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REVIEWS OF The Brooks Clinic IN Oklahoma

Shannon Hodges

Lissa Lawrence

I have been a patient for close to a yr I was at the point I was having migraines daily which made the life I was living miserable.... Dr. Sam Gunnels is amazing and so helpful I've had very few migraines since my treatment has begun and he and the staff are amazing..... Marty went out of her way to schedule my appointment around my hectic schedule... Thanks Marty !!! And thanks to all of your amazing staff!!! I will definitely recommend The Brooks Clinic!!!

Am'Bree&Au'Brielle Green

Donna Mathis

This is a great place for pain managment. Great Drs. and great nurses and assiantants. They will treat you right. Been here with them about 2 years now.

D-eezy SHz

The whole staff was very nice and i loved the care they took of me

KTR Heat N Cool

EricaOrozco Garcia

Candace Turner

Lovely people and the treatment is great.

Kevin Cardwell

great staff! working hard to get me right after my car wreck!

Candice Smith

I absolutely had the worst experience since I've started coming to this place! The first visit they took me in started adjusting me without a chart or even knowing my name. The next couple of visits the nurse and front desk were rude always. My copayments were always different. The first injection I got my appointment was at 4 and they tell you to take the pill an hour before by the time I got in the back it was 6 and I asked the nurse about the second pill she said to wait. 5 minutes later they come get me I was agitated scared and they did not care their response was I don't have to do it. The nurse said nothing would hurt her feelings because she had been doing it for 14 years. Today I go in for pain management and didn't pee enough so I asked them to give me time they said I would have to reschedule. I'm in pain from an injection my car was stolen last month I've been without painmedicine for a month and they know that. I talked to the manager again and she said I couldn't come back and would have to go somewhere else. I was talking to my husband and of course where upset because of the way I've been treated from day one! Unprofessional staff I can go to the Indian clinic for frive ve never had this problem there. I have private insurance.


The front women is rude. Always having a attitude like she don't care or irritated. I never been to a back pain management so when they asked me to pee in a cup one of the lady said I don't know I'm just doing my job. That was un professional. They never take u in at your apt time. You'll wait usually an hour later from your apt time. The only good thing I can say is the dr's are great and some of the staffs are wonderful! But they need to be more organize.. It is a very busy place.

Candi Collins

Pleasant staff.....Great!!!! They have help with my pain tremendously! Appreciate the great staff and accommodations with my pain management.

Randy Yarber

Ok so what if we have put mri that shows my 2 bad discs, and my tests that show my sciatica and bad left s.i. joint ? As well as recent blood work from dlo showing everything is good there? Will you still not get meds on first visit I don't see why not you can't fix a bad s.i. joint I've already been told it's just going to get worse as ii get older I'm 24 now and I can't work or stay in school because of it , first time i went to a Dr for it I was only 16

Elizabeth Guy

I am currently receiving treatment for my back at the Brooks Physical Therapy Clinic in Moore Oklahoma. I was in an automobile accident January 9th, which totaled my car. The accident left me with major additional back pain. With the clinic's help I am feeling some major relief with my severe back pain, for the 1st time, in a very long time. They have been so nice about my hectic schedule and allowing me to schedule my appointments at my convenience. They're great, if you've been in an accident I would highly recommend calling The Brooks Clinic in Oklahoma City or Moore. Elizabeth guy

Taria Powell

I love the staff and doctors! They are very nice and friendly!!!


It's a easy process, you get in and out, and they have a great staff.

Cheryl Johnson

This place is a scam if you are a pain sufferer. They took tons of x rays and billed my insurance however, I never got to see a DOCTOR and was ridiculed excessively by the P A as if I were a criminal. I was almost killed by a semi totalling out my pickup, pinned in to the seat so deeply my seat belt had to be cut off to get me out by firemen. This fellow told me all they would allow me is surgeries, shots but no pain medicine alone. I have been through all the other stuff, it's a joke when you have this much pain. Interestingly, pain isn't something you can see, many people try to hide their pain to avoid being looked at as ...'different'. This place goes out of their way to make those in extreme pain feel different! If any doctors should be prosecuted by the DA it is this place they are scamming people's insurance out of millions of dollars a year with all of their 'PROCEDURES' plus, they are still trying to bill me as if I saw a doctor and I did not because he told me to leave before I was ever seen unless I would allow their surgery injections, such a SCAM. Right after my accident most people who walked up to the accident thought for sure I had to be dead, I was certainly battered into the seat over and over (the semi driver hit his gas and breaks causing the dash to swing into the air and slam my knees each time until my pickup broke away from his bumper after the initial impact). Those saying this place cares in their reviews are delusional, they are only after all they money they can get from your insurance I was an assembly line item in their clinic they could care less.

Mechelle Been

I wouldn’t recommen anyone going here!!! I got a told that i had a form of arthritis in my shoulder and hip during my first visit there. I was sent for bloodwork before he could give me anything for it. Which i thought really he cared more about my health than any of the other dr i have seen!! So then I got told that I needed to come back in on the 4th almost 2 weeks later for a SJB and i needed to go have my bloodwork done before then! Ok now this is during the Christmas and new year holidays so the dol offices are closed a lot during this time and the weather is changen so for 3 days im laying in the bed can hardly get up at all but to go to the bathroom. But i still went and got my bloodwork done before my appointment. And all i can think after i go get this done on the 4th i want be in so much pain anymore. Couldn’t wait to get to the dr. Drove 40 mins one way to my appointment to get there and be told i dont have appointment??? Do i have my appointment paper??? No I didn’t get told i needed to bring them??? So then they finally figure out that i do have appointment but they forgot to send it in to my insurance company. So there for i cant have my SJB done and ill just need to come back on the 12th for my follow up appointment??? Why am i comen for a follow up if i dont get medication from you and i didn’t get nothing done? Now this clinic is not in my network so i have to pay for 50 percent of my bills and i have a 50.00 copay so why am I scheduled for a follow up for sitting in the waiting room? Worst place that ive ever been to. So there for going to this place i got a nicely large bill and nothing else! No i dont want freaking pain pills i want something to help the pain a inflammatory a pain blocker. But then to get told that sorry we forgot to do our part to help with your medical care.

E'let Reid

Brooks Clinic is great wonderful staff took care of everything without hassle for my recovery

William Gering

I received care at the Moore location and was treated with excellent care. The staff were helpful in answering questions I had before, during and after my treatment ended. Overall had a great experience with the Brooks Clinic.

Allison Griffith

I have never been injured in an auto accident before so I chose The Brooks Clinic because they specialize in head and neck injuries and they bill 3rd parties, something most physicians won't do. I felt overwhelmed just thinking about a medical claim and The Brooks Clinic has made the process so easy, they take care of everything. Their staff is first class and call you by name and answer questions in a timely manner. The office is super nice, clean, and modern. 5 Stars for sure!

Brandi Kelley

I have been coming here for about a year & absolutely LOVE the ladies at the front desk & the entire staff!!! They have bent over backwards to service my needs (even helping me get my referral corrected & still saw me same-day) & they have given me the best care possible. I wouldn't dream of going anywhere else!!!

camisha lollis

Great Clinic Clean and Professional

Katrina Walker

Went to the Brook's Clinic on NW 13th St. and they are very friendly, really work with your schedule, and get you the help you need!

Tramon Black

Martin Bilyeu

They take care of you.

Georgia Steele

Love the tabled. Really helped my back. Wish it was longer than 10 minutes.

Cbk Cbk

Only heard about. ! I'm probably. Go asap

Michelle Bishop

They're helpful. My only complaint would be pushing me to jump through so many hoops just to get help. Still I'm utterly grateful for the help I receive here and for the people willing to help me.


Ronald Mathis

This place is very good with pain management and the Drs are great and all the staff is great. Would recommend this place to everyone who needs help with pain.

Michelle Montelongo

They stopped seeing people for pain and didnt recommend any one else for it... But thankfully i found someone else

eric casperson

I can not say enough good things about the Moore location of the Brooks Clinic. They were attentive and really listened to my concerns and answered my every question. The scheduling was flexible and always on time, I never waited more than five minutes for any appointment. Every treatment they performed made a incremental improvement for me. They continuously questioned me to be sure the treatments were addressing my pain. I really don't know how my experience could have been any better. They really do care!

Blue Gallegos

The doctors here are horrible, all they want to do is get these treatments that's cost you hundreds and hundreds of dollars and the treatments only relieve the pain for a month! I can't afford to pay hundreds and thousands of dollars for these treatments so what do they do......they tell you that you need to go somewhere else!!! Now I owe hundreds of dollars and can no longer go to get my pain meds from them because I can't afford to do more costly treatments! Don't waste your time going here, they'll just try to suck as much money as they can out of you!

Ciara Ross

Would rate it 0 stars if possible, I have been dealing with the Brook's Clinic for 11 Months now along with the at-fault's insurance. At first, I genuinely felt like the Brook's Clinic cared about my injuries and my accident but now I know they are just trying to keep you happy so that you will keep coming back to rack up the bills. My treatment was always a heat pack, an ice pack, and a tins unit. I have all the same necessary equipment at home. I didn't even attend regularly like they recommended because I was very cautious of the charges I was racking up. Found out that my bills totaled about 10,000.. Moral of the story: The insurance will only pay what is reasonable and customary and the brooks clinic OVERCHARGES!!!!!! I can't warn you enough to stay away. Not to mention they basically pass out Vaughn Conway cards to everyone who walks in and encourages you to call him. Robbery!

Shanice Viney

All care staff is very nice. Treats everyone with respect.


Makin MoneyDo

I love the Brookes Clinic!! They are very fast and Very in tune with there patients.And Therapy is Wonderful✨

Ebony Matthews

I love the Brooks clinic! They have been helping me along the way with my road to recovery. Like the commercial says they are here for you ! Thank you guys !

Reba Berkheiser

I want to thank the staff at The Brooks Clinic. They are helping to get me back to where I was before my accident. I would be wheelchair bound if not for the assistance of all these men and women. I thank you very much.

Rubi Sanchez

Went to the clinic the day after my accident. After the appt, they told me they would call me the next day to set up the next appt. I didn’t get a call until almost 2 weeks after. Needless to say, if they didn’t have time for me, they could of told me then so I could find another place that would take care of me..

Ahzoria Harrison

I DO NOT recommend this place at all. I received treatment here for a month after my car accident and did not get any relief at all, just pain meds and muscle relaxer’s. My pain levels stayed the same as they were the day of my car accident. I switched to another doctor and got relief on my first visit. The Brooks Clinic is a rip off they just want your money.

Don Vu

Great staff and wonderful care and always quick on getting me into the rooms never had to wait

Denise Whitehead

They advertise pain patients well they don't do anything for you!!!!! The doctor is rude, don't want to listen!!!! I called 2 times to ask about. Pain medication they said yes their docs write pain meds, well I went there the doc acknowledge my pain when I asked for pain meds he replied I don't write any on 1st visits so I ask about the shots he replied I will have to schedule you for that, well I hurt now, DO NOT GO THERE, GO SOMEWHERE ELSE!!!!!!!! DON'T LET THEM SCREW YOU FOR MORE MONEY!!!!!!!!!

Scott Nachatilo

Courteous, helpful. You can trust the people at Brooks Clinic to take good care of you.

Esmeralda Morales

I would definitely recommend The Brooks Clinic to everyone. They are very professional, helpful and kind. They are always willing to work with my schedule and help to get me in for treatment. The NW 13th St. location is always very clean and the employees and Doctors there are awesome.

David Ciotta

I was hopeful. I have one knee bone-on-bone and the other is seriously problematic. I live in constant pain with poor mobililty. After many x-rays, a u.a.( clean), and discussing my medical history, the p.a.ordered MORE tests. M.R.I., liver panel, i told hin i needed my gabapentin and pain medicine.he said no problem.However, he lied. I was sent home without any pain medication and told they would be in touch to give me a mri appointment and haven't heard from them since. My review of them is they have no intention of being helpful, they are just after your insurance money. If i could give them minus 5 stars i would. My advice is if you need real help do not go there.

Jennifer Pasternik

First off, I would like to address some of the nasty comments below. If you are a seeker of pain meds go somewhere else! The Brooks Clinic will get you feeling well again, and give you pain meds - if they are needed, but they have several types of treatments that will help you besides pain meds. So for all of the people saying it's not fair they wouldn't give you pain meds on your first appointment or whatever, it is simply not true. If you come prepared with your X-Rays, or MRI's, or CT's, or a documented condition that requires pain meds, then I'm sure they will do what they can to help with that situation. You can't expect to walk in with no records, on your first visit and expect to leave there with pain meds, if you are, then you are a seeker and you should definitely go somewhere else! The Brooks Clinic is a true pain management clinic, they are not a "pill mill" as someone else stated below, they are very cautious about giving pain meds to people because they care about you, and your health. Addiction is real, they are not out to feed your addiction, so don't expect them to, they truly care about your well-being. Patty is an amazing woman, and so is her staff, they are all hard workers and will do whatever they can, within reason, to accommodate you. They are super busy all the time, because they do excellent work, so don't be late to your appointment! I would highly recommend The Brooks Clinic for all of your pain management needs, they can work wonders for sure!

Stephanie Loving

Great office! Especially the girls in the back! Great doctors! Very good at diagnosing pain and treating it. The staff is very organized and willing to help.

Ashley Rader

This is a very amazing a place all the people are awesome and really care about your health and how u r doing expecially the girls up front they care so much about u and the one that takes u in the room and get u started on your therapy she is truly amazing at her job

Dalton Kasper

This place is just a disgrace, find an alternative place to go too.

Dawn Holland

I've been going to the Brooks Clinic for 3 years now they have been great caring for my neck, back and knee injuries from injuries from an automobile accident and injuries from years ago. They have been thorough and helped reduce my pain and been very good and keeping up with my the never ending battle with my insurance company since I settled years ago with the automobile accident. I would highly recommend them to anyone.

Desiree Bradley

kody Davidson

Brooks clinic has taken amazing care of me. They treat me like a friend instead of a client. Kristin ,Britney and doctor Dickey handles us very professionally and friendly i am very satisfied going here and if i ever need phiscal therapy again this is defently my first choice!

Carlene Moore

I just called the Brooks Clinic to reschedule my appointment because I will be on vacation. The girls were so sympathetic to my situation. They had to move some appointments around, but they came through for me! I was very worried about not having my medication while on vacation, thus not enjoying myself, but the girls were great!!! The commercial that they have says that they care about their patients and they do!!! The doctors are amazing, and the girls that answer the phones are great too!!!

akintan timothy

The clinic is good

CA11_M3_V1NNY 3494

The Brooks Clinic is absolutely a great place! They’re very supportive and positive each and everyone one of them and make you feel right at home!!

Dawn Welch

Rosaura Teus

My overall experience was great. Kristin is seriously one of the best staff members here!

sec cam

If you enjoy rude treatment and doctors that change your medication without any type of discussion whatsoever you Will enjoy this joke of a pain management clinic...... STAY AWAY

karissa schwarz

I would give zero stars if I could. This is one of the worst experiences with any business I have ever had. They have terrible customer service. I have left over 15 voicemails requesting a copy of my x-rays and an invoice. It's been over a month and I was only able to reach someone one time. Never once did I receive a returned call. They stated they would send them to me and it has been weeks and I still have not received anything from them. Even though I have left multiple messages asking them to return my call since then. Do not go here. They are crooks who will take your money with no explanation and no evidence of services rendered. I'm starting to doubt if they even took x-rays at all. You'd be better off consulting a stranger on the street. They seem to be more accountable and responsive than this place. This place is a SCAM.

rodney orr

EXCELLENT STAFF, Good people they always greet me with a smile. very professional and kind make you feel right at home.

Mel G

Every time I come in for treatment I am treated with respect and kindness by the staff and providers. I feel like my pain matters to them and they do all in their power to get me well again. Thank you Brooks Clinic for making me feel better.

Lisa Cooper

Tracey Maxwell

Bruce Morris

Well first off when I went in they did not have my appointment scheduled, so the girl at the front said because I had the letter from them confirming the appointment she would get Me in. So the Doctor came in the room after, the nurse, Asked what I thought they could do for Me. I told them NO MORE OPIATES, we did not need to discuss that ever just surgery. As I have been on every opiate for over 5 years now. That pretty much ended the visit. They seem to want to pump pills at you like the rest of Oklahoma's Doctors. So He say's they would refer me back to My Primary for a referral for a neurosurgeon . My primary has promised that referral for 4 moths now, but they can't even get My last x-rays they sent Me for. If you are looking for pills, this seems like the place. If you want to try to get out of pain, I would look somewhere else. This is a pill pushing facility.

Cyndee Pelley

People need to understand what you're getting into before you go. This may not be a pill mill but sitting in the waiting room is like sitting at dhs. I expected the urine test but they TIMED me! 5 minutes or my appointment would be canceled and rescheduled. I'm an old lady with diabetes! Seriously? 8 X-rays proving my spinal problems but no prescription. I understand there are laws and understand waiting on the ua but to make you wait another month and pay for another appointment. I must wait 30 more days and THEN they start treatment. Not one single person acted as if they cared and I left feeling like they are scamming insurance for the extra visit. If I knew of another option I would take it. They may refuse to treat me because of this review but I do not care. I was there more than 3 hours and by the time I left I could barely walk, I left in tears I was so angry and almost told them to keep the next appointment. But I have nowhere else to go. This was one of the Worst medical experiences I've ever had and I've been hospitalized in Germany so I know what I'm talking about. Cliff notes version: expect crowded waiting room, tiny parking lot, surly or apathetic staff, timed pee tests and no meds for a month. I'm shocked there was no body cavity search. Just sad!

Forrest Henderson

The Brooks clinic has been professional with me in every way, and has tried very hard to work with me to meet my medical needs. I have two issues with them though, one is that you not call them and speak with a real person. They will not answer their phone. And two is the billing practice. You can not see any one in person about your account. If you try you are told to call, and as I stated above no one will answer. You must leave a message. I have Blue cross Blue shield insurance and on my first visit I was givin "Sherry" the only staff there that is not in the Blue cross network! And because of that my insurance company would not cover the bill. And the clinic is trying to make me cover the bill even though it is their mistake!! They knew what insurance I had, why give me the only practitioner there that is not in my insurance network?

Kevin Hughes

Nice friendly staff

Brooke Tombarge

This clinic is only interested in brining in the money. With each visit my private insurance was charged an average of 400 hundred dollars, with the first visit costing 1500.00. I was with the clinic for 4 months and no treatment was administered. These are con artists not doctors.

Ana Cervantes

Lamar Rodgers

Curtis Spottedcorn

Love them. They are great people & hard workers! They work hard on helping your injuries heal! They help with everything you need medical wise! Just ask them & they will help!

Christopher Willis

I was treated with respect and dignity. I actually wept on my first visit as every other Dr. i have been to treated me as poorly as you can imagine. I would recommend this clinic to anyone going through "life altering" pain and medical issues.

P Newmark

Excellent treatment. Everyone was friendly and professional. Highly recommend

Anthony Lewis

Ive been in severe pain for nearly 10 years now and without meds i can barely walk without collapsing so i got a referral to the brooks clinic well i seen them a week ago and at that time i had been without my meds for a week and was barley able to walk in and after i seen the doc they told referred me for an mri and said the mri place would call me well its been a week and no call and ive now been without my meds for 2 weeks and i can barely sleep or do anything and brooks clinic tells me they wont fill my meds until i get the mri to see if im even in pain which could be another month and even the doc said one of my discs are being crushed its a bunch of bull that they expect me to go a month and a half with little to no sleep and barely being able to walk to the bathroom i cant believe this ridiculous crap they suck at their job of MANAGING PAIN

milo johnson

Don’t go here. Too many patients for them to handle. They are just junk. Over blown billboards. Act like they are helping but really just keeping you on pills or injections. Don’t take BCBSOK. Won’t tell you till you get to your appointment. Looks like a homeless shelter.

yolannda stowe

Best Clinic ive ever been took. The employees ALWAYS make sure your needs are tooken care of and answer any questions you may have. LOVE the staff here they are AWESOME

Shad K. Withers

David melendez

Great place really took care of me after my accident,I felt hurt and in pain. Friendly staff welcomed me when I was down and put me on a great treatment plan to feeling better. AWESOME DOCTOR and Physical therapist!!!!

Buster Naylor

My wife and I are both patients at the clinic and we are both very happy there

Belinda Campbell

The staff at Brooks Clinic are fabulous!

Aleta Ruth

I needed a fast appointment after an accident and called TBC. Their staff got me in quickly, told me how the process worked and began treating me the very same day. Dr. Pritchett and his staff were excellent. I am forever grateful and will recommend all my friends and family to go see them.

Jennifer Braker

Excellent & caring staff!! Excellence in getting you fixed in a hurry! Highly recommend!!

Brandy Trevino

I absolutely love the staff at the Brooks Clinic! The ladies at the front desk are so sweet. Dr. Pritchett is amazing. He's very thorough. When I've had a procedure done, he explains what and how he will be doing it and what to expect from it in detail. If there's ever any questions I have, he takes the time to make sure that I understand completely. He has a wonderful "bedside manner." I knew from the very first visit I had with him that he truly cared and wanted to help me, and he's doing just that. They monitor everything very closely and take all the necessary steps to ensure your safety and well-being. I haven't found this kind of care anywhere around where I live so I drive over two hours to visit the Brooks Clinic. To have an awesome doctor and staff to tend to me is WORTH IT.

jharad johnson

The therapy aide Bliss is very resourceful

Brandon Nichols

The Brooks clinic, is a very professional & friendly clinic. They not only treat there patients well but they care. I highly recommend the clinic!

B canning

Waste of time. Seek alternate care from a reputable office

A Google User

Brooks Clinic has been Great with my mother!!! She has had 2 surgeries and recently involved in an accident.... Brooks has been Great at accommodating my and her injuries... Unlike other places, she was not dismissed or ignoted because of her age.... Brooks is committed to helping my mother try and get back to her vibrant self!!! I would recommend Brooks Clinic above most others! !!

Vinita Turner

Dante' Colbert

HIGHLY Recommending the Brooks Clinic, having been treated after 3 different car accidents, the Service was always accurate, precise, attentive and genuine. My Grandmother was just recently in a car accident, and was lost on what to do for care afterwards. I Recommended the Brooks Clinic and informed her she would not Regret it. Her experience has been the same as I have received in previous years, nothing short of Excellent! Thank you to the staff of the Brooks Clinic for still providing this superb service, and not letting me down with my referral of you all! Keep up the Wonderful Work! God Bless!

Deidra Ford

Michael Tattrie

Very friendly service they assisted me after a auto accident. I received great care worked around my schedule. Went above and beyond. More then I expected from a auto/sports injury clinic.

John Ruth

This place saved me. Had a bad car accident and luckily my attorney friend sent me to the brooks clinic the next day. I didn’t pay anything and they billed everything to the insurance company directly. Brand new office and very nice people. 5 stars.

Brenda Lee

I have a family member that has been coming to Brooks for a while now. They have always been friendly and helpful. We understood the reasons for the tests they run, and the care they take in making sure that medicines are taken properly so they do the job they are supposed to. It's nice to know this place is not a "pill mill" and actually try to fix the issue instead of maintaining. I recommend this place to everyone who is in pain and wants it to stop.

Anastasia Viney

The staff and doctors are very nice but they are over priced and didn't quite seem to know exactly what they were doing

Sintia Garcia

Debra Duncan

Definitely the worst. Going to them for last 5 months. After they collected co-pay they informed me that my insurance company had dropped them and they couldn't see me anymore. Told them I was having side effects from medicine they prescribed and they gave me a new prescription for the same medicine. Told me I needed to collect my MRI from Vantage and find a new doctor. Never, ever again.

Susan Davis

I never thought I could look forward to going to physical therapy,but at the Brooks clinic,I do they have the best&nicest staff,everyone is so friendly&I have gotten so much help for my pain here,anyone that's nreding physical therapy,The Brooks clinic is definitely the best place to go,they are so friendly&make you feel at ease&comfortable,thank you to everyone for everything!

S Conner

The doctors and staff at the Brooks clinic really took care of me for a couple months. They are all very friendly and knowledgeable. It was easy in and easy out. Very convenient for treatments as I live close by.

Bishop ThaDon

Kristin from the brooks clinic has done a magnificent job and all the other ladies there have also very remarkable....Awwready

Ziaullah Safi

shy neug

Well To Be Honest I Feel That They Are RACIST And Yes They Have Black People Going There Because They Are In Pain But When Sitting In The Lobby We Talk They Have No Vlack Saff And I Bewn Goung Two Years Ive Seen 1 Person But Never Again Dr Pritchett Was Amazing But You Don't See The Same Dr Every Time You Go Which It Is Hard To Develop A Patient Dr Bond There Is A Lady That Work In The Office With 70ish Type Hair You Will Know If You Go There She Is Rude And Not Friendly At All It Seems LIKE She Brings Her Problems To Work With Her Never Hardly Smile Or Speak First Kinda Like A Fake Smile So She Doesn't Have To Say Anything Lol Sad They Have A Dr Name Sam Who Talks To You About His Wife And That He Is Not A Great Husband At Home Weirdo Who Cares They Have No Working Hot Water In The Bathroom Which I Feel Is Unsanitary They Look As If People Are Junkies And Not In Pain We Ended Our Relationship Not Long Ago But It Was Time It Was Stressful Im Not Telling You Not To Go But I Am Telling You To Search Before Making Them Your First Choice BLACK PEOPLE Beware Trust Me They Think We Either Pill Poopers Or Sellers So Watch'Em

Todd Above All Insurance

They heard you around like cattle. Always trying to upsale you procedures that you don't need. Even though your rushed, still takes couple hours to do appointment. First visit and never saw a Dr. Just a PA

Alaina Ungerecht

The Brooks Clinic took care of my knee & back pain following a car accident. This is the second time that I have used them. Their new clinic is beautiful and the staff is very nice. I have been to both the north and south clinics offices and found everything to be A+. Highly recommend.

Deanna Williams

I had a wonderful experience with the Brooks Climic, they are very caring and kind. Also very concerned my health and the extent of my injuries. The Drs and staff are wonderful and very pleasant. I would recommend going to the Brooks Clinic if you are involved in an injury accident.

gwendee reece

They are very caring in their care. They make you feel at home and greet you by name.

Shelly Mead

Paul Kodad

Brooklyn Moon

I really enjoyed Brooks Clinic. I’ve been feeling better each & everyday since i’ve been coming here. Everyone is so nice , & caring. I highly recommend coming here if your in pain.

Rita Solis

They work with you no matter what's your condition and the receptionis are very nice and understanding. I'm glad that I decided to go with them after my accident.

dia Russell

From day 1 they took very good care of me and my daughter. I would recommend Brooks Clinic to anyone seeking therapy.

Jamaryon Deal

I love the service. I have great convo and results from brooks clinic.

Scott Day

Frendly staff, and they have always got me in on time for my appointment with no wait. I highly recommend them!

James Williams

Super friendly staff and great doctors!

Goldenladyokc fades


Anishia Flowers

Amazing staff! Always warm smiles everywhere!

Angie Bolhuis

I have been going to Brooks for over a year now. Everyone is always friendly and I rarely have to wait more than 15-20 minutes before I'm called back. They are very busy pretty much all the time. I've seen patients come in bad moods and get really rude with the staff and they manage to still be polite and friendly. They have you sign a pain contract,like everyone else, and they require urine drug screens. If you are doing what you are suppose to you have nothing to worry about. You need to have a documented painful condition to receive pain medication. That's everywhere. If you have back problems, neck problems, or something that can be seen with MRI or x-rays then have your MRI, x-rays, etc.. With you or sent over there by your first visit. Have medical records with you or sent over before your first visit. They have to have proper documentation before they can treat you. With the way the DEA is right now NO ONE is going to give ppl any pain meds without proof there is a well documented, painful condition. Sam and Sherry are the PA's/ Nurse Practioners and they are very competent and very friendly. They will help you as much as they can. I have not had any negative experiences at all at Brooks Clinic since I've been going there. The ppl I have seen having a bad experience are the ones who come unprepared,late, don't have their co-pay, etc.. Have your records, insurance card, ID, be ready to pee, be on time, have a driver with you if you are having an injection done,and have your do that then you shouldn't have any issues. The staff is friendly and competent. It makes their job a lot easier and things run smoother when the patients come prepared....and aren't rude. We all are hurting that go there...doesn't mean you get to act like a jerk. My biggest complaint is the rude patients that come in and gripe at the staff in front of everyone. And the people that smoke by the building...some ppl are allergic to cigarette smoke. They have signs up asking ppl to be so many feet away from the building to smoke. Some ppl just don't care that it hurts others. The staff are real good about reminding ppl to move back away from the building and the ramp to smoke....when they are made aware. The parking is pretty cramped but they do offer extra parking next door. Brooks Clinic has been a God send for me.

David Stanley

This is by far the worst experience I have ever had with a provider. I saw the PA Sam and he was extremely rude, disrespectful, as if my right to human dignity was completely obliterated. I would recommend that you go anywhere else other than here. I have noticed the clinic has responded to previous reviews with a tone of concern for resolving issues. Trust me when I say this is pointless there is no recovering the way I was treated, it was humiliating.

Brittney Nichols

First time injured in an accident and Brooks Clinic came highly recommended. I was nervous but the office staff and physicians have been very friendly and professional. They have been flexible with appointment times and there are zero out of pocket costs. I appreciate their solid bedside manner and most importantly helping me get on the road to a full recovery.

Shellie Compton

Everyone is very nice and good with patients. They get u n with little or no wait. I would recommend this clinic to anyone.

Vickie Baker

They are very good

William Crouch

Treatment was good, but they are never on schedule. Most of my appointments ended up 30-60 minutes past the scheduled time.

Sweet Melissa

This place is HORRIBLE! They do not care about their patients and you can never get anyone on the phone. Receptionist and nurses are not nice AT ALL!

Tammy Balliet

Love the staff and Dr . Little is the best . He has taken such good care of me . Could ask for better care from everyone there.

Alicia Clermont

They are absolutely amazing. I've been here on two separate occasions and they have helped me recover a lot.

Sabrina Gloston-jones

It has been the best experience with this clinic. They are caring and met my needs. IIm feeling better than I was before my accident thanks to the ladies and gentlemen at the brooks clinic!

Daveon Butler

My name is Marilyn and I enjoyed my visits at the Brooks Clinic . The help there was A+.

Rose Klassen

I love the staff at the Cline, the thoroughness and bedside manner of Dr. Sam. Before I went to Brooks I was looking forward to no relief, now I have procedures to look forward to getting me well and already have improved by 70% in two months of seeing them. Thank you!

Jennifer Avery

Super friendly staff

Teryn Lee

Love it here! Everyone is super sweet.

Brittany Tolman

I was involved in an accident April 2018. I needed to be seen, but I did not feel like it was ER worthy. I attempted 2 different places that refused to see me, because it was accident related. I called Brooks, and they got me in immediately. Dr. Pritchett, Dr. Dickey, Patty, Sheridan, Nicole and the front desk staff are the sweetest. I never had trouble getting ahold of them. They always returned my phones calls. They worked with my schedule, so I did not have to take off work for my therapy. The clinic always seemed clean, and I actually miss my treatments. They really helped. It was nice that they required no money up front for treatments either. They billed everything straight to the insurance company of the guy who hit me. Keep up the great work guys! :)

Brooklyn Kirkpatrick

Lanissa Sherrill

This facility is gross.. bathroom smells like heavy urine. They're not concerned about your issues by far. The doctors are not helpful at their job at all. I rate them at a ZERO! Do not waste your time or money on this place. Thank me later!

Kim Peery

They are awesome! I highly recommended them. They are professional. The ladies in the office are really sweet and help you all the way. Both Dr.s are great. They work with you. And guide you to hey the best help you can get. Thank you, Kim Peery

Chris Easley

Interesting, they were very through.

Brandon Watts

Never been in an injury accident before so I wasn't sure what to do, luckily I saw the commercials for Brooks! Everything about my appointments here has been a breeze. Everyone is extremely nice and helpful. Scheduling is amazingly easy. The doctors and treatment are very knowledgeable and helpful, and I have seen great progress in the healing of my injury. Would definitely recommend!

Freda Wilson

Great staff and service

Lovanique Bruner

Laria Langren

Toni, Bliss & Briana are the nicest people. They might sure you are comfortable while receiving your treatments. I love seeing them when I go in. Both of the Doctors have an excellent bedside manner.

justin Phillips

Everyone was awesome!

misty naylor

I have been a patient for a while now the staff Is very nice and the doctors are great they take care of your need with meds and injections they have helped me a lot !

Deaungelo Johnson

Very respectful you come and they get you treated happy people really gonna help and is willing to work with you and your schedule I would recommend you come to the brooks clinic

Jerry Sadler

what a wonderful place the staff are very respectful and they handle you with care

Patrice Carter

I prefer everyone to go to Brooks Clinic! they treat their customers right. Honest respectful men and women of Brooks Clinic. I want to thank you guys for helping me get back on track.

Rebekah Gribble

Great doctors who really listen & work with you to do everything possible to relieve your pain!! They don't sedate you at all for procedures though as does every other pain management clinic I've been to.

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