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REVIEWS OF Cool Springs Internal Medicine and Pediatrics Clinic IN Tennessee

Jade Marie

Doctor Karlekar is amazing, she takes excellent care of me and my son. She answers questions and takes the time to insure we understand. The office staff is great, kind and elevating, always a smile. The online portal is a great tool. You don't have to wait for an appointment you can ask a question, get a refill all through the portal as well as doctor notes and labs.

Tracy Downey

Barbara Clark

The care I receive from Dr. Karlekar is second to none with very little wait time. She genuinely cares like no doctor I've ever been to. I would highly recommend this group to anyone, there is a doctor for any personality.

Darrell ratliff

FANTASTIC SERVICE and far less expensive that Vanderbilt who charged we $260 on each 3 trips that did nothing for me. IM&P was less than 1/2 the price and I was treated with the correct antibiotic and better in a week. Versus the Franklin Vanderbilt Walk-in where 3 different people did NOTHING and now want me to pay $700! Never go there.

Martin Culpepper

After living in Franklin for four years, I figured it was time to find a new physician. I received some great referrals -- several of them for Dr. Bullock and Cool Springs Internal Medicine. I was told this was a busy practice, and that appointments couldn't just be made willy nilly, but I've never had any problem getting workable appointments that accommodate my very busy schedule. When I arrive for appointments, I've always been welcomed and seen promptly. My PCP, Dr. Bullock, and the entire staff of CSIMPC have always shown the highest level of professionalism and care during my visits. My experiences have all been very positive. I am impressed, and it usually takes a lot to impress me. I rarely write reviews, and I've never written one for a doctor before; but, Dr. Bullock and CSIMPC are the best.

Dickey Lee

Great doctor, great nurses and always very short wait!

Winter V Hansen

Alan Emery

When your outgoing message tells a patient to call back during normal business hours you should include what those business hours are.

Brandon Michael

R Br

Chad Smith

Cool springs internal medicine - Dr.Bullock (Patrick Stearns - Office Administrator) always charged me for multiple things that I did not need. After receiving multiple bills for hundreds and hundreds of dollars after they had filed with my insurance which I did not feel I owed, they sent me to collections and I paid my bill in full with the understanding from their office administrator that I could still be seen at the office if I paid. So I paid the bill and a few weeks later got a phone call telling me that I have been terminated from the practice. I made it clear to them that If I was to go back I would only get the necessary test required for my medication which they didn't want to do. What a lousy excuse for a medical facility. They don't treat your family right and they definitely haven't treated me right.

Sherry Abreu


Janet Sheridan

I've found the care and attention received from everyone at this practice to be helpful and attentive. Dr. Karlekar is caring, approachable, and addresses concerns in a timely manner.


Shockingly horrific customer service from Elizabeth in scheduling today. I'm not expecting over the top amazing customer service, but this was simply not acceptable. I was spoken to in an extremely condescending and patronizing tone, cut off mid-word at least 4 times, was even laughed at!! I'm not sure Elizabeth allowed me to finish one complete sentence. Information she was giving was inaccurate to boot. But that, I can handle. The completely unacceptable and uncalled for attitude that was flung at me left and right is the only reason I'm going to the trouble of a review. If you can't handle people, get a job that doesn't require you directly communicating with longtime, loyal, paying customers. We all have stresses and challenges in life. This was shocking "customer service." Simply unacceptable. No excuses. Cool Springs Pediatrics and Internal Medicine, please keep a closer eye on who's representing you and how. Thank you. *The frustrations expressed in this review are not toward my doctor whatsoever*

Royal Ellinger


Ola Halim

All the personnel in this clinic are exceptional. They addressed and resolved any and all concerns. Nurse Kate was especially diligent and went above and beyond her duty. She was an exceptional advocate for my daughter with autism.

John Anderson

Efficient service throughout the visit

DeAnna Brown

Our family continues to receive excellent and timely care at CSIMP.. The front staff are prompt and courteous. The nursing staff are thorough, and the medical care is excellent. I highly recommend Dr. Thorley and staff!

David Ostrander

Very pleased with both the staff and Dr. Thorley. They're taking excellent care of both of us

Kimberly Abdallah

I'm very happy and grateful for all the care my family has received at this facility, especially given by Kylynn Daniels. I highly recommend this clinic.

Erwin Velez

I had been a patient of this practice for about 15 years. My doctor recently left the practice but following his recommendation I agreed to see his nurse practitioner for my yearly physical. Unbeknownst to me I arrived to my appointment 15 minutes late and after waiting another 15 minutes or so I was asked to re-schedule my appointment. In my opinion that is not how you treat a customer of 15 years. Not only did I take time off work for my appointment, but I was also fasting late into the afternoon to allow for bloodwork. In my 15 years of attending my yearly physicals, I was never late and never seen at my appointment time. I always had to wait 30 and even 45 minutes past my appointment time, since they were always behind schedule. Needles to say I am looking for another primary care doctor somewhere else.


Disappointing experience. I used this facility for over a year. Doctor is never on time. Waiting time is too long even for morning appointments. Calling in advance didn’t help either…. If you don’t have ample of time to waste and don’t want to wait for long before seeing a doctor …… don't go there.

Vincent Grompone

vickie walker

Phone number is out of order and I can't get a Med filled from Nashville to Florida I have no idea how to get in touch with them. I don't see an email in website ?????

Kelsey Sommers

Patrick Lewis

I've been seeing Kristen Allen, DNP, FNP-C for several months. Each visit I've been impressed at how personable she is as well as professional and knowledgeable. Would definitely recommend!

Betsy Lyons

Great staff! They took us early for an appointment and fit in another sick family member at the same time. Wonderful bedside manner. Our toddler screamed at the doctor last time. This time, not one tear.


Jacob Dowd

After visiting this clinic for medical attention and advice, they did not appropriately follow up with me to see how I was doing as promised or to explain my blood test results. I had to walk in a week later as my symptoms had not subsided. They gave me a referral to see a specialist who was also untimely and not professional so I asked them to help find an alternative. After not getting another promised phone call, I walked back into the clinic to find everyone socializing as if they were on lunch break. I lost it at this point and demanded to speak to Dr. Bullock who was completely defensive, unapologetic, and placed the responsibility to follow up on me. There was no empathy or understanding whatsoever. I will be calling The Tennessee Department of Health to voice my concern.

Amber Meador

The docs are good, sometimes slow. But the billing dept is atrocious, I was billed for counselling services 3 times in a row. I called to tell them that my insurance doesn't cover that, and your docs DON'T do that, I was there for 6 month checkups. They didn't really seem to care about constantly billing my insurance for a service they didn't actually offer. As a business this is awful. Docs are pretty good though.

Justin Matthews

Always friendly and kind. Always helpful and make sure I have what I need. And with the dispensery connected it is easy to get home quickly and get better.

Andrew Finlayson

A wonderful team of doctors and staff. I can particularly recommend Dr. Peter Swarr who has a great bedside manner and is a great listener and diagnostic partner with the patient. He has provided great care to our family for a number of years.

E. Gary Bishop


I saw Ms. Lauren Owen for my annual wellness exam. She was perfect: thorough, competent, conscientious, kind, compassionate, cared...

Susanne Manning

Inexperienced and unprofessional - will use a different clinic for walk in care in the future.

Adam McWilliams

My wife and I had established CSIMP as our Dr.s office, we saw Dr. Thorley a number of times and she was courteous and nice, she helped me get on a good path to figure out what's wrong with my back/hip. That all took a turn quickly. My wife went in on 04252016 to the walk-in clinic because she could barely walk and her back was hurting quite badly. They told her to keep doing the same thing she is already doing (take meloxicam and use a heating pad) and they gave her a toradol shot. She told them this did not work, but they insisted and neglected her pleas for help. The shot did not help at all and when she called them it went to a voice mailbox and they did not get back with her for two days. She was already back in the walk-in clinic when they called her back. They neglected to help her and they refused to listen to her suggestions. I have never heard a Dr.s office refuse to give a patient pain medication to help with extreme pain. Neither my wife, nor I, abuse pain medication, and they sent my wife out and she is terribly distraught. Worst facility ever, and to think we planned to have them see our children when that day came. I am so disgusted by this facility and their treatment towards my wife.

Ted Heilig

Excellent , friendly service. Dr Thorley and staff were very proficient, professional, quick, thorough, and congenial. I would highly recommend them.


The staff is fine but they try to nickle and dime you, wouldn't recommend when there are plentiful doctors to choose from that have more transparent pricing. Being told I need to pay $80 because I forgot my insurance card? No thanks

Frank Paul

Ashley Raines

The billing department is horrible. I just received a bill in the mail and the lady is already calling me to make this months payment. She also (for the second time) has left me a message refering to my daughter as a boy. Never going here again.

Laura Rutherford

Doctor Karlekar and her nurses are amazing. We have never gotten anything but the best care for myself and my family. I recommend her to everyone.

Yvonne Orefice

Yuki Hoo

Before I visited the IMP Franklin office in Jan. 2017,I have called them to make sure my family insurance covered for my two kids (my boy was 4yrs, my girl was 6mons)immunization shots. And the reception said "yes, we accept it." But when I got the bill, I was totally shocked. It's 982.91US Dollars!!!Oh my Gosh! In my hometown, my boy had got the vaccine shots for FREE before we moved to TN!!! So furiously, I paid many phone calls to question why the kids vaccine shots cost me a fortune. And then the billing people said, "your insurance did not cover you at all at our office. You are out of network!" What? What's wrong with your staff? I did the confirmation before making the appointment! I have been thinking to sue them. I will NEVER NEVER EVER go to the IMP again for my lifetime! They are FRAUD!

Erin Baltrip

Fantastic staff at the walk-in clinic. We were visiting from Ohio when our daughter became sick. They took great care of her, educated us on her sickness, treated appropriately and timely, and followed up via phone call later that evening. Thank you! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

John Mahler

Original Post: Doublespeak, attitude and inexplicably pointless delays: The nursing staff took 4 days to begin the process of getting an approval from Cigna for scheduling a physical therapy appointment for a shoulder injury. I contacted Cigna to see if they had been contacted by Dr. Bullock's office or if there was even a need for an approval. Their answer was a firm "no" on both questions. When I attempted to figure out what was going on "Tammy" from Dr. Bullock's office, spoke over me as I asked questions and concluded the conversation with a dissmissive sniff, a condescending "sorry you're dissatisified" and hung up. Sorry to bug you and ask you to do your job in a pleasant and professional manner "Tammy." After a ittle lmore investigation and another call to Cigna it became clear that Dr. Bullock's office dropped the ball, pointed their finger at the insurance company, got defensive when asked for an explanation and hung up when called out on the unreasonable delay. Dr. Bullock is great - but that's of absolutely no use to anyone if his staff is going treat patients in this manner. Mistakes happen. Things get lost. A simple "Hey, we messed up. Sorry" would have been just fine...being lied to by the staff at your Dr's office another matter altogether. UPDATE MARCH 01 2018: On top of all of this I was also double billed by this office for a 99339 a month after my treatment at PT was completed and didn't recieve an invoice or a statment until FEBRAURY 14, 2018. Still waiting on a statement from thier office showing a zero balance. Thanks guys! I'll also add that Patrick Stearn is apparently unaware of the following: In the State of "Tennessee the DIRECT ACCESS legislation was passed in 2007 allowing licensed Physical Therapists (PT) to evaluate and treat patients without first seeing a physician. The Physical Therapists at Beyond Physical Therapy, PLLC are experts in evaluating a patient's musculoskeletal condition; and if appropriate, safely and effectively treating the patient.

Daniel Stephens

Desi V

Kelly Smith

Kylynn Daniels is great. Will take lots of time with you and sees her patients right away. Easy to get an appointment with when you need one.


I love Dr Karlekar! She’s an excellent diagnostician. She is kind, compassionate, and a great listener. She never seems rushed or in a hurry- she gives you her full attention. I have complete confidence in her medical expertise. She recommends practical solutions to problems that can be treated without medication. She runs on time and there are no excessive waits whenever I go to see her. The office Staff is friendly. They promptly notify me of results. Portal is easy to use and they respond to my requests in a timely manner. I would wholeheartedly recommend Dr Karlekar to anyone!

Mike Peden

I visited Cool Springs Internal Medicine at 8:00 on Monday morning with severe nausea and pain in my lower abdomen. I have a history of kidney stones, so I made the assumption that is what I had. I am not a doctor. They are. They should have paused for at least a moment and thought to themselves "GEE what is located in the lower abdomen that could cause pain and nausea . . . . how about an APPENDIX!! But just to be sure why don't we wait and let the appendix RUPTURE before we do anything, that way our diagnosis will be made for us and we won't have to deal with all those NASTY insurance people for preapprovals! YEAH FOR US!!" I seriously feel that is what just happened to me. I lost a week of my life because of it. Not to mention the 4 days of torture as a hospital inpatient that could have been avoided if my appendix had been removed BEFORE it ruptured. Let me give the doctors at Cool Springs Internal Medicine some advice: 1 - I have had a kidney stone and you will NOT see one on the baby- screen- monitor- ultrasound test that you scheduled me for, just because you did not want to deal with my insurance company to get approval for the proper test. 2 - If a patient comes in with abdomen pain, nausea, blood and sugar in their urine - think about drawing some blood and do a few simple blood tests. The tests MIGHT tell you something useful and I don't even think you have to call the insurance company for an authorization. Win Win for you. 3 - If a patient comes in with pain symptoms and tells you they need pain medication, don't tell them to take some Tylenol and a trip to the ER. Not everyone you meet is a opioid addict. Finally, I am sure that your staff are very proud of what they did for me this week and that it makes them feel very good about themselves. But it did NOTHING for me except put me through the experience of having a ruptured appendix with ZERO pain medication. I hope I can do the same for all of them someday.

Jennifer Little

I have been going here for over 3 years and Dr Thorley is my main doctor. I always have good experiences and everyone is nice and professional. I like that the pharmacy is available there. I have recommended this location to others.

Aman Sheel

They dont have their staff well informed. One staff says that I will be charged as regular patient but other charged me as urgent care. Dr. Karlekar is good though.

Terasee Morris

I have always had quick, friendly and attentive service from Drs. and Staff!

Janice Stevens

Mike Souders

This review is with regards to their billing system, not cost of care or quality of care. They don't have any automatic way to set up an online account, have to call during normal business hours even though the paper bill has account number information and other information that could be used to create a secure account or at least pay the bill. I bring up the normal business hours because you can't send them a message on their website or leave them a voicemail after hours. No e-mails or contact information listed. Pretending to be in the 21st century with a patient portal but realistcally way behind the times, I like places that are easy to give money to.

Alex Ladd

Randy Chartrand

If I could give this 10 stars I would! Just left an hour ago for a new patient consultation. Kristen Allen was AMAZING. She was personable, kind, caring and she LISTENED. There was no rush, she took her time and was very thorough. I will recommend to any and everyone!

Janet Moores

Everyone one at Dr. Thorley’s office was very kind and caring. I would highly recommend if you are looking for a new primary care Dr. you give them a call.

Carl Bradshaw

I always have fine treatment from Dr. Swarr and sometimes Dr. Karlekar. I, my wife, my 2 sons, my daughter-in-law and my grandson all see Dr. Swarr who is conscientious and has a wonderful manner.

Sean A. Smith

Great Docs, Can Be Very Busy

Linda Dierking

My knee started hurting last Sunday night. I waited to got to the clinic until Saturday- because I had been told the office was open for walk-ins. Macy was very nice, but I left with nothing but a script to get an X-ray on Monday, and an MRI if xray was negative and knee still hurt. I should have gone to the VUMC Clinic in Franklin. At least they have X-ray capabilities, and MRI a scheduling option at Cool Springs Imaging for today should that have been necesssry. I’m not sure what capabilities the Walk-In clinic has, unless the service is just for colds, flu etc. I was unaware the walk-in clinic did not have X-ray capabilities. But I sure do now.

Ivan Nekrasov

Great doctors and friendly staff. Have been their customer for 12 years!

phoenix Liu

We have been with this clinic for several years, every year my wife and me do regular annual checkup with Dr. Swarr. However, we are going to leave permanently with this clinic because of my bad experience. For year 2019 I had my appointment on 3/13. My appointment time is 9:30AM. In the morning I needed to drive my daughter to the preschool in the downtown of Murfreesboro, then I went for my appointment. I am not familiar with the route from the downtown of Murfreesboro to 840, so I miscalculated my time on the road. On that day I was late about 11 minutes for my appointment. After I sat in the office, several minutes later the guy from reception window told me that the doctor could not see me because I was late for 11 minutes. I was very unhappy and asked him whether I could wait for half an hour or even longer just for a available time slot. For that appointment I already asked for several hours leave; you know it’s not easy to make up the time. Also I fast for the appointment for the whole night. But the guy refused me and then I just left directly, without any rescheduling. This is really unhappy to me. So we decide to leave the clinic forever. I thought this thing was over, however yesterday I received a letter from the clinic and simply told me two things: firstly, your first missed appointment is your fault; secondly, if you missed more appointments in the future we will charge you $35. That is, really annoying arrogance… so I decide to write down my experience and share it online. I have three questions for this clinic: 1) In that visit I checked with the people whether they have a standard of “being late” for an appointment? To my surprise the guy told me “I do not know”… Well, if you do not have a standard then how you decide people is late and really need rescheduling? I clearly know that for my dental and pedestrian offices such standard is 15-20 minutes. Well, I was late for 11 minutes and they just kicked me out. 2) If the clinic thinks that they have zero tolerance for being late, then why they take double standard? Last year my wife did the annual checkup and both the doctor and nurse forgot to ask her to take the blood sample. They did not think that’s their mistake, after several days they just simply called back and asked her to come back. My wife told me they did not have any apology. We thought that was not a problem, anyone makes mistakes; not a big deal. However, for such mistake why the clinic is so tolerant for themselves? 3) If you think that my appointment is so “important”, why not call me? We once received such call from our dental appointment and it was really kind of them. I admitted it was my fault that not calling them in advance, however with full anxiety to catch up the time and speeding 80-85 MPH on 840 I have to say sorry I really can not really make it. I followed up other negative reviews on this clinic, I would say personally that they do not have respect for the patience, and there’s a little chaos in the management. After hearing such a long story if you think I need to take the full responsibility, I am totally fine with it. However if you begin to have some doubts, I would say; I am neither the first nor the last person to have such experience, taking care to choose this clinic!

Jessica Polsteen

Danielle Bogie

Michael White

It's 8:20 and dispensary is still not open. Not surprised, service level at this office has fallen way off. Obviously poor management.


I have been a patient for over 10 years and would highly recommend Dr. Edmonson and the entire group. One of the best facilities around.

Astreae Wilson

When I walked into the clinic the guy at the front desk asked me if i was a walk in or did i have an appointment, I said had an appointment. The appointment was for my 1 year old daughter. So I sat there a minute before the guy asked for my information and explained to me that my appointment was at 12:30 pm I was about 10 minutes late so he told me they couldn't see my daughter. So I asked if I was a walk in would they be able to see her. He then explained that I would have to reschedule, so I just left. I will never come back to this clinic. This clinic I would NEVER give any recommendations for anyone. This is a very unprofessional clinic. I wouldn't send my dog to this clinic.

Karen Passons

WOW...I am shocked by the bad reviews. I have gone to this office for YEARS and have honestly NEVER had a negative experience. The one error with billing was taken care of quickly and professionally. The staff is awesome and I have always been treated with kindness and respect. Dr. Karlekar is absolutely amazing and I am constantly pleased by how often she calls and checks on me, especially when I start a new medication. She is truly the BEST doctor I have ever had! We moved to Mount Juliet last year and I got a new dentist and vet here in my new town but am more than willing to drive to Brentwood to continue seeing Dr. Karlekar because she is just that wonderful. I cannot imagine having as much trust in another doctor as I have in her!!!

Destiney Holmes

I love dr Bullock so much he's had me since I was 6 weeks old I'm now 16

stephanie hendren

Nicest staff ever! Very thorough and kind. They work efficiently and have low wait times. I highly recommend.

Nicholas Stevens

Mary Abkemeier

Excellent practice! The physicians are professional, courteous, and well informed. The staff are all so helpful. This practice is exactly what you want from an internal medicine group. It is so convenient, too, that they have a walk-in clinic. We could not be happier.

Jenna Partin

Brett Paulus

The staff are courteous, professional and caring. They have 2 locations which are very convenient. Dr. Peter Swarr is an excellent physician that truly cares about the health and well being of his patients.

Jenn Hervey

The staff is mostly friendly and professional. Unfortunately, unless the visit is a well doctor visit or a follow-up appointment scheduled out into the future, we never see our primary doctor, which kind of defeats the purpose of having one. We are always directed to the walk-in clinic and have had an okay experience there but every doctor's treatment and methods are different and we see a different doctor every time. If you have further questions, who do you call and leave a message with? Your primary? The doctor you just saw? It's very confusing and frustrating. Probably just a result of having too many patients but wish we were able to actually see our primary and have primary communication with him.

Kris Hoffman

I appreciate the gentle encouragement from Dr Swarr.

Kenneth Oosting

Great care and convenient hours. Genuine desire to help.

Ragan Massey

Myself and my family have been going to CSIMP for years now. In the past year or two it has gone dramatically downhill. It is near impossible to get an appointment with a preferred doctor. To top it all off, today I have a sick child at home. Tried to call a few times to get an appointment and got a message (on the appointment line) saying they will get back to me within 24 hours. This is ridiculous.

Rodger Castleberry

Dr. Swarr has been my Primary Care Physician over a year now. We connected on several levels on my very first visit. He is kind, considerate and takes a vital interest in me, my several health & fitness issues, as I'm certain he does with his many other patients. As a 75 year old, practically deaf male with 3 failed back surgeries, non-related total loss of teeth and attendant pain accompanied by severe depression, I've been most pleased by his gentle demeanor, patience and dedication to ensuring my continued health otherwise. Would I recommend Cool Springs and Dr. Swarr to others? You Betchum, Red Ryder! Rodger Castleberry

Dina Hill

Suzanne Thomas

Dr. Swarr and his nurses are the best! Always quick to respond on the portal.

Andrea Presley

My son had a well visit with Dr. Edmondson on March 6, 2019. We shared recent complaints he had including frequent urination and extreme thirst. He also answered very poorly on his depression screening. His visit was concluded with no abnormalities found. Twenty days later, my son returned to the walk-in clinic in the same office and saw a nurse practitioner for a sick visit. He had lost 20% of his body weight since his well visit twenty days prior. He was diagnosed with strep, prescribed antibiotics, and sent home. My son nearly died the following day. When we got him to the ER, he was in DKA (diabetic ketoacidosis) with a blood glucose level of 877. His body temperature was 92, and his body pH was 6.8. He was so dehydrated that his veins were flat, and it took multiple efforts to finally get a successful IV. After being transported to Vanderbilt via ambulance, it was confirmed that his brain was swelling. He spent a couple of days in critical care and had multiple EKG’s and ultrasounds due to the risk to his internal organs. He was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes, and also had strep and thrush. There was absolutely NO REASON for my son to undergo such extreme suffering as the staff at Cool Springs Internal Medicine and Pediatrics had two opportunities to diagnose him. All it would have taken was a urine sample or blood draw. ABSOLUTELY DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS OFFICE UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES.

Rachael Spangler

We're always seen promptly and the doctors, NPs, and nurses are always great. It's convenient that they have a pharmacy right there and staying open into the evening is very helpful for working parents.

kelly Rosales

Apparently had a $60 bill on my account that I never knew about. They “called” me but never left a message apparently. Called to pay it and was hung up on while I was on hold for 5 minutes. Only found out because I tried to get them to renew my prescription and they wouldn’t until I paid. Also, called them 5 days ago and left a message and they never called me back. So that’s cool. Finding a new place to go to.

Keith Walker


I do not have a doctor yet so I went to the walk in clinic. I was seen and told I had bronchitis, I was given an inhaler. Doctor told me to call back if worse and it became worse so I called. Doctor prescribed me medicines each one I was allergic too. That was distressing to say the least. Then I was told that they treating me for pneumonia and gave an antibiotic that I could take but wouldn't treat that particular bacteria. Was told if I became any worse to go to the ER. Totally upset now and worried. Thought about the medicine predicament very hard. Decided that I should try the other antibiotics to avoid possible pneumonia and or hospital. Called doctor back and discussed with nurse regarding my thoughts and she told she would speak to the doctor. I did not hear back from them so I went ahead and took the antibiotics I had. Over two days later they finally call me back. They tell me a doctor looked at my symptoms and decided it's a sinus infection. I do not think coughing up infected phloem out of your lungs day and night is only a sinus infection. But maybe I'm wrong. What I do know is that one doctor tells me I possibly have pneumonia and to go to ER if worse. Another doctor tells me it's a sinus infection. What is happening here. Clearly this not a place I'm going back to. This was a very unsettling experience. I have no idea if I was diagnosed correctly or not and pneumonia is not a sickness to dally with, it can become very serious.

underwater jones

Doctor Bullock is the most unprofessional doctor I have ever been to. I took lunch for my 12:45 appointment and walked out at 1:30 having never seen the doctor. And this is not the first time I've had to wait 30 minutes or more past my appointment time. Clearly he overbooks because he cares more about money than respect for the patient or their experience, courtesy for their schedules, etc. Don't go here. Plenty of other doctors around.

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