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REVIEWS OF Today Clinic Urgent Care, Central OKC IN Oklahoma

Alice Gragg

Mercury Dcs

amaretta boyd

Great staff great environment

Araceli Rangel

This is by far the best place to come if you need affordable healthcare. Dr. Jeff Brian and his staff are so polite and caring. Great fast and caring service. 100% recommend!!

Abdullah Almushref

I was seen by Dr. Hickman. I am not sure how to say my feelings about this amazing doctor. He was listening to me and understanding my complicated health issue. After 3 years visiting many doctors I was completely destroyed, but Dr. Hickman knew what I need and I swear to God this is the 1st day walking up morning feeling very well and smiling to my wife and kids. After using more then 10 medications he prescribed just one med and said get rid of the rest. It's been 4 days now since he seen me and it is the best 4 days in 4 years. Thank you Dr. Hickman so much for your concern and high professionalism.

Jessie Hopkins

My name is Casey I was at the today clinic Tuesday the staff was very helpful and kind,as well as the doctor it didn't take long to be seen I would recommend this clinic to everyone..

Randalyn Menefee

The medical staff was professional and the doctor was attentive. Totally recommend!

kidzooming lit aye

Patrick Boylan

These people rock!

Carson Klinglesmith

Today Clinic is a great clinic to go to! The people are always very friendly and professional. They get you in and out quickly, and the clinics are always kept very clean! It's the only clinic I go to now!

Natisha Murry

The staff is very friendly an helpful.

Angela McCoy

Andrea Palomo

Highly recommend Today Clinic Central as soon as you walk in the door you can feel the friendliness of this clinic Thank you David (MA) you was great. NP Rebecca Marsh she is Awesome had a great experience today. She listened very well and took the time she needed to get the whole picture of what was going on I definitely will be returning for my health care with her Thank You Rebecca you was awesome...

Jay Squy

Almost no wait time. The nurse and doctor were very nice and personable. They also offer tons of other services other than just walk in. Dr. Breyen was awesome :)

Miss Meka

Fast and friendly. I recommend this clinic highly.

Pauline Sacré

I never write reviews, but my experience with the PA, Jeffry M. Bryen, was so horrible I thought others should know so they can think before they seek care from him. I was very unhappy with how the PA (Jeffry M. Bryen, PA) treated me and found his care to be irresponsible for a medical professional. I went in to have blood work done, partly to have a regular checkup and party to see if anything was going on (vitamin deficiencies, hormonal, etc.) that could be an underlying cause for persistent fatigue. I was very clear about what I wanted done - we also talked very briefly about my medical history (prior sleep issues that I told Mr. Bryen were no longer an issue and anxiety - nothing more than "i've had anxiety on and off throughout my life"). I also told him I had some sort of sinus illness the week prior, which was getting much better and for which I didn't think I needed care - as it had mostly passed on its own anyway. Mr. Bryen prescribed me 4 medications. One for antibiotics (for an infection I told him had basically passed on its own - also, aren't most sinus infections viral and antibiotics do nothing for them except increase my and the general populations' overall risk of antibiotic resistance?). Then I was also prescribed an anti-anxiety/sedative AND an anti-depressant. I find this to be very reckless care. I did not ask for this, AND I told Mr. Byren I did not come in for anxiety issues (AND told him I did not suffer from depression). He did not ask me anything about anxiety besides the mere "you checked anxiety in your medical history". He clearly also did not listen to my history with anxiety - nor did he ask anything about it or what treatment I am or am not receiving. It scares me that an urgent care medical professional would give 2 prescriptions for serious medications (with serious side effects) without any information, follow-up, or knowledge of his patient's mental illness or lack thereof. When I reminded Mr. Bryen that I came in for blood work, and no, I did not want medication for issues I did not come in for, he acted very annoyed and told me "we'll do blood work, but I can tell you now it's your anxiety." Again, Mr. Bryen does not know anything about my mental health besides that I checked anxiety in my medical history BECAUSE HE DIDN'T ASK ME ABOUT IT. The experience left me feeling like the PA did not care about my wishes or needs as his patient. I understand that a PA has extensive medical knowledge and should educate the patient, but I feel like prescribing 2 medications used to treat serious mental illness when a patient comes in asking for routine blood work and the patient's only symptom is "ongoing fatigue" is not appropriate. Further, I did not need the PA to mansplain to me that "they'll do blood work but it's all my anxiety anyway." Lastly, during my blood work I fainted and the nurses (bless them, because they were very kind and caring) called Mr. Bryen over. He acted as if it was all in my head when I was clearly passing out right in front of him. Again, I found his care and lack of bedside manner appalling and I did not feel good in his care. I left feeling very sad and not heard or taken care of as a patient. Also, I did not hear any follow up about my blood work and had to call several times today just to get my results and the interpretation of them - Mr. Bryen never told me my results.

Derek Strong

I recently had a dog bite and was having a hard time finding a place that could see me. I just moved to the area and couldn't get in to my new doctor until September. Most other urgent care clinics either wouldn't treat a dog bite from am unknown dog or were twice the cost of the Today Clinic. I showed up as a walk in patient, but didn't have to wait long at all. All the staff were nice and knowledgeable. They are upfront with their prices, so there wasn't a nasty surprise at checkout. I was happy to find out that you can actually make appointments with them so you don't have to gamble with wait times as a walk in. And if you are interested, they treat everyone from newborn to geriatric. They are really a full service doctor's office.

Samuel Absher

This clinic was terrible for two reasons. The first: underwhelming care. It's a 24/7 clinic, so I wasn't expecting much. And I was still disappointed. The second reason: terrible communication. I was told, after giving them my insurance information, that the cost on my end would only be $20. Fine. Weeks later, I receive a bill from them for $139. I call, hoping to understand why my bill in over a hundred dollars than what was originally agreed upon. The contact at the office had no idea and clearly lacked the expertise to find out why insurance failed to pay or why a billing error had occurred. She promised to call me back. Skip ahead a few more weeks (or months, I can't remember, since it's not like I spend my days constantly thinking about bills from a clinic), and I receive a call and letter from a collection agency. I would have made a payment to them (Today Clinic), even though it far exceeded the agreed-upon payment, but I'm essentially left in the dark. If they called between my call and the collection agency, I don't recall a voicemail being left. Anyway, save yourself the trouble and go anywhere else.

marie boyd

Don’t judge a book by its cover! This building is not the best looking place in town. That being said.. everything changes when you walk in the door. From the moment you walk in to the moment you walk out the door, you are treated with respect, caring, and most of all they were very concerned about my pain. The process was swift and precise. The staffs recommendations were right on point . I was pain free without opioids . Did I mention I em from Virginia. This was my first day in Oklahoma!

Lakisha Lindsey

Zach Rupple

Couldn't be happier with my experience here. Friendly staff, would highly recommend to anyone.

Erin Thomas

James R

This is what Medicine is supposed to be. The staff talk with you, joke with you, and spend time with you in a relaxed environment. This approach to care is difficult to come by, but restores hope in the healthcare system. Great team.

Ellie Norman

Kimba Ne'Vile

Danielle Manning

I would not recommend this clinic due to the extent of the visit should of easily been an in and out situation;however, this turned into a two hour plus wait/visit.

Sheena Tingle

Brad Sossamon

the place was filthy. The wait was long. The nurses didn't know what they were doing and were asking me if I thought they did it right wich is weird because I'm not a doctor. It took them forever to get to me because they were talking about their friends on facebook (I could hear them). They prescribed me somtheing that didn't work. I went to a different doctor the next day and got medicine that has me feeling better by this evening. So this place cost me time, money, and feeling better. I would recommend no one goes here.

Sonya Mendenhall

Sammi Pershica

Love it

Chris Stehr

Great service and friendly staff. Will use them again.

Bernita Spinner

It was quite a wait without an appointment. But the doctor is amazing!

Shelby Jenkins

Victoria Palmer

Nikki Hines

Gisela Thomas

Me and my fiance' got sick! We just moved to OKC and found this clinic on accident and I'm sure glad we did! The rate for the visit was $79 cash (for non-insureds)and the shots were about $30 each! Staff is excellent and extremely nice! Dr. Bryen is hilarious and I felt comfortable almost instantly after meeting him!! There was no wait times. No lines of ppl waiting! Us 2 patients come in at 6:15pm and we were done in about 45 minutes! Speedy service!! I would give 10 stars but there is not 10❤ I would highly recommend TODAY URGENT CARE CLINIC!!

Leslie Lewis

The outside does not match the quality, care, and friendliness received on the inside. I got much more than I expected. I was visiting from Maryland but if i lived in the area, this would be my urgent care center of choice!

Laura Clark

I always get fast and quality service here. I love the laid back feeling that I have when My family and I come here. Courtney was a great provider and Ray got my paper work in really quick. Thanks guy for helping me through a rough time.

Amilcar Rivera


Lashalanda Johnson

Brad Davis

I'm just here waiting on my D-N-Law. Can't tell you anything about it.

Madison Ford

I had never been to this doctors office before, but I can’t say enough how pleased I am with the experience. The staff was terrific. Every single person that I encountered was nothing but helpful and so friendly. Jeff, the Dr., was right on time and made me feel at home. Highly recommend. 10/10

Tina Nelson

My husband and I are from CA. Both of us were feeling down with colds. This clinic got us right in and took care of us. Rebecca was the NP who saw us. She was outstanding and showed a tremendous amount of care and compassion. Thank you Rebecca!!!

Jasmine Tanner

Front staff was nice, and there was a short wait time despite it being close to closing. My experience with one of the NP's was not a positive one. He had terrible bedside manner, didn't introduce himself, etc. I was not impressed with the care given by him. That being said, the next day the overseeing doctor called me personally to apologize and check in on how I was feeling. I feel this demonstrated that they did indeed care that I got feeling better and had an overall good experience. I would return, but not to that particular NP. They do have another NP on staff that I did not see, but is probably great.

deanne smith


Joshua Engelke

They were great. After numerous attempts to find a Doctor that would take me seriously about the path to a healthy life I feel I found it. The ladies upfront were polite and helpful. The doctor I saw was the third one in Oklahoma City, I had asked about a lump on my head and the only one who took it seriously. Thank you!

Kenyadiah Matlock

The wait is fast but vary poor medical care would not recommend anyone else to them

james thomas

Heather Grossklaus

Staff was kind and caring

Steve Rodgers

Rob Tucker

fast service, friendly staff, take time to explain what they found and fully explain what the procedure is to correct the problem... i would recommend Today Clinic without reservation.

Shane Elliott

I strongly recommend going elsewhere. The physician assistant P.A. I saw refused to prescribe a 12 month supply of meloxicam for no reason. His explanation was he doesn't write 12 month prescriptions and that's what he's been doing for 20yrs. I have been on meloxicam for more than 5 years and had been prescribed this from this clinic multiple times. The P.A.'s refusal to prescribe the appropriate amount of refills tells me that he is in no way looking out for his patients best interests and is only concerned with his own. I will be finding a new clinic/doctor that puts my health first. I'm very disappointed. I wasted $80 and 4 hours. In response to the owners reply. It was made clear to me and the staff that this P.A. does not under any circumstances, regardless of the medical condition or medication, write any prescriptions for longer than 6 months. He made it clear that it's his ongoing policy of over 20 years. Does that sound like he in anyway was concerned with my well being or his own? If your reply is to be taken honestly then It would imply that every other Doctor, P.A., and N.P. who writes 12 month prescriptions for meloxicam is in the wrong. Prescriptions that have been routinely prescribed at your clinic.


The only reason I went to this urgent care, is because they had 4.5 stars. When I went inside the urgent care, i looked around and was like this is what 4.5 stars get you. I can tell you the customer service is worth much much more then the 4.5 stars. The doctor was so easy to talk to and down to earth. I defiantly make them my primary care doctor if I could .

Alan Thompson

Had to go for a random drug test, they had me in and out in less than 10 minutes.

Bruli Mooreno

Cory Riley

I am so glad that I switched from Mercy to the today's Clinic I feel that my care there is more personal spell professional there listen to what I have to say about what I'm feeling and how I'm feeling and then make awesome diagnosis and that care plan for me is great I have made a great recovery and making strides in my diabetes in my weight loss and my overall care has gotten better since I've been here thank you to all your staff and especially P.A. Jeff, thank you sir your blessing

Ralph Cato

Very organized and well staffed.No nonsense Get It Done Treatment.

Tara Amber

Went in with a stomach virus. Had to wait quite a while, but everyone was friendly there! The had to put together a makeshift fluid drip for me and I was glad to see that they take the time to make sure their patients are ok. Definitely worth going there if you don't want an outrageous ER bill.

Danielle Breeding

Excellent clinic!! They take urgent care walk-ins and get you in and out in a timely manner. They also provide primary care and offer to help you switch providers with your insurance. Everyone is super nice and they see people of all ages!! Will definitely be making them my primary care physician.

Keitra Hawkins

The nurse ray is a very nice and helpful and professional person he make sure that u'r very comfortable and understand what's going on with you helps you the best way he can recommend this clinic to every one ray is a very good nurse

Mimi J

Dr. Courtney was my provider she was great very concerning. & My MA was Ray he is always great he's very prompt on getting us in & out & answering any questions u have

Brigitte Marshall

James Dovell

kay north

The staff was friendly! Didn't have to wait for hours.when your not feeling well the last thing you need in your life is to wait for hours... keep up the good work! And NP COURTNEY / MA CHERRELL was awesome!!

Natalie Bryant

What a friendly staff! You are treated with kindness and respect the moment you walk in the doors. I was in and out in a short time and will definitely be using Today Clinic as my PCP.

Vanessa Michels

I had a sinus infection I thought wasn’t (an infection m) but just wouldn’t go away... plus my face on the right side and my eye was very sore. My nurse Stormy was really nice and Dr. Bryan was very thorough! I felt well taken care of. He spotted it but not in my nose... I’ll leave out the gory details. Prescribed an antibiotic and even refilled a blood pressure med I hadn’t gotten around to at my old clinic. Since I’m “between insurance” they had a decent cash price that worked well with my budget. They were very understanding of my situation. They also take most major ins so, when I am Re-insured, I will continue with Today Clinic and leaving my old one! Thanks a lot to this capable team Vanessa Michels

Jason Bates

Had a great visit. Very professional and knowledgeable. Will be going back

Kim H

update a new doctor came here and hes pretty bad, he uses psychology against his patients, ive told him about my back surgery and my pain , and he wanted to run a mri, just on my lower spine even tho it would make more since to run it on my neck through my lower spine,. The new doctor jeff continually gives me medications i dont want .. instead of the medication i been on for years so i have to call back or go up to the office and go .. hey i dont like singulair i perfer accolate. Over and over again. Also apprantly this office doesn't think they need a patients medical records... As ive been trying to get them to get my medical records even signed like 2 releases but they dont get my records then just Guess at where i should go for treatment. I say im in pain they want to send me to pain managment or wherever, but in reality i should be going to A doctor for inflammation Reumatologist or someone. they should look at my records and make a suggestion.. Also basically if hed had my records he might have known, I have muscle spasms and treated me for spasms rather then sending me to a neurologist. IF hed cared at all about my HISTORY>>? I HAVE facet joint pain, and RA. Jeff uses psychology against me, Twitching and Psychological Manipulation Every time id see him about pain or mention pain he'd go OH you never told me bbout that before.. Even tho I m pretty sure ive mentioned BACK SURGERY from day one. Jeff is a good doctor but is manipulative. I wrote him a note today about, The Singulair Accolate thing. and basically said hey im not being listened to. Then i got a call from him going OH YOU need to see another doctor. They seem to really not care for me even tho im a good patient that trys to get them records. and fill them in on my medical history so they can make educuated decisions. I Do my job as a patient then i get treated like i did something wrong. for simply trying to communicate to them. Hey i dont do well on this medicine doesn't seem unresonable. HEy why dont u get my medical records doesn't seem unresonable either. So i am really wondering . if theyer corrupt or something The psychological manipulation by jeff , INtentional psychological manipulation. #1 jeff Twitching constantly moving his shoulders Twitching his shoulders, in the exam room. #2 trying to make me uncomfortable etc. * being argumentative* in the office. * basically makeing me feel uncomfortable as a patient in his office and the phone call after simply trying to get them to get me to a doctor that can treat my RA For those of you dont know RA is very painful My joints all hurt and im in alot of pain. basically you can't bend your knees hands arms everything is like you get hit by a car .. RA HURTS and im still waiting for treatment. we were discussing pain,. IM like i can't take mobic because i have to have something for pain. jeff said why dont' you take tylenol. did the PA Jeff not even read my intake paper?? So let me get this straight A doctor doesn't even know his patients allergies and suggests A medicine that would harm me? On my intake i put my allergies TYLENOL SUDAFED WELLBUTRIN, If hes such a good doctor why is he suggesting i TAKE medicine IM ALLERGIC TO??? that doesn't seem right to me...... even seems like he was trolling... I would not reccomend Jeff as a doctor, he is manipulative. He also doesn't ask how your doing on medicine. writes you for different Medications then what you've been on They dont care enough to get your records they just guess about your medical history. * expect you to remember your medical history and diagnose yourself and send yourself places basically..** JEFF might switch your meds without talking to you about it.Or might twitch his shoulders the entire time in the exam room or act weird. then call you and go Go find another doctor. ' For simply bringing in a note that said wHY haven't you gotten my medical history with 2 Releases signed, and why am i still being given singulair when i dont like it. is what the notes said.

Dr. Freda Deskin

supermom s

Quick, understanding, and accurate. Courtney is spot on!

Morganne Garcia

They were so friendly and informative. The best Today Clinic/Urgent Care type center I've been to in OKC.

Desirae James

Tiffani Metcalf

Mark Henry

This is a hidden Gem! I went here for a horrible stomach bug and ended up finding my new overall doc. This is like your old school Doctors office where they try to take care of as many things as they can before you are forced to go to a specialist. While I was there for my stomach we also discussed my Migraines, the medications I was taking, along with 2 other ongoing items and the Doc took his time making sure I knew what all they could take care of and when I left I had a new updated prescription to Effectively treat my Migraines (I canceled the neurologist appt I was still trying to make after going on 3 weeks), and new meds to treat heartburn and acid reflux. This place has one of, if not the friendliest staff (course everybody has their bad days...) but these people really are great. You treat them well and you will get it in return. Maybe that's where I am different, I dont care if I am paying for a service or not, I still have a responsibility to be respectful and act with humility when dealing with anyone else including when at a place and paying for a service. You won't regret going to this place!

Nickie Cooper-Broadus

Marzeah Aghamohammadi

My mother really likes this clinic a lot for all her medical needs. Dr Bryen and the Nurses are so very knowledgeable and professional. They are also very kind and truly take an interest in your illness and concerns to treat you so you can feel better and get on with your day. Martha Bellahrach. 8/16/2019

pat gordon

I had an excellent experience at the clinic. Very profession but personable! I would highly recommend!

Antraneil Garrett

Even though their systems went down and had to wait a bit the staff was still professional and courteous and we were able to get my daughters physical done within a reasonable time.

Lula Broussard

Tiffany Black

I had a great experience here! I have never been here before. I’m not from Oklahoma City but i went there because that’s where i was at the time i needed medical attention. The whole staff was so amazing and really nice. I didn’t have to wait for long before i was seen either. They got me right back and the doctor was really great also. He explained everything so well. This is the place to go when you need to see a doctor fast. Definitely will go there again if I’m in the area and need them. Thanks y’all so much for being such great people

Sonya Moore

Everyone was helpful very professional, not a long wait. Great team.

richard brown

I had a very good experience. Very helpful for what I was needing and a very nice staff.

Chastiny Coker

Today Clinic Central is still awesome! Provider Courtney does a great job listening to her patients and providing the care to her patients. I was that patient seen at the clinic. The MA/AUA RayShaun was very nice and courteous of getting me in to be seen. He has a good sense of humor had me laughing. The wait wasn't long at all. He offered me some water. Good customer service. Patients is still a main priority. I'm going to miss you guys and still remain a patient there. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR EVERYTHING YOU GUYS DO!!! -C.C

Tyreshia Hawkins

I had a good visit. The wait was okay. My provider was Courtney she was real nice and my MA: was Ray he was real nice. And he help me with the stuff I needed done to be see. If I could I would give them more than five stars.

Latoaha Morgan

Summer Steel

I went in for a strep test and am used to the usual urgent care atmosphere. This office is so different than that, ALL of the staff was friendly and accommodating and treated me like I’d been coming for years. I can’t recommend this place enough! Thank you for taking such good care of me!

donequea farmer

I had a wonderful experience here. Walking through the door I was greeted and offered water as I signed in. The girls were fast and friendly with well kept smiles on their faces. From the time I walked in to getting my vitals done and meeting the PA things were awesome. I will definitely promote Today Clinic everywhere I go. Not only speaking of greatness this place provided everything I needed & im very satisfied. Keep up the great work today clinic ☺️

DeAndre Combs

vicki walker

Brittany Johnson

Mary M

NE 36 location provides excellent care. I am receiving the best continuity of care I've ever had in my adult life. The staff is kind, caring, and competent. Jeff Bryen, PA, is fantastic and is really helping me get healthy and stay healthy. I came to this location from a different location. I can not compliment the prior location, its staff, or its doctor/pa; therefore, I don't intend this rating to cover all locations.

ShaRhonda Pickett

Brittany Pinkard

The staff was very helpful... Great customer services!!!!!!! Highly recommended.

Jessica Adkins

I could go somewhere else, I could even use Indian Healthcare, but I honestly enjoy the service here, I've been for my self personally twice and I enjoy the Dr, I see, hes very friendly and does a thorough job. My son was very sick one time, didnt know what he had but we came early(before they started seeing patients) so he could be seen first, well another doctor who was already there, seen how sick he was and took him back, and when he was tested he tested positive for the flu, the Dr. That seen him was very concerned and compassionate to the fact my son did not feel good.

Christina Heald

mohanad bashammakh

Angylee Parrott

Lovely staff, very kind and helpful doctors!

Emily Dawson

David and Rebecca were able to get us in and out quickly which was great because my fiancee was so sick. They were very personable and friendly and hopefully their diagnosis was right and she gets better soon!

Molly Burton

Vicki Douglas

Andrea Concepcion

Brought my son in for an urgent visit. The staff was courteous and my son was exceptionally treated. The PA, Jeff, was phenomenal. Absolutely recommend Today Clinic.

Michael Sniffen

My wife,daughter,and I all had appointments at the same time , well walk-ins and we were happy with the service we were treated with and we got in and out in about an hour!

LaLa Johnson

Ms Courtney and rayshawn gave great service I love this clinic will come back when I need to thanx much love

Steven Arnold

Hermorene Douglas-Ezeobele

The wait was short. The staff was welcoming. The provider was knowledgeable.

Cassander Dotson

I enjoyed my visit at the "Today Clinic". Dr. Jeff is freaking hilarious

Mariana E. Salinas

Gave 1 star because I can’t pick 0 stars. I was seen by Jeffry M. Bryen, PA. From the get go was very rude and did not listen to my concerns. Was aggressively arguing to me about my own personal medical history. Was extremely rude when I asked for a second to compose myself before the procedure because I was nervous. He literally said “if you don’t lay down right now I’m just going to go see other patients”, got up, and left. Made me cry and did not care one bit. As I walked out crying he came back out to the front office to tell them to charge me regardless and did not apologize. I would under no circumstance recommend this doctor to anyone. I have never been treated so badly in my life. Worst medical experience of my life.

alondra martinez

Alysse Winston

Excellent, the front desk ladies were knowledgably, friendly, and the service was very quick. the P.A. was awesome too, answered all my questions and gave me some good info...Great Service I would recommend. And I loved the chalk board wall in the waiting room, the lady up front even gave my little girl a highlighter and paper since they were out of chalk, much thanks to her ;). A. Winston

Veronica Smith

The staff members were extremely personable and The doctor who examined my daughter was very knowledgeable. They were efficient and my daughter is feeling better.

Cindy St. Peter

Very dirty, disorganized place. Had an appointment and had to wait over an hour. There was piles of stuff, boxes, a huge banner just laying around. Carpet was very dirty. I asked what doctor was there and they said "You'll be seeing Miss Courtney!" I asked if she was a doctor and they said she was an NP. Miss Courtney had no idea what to do with my cut open finger. At first she mentioned stitches. However I reminded her that I cut my finger Friday night. So she sat there and typed for about 15 minutes and then proceeded to try to do a regular exam. I said I've been here over an hour I need to leave let's just get to the finger. She acted like she didn't know what to do so I suggested that she clean it. I also wanted to know if she thought it was infected. She said she would give me some anabiotic's. She had to look around for the cleanser to clean and disinfect my finger. She couldn't find it. Then she couldn't find the tape and the bandages. It was totally unorganized and unsettling. After she washed my finger I had to go back to her office. Then she bandaged it. But she did it incorrectly because it fell off the minute I walked out of the facility. She said don't bandage it because you need to let it dry out and fall off. However I am going to keep it bandaged when I am cooking and cleaning. She was totally inept and wrote a prescription for me. when I got to the place to fill the prescription I realized that it had some doctors name on it and it was supposedly signed by a doctor. I think that the health department needs to know what condition these clinics are in. The One on Southeast 44th and I35 is exactly the same. Oh and I paid $79 for this privilege! Avoid!!

Rosie Curiel

Anshamill Summers

Friendly staff they tended to my child and I..I have no complaints

kevin carter

revenge102992 .

Quick and polite. Both Ray and Courtney were nice and professional.

Destiny F

Jolene Mykisen-Williams

Cassandra Cookson

Perfect for me. Great online scheduling, no insurance reasonable prices, quick, easy, very polite staff. Complimentary coffee and water. The building is older but don't let that fool you, the quality is top tier. I had D for triage and Jeff Bryen for PA. It was perfect.


Absolutely love Dr. Kaimera Lacey and the nurse. Both are so polite and friendly. Had my needs met and with care. Place was very clean. Woukd recommend to anyone.

Nancy Stansberry

I was extremely Happy with the Care that I received There!!! I had a pretty bad looking Spider Bite and Courtney prescribed Meds and ointment that is giving very fast results in healing. Thank You!!

Cari Mills

erin benton

was trying to take my friend here for a possible allergic reaction—it was 4:45p on a saturday. both online and on the door of the building it states that this place is open seven days a week until 7p but the place was FREAKING CLOSED upon our arrival. it wasn’t a holiday or anything. no reason for this placed to be closed and there wasn’t a sign on the door or anything.

Felicia DuMont

Friendly staff well versed in up to date medical issues. Able to handle a multitude of problems.

Tonya Hunter


Love the one on May!!!!

Luther Williams

stacy johnson

I had a great experience. The staff was extremely friendly and helpful. I would recommend this clinic to anyone.

Gaby Alspaugh

We were prescribed the wrong dosage for our child. The Dr. never called to correct the dosage and the pharmacy wouldn't give it to us without his call. This meant that the medication we needed took us an extra day and another dr to get the medicine. Very disappointed.

April Portis

michael washington

great ex.

Shantelle Borrenkott

My experience is always great with the today clinic I love it so much i work there and that is where I take the whole family when needing medical treatment. It is very friendly and family oriented, Try us out and you wont regret it.

Brian Clayville

I went for allergy testing and was treated promptly and with great care. They explain the process and get it done within an hour. I had a lot of allergies so i will be going back for my treatment soon. I can’t wait to be symptom free.

Lance Reynolds

Zalon Williams

Laura Jergensen

They were great! NP Courtney took great care of my son and got him stitched up calmly and kindly. Thank you!

Valerie Wiest

We were on a cross country road trip and everyone was sick. After one PARTICULARLY bad night at our stay in Oklahoma City we decided to stop in to urgent care. OKC had good reviews so we decided to give it a try. We were seen in about 30 min. Everyone at check in was nice and we were offered water or coffee. The doctor and nurse were very kind and took our time with us. Dr. Bryan truly cares about his patients and went out of his way to make my two sick kids feel better. He was knowledgeable, experienced and we never felt rushed. We left with some prescriptions and everyone started to feel better. If we were in the area again we would definitely go back!

Britainy Anderson

Great staff

Carrie Ciro

Caring people and staff. Quick in and out!

Tamie Shaffer

I really like my ma Ray he is polite makes shots not hurt lol really and he does a great job he cares about his patients and also my provider Courtney she is very concerned about her patients and there health and I don't want to lose her as my provider she actually takes time to listen to her patients and a lot of doctors thank you..and I would recommend anyone I knew to them..thank you

Jim Kolesar

Fast, professional, and friendly!

Steve Carpenter

It was a verygood experience and the doctor was very good

Tera Brown

I wouldn't recommend this place to anyone, especially if your life depends on it! The slowest service daughter had a follow up appointment for 10:10 but we didn't get called back until 10:30! What was the appointment for? I also observed the staff at the front desk scowling at the client as she walked away! So unprofessional!

Kyle Taylor

They always have the friendliest staff. And always treat my kids so well, making them feel like special guests.. Really quick service.

Comfort Dumas

They get u in get u out no long 2 to 5 HR wait a clean and very friendly environment

Haze Carlson

My visit at today clinic was great. Ray, the MA was very nice and got me checked in asap. Courtney was very attentive and prescribed me the correct medication. Very fast with great customer service.

dallin harmon

It took way to long for an urgent care. They were friendly enough, but way to long for an urgent care in my opinion. I changed my review to a 5 star because 30 mins after writing my review, I received a phone call from Today Clinic Urgent Care and they tried to address why I had a bad experience. I was so impressed with their quick response and positive experience after the fact, I decided to change my review to positive. I genuinely believe they are trying to take care of their customers. To me, improvement and progress and more important then doing everything perfectly.

Ashly Lewis

The provider Ofon is the best!

Kale Leeper

Gross decor and interior. This place smells like a two star daycare. Unless you are dying keep driving.

stan stubblefield

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