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REVIEWS OF Appletree Bay Primary Care IN Vermont

Adam McIntyre

A complete joke if you're actually trying to get something done. I was attempting to get in as a new patient for a blood draw...I had broken my leg 6 months back but was getting some new tingling/numbness in my toes. From the get go the facility felt nice and like a place I'd be happy to call my local doctors office, close proximity and the staff was nice. BUT it took 2 weeks for them to figure out the new client paperwork, after I had to physically go pick it up and then drop it off the next day. (they also lost my partners paperwork and never contacted her). So 3 weeks in, I finally have an appointment and the nurse in training got me settled with nice friendly banter and smiles in my room. Then the person who runs the practice comes in and changes everything, the type that closes their eyes slightly while smiling through their teeth. The "doctor" is more interested in talking about whatever ethereal hoopla and gathering with a gaggle of "team" members to figure out who I am (as a person) and how best to proceed than she is in my concerns. I'm trying to get blood drawn for a baseline, not see a psychologist and talk about dreams while having my hand held. They are more interested in the medical background I gave of my deceased father than what I disclosed about myself. She unrelentingly tells me that as a standard practice she does not do ANYTHING until the 3rd visit (+ 3 gaggles) and we will do nothing other than chat today. So I'm thinking 3 office visits @ $160 per outpatient visit before running a standard blood test which itself runs $300-400?? She told me that Appletree Bay Primary Care probably isn't right for me and that if I wanted blood work as well as other things done normally and in a more efficient manner to look elsewhere. The nurse in training was flabbergasted at her take, and quickly dropped out of the conversation. She was entirely unreceptive to any of my concerns, and it became clear that I was more of a training example than a new patient. I specifically said initially while setting up the appointment that I was looking for a simple blood draw...couldn't have been more clear about my concerns from the start. Sorry that I wasted nearly a months time with these guarded nurse practitioners who are seemingly too uncertain to make simple decisions outside the comfort zone of their individual purviews, but are more than happy to falsely present an atmosphere of inclusion and care all the while taking tons of insurance money and co-payments from hard working Vermonters. Talk about nickel and diming, sheesh. Went to a normal doctors office 2 days later (no 3 week wait time), blood was drawn by their nurses and had an exceptional professional experience. If you want someone to shamanistically hold your hand, take your $$, all while moving outstandingly slow because you personally are afraid of medicine and the science baffles you, then these gals got you covered. Edit: Turns out that Appletree Bay Primary Care isn't actually part of the University of Vermont Medical. UVM med centers are efficient beasts that will do what you need. Appletree is an independent facility which has UVM run their billing and dons the cap of a good brand. Which is also why you can't pay online through the UVM med center portal and have to spend 20 minutes on hold to make a phone payment like it's pre 1999. And then they mistake 4's for 9's and miss run the payment, so you get to do the whole thing over again later in the day. Soooo inefficient smh.........looks good on paper/online, but avoid it like the plague

Jacob Lehneman

Sarah Torsch

I’d say less than a star. They never have same-day appointments. Say to go to the ER. I’ve worked in the ER. They have better things to do than take on what primaries should be doing daily, like someone who has one day off a weekday to handle a 2 week head cold. This is the worst health facility I’ve ever dealt with. An absolute disgrace of what the previous doctors had it as, or how any doctor would run their office. I’ve often made two month in advance appointments, only to be told a week prior, that person is off that week and they can reschedule in a couple of months. Have to wait 4 months to see the only person I’d like to because they are never organized.

Bryan Francoeur

I've never had any of the problems with Appletree Bay Primary Care that others have listed. I routinely get same day appointments. The staff is friendly and competent. Yes, there are often students in attendance but Appletree Bay is affiliated with UVM Medical which is a teaching hospital so having students observing is to be expected.

Pastel Bolt

Trying to get anything done is ridiculous. If you wanna be a guinea pig for UVM students look no further. Otherwise- just straight up go somewhere else. Dont waste your time. Getting med refills is a nightmare.

Kevin Brown

The best place on Earth.

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