington to go to a walk in clinic. This was the third clinic I went to and the only one that didn't have a 3+ hour wait, but they didn't take my insurance. I decided to have them see me anyways. Fast forward to me sitting in the patient room listening to the doctor tell me I simply had the flu and needed rest and fluids. I told her countless times that one of my biggest issues was that I COULDN'T rest due to the horrible insomnia that had been plaguing me for a month. She just kept saying rest and fluids and sent me home with a $200 bill. Fast forward again to the following week, I finally get home and go in to see my GP, still feeling like complete crap. She tells me it isn't even flu season yet and that diagnosis was ridiculous. She tested me for Lyme Disease and -Lo and behold- I had Lyme. It's a good thing I ended up going to my GP, because if I had done what this "Doctor" instructed, I would have just waited for it to pass - as it does with Lyme - and then had serious complications with my health and my joints later on in life due to untreated Lyme. Seriously. Lyme is becoming more and more common, and it's a known fact that half of the deer ticks in VT carry Lyme, so why did you not THINK to test for it? That would be the first thing I'd test for! Only because of the dire consequences if it goes untreated! I will NEVER recommend this office to anyone, they are incredibly dismissive and I am embarrassed for them. I'm sharing my health experiences to try and help other patients from having to go through what I did due to this office.

Rebecca C

I visited Champlain Medical Urgent Care twice in as many days for a sore throat that escalated to tonsillitis. The first time I went, there were many physicals scheduled and I had to wait about an hour and a half, which felt like an eternity! However, Molly Somaini listened well and patiently to my concerns and promptly prescribed me an antibiotic, which they conveniently stock right in the clinic! I went back the next day because I was getting worse, not better, and after calling ahead they assured me they were much less busy. I only waited for about 15 minutes before I saw Dr. Huldin who was just as pleasant as Molly. She prescribed a different antibiotic (which they also conveniently had available to purchase at the clinic) and I was out with my prescription in hand in under half an hour! I wholeheartedly recommend Champlain Medical Urgent Care: even the nurse and office staff were exceptionally pleasant! If you are concerned about the wait, you can call ahead of time; although they don't schedule urgent care visits, they can let you know how many physicals they have scheduled and how many people are already waiting for care.

Matt P

they get me in and out fast

Lisa LaChapelle

I could not have had a better experience! All the staff (everyone from the front desk to the doctor that saw us) were friendly, knowledgable and took care of us ASAP. At the end we were referred to go get an x-ray at another location - they not only gave us advice as to which location was the quickest, and even gave us directions! If I am ever in an "urgent" situation again, I will definitely go back here.

Valerie Sinclair

eric bresnick

Had developed a shingles rash on my forehead and it was a Saturday and we had plans to go out of State for a quick retreat/vacation! My PCP said due to the location I needed to get to urgent care/hospital right away. We tried another place on Shelburne Rd and although there were only 3 people in the waiting room , they told me the visit would take 3-4 hours. We found Champlain Medical Urgent Care via a google search, and I was greeted professionally and seen almost instantly, and was treated very professionally. I instantly felt the doctor was extremely knowledgable, and on top of that personable. I got my RX, valid advice, and made it to see our concert out of state. I couldn't rate the place higher.

Pamela James

Better when they aren't busy. They tell everyone if will most likely be a 15 minute wait. Not my experience.


Got infection while on ski vaca. The Staff was friendly and professional. Got to see a real Doctor! Picked up a antibiotic prescription right there, and was back skiing by noon!

Vivian Pilot

I am here from out of town on a 4 month work assignment. I have been using this clinic as my primary care provider as I have had two separate ailments. Both visits were exemplary. The wait is not long, the staff is friendly and the practitioners are thorough and knowledgeable. The first visit I had Molly. She did not rush, answered questions and more. The second visit I had Beth. She also took time with me and explained things well. This is a private organization versus a chain and the level of commitment shows that.

VT Desi GK

If you are going for immigration service forget it, they don't know how to do it or how critical it is...They lost our blood work, delayed everything by 2 weeks, just insane..

Bob Eckert

There are lots of ways people practice medicine and various levels of care that can be offered to any given patient. But the variable that makes the real difference is the willingness of the care provider to be fully present, giving the gift of deep listening as they spend the time it takes to do a great job. These folks have that kind of presence. I am very well cared for whenever I am with them, and feel it.

Robert & Karen Ward

I would recommend Champlain Medical to any of my friends and family. They have been so wonderful to work with. They got me right in, without an appointment and their bed side manor was VERY professional and made me feel very comfortable and confident in their medical practice. Everyone there was so nice and helpful. THANK YOU Champlain Medical for taking such great care of me!

Jordane Perkins

I was traveling for work in the Burlington area and was in such terrible pain that I wasn’t sure I was going to make it through my meetings. Thank goodness I found this urgent care and Molly, their PA!!! She was so helpful and understanding, and she even had a medication onsite to immediately reduce my pain! Thanks to this place, I was able to complete my business trip and not suffer! Thank you all so much!

Devin Hall

I have been a long time member of this practice and have remained loyal even when the offices were closed in Willsboro, NY. The service has always been stellar and the physicians here are very forthcoming with any medical assistance that you might need. Very efficient and always going above and beyond.

Ryan Ama

Really friendly and helpful staff!

Hazy Dog Beast

Unfortunately this is posting from my business email, so apologies for that. Moving on! Today I had to come here for a pre-employment physical. Upon walking in I was greeted by the wonderfully nice person at the desk and that alone calmed some of my doctor anxiety. While filling out paperwork one of (what I assume to be) nurses stepped into the waiting room and asked what I'd like to be called. That floored me as it came without any coaxing from my end. After being taken back to the first room the same hurse also made sure to ask what pronouns prefer, again without any coaxing from me. These two questions mean the world to any trans person in any doctors office (or anywhere for that matter) and the fact that the doctors and nurses of this practice so easily ask right ofd the bat is an amazing quality to have for any medical professional. It isn't often that trans people are given the chance to idenfy themselves to a doctor before being deadnamed or called a pronoun they'd rather not be called. I say all this while fully understanding that in the medical world they need to know my biological sex, however being asked about my identity instead of them assuming was amazing and honestly made my day. Thank you Molly at Champlain Medical for making this visit far less stressful than what I had prepared myself for. I highly recommend this practice.

Johanna Widlak

Recently I needed immediate care and Champlain Medical Urgent Care provided that. Hardly any waiting on my first visit and none on my 2nd visit. I received very proffessional and good old fashioned personal and friendly care. The problem for which I came was solved within a few days. I highly recommend this medical office. Johanna

Valerie Nikel

We had to bring our son in recently for a tick bite on a Saturday - not only was the staff amazing, but they stayed open a little late just to make sure our little guy could be taken care of! So grateful for Doc Josh and the wonderful care we received!

Paul Eddy

I went to Dr. Josh to get a special issuance to get my 3d class medical back after having stents put in, and he and his wonderful staff (Beth Schiller!) went above and beyond in helping me navigate the confusing procedure I needed to follow in order to make this happen. There is literally no way I could have done it without you. Champlain Medical are the greatest, and Beth is a guardian angel! - Paul E.

Tyler Allen

Attentive and understanding staff. Thorough and down to earth Doctor. I came in one day for a consultation and the next for treatment and was only charged for one visit.

Noelle Siegfried

I visited Champlain Medical Urgent Care during a business trip to Vermont. The care I received was beyond exceptional. The staff were friendly, the wait time was short, especially with no appointment, and the medical care I received was fantastic. Beth and Dr. Schwartzberg listened to my concerns and took action that gave me piece of mind. The coordination with UVM Medical Center and the follow-up afterwards was first class. I can't say enough wonderful things about this practice. Go here if you want patient-centered care!

Lisa Yankowski

My neighbors had insisted I go get checked due to nasty coughing. Champlain Medical took me in,diagnosed my issue, did not subject me to unnecessary tests and got me treatment. Was in and out - fast and efficient. I am on the way to feeling better. They were great and I would go again. They were very nice too!

Ryan White

Great doctor, great man. Gave me some life advice, along with a cheap bill. "Life is an orange. Squeeze out all the juice you can." Doc Josh's words to live by.

Rose Loiselle

This was my first experience at CMUC. From the moment I walked in the door I was treated so nicely. The staff here is 2nd to none! Very professional. Catie took such great care of me. Never felt rushed. Was kind and skillful. 5 stars for cleanliness as well.

Tim Mcshane

i am a client of some years but have moved to florida. I was a walk in looking for some information for my pilots physical and they were not only helpful in guiding with information but arranged for me to take the physical right away at the time. thank you

Lisa Steadman

I was with my former primary care physician for 24 years before I saw Dr. Josh. We hired him as our staff physician at work, and I came in for my annual physical with a rather long list of chronic complaints. I received more care and treatment with Dr. Josh the first two hours in his office than the 24 years prior. He is a wonderful doctor, who cares about not only your health, but your well being. He took the time to listen to my history, he addressed every concern I had, and I feel better than I have in years! His staff is friendly, scheduling appointments is a breeze, his office hours are flexible, and everybody at work has been very satisfied with his care. He is now my primary care physician and I am VERY happy with my decision. Whether you're looking for urgent care, a staff physician, or a family doctor, you will not go wrong with Champlain Medical. They're awesome!!

kathy williams

I have gone to another Urgent Care in Burlington and won't go back but needed to have my daughter's foot checked for a possible fracture. The entire staff was very professional and pleasant! The PA was very knowledgable and brought in another doctor to consult. Overall, I am going to use this office as my family doctor(s).

roger germond

Owner of Econo Hoe Trucking and Excavating , I went to get a DOT psychical at a different walk in clinic which I will not name , and they were not equipped properly for a hearing test . They had me stand in a corner face a wall 5 feet away with a fan running in the room and the woman whispered and expected me to hear her what she said ? They failed me . I had less than 24 days till my CDL was going to be suspended . A friend told me about Champlain Medical Urgent Care , how they had everything there , so I gave them a call . I was surprised to find that they had on site a hearing pod and did testing on site and could take me as soon as I could get there . Arriving at the clinic I was greeted by 2 professional young ladies at the intake window who stated I just missed the rush and would be next , they gave me a short form to fill out , one of these ladies took me back to take the 5 minuet hearing test . I was then greeted by a very nice , helpful and professional nurse who went over the graph and explained the test to me , she brought out the DOT regulation booklet checked to see that my hearing loss was in the legal zone and did not require a hearing aid. I am so grateful to this lady Beth who really went the extra to look up everything the way she did , proved to me these are the kind of people you want looking after you. THESE PEOPLE CARE ! Thank You Champlain Medical Urgent Care , Thank You Staff , Most of all Thank You Beth God Bless You All , Roger J Germond SR

VP Operations

Both Doc Josh and the folks at Champlain Medical deserve the highest rating possible. The staff is very responsive and friendly. Doc is superb and really cares about your health. During a routine FAA physical he was concerned about the possibility I had sleep apnea. Doc suggested a sleep study which can be done right through their office. He could not have been more right. I’ve been on a CPAP for three weeks and feel 10 years younger. I'm certain Doc added many years to my life ....thanks Doc!

Forrest Anderson

When I encountered an issue that would keep me out of work, Dr. Josh and Beth helped tremendously. Dr. Josh called the FAA regional office while I was right there with him, and Beth persisted in advocating for me in the following days and weeks. Without their help, I would have been out of work for much longer. They are a pleasure to deal with because they are quick to respond and advocate hard for their patients.

Barry Lyman

My home, as well as my primary care physician, is in Florida. That said, I recently had reason to require the services of Champlain Medical Urgent Care for a pre-operative evaluation prior to surgery while away from home. Champlain Medical was outstanding...timely, efficient and thorough well beyond my expectations, and I usually set the bar very high when reviewing services required. Molly Somiani, the PA in charge of my workup was extraordinary in her attention to detail.

Alex Paine

Dr. Schwartzberg has been my doctor for many years. He and his team of medical professionals are true professionals. If you need the highest quality urgent care in the Burlington, VT area, Champlain Medical Urgent Care is the place to go!

Joe Sweeney

I have been a patient of Doctor Schwartzberg since 1986, I have 100% confidence in his practice, He is my primary doctor, I feel very confident with him and his staff. Always very pleasant and helpful. AAAA+ Thank you, Joe Sweeney

Ani Anderson

Got us in quick when we really needed help. Staff was friendly and great with my kids.

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